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East Oregon!) I F.wn Oro
inn'i greatest newspaper and a
selling force glv to th (dram
over tlc th guaranteed paid eirca
latloi In Pendleton and Lmalilla coun
ty of any other newspaper, ,
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Thl pHpor t m.-nllirr or nnd nilriltcd
by th o Audit llurcuu or Olrruliitiona.
VOL. 83
NO. 9695
Republican House Leaders
Agree on Time After Making
Preliminary Plans for Revis
ion of Two Tax Measures.
TOLKDo ( iv... Die. 9.- (A. P.)
Mrs. Mi.bel Simpson wan today
appointed I'V the county court as I
sheriff of Lincoln county succeed
ing her lilO'linnd, William Hrm
Hon, who died If t Mt week.
j Senator Hitchcock, Spokesman
for Wilson' Through Long
Fight, and Shields, Irrecon
cilable, Sure to be Called.
Recommendation for Increases
Made in Report of Secretary
. Houston Will be First Mat
ter Under Consideration.
ma m on, Dec. .i-(By Raymond : Hope of Peace Goes Glimmer
fiapper, V. P. Ktuff Correspondent.) - j , . tl im,:.., i,Cu
Lloyd George Revives Op
timism of London Press.
Prairie City high school, located
away out la Oinrii eouuiy, ha set up
u claim fur the K.n-iern 'Oicgou foot
Ijill title lii-ca i- Pendleton high will
j (1 u I)lwt Kllme, The
, WASHINUTdN-. Iiw. !i.(ll. H" ; claim ava iiiudo followinn the lioldiiig
bert Walker. l 1'. Staff Crreipoivl. j , KrilnMlll tllKn, f ,.,., lillul, , tt lt
rnt.) Present revenue and tariff lu, , ,, vll.,ry SxvunM-r'tl.
must continue for u year, republican! Knillkl ttJlVol.-d to Raker, 3C
""",r " ""J " v-. mi MM. iiini h h.Vfri u lin.nl v;imn till
1 hinkwalviiiir dnv mik! thn. with one
ll I1 l ,,u :. t'.uv ot rout, went Jnlo the name with
Prairie, after aiuMher ride over ihv
Mukfn good mi catnpfiitfn pnimiHPii,
rrt'Hltlcnt-elect UitrdiiiK- It wnrkhix on
the Ifnt of ropreHcntutive womiph ami
Prominent rlt-inofrat he intendH to cull
In Marlon to advice him on the lyugue.
of NathniH que t Ion. Anions the demo-
rt'jU. it y cortutn thai Senator HUcn-
wax Prt'stdent Wilson n '
in the senate thruiiKhoul J
ill hf summoned. Amon j
otliern will be senator Shieldn who, nl- j
lhoi.Kh a democrat, wun umimjj; the J
irifc nctii.ble truty -jtp'nentH. Ken.
ator ili'rdin r; not divided the
n-iti. ,f li, women ho intendn to
call, but it 1 !ikel AIth. Kaymonu
oldn:i of rhicj, ( and Mm. Unrriet
Tdj'lor i'lttoii of uhio will be on tin
Government Seizes Municipal
Building for Officers and
Concentrates Troops,
Preparation for Bad Winter.
1 1 HI.
thfVHt two meaNuri'M.
Fonlney, chairman of tJu- wavn and
meanH committee, nald conri'Mi wo'h 1
he tthowlnir jc-mkI M'C'mI If the repuh.
Ilcan revenue ami tariff lmvn weie im
thn Hlatiilo l)ool( hy Die ci:d of ;.
He hellevcM that at li ail nine month
will he required In rcvlxion of tlei
Hrarlnm on revenue revon und-r
rrexent plamt will Mart m t .Moiu'dV
Hecommettdation for inert ;t.sr tuxe'j
In the annual r port of s.t r.- :i i i.rl
Treatury HouMon v ill he n,n:!en"l J
fii'Mt. Appurentl , HoiiMton'M i,."C".--
tlon for repeal of the e profn.
tax Ih the only one upon w W4t lh'
committee iiutnhcrN aciee.
