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NO. 9670
VOL. 83
' . ., . . . J
Disorders in ' Unhappy Ireland
Spread to Four Corners and
New Sinn Fein Outrages
Trail Reprisals of police.
Soldiers and Marines Die as
v Groups Are Sho From Am
bush and Homes Are Wiped
Out by Incendiary . Flames.
LONDON, Nov. 0 (l p.)
Guerilla warfare Is reported from
various parts or Ireland toduy. De
spite police reprisals, Hlnn Kelners
nre conntinulng their attack and am
bush of forces of soldiers and Muck
and Tana, according to advices receiv
ed here.
Two soldiers aro reported to have
leen killed and two civilians wound
ed In a series or raids on the homes
and gathering pluces of Hlnn Fclners
In Dublin. A Dublin message toduy
stated that a British marine was
killed and two more wounded' In a
Hlnn Fein attack on the coast guard
station at Union If 111. A creumery
was burned and several houses de
stroyed by a police reprisal raid at
Dallynote. In revenge for the murder
.of a member of the Hoyal Irian con
stabulary. .
A Cork dispatch today suld 200
Blnn Kelners were surrounded by a
large body of troops near ftiarcrooni,
where they surrendered. The dis
patch failed to make clear whether
fighting preceded the surrender.
Fierce fighting is said . to have oc
curred when a detachment of troops
were ambushed near Kdgeworthstown.
The casualties were not given.
A Hlnn Fein court, meeting In de
serted police barracks at Lnnls, was
raided.- Deserted police barracks nt
KHmllHil were burned.
8A.V BENITO, Texas. Nov. 6 !'.
I'.) Hcsldents of the ttlo Grande val
ley are redoubling efforts In thelt
fight against threatened Japanese Im
migration, It Is learned here today.
Encouraged by the aotlon of faliionna
In Tuesday's election, they are making
efforts to have the Texas legislature
pass a similar law suppressing Japan
ese colonization.
" CO.VSTANTINOItlJ:, Nov. 8 (A.
J'.) The crew of the llalian steamer
I'olacky went on strike upon the arri
val of (he ship here the other day be
cause the health officers Insisted that
they should take ft bath before landing
as steerage passengers must do. The
crew refused to bathe unless first-,
class passengers also wore compclleo
to go swimming. The s'rlke ended
when first-class passengers agreed to
C'retf, Steerage and first-class pas-,
fengers all entered the Doapiuirus taK
Ing a sea bath then returning to the
ship which proceeded to Naples.
. I'resldent-elect Warren tl. Harding
received a maximum number of 4!ITU
electoral votes to Governor James M.
Cox's maximum number of 3268, the
official count of Umatilla county's
ballots, completed last night, showed.
The senatorial race, so far -aa this
county goes, resulted In a victory for
Senator Chamberlain by 3!t7 to SH69
for Robert N. Stanfleld. The 28 vote
' Reported by Major I-ee Moorl.ouse.
official weather obsetyar.
Maximum, 46.
Minimum, 23.
Uaromotcr, 29.80. ,
MOUH .lipUlltj
WW-!!'; : tW:.1sif-W
n r r
l,ONDON.--In the recent rlois
held In Downlng-st and Whitehall.
. . .t. 4. . . , ! . i V - ..; '
t tJ' V 'l.'mMss. - , ,
lines were broken, but mounted guards rextored order. The picture shows
moli. '
TOKIO, Nov. 6. (My Henry Klnne
V. I. K'arf Correspondent.) The for
eign office In an Interview today de
clared it would not recoxnize the re
ported agreement between the Kussiun
soviet government and Washington D
Vumlerllp. hereby a ws.un!!' i,te of
PrtC'fie coast capitalists were gianted
fonceialons in Siberia, If Japanese
interests were affected. The foreign
office declared that because world
IMiwers had not reeoicnlxeil the soviet
government. Julian is not bound to
lecipnize the Vanderllp agreement
nor Is Japan prepared to assent to any
act infringing her rlKhts In relation to
Itussla or effecting her vital Interests
arising from geographical or other
ItOHOOM.MON, Mich., Nov. 6. (IT
1M Self-determination and ' a huf
bands help cjn make any woman suc
ceed believes Mrs. Jane Johnson, elect
ed sheriff on the republican ticket
She Is the wife, of Alex Johnson, the
I resent sheriff. "I dont anticipate any
difficulty in enforcing the law," Mrs
.lohnsosu tald. "1 shall appoint m
husband as under-sheriff, he'll coach
in:t. With a husband's help, my own
determination I'll get along all right.
