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People Here and There
I'atrolmim Churley Myers returned
thlg morning from Portluud where he
wan called tu testify In the pock Iiudd
'Mn. Mlnnlo Walker, clerk of Union
high school district No. 1, at Irellx,
was a business visitor In Pendleton
Tuesday. , .
M. I Jones of Mange, a stock rals
er ,l In Pendleton today on a business
trip, limine Is In (lie Grant county
dock country,
A. It. McBroom, who raises cattle
In the vicinity of l'llot Rock. In a bus
liioss visitor In i'cndloton toduy.
Farm bureau and road activities
were placed uHlde yesterday afternoon
liy David II. Nelson and he boarded
the Northern Pacific truln for a busl
nexii trip to his wheat holdings In
'Western Montana. "'
Mr. and Mr. Frank Chapman, who
live on a furm on Upper Butter Creek,
near Gurdano, are In the city doing
aoine Christmas shopping- today, Mr.
Chapman Is engaged In the sheep bus
ines. Miss Kllz.ubeth Fo, dean of women
at the University of Oregon, one
of the youngest deanfl In the United
Btatcs. This Is her fifth year at the
college. During the war she was
granted a lave of absence and went
overseas as a V. M, C. A. worker. Flth
MUr Julia IlureeHS, Instructor oin the
English depurtnient at Oregon. Miss
Fox will chaperon a group of g'rls
who will go u broad. ' Miss Fox spoke
here yesterrlny.
4J. 1 Dunning, county commissioner
from Ktunflcld, came up on No. 24 this
mornlnsr to loin his colleagues In a
trip to Helix and transact otlior offi
cial business.
Hugh McCttll. cashier of the I'nlted
Htates Nutlonul Hank of Vale, was a
buslnesH visitor In Pendleton Monduy
and Tuesday. Ho also has rolatlvos
here whom he visited while In the
The swimming pool Is empty at
ningham Springs and the summer re
sort has" settled Into winter quiet, anye
William Iloch. proprietor of the
Hprlngs, who was here yesterday. He
reports that the mountain spot hus
been experiencing stormy weather
with some mow and rain.
The trial of Frederick Ituder, for
manslaughter. Is being attended by
It. W. Khaw, a cattle raiser, from the
I,on& Creek country. The shooting
of K. E. McCue took place near Irfng
Creek and the principals are both
known to Mr. Bhnw. He Is spending
the winter at College Place, Wuah..
and came oror to see the trlul and to
transact business here.
The fog In Portland lust night
seemed colder than the frost In Pen
dleton this morning, 8. R. Thomp
son said. Mr. Thompson arrive1.
home on No. 24 this morning with
packages In each hand and looked as
though he had done a bit of Christ
mus shopping In the metropolis.
Clyde Overby of Dakar arrived yes
terday for a short visit hero with
friends and rclutlvea. ,
Walter ISlnipson of Garfield, Wash
ington spent the first puA of the week
in Pendleton visiting with his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. George Simpson.
Buy a1 Barrel of
A movement is now 6n foot which has for its
object the ready marketing of Umatila county's
principal product, wheat. Are you a loyal Ore
gonian? If so, join the movement and buy a
barrel of flour. Umatilla county's prosperity is
your prosperity regardless of your work or bus
iness. Be prosperous. Also, you may save some
money. Wheat is going up. We have an at
tractive cash price intended to benefit the move
ment We are willing to do our part.
CALL 409
The Economy Grocery
- - 7 "ii3 W. Webb Street ' " "
Marriage License tanned
A marriage license was Issued toduv
by the county clerk to Orover H. Kel
ler, of Pilot Rock, and Misa Myrtle
Mays, of Pendleton.
CoinnilMKiiMU-rs C to IMIx
The county commissioners left by
auto thl morning for the, Helix region
where they will look over the new
road and make soma adjustment re
garding rights of way.
Sues for (17:1 Note
The Iduho State Life Insurance CO..
loday filed suit against Clark W.
Frindle to recover on a note for f ITS.
and interest. H. Ev Bixon, of U
Grande, is attorney for the plaintiffs.
