East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, November 03, 1916, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE TEN, Image 10

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This Store Offers You the Greatest Measure of Return for the
Money You Spend, Because in Paying Cash You Don't
Help to Pay Those Bills That Aren't Paid
Sunday Dinner
Tiic iii j.4 iKtrti, r.lar rn al of tho nook will be a
:-u c.-s it vou onior vour tnwerie.-s from us.
Ranch Egps. jruaranteed, dozen 50
Green Roans. 2 pounds 25?
Spinach, 3 pounds 25f
Head Lettuce, head 10t
Hubbard Squash, pound 3f
Pears, 3 pounds 25f
Celery Heart, bunch 15f
Rrusscl Sprout, pound 20
Green Onions. 3 bunches 10t
Cranberries, pound 15
Green and Red Peppers, pound 15t
Tokay Grapes, pound 15
Cornkhon Grapes, pound 15
Blue Pearmain Apples, box $1.50
Casabas, pound 5
Sole Agent for Gold Medal Butter, Seal-Shipt
Oysters, Old Monk Olive Oil.
Two Phones, 28 823 Main St
Fire IX-alH) for Hotel.
A permit ha.- been taken out by the
Golden Rule Hotel for the Installa
tion of modern fire escapes.
Instructing Jlotnru Home.
Earl F. Kirkpatrk'k and Fred C.
Ayer, University of Oregon instruc
tor who attended the local institute,
left on No. 17 today for Eugene.
N'ormal opponent Uero.
Homer I. Watts, Athena" attorney
who has been active In his opposition
to the Pendleton normal schol bill,
came down this morning In his auto
and is spending the day here.
rliiM'i-nl Tomorrow.
The. body of Fred Hague of Burns,
who died recently at the Eastern Ore
gon State Hospital, will be buried to-'
morrow in the local cemetery from
the Folsom chapel. A brother will
arrive from Burns tomorrow.
Pkonc 609
Piano Toner Retains.
Howard & Soule, the piano tuner
from Portland, who wag formerly
well known In this vicinity, is now In
Pendleton again and Intends to make
this city regularly In the future. Or
ders for tuning may be left at Tall
man's Drug store. Adv.
At the Boston Clothing Store,
beautiful $200.00 Talking Machine.
See it in their window and learn par.
ticulars. Adv.
wnmiiiiiiiuitiiiiiiitiuiiiiiiitiHiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii imiimiiiiiiiiiiiMim'-
Not only because it is made in Pendleton, 1
but. because it is better
old to t"e family trade in cases of one dozen bottles and op. E
quarts or pints.
We also recommend our new True Fruit drinks, E
PORT-0 and PEND-O.
Brewed and bottled by
Wm. Roesch Bottling Co. I
Kjiiy Brewery.
3 Vhoteaele and Family Trade. Telephone 6M 5
Skwhm """iniiiiiiiiHiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiii,ii,
Him lxwiiH-r SCre Back.
George Siansier, who recently sold
his farm on Birch creek at a good
profit, has purchased back the Main
street cigar store which he formerly
owntd and which has been run for
the past year or more by Lou Sutton.
Airs. Maris, Smith Pusses Away.
Mrs. Maria Smith, an aged lady
who lived near Ring station, passed
away yesterday of complications due
to her advanced years. She was near
ly 78 years old and was a native of
Dark county, Ohio. The body is be
ing shipped to Wallula for Interment.
Churchill Again Endorses Normal.
Before the Institute of the teach
ers of Union, Baker and Wallowa
counties yesterday in La Grands, State
Superintendent J. A. Churchill again
came out strongly for the Pendleton
normal school bill. Today the mea
sure will be brought before the insti
tute by the resolutions committee, ac
cording to the La Grande Observer.
Retail .Specialist Coming.
O. R. McAusland, specialist in re
tail salesmanship in the University of
Oregon extension department, will ar
rive in Pendelton tomorrow to make
arrangements for conducting night
classes for local clerks who wish to
increase their efficiency. Mr Mc
Ausland is not a theorist. He has
managed some of the biggest retail
stores in the east and his present
42 Shopping Days Until
: fsrs:
The Sign- That Means
Throughout the United States there
to one Jeweler from each city secure
ly united to buy and produce "quality"
goods in cooperation. It means a
prloe-aaving to you and a uniform
standard of high quality.
On our window and In our store you
see the above sign.
.prominently displayed. For wher
ever throughout the United States
you see it it can be a safe guide to
honest values.
We lake a just pride In being
known as the "Hallmark Jeweler"
and In featuring "Hallmark" Jewelry.
f avel fe Radiation
Every Ounce of heat
is saved for your home.
Cole's Powerful Radia
ting Body transmits all
the warmth and cheerful
ness into your rooms with
Cole's Original
Wood Heater
Holds Fire 36 Hours
Save that Frosty Morn
ing's trip to the kindling
pile. Get up in a warm
room and enjoy solid com
fort. No fires to build with
this remarkable fuel sav
ing heater. There is a size
and style to fit your need.
Investigate today.
