East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, September 18, 1916, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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Cray Brothers
Grocery Co.
Seal Brand"
The Coffee oF
Universal Appeal
In the camp-
tbe pot of gold at the
end of the long trail
because of its rich, full
satisfying strength.
llcrn-stonlan lla Tylold. ' reud uuite number of homos have
A, B. Chests, well known Hormlf ton j been thus, decorated and much favor
dairyman, la at St. Anthony's hoapit- able comment has been aroused
al with typhoid fever. His wife Is at-
tending him. Dummy Poller Iswt Quick.
The dummy traffic police which
t'rutcUfMd. Arrhp. 1 Were placed on Main street Saturday
Cuba ("rutchfleld. champion fancy ' were short lived. By Saturday night
Only Two More Days
Until Round-Up. Aro you supplied with all the thing you need for the house or for
yourself and family? If not, come to this store for your comforters, blankets, bed
spreads, sheets, pillow cases, pillows or anything else that you might need.
roper who has been at past Pound -Upa,
and his wife arrived esterda
from Puyallup, Wn. Cuba will appear
at the Kound-l'p this week i
maul Daughter Died.
News w is received here today by i w
phone of the death at Pasco yesterday m
death of the infant daughter of 1
only one remained .standing, the res!
having lieen hit by automobile.
L.f I he
Whittock. formerly
l -dement for riaintiff.
Judge Q W, Thelps has handed
down a judgment for $234 In favor of Mr. and Mrs. J. I
the plaintiff in the ruse of the North- of Pendleton.
em Aluminum Co. against Frank
Hardy I Band Paases Through.
- The I-i Qrande Klk band which is
'' v. ... i.,... r ni.ii... iw to furnish music at the Hound-Up
A divorce decree in favor of the Pas8ed ,hr'uK" Pendleton yesterday
plalnUff was granted the plaintiff bv en rout h0""1 tTom Heppncr where
Circuit Judge G W. Phelps in the P'W- Morrow county
case of Hertha B. Cutting against 'a'r-
George A Cutting.
Comforters Bfk $I.9H, $2.98. $3.98
Cotton Blankets . 19c. . 9Hc. $1.I9, $1.98
CHh lllanket.s ,9o, gu,,
Woolnap llliiuki'ts $1.98, $2.2.
Wool Blanket! $2.98, $.1.8, $1.98, JW.90
Hod Spreads full alas, . 98 SI. 19, $1.98, $2.98
Sheets SOo, 69c, 79c. M,,
Pillow Casta. . . 10c. 13 l-2o, I So, 17 I .$0, 21c
Pillows 19c. mv. 98( $1.19. $1.98
llllow Tubing-, yard I80, 18c. $lc, $So
J.C.Pennev Ca Inc
UHttea' Suits $9,911. $12.50, $11. 7. $16.0. Slt.M
1-uUW Coat.s $8.9U. $9,911, $I2..V. $11.75, SI8.M
l.ulles' Di-cmcm $5.90. $7.90, $9.90, $12.50. $11.75
I-mIIon' Dreaa skirt . .$2.98, $3.98, $4.98, $$.$
l-illcs' Waists UN.-. $1.98, $2.98
tSM-C- Silk IVtlicnal $2.19, $2.98. $3.49
1-UltcV Drcm SIiocn ...$2.19, $2.98, $3.50. $3.98
Men's suits $9.90. $12.50. $14.75. $16.50, $22.5$
Men's I'mII Hats $1.19, $1.98, $2.49
Mom's Drew Show $2.98, $3.50, $8.98, M M
WM I.K l.
Two Marriage 1 .erases.
The first marriage licenses
Round-Up week were issued today by
Deputy Clerk Muriel Saling. The ap
plicants were Everet Larkin of Union
county and Martha Mink of Umatilla
county, and Earl F. Harrah and Al
thea Lane, both of this county.
Corliott Wins Honors.
Hen "Smiley" Corbett has returned
o( from Eugene where he competed In
a frontier exhibition last week. Cor
bett captured first in the Roman
races, first in the goat roping contest
with a record of 30 seconds, third In
the steer roping, first in the bucking
contest and the all-round cowboy
championship. Dell and Bertha Hlan
cett also won honors. Dell won the
relay race and Pertha won the cow-
girl's relay, bucking contest and the
Football Man to Enter.
"Mose" San. former star Jefferson
high school football player, who has all-round girl's championship
htAn nn5U.li.ir thp tnmiriAr In tho I'm i
gMIIIIHWIIItllltllllll Illllllimiimill millllllllllimillimillllllllllllliniinS un county wheat fields, is here and To Arrive Thursday.
