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AC3 TWO , , ' 'T"! ' ' '
211.!.. PAILY feASlQfefcQylAN, PftNftLjE6Nl0SiEG0!l! SATltRDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 27, 1020. "
wjl-v 22 -shopping bms m
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You'll nml to make every moment count. It will pay Voii to shon here because voill save not only in dollars and cents but voull save as well in time which
is most important at this time of year. .' . - . " "
The Re-Adjustment In Prices
That , we, are making orn! Men's Suits and
Overcoats are making our clothing , sec
tion the busiest place in Pendleton.
and they should. Every suit or overcoat we are offering is a
real bargain. Quality considered you can't equal them else
where. We positively guarantee our prices. '
" 1 yvk'-
Read these comparative . prices, consider the
makes and qualities we carry, then come and look
and be convinced.
W1 -i -
7r 7 ""-rr
J ' ' r ' . i X t- S
A' ':x - l' '
. til -A
FjV.V':. V,:
120.00 Suits and Overcoats "
are Re-adjusted to. . . $15.85
$25.00 Suits and Overcoats
are Re-adjusted to.. $14.95
$30.00 Suits and Overcoats
are Re-adjusted to... $23.60
$35.00 Suits and Overcoats
are Re-adjusted to.. $27.65
$39.00 Suits and Overcoats
are Re-adjusted to.. $31.20
$40.00 Suits and Overcoats
are Re-adjusted to.. $31.85
$45.00 Suits and Overcoats
are Re-adjusted to.. $35.90
$46.50 Suits and Overcoats
are Re-adjusted to.. $3695
$47.50 Suits and Overcoats
. are Re-adjusted to. . $37.45
$50.00 Suits and Overcoats
are Re-adjusted to. . $39.20
$55.00 Suits and Overcoats
are Re-adjusted to.. $43.60
$60.00 Suits and Overcoats
are Re-adjusted to. . $47.80
$77.50 Suits and Overcoats
are Re-adjusted to.. $61.85
$80.00 Suits and Overcoats
are Re-adjusted to.. $62.90
$85.00 Suits and Overcoats
are Re-adjusted to.. $66.85
$87.50 Suits and Overcoats
are Re-adjusted to.. $68.90
$100.00 Suits and Overcoats
are Re-adjusted to... $76.85
Suits and Overcoats
Readjusted to.. 48.90
Suits and Overcoats
Re-adjusted to.; $51.90
Suits and Overcoats
Re-adjusted to..t$53.20
Suits and Overco'ats
Re-adjusted to . . $55.60
Suits and Overcoats
Re-adjusted to.. $57.40
Suits and Overcoats
Re-adjusted to.. $58.75
fll.yl Known ftr ltj 01.nlin
Tea Pots, plain and
fancy. ..... $1.75 to $3.00
Sherbet Glasses, .
set of 6 $7.0Q
Water Pitchers, fancy,
each'. $3.75
Water Glasses, fancy,
set of 6 $7.00
Pyrex Casseroles with
stand . ..f $5.50
Electric Percolators,
' 9 cup $19.50
Electric Irons, each.. $8.25
Electric Stoves, each. $6.00
Electric Imerson Irons,
each $6.75
'All goods bought on
charge accounts Monday
and Tuesday will go on
December account, pay
able Jan. 1st.
Men's Leather Coats
and Jackets of all
Kinds '
ju st iA Ki:;.iU)i.i..ss or cost.
Now Is your opportunity to buy a
most serviceable unit comfortable
garment at a wonderfully low price.
lo.oo leather Coats are Ite-adjiiHt-cd
1J 50 Ajather Coats arc He-adjusted
to . 1.8S
1 13.50 Leather Couts are "He-adjusted
to xio.no
? 15.00 leather Coats are He-adjust-'
cd to . XM.83
J Hi. 50 Leal her Coats are He-adjust,
ed to $I4.5
$17.60 l.etUher Coais are i:e-adj:ist-ed
to KI3.C0
J1S.60 Leather Coats ure He-adjusted
to XI 4.(15
Jl'O.OO leather Coats arc He-adjusted
to X 15.85
12.50 Leather Coats are He-ndjust-ed
to Xlf.f5
$25.00 leather Coats are He-adjusted
to '. XI9.45
$27.50 Leather Coats are He-adjusted
to X2l.lt)
$30.00 leather Coats are He-adjusted
to . SiM.BO
$40.(i0 Leather Coals arc Hc-adjtist-ed
to :!l.2
$oft.oft Leather Coats aro He-adjusted
to X:i0.(10
,$55.00 Leathor (.'oats arc He-adjusted
to X I.Y.K5
$60.00 Leather Coats are He-adjusted
to . 847.25
An Qnaortumty to iseiy
mm . -
a , Good Winter Coat
and Save Substantially
The coats listed for
tomorrow's selling
are remainders of, a
busy season's selling,
and are remarkably
good values at their
greatly lowered
This is an opportu
nity especially for
women who have
their own furs, for
most of the coats
have plain collars.