She la f,T years old and the mother of
S'-veral children. She raid her huss
I'and la perfectly willing to accept Ihe
Job and haa pledged himself Jo help
me even more than he'll lie bound to
do by his oath."
margin for Senator Chamberlain re
turned hint the second democratic
candidate to carry a majority in .Tues
day's elections in I'malilln county.
Aliiert Slaughter, socialist, polled
1:14 votes against 104 for Thomas A.
Hays, independent candidate;
; .V. J. Slnnotl,. representative In con
Siess, polled nearly a two to one vo'.e
over .lames Hjrvey' r.raham, the final
count showing 4 7 4 S to 2504.
The sheriff race, one of the closest
of the county contests, ended with
3.189 for Zoeth Hnuser ugalust 3:ir.2
Cor W. II ,T;iylor. The former sheriff
won hy a plurality of -37. .lake Ma
rin .Independent candidate in the race,
polled 1164 votes or more than enough
to swing the tide either way had there
been but two candidates.
District Attorney Tl. I. Kealor car
ried the county over S. A. Xewherry
42.13 to 3277, in one of the contests
which aroused considerable Interest.
Pendleton ttns Mr." Newberry's hut the
outside precincts ivent strong for the
In the case of yenalor Chamberlain,
II out of 1.1 precincts In Pendleton
were for him with good majorities.
tine precinct In Kcho, where Seuator
elcct Stanfleld has large interests,
igave Mr. Chamberlain nearly a two-to-one
majority. Tho race In the county
xvns one of the closest of any In the
stale, until his removal to Portland
recently, the successful contestant llv -
fd in this county. ; .
1.- ?
.J ?
in London more tlmn BO persons were injured. The demonstrations wero
The mob made a desperate rush for I'remler I.lo.vd Georue's home. Police
. t
MAItloN, Nov. 6. (liy ICaymond
('lapper, l 1 SUtff Correspondent)
t Aboard Harding's special enroule to
Point Isiibei, Texas) Senator Hard
ing has left for a vacation after al
most a ear of campaigning which
began with the primary campaign.
.Mrs. Harding, who lias been literally
at her husband s side in every public
uppeatunce l.e made during that time
in accompanying him, also a small
group of their most intimate friends.
Itcforo leuv.ng Harding announced
... ,..
ine selection ot a camnei uuring ms
vacation.' Neither win lie think much
about any other problems of the ap
proaching administration. The p.ies
Ideut-elect wants to get on bis old
golf togs and chase over the links
with nothing on his mind. Many re
eiucsis lor speeches came in but
11., ,.,.llno,l ,,rr,,.W.iil1v nil
of them. He will have to nake a few ' . VVr'1:S "' '" l'l.er. Leon
talks, but he will try to bo ihe most Tro'sky, minister of war and marine,
inconspicuous cltl.en in America until l"' " to s'e reh"'on
after his vacation. The ,lans lothcc coun.rles. so as to render an at
paitv will spend some days at Point .;" 'P" our country lmp.il,le. The
Isabel, thei'i cruise the Panama Ca-1 "rm-v ' " ' ot to"f Rnd
nat zone for five days.
The senator I
(Continued nn pafte 5.)
Mote than ISO boys, representing tho boys again this evening ut the
the keenest and II vest of the young j banquet which is to be given in the
manhood of northern Oregon, are in . basement of the Christian church at
attendance at the annual older 1 toys' 1 1! : 1 R for delegates and leaders. Dr.
