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X ClilrP" Iudlan Legend
fN ttit lone ( Umi before ths In
dia braves lived in the forest and
bunted and fished (or their rood,
the Manltou or ' "spirits ot the
Woods" made their homo amone the
tree and there rained their families.
On Lbs bank ot the shining OIK Sea
Water lived a very rood Manltou and
hie wife and hi aon and daughter.
Rvery day when the eun Rhone warmly
the aon and daughter played by the
aide of the Bit Sea 'Water; played
with boata of bark and wllh the gaily
colored atonea which they tossed Into
the water and wllh the flowers that
grew alonr the bank. . And every day
when the dark clouds p'.led up and the
rain came down, they played together
In the wigwam: played with atonea and
- moasea and sticks whtch the brother
i was skillful at carving.
And always ar they played, they
talked of the day when they should be
big enough to help In the work of the
world. For above all things else, the
Xlanltoa children long to help their
: fathers and mothers do the work that
' la theirs.
Finally the day came when the fath
er stood his son op by the side of the
wigwam and measured him and ttsted
his strength and decided that at last
the son was old enough to help in the
work all good Manltou do. And that
eame day the nrbther gave her daugh
ter a test of skill and strength and
measured her hair and found that it
waa long and beautiful and announced
that the daughter was now ready to do
the work of a woman Manltou.
So the father and mother took their
children and presented them .to the
King ot tie Manltou that he might
i'laod with Boats Of Bark And Gaily
Colored Stones !
a.svtgn to, them their porV
' The King of the )lani!o
leased with the niiranie f he
two children and praised ihe father
and mother for their k'ooI Care.
. "1 will give to your children." he an
nounced quickly, "the very hev work
that a good .Manltou may do. . You.
son. may be a pud wudjinnie. and
keeper of the trees of the forest.
Guard you well all travelers who 41 axis
your way snd care for every growing
thing." Then ha turned to the daugh
ter. "Tou. beautiful maiden, shall be
honored above all Manltoii. Tou shall
be carried up Into the heavens and
shall brighten the dawn of day."
The brother and sister Manltou
were very happy tiU they happened to
think that their duties were so far
spart as far apart as the earth and
the sky and that probably they
would never araln play together.
They wried slowly back- to their
home by the Bir Sea Water and there
they sat down and talked over' all the
soou times they had ever had. And
the more they talked, the sadder and
sadder they became at the thought of
parting; till the sister saw that. If they
were to part in happiness, they must
talk of aomethlng else. r. '
"Oh. my brother." she said with ja
quick smile, "think of the honor that
has been done me! Never before has
a Manltou been sent up 10 the m.
ens. I will live in a beautiful cloud,
the color of the morning sky-a-axe you
not glad and proud for nief ru
"That I am." replied the "brother,
"but alas! I know that Ju.it because
you will live In such a beautiful claad,
you will soon forget me your earthly
brother and playmate!" .Vf.jj
How can you say that!" ndsloMi)
the sister. - "Tou know 1 shill always
love you! . And to show jtou-thuL I
never forget you. each morning 1 will
smile at you Just before the. 4twD.
And 1 -will watch you work, here
among the 'trees and each .day.that
your work Is well done I wlll : swule
and send you my blessing just feeson
the sua comes over the rim o-che
world." - a
So the brother was much comforted
and played with his sister all that list
day. Just at night fall, the four winds
of the heavens carried the sister to the
sky and there she baa lived ver since.
Her brother waited Jby the Big 8ea
Water till morning-; and wUeD h aw
his sister safely shining In the sky. he
set right about his own duties so that
he might ears the smile aha promised
him. t
AriV. the little Indian boys snd girle.
to this day. like to get -up -early -in
the'-morn-ingto e .by the: Morning
Star'a bright smile whether the little
pudwudjinnie baa dona his day's work
shall have a pel eaiiuy' iir
uiiUidut. Hut h." said tuin's
i utir
inoiber. f you will iWomine
taUe nil the vare of it yourself."
lint you'll have to .show me' how.
mother. ; repliotl rtit;h r-ujrerly.'
