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People Here and There
Accompanied 'by Run unit ammuni
tion, H, U Nichols, Hill MoCllmock
and Dr.- Downhill, of IlormlNton, were
In Pendleton yesterday. They left to
day for Ijclimun Spring on u hunting
F. ft KlnK, who with Mm, Kin left
recently to upend tho winter ut Ixinf!
licach, CHllfornla, my In n letter to
Pendleton friends that they mudo the
trip In Hoven und a hulf Hhort days,
KOlnR hy unto. Tho roads nro Kood
nnd chains wero not needed, Mr, Klntj
Waller I Tool" Sr., of Hulem, arriv
ed here Monday noon on No. 17 from
I41 tirande and went to 1'llot' Hock in
the afternoon to deliver an address In
behalf of the republican candidates fol
national and state offices. Mr. Tooxo
la widely known throughout Oregon
us one of the "old guurd."
The pnst few days has een two vet
eran loavo the tlilnnliiK rank of the
J. A. It. they nre John H- Gurdane.
i how death secured Hatiirday. and J
A. Drake, who died yesterday,
were wounded during the civil
l'enplo do not always reall.o Just
how linporlunt AtlMuia. la to tho suc
cess, of tho rnndleton ltonnd-t.'p and
the Walla Wnllu Frontier Dayn. Wal
lu Wullu, even, It unirrutcful, for cred
it due Athena Ih sometimes Klven to
Woiton. R H. le (irow, cashier of the
First National Hank of Athena, who
Ih o' of tho blKKUHt factors In tho
Walla Walla show," Is listed there us
I.elnK from Weston, but when he
comes to 1'endluton he nets recogni
tion' ax nn Athenun. tjhorlff Jinks
Taylor, who has always carried the
fit In the Hound-Up mountod parade,
Is alno an Atlienan and his part In the
show Is traditional. Tho banker was
In l'cndleton Monday and called upon
tho sheriff.
Moro alfalfa hay Is being baled nnd
exported from ' Ktanfleld this tall
than usual because of the slow sale of
hay to feeders, County Commissioner
n. U Dunning said today. Halers are
buying' largo quantities of alfalfa In
tho stuck and shipping by tho carload
19 olbcr markets. Feeders are not In
the murk t for hay because of tlie
Hoth abundance of grass on ranges. 1 lierc
War are no pears or poaches In tho Stan-,
ami both were with Sherman in tho fild tuglon because of the severe win-
fiimoui. march to the sen. ter of 11110. but the apple crop Is very
In the evolution of the automobile. Studebaker has been a
leader in all developments for the benefit of tho ultimate pur
chaser. Studebaker was
first to mako extensive use of pressed steel throughout.
first to cast six-cylinder motors en bloc.
first to produce a car with orovrn fenders.
first to produce a six-cylinder car selling for less than 12,000.
first to produce a seven-passenger, four-cylinder, 40 h. p. car
selling for less than 1 1,000.
first to produce a 60 h. p. car selling for less than 12000.
first to furnish plate-glass windows, nickel-trimmed in the
rear of the top as standard equipment,
first lo produce a car selling for less than 12,000 with cord
tires as standard equipment.
Studebaker Dealers
Elks Building Phone 74
good and the quality of the fruit Is high
class, ricking and packing are now
under full headway and all the apples
brought t,o tho warehouses are being
Hold and moved without delay. The
price is good, Mr. Dunning says.
Con Kholt and Fred I'hllllps are
here today. They are stockmen from
Hock Creek, Gilliam county.
Dr. I. U. Temple will return tomor
row from Ijelhbriilgo, Canada, where
ho spent the past 10 days looking after
property interests.
Deputy Sheriff Joe Dlakely arrived
homo last night from Kolom "where he
went recently with It. Rim monsrt sen
tenced to a prison term for larceny.
Mrs. Jyiia Hue)! Shinto, county
superintendent of schools In Morrow
county, Is expected to arrive on No. 2
this afternoon to be present for the
teachers Institute opening here tomor
row. '
W. D. Itonifcr and John Thompson,
of (;llibon, were business visitors In
l'cndleton on Monday. Mr. Honlfer is
one of the claimants for the reward
for rapturing1 Jack Hathlo and Mr.
Thompson also has a claim in. The
latter has charge of roads in tho Gib
bon district.
AFTL.X a baking falls
xl becomes toun'u or soggy,
you can't make it tender ana
tempting. It can't be "fixed."
It is like spilled milk
Eu t, there i3 a way to pre
vent this waste every
.woman should use it be
cause a bake day los3 these
days is a real loss.
Calumet Baking Powder pos
itively prevents failure. It
has Ixen doing It for million of
housewry; for a third of a century.
