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    . I . , -
fOtniTEEN PAGF.,-,
People Here and There
I froui (roil in County Jail
The Umatilla county Jail I housing
Anl,niK lha thmisnnd of dollar la-
in ut the 120 Kound-Up, thera
IrrtR 1,111 1 t" im- n.
ChluiipeK, treasurer 01 ine uuuml
p exchanged silver for the ' gold
j, and slipped It InOo the puc ket of
llt ulittcoat, There It remulfied, un-
udirhcd anu rorgoucn ror.tno pant
. monlliM, during which Mmo the
!i mii'le f 'rip to the .yloitnein.
,,11 nwrnlng Mr. Chloupek bethought
If or me lock piece and removed
front the shallow pocket to saf
ftond condition In southern Oregon
i be Inspected by a senatorial com-
Lfe of which Senator Itoy W. Rit.
Er( or umauna county, m a mem
r' Senator Ritner left yesterday for
ni where he will be Joined by Den-
In Burdlck, also a member of the
,mmiltee. They will visit the south
n part nf the mute In Mr, llurdlck's
l,chlne. v '
Alfred Koeppen and Lloyd Mont
mery, sophomore at Oregon Agrl-
llurnl College, are upending the
fcunksglvlng reces here :'at their
Lmes. The boys saw the Multnomah
A. C. game in Portland. Thursday
td then came to Pendleton for the
Minder of the reran.; ;
Am ThomHon, of Krho, In n biiHlneiw
Ltor In the city today. Mr. .Thomson
msvor of his home tjhwh,-deputy
lrlff for that district ant' me of
nry r ru agenis. .
If, V. plcrsol, a member of Troup
I) nnd who later served oversea In
f'nttery F, 146 Fl0,t Artillery, Ih a
l endleton visitor today. 11 resides at
Range, Oregon. . .
one of the largest families In months,
there being J 4 Inmates, Including one
woman, doing time or waiting- for trial.
Several of the Inmates are colored
men. Raymond Kaser, Kdgar Taylor
and Vernon Dakln, of PYcewater. are
' held on charges of auto theft. C. J.
it was reported today. flrown, rtlchard Sutton, Oeorge Mc-
IClroy and H. M, McOee are held for
the hold-up of a colored men's resort
in Pendleton. James William Poe and
Mrs. Murty Poe are held for the thefl
of furs at the 8t. Oeorge hotel, fiyl-
OnJer ut llHli,irKKjilrcl vester Scott Is serving out a Jail sen-
An order of absolute, discharge wns.tince on ii moonshlnlng conviction.
Ihese reports are desired so that the
lotuls run tie struck and the appor
tionment uf school moneys for the
coining year made.
Divorce Ikx-reo loitered
A decree of divorce was entered In
circuit court today In the case . of
Fred 8. Lyon vs. Olive C. Lyon.
( lark In Wulla H al.a
Robert T. Hrown, county clerk, and
Mrs., Hrown, left for Walla Walla last
evening upon receiving word of the
death In that cily of a cousin of Mrs.
llrown's. They will return either to
morrow or Monday morning.
Proclwtol Will Probated
The will of the late C. VI. Pronbstel.
which was filed with the country clerk
several days ago, was admitted to pro-
tate today. Jessie V. Mulr was ap
pointed executrix to serve without
bonds. George A. Hartman, Itlchara
Mayberry ami Lyman O. ftlce were
appointed appraisers.
.Vot All Onttua IV ports In.
Not all census reports from county
school district have yet been receiv
ed nt the office of the county school
entered In the circuit court today in
l he case of the State of Oregon, vs. Dell
Senilis. The defendant Is discharged
from ascntenco which was pronounced
after conviction of the man for cattle
stealing. Ho was paroled and his good
liehnvlor hns, led to the order of dis
charge and restoration of all rights
and prlvlllges, tho order says.
I'Herson KiK'S on Notes
Will M. Peterson today brought suit
t :u!nHt Muriel Merlcla, T. P. Hunter
and Mrs. T. P. Hunter to recover lo
and Interests, alleged due on a promis
sory note slgnrd by the three defend
ants. He also filed it ogdnst Mr.
and Mrs. Hunter for $ll, alleged due
on a promissory note given In August.
Peterson, lilshop & Clurk are attorneys
In the action.