"To be kui'm. dear.-' Mil her noth
er. "and 1 11 be gl;d to do 'hat.'' But
a little fcirl who Is old vnnuch to-time
a pet all her own is old enoush to look
after It. . ' "
tio ihe arsrain mnde ani on
Ruth's tiftti birthday hc found, hang
ing' by the dining' room window.
brand new cage and a lieauilful new
canary. The csge hung 'close ' by
mother's hlrd snd Kuth was um that
her new pet would feel happy and at
home with company "so near by. And
no doubt he did for he sang and sar.g
and gave Ruth the happiest kind of a
birthday g-.wtlng. '
After breakfast Ruth had her first
lesson In housekeeping for pets." She
learned to Rive Dicky ith.T was the
namehe had long ago derided to give
her bird If she ever hud one) hi tub.
to clean his cage and to fix his water
aird aeed and everything Just as he
would like tn have It. And - she
'bought it was all such Interesting
work. ' .
Ellen thought It was Interesting
work too and the had almost a. good
a time watching as Ruth did working.
'Ellen was three, far too young, of
course, to take care of a bird, so she
didn't "bare m. .
Every mortis Jfor a whole week
Ellen watched the process of cleaning
and feeding. She watched Girth's
care of -her -pet and she longed oh. so
very murti-for a- pet of 'her own.' And
-then she remembered 'that It was !
imost her birthday time. - i --
"Cant I have a pet tor my hlrth-
joay?" she asked. "I'd take such good
loare of 11 and feed it and I'd nver
forgot It never'.",
I "You dont know what this letter
! says." said mother as she Just at that
Iminute nnlhrd reading a letter the
1 , -
Thu Two ivta Kt'iit The Girls Busy
postman had hunded her. "or you
wouldn't be worrying about a pet."
"Wouldn't- I?" exclaimed Ellen.
"Then am I going to get one?"
But her mother wouldn't tell a
single word and Ellen had to wait a
whole week till her birthday came
around. And then, at her birthday
fcoakfaat, not a thing happened. Oh,
ot course she got pretty gifts and her
favorite breakfast and all -that, but
not a sli;n of a new pet waa to ha
Seen. Ellen smiled and tried not fe
care but she couldn't help but wish'
Ing that something would come to her
something she wanted very much. "
And then. Just as Ruth wss ready
to fix Dicky for the day the door bell
rang. 4 '
Ellen, being the birthday girt, was
allowed to go to the door and what
do you suppose she sawf An express
man with a great big package that
looked Ilka a cage only 1t wasn't a
real cage. .. ; ' '
- The children' mother -came' and
signed the book and then expressman
helped them open the bog, and 'what
do you-, suppose ran out the minute
there was a crack to run through? A
tiny little Jet black klttyl And around
her neck was a ribbon and on the rib
bon was a card which sal. "Happy
birthday to Ellen Trom" Aunt Ellen."
You can guesa there was scamper
ing In the'house for a white, for Jet,
that waa the name Ellen gave the kit
ty, had to eealIover the place. But
the real excitement came when' Ruth
Anally started -to fix Dicky. Jet didn't
like Dicky! He humped up hid back
and made the- awfullest ace The min
ute' Ruth- took -the cage down. So
Ellen picked him up and carried him
out to the kitchen and there he had to
atay till Dicky was nxea ana num
called. "The aoaat Is clear!"
Those two peta. who didn't like each
other kept the trls busy; but Tluth
thinks that some -day ef will learn
that Dicky Is nice end Pictfy will leirn
that Jet won't hurt a bird that's shut
tip safely In a cage. i
' My first is-In Nevada, but not In
. My second ! In Mississippi but not
In -New Jersey. , . . '
My thfrd la la New Jersey but not
lnew Mexico. .
&fy fourth la lb New Mexico bat not
In Alabama. ; . i
My fifth la In Alabama but not In
Tcxoa, .
My Hzd Is in Texas but not In
Utah.' ,, . ', 1
My seventh la la Utah but not In
Florida. .
lly eighth Is In Florida but not In
New Hampshire.
My ninth Is LrfN'ow Hampshire but
not In I'ennsylvuRia.
My tenth Is In Pennsylvania but
not In North Carolina.
. My eleventh Is in North Carolina but
not in Wisconsin.' v
My twelfth Is In Wisconsin but Dot
in Nevada.
My whole brings the May flowers.
(Move the following titles to the
right and left so that the letters down
the center epell ithe naata of their
a Mld-summar Nlg-hfa praam
Hamlet '
. Much Ado About Nothing
King Lear ,.