Conference now in session at the j David 11. Hill is to preside as toast
1'resbytcrtan church. .master.
The conference, which closes to- The program for tomorrow s ses
niorrow night, is under the auspices j sion Is: Leaders Meeting at 9:00;
of the Y. M. ( A. interstate commit-j :. a 'Hoys' Mass Meeting In the
tee of OKgoii and Idaho. The Her-"-Presbyterian church, at which Mrs.
mlston delegation brought with them Kills will address lie boys on the
i boys' band which gave the selec- j subject "l'our Sijuure." At 5:15 a
Hons ut Intervals. Another interest-: life work meeting is to be held and
ina feature is a quintet from' The ' at 7:3(1 union services wil be held at
Klecllon of officers was held yes- j
lerduy. with Pane of lii-rimstoii Chos
en president, Jordan of Pilot llock. ;
vice-president, and PhinUy. oi' Wes
ton, secrclary.
Trains were met yesterday and af
ter the delcsates had registered the
were taken lo homes In the city as
quests.. Judge J. V. Mnloncy of this
city gave Ihe address of welcome to
the visiting delegates nt Ihe confer
ence lust evening.
Mrs. Kills SM'Ul.s.
This morning's program was Inter
esting, with Mrs. .lean Morris Kills.
Hal Donnelly and A. vomit as
speakers. Mr. Donnelly used as his
theme "All Objective," and empha
sized that all boys should have a cer
tain objective.
"The whole world stands aside to
let that man pass who knows where he
is going.' said he. "One cannot suc
ceed without a lerlaln objective
should not be one of selfishness but
well as one's self."
Mr. Yonnt spoke on "World Out
look'' and used as principle .example
the conditions In India today. At, the
ennlerence Period Mr. .1. '. Meehan
of Portland incslded nnd school prob.
lcinH wore discussed.
Topics were. School spirit, dirly
playing, poor losers, lack of Interest In
school, .etc.
The hoys said they did not mind
being advised ami guided, but that
they did not like to be, "bossed" by a
I'ucully member. Steps that had been
taken in Tho Dalles high school to
.. nlU.,ul,l,, nr 1,
'uioilonlM u-,.i-,t hIiowiv. ns was the rtbin
now used In the local high school to
promote school activities.
Itanqiict lo Im Held.
Mrs. Kills who is well known to the
hoys of tlio West is giving Individual
1 conference with the hoys In vocation-
m guidance Mis. Lllis will speak to
ft' f"
I .. V '"'IT . .
MS f
mounted police breaking up the
. '
LONDON' Nov. A. P.) Xiko
Ix ninp, riuhfs'ftn bolshevik! premier,
frankly ulmits the seriousness of the
food a'tuaiinn in Kus.siu. A. Centra!
News fli.Hp;itoh from Copenhagen
!uotes him as writing in a Russian
rewMi.iner an follow,
j.. "&AA.vit'' Uushih never before fins ex-
, perieneed such a food crisis. Moscow
jnnd oilier cities are paralyzed hy fam
ine and the army is becoming famish
i (!. . It is necessary for us to use all
'means in our power to enforce deliv
er? !" fut dsu.trsf b the peasantry."
cioiuno--. u
plied immtd'utely all our efforts will
lie futile."
the Presbyterian church which will be
the closing services of the confer
em e.
i l';ti wild kicked Koal
l iiial .score
I Ml.
i CAMHIU1M..K, Nov. 6. P.
Captain Horween scored a touchdown
j for 'Harvard today ten minutes uftei
: the game with Princeton opened.
I Harvard kicked a goal. Princeton
I scored a touchdown on the 35-yaro
; forward p:iss, in the third period.
iakin; the j-coiy T to 7- Princeton
scored another touchdown a'nd goal ti
j.iine lourin quaner muKin.tf uic jh-uh
i I'ripceton 14, Harvard "!. Harvard
! made a touchdown later In the fourth
i period.