A eurprlw shower of potatoes, rice,
Isugar, cabbage, coffeo and other
household staples was revoked last
night hy Hcv. I Anderson, pastor of
the African Methodist church, and
Mrs Andeison, whose wed. ling was a
recent event. The newlyweds showed
itheir appreciation of the gifts by seiv
ing coffee, cake and candy. Those
i who participated in to surprise were
(Mrs. Galllard, Mr. and Mrs. H. Spen
cer, C. Wright, U Dawson, Herbert
j Williaus. E. M. C. Woods, I Parker,
! lohn Overstreet and Alfonso Ward.
nr mm
It --,i" J s
Makes most palatable and swsetestof foods
I. A 11
The biggest selling Baking
Powder in the world. Pro
duced in the largest, most modern,
sanitary Baking Powder Factories.
Possesses only Buch ingredi
ents as have been officially
approved by U. S. Food Authorities.
Most economical in cost and
use. You save when you
buy it. You cave when you use it
Pound can of Calumet contains full
16 oz. Some h A.ng powders come in
12 on. instead of 16 at. cans. Be sure
you get a pound when you want it.
CalumtY Jeu
Recip V
3 eugs b "Vo
acparately, 1p
sugar, Vi c S
pastry flour,
level tea spool )
Calumet Baking 1
PowdT, Vi cup
warm water
flavor. Then mix
in the regular
live with the plaintiff. Fhe asks that
her maiden name of Culliford be re-
ciorcd. I'eterson. Bishop & Clark rep
resent tho plaintiff.
I'kiali Couplo licensed.
A Marriage license was Issued today
to Louis I'hnon Mettle and Miss
Claudlne -Hcbecca Ledserwood, both of
Divoive Dccrw ICntcred.
A decree of divorce In favor of Min
nie Dunn has been entered at the
county clerk's office from Hobcrt
II 1
For Woodmen and Invited Guests
Wed. 0
fit. 20, 1920
Boys if you can't find a partner, Walker
will bring his flock of widows Reserve
one early."
Present your invitation cards or lodge' re
ceipts at the door.
Sues on Small Nolo,
It. W. Avers today filed suit against
Paul It. Kreft to recover 136.82 alleg
ed duo on a note transferred by Alex
a ml eis. H. J. Warner, of Haley, Ha
ley & Steiwer, represents tho plain
i Three Anions DismisM-d.
Two actions by K. I I'ower against
: Jim Kanine, in . circuit court, . havo
'been dismlcd on motion of thu plain
tiff's attorney. The rase of the Park
ier Taxi Co., for damages ugainst tho
IO. W. H. & .V. Co., has also been dis-
j missed, settlement having been cf
; fectei.
(ins Watno's I'arob d
Gus Waynes, recently found guilty
of larceny, was sentenoed to three
years in prison and paroled today to K.
U. Wood, special agent for the O. W.
K. & N. Co.
Uistrli Xo. 90 Gets Tca-licr
District Xo. 90, near Milton, which
has been unable to open this fall be
cause of no teacher, has signed Mrs.
Edna Freeman and' school opened
there yesterday. The district has a
as a matter of revenge but as a mat
ter of even-headed Justice that these
men be executed in accordance with
the law.
It was hard, as I know, for the
trial jiiilue to sentence them to death,
It is undoubtedly hard for you not to
exercise executive clemency but
the supremacy of the law is to be
maintained and justice Is to prevail
there Is no other course to pursue but
to put these men to death. Outside
of a group wJioe numbers could be
counted on the fingers of the two
hands this is the feeling of the peo
pie not only of Pendleton but of this
great Commonwealth of Oregon.
In buylnir lewelry It. I lrt to trade with the old
established firm (since mstho years
lisbed show that the firm must be founded solidly.
JSKCACHii: x , .. ,
We buy for cash and effect every saving possible-
to pas on to you,
Hclng tho largest storo In Pendleton our assort
ment Is larger and the slock more completely rep
resentative of tho best In Jewelry.
Onr price are lower than usual. Our policy or
wne price and that price in piaJn figures allows
you to make comparisons.
Th Irget Diamond Jealer in Eastern
hi. ' -
JR, ,-tr - P
Ai-tzMfi-Zft tTr.Ol I FN WATCHES
loudis Hrousht to Jail.
Edgar Taylor, Raymond Kaser and
Vernort Dakin. of Freewater, were
brought to tho county Jail last night
and nrohably will bo sentenced for
their part in an auto theft recently.
The boys were Indicted and pleaded
guilty but were sent home before
JWntence was passed by Judge Phelps.
Joined Anuy Ifc-scrted Wife.
Dorothea P. Dinsmore today filed
suit rgalnst John C Dinsmoro for di
vorce, alleging desertion. They were
married June 26, 1917, and on August
15, 1917, ho joined tho army. The de
fendant was discharged from service
June 30, 1919, but never relumed to
Stops Hair Coming Out;
Doubles Its Beauty.
Don't forget to have on han4 a case of that wonder
fully sparkling and refreshiriji
An occasional bottle during these strenuous days,
will do much toward relieving the fat'gue and nervous
Btrain of the industrious housewife.
A bottle of WINE-0 at dinner, also, will soothe the
irritability of father, when he comes home and finds
the house topsy-turvy. , y r
Besides, it is good for the kiddies.
