East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, November 12, 1920, DAILY EDITION, SECTION TWO, Page PAGE TEN, Image 10

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J. C. 1'enney Co., A Nationwide Institution
New Silk and Wool!
Opposite Hotel Pendleton.
Dependable Shoes Without
S PrtoMiseo rTMrsjct-y fMlL!,R(jC' Tet-c
OUT ON Trie 'J6Q r-r fV J rrt
Hose for Men
All priced at the old time prices
50c, 65c, 75c, to $1.25
See this assortment at
mm cash
g Phone 432
H 300 W.Webb Street
Wall smGt
Tlie X. V. Stock Kxcluuiee is unique In safeguarding
the interest of Ue public, and carefully restricts anl
RimnU against dislionest and unfair transact Ions.
Besides its rt-lcs against doing injustice to liw pub
lic, tlK're is a llusiiK-wi Conduct Committee with pow
ers to Kttspcjid or expel members for violations of
good, clean business prlnctlHc. In this country tho
utmost public ity is given to exchange dealing, while
In London the tcleplionc is rarely ucd, no roDOrd of
sales is made and tlie secrecy of the London system
as in direct contravention to our oien methods. Nor
In Paris exchange, transactions are made known.
I '''' f Mi ' III' 7 J', '
1 kf' I' I H ' fi,
Pendleton. Oregon.
'Strongest Sank in Gostern Oregon"
Dr. David B. Hill
Artificial Teeth a
.- Specialty.
X-Itay Diagnosis
Johns Bldg.
Pendleton, Oregon
by having your Raw Fur inaae into
FIXE rots
at our place? At the same time your
old ones remodeled, repaired, cleaned
so they look like new. At prices that
are right la
we mount anything from a fly to an
Spokane, Wash. 2 Bernard St., So.
write about our deer head contest.
.. Monday, Nevember 15, 1920
5 Returning east from the coast and Britiijh Columbia
E Singing Novelties Melody Jazz Dancing 9:30" to 1 A. M.
One Night Only S
miiiiiiiiiiimiitiuiiii iiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 n iTi
Radium Heater
Including Pendleton Prices and Associated Press Reports
The following prices are the prices
being paid to producers by Pendleton
busiress bouses Wherever retail
prices are given the face will be spe-
ciflcally mentioned.
Hens and Poultry.
Eggs, TO cents in trade. (Retail price
is 75 cents.)
Hens, 10 cents.
Bpring fryers, 28 cents a pound.
Country Ham, Etc
Kam, best quality, 28c
Bacon, best quality. 40c.
Butter Fat -id Butter,
Ranch butter, $1.23 a roll. (Retail
price is also $1.25.)
All lines Are Steady
For Day at Portland
Seventeen loads of livestock,, most
of them cattle, arrived for the Thurs
day morning trade at North Portland.
All lines Indicated a steady tone.
Back Ache
Umber Up With Penetrating
Hamlin' Wizard Oil
For Lame Back, Sideachc, Shoul
der Pain, Stiff Neck, etc., use Ham
lins Wizard . Oil. It penetrates
quickly, eases the pain and drives
out the soreness. Keep it in the
Wizard Oil is a good dependable
preparation to h-ve in the medicine
chest for first aft when the doctor
may be fai away. You have no
idea how useful it will be found in
cases of every day ailment or mis
hap, when there is need of an im
mediate healing, antiseptic applica
tion, as in cases of sprains, bruises,
cuts, burns, bites and stings.
Generous size bottle. 25c.
If yoa are troubled with constipation
or nick headache try Hamlin' Wizard
I.fver Whips. Just pleasant little pink
pills at druggist tor 30c
Heat your house with one-third the fuel
Burnt wood or coal equally well
A high grade parlor heater. Built especially for use
of both wood and coal.
iThe Radium has duplex grate. By simply turning
grate, Btove is changed from wood to coal. The shape of
stove is such that wood will lay flat on grates. Has hot
blast tube, also gas burner on side of firepot, which makes
it an ideal coal heater.
Let us put a Radium in your home. Your floor is al
ways warm if you have a Radium heater.