COLl'MISl'S. Nov. C tl'. r.lliuit given out by police pending their CHICAGO. Nov. . Wheal It was. the deflation mm is tamng place, oil
Governor Cox. apparently undismayed joapture. ,1a repetition of yesterday's market. ex-(and lis by products will have to share
hy the rout of democratic forces at tin The lads had stolen doughnuts and jcept that liquidation was more pro- . in same. Money continues tight anil
polls Tuesday, indicated today he willjW(.r0 rter other food w hen surprised, jnounced and 'buying power further in .unsatisfactory conditions of trade
attempt to reorganise the party of The two within the store made their the background until just before the . seem to suggest that the Influences
which he la head for political combats escape before the outside guard had I close when some covering of short .aforementioned will probably result
of the future. His first step along ! received any of the spoils. (contracts caused a small rally. A ;in a urther readjustment of the spec-
Ibis line was to make plain that he. Similar robberies of the Welch contributing factor was the weakness j illative position, especially In the In
dues not believe the democratic party ! Brothers and Dupuls cigar stores re-jin foreign exchange which no doubt fluential stocks with a cunsequwnt fur-
will cease lo exist as a result of itsieently led the police to be more vigi -
' overwhelming defeat. "Talk of a new
; tmrtv i ntuoii-H " he terselv siiid The
governor characterized the'tlection as
I P "defeat" not a "iUrreiukl."
R. C. Lawrence, Elected Tues
day, May Leave City Before
Eight Take Over Reins of
Pendleton on January 1.
Plans to Put Three Initiative
Measures Into Early Effect
Will Follow Their Certifica
tion by County Clyerk.
U. C. Lawrence, elected councilman
from the third ward, may not qualify
for that office, gossip at the city hall
today said. Mr. Lawrence, Orejonian
agent here, has been offered the
agency at Walla Walla and (s seriously
considering moving to the Garden City
at once. In case he departs without
making the oath of office. Ralph Ful
som, councilman from the third ward,
will hold over until a successor is elect
ed and qualified.
The city charter requires that the
new officers take their oath of office
i within 20 days of the election. This
point was proved this morning when
the charter was perused by Mayor
elect George A. Hartman. The coun
ty clerk has not yet certified the elec
tion of Mr. Hartman or the other city
officials but will do so shortly, it is
ApiMiiiitnicm' Possible
Should Mr. Lawrence decide to leave
Pendleton he could take his oath of
office within the specified 20 days and
thus relieve Mr. Folsom when the lat- j
Iter's term is up January 1. With the I
I councilman-elect misslngg, it
edvolve Upon Mavor-elect Hartman to.priation of water from Mill creek for
appoint a councilman from the third
ward. Approval of the council would
then be necessary.
n u ..nmc that ufir thp officer
have been certified, a special meeting
.lll haM lo BH'iiar In thou ohoHPn. i
Besides Mr. Hartman. there will lie
Pobcrt Simpson, F. Willard Bond, Wil
liam Dunn, !r. .Lawrence and Claud
Penland. couiirilmen; Ivee Moorhouse,
tieasurer. and Marion Jack, water
The new officials will not take over
the reins of the city until the first day
of January, 1921, although the charter
requires their inauguration this
month. When the new regime Is In
stalled. Mayor . John L Vaughan.
Councilmen Henry Taylor, James H.
Estes and Ralph Folsom will retire.
T Name Marshal and I5c-ordcr
Appointments of city marshal and
city recorder, under the charter pro
visions, will be made by the new
council and approved hy the mayor.
Other appointive offices are filled by
nomination by the mayor and approval
'y the council, it was said this morn
ing at the city hall. No Intimation re
garding possible selections for city
marshal have been heard.
Plans to put Into effect as soon as
oracticable the affirmative action on
the city's three Initiative measures
will be made as soon as their passage
' certified by the county clerk. The
bill authorizing the water commission
to issue script to the amount of $25,
)0fl was passed J 323 to 370, the offi
cial count shows. There were 134 J
voles for the $14,000 bond issue for the
purchase of a pumper fire engine
while 4.10 were aiiainst it. The bill to
bond for ISOOu to purchase the block
west of St. Mary's church for park
purposes passed 1240 to 4sS.