Kelicf iw ltn,rai'ticahle
WASHIXiT.. Die. . -( IM
Income tux relief lci;txlatloil ipmui fTi i
hy buMineKtf lutereatN Ih Impra'-th aMe
ut thla BeMiion. repuhltcan mcmhei-K of
the iun.ite ftnanco cijmm'U'-n dei hh.-d
lone MounluifiM. Tho I'ortland team
won hy one liotnt. Thus wan the
Tralt'le claim net up.
l"ru-klln hiirh hwl to' WanhliiKton
hlirh In roilhmd and WaahhiKtoii,
an well a h the other teamn of Portland,
declined a Kame with Pendleton. Tho
UiiCiunde and llaker elevena bol'.i
honed to I'enilletnii. Pranklln scored j , '. '.,'
twice the number of ,,oim "Xw- Bu)k(,r 1)m(Je ,,. K,.con(Ill twti
l aker that the local- did hut their th(i lltu the ,.; in the r,jurth
krorimc power after one day of rest, I i(J (,f th(,)r Murphy got a
and playltiff a hlKh altltudn. handicap- . Madden, who went Into
PUIiTLAXD. Dec. H !'. I'.i-nut-tllutr
l.evtnuky laBt.nlttht liwt match
to Hoy i.McConnlck In the w venth
j lound on a foul. There wun plenty ol
nctSun until that lime with the flKht
ped ihem c
have tin ne
uiHideiahly. laical offlciali.
I a di af eir on the I'lairin)
the ring on Bhort notice. DenipBey
put Purdy away In the second round
Taylor scored a technical knockout
over AillBon In the curtain raiser when
the referee stopped the fight In the
third round.
Acthm M-frrril
' WAHHIXliTON', lie' . V. P.
Hi-nuhllcuii memhvrB of Mo- m'tiatf ,
defer action on the apiicil of Inisst!'
men for poBtponruient of Income tax
iiaymentM and for an exicimlon on
Ii.hscb. Tlie di cislon t i deny the re- i
lief requeKtcd wuh rcuchi.d after
tucly of the recent ;.l!i meal hy
retaty of the Treamny llouatou. who
raid that the Rovei nul' lit could le t
afford lo isrant cither of the m ' iiiie,
LONDON', Dec. 9. (A. P.) 'Pros -
IK-ctB of Irish truce, which laat nihl j
were regarded as havinjf receded out!
of night, have been revived, according
to the Dally Mail an the result of a pri- 1
vate interview Iw-t'-een Monsignor I
Patrick Joseph Cline. lilshop of Pertli j
and Lloyd George. The Mail quotetaj
the premier In saying that prosper! I
are brighter than, they apiiear on the I
in - X t - '-t, 1
t . - inn
r i -ii r 1
L . " ".T).. -.
TOLD BY 11017
.Account of Hunger Strike and
Last Suffering in British
Prison is Given by Muriel
. MacSwiney in Washington.
proponentFrIsolved '
to see no compromise
A"V. 1
England and World Will Know
No Peace, Witness Declares,
Until Beloved Irish Republic
Has Been Recognized.
WASHINGTON. Dec. . fA.'P.)
I'roponenu in Ireland of the Irish re
public re resolved that "England anj
jioc worm snail nave no peace until our
j republic Is recognized." Mrs. Muriel
MacHwiney, widow of the late Ij,rf
i mayor of Cork, declared today before
,0 com miss on of the committee or 10
jlnvestlftating Irish conditions, -he,,
jalso told her husband' life utory.
liilld ttiieaka So iS1t-h. ...
WASHINGTON. Dee. . fL. P.J '
jThe atory of Terence Mac!winer. and
I Ma final huneer strike wit. tolrt h ih.
HkIiHhk Ih Iniinlncnt
LONDON, Dec. 9. (By Wehh .Mil
ler, (. I'. Staff Correspondent.) ac
iirrence of flghtinp letween the Hinn
Fein and PritlHh forces In Ireland i
expected today. Hope of quick peace ;or ounendrr hag heen expected hourly
appeared to have been lost and the'sinCB officials reported having located
Snvernment. hv seizing municipal I ,,er n'ar ,he Mexican border where
buildings for its officers and concen- she flert an,r ,h da,h "f J;,u"' !- Ha"
tratlns forces, Indicated that it Is mal:. ember of the republican na-
inn ready for a hard winter campaign j ; "
I M Irish on ice dec.ared that Bum
Fein attacks on police had continued
throughout the present week. The
I'oveinment has also conthmed its
raids on the grounds that Irish re
publican leaderH hud not suiri'ested
I peace.
. .0 kii.1 mincer scriKe were tola oy the
I widow of the late lord mayor of Cork.