' Borneo and J-ullat
As You Like It . , . .
. Pericles "
. The Merchant of Vaaie
The Itiming of th Shraw
Tweiffh Night - w.-
The Author la a famona pass win
birthday la eelsbrated .00 tb ttrd
April. 1;,, v -:-
" .... - S.. - - f'
.A -
niiMr Start wiiperrt kaM w
BY WrM.1 CKWtuu "-
fc-r t r
Whn Shakespeare Went To School
H OW woratjd you Ile lo get Jup on
cold -Inter mprninff aji ' b.x
Qj'cioclt and take a tea uuauie
fi run tnrouffh the crisp air to be
i;5cb6ol -t thu flrsr.reak of UaMm?
That Is what little William Shake
speare had to do. la summer time les
sons began at six o'clock promptly for
even then the people believed in "the
day light saving plan. Indeed -there
waa no electric light to take the place
of daylight, so "early to rise and early
to bed" was th alogran which wae fol
lowed. William went to a grammar
school -we are toid, whjre the hvad
master. Walter Roche, worked tvwd to
make the boys learn the lessons of the
day. Master Roche received for but
hard work only one hundred doMurtt
a year. 'To be sure tweniy-flve cen
tn those days waa worth almMt as
much us tn dollars is now. but can
you think of a young school master
buying not only his clothes bur' n is
books as well for that mall hwh
liuui SUakv.pt-arc Uh c April LA, 1610)
The boys who went to schooj with
wmiam Shakespeare wore, as did ne,
a long and loo.se cloak hanging nearly
to their ankles. Their arm were
thruat throujfh .short wide sleeves. L'n
dor the bloak was worn a clos fitting
Jerkin. Putted hon stuck out from
beneath the wai&t and reached to the
thighs above long colored stockings.
Their siuKtf .were 'Queer indeed, . with
bulLy toe and long ribbons of their
own iuateriaj tied about the boys
auklea.' 'Very Utile is known about
"little boy Will'. It has been said
that he knew '"little i-utin and Ivtss
ireek' but' when he girew to, -toe a
man be wrote .plays and -poems tiia:
have jftlled the hearts Of 'the greatest
sebol!Tra of all tmies with deep rever
ente und adiuiration. ;
The boys -learnwd some- very queer
things it the Iit'le grHmmar school
near Hen!ey street. They were taught
coldest blood Jn the world, and that
dragons la the scorching heat of sum
mer cannot get anything to cool them
but ' this blood." The writing books
of the ooyt were filled with texts from
the Uible written in n drubbed orooked
stylo. The signs ture of the great Poet,
which -has been prenerved for all 10
see shows the' characteristics oX this
old Knglifth per.mnshlp. ' ,
- Whatever lc Wnstor Roche may or
to ay not have taught his young pupils
during the hx years that- William
Shakespeare attended the Stratford
Grammar School,- he surely must have
trwtlllrd 10 the heart of " the - boy
Shakespeare a, love for all that Is tine
and beau Uful m life. ' The great
genius that burned- in the hoy's heart
was stirred and led- into the paths of
fanoy arid colorful Vmtrginutive wan
derings.-so 'that when he matured the
name p"d Us light "about all "the
world to awhght the hearts of all who ,
worship at -the poet's shrine. 1
See If jou can find a path from one of the circles marfcad A lo Metrt'i
B. ' Ubea iron Jtase fonnd Ilia rlfitit put, traco It 1Us couwao
mco wliat animal yon tiare.
(East Oregonian Special.) .
' FTA N Fl I7L1, Oct. 1. M. Mork
wno nas me cm.c-i. i ftnLAiiiii me street. fc
a'iples tn this vicinity, arrived Sunday Darwin Presnits and family of Pout-
building, which Is owned by Mrs. Annie i Arba Harrington spent a few days
Webster of Fargo, North Dakota. there last week from. Willamette ,val-
Mrs. Ivan Dunning was n Herms-jley,
ton Wednesday. . I
Mrs. James O. J-ane returned Sat
urday from a two month.' s visit with
her father in Montevideo, Minnesota.
O. J. Brockman was called -to Port
land Monday on business. : -' J; . '
Dor. Pruitt is having some improve
ments rnnde to bis bouse on Barbara
from Hood River. The packing com
meneed Wednesday morning. As there
a a shortage In the apple crop this
year -Mr, Mork hopes to get through
hi about five weeks. He brought a
number of expert packers with him.