The new administration probably
will start off with these three pro
gressive measures to assist and a tax
'evy for the city two mills lower than
'l.at for this year's expenses. The
' udeet proposed to the council on
Wednesday evening by City Recorder
'nomas Fn Herald and now In the
hands of the finance comnvttee show
?d that because of the higher assess
ment in Pendleton an 11 -mill levy will
a'se $7l'.00 for the l:i budget. For
this year's expenses a 13-mill levy was
necessary to raise $7:1.000.
Two yoliihs are held by the police
today on a charge of complicity in
robbing the Oregon Bakery last' night, i
Two others who nre said to have com-
mlttod the robbery nre being sought
by their parents and the juvenile of
ficer. Their names are known.
Night Officer Charley Myer.i en-!
countered two of the youths standing
E :
Kuard outside anil when they ran he
base, catching them after a
prtnt. They gave the names of
Arthur Copeland and Kenneth Chap -
limn The mimes of the others u-eru
I hurt in the Court street vlcinltv. In
th. nthae eanHv rnh,'
Utiles and in one instance monev. were
CIAL, N'cv. . (A. P.) Senator
and Mrs. Harding and their
party left Marlon this morning
for Point Isubell, Texas, where
they will spend two weeks hunt-
Ing and fishing. They will then
take an ocean voyage to the
canal zone.
Senator Harding' will wait
until his return to consider the
suggestions he requested from
learllnsr statesmen concerning an
association of nations.
Activity of State Engineer's
Office Represents Develop
ment of 540 Horsepower, Ir
rigation of 3,400 Acres.
8AL.KM, Or., Nov. 6. During the
months of August and September. 68
permits to appropriate water were Is
sued by State Engineer, Percy A. Cup
per, covering the use of water for ir
rigation of approximately 3,400 acres
of land, development of 540 horsepow
er, domestic supply, municipal use.
mining and various otlier ues. tn
der these permits, the construction of
approximately fifty -twonni.es of canal
13 contemplated also the construction
of various reservoirs for the purpose
of storing water for Irrigation. The
total estimated construction cost am
ounts to $116, 6JS.
These permits were teaued to people
in all parts of the state. Among the
larger permits issued. are included the
permits to the City of Goldendale
Douglas county covering the appro
municipal supply, under which the
(construction of a water supply system
jat an estimated cost of U con-
template!, and the permit of H. D.
inver f Jordan Valley. Malheur,
- 0"iu.
covering the appropriation of
a,er iron. v. o erees. 10. o.asc ... ,
the Glover reservoir for irrigation of!,
445 acres of land, for which the con-
struction cost of reservoir and rtisrl
bution system Is estimated at 4,0o.
The City of Scio, Linn county, has been
granted permit to appropriate water
from Thomas creek for municipal sup
ply and "lenufacturing purposes at an
estimated cost of $3$. 428. Permit has
been issued to the Bolen creek Min
ing Company of Medford. Jackson
county, covering the appropriation of
water from' Sucker creek for the de
velopment of ninety horsepower.
In Umatilla county, the following
permits have been issued:
To C. C. Reinhardt of Walla Walla.
Washington, covering the appropria
tion of water from Little Walla Walla
river for Irrigation of a thirty-five acre
I tract. This development will cost ap
proximately $500.
To E. T. Canleld, of Vkiah. Oregon,
covering the appropriation of water
from Box springs for domestic supply.
To S. 55. Shields of Freewater, cover
ing the appropriation of waste water
for irrigation and supplemental sup
ply for twelve acres.
To Milton Lodge Number t. I. O. O.
F.. of Milton. Oregon, covering the ap
propriation of water from Walla
Walla river for irrigation of twenty
acres. This development will necessi
tate the construction of one-haif mile
canul. at an approximate cost ot $3000.
Tllltl i; PKUSOXS 1DHTK1
NEW YORK. Nov. S. (A. P.)