Many, too, have good
looking fur collars.
All are made with ex
acting care. They
fit nicely, are attract
ive in appearance,
wonderfully service
able and wholly satisfactory.
Plushes, Velours.
Rolivias, Tinscltoncs,
Etc ,
Special Lot No. 1
Consists of a very
fine selection. Val
ues up to $40.
Sale Price $19.75
Special Lot Ko. 2
Consists of values up
to $70.00.
Sale Price $38.50
All other Coats are
reduced One Third.
7' f rCp
Visit This Store Often, it will be time most
piumaoiy speni. - .
pEssnotQ cjzatest depart vent tmzz
eroopies Wareh
ft" s i JJiUJjJiiiiiuiijJifiiii in iHiti i if m inn ii ii tmi mif inn iii Li;.i.iiiLi;;i;ihii n.i iiiiu .hi i; iiimi iiiiiiiiniiiiiimiMiiniiiiMiiiiiiii i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiMpoiMiiiwMiiMiiiiM
ii i.n .
. M fV I
(U . . s 1
! ' - 1
' - I:
V". - j ( 1
r 1 1 i
X Buy Your Needs Now, j ou'll nave by so doing, i
I 1'nccs are lower now than they 11 be later. ,
I I .
line ensuing panic threatened Tuin ' trade of the country was under control j the values of gram. We have never
to every- firm and Individual engaged i f e U. S. Grain Corporation with seen a burdensome supply command
On July 30, 1S14 the Austrian ulti
matum had Just been dispatched to
Jerbia and the humble, stiufmive re
ply was received without . delay in
(n the cotton trade. The confusion
was so great, that after one hours
; operation, the market closed and trad
j ing. was uspejided for more than four
i months. -
record breaking production of
on had been secured in the year
over 16,000,000 bales. The crou harvest at hand, t Thug hundreds of
:was Just ready to move to market. I millions of bushels of wheat . were
when the Kaiser stretched out hisiabout to be marketed, with the price
government minimum price as a fancy prices, nor a scant yield, barring
basis for transactions. When the mar-idifferent world conditions, soil at low
kets were released from Governmentprlcea. To abandon grain exchanges
control, the grain trade and millers
were "at sea in a ruddoerless boat,"
with millions of bushels of old crop
wheat to be marketed and another
mailed fist" anl there was no market.
and open competitive markets for
trading in contracts for future delivery,
would be a spectacle of this, the great
est cereal producing nation, discard
ing its scientific methods of crop mov
ing, perfected after a long period of
evolution. A debacle; u step back-
close to $3 a bushel and the market I ward of half a century, cancelling the
tory and the estimates tlieredir to be
in accordance with the probable cost
of such work, and
TN'KltEAH, the property recom
mended by the City Surveyor to-be In
cluded wltTiln the boundaries of the
district benefited Is in the Judgment
of the Common Con m il properly to
be Included within such Improvement
district and no property is excluded
therefrom which should properly be
included therein, and.
Vt HEHEAH, thrf Improvement of the
machinery out of commission. Flour great achievement, of ( the most sue- hereinabove described portions of said
We all recall what followed in con-1 buyers without something tangible asjeessful and economical crop moving street, either with Gravel Hltullthic
l ne cuy-a-oaie- j v wuuiu nui uare 10 con- . mmnvmg nymm jm uuviKeu lur , iiveiiii'iii, yuncreie i avemem, or v ar-
nection with cotton;
of -cotton"
specially benefited by such Improve- point of bcxlnninir.
ment shull ho liable for tho payment I And be It further
of tho costs thereof, and be It further, J Hl'.snLV li th.'it i copy of tlilf
HKKOIjVW) that an Aweiwmeiit j resolution twihcr with the notice
rWstrlct Is hereby (rented to be known . that the survey. i'm iiktlmiitcH of th
fei "Assessment District No. 74' em-1 1 riortion of tiio cost, .of said work
bracing the property benefited and jtc bo charged against each lot, part of
they be assessed for the payment tf lot and parcel of laud Is m file in th
such improvements, which Assessment ! offire of the City Itci order be publish
iJistrict shall include all lots, parts of jed for a period of ten days ill the KbkI
lots and parcels of land lying and be-: ir.-s'inlun, which nowspapar is here
lug within the district bounded and 1 1 y d. sinuate, I by th Common Council
described as follows, to-wit: - j f.r tho publication thereof.
J)iM'rlitioii of .wNim'iil District And further notice Is hereby liven
Ibnt the City -Surveyors estimate ol
nw,i- TK,. trill'. fix llllip. millAu ..nnM
Austrian guns wer already ' (lv- mi, t v , ,.,!,, ' , .,.,... u .