Jordan IXute Appraised
The estate of the lute Frank L. Jor
dan today was appraised at 16824, In
an Inventory filed with the county
clerk. The appraisers were Alonzo W.
Knotts, W. A. Gilliam and E. G. Horn
Taking Ik-hiktuIc Oiuikos
It Is true thut many contract severe
colds and recover from them without
taking any precaution or treatment,
and a knowledge of this fact lead
others to tuke their chance Instead ol
giving their colds the needed attention.
It should be borne In mind that every
cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vi
tality, makes the system less able to
wilhstand each succeeding attack and
pave the way for the more serious
diseases. Can you afford to tuke such
desperate chances when Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, famous for Its cures
of bad colds may bo had for a trifle?
Chamberlain's t'ouglr Itomcdy tile
Mother's Favorite
The soothing and healing properties
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, Its
pleasant taste and prompt and effec
tual cures have made It a favorite with
people everywhere. It Is especially
prised by mothers of young children
for colds, croup and whooping cough,
as it always afford quick relief and
Is free from opium and other harmful
When You Are: Cmstluletl
To Insure a healthy action of the
bowels and correct dlsoorders of the
liver, take rwo of Chamberlain's Tab
lets Immcdiate'y after supper. They
will not only cause a gentla movement
of the bowels, without unpleasant ef
fect'), but banish that dull, studlp feel
Ing, that "often accoompanies constipation.
Mrs. iJiuia M. lloyt Recommends
Chamberlain's TaMete
"I have frequently used used Cham
berlain's Tablets, during the past three
yearn, and have found them splendid
for headache and bilious attacks. I
air. only too pleased, at any time, to
speak a word In praise -of them," write
Mrs. Laura M. Hoyt, Rockport. N. T.
An Opportune Time
for Christmas Shopping
Don't wait until the last moment before you do your Christmas
shopping. Shop now and shop at your leisure. Our store contains
hundreds of items that will make ideal gifts. In fact, we have always
had a reputation for the excellence of our Holiday displays, and this
year they are better than ever.
fj , . ,' m "'f
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Judgement for 20,ooo Clvcu
The Copeland Investment Co.. today
was given a Judgment for 120,00a
against H. B. Hartholomew In a de
cree of the circuit court. The decree
ittves the plaintiff first lien on one and
three furturths sections of land In the
St .in fie Id country and orders the sale
of the lands under execution to satis'
fy the the Judgment.
I Army Goods
EE . ' CA j,i.;, MEATS '
5 Corned ttwf Hasli, 1-2 isnind can 80c
S tae M 48 . . . ' .(10 s
5 Cril lleef, 1-J pound can 60c E
E ' fiWB Of 88 cans .:.$1.50 E
Ibia-4 noef, 2 K)iuid cans 45c; case 24 $10.00 g
S 1 These are all best quality meats. g
5 Armf miekcrs ., 260 and t5.00
5 Off lews IlalncoaU 1 300
S Araif Orerooata dyed blue and black $12.00 S
S mi l ,lTTr $2.25 a garment, $4.50 the auit E
Tlita Is Uie genuine army goods of ariiiir quality. S
S IR-rtirlKH I'nioii Knits $5.00 3
2 TIhiso arc the cry Isft wearing all tool union suits for s
5 v the money. S
2 Army Shirts O. !., new 5 '5 g
2 Army Klilrts. O. !.. sllglitly used - M.5 -
S .We liave Jut mirl'l this new stock direct from the Quar. s
2 ema.st4T, therefore It Is nvd Army quality and not a fcliabby -
Si linllaUon. .
2 Our bargains In Klines still stand, both In tlio regulation g
2 privBtea and officers dress.