Warrants have been issued for the ar
rest of three persons who were Indict
ed hy the grand jury investigating an
-alleged building trustt The names
,vre not announced.
Wheat continued its slump today, supply and demand and economics
the December cereal going to $l.0cou)d not be defeated by any effort.
1-4 alter opening at $1.6. March 'concerted or otherwise, to keep the
,wheHt dropped to $1.87 1-4 after open -
mg at ji.si. Following are quotations ket nor would tne tnruiy aim imeiu
from Overbeck & Cooke, local brok- gent farmer curtail production be
ers: 'cause of the prevailing tendency to
1.65 's l.Srii.
l.DT 1.T.7
j May
; Dec.
1 May
.v 1
I Kllini Overbeck
&t'ooke Co. )
'had much to do with the withdrawal
of exuort bids, A well known uiaga-
in a rmnk and unbutsed analysis !
I of the agricultural outlook, declared
Unuhat!cul!y that the natural laws of
Lenine Calls Soviet Followers
to Wage Atack Against Brit
ish and French Nations by
Back Porch Propaganda.
Representatives of Target
Countries Ask Governments
if Warships Should Support
Wrangel in Black Sea Fight.
I.OXDO.V, .Nov. . (L. P.) Rus
sia's next move In Its plan to bolshe
vize the world will he to attack Britain
and France through their colonies, ac
cording to a Heuringfors dispatch to
day quoting a speech by Premier lim
ine. "We must use judicious propa
ganda In Xorth Africa and India"
Lenine Is quoted as saylns, "We are
already working powerfullly In those
directions. We must now do our ut
most. Crush Wrangel.. Poland's turn
will come later. France Is our great
est enemy as it Is trying to stablliie
Europe. In ttally we can produce
revolution w henever we like, but we
rre working with the Germans who
want to get control of Italian indus
try." War-hip May Aid
P.) French and British representa
tives have asked their governments if
their warships in the Black Sea should
support Wrangel at Perekop and Sal
kova, where societ forces are pressing.
rjyiCTiPC ruv dadatic
Ex-service men of the world war.
civ War an(J ,h(j Span,sh.Amer.
,-,.. . ...
lean War In uniform or in mufti, au
tomobiles decorated in the national
colors, Red Cross floats, D. A- R. and
G. A. R. floats, floats representing the
various fraternal organizations, and
local people carrying flags, will be
among the features of the big Arm
istice Day parade in Pendleton No
vember 11.
The parade will assemble at 1:30 p.
m. and at 3 p. m. will march down
Main street, to Railroad, then coun
termarch up "Main street, turning
down Court street to the Court house.
Here the crowd will assemble lor ad
dresses by Major W. 8. Gilbert and
Major Lusenberry. the speakers of the
day. Major Dusenberry will present
to Dr. Fred A. Lieuallen the distin
guished service cross won by Dr. Lieu
allen when he served as a captain in
the medical corps in France.
Exercises by local school children,
attractively costumed, and musical
numbers will complete the program.
'CHICAGO, Nov. 6. (C. P.) alleg
ed confessions secured by federal in
vestigators implicate many Chicago
policemen in alleged operation of a
million dollar whiskey ring, it is re
ported. A string of policemen, high police
officers, saloonkeepers and others
pissed thorugh the federal .grand jury
room during a weeks investigation of
v. hiskey irregularities.
j products of the ground off the mar-
; deflate prices in all directions,
i A lower raiiiic of pikes seems in
evitable, with of course, intermittent
I rallies occasioned bv short covering
i and perhaps sjuismodlc export bu
; Ing.
j (From Overbeck Cooke Co.)
I NKW YUK. Nov. 6 A wave of'
fresh liquidation made its upiearanc
j i n todav's short session with un tn
creasing amount of activity on th
downside of values. Special weaknw
'developed in the oil shares.
) Much of this selling Is undoubtedly
induced by the growing idea that tn
.ov,,.,B ... ..,u.
l oreltH Kvhaim".
London. 3.38 4.
Rome. V.034S.
lierlln, .mi?'?,