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The Paughtcra of the American of the Red Cross, the appeal for lol- city Mopping at the Hotel St. George,
1 Revolution will hold their first meet- unteer service is renewed In hope of! T. Q. Schllke of La Grande I a Pen
ding since the quarantine thin evening completing the dressings this week. ;dletnn visitor today.
'-M. the home of Mrs. George A. Hart- Gauxe folding, each afternoon will be 1 F. Hubert Is lu Pendleton from
man, 114 Monroe street. At 7:S0 under the supervision of one of the i t'kiah.
o'clock sharp. A full attendance Is do- .following women, who Join in asking j q. a. McCutchen Is In- the city to-
Klred that work Tor the year may M cooperation tor the completion or tne day from Nolin.
The Informs! meeting of the Cur
rent 1-ilerature Club called for Wed
nesday, has been postponed until FVl-
day. afternoon at. 3 o'clock at the
homo f Mrs. Dlsneway.
church of the Kedeemer, the Parish"?
Aid. the Ladies' Auxiliary and the
Sanctuary., chapter, are to meet tomor
row afternoon at the rectory. A full
attendance is urged and friends a
well as member are . invited to be
task which has claimed the attention
of workers for many months.
Wednesday Mrs. T. D. Taylor.
Thursday Mrs. P. K. Boyden.
Friday Mrs. J. C, Woodworth.
W. C. O'Sullivan Is up from Stan-
field, a guest at the Hotel St. George.
T. S. Gibson la a business visitor in
Pendleton today from pilot Rock.'
. JJave White is In Pendleton today
-' 1 , from Walla Walla.
Mr. and Mrs. Helwlg Rredlng and, Newton Miller and R. U Hari were
in- the city yesterday from Hold man.
John Thompson of SiWftm, was In
tne city-on' Paturdny. " 1.
T. B. Otrrdane'waa In the city from
Mencham yesterday;
, A. H. Moore of 5cho was In the city
Mr. and Mrs. A. C'. Ebert and chll-
little son Jack returned Monday from
Portland where they spent a week with
Mrs. Bredtng's mother, Mrs. R. R.
Warren at one of the attractive .home,
on the Columbia River highway. at
Warrendale. . Th trip both going end
coming in a Vellle roadster. , ;
present. The meeting Is scheduled M ' department of the Red i d""n. Sunday from a trip to
. Z:OC,OCK ""V"8 AUX- Cross a welcome Is extended to all
i.lary wiff present an Informal program . ,, inteers for to-
on missionary work.
With the resumption of class work
In the surgical dressings department
morrow afternoon, by Mrs. T. D. Tay
lor, who is Wednesday's supervisor.
W. Fv Kipple of Portland, is in the
- tW," J r j 'r. 'I ' 'LJ e-e-Ja"
- f-r-.i.
" vr r, V .J '! fl Vlr r
An International Service Built
on Tiny Profits Per Pound
; 1 Some industries fiavd been able to get in
step with war demands more quickly , than
j.o&eis.;. ' ; ; . ....
In many cases mighty plants have sprung
ap-but, at aprodigious cost. , ! ,
The packing industry was able to adapt
Itself to unheard of demands more quickly,
perhaps, than any other industry. And this
was because the vast equipment of packing
plants, refrigerator cars, branch houses, etc.,
had been gradually developed to its present
state of efficiency, so that in the crucial hour
it became a mighty international system for
war" service. ' '
And how had this development taken place?
Not by making vast inroads into the capi
tal wealth of the country, bu41argely by using,
from year to year, a portion of the profits, to
provide for expansion.
Swift ft Company's profits have always been so
tiny, compared with sales, that they have had practic
ally no effect on the price of meat (amounting to only
fraction of a cent per pound).
And yet the owners of the business have been
content with reasonable returns on their capital, and
have been able, year after year, to put part of the
profits back into the business to provide for its
expansion. '
These fraction of tiny profits have been repaid to
to the public many fold in the form of better service,
and better and cheaper meat, and made it possible for
Swift & Company to meet, undaunted, the sudden
cry for meat for overseas.
Could any other method of financing a vital
industry involve less hardship to the people of the
country ? Could there be m better instance of trotf
"pTOrrNsnaring'' than this return in added usefulness
and in national preparedness ?