I who appeared before the nation's un-
orrtc!al commission investlaatinir con
. 1 . i . . . ..
.1 u.iram. in irriimi. no iierce was ilac-
( lara Smith lUmion whose capture tion.il committee, anil millionaire oil ISwiney's 1(ve for Ireland and the
kinj. The fugitive was formerly sec-I Irish language, she ald, that hi ba
retarv to the murdered man and the by daughter couldn't apeak anything
wilt-'of his nephew. Frank Hamol,,"C,, Ir'"h 'ansuage' nev-
er heard her father or mother speak
who divorced her on May 23. 191 1. j, word of English," aaid Mr. Jlac-
j " ' . , j Swiney. . .
-Mrs. MacSwiney i a small, fragible
I w oman, dressed in black and speak
Wealth of Cclor and Design!
CIIIt'AiiO. Dec. B. -ll'. IM -Sltil;-InsT
piano workers, deadlocked with
their employers over demand for in
creased wages today announced a plai.
to manufacture their own pianos. A
company has been "formed and the
inker will put tip IMUMHI to finance
It. The workers will contilhuie th.'r
first month's warns to put the new
firm on its feet.
WASHINGTON. Dec. .--'. P.)
.'elision of fteight rales throughout
'ie Mississippi valley, and of raLes be-
Marks Exhibit at County Li-'" the Mississippi vaiu-y nd an
.... . . 1 i .it ts of the. I'nited tjin'eu will be ne-
brary Which i3 Feature of rv , n. ,iring ihji the . interstate
City's School Week ProgTam 1 '"""' CommisS:on announced to-
rf : ti;iV.
i This will result from the decision In
From the simple cut-outs made by )lc "Memphis Southwestern InvestlKa
Ihe fitut graders,'" to the skillfully ,n ,vnien the I. f. C, held that
I executed posters palmed by high j Mlasiss'iM't Htver water competition no
! u hool students, art Is expressed in tho , ,,nVer Justified lower rates ut river
! exhibit of work of Pendleton school ri,l!lU ll iu, ut intui mediate interior
Th commWan has extended until
March I. June 1 and December 1,
1921, the time for readjustment of
these and othir rate hanges. These
son. Huinlicd!i of .drawing are 'sweeping Increases, but merely exieu
!'! and every gradp in every school slve revisions of tariffs
is represented.
A touch of Cubist art is noticeable
in cut-out of coats and boots done by
pupils of the lower grades. Jtont.
Chinese figures, Indian war bonnets,
and many other designs comprise the
nil work of the besliiners".
All INtKim Ortirinu!
All design work done in the varloio--nides
Is original, one conventional
di n wing shows shadings of rose, gold
i.uo'Im Kiioivn this week at the county
.' library as a part of the School Week
1 Tloo-e iu u Ui ullh of Color 1111(1 design
in the display, which Is prevailed by
: spirit of originality and self-expres
MAItloN. Dec. 9. (Hy Raymond
and brown, and 'was Inspired by the Clapper. V. P. Staff Correspondent. -
1 iiaugements of seeds In a half section Senior Harding will retain his seat in
I of nit apple. Hulterflles and Indian the senate for the present, and no mi
I mollis re used In other drawings. mediate action will be taken on the
I Combination' of flat drawing with , oner ot .oei nor v ox i.. oo ..
(East urcgoninn Spec'.al.)
L'MAI'INli. Dec. 9. Oil Monday
veiling a mass ' meeting of abuut 60
ranchers of te Fruitvalo and Slate
l-ine neighborhoods was held In the
Fruitvale sihonl house for the purpose
it disc js.in,; the road situation In that
.icinity and plan for Improvement.
A. W. S;nimons was elected chair
man and after explaining the purpose
if the meeting a general discussion
A very faithful reproduction of
sheriff Til Taylor en his horse, mod-
. eied in clay, has just been cona;ileted
hv A l'himister Proctor, well known
sculptor, at his studio in Jv'cw York I City
City. A photvri"Ph of the mod::! was
received Wedr.tsday from Mr, Proc:or
by Mayor John L Vaughn n,.
. The model was to Im- submi.teil to
the Til Taylor Memorial Association
shouk' it be decided to expend the
memorial fund for a statue. Mr.
Proclor wim, here at .Round-Lpi and
'no, mado the model since thai time.
