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KKATTLK, Nov. 27. -U liuii I.mit
niuKih ci'Dokb uud University ((f wrudi-
Used for 70 Year L
Thru IM uu tjianjinotlu-r "J
wnuthCtl! Jintlf dtanre hilt xf .
remained until youth has .A
become but a neuio.y
The soft, re finrd, pr.tt ly
While tppcarmce it
randtri Ir avrj the joy Y,
of Witty with yi'lrr, V''r
inlnii lutit.l.ufl eleven trot out "on the
Itihliron t WiiMhliiKdin stadium io
day, for thi fliM east vt. west ii..ui
of the year mi Hie Puclfle Const, tlm
fl.HK Will Bee (WO t( H111M llllllt itlrnoKt on
Upositn IIiiim. lniilmoiith'N forwards
are MkIiI, supported by a heiivy burl;
field, whl.- lhHVatthliiKtn lino K
heavy, Willi IlKht bucks.
The Whlni;loii Jiaekflelri averages
only Kin pounds, iwhifh Ih topped by
the Hurl mouth buck by Hcvcnil
lioiiinlH. The. Dartmouth Hop nveruKes
174 iiouiiiIm and tho brickfield '176
pounds. WuHliliiKton'v lino average Ih
184 poll ml k.
Potll' tenuis u IlKllt workout lo
ony ami tho couches declared nil were
In rciidlni'SK for the contest which is
expected to attract one of the jcreiiluat
crowds ever seen ut nn athletic, contest
Despite tlm fait 1 hat is has rulnud
nil iluy Friday, the football field ut tlm
stadium t reported to be firm ami
etmi with continued rnln should be In
fair condition for J'ltiy. Itwus nn
iniiinoed ai ti i m tit, nothing short of
a deluge Could cause potitpoiieme nt 6f
tbo R.inie. '
What Is the
Secret of Long Life
, In a Tire, Anyhow?
It's the iruad and here is the reason :
Jha tread of your tire is the part that takes all
the wear, soaks up the road shock and keeps the
bumps away from the fabric.
Entirely reasonable then that it should be broad
und thick, isn't it?
That's the Idea back of the Super Tread fire. It's
important and it means a lot more miles to you.
Gertson & Marty
639 Cottonwood StreetPhone 59S
Frock of 'Black' and White
If- s )' i "',
( ) y,: : , ; : w v
f '7 I ' ' vt:f ,."! J
1 A ' ''' ';'
j-- . ' - - iy
. tstM.?--? :'
' f'wVb ... ".
: In erery e68on there are alway a few black and whlto cos
tume!, and this frock Is conspicuously smart. Tho soft white cloth
Is fashioned into a full aliort skirt with a harem hem and a skele
ton blouse over a black satin bodice, long-sleeed and rather high
at the neck. t the side back is a square-cut pan;l of the white
faced with black. whUt a ettn i-ath ts dropped from the walstUE
directly at the aide, to be turned under withHhe hem. ,
jg he only rca i idflr,
mAnkind kiioeos is
rKN an account with this bank
and write out your proclama
tion of financial, independ
ence A jood bank reference is a
partner who will help you win your
ousiness battles. We will be pleas
ed to advise you financially.
4'., V
s i
Just the paint for floors
Do you own one of
those comfortable old
homes vijth Rood solid
floors that have always
been painted?.-. .
If so, repaint the
floors this time with
I.owe r.rothcrs IIabo
DnviMo Fjxx.i I'aint
, mn'dc especially for
indoor floors.
U is particularly
Ash to see the colora
adapted to the finishing
of kitchen and bedroom .
A variety of attractive
colors to choose from
colors thutwillharmo-:
nisse with your rooms.
Paint is an economical
and lasting floor finish.
' Ktisy to use dries hard
and firm.
l'hone 158
513 Main St.
(Kant orctjonian t-''lal.
ADAMS. Nov. Tlie lunilii-r ban
airlcd for the ne- hnum- for Mr. and
Mrs. U U. I.Ieuallcn.
Pert Knly of the AdaniH Hardware
store, in hiK'intf two ni' e rooms finiiiti-
cl in the m tond etory of his home.
Ivan l!lake imilond In to Adamr
from tha much mar llidix Friday.
Mr ami Mrs. II. A. I'akcr and Mr.
and Airs. Jatk I'akcr and Mr. nnd
Mrs Kvard Mi-t'olliim and family, all
.uli-bral. d Tha-nksnivion dinner at the
Inline of Mr. and Mr. At. A. Maker.