2 . : ,- 516 MAIN ST. 2
Pay Cash Receive More Pay Less
209 E. Court Phone 880
Buy a Biirrel
Of Flour
mer; for flour will never be LOWER THAN
Pay Cash Receive More Pay Less
209 E. Court Phone 880
Man Held for Itoardinan
Iluok Ciuayne was arrested by the
sheriffs office last night on reiue.-rt
from Boardman, where he la wanted
for beating- a board bill and for lar
ceny. A warrant has been requested
from Heppner and It Is probable that
Sheriff Geurge McDuffle will come
here for the man unless he settles
within the required time limit. I
Murt nn Cold Springs Itoad t
The first step in the construction of
the road from Holdman to Cold Pprlng
landing was taken by the county com
missioners today when a resolution
was ordered drafted by tho district at
torney for the highway. The resolu
tion will be Introduced as soon as pos
sible so that action can be taken by
tho Fehruary term of the nenr court
and work started In the early spring
months. Therfe are $185,000 available
from the county road bonding fund
for this highway. The committee
hich was to have requested that the
road be built from the l'endlcton and
simultaneously with work from the
Cold Spring end failed to take the re
quest to the county commissioners.
Itesidta of InterelaKS Games. The
results for the Intel-class guinea held
in the gym last night were, Seniors 6,
Sophomores 19; Kreshmen 14, Junh
ors 15. In the game results the So
phomore class Is now In the loud with
two wins and no defeats. "This even
ing's games will decide which two
ciassca will contend for the champion
ship. These two teams will play
three games to decide the Interclass
championship. '
, !
Tomorrow Is Visitor's lny Tomor
row will be visitors day at the high
school according to an announcement
made today by Austin lindrcth,
prlnclpul. All parents and friends are
Invited to visit the school at any tlm
tomorrow and see the type of work
that tho high school students of Pen
dleton are dotng. No programme
haa been prepared bur ifta visitors
will be shown the regt'Uan, routine of
Name "Bayer", on Genuine
Warning! t'nless you .see tho name
"Buyer" on package or on tablets you
ere not getting genuine' Aspirin pre
scribed by physicians fof twenty-one
years and proved safe by1 millions.
Take Aspirin only as told lit the Bayer
package for Colda, Headache, Neural
gia, Kheumntism, Earache, Toothache,
Lumbago and for Pain. 1 Handy tin
boxes of twelve Bayer Tablets of As
pirin cost few cents, .pruggists also
sell larger package Apitln is the
trade mark of Bayer Manufacture of
Monoacetlcacidcstcr of Rallryllcacld.
BOY AC1B 15 wants work on ranch
for hoard while going to school
Call 204-K.
WANTED Hy young couple without
mirtlrn, furnished apt. Box 7, city
AXYOVK diMiilr.g.HTeltnWe; practical
nurse, ntaturlty only( SP'-M.
in a move to protest against tne pres
ent high price of gasoline, which was
brought about, the letter Raid, by a
shx'lage which exlstel six mouiua ago
and which now IR no longer extant. If
liec. nury, the bureau can go into the
tawllne business and obtain fuel here
more cheaply than the Standard OH
Co. sells It, the letter said. The bu
reau expressed no desire to compete
with an etabllshed company provid
ing Just rates can be obtained. The
letter was referred to the association
uutomobile committee.
(iraJii SI low Is Talked.
Ttntatlve plans for making Pendle
ton the scene of a grain show tor all
ihn northwest, to be comparable am
ong grain shows as the Itound-Up is
ii.n-ing exhibitions of its kind, were
mentioned by County Agent Bennlon.
The proposed show would occur dur
ing i he entire Round-Up week and
or.ulst chiefly of grains, hay and their
pri'ducts. One feature which is al
ready f romiscd is a grain Judging com-
petpton by teams from Oregon Agri
cultural College, Washington State
Coiler.c and University of Idaho.
A resolution, fixing the appointment
of the secretary and treasurer of the
Association, was read and will be voted
on at the Jmuary meeting. These of
flj. is would be appointed by the
t". id, of managers Instead of by the
asMK iatlon, as at present, to hold of
fice at the pleasure of tho board and
draw a salary fixed by that body. A
change in the by-law will be neces
sary. ,
Favor Noinuil Si-hool.
Reports on the recent Citisens' Con
ference on Education at Portland were
made by both W. W. Green, county
s'.hrol superintendent; and H. K. In
low, city superintendent. They told
of the recommendation of J. A.
Churetill, state superintendent of pub
lic instruction, for a normal school
th In southern and eastern Oregon.
The association decided to endorse
such a program in the interests of bet
tor lemhers.