"Mr. Mork had the contract last year.
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. A. Hazen returned
'borne Wednesday from a seven weeks'
tour, of the middle west.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A, Holte returned
Friday from a two weeks' visit in Port
land, t -
. P. B. Bishop of Portland was call
Ins on his customers here Wednesday.
Mis; Bva Dunning is teaching in the
'iilgh tichoo! -at Doty, Washington.
Voss Fulford Is erecting a modern
bungalow on Dunne street. Mr. Ful
ford with his family expects to oocn-
jy this new home and rent tha one he
no lives In. . '
' Mies Martha Fummel and Miss
Stuth Dickson, two expert apple pack
ers of The Dalles, arrived Tuesday.
' Vernon Waid of Lexington, is spend
ing a few days with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Waid.
( Mr. and Mrs. Harry Anthony and
children,- who have been the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Baker returned to
their home in Spokane Sunday.
Philip Faucett and Norman John--snn
are atendins; Whitman College In
aralla Walla.
Miss loia Brae? of Butter creek Is
, making her eiome with Mrs. Chester
' Impuie and ia attending the high
aishoob i
A small fire originated in the meat
market of Durkee & Son Monday
morning but was soon extinguished by
the newly organized fire department.
Quite a little damage was done to the
land, are visitinfat the home ot Mrs.
Emma Pregnitzi
East Oregontan Special.)
MILWAUKEE, Wis.,'i'Oct.?l. Pass
age of -the measure to open the Great
Lakes; Waterways q ocean navigation harhor. Improvement aehedule- has qnlrenfenta for ocean fonnage. 8hl
win xino jtiiiwauaee preparea to ne- ,iu.u.. uimw un reiiuiremems
come an ooean port, according to PhU.
A. Grnu, business manager, of the Mil
waukee Association of Commerce.
"No change in the ' Improvement
program for the Milwaukee Harbor
wU be necessary to prepare for ocean
tonnage," Mr. Gran said. "For nine
years, or since the organisation of tha
for every variety .jf ocean tonnage.
Milwaukee commerce and Industry
long hns seen that the opening of the
Great Lake Waterways to ocean navi
gation is one of the inevitable matters
of -the 'future, however distant.
"Milwaukee already is favored with
one of the, best harbors In1 existence.
Milwaukee Harbor: commission,' the I designed on lines that meet all re
pots save much time through the tc!
minal service, and much transfer
pense. ThA differential on coal abf
In the Milwaukee harbor Is about fir
cents per ton. ,... , ,.
"Milwaukee, like many other In ;
ports, already has marine lnteres 'j
inal to most of the ocean mruf,
roKards both facilities and tontu!
handling. 1
tr """""1
.,....- . - i
S 1
1 .f s
(Bast Otegbnuini pecial.1 il "
XrMAPTNH'ticL'l. A bafiy son was
born to Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Hastings
at their heme northeast of Umaplne
on Tuesday morning, September 28,
1920. '
Joe Krumbah and Jess Sutherland
returned from a two weeks hunting
trip tn the mountains on Wednesday
morning and are prouaiy snowing
fine big deer they shot near tne on
Mrs. Pearl Morrison of Helix, an old
friemi nf .Mrs. Fred Hodgen'a mother.
called Wednesday on Mrs. Hodgen ana
was a dinner guest.
Rev. C. C. Babbidge, paator of the
Presbyterian church at Umapine, .has
received a call to the cburcn at Iorxn-
nort. Wash., and said today that he in
tended to accent thia all and would
m all nrobability leave tTmapine toy
October 12. Northport la a mlnhir
tow a of 3000 people.'
Miss Irene Wilson came over from
Seattle to attend the Kound-Up. She
k registered at tha ' University of
Frank Sloan of Stanfield, repobll
can candidate for the legislature and
Zoeth Houser, ... republican candidate
for sheriff, were business visitors in
Umapine Wednesday. '
Ida, Uncraft. aister oi Alice uprrau,
and well known here, was married last
week in Walla Walla to William lm-
renzen. a .Fenaieion wneai raut-nc.
They will make their home near Pen
I Tor , ; ,
" Regular DemfxratiC '
If elected will strive
give the jieople an economi
cal and efficient adminis
tration, ''uuar
iKust Oreeonian Special.)