Mr. and Mrf IKine of Uklah, wi-rc
the ifinsts of htr pnii'iits. .Mr. and
Mrs. Joe lianits, Tliumdny. Tor dinner
Mr. and Airs. Otho Sloll of Pendle
ton and children were the kim-;k of h.t
nnii r, Mr. und Airs. Ki l.nui, at Ad.;ni3
i hurniljiy for dinner.
Mr. ami Mik fliarley Walrus and
ft 4
You Can Be Free from Pair
as I Am, if You Do a? I Did.
, Jlarri'itrion. Ale. "1 suT-red with
backache, pniiis through my hips
ana s u c n a nenr
1 n g do x: 0 feel
iiij that 1 u!d not
niid on aiy (
T also had other (lis
treKHitij svnijitrnn5 ,
At times 1 had tc
(f j v e tip o,s. 1
tried a irmiix'i' o!
reineilies but l.vtlia
K. Pinkliaiu's Vtgiv
table Compound did
me more good than
nnvthinc rite. I am
reitnlnr. do not Fulfcr Hie l-ubs I used-
to. keep house and do all the work. I
recommend vour nadicine to air who
suffer I did and vim may .e my let
ter a you like." Mrs. .Mi.v.Mii Mitch.
KM.. Harrington, Me.
There are many , women wim sillier as
M. Mitchell ilid'and who are lieinu hen
eiitted by tlii J-'reat medicine every day.
It has liclpeil thousamls ot women wno
have been troubled with displacements.
inlla'inmiition, uleiration, irresulnrities.
lH'riodic pains, backache, that bearing
jown feeling, indigestion, and nervous
I.yriia E. Pinkliam's VeseLtble (om
pouiid contains no narcotics or haitriful
drops. It is mane irotn extracts oi
foots and herbs and is a sale medium
for women. H you need Pic ill advice
Write l.vdia K. ' I'iiikhnm Mix tcino Co
(conlirttnfuil), i.m, .ln.a.
4L r - V s. - .- I 1'. .' k f
1'ttle daughter, left today for the'r
homo in I'omeroy after vinitinff for
the i.ast week with le'atives und
triendH in Ad. I MIS.
Air. nnd Atra. J. Vt (ofrey nre visit
ing rx laliven und frlendK in .Milton
Ih k week. '
A family ThaiikSKivitif- dinner was
celebrated nl lic home of AJrs. John
joineii. yv tine turkey flintier wna
nerved by I lie hostess' mother, Mrs. I
K. iEuiK-h nnd tht:-!e jtresent were Mr.
and Airs. Henry Punch, Mr. and Airs.
U F. iiuneh, Mr. and Airs. Charley
Punch and children. Air. and Mrs. Will
lJuiieh and family. Air. and Mrs.
Frnnk Punch nnd family. Air. John
Punch and children, Mr. Alill Bunch
and Clyde Katon. ,
Air. and Mrs. (ilndwyn tfpt'nccr and
son und Frank Wilson of Walla Walla
and Aliss I'eulab Spencer of Pullman
Waidi., were tho Kuests of Mr. and
Mrs. John Kpcncer for dinner Thurs
day. Airs. Anna Paker and daughter Al
ma Matibews of Pendleton, motored to
Adan.s today and were the truest a of
Air. and Airs. J. Coffey for dinner.
Ati!s Pertlia AtoFariand of Pendle
ton wan the Riiest of J. I'offey for
Thanksgiving dinner.
Somn of the farmci-s are still bus.v
trviiiR- to seed their fall grain, but as
It keeps on raining it is very slow-work.
Ed Wallan, who Is III, is not so wall
Alius Daisy Owens was the Kuest of
her sister in Pendleton for the past
few days. J
Mr. Parr of Athena is the puest of
his daughter. Air. and Airs. Carl Chris-j
tian, at Adams this week.
Ii.m Mcjmyre left for The Dalles to
visit relatives for a short time.
Air. and Airs. Italph Wallan and Air.
and Ails, is laeiialleu motored In
fron't their ranch today and were the
guests of Air. and Jira. Jim Chesnut
tor dinner. ' f
fa) -'SiSA j A L
THINK what Oregon industries
mean to YOU how the
effect your job or business. 'Isn't
it true that every man, woman and
child in the state has been directly
or indirectly benefited by the in
dustrial growth of Oregon?
v .Of
Oregon is rapidly becoming one of the greatest manufacturing
states of the west. The coast-wide and national fame of her
products grows daily.