It shown the isrle' sheriff in excellent 1979.70 on a 0790.19 sewer job as the
detail, in n characteristic riding 'pos- j result of force' account work and ac-j
ture on his horse. - The view is froi.i ; cepted a report that the city nata-j
the right lde. ' . ' 1 lorium cleaned $497.55 during the
Estimate of the cost jf such aSimimec jutt passed and a recommen
Mtaiue. were received earlier from Mr. 1 ,.,ii,m from the natatorium coinmit-
'" "eld. Walla Walla county has , i.r0etor. A 10-foot size without base ! tee that a-heating plant should be in
ar'reed to gravel the State Line road iVOUt cost about f-',( and a 12-tnot i stalled by dext year,
from the store to the road leading tOisiz about $22,000. A marble base. ! it w is n linsv- session, thaua-h not
f rutlvale, a distance of about one mile jhe said, pre bably. would email .in ad- j lengthy. Adjournment was held up
nd it was agreed ny muse present ditional expenditure of 000 or 15.- ; several 'minutes )ecalie of the ab
sence of Councilman Henry Taylor. I
-jinir with a bit of a brogue. She said
ithe f;rst met her husband In 1913,
'and again ut Christmas. 1914, when he
was an officer in the Irish republican
jirmv. I used to go to jail to see hi,
and we were married in June, , 1917.
o an insn pr.est, in our own lan
KUaee." .. ,
Mrs, MacSwiney said their Juhv wi.
.born while .Mr. MasSwiney was In
I prison. "I felt in August. 192. Just
$22i000!aft" mv husband s last arrest, that he
I "Ould die. So the shneb nr
at the first, not later." There was a "
faint break in her voice. "But thr
should be tears of Joy. no (frier, for
Ithoee who die for Ireland," she con
tinued. "Not any of Mr. MacSwiney's -
Pendleton's city fathers last tyght i sheThard ,h hi-" h '
.iirpesed of S.-.OOO worth of bSnds ! 'h, J P"r"
foe 11 Ml l heai-rf nf a savinir lit t - . 1"" m IIO- .
Disposes . ' of
Worth of Bonds for $21,
804, - Heat ; of Saving on
Street Job and Natatorium.
that Umatilla county should lurnis.i i ,',oo.
the labor to spread the gravel. H. B. j
Dean, county cominissioncr-elect from
his end of the county attended the
meeting and assured those present
I hat he w ould use his best efforts with
the other members of the county court
to see that this labor was paid for by
I'matlHa county.
Kd Hoon, load supervisor for th's
district, was also present and was
Portland Hid Adi'lKcil.
The bid of Carstens & Kurles Co..
of I'ortland, for the purchase of the
Tk. of th. K.,.t v. t.ve.i..,.i, iCity s liond Issues for fire apparatus
heartilv In accord with the plans as ,...,. ...i..! i,.. .., , and park purposes, was accepted up-
oiulined bul stated he hud received l u1v -u-ill c0 to the iurv. about
liistructionM to ston a t ;work HI mis ....,. ..,.,Pn. , u...a n,u.iinia ot
time on account of lack of funds.!,,.. house' today. ' The taking of'J" vm- lftS!' m? ".err:nt fw at,or
l..... . .... i f i..i' .... nov fe nml linnils. euvlnir a nel 1-e-
ineueecouui m i pi oune n ; uu.ui.iui tMiniuiir was completed yesterday
I cut-out work is sTIown In a green jar i - '" """" support from the county at this time.!,,.. rfw n,i th taking of -re
filled with cut-out scnriei pouiwiian i ............. ,.,,,,., i The people of the Fruitvale district i,uttal testimony bv the
Sportsmdt from Pilot i.ock, r.cno ,nrt Christmas caienoars fiuivom "'' " ,,,,- v . have done a large amount of donation j oompete( this morning.
and Helix were guests last night t ; cut-out holly wreaths. 1 nese ami " ', T. .' ...!, I "' 'K hls. fall and as a result have I Tlie de'fense w.is.on,it rebuttal this
Col. J 11. Haley wltlT the
iiiitirniln hi a duck dinner at 11:30 In lennedii.te grades.
the dining loom of the Klls club. lhe,- .interesting- indeed Is tho exliimt 'l , . , ...! county this year will be In a much jtornevs will be made, lt is hardly
belter position to travel this yenner exoected to bo finished this evening
state was
l-clio ,rt i Christ ma calendars showing as muirai -
Penilleton others were done hy pupils oi me in-. """ "." " " " . . graveled many of their worst spots and i ..nei noon and following the comule
ii.i.. rf.i ti. iu i.i'iiieni illness oi . i . m
' , Vi-'mi . .i "even with no assistance from thO;tjon or tnjs, the arguments of the at
HI. V II I IS l.lllll'I.