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
Sam Jngalls was In4 Pendleton yes
terday from his ranch near Pendle
ton. Max Simmons of Pendleton la a
visitor at the home of Sam Harris
this week. La Grande Observer.
B. D. Smith, former Umatilla coun
ty sheepman. Is in town from Hood
River today.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hart man are'
here from Portland to attend the fu
neral of Mrs. Hartman's father, ft. J.
Rev. H. HI Huhell, pastor of the
Christian church, left yesterday morn
ing for a few days stay In Portland.
Judse T. A. McBride. justice of the
supreme courti returned to his home
at Salem, yesterday morning - after
spending Suiday in Pendleton
Miss Hazel Jenkins, a popular young
lady of Pendleton, Is visiting Misa
Thelma Osterllng for a few days. La
Grande Observer.' ,
f Robert N- Stanfleld, leading wool
producer of the wefit, left for his On
tario home yesterday, after spending
several days In Portland with Mrs.
Stanfleld, who Is at the Mallory Ho
tel. Portland Oregonlan. ,
, John Adams, night clerk at the Fo
ley, expects to leave tomorrow to ac.
ccpt a similar position. jn the Pendle
ton hotel at Pendleton. r. a Van
Housen of Brfker, will succeed Mr.
Adam La Grande Observer.
Card of Thank
We wish to express our most sin
cere thanks to the many friends who
so generously contributed their assist
ance during our sad bereavement and
ess of our' beloved husband and son.
Also for the many beautiful floral
tributes. '
t M Ra L., H. GBIS8.
p.'iny. '
. The three weeks I wan at the front
J didn't have time to write any one for
It keeim us busy dodning shells and
Jerry's machine gun huUets. Wit'hV
didn't happen to have my number
on any of them.
v Believe me, this Is some experience
and a great lesson not only to, me but
lots of others, A fellow doesn't know
what he can stand and go through
until he has to.
I saw Frtt ftredlng -a day or two
before I came to the hospital. He was
looking good.
Haven't heard' from my brofhei
since we went over the top, but 1
guess he la all right. I hope so, any
I never get any letters so I guess
I have lots of moll over here some
place, but It hasn't caught up with
me .for I have been transferred
around so much. .
Well, Earl It is kind of hard for me
to write any more for you can't te,i
where you have been or what you
have done- or anything like that. Bo
I will close. Tou want to excuse this
writing for I- am writing this ' few
lines in bed. . .
Withlng you all a Merry Xmas, I
remain yours truly, ,
American Expeditionary F., Franco.
Regards to the bunch.
J. P. Walker of Pendleton, la In re
ceipt of a letter, from Carl McGlnnis,
a Pendleton" man', who left here1 with
Troop D. whose address Is Box C, 146
F. A., A & F,. The letter is dated Oct.
23, and says In part: ."We are sleep
ing lit dugouts,, two of Us In a dugout.
and. Frit sends, a few over at times
whch ikeeps us busy going, to cover.
While I am writing this a few of the
boys are playing poker and when Frits
sends one over they run to a dugout."
Walter Gill, formerly employed in
George Baer's hardware store and a
member of Troop D; tells in a letter
to Mr. Baer of work in France. ' Gill
is a sergeant and Is in charge of 150
men and 22 tractors' and trucks. He
says he has considerable responsibil
ity,' and that the work is hard but
say he "is still in the ring." Follow
ing Is the letter in full:
France, Oct. 20, 1918.
Dear Friend' George:
Just a few more lines to let you
know that I am still in the ring and
and Wading mud to my neck every
day. ,1 am in the best of health and
certainly hope that you are. the same.
I can't say that I ami in the best of
spirits for I am having more grief
with my trucks than a man with seven
wives. Out of 19 cars f have two
that will haul' . ammunition. Every
day there is some officer will come
around and want a certain number of
cars and when I haven't got them they
i . SarsaoarHI For 'a Tim Hits This,
After Influenza, tho Crip,
When pure blood, rebuilt strenpta
and regulated bowels are essential.
In the after-effects of influenza,
the grip and other prostrating dis
eases, Hood's Snrsnparilla has re
markable health-helping effoctv . . .
It; expels the poisons that have
weakened and depleted the blood,
causing pallor, anemia, flabby, flesh
and la muscles. It is the standard
blood remedy with a successful rec
ord of nearly fifty years.
f aiiy people need a fine, gentle,
easy cathartic in these trying times.