SSf" -An0the,r ' ""' a''ri,ptl,- vanished. The seas.nal move-jto sell flour for future delivery, with
as sent to Serbia, irtating that her . f ih, K,h.. .,. ', m. ,..i ,v,.
tk. .v.. . ". . .C. halted. That section nf the country
w!r r L X r,'" fa'-e'1 a fcial eollapw. Bvery clti"-
.r had been f.red acr. the Danube, ze urgf b fe .
Into the ,plt MW..rf tfc. hwow lit- Went wils(jn ughl a bale, to "do his
and net the example for others.
It n,'9i n r-hurit!lila fnr tho. ,Hr.t
more warning than the periodical j of djs,re88ed Thi)) move.
growliug of the war dogs f. Europe. I ... , , ,T
.. . adequate substitute for the
id thatn armed conflict was highly . sl.,v, . ,
fj exchanges, especially when quoted
lvalues are unduly depressed. On the
, re-establishment of trading in con-
of the great war. With scarcely anv j
improbable. "Only another cry of;
elevator companies were
wheat, without a futures market to
hedge their purchases; terminal ele
vators faced the choice of closing their
houses to wheat or of curaying stocks
of unhedged grain, which at the high
all concerned. It would be as brilliant j renite Bitulithlc Pavement on Crushed
a performance as smashing the ther- iiock Or Crushed Gravel foundation,
mometer because the weather Is too j Is at this tinio necessary, therefore,
cold, or breaking the barometer be- j be It
cause a storm was raging. These In-1 Hi; SOLVED, by the Common Coun-
at the thought of buying I struments, like the grain exchanges ' ell of The City of Pendleton thut It Is
merely register conditions in their I expedient to Improve and it is hereby
respective functions. Neither are re-1 proposed to Improve said portions of
sponsible for either weather condi- said Lincoln Street by paving the mime
tioiis, crops, supply and demand and
world-wide financial and political con
prices, would have , .meant assuming I ditions: both faithfully register the cX-
ttf rake ihe city of Heigrade. The
,,,. ' . , tracts for future delivery, an unlimited iranles doing a speculative business In
Fjords of Norway. Germany was al-! , . , .. ' . ,. . f
usual j enormous speculative risks. Bankers
were- seriously alarmed at the thought
of advancing hundreds of millions of
dollars to finance the crop movement,
with everyone, from country buyer to
terminal elevators and milling com
lecta thereof.
- demanded ff Hu?iia and Franc that
, mobilization cease. The J-iritish navy
market for cotton was restored. Cot- j cash wheat.
ton buyers throughout the belt resu m -1 Delegation
ed business. Cotton was shipped and members of the grain trade went to
f stored as fast as farmers disposed of
Sales wede made in the
itt hedge the accumu
lation, which was the only way the
1 purchase of spot cotton could be
rr . S " " :ih Wg crop
.... ay . ... ".-' --' ; future, market
IHU lllim tlfAOIl IfHf . I IU MUI1 U-tl .IB
iiiiifirai,nia.o- financed. .Private capital from the jture markets, therefore no hedging, the
icvi, ,.yii n.,.,. .... a y nveHting and speculative public camelfarmer knows about prices or grades.
found shock. Pandnimniura broke
loose In the great security markets of I
the world. A panic was developing In nf of. the
i rthing before
promised to sweep
Ii. Europe hrtd more than $
4i(t0,io of American securities, more
aclusl money than was in circulation
in the flitted rttales. and it was evi-
meihod of huying one luile.
Nottue of Proposed Strti Improvc-
v ment
-Notice Is hereby given that at n
regular meeting of the Common Coun
cil of The City of Pendleton held at
the Council Chambers in Pendleton,
Oregon on November 24, J920 the fol
lowing Hesolution was duly adopted
WHEREAS! the City Surveyor of The
City of Pendleton did on the 10th dav
of November, 1920, under directions
and by requirement of the Common
crude cunuot hedge their purchase at a itouncil file in the office of the lie-
; price so low that there is little chance corder of The City of Pendleton, plans
Washington to confer with government
officials regarding the necessary steps
to reopen the markets, and arrange
ments were finaHy completed.
In countries where there are no fu-
into the market freely to purchase fu- j He sells his grain to some speculator
ture contracts of hundreds and thous- Olivers must be speculators for they
It Is the same in all commodity mar- j for Ions; the farmer must take the ; and specifications for an appropriate
, . i K" V.irlr MlnL v.liir.
mat .o -" . .. - -- mh,.r
....i.l l. ....,..Tr,.ri Wllh Iliel" "f
i kets. When grain prices reach a level 1 price offered or let his grain rot on
that would indicate ultimate profits to; the ground.