Every dollar spent for home products increases just that much
the development of the state adds just that much to the prcv
tigc of "Oregon Made." - ' '
i ' -
, Your loyal support plus the enterprise of Oregon manufact
urers equals PROSPERITY. It's as simnle as 2 2 4.
Associated Industries of Oregon
HchM hntisc. n Thtiisduy the com- llev. J. W. Hmiti, -with v 'nncr in tlu
rn unity Thaniifivirii? vfU.UrnV.on w,ts whool cafrrtt-ria irnmcfj a -? nUct.
hold, ami prtivrt) to he .nf of the most , Following the din iter a pn'rar? wa
sut.-ct.stfiii paihiTiKB i'i the h .-:ory of '.-n, A. W. -Cobb acting- at l .-t-tho
jjrojt-ct. Ktryont was cut and j !iiu-'it. Games, consiatin of poiatr
al Ihad a goid tim. Then were ieii- j ran.-, ul.st-tcle rwe, basket bull, etc.",
glous serviccH in the school audi- were l!i Oie plan. In the evening 0
tori 11 m at th n'm h'';r 'd l th ' 'vsiMCHfin hvid ip W. V. Tm k-
r's Ptre room. ' A
Further cunimunlty entertainment a
jjlanned for next week when the Bible
ciatH ut the SmAIay scnool tviil enter
min tho r-t of the school, and on Dec,
4, the Hendricks family will give
"txircrt in the school auditorium.
0 ' ?$SWtzSgh rrL$)
(Ivast Oresoniau Special)
11IIAUD.MAX. Nov. 27. Thankssiv
liiK week Ih provinv a Week of festi
vity in the Poardman community. On
Wednesday night the Junior and senior
high school pupils held a party in the
- s;.w e.
t ilU
and Auto Mechanics
'l-m t.iUST TiiOKOUdl AN1
CT tic.il ?' h-d in nil K-ieinccril't
a(i,1 Viicstionitl Scir e-oHcrie compel
tim,. in (1NI-, II A! I'' llictitMC Uiualh
rftitiirnl bv I'riiiri.'iiics.
K.iniinj'ii of m.n tscnli.il iljrrts'
miMrsiis torhc. l tins sa ir ol tn.ic.
Well eciiirl li's hbursteries and
felil insiru.ticnrs.
Cwnet ,'n: C-il, I lc.tnc.il, Mrchanicsi
aad Mimnc Ijigiiwe and A'.nh.m
A. tiialcns n-r nni rk J.-ne l y ttidrnt.
OlM ui-roo'ti s .ota n 1 a'ld Lms.CI.
NiiW TIH.M hi .oSNl.Nvi ". .1"!
v A d 1
r ty!rcW.c Ctii;r 1 ' F.n nneenrf
v -vs AAeri&MAki)Ks
The' sreat thing predicted for
the University of Pennsylvania
this year when Coach Johnny
Helsman was transplanted thers
from Georgia Tech, have fallen
rather flat. Helsman gave tha
Georgia Institution tome great
eleven, but his first year in tha
east has been far from satisfac
tory. The Pcnn team has been
beaten by Virginia M. I.. Penn
State, PiU and I'vUooiUti.
7 6
Gifts, That 1
arc Gift? of Fine Jewelry
stts-ks of sii'l t tit It
jr pared for ou.
f ft
f1.11 jSj? . k l-m .
ast a Lifetime fi&ttl
1? m!m
I. Illt
, ' A -'1
There is no better way tci- eMress your
t'hristmas sentiment than by Riving articles
which coml.ino clciincc with mi:n.v yiats of
1-raciical scr ice.
This store is titippiiH with nuiuci-oiiH Kitts
of KNIH IilNt; VAI.I-K which do ml new,,
silalo l:ti.v cvpenditatc. .
A Oiatnon,! SolltaMc a Wrist Watch, or a
beautiful platinum and diamond pice would
be tlu- choice ki it for personal adornment
while the chest of silver or a l.uiti!!;l tea ser
vice would be the "Kift le lux" for.Oie h.eue.
lour (Jiritiiias Si ore
When we s.iy that this is your Christmas
stoic we. meiut it in every sense of the w.y-il.
inasmuch as you can come here :.nd select
;.our ci-.me list of s.i'ts from ihc .-.ui-erli
in jewelry t!al wc havo
A. L. SCliAEFElJ, Jeweler
720 Main Mixta Teh . liuiie UJH-J
ItftMi AMI
LAJfe Jfc,JkJ. V..Vfc-M & -rv.V!i, V'.i .Vv.i