B win register at Pendleton high school , Lleut. Commander John H
Nearly as famous as The Round-Up and
still growing in favor
Sjthls week. He will be a most wel
5 come addition to the football squad.
burn of the V. S. nav will arrive here
Thursday morning to open a recruit
ing headquarters in Pendleton during
M-horn Chair Hero. j the Round-Up. While here he will
! Deputy Warden Tonkin this morn- be the guest of Mr. and Mrs. David
Z ing received from J. H. Hecker of H. Nelson. Commander Hlarkburn
I Prairie City. Ore., a beautiful chair w ho was last year in command of the I
Z made entirely of elk horns, it will South Dakota is now In charge of the ,
Z be exhibited In the windows of some' Portland navy recruiting station. Dr.!
! local store during Round-Up week. Sinclair and other assistants to Com
mander Blackburn will arrive here by
auto Thursday.
Pendleton's Popular Drink
On Draught and In Bottles
a Following Resorts:
Al Dunlaps
BHiy. Place
Pat McDevitts
Ttae crescent
Garrison & Quills
Round-Up Pool Hall
Sutton Cigar Store
W. W. Hoch
Bungalow Pool Hall
The Charles Co.
Grltman- Cigar Store.
O. K. Shop
served at the FoUowtac
9t George Grill
Knpper Kettle
sold to tie family trade In cases of one dose, bottles and up,
quarts or pints.
We also recommend our new True Fruit drinks,
PORT-0 and PEND-0.
Brewed and bottled by
Mr. Hecker values the chair at tlOOO.
Old fountains Replaced.
It surely
has got
the "pep'
The Civic Club is today having the Special Train Service.
old iron drinking fountains replaced; Information as to special trains
! with fountains, the entire bowl and during the Round-Up has been re-
2 bubbler of which are of porcelain, celved by "Jimmy" Hicks, traveling
5 They are more sanitary as well as passenger agent for the O.-W R. & Jf.
S 1 more attractive than the old ones. A The services will Include special
5 j new fountain Is being installed by equipment on all trains during the big
I the club at the nortrt side park ishow and special service on the Uma-
itilla and Pilot Rock runs. The ser-i
Z j Mensor is Back. vice on these lines will be as follows:
5' Jimmy Mensor, who has played ball! Umatilla-Pendleton, steam train of
on several Pendleton teams, arrived three coaches and baggage car each
here yesterday to attend the Round- day of Round-Up. Leaves Umatilla
Up. He has been playing during the at 9 a, m. Leaves Pendleton at t:45i being talked of as ambassadors to the
season in Montana and finished with Pilot Rock branch Train to Pen-1 United States. Count Apponyl. for
Sj rhsI
Marvin Angel and John Cramer are
visitors here from Hailey, Idaho.
Mrs. T. (i. Sinclair of Echo wag an
out of town visitor here Saturday.
C, H. Urlffeti Is among the Milton
visitors who were In the city yester
day. Joseph Cook burn and wife of Prai
rie City are here to attend the
Mrs. T. M. Nash of Cecil Is visiting
in Pendleton as the guest of her son
Prank Nash and family.
Miss Mayree Snyder will be hostess
ibis evening to the Pretlda Seegrus
Kel at her home on Alta street.
W, C. Howard of Stanfleld, demo
cratic candidate for county school
superintendent was In the city yesterday.
Dunning of Stanfleld
I W.
Mrs. J. M. Clark of Uklah is In the
M. N. Fletcher of Condon Is an out
of town business visitor.
W P. Shull of Pilot Rock Is In the
D. It. Hearing is a ts Grande visi
tor in the city.
H. L. Hicks, traveling passenger
agent'of the U-W. la here today.
C R. Elliott, a prominent Wallowa
stockman was in the city yesterday
Happy Canyon Dance Hal
Will open Monday evening, Sept
18. Come and see the New Happy
Canyon and enjoy dancing In the
finest dance hall In eastern Oregon.
VIENNA. Sept. IS. Five men are
the Butte team of the Northwestern dleton leaves Pilot Rock each day at
League. jnoon instead of 12:20. Saturday ev-
enlng special will leave Pendleton for
r . Verdict for Plaintiff. Pilot Rock at 11:15.
5 Judgment for $8000 In favor of the
5 j plaintiff In the case of the Farmers' Vine Needlework on Display.
2 j Bank of Weston against the Blue: Mrs. J. S. McCloud of this city haH
S 1 Mountain Saw Mill Company, has on display in the Campbell Millinery
Z I been handed down by Circuit Judge Shop window a handsome piece of fl
5 Gilbert W. Phelps. The sale of prbp- let lace. 47 inches long which depicts
5 1 erty belonging to the defendant is or- a scene at Dixie ranch, the MoCloud
2 : dered to satisfy Judgment.
