East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, April 17, 1916, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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DAILY BAST OREGONIAN, 'flfflTCftfctffN, OlftfeGON, MONDAY, APRIL 17, 1916
A Mistake!
A great many people think
they can not pay cash. This
is a mistake. When you pay
cash you are entitled to the
savings in cash, and saving
money is what we are all
trying to do. When you say
you CAN'T pay cash you ad
mit you can't save any mon
ey, and it's a fact you can not
get ahead very far on the old
out-of-date credit system.
The people that have ready
money to buy with, are the
ones that have bought their
goods for cash.
The Dean Taton Co.
ftfr WitMp Hulltiogger
MONDAY, Al'ltlli 17, l"l.
Teiephhone 688.
Telephone 188
By a Frenchman'! Invention as a
lunguage student hears a word spo
ken by a phonograph, he alao aeea It
appear on a printed roll In' conjunc
tion with Ita tranalation In hla own
Hie lltlmnu- consumer Vy the ItfH.
Councilman Phelps last Wednesday (
recommended that the city require a
fee for issuing building permit.
"What's the use?" said Councilman
Murphy. "The, contractor will Jut!
add that much to hla bill."
A little later Councilman Penland
recommended that the council appro-)
prlate $100 for Installing lights on
the hospital driveway and that the
additional $40 necessary be contribut
ed by the doctors who use the drive:
more than anyone else.
"What's the use?" said Councilman I
Phelps, "the doctors will Just add that
much to their bills.''
Not So.
Recently County Judge C. H. Marsh
received two letters from the same
man anil both were addressed to the
"County Jug" We wonder If that
was meant as a reflection upon his
raiding "The Jiattle cry of Peace"
stretched across Main street to ad
vertise the big picture which he has
booked. A leading citizen spotted It
and aaked what It meant. "It'a to
advertise a feature film." answered
another citizen. Said the first, "1
thought perhapsp It was advertising
the Woodrow Wilson banquet to
night." So Would We.
Judge Fits Gerald says If he was
ever able to read his own signature
he would know It was a forgery.
Echo Answers Why.
Od Teel of Echo has registered as
a Whig which seems to us to furnish
Justification for men calling him Od-
Experiments in New York in
mounting Incandescent lamps on rail
road crossing signs have enabled the
signs to be read more than a mile
and their distinctive form noted much
Thankful For Relief
Remedy Brought Her
bay FiirrroLA and tkaxo pos.
After completing the necessary
treatment. Mrs. S. 8 Cole. Lampasas,
Texas, was so well pleased with the
results that the wrote the Plnus lab
oratories as follows: "Frultola and
Traxo are all you claim It removed
a quantity of gall-stones and I