Heating Stoves from $12.50 up
Your old stove taken in exchange
Cruikshank & Hampton
DR. C. n. DAY
Physician and Surgeon
I Rooms 21 and 25 Smith-Crawford
Telephon 704 - Re T49-B
Run of swine in the North Port
land alleys wus just about one load
for Thursday. General trade condi
tions were steady around previous
General hog market range:
Prime mixed $14. 50 15.25
Smooth heavy 14.00 14.50
Rough heavy 10.00 13.25
Fat pigs 12.00 14.00
Feeder pigs 1 1.00 13.60
Cattle market ruled steady for
Thursday and prices held practically
General cattle range:
Choice steers $ 8.50 9.25
Good to choice steers .. 7.50 U 8.50
Medium to good steers . . 6.50 lip 7.60
Fair to medium steers. . . 6.00 6.50
Ccmmon to fair steers .. 5.25 CP 40
CSood to choice cows and
heifers 5.25 $.25
Choice cows and heifers 6.25 7.00
Medium to good cows and
heifers 4.25 5.25
Fair to medium cows and
heifers 3.25 4.25
Cu liners 2.50f 3.25
Bulls 6.009 6.06
Choice dairy calves .... 13. 00 15.00
Heavy caives 7.00 9 t.OO
Best light calves , . 11.00013.00
Medium light cales ... 9.0011.00
Best feeders 7.00 7.60
Fair to good feeders .... 6.007.00
In the sheep and lamb trade, the
Thursday market was about steady at
North Portland.
. General sheep and lamb range:
East of mountain lambs $ 9.00 10.00
Willamette valley lambs 8.50j 9.00
Feeder lambs 8.00 8.60
Cull lambs 6.00 if? 6.00
Yearlings 6.00 7.50
Wethers 6.00 6.60
Ewes 2.60W 6.75
I Call a physician. Then begin
I "emergency" treatment with
Over 17 Million Jan UttA Yealb
114-128 C Webb 84.
iRwi-npt From All Bomlnion Government Taxation
We Offer Subject to Prior Sale and Change in Price
Tlie Unsold Portion
6 per cent General Obllgatloti Gold Notes
City of Edmonton
9 Yield
Dated September 1, 1920.. Due September 1, 1922.
Price 9!.0t. Denominations $100, $500 and $1000
Prices Subject to Increase Without Notice
Since publishing the statement that 205 Bank Trust Companies
nd Bond Houses had purchased blocks of Edmonton Notes, this
representative list has increased to 216. This Is, of course, in addi
tion to the vast number of inlvlduals, corporations and institutions
that have subscribed.
dross assessed valuation $86,605,716.00
Value munlcipul property (not including public
utilities .. 11,035,376.00
Net l;l.entnre debt 9,488,997.00
Revenue from public utilities (bove cost of operation) 767,773.00
Net li'ca.1 improvement debt (rate payers' share).... 3.046.763.00
In Addition Ui lu-ins Crncral Obligation Notes, These Arc Secured
by l,oiu."Tinic Debentures Totaling 2,5 1.120.
Principal and nemi-annual Interest payable In Gold Coin of the
Cnitod r'.iutcs In New Vor't Cn.v ind at thj offices
of MorrU Brother, !"C
' Over a
"I lie Pri'iiiirr liuiiciNtl Bond IIouso"
PORTLAND. Oregon Morris Bldg.
309-11 Stark Broadway 2151
Other Offices at Seattle, Taconia,
Wash., and San Francisco, Cal.
High Prices
People who judge the quality of shoes by price alone will be dis
sapointed here. Our shoes are not high priced. But people who
have been wearing Penney shoes for years will tell you that our shoes
give as good service as any they have ever worn. If they don't you
are entitled to a prompt and satisfactory adjustment
Dark Brown Kid $8.90
High grade dark brown kid,
plain toe as illustrated, medium
vamp, close edge flexible leather
sole, high leather heel, aluminum (
heel plate. A very neat well fit-'
ting shoe, pair $8.90
Black Kid Leather $7.90
A very neat shoe especially
adapted to narrow feet, fine
quality black kid, narrow recede
toe, imitation tip, high covered
heel as sketched, pair. .... $7.90
High Grade Kid $8.90
Excellent quality black kid, ex
actly as pictured. A shoe of very
good lines, assuring a pleasing
appearance as well as comfort
and service. Goodyear welt sole,
military heel, pair $8.90
. Gun Metal $8.50
The sketch shows a faithful
reproduction of this serviceable
shoe of high grade gun metal
leather, medium weight sole, mi
litary heel, dull leather top, the
pair $8.50
Men's Work Shoes
$5.50, $6.50, $6.90'
Dependable shoes construct
ed of good sturdy leathers, on
the most comfortable, lasts.
The Munson army last shown
is one of the most popular
styles. See the different num
bers on our island window at
the pair. . . . $5.50, $6.50, $6.90
J. C. Penney Co A Nationwide Institution
Iirish Pressure Withstood
Hy Stronger Ralls
NEW YOKK, Noov. 12.-i-Niimeroii8
speculative Issues were subjected to
further bearish aggressions in the
block market Thursday but recoogniz
cd leaders of the railway and indus
trial classes offered a fair degree of
renistance to professional pressure.