.tack Walton and J. W. Donohue are
awaiting' the action of the grand Jury,
following their arrest on a charge ol
havlAg robbed the Jfermlaton Produce
Supply Co., store. Charles Jones,
who Is believed to be Htonewall Jack-
json, Is held for Identification ny om-
clals at Caldwell, Idaho. wmiam
Townsend Is held for federal prosecu
tion on charges of having narcotics in
his possession unlawfully.
Kclinfll Will Jtalho Money.
Funds for purchasing equipment
with which to become a standard
country school are to be raised in dis
trict No. 68, near 8parks station, to
night. The districts having a school
social and families from the country'
between here and Pilot Rock are ex
pected to attend. Fleming D. Oleman,
teacher In the district. Is In charge of
the entertainment which will be gH
You will experience a feeling; of satisfaction, se
curity, comfort and pride the minute you drive a
BIG-SIX. You realize that here, at last, you have
under your instant control a car that will do what you
want it to do, and fjo where you want it to go. ,
Although the BIG-SIX has a wheelbase of 126
inches and seats seven full-grown passengers in per
fect comfort, it is not a heavy car. It weighs, in fact,
but 3125 lbs. and is so perfectly balanced and so
flexible that the touch of two fingers on the wheel
keeps it easily in the road.
lis silent, long-stroke( detachable head motor of
full 60-h. p", t!tlivers wonderful resources of power
a wide speed range "in high" and econimy that
will surprise you. . ,
Compare KliHlclmker earn point
with other cars on Ilin market,
will rrM our case with you.
by point
and e
All Studebaker cars are equipped with cord tires
-another Stiulebaker precedent.
Wallace Bros.
Elk.' Building Phon74. jj J J I f 1
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ' '
I luaiiec 'orMiralHn Hucn
The Northwestern Finance Corpora
tion today brought suit against Clur-
ence U Preston and the ITmatllla Auto
Co., to recover $1000, alleged due on a
nolo given to the defendant auto com
pany by Mr. Preston and endorsed to
the plaintiff. The auto company Is al
leged to have guaranteed payment of
the note and attorneys fees In caije of
suit. Carter 4 Bmythe are attorneys
for the plaintiff.
Teachers to Take Vote..
Teacher of Umatilla county will be
asked to vote on December 8 on the
matter of substituting the teachers'
training school at the summer session
of the normal, for the present annual
leathers' Institute. The question Is to
be submitted by County Superintend
eft of Schools W. W. Green. Teachers
who have had less than 27 months of
teaching experience, eight months ol
uhlch are in Oregon, will be required
to r.tttnd this school. Graduates of
an accredited normal f-chool or unl
xirtlly or lu any ways are citialified
ecordlng to the Oregon school law.
will le exempted.
too latFFcTclassify
Arr"t Negro on Suspicion.
Nearlyv 20 suspects have been ar
rested In Walla Walla In connection
with the murder there yesterday of
Mrs. Lizzie Hamilton, colored. A ne
gro named liarber, employed at Athe
11,(4 was rei nested arrested by the po
lice at Walla Walla and was taken
there by . Bheriff Taylor yesterday
evening. The sheriff believes that the
man Is not connected with the crime.
Inasmuch as fellow employes say he
was not "missing from Athena for sev
eral days. ,
WASHINGTON', Kv. 27. The state
department will refuse to issue pass
ports to anyone In the name of the
American Committee on conditions In
Ireland, It was announced oday at the
department offices. ii Mso staled
that passports will be readily Issued
to any Individual American c.'V.-n
whom the department feels is entitled
to a passport.
IwllvMiialH May (ialn Paixrs.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 27. (U. P.)
Members of the committee appoint
ed by the American commission on
conditions In Ireland to go abroad to
investigate the Irish question will be
elven nasKDort as individuals. It was I
indicated t the state department to
-vr ' FAGS FI7H "T'l
. ..." i
' f ; '
" s
Make him proud by giving him a watch this Christmas.
Here is a "gift that lasts" that will constantly remind him of
the giver and the love that prompted the gift.
It will be a "Merry Christmas" indeed, for anyone who re
ceives a "Sawtelle" watch this Yuletide.
r.-xT'v-w. ..
j WANTED To buy or rent furnished
I rooming house Room 19, 608 Wil
I lyw St.
THOKOUCSHRHRO Persian cats and
kittens Hired by $2!in.00 New York
prlxe winner Phone 353-R.
OLI ? VIOLIN' Italian make will
wicraflce Call Sunday, 1513 K.
Court St.