The holiday recess of congress next
week will give further time for the de
cision, the statement added. Harding
sent a telegram to Cox, expressing his I
7 : : Harding ar- Km th, emp.oynien, of a fru
PASSAIC. N. J.. Dec. 3 -If P v
w ho always places the motion to ad-. Missing since November 11, Rev. Cor
join. .After a few moments of deli-jnelius Densel of the Netherlands lla
beration his colleague from ward I. ; form Church has returned to Passaic
Councilman P. J. -McMonies. moved j it was learned today. The reiterated
for adjournment. I prediction of Mrs. Dense! that "Jje will
come hack" was verified last night
when the missing pastor walked Into
meeting of the church consistory,
which was just about to decide on
minister to replace him.
"I've made a mistake, a terrible
mistake." Densel said as he tendered
his resignation.
When she learned that her husband
had returned. Mrs. Densel shut her
self up in her room and refused to un
lock the door to anybody.
,KAB i.. I ,
Pleted by a force working under the -
daughters said. . - , , ,
on recommendation of the finance
committee. Their bid was $1001.11
nev fees and bonds, leaving a net re
turn to the city for the tssue of $21.-SlH.42.
The Turner street sewer, just com
local men played host as a return for j j'nlnier method writing done In the
various grades.
tilfls arc .Made
Third grnde pupils of lhe Washing
ton school have muilo "something for
Mother" under the direction of Miss
I.uru Hendricks.
Continued on page two
lh courtesies extended bv lhe dull
members from the eo'inly lowns and
' 31 men at down to the dinn i
A mallard roasted to a fine brown'.
praced each plate ntvl a meal with all!
the nrecAviry acct ulreireuts was pro- i
vlded by Secretary .iiiiilan. of the
lodge. L'iich place was marked by n ;
red carnation and the same fiower
graced the tables. ,
Every r. nn Invited lo the ili in'r vas
presort and each was called upon to
respond to a toast. The guest list In
cluded the following nun: '
levl Kldildge. .(leoifre. Done. L M.
Schannep. (ieoriA' Caines 10. K. ('
teel. Newt ltnyer, C. W. Paiiln C. (1.
Brn'cher, Will Class and M. M Kanniim-,
nil of th" Klkhoin Club, Pilot. Hock;
u.,1.,1, Qi..nllelil l'ete Sheridun. A. H.
., ,. v i.Mn i i nil l.i. Conloi Mal'tlli. V. Stuff Oi
lr nil of I cbo; Kre.l .vines ami Curt me rcius.u e-.-o.no.
Kngdahl of Helix and Dr. Frank beau lender of the senate, lo sanction
Hovun V I' Marshall. Tom Thoinp''he introduclion and nassage of the
son h 11 ".hOmpson, v'v. .J. Peterson. ;Knox peace resolution at this session
Fred fitclwi r J. K. 1'nlcy, J. H. Haley, of congress, today started an insur
' Marlon Jack' VI .1. Sommervllle, F. S. '.Kent movement which may result in
k..i i.- iv M.-Coiniis U C Schiirnf .lhe presenlallon of the measure de-
and D D. Phelps, of Pendleton.
than heretofore
Cither matter of
were discussed at this meeting, union
Following the arguments the jury
the city $2790.! 9. F. Ii. Hayes, engi
neer., reported. This was $979.70
lower than the lowest private bid
made on the work and $2672.22 under
is ,,.,i,. ir, nrntect him on ' '
The results of their ,, ' " A : ,. i ...Jct unt
packing and grading official for th
.immunity interest lnust be charged by lhe judge and the me oiuei em m..,,.,.,.. .
!..,. .1,... t l oom OUIS were icj.-neo . uv
The defendant ltader went on the "ben they both exceeded the engi-
own neer s estimate, ioi . lue- wor.t. me
stand yesterday afternoon in his
t-pniiti' dorinsr his absence.
Ii lielnu understood that the 'behalf and corroborated tlte story
s--- .
(county will be asked to appropriate , told by Frank Hale, only eye witness:
$1200 fur that purpose next year, lt i to the shooting of K. I". McCuc.'Who
I was unanimously voted that Ihts muni was called by the defense yesterday..!