AV recommend Hood's Pills', used1 in
the best families, and equally effec
tive with delicate women or" robust
men. Easy to take, easy tc operate.
FFfiS" IF (HOSS( SK 1R, fR-
Look back at your childhood days.
Remember tho "dose" mother insisted
on castor oil, calomel, cathartics.
How you hated them, -how you fought
agnhiHt taking them.
With our children it's different.
Mothers who cling to the old form of
physic Kim ply don't uealiae what they
do. Tho children's .revolt,!.; Well
founded. Thetr tender little' w!nldes"
arc injured hy them.
If your child's stomach, liver and
bowels need cleansing, give only dell-
cloiin "California Syrup of Figs:" Its
action Is positive, but gentle! Millions
of mothers keep this harmless ''fruit
laxative" handy; they knoV children
love to toko tt; that It never fail to
clean the liver and bowels nnd sweeten
the stomach, and that A teaspoonful
given today saves a sicg child tomor
Ask your druggist for a bottle of
"Caylfornla Syrup of Figs," which has
folT directions for babies, children of
all ages and for grown-ups plainly on
each bottle. Beware of counterfeits
sold here. See that It Is made by
'California Fig Syrup Company." Re j
fuse any other kind with contempt, j
. Men's fancy Silk Ties'
A large 'assortment of ' Four-in-Hands with
flowing ends, priced at 35c, 50c, 75c and $1.00
Men's Fancy Grip Bow Ties 35c and 50c
Men's Initial Handkerchiefs 2oc
Ladies' Emhroidered Handkerchiefs 5c and 10c
Men's Fancy Lisle Hose 25c and 35c
Men's Silk Hose 6-c
Men's Wool Hose 39c and foe
Men's Garters, single or double grip 25c and 3-c
Men's Arm Bands 5 t 2c
Ladies' Fancy House Slippers 95c to $1.9.
Men's-House Slippers . r..... ..... 95c to $2.2.)
Men's Army Sweaters f J! !
Men's Jersey Sweaters $1.00 to $3..0
The Hub
52 Sample Stores. , 745 Main St
8 r,i nin !
121 East Court
Picture Framing'
All the lau-st nioiilln, to your iiriler, piirrly n""1'' "'
, at rciiHoiinhlt! pi'lit-H
Sole Agents for the Old liclialilo
Western Made fur Western Trado
' tt ' " '
yell their header off.
blow up at any time. Several times
I thought that business had gone to
H , but ft is still going. It sure Is a
funny feeling to have a few about the
News of Local Boa th (na Ser
vice; Information- for tbla De
partment Will be Appreciated.
1 am in- full command of our es-
chelon and I have about 150 men anil jsixe of an 8 Inch stove pipe whistling
22 tractors and trucks to look ater so around you. The closer to the
you-see how .much I have to do, I ground that you- can pet the bolter
haven't aeen one of the officers from i you feel and if there Is a hole around
my battery for over two weeks and it lyou , don't have to have an 'officer
sure works hardships on me. I am there to tell you to Bet In It. That's
very much afraldi that tho Captain has one place where will power can't over
over estimated my ability to run this iconic your lejra. Well ithoy are yell
eschelon. Well I will do the best I iing, come and get it before they throw
can until things get too much for me ' It out so I will ring off for the time
and then I will, turn up my toes and : being. , Back again. For dinner we
yell, Kamerad! The captain thinks had the old army and navy special,
that I am some Sgt. He told the or- beans! Oreat stuff If you like them
derly for him that the reason he liked .but I can't say that I do. Tell Chet.
me so well was, because ho could tell or Hob to write a few lines once In
me so little and I would do the thing a while, that Is if it wouldn't break
so thorough. It's all very nice to !thelr arm. Give my regards to all I
have your commanding officer think j know and don't forget to answer this
fhat way about you but you can see jletter." I guess that I have sounded off
jwhat it leads to. jabout enough for this time so I will
I am camped in a "little town, that jring off.
in It used to be a town but all there Is with kindest regards and be:t
left Is a few walls and piles of rook. Iwishes to you nnd family.
1 1 don't believe there Is a house with Sincerely Tours, '
borneby the county
some other manner,
a roof left on It in the whole place and
I 11 UHVU W UB 1 1,111 Bliuni )l 111 VI. Alio
i, main road runs thru here and Broad
way. N. Y., is quiet to what It is here.