Buy Youn Today.
fei, Hardware
741 Main Street.
Phone 87
1 The HALLMARK Store
Expert repairing
of Watches
and Jewelry.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Wm. Hanscom
THE Jeweler.
work ta a hobby with him. He has
Just concluded three weeks in Baker
and three weeks In La tlrande, but
his classes here will probably not be
gin until after election. During the
summer Mr. McAusland was em
ployed by Meier & Frank in Portland
to instruct their salesmen and sales
women in efficiency methoils.
Guardian Ad Uteiu.
George H. Bishop of Freewater has
been appointed guardian tid litem of
Alfred Behnke.
Soils Mitchell Oar.
MeCoolr KentlRV lm'ul .-ikrents for
the Mitchell auto, report the sale of
a car to Fred Heft of Nolin.
An 8-1'ound lioy.
An eight-pound boy was born lasi
night to Mr, and Airs. Albert Hoyleu
who live near Adams.
MarrUv LU'Ciis Issued. '
A marriage license was Issued today
to Fred Ludwlg Peterson, a resident
of Washington state, and Lois Edna
Arnold of this city.
ScoU-Sftme need JHled.
The deed conveying a quarter sec
tion of farm land near Adams from
the estate of the late Jerry Stone to
J. N. Scott for the record price of
"J 150 an acre was filed today.
Suit Is Filed.
G. I. La Dow has brough suit in
the circuit court against H. H, Hedrick
to collect a balance of 1369.41 alleged
to be due him for merchandise. V.
C. E. Pruitt is his attorney.
Estate Appra fried.
Fred Hascall, Albert Janes and W.
O. Stover, appraisers of the estate
of Robert V. and Hazel Warner, mi
nors, have reported that the estate is
valued at J 106 8.
Allium Bams Burned,
News was received here today oi
the burning of two barns at Milton
through a fire that occurred at 3 a.
m. One barn was the property of
Frank Warrington, the other of I.
J. Kelley.
Is Appointed Guardian.
Laura A. Ray has been appointed
guardian of her husband, John TV.
Ray. who is incompetent to adminis
ter his own affairs. The estate is
valued at $5696.66.
LuilitV Owls .. S 12.30, XI !.;.". $11.51). SIH.50
luiiitv suiis smtto, si!!."t. sit.;. sih.jmi. a.voi
Unties' Silk Waists S2.IW. S.H
ldie Voile Waists WSe, !., 9i.
laities' Sateen I euiiiwtw ItH'. (lite. He, $1.IM
I aulles' Flctvetl klinoiias 1.2.1. $l.l, I.H
Itiingalow Aprons Ic, Rite, 7(H
I .ail les' Outline IVttieoat 4e
laities' Outiiut (ion 4e, 79e, tie, 1.4
Cliilitren's Outing Gowns 4e
t'lillilreu's OutliiK SleeviiiK (iarments 490
Dr. Denton'H sli',l'nf tJannents 4e, 5e, 8tki, 8tc
Laities' IIiisihI rnlon SullH Ie, N!
t'hililreii's Mix'eetl 1'iiliin Suits I9e, (lite
( hildiTII H WiMiI I'liliin SullH AH, 7tte, USo
Infants' WimiI ItubciiK 4lk.
InranlM' Cotton HulK'iis S5e
lnrants' Wool Itands 2 So
Children's Nazareth Waists ltic
Infants' Caslvniero Hose, pairs 2 So
Velvet Grip SupixHters, all slsea Ilia
Wilson's Siippnrtem 2 So
ladles' Knit SklrtM 4e, 09c, Ke, 11.4
Ladies' Silk Petticoats $2.4, 2.8, $.
J C. Penney Co fw. J
The jury was secured by 10 o'clock
but before the testimony had proceed
ed far the attorneys were in a pitched
battle over a point of law and tno
jury was excused until 3 this after
lingers was called first and identi
fied the lease by which he claims
possession of the land which is owned
by Mrs. lna Uarr. Maloney was
next called and identified the leases
which he had had with Mrs. Darr.
One was dated in 1914 and expired
October 1, 1916. The other was made
June 1 of this year. This lease was
sent to Washington for the approval
of the government, Mrs. Parr being
an alottee, but the government, in
stead of approving It, sent a patent
to the land. It is tlie contention of
Rogers, that, as soon as the patent
was Issued, the Maloney lease was
void. Maloney claims it was mad"
valid by a verbal agreement with Mrs.
Darr and It is over the point of the
admission of this verbal testimonv
that the law battle is now helnc
There is dispute hImi as to which
man had leiral possession of the land
at the time Maloney ordered Itogem
off. Maloney claims he hail farmed
the land for four years and that his
foreman was living on the land. Rog
ers claims possession by reason of
the fact he took his bed and some
farm equipment on to the place. In
his opening argument. Judge Fee de
clared he would show that Rogers
used a spy t-'lass to watch the place
so that he could move on while Ma
loney's men were absent.
For Sale.
2400 acres, nearly all good plow
land. 230 acres in cultivation, or will
lease to right party. Address Cun
ningham Sheep and Land Co., Pilot
Rock, or J, N. llurgess, Pendleton,
Oregon. Adv.
Autc mace.