Keep a case of Wine-0 in the house all the time.
dottier, of AH Kind Soda Water
A few cents buys "Danderlne." Aft
er nappllcation of "Danderlne" you
can not find a fallen hair or any dan
druff, besides every hair shows new
life, vigor, brightness, more color and
TOKIO, Oct. 19. (A. P.) Asa re
sult of the census taken October 1,
tho figures of which have not been
announced, tho government has begun
sending circulars throughout the coun
try asking physicians, surgeons, den
tists, pharmacists, tailors, blacksmiths,
and other persons whether they would
be willing to serve in the army in case
of war.
(Continued Jrom page 1.)
: .... J -
if " -1
. j - - I
CV . j
deeply friendly lo Franeo. expressing
to me their inderstandiiig of sentiment
in that friendly republic.
On senate Omiiiilttre
"It Is not important enough to dis
cuss, perhaps, nut i very rcspccuuiij
urge that an Informal expression lo me
Is rather more than that to a private
citizen. T hold a place as a member of
tho foreign relations committee of the
United States senate which is charged
with certain constitutional authority In
dealing with foreign relations and 1
um necessarily conscious that I am. the
nominee of the republican party for
president of our republic.
"In the combination of these two
positions, it ought pot to be unseemly
that some very devoted friends of a
new and better relationship among na
tions, no matter whence they came,
should wish to advise me relating to
aspirations to cooperate with our own
republic in attaining that high pur
pose. Let nie assure you again of the
observance of all the proprieties and
again assert that the French govern
ment has maintained that great re
spect for your position to which I my
self subscribe.
"With great respect, I am,
"Very truly,
AA'arrcn G. Warding."
Makes Food
Taste Good
treates an appetite, aids digestion,
purifies the blood, and thus relieves
scrofula, catarrh, tho pains and
aches of rheumatism and gives
etrength to the whole system.
' Kcariy BO years' phenomenal sales
tell the story of the great merit and
success of Hood's Sarsaparilla. It
If ust the medicine you need now.
Hood's Fills help fine catharth
209 E. Court Phone 880 or 881
The prices are coming down and we are giving you
the benefit of every drop.
Come in and buy your next order and see for your
self that you receive this benefit.
r criv v.mi ho tw m-rcM iM-,-iM( In this war wc lurrease our sales.
ra:ir, -79 I
1 pound roll 63c
2 pound roll $U0
making smaU profits
. I1, 2 pounds 53c
J pounds $1.00
5 pounds $1-90
J pounds $2.85
PayCash Receive More t Pay Less
209 E. Court Phone 880 or 881
Keep Sloan's bandy for backache
strains and sprains, too
SLOAN'S Liniment has been sold
for -3- years. Today, it is more
popular than ever. There can be
but one answer Sloan's produces re
sults. i
Applied n-illwul rvbbin?,, it prnclrnlrt
to the afflicted part, bringing relief
from rheumatic twinges, sciatica; sore,
stiff, strained muscles; backaches,
sprains, and other external pains, often
the result of exposure. It leaves no
Eiussincss, skin staitor clogged pores.
Get a lare bottle for greater econ
omy. Keep it handy for use when
reeded. Your druggist has it. Three
sizes 35c, 70c, $1.40.
lyi lllilOlll leneimJ
Independent candidate for
Sheriff of Umatilla Co.
il'ttid Adv.)
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tloraeil by fully 99 per cent of our
nouululioii. Tho one reason why this
community refrained from taking the
law Into its own hiimis when those
men were cuptureo was mo ivims ,
that the courts wo jhl adjudicate their
closes in Hnflmehlni? and ImhendinRi
Justice nnd that meant the extreme pen
ally for cold-blooded and brutal mur
der.' t re any clemency nhown these
men and anything of like nature ever
to happen to thin community BBiiln
mob violence would prevail and noth
ing could prevent It. Kvcry opportu
nity has been Riven those men to pre
sent their side of the caw. tne pre
siding judge has been absolutely fair
and impartial, the prosecution was
conducted with dignity nnd courtesy,
every possible continnenry that these
men were not Reltintr a "wpiuro deal"
has been avoided. These men having
been convicted by a jury of thoir
peers after every precaution against
unfairness nnd partiality had boon
taken this community demands not
Oregon Theatre
Friday night Octi22
Seats on Sale Thompsons' Drug Store.
Prices: Lower Floor $2.00; Balcony $1.50.
Don't wait! If you
wait until the last min
ute you are liable to find
yourself with an empty
coal bin.
Strikes, under pro
duction and the short
age of coal cars plays
havoc at the most un
looked for moment
prepare for.winter, buy
B. L. Burroughs
Phone 5
P meana Ae most ijpAidl A j
all moneys paid out. There N
can be no dispute as to
whether or not a bill is paid if you
settle your bills by check. This
bunk is a responsible institution,
equipped to politely serve the public
in all matters financial.
W WW . '.UL