6 ItOOMS Modern Some
for sale Phone S5S-R.
furniture j
CHICAGO, Nov. 27. (a. P.) Foot
ball exacted a toll of 11 victims dur
ing the 1920 season, according to re
ports to the Associated Press today.
The number of deaths Is five more
than In 1919 and one above the list of
two years ago. Twelve players were
lost in 1917, 18 In 1918 and 15 In 1914.
NEW YORK. Nov. 27. The navy
defeated -the army 7 to 0 hero today.
Both fought througii three periods
without a' score. -The navy made a
touchdown and goa 1 'kick In the
fourth period.
(730 p. m. Sermon. "Service."
A welcome to all.
Car W eston Mountain Knpds on sale
Monday by tho Mick ut ,
Warming relief for
rheumauc .aches.
HE'S just used Sloan's
Liniment and the quick
comfort had brought a smile
of pleasure to his face.
Good for aches resulting
from weather exposure.
sprains, strains, lame duck,
overworked muscles. Pene
trates without rubbing. All
druggists have it
'. i " ' '
True Economy
doesn't always mean the greatest bulk per dol
lar, there's the matter of Quality to consider.
Remember we deal in good goods.
Best Hams, per lb JSc
Picnic Hams, per lb c
Coffee, per lb
Cocoa in bulk, per lb v 'Jw
New Corn Meal, Hominy, Kraut, Dates, tigs
and Fresh Vegetables.'
We Stand for True Economy.
The Economy Grocery
113 W.Webb Street
1N3W1V3H1 Sn031JdaQ3aQJ 3f4IJsI OJinqj3NOHd . -j
2 FOR 25c AND UP
Trade Kupplleil by
.I1.I.MI Its 111 ItltOI (ills
LONDON, Nov. 27. (A. P.) Six
persons were killed and 20 injured In
un explosion in a former shell making
plant at Vergato, 35 miles from Milan,
Italy, said a dispatch today. Build
ings were wrecked and a panic was
caused in villages for 60 miles around.
Streets car were overturned In Milan.
KlrioHions Continuing
ROME, Nov. 27. (U. p.l Twenty
are dead or missing n a series at ex
plosions of airplane bombs at a muni,
tiona factory near Vergtate, 40 miles
from Milan, a dispatch today said. It
added that the explsluns were continu
ST. JOHN, N. B., Nov. 27. (A. P.)
Elijah Koss, last survivor of the St
John crew, which won many nation
al and international four oared races
in the 60s and 70s of the last century,
is dead here at the age of 77.
First ClirWtian.
Robert Lee Bussagarger, minister.
Phone 665. Residence 104 Jackson.
"Poems of God" will be the theme
of the sermon at the First Christian
church Sunday moming. The Bible
school convenes at 9:45 a. m. Did you
get in "on time" last Lord's Day?
Christian Endeavor meets at 6: JO
p m., Jabin Vaught. leader. At 7:30
p. mi the minister will speak on the
subject of "The Almighty Dollar.
You are Invited to come to the church
with the friendly spirit and listen to
McDonald's orchestra, good singing,
and Inspiring preaching.
which is maintained at tbe same ad
dress Is open to the public daily except
Sunday and holidays, from a .m. to
9 p. m., where the Bible and author
ised Christian Science literature may
be read, borrowed or purchased.
Christian Srtcnce. I
First Church of Christ. Scientist, !
holds services at 813 1-2 Main street ;
(First .stairway north of the Inland ;
Empire Bank.) Sunday services are ,
at 11 a. m. and at 8 p. m. .The suo-
pect of the lesson-sermon for Novem- !
ber 28th ts "Ancient and Modern Ne- )
cromancy alias Mesmerism and Hyp- I
notism, Denounced." !
Sunday school starts at 10 a, m.
A Wednesday evening meeting i
which includes testimonials of healing, j
Is held at 8 o'clock. The reading room
Two of the most homelike hotels
n Portland, located In the heart of
the shopping and theater district.
All Oregon Elecric trains step a
the SEWARD HOT FT. Ue House of
Cheer. Excellent dining room In
connection. T1IH HOTKIi COR
VELU'S, the House of Weloinc. la
only two short blocks from the Se
ward. Our brown busses meet all
trains. Rates $1.50 and up.
Announcements ror this depart
ment must bb submitted to the
East Oregonian not later than
Friday evening In order to be as
sured of publication on Saturday.
Lutheran services with communion
will he held at 2 p. m. Sunday at the
Christian church.