Was not essential and even were one ltader is a rather . slioit and acme
(Continued on page 2 )
WASHINllTON. Dec. 9. Hy I
C be referred to the foreign . relations
orrespondcnt.) j committee and left there. Lodge Indi
employed he could not satisfactorily
handle lhe matter us the volume is too
suite Lodge's disapproval. Lodge to
!ilny Informed the insurgents that lie
does no! Intend to have anything done
with the measure during this session.
They told that there are enough!
democratic votes available to puss the BOSTON, Dec. 9. ( IT. P.) Wases
resolution over President Wilson's ve- of New England textile workers will
to. but Lodge said his plan I to let the be reduced 22 1-2 per cent within a
jwhole thing go over until tho sin'Cial short time It was learned today follow
session after Harding's inauguration, lug a meeting here in which practlc-
Senator Lodge was much interested ally all of the textile manufacturers ol
;ln the reports that President Wilson the New Knglund states were repre
jinlght resubmit the Versailles treaty, sented. Approximately .liio.Ouft ope
jNothing would ho done with It, 'Lodge ratives will be affected by the wase
'nude ck-ut. 11 resubmitted, It would (.ut. '
She does not look like Venus le
Mllo,. for" Venus had both arms
severed at the shoulder. Tins
lady has one arm missing, that
belongs to her right side, elbow
to finger tips. John Vaughan
does not like to put her in his
The lady with Hie missimt
right forearm Is done in curd
board and belongs to an Kdison
electrical appliance window dis
play set. She came in several
parts, Including one "forearm.
IJulte a search was made of the
mayor's place of business ihls
morning n find lhe missing fore
arm but it could not be found.
Now fhey are wondering If the
display can be altereM to show
the saving which can be effected
hy electrital appliances for n
onc-ui nicd Moiinin.
man. dark haired and swarthy rom
plcxioned. a type of man often fojmd
in the cattle country such aa that
about Long Creek where bo lives.
ltader told of McCues words with
him over the money for a pasture
bill owin gto Hader's lather and other
incidents loading up to the shooting.
His cross examination was iu.... f (ho l!uIs,1(jvtkl ,v, be lold ov Vr
this mor.iins by the state. ..isi,lh iioldman former Jewish rabbi.
".Mother is sick. He is
house," Mrs. Densel replied.
In the
KKGINA, Sask., Dec. 9. (A. P.
Scotch whiskey, as sold under the
provisions of the Saskatchewan Tem
perance Act, 1920. will cost the con
sumer two dollars for an eight ounce
botlle. Wholesale prices have also
been agreed upon and It is estimated
jruggtsts will sell on a margin of
50 per cent profit. ,
Conditions in Kussia and an expose
j INDIANAPOLIS, lnd.. Dec. 9. In
Iresiuiuse to the request of national of
I fleers of the American Legion a spe
icltil effort Is being made hy the l-'u-reau
of War Hisk Insurance to see
that eve.cy ex-service man entitled to
ieompens-uion during December gets
his checlJiefore the fifteenth of the
I month, in order that he may have it
for chrftmas.
I Tbf War Rsk Korean officials Ivivp
jannounced that they have succeeded
im so perfecting their machinery of
operation that the long delaxs hither
to attending the sending out of checks Are the Polshevikl.
to the 210.000 disabled ex-servie me.iioccupv the pulpit on Sunday morning i
drawing monthly compensation will ir. jivlth tho theme "The Homecoming of
at a mass meet lit- to be held in the
Haptist church here nevt Sunday after
roon al 3 ci'clock. Dr. Goldman is the
same man who spoke before a lurge
Midlence in Happy Canyon on the day
of the Rignii'ir of the arinisiive two
eal'S aye.
He is a KussUin and his wife and;
six children were killed by lhe "Black'
Hundred"' which are said by him to be
the forerunners ol the present Hoi-'
shevilti. With a son, Jerome Gold-1
man. he fled to America after thai
ioutraves. The son was an American I
'toldicr with lhe 91si division and was
killed in battle.
I lri addition to giving his lecture on I
"The Inner Life of Hussia and Who,
Dr. Goldman will,
Tin Weather.
. Reported by Major Lee Moorhouse.
Maximum, GO. .
Minimum S2.
P.arometer 29.20.
Rainfall, ,0 inches. ,
Storm brewing.
tho tutuic be d"!;e away with.
Tomiht and
Friday ruin.