I buyers of future contracts, then'rnir-j CoiiiStitlon Amum lrlce
U hasers become active in ever increa-' In this country with . its futures
thus Investment and . markets, where every one from pro-
sM tilMiive sutport can always lie de-ducer to consumer may utilize the fa-
improvement of the following named
streets In said city;
Lincoln street from the North line
.if Murk street to the South line of
Haley street, together with the esti
mates of the work to be done and the
with either Gravel Hltullthic Pave
ment. Concrete Pavement or Warrcn
Ito Hitullthlc Pavement on Crushed
Kock or Cruuhed Gravel foundation
such pavement to be constructed and
the surface thereof to be finished upon
the established grade of said street
and the street to have curbs und gut
ters and all other things in accord
ance with and as shown In tho plans
and specifications for tho Improve
ment of said portions of said IJncoln
Street, "prepared by F. It. Hayes. City
Surveyor, field with the Hecorder of
raid city on the loth day of November,
1920, which said plans and specifica
tions are hereby particularly referred
to, and be It further, ) ,
HESOLVED thut the Engineer's es
timates of the probable total cost of
Mich Improvement, which said City
Engineer's estimates wor. made ' and i
prepared by F. B. Hayes, City Surveyor
ot said city, in the sum of $3"9.3u
andwere filed with the Hocorder ot
said city, on the 10th day of Novem
ber, 1920, is hereby included and here
by referred to particularly, anill lic it
further, v
HEKOLVED that the plans and
specifications and estimates ff.r such
N o. ;i
Commencing on the Southwest cor
ner of Lot Mix (6) IJIock Fifteen (15)
Haley's Addition to Pendleton; thenco
North 30 feet and parallel with the
v.est line of Lincoln Street; thence
East 2B0 feet on the South lino of
Haley Street; thence South SOU' feet
.ml najnllel with the East line of I .In-'
coin Street; thence West 2S0 feet on'
the North line of Murk street to the
tho prnhablo cost of said luiprovo
mcnl to be charged against each lot,
part of lot and parcel of land on ac
count of said Improvement is now on
file In the off e of The City Hecorder,
subject to inspection and examination.
Dutcd this 20111 day of November,
1920. ! ; - f
' . City Hecorder.
IIOU.11BPH ' i.enrteil upon to carry the burden ofjcililies ror hedging crops, supplies on ; pronanie cost tnercor wun a sintemeni improvements, are prepared by the
volume of securities The next morn- j mimtilation until such timeihand. known requirements or future I of the lots, parts of lots and parcels City Surveyor mid filed with the He-
lug, bwfore the opening or tne B th rnsumptive demand will take supplies, thus' elemtnatlng risks of j of land to be benefited by such lm- corder of the City of Pendleton, nn
tlisnite, a hurried consultation or tne rC(jrellf tt (change of values; where everyone ; provement and the percentage of the; the loth day of November, 1920, he
governors of that institution was ca.l-j iirmin Kxclianxr HccotriilM-d (knows the price of wheat, competition total cost of improvement, which enchjnnd they are hereby adopted and ap
ed; notes were compared. 1 tie an-j r,.opening of the markets forils very keen smong both buyers and) of such los. parts ot lots-anil parcels j proved, and be It further, resolved
i.oumemeut was made that the " r.l(1jn)t ,n , heal futures on July 1 5. sellers, thereby insuring a fair price.M'f land should pay on account of thcithat the cost of making such improve
ibange wiuld not open na nsiial. ne reciKnltion of the Import-! based on the prevailing prices at the , benefits to lie derived trom such lm-,iient shall be a charge and lien unon
nrket reinaineu cueu ''" !anr, ,)f tne grain exchanges, in crop central markets, which are the very i provement. and. (all lots, pirts of lots and, parcels of j I
nair monms. distribution. The wheal future, mar-'acme of keen competition .These cen-J w u I'J.I'.AB. tn council nas examln-, land tu. be benefited by .such Jmprove-
Itsts lflftHHiti'e n.- ..j-tin rl.rtimt ince Anaiist tral markets truly . reflect oHdltlon? i ed such plans and spellcntlons and . nienis. and the owners of such lot
...I,- -v.ir Bni4 (jriesni1 ,
Chiton '-Mhsnges ventured, to, ven.!""
war measure. The wheat'snd, cnanplig conditions 89 affecting 'estimates and found the same fiatlsfac-1 parts of lots and p.areela of land, so
We-h'ave a nice selection of Winesajis, "Komp
Beauty, etc., Apples !tt '.
$1.85, $2.00, $2.25
and $2.50
If you want a good winter apple it Anil pay you
' . . to look over these apples. ; ..
"He Table SiiodIv"
Ki t .
Phone 187 and 18S
739 Main Street
wiiiiniiiiiinuiiiiHiiiwHui tut
fc.v w v w. v e-- " ., iJvA,