The report of the finance commit
tee, presented at the November meet
ing, wns Irought up for action last
night but no one was willing to move
for its adoption, rejection or amend
meat to it was laid over until the next
monin. j ne iigiiL auenaance was re
sponsible for the tack of desire to act
on (his Important bit of legislation.
Kapnrls of tho auditing and finance
c inimitec ere read and four applica
tions for membership read and acted
upoa favorably. The. new members
are: F. B. Hayes, Lester B. Cronln,
Donal Robinson and 8. F. Bowman.
(Continued from page 1.)
and other tests are made to determine
whether children are lacking in de
velopment. If they are found to he
deficient they are advised to take up
certain forms of exercise for tho Im
provement of that undeveloped func
Posture training Is one of the most
important aims of the school adminis
trators. ' Children are taught to sit
erect and stand erect, to adopt a com
fortable but upright carriage, a good
step In their walk and maintain a
good bearing. The calisthenics and
recess periods or the grades are in
tended to furnish the relaxation and
the strength for keeping the erect pos
ture, sitting or standing.
Nutrition Vital Element
Nutrition Is considered in the health
program. Youngsters who show by
their school work or their measure
ments that they are not up to stand
ard, are interrogated as to their diet.
Drinking of milk Is encouraged In all
homes and a correct diet urged. Food
values aro taught the children and
regularity In eating Is emphasised.
Plenty of sleep with fresh air surg
ing through tho sleeping room. Is urg
ed for all children. Good air is always
sought for tho school room. Cleanli
ness Is stressed, and care of tho body
urged. Children are told of the value
of care of their teeth and regular
hnhlts Instilled In them.
The results of the health program
Ir. past years In Pendleton's schools
hue already shown results. Miss Eva
Hunson, physical director tor the
grades and the high school girls, de
clares that tho Pendleton children are
larger and more active than those of
the average community. They are as
a rule in better health. The Pendleton
youngsters are ro suierior that they
exceed all around the measurements
laid down In the government tables of
measurements for children of stated
nges. Miss Hanson has found the ex
cess over the government tables so
great here that she is planning to col
lect her data on local children and
strike an average w(th the govern-
i meni lame nr 1 Ol ore. .irivn-ni-c in ntv
Pendleton schools,
J year they are better than ever.
H Everything in , $
"GUT! TllT LAST" -
m j ... if
K . Jewelers . J(
? The Largest Diamond Dealers in Eastern Oregon
. ! MnrtmtmmnmnnMMMinwHHiirmHnmtMmmiuHHHiH
! iMm,..ii..M.i...
mmi 1
'.Th strongest com
pliment ever paid to
Sc-oifs Emulsion;
is the vain attempts at
imitation. Those
who take cod-liver
oil at its best, take
r r I
8-r'M Hn-A-n". nicw.
VANCOUVER, Wash.. Dec. 8. (U.
P.) The state bank at Battle Ground.
16 miles northeast of here was robbed
early yesterday of between J100 and
$.",(10 in silver, contained In a chest.
The bandits made no attempt to blow
the safe. They made their escape on
a handcar, which they stole.
CHICAGO, Dec. 8. (A. P.) Floyd
Fitzimmons, promoter of the Leonard
White and the Dempsey-Miske cham
ploiiBChip fights, left last night for New
York to attempt to have the match
between Jack Denipsey and Georges
Carpentier staged iu his open air arena
at BenlAn Harbor, Mich.
"True Shape" Hosiery
Just received, a new line of Ladies' True Shape
Hose in wool and silks. These hose are all guaran
teed to be absolutely perfect and will give excellent
Ladies' Brown and Green Heather Mixtures, an extra
extra fine grade. Introductory price $2.95
Ladies' Black and White Lace Hose, full fashioned,
pure silk, at $2.00
TV che
735 Main St
Jack Winer, Mgr.
. PORTLAND, Deu. 8. (A. P.)
Haxehvood enmoanv, driers of dairy
r rod nets. Was convicted yesterday tn
federal court of manufacturing adult-
The j crated buter without complying with
covrntnl reMfttlAn.
Always Good More! More! More!
Always GoodMore! More! More!
" TT
1 M r
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V i Vr4
rV Y Wf fc.Wg
if.. A
Always Good More! More! More!
Always Good More! More! More!
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