CSITItDAX& Oct. 1. A number of
neoDle attending the ound-Up last
week were Mr. ana mm. noy
iromerv. Pat and Elvln Corley. Mr. an
Mrs. Chas. McDevitt. Hazed jrJiy, jonn,
Herbert and Mrs. French, Mr. and Mrs.
Hoencer. Ed Hammer.
Mrs. John Lightfoot returned to ner
home at Nye after spending the past
week visiting her brother, Frank
Chapman and family.
A maternity shower waa given Mrs.
"nr.k 'ii'niiian last week by Mrs.
. HBLIX. Oct. 1. The first high
school student body meeting of the
year was held at Helix high school
Tuesday. Basketball and baseball let-
tera were presented to winners " and
officers- were elected for the coming j
yea, "Myron Shannon being reelected I
president. Klva Alexander was chosen
secretary and treasurer and Delos Rob- f
ertson and Randolph Cook sergeants :
at arms.
Mrs. W. H. Shannin and small son
have left for La -Crosse, to visit Mrs.
Shannon's sister, Mrs. Guy Myrtck.
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Titsworth and
two daughters are in town again after i
being near Athena during harvest.
Most of the Farmers in this section ;
have completed heat hauling.
LONDON", Oct.- l.i-(A." POr-Ku-
mors of plots ranging' from - -conspiracies
to assassinate King George to
blowing up public buildings have been
current In London the past lew days.
The reports have been caused by fear
that lives of public men of Great Brit.
ain might be jeopardized should any
of-the-Irish hunger strikers die, par
ticularly now that the. "black and
tan" police hava made reprisals In
several. Irish towns.' Investigation of
tbe rumora has obtained -only nega
tive results. ' One man. giving an Irish
name and having four rifles and Irish
Self Destruction League literature was
arrested today. -
Beanty. More Tbaa Skin Deep
Tiers la an old saying that beauty
la only, skin deep. That may be so
Ith those who get their beauty out of
a box but not tbe genuine sort. . Beau
ty la really only aaotnar word for good
hearth and no woman whr la dhious
and constipated eaa reasenabiy hope
to be beautiful. Chamberlain's Tab
let will correct these disorders, then
with proper diet and exercise there
la no reason why any young woman
with regular features may not hop to
Kbe beautiful.
She Seta a 3ood Example.
"I keep a bottla of Chamberlain's
Colic and Diarrhoea Remedy In the
bouse at all times and hava recom
mended it to many friends and ac
quaintances who have used it with
rood results" writes A. O. Newell, New
Kensitngton, I 'a. Should you not do
likewise? Think of the pain and suf.
ferine- that must be endured when
Cha. JVilson at ber home on
the i meaicino most be sent for.
Aiiout 12 Indies were present
and all enloyed a pleaaant afternoon,
j Horn. Friday. September 24, to Mr.
and Mrs. George Taylor, a boy. Both
tnimi)iher and child are doing fine.
m !i Xf f T Hoi I later left last week
for I'ortlund after a few days' visit In
this vicinity.
Mrs. 3. H. Mettle of tTrlah, la spend
ing an Indefinite time at her daugh
Now la the Time to (Set Kid of Tonr
If you are troubled with rheumatism
set a bottla of Chamberlains Lini
ment and use It according to tha plaia
arinted dlreetlona. ion will ba sur
prised at the quick relief which It af
fords. -No Internal treatment la re
quired In cases of chronie or musclar
rheumatism. All you Bead U to use
ft H"W
IBMKPS (Swim T?'"Hsw jsMaW. "'''B
& , T, v.."V - fif.-.
Nut Margarine
It is the finest spread for bread we know
anything about. t..; I ; j ';'..'
Churned from liighly refined cocoanut oil and milk. How could it be any purer.
NTJCOA is hot a substitute. Use it every day in the year.
Nucoa Butter Co.
San Francisco, Cal.
Distributed fay ,
Commercial Creamery
-Spokane, Wash: , , . .',
a w?' ' - p . r
fiosiuttuu. rsatrBtwssiMALisTS.
The Nucoa BuTrrn Company
'XVN. VKN, Tt SOWn .w.T
ffT" y - TTTfiTTTl lllli 111
M liniment fraelft ,
tsnntitt:' t"rttii'! '
ter i, Mrs. Frank. Cbapmaa'a.