JOHN SWAXEY WRITES FROM My of(ice truck get, alonff 8ide tne
HOSPITAIt , road and that is the reason I know.
Private John B. Swaney, Co. h HOS There lB a string of cars going day
infantry, writes from Base Hospital and nlgnt- i never saw so many in all
No. 22 to1 Earl Coutts of this city and my je
tells how he "went over the top" aft- j'u gay that Sherman knew what he
er being in the army just three'!wag talking about when he said that
months: He says. In regard to the !war vax Hell. It's all of that and some
army, "that a fellow doesn't know :more added. I thought that the war
8gt. W. A. Gill,
Hat. "D 148
A. E. F.
F. A.
Tfc H. Paldock, of Hoppne'r," ls'ln the
city today.
J.' E. El'klns is here today from Se- !
C. E. Ferguson Is here today from i
O. 1. Teel Is up today from Echo.
Willi M. Peterson and A. II. Cox left
this rooming for Portland. I
Fred Last is In the city on business
from Ijt Orando.
I. Bentley left today for San IHeKo,
California, where he will spend the
winter. '
Mrs. George Chamberlain of Pen
dleton, is spending a few days in Port
land. She is at the Imperial.
George J. Burf is a business visclf
or In Pendleton today from Portland
stopping at the Hotel St. George.
the league or in from Echo.
C. I'atne Is a business visitor ill
Pendleton today from . Ilonrdnuin, lh
new irrigation dlslric-t that Is coming
to the front west or Slnnfteld.
CI. C Staten, of Pendleton, Is stnyln
,at the Oregon, and A. I. De.Marls Of
Milton, is visiting at the Imperial.
Portland Journal.
.Mrs. Clyde H. Cnrpentier left today
f.r Payette, Idaho, to visit nt the
homo of her parents, Itev. and Mrsi
11. J. Adams.
K. T. Juvenal and family are in the
City guests at the hotel 8t. George
what he can stand or go through un
til he has to." . Following is the let
ter: . . . ;
November 3,- 1 9 18. -,
Friends Earl and Bobble: " '
I- guess yon think It strange to re-till the said: War will end". I nave
celve a. letter from me, but since I jfound every thing that I lost over here
and I for one am ready to cross 'the
pond for the last time. George, this
was going to end for a while but I
guess it was all a stall. Germany Just
wanted-'a chance to build up again.
She' knows now that she Is not fooling
with some Infant baby and 1 think
- .18
Jones, representtaive-elect from
rlon county, will be speaker of
lower honse of the Oregon- Zjegisia
that it Will only be a few more months j t'r. which will assemble January 13,
Tnis m-tne outcome or tne-1 wun-
drnwal of Herbert Gordon,, of Mu!to-
have been in the hospital I have been
writ In; a letter or two every day.
Well, Earl it didn't take us very
long' to reach France. We landed over
here on the 17th of August. We were
seven days coming across and I was
sure g'ad when we got here for I was
feeding the fish most of the way.
After we got over here they split
oa all up and.put us in different com
panies and another division.
I was in the army three months to
the day and over the top we went.
That was on September 26 and was in
the firing line for about three weeks.
war is going to teaoh more than one
boy a lesson and I am one of them. I
have already learned mine and now
I'm ready for a course in something
else. Say for instance, a course in
polishing stoves. Ha, Ha. How did.
the th loan go in Pendleton? I took
out $100 bond. The government de
ducts $10 a month from your pay and
that's the way it Is paid for. While
you are on tho front you don't need
only a few francs for smokes so I am
sending all I can home each month.
1 '
i i-
Any on e Wan ti n g :-
"3 "3 Er"3 1 " f3 "f)
Telephone 339 'i i!
Bi supply, now on hand and
will be sold cheap. Get
your order in now.
And believe me. when ever you are at'ao" "'" ......
the front you go through a little hell.Jhen I get back and I II have to have
Sleeping out in the cold and rain. 1 buv the baby some shoes
stayed with It till it put me here. I veral other things too numerous
have been here for about two weeks. j mention. Ha, Ha.
Of course it Is kind of nice to have a I will sure be able to tell you a
bed to sleep In but it Isn't very nice ouncn ui
them every day.