. Salvation Army.
Hall 208 East Alta street.
Holiness meeting, 11; Sunday school,
1:30; Young Peoples' meeting. 6:30;
Salvation meeting, 8. Everybody wel
come. Officers In charge. ' Captain
Jennie Conrad, Lieutenant Mabel
Rec W. H. Cox, pastor. Residence
515 Btfsh street Phone 1167.
Sunday morning Sunday school, F.
M. Riley, superintendent, , 9:60;
preaching service, 11. Subject, "Far
glveness." g
Sunday night a Y. P. U C. Daley,
president, 6:30. Come again, we like
your company. Preaching service.
7:30. Subject, "The Last .ill."
Wednesday night Prayer service,
7:30. Leader. Mrs. Rudd.
; Special music, good singing, good
sermons. The pastor has a special for
j children every Sunday morning. You
(are cordially Invited to attend
I church of welcome.
8 a.
Church or tlie Redeemer.
Rev. Alfred Lockwood, rector.
m.. Holy Communion, 9:45., Sunday
school; 11, moming prayer and ser
mon: 7:30 evening, prayer and ser
mon. -
Bishop Paddock will he with u nnd j
preach at the morning service. It is I
l hoped that the parish generally will be '
present to meet and greet the bishop:
The rector will preach at the evening j
service. y r . 1
The public Is cordially Invited to i
i nose services.
Pay Cash Receive More Pay Less
209 E. Court Phone 880
We ask vou to compare these prices with the prices
vou are paying. We are trying to Kive vou the low prices
as we receive them. We are able toMo th by the in
crease in our business as we feel that a small protit ana
auick sales will make more for us and a bur saving for
Tea Garden Syrup,
1-2 gallon ....
Church Notice. ,
Seventh Day Advemlsts Meet
every Saturday In room 13 at 309 E.
Court street, just over the Rubber
Supply store. Sabbath schoul at 1(1 a.
m. Strangers welcome.
Corner College and Alta. O. L.
Clark, pastor, 506 East Alta. Phone
2I. 10:110 a .m.. Sabbath school, A.
C. Funk, superintendent: 11, sermon.
"Stewardship." 6:45, C. E. DVvntlon-altC-lXlasWialUs
rcew Home f kids,'"
M. J. B. Coffee, Hills Hed
- Can or Gold Shield Cof
fee, per pound 55c
Hills Blue Can Coffee, 3
pounds $1.10
Bulk Coffee, per lb 35c
Bulk Coffee, 3 lbs 95c
M. J. B. Tree Tea,
per pound 50c
Hills Tea, per pound....65c
Boiled Cider, qts., each75c
Sunset Cake Flour
2 for : 75c
Mothers Oats package 45c
Rolled Oats, 9 pound "
sack, each 75c
Graham Flour
9 lb. sack, each 65c
Farina, 9 lb. sack each 85c
White Satin Flour
per sack $2.75
Olympia Flour, per ,
sack, each .....$2.75
Sugar per hundred..$11.50
Beans, Cal. small white
12 pounds $1.00
Beans, pink Cal.,
11 pounds $1.00
Rice, Japan,
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Rice, fancy head,
6 pounds $1.00
Corn Meal, new yellow or
white, per sack ..... 60c
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Butter, Gold Crest
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Apples, Roman Beauty.
per box $2.25
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1 gallon $1.90
Liberty Bell Syrup
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1 gaNon ...$1.15
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1 gallon $1.00
Golden Marshmellow
Syrup, 1 gallon $1.60
Log Cabin Syrup, large
size $1.65
Log Cabin Syrup, small
size 85c
Walnuts, new crop,
3 pounds $1.00
Almonds, new crop,
per pound 40c
Hams, Armour,
per pound 48c
Bacon, Breakfast, '
per pound 50c
Picnic Hams, Swifts,
per pound 30c
Sago, bulk, 12 lbs $1.00
Tapioca, bulk, 12 lbs $1.00
Milk. Carnation,
7 large cans $1.00
Hebe Milk. 10 large
cans $1.00
We have a delivery
that will deliver your or
der and collect for it. We
guarantee every article
we send out so if you call
on phone or come in fetid
order it will be just the
same as we take car,. 6f
our phone orders with the
best we can send.
Give us one trial order.'
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trade to convince of a saving.
Pay Cash Receive More Pav Less
209 E. Court Phone 8S0
0 . f
r t- f
It J't
t -
s. ,