Wm. Roesch Bottling Co. 1
years a leading Hungarian peace ad
vocate. Is the most prominent of the
City Recorder Thomas Fitz Gerald
O. I Howard pleaded guilty to i
charge of speeding on a motorcycle
and was fined $1. George Dick and
Indian Charley, two Indians, were
given a fine of $10 or five days In
tail for beinir rirllnlr Akturdnv John
summer nome in me mour.ia.ns erDoe an(1 chargwJ wUh
. Klan. a neeung aaer. . pursue. . (runk,.nness, forfeited 110 ball
oy a uoy wmi kuii iii nttim wuu nan
City Brewery.
waaleaele and Family Trade.
I Car Injures Boy.
S I Paul Beck, the 15 year old son of just dismounted from a fiery looking
Mrs. Dora Beck, ill Monroe street, steed. The ranch home is also shown
S j suffered painful though not serious with several tree-" and above the pan-
S ; bruises last night when he was el Is the legend Dixie Ranch, Sept
Telephone SM thrown from his bicycle to the pave- S, 1916. The lact was made entirely'
atNmillttllllMIMIIHIIIIIIIinUIIIIIIIIIIIIMMIillMIIMIIIMIIIIIIIIIlMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIlTt ment on Jackson street by a passing without a pattern In number 40
j automobile. The accident occurred thread with a plain steel hook. Mrs
is - jir 511 u -ii hi
mi i w ' it r r
111 fJ True (lolonZl
I f (T. of S ierl i n Table Ware,
y An Inspiraiion Sujjiested
by a Qyaitii Miror Adorning
! Ihc Living Room of a
J j Famous Colonial Mansion
11 1 1 !
about 7:30 p. m. The boy Is unable McCloud fashined the lace while va
to walk today. No bones were broken, cationing at Dixie ranch this sum
The boy did not ascertain whose car mer and finished it on September f
it was that caused the accident. 1
HiLshaiKl a Felon; Wants Divorce.
Five es in Court.
The first day tif Round-Up
Alleging that she married Rollin I opened with five cases In the court of
Kdmunds on Nov. 1. 1 1 1 R . and was in
ignorance of the fact that he was a
paroled prisoner from the state peni-1
tentiary, Grace A. Edmunds today
brought suit for a divorce and for the
restoration of her maiden name, j
Grace A. Halgh. He was convicted 1
of forgery in Coos county In January
1915, she alleges, and was promptly
1 paroled Not until he was arrested
last January as a parole violator did!
she know of his record. She al- j
leges, however, that three days af
ter their marriage he began treating
her cruelly and that she lived with
him but twenty-four days. W. M.
Peterson is her attorney.
W. T. Reeves of stanfleld is in town
ft. C. McCuIley of Joseph Is reg
istered at the Hotel St. George.
Bdwin Purke has returned from a
trip throughout the east.
Hocnratt Your Homes.
Residents of Pendleton are asked
to display flags and bunting about
their premises this week as It is the
biggest festival week of the year. Al-
Expert repairing
of Watches
and Jewelry.
Satisfaction truaranteod
Wm. Hanscom
THE Jeweler.
Royal M. Sawtelle
Phomc 609
fcaJCnPSSaa--B fc 4BlTji e ' ! H-BS
120 acres, close to Milton, good stone buildings, water right,
and ditch in; land nil tillable. 100 per acre. This land Is adapt
ed to alfalfa and fruit, free fiom rock.
800 acres, close to town, produced 55 bushels of barley this
year; has produced 50 bushels of wheat per acre. 60 acraa set
to alfalfa. Good buildings, orchard, and all kinds of small fruit.
horses, and harness, header, seeder, all machinery, chop mill
with motor power. 2 cows, chickens and everything goes with
the place at $45 per acre.
1 have some good bargains in residence property In Pendle
ton. Come In and look them over before they are picked up
E. T. WADE, Pendleton, Ore.
No Commission
Ne Red Tape
No Bonus No Delay
low Interest Rules
liberal Repayment Privileges
f Co.
Comer Main and Court Sta. Pendleton, Ore.
The Universal Gar
Three strong reasons urge you to buy the Fort
car: First, because of its record of satisfactory
service to more than fifteen hundred thousand
owners ; Second, because of the reliability at the
Company which makes it; Third, because of its
large radiator and enclosed fan, streamline
hood, crown fenders front and rear, black fin
ish, nickel trimmings, it is more attractive in ap
pearance. To these must be added its wonder
ful economy in operation and maintenance
about two cents a mile ; likewise the fact that
by reason of its simplicity in construction any
one can operate and care for it. Nine thousand
Ford agents make Ford service as universal as
the car. Touring Car $414.85; Runabout
812 Garden St.
Telephone 6S1
The Hallmark Store