There Is some funny things happens
around here In the course of a day. It
got a letter from the State, since , ,hl ., ti h,.
should have lots of l , """'" ,. " ' -,' ,
nient and a fellow sure gets the blues.
Not knowing anybody and I haven't
came aeross.
j-iail when f
back to my com-1
ter known as cooties. France is full
jnf these little devils so most any place
that you go you can lino inem. i
must give you my definition of a
louse. They are little parasitic ani
mals that had advanced the art of
camouflaging to high science before
man ever knew that there was such
an Insect. I haven't located any more
of them since the time tnat I wrote ; This Is a matter that was brought up
jyou about. One of my trucks just , by Ir. W. D. McXary and Judge Ste-
icaugnt nre ana came uaom near uum- t,nen A. Lowell, and has for Its pur
mah, and Ben C. Sheldon- of Jack
son, and the member, who were sup
porting them pledging their support,
or a majority of them at least, to Mr.
Jones. This coupled with the solid i
Wn..t Qta vnla 'i au I .Da tha fnrlnn i
county man election, j
Sunday evening about 80 members ;
of Ihn hmme with Assurance of co-
operation that pledged 34 votes, met j
at an Informal conference at the Hotel
I'uniana, at ine conclusion in wnii'ri'pr
tt wns announced that the speakership !
hud been settled. S
WASHINGTON, Dec. 3. Wllsou's V.
friends are convinced that Hcpresen
tiitlve Carter Glass of VlrKlnlu, will
succeed McAdoo.
I 1 Nil t 1 3 Fill -"sr- llfl t ''1 .a
f. 1 I N f- f H VX I I e I I 1 5
tui .xur lis. V UJ IJ V.
2 n ' f-v '; fwi , F-3 r v
, r aa W IkJ lad
' " "' : .: ' ' ' ll
... r
. 8 r S
URGED BY limi t
The executive committee' of - the K
Umatilla County Patriotic Service jg
league has gone pn record as unciuall-j
fiedly In lavor of securing a county a
health 'nurse for Umatilla county. A'
: ii i as. '.. .. t. ? ::
flrew It Yonrself at Homr.
ProosW"1 the remedy y.nf rm inf? UP- I' hadn't been for so much j ,,0e the protection of the health of
tke for ilomj-d np bowels and sIuk-'handy mud. It would have burned up, the countyv particularly at this time
gish liver is one that costs very little entirely. That's another thing lhnt wn,.n the soldiers will be returning
-TS'l'iT,". T,VCl;:,.. tr . iFrance Is blessed with far mud and j from th, mmm and from France, and
B. T- has be-n ueed by tns of thou- ;any amount of It. i it will be necessary to take precautions
sand to k-p the bowels regular and jf ve nB that much rain at home for the prevention of tho spreai
the whole system In tlnn con.lltion. 'wa wouI(i haVe to raise rice Instead ; tuberculosis and Instruct the poop!
tvf ,.nti vet . ..tiar W bt This Is a' great life If you, the treatment of the disease I
ulwtor n4 system tonic, and brew a-don't weaken but the best of them do. .'early stages.
w?ek" J"rwTUr"ft" rry "'Bht tOT. "I' -How is your business? Hns the war It was the expression of those pres.
j You'll surely be gratefully surprised! affected1 you tt great deal? As you cnt that this Is a matter of so mncH
at the benefit you get and will frame know my business la myself arid It j Importune, provision for the securing
.Sf"r. ?r-i,nA.'t.Jmti? eSEI'tKn't verr .ubantlal on. at this day'of county nurse should b. mad. r.-
..?A li'lr Z J.VZ"u A tword aa H-U Kablo'to bo.no tho county, in Jeacn. or In
ad of i A.'
Lie In 1 U
n the i 5
Actual scene of FORDSON TRACTOR i)1nw;no. ; g
1.1 11 1J f T T TIlT-i-. . .1 4 3
up oiu aiiiiixu xiciu lur u. u. lvxann, on ine reserva
tion. - . ! i
Soil was packed, not having been plowed far
years, and the roots were extremely large. "
$1125 f.o.b. Pendleton With Plow. '
( You can buy the tractor without plow.
a Now here for immediate delivery. '
Simpson Auto Co.
S Wsiipr & Jnritisnn P.Ja. rU in
' ' -- ( i Hunt; uo rg