Selling of motors, shippings, equip
ments, sugars and several of the util
ities at gross declines of 1 to almost
10 points coincided with reports of
financial needs and other conditions
of an unfavorable nature: these mostly
Indicating additional slowing down of
various industries. The more vulncr
able shares Included Willys-Overland
preferred; Pierce Arrow preferred
Atlantic Gulf, Gcneraf Electric, Sears
Roebuck, American Sugar Jtnd Ameri
can Express.
Failure of the Southern Pacific di
rectors to announce the terms of the
company's oil segregation plan gave
rise to reports of a hitch but these
met with prompt denial in which the
stock recovered part of Its decline.
There was a sharp upward spurt
In the final hour based on the ease of
call money which fell from 9 to 7 per
cent, the lowest rate In several weeks,
but this was not realized by another
break In foreign exchange. Sales 800,
Tho decline In International rates
cerried London quotations 4 Ho Tinder
the recent high, while French, Italian,
Mnanish and Greek rates fell to dis
counts never before known in the mar
ket. South American and Canadian
quotations also breaking. t
Bonds were comparatively dull and
irregular with no especial features in
ny particular division. Total Rales,
par value, $13,850,000. Old U. S.
bonds unchanged on call
led, however, to a moderate late rally.
' Foodstuffs reflected the action oot
.heat and declined rapidly, both corn
and oats dropping to the lowest level
this season.
'Kastcrn demand for lard offset to
some extent in the provision market
the depressing effect of the down
ward swing of grain and hogs.
Day, Feed and Coarse
Grain Ilids 1'ixiiangrd
SEATTLE,. Nov. 12. City delivery;
Feed Scratch feed $73 per ton; feed
wheat $76; all grain chop $68; oats
$57; sprouting oats $62; rolled oats
$59; whole corn $56; cracked corn
$57; rolled barley $60; clipped barley
Hay Alfulfa $29 per ton; double
compressed alfalfa $35; ditto timothy
$2; eastern "Washington mixed fit-
Dairy Iroducc at Seattle .
At Virtually Sumo Level
SEATTLE, Nov. 12. Eggs Puget
Sound select ranch eggs 75c per dozen
pullets 6860 cents per dozen; east
ern Washington, Oregon and Idaho
70 cents per dozen.
Buttcrfat, f. o. b. stations 65 cents
per pound; raw milk $2 per cwt.t
dairy 35 cents per pound; bakers 30
cents per pound.
Tendency to Lower Prior.
Seen at Kansas City
KANSAS CITT. Nov. 12 Cattle
f.600; vealers barely steady; best 1J.0O
i 13.60; other calves steady to 60o
lower; all other classes dull; averaging
steady to 25 cents lower; quality plain
yearlings 13.00; other steers 7.00
11.00; bulk she stock G.606.00; can
ners 3.26 3.75. .
Sheep, 4,000; sheep steady; choice
unlive ewes 1.00; native lambs 25o to
COe lower; tdu-ll.&Oi no feedl its' Inmbs
"Being a doctor, and suffering for
many years .with stomach trouble, I
feel I cannot do justice to so great
a public benefactor In writing. Mayr's
Wonderful .Remedy Is everything you
have claimed for it, I can now eat and
relish victuals I have not dared to eat
In many years. Am feeling like newly
born." It Is a simple, harmless prepa
ration that removes the catarrhal mu
cus from the intestinal tract and allays
the Inflammation which causes prac
tically all stomach, liver and Intestinal
ailments, Incluudlng appendicitis. One
dose will convince or money refunded.
Druggists everywhere.
Stoppage of Forellgn
Buying Lowers Wheat
CHICAGO, Nov. 12 (A. P.) Sharp
breaks in the price of wheat took place
Thursday owing largely to apparent
stoppage of buying for Great Britain
and to bearish views of general bus
iress conditions. The market closed
nervous 5 y. to 7 net lower with Dee.
1.80 K to 1.104 and March 1.T4 to
1.7414. Corn lost ZSi3 5-8 and oats
lc to 2 6-8c. In provisloons the out
come varied from 7c decline to 4 Do ad
vance. ' ,
Reports that British royal commis
sion had failed to accept ovrnight of
fers of wheat were generally taken to
Irdicftn that for at least the present
ny fresh buying for Europe would
omy be done at substantial declines In
price. Weakness of sterling exchange
n-nded further to give an advantage to
the bean and so too did announcement
of price cutting for commodities other
than grain. Under such circumstances
speculative selling became aggressive
and thcfe was considerable liquidation
on the part of holders. Word that
ttanH-Atlantlo continental Interests
JiSj taken BOO.Opn hujulj of yjjtt
The New 1921
have arrived. Come in and look
them over.
Oregon jjotor (jarage