For Adams, Athena and Weston
leave Hennlng'a Cigar Store at 10 a
m. and 1:30 p m. each day. Adv.
Wheat tl.OO Per Rack.
Have only a few hundred sacks of
this damaged wheat left. Call at H.
W. Collins' warehouse near O.-W. R.
& N. freight house. Adv.
Homo Cooking
at the Golden Rule Cafe. All whit
help. Regular meals 26 cents. Adv.
Notice to the Public.
I am again engaged In the cigar
business in Pendleton, having pur
chased the Sutton cigar store, former
ly the Stangler cigar store, and will
be pleased to meet my old friend and
customers. OBO. 8TANOIBR.
Dance at German Hall.
There will be a social dance at
Herman hall on Saturday evening.
November 4th. Good musio, good
time, All cordially Invited. Adv.
Aosccms On Lungs.
I The 10 year old son of A. M.
Johnson of Athena was operated on
this morning for an abscess of the
lungs. He la reported to be getting
along nicely since the operation.
: Campaigners to Ileppner.
Besides the many automobiles that
.circulated over the county yesterday
in behalf of the normal school meas-
iupre, Spence Bentley and W. N. Mat
lock drove two cars of workers to
Heppners where most effective work
I was done. They found much favor
able sentiment there.
Predicts Normal WW Carry.
William L. Flnley, state biologist,
who is here for the purpose of de
livering a lecture on bird life this
i evening, predicts that the Pendleton
normal school bill will carry. He base?
his prediction on the sentiment he has
encountered during his travels In ail
parts of the state. He states that the
women have been doing some effec
tive work for the measure.
' Mnley SK'alcs This Eve.
j This evening In the high school au
ditorium William L. Finley, state bi
ologist, wll give an illustrated lec
ture on "Our Children and the iilr.ls"
and the public is invited. There will
be no admission charge, Mr. Finley
coming here under the direction of
the state game and fish comlssion. H
is the foremost authority on bird life
In the northwest anr his lectures are
always educational as well as enter
taining. Normal St"lenta Lunch.
At noon today about fifty former
students of the Monmouth normal
I school, who are attending the insti
tute here, lunched together In the
j commercial room of the high school,
jthe domestic science girls serving.
Klemme of Ellensburg; County Supt.
IKlemme of Elensburg; County Supt.
1 1. B. Young, City Supt. A. T. Park, H.
I S. Seymour of O. A. C. and Charles H.
I Jones, publisher of the teachers'
j monthly, were present also and made
short talks
1'nlon County For VS.
I At La Grande this morning the
teachers of Union county, assembled
in their county institute, unanimous
ly adopted a resolution favoring the
establishment of a state normal
school at Pendleton. The news of
the action was received here with
gladness as showing geenrous support
for the measure from Union county.
All the county Institutes held in re.
cent months have passed resolutions
favoring the Pendleton normal.
nil LAND
The legal battle over the leaHe to a
quarter section of land on the reser
vation between Prank Rogers and J.
W. Maloney Is now being fought In
the circuit ccurt with Haley ft Raley
representing Rogers and Fee & Fee
and Charle H. Carter representing
ym f '
3 ilWfiillillvSi
.: ... V
1830 acres on railroad. 2000 tillable, part ready to seed; good
buildings, plenty of water, all fenced and cross fenced. Price
now $60,000.
I have some desirable residence property in Pendleton for sale
at less than cost to build, and lots thrown In. Among which are
the fine modern homes of J. S. Landers on Jackson street, and
J. L. McCreary on Monroe street.
Pendleton. Ore.
While American commanders are
on the alert as a result of the warning
from Washington of a possible at
tack by bandits along the border, Car
ranza troofis are closely surrounding
the main Villa forces in the vicinity of
Santa Ysabel, according to an an
nouncement by General Trevino, com
mander of the Carranzlsta armies in
Northern Mexico.
(Paid Advertisement )
Housekeeping rooms, 608 Willow
For sale Standard show case,
new. Phone 45.
For rent One room apartment
109 Water. Phone 614.1.
Housekeeping rooms for rent. D01
Lllleth street Call evenings.
For rent Suite of three furnished
housekeeping rooms, a T. this office.
Pendleton Hair Dressing Parlors,
Pendleton Hotel building, phone 45.
Wanted Young girl to assist In
housework In family of three. Ftione
"Reliable canvassers to sell our
complete line of Fruit and Ornamen
tal stock In best sections of this state.
Canvassing outfit furnished. Cash
advanced weekly. Address Nursery,
Crenco, Oregon."
Chicken Special for Saturday.
Bnrln frve and fat hens plenty of
them at the Central Market. Tele
phone 466. Special prices for Satur.
i day. Get one for Sunday's dinner
No Commission No Bonus No
No Red Tape
Low Interest Rates
Harlan Abstract Co.
Corner Main and Court Sts. Pendleton, Ore.
Another Carload of
U If ill 1 1 ! II It .i
in Pendleton
For thia month only.
This car that made history on its great coast to
coast and back trip is now on display at
117. 119, 121, 123 West Court Si. Telephone 46J
limimmumilillijHIiipiP 'Mil i iff?1"" 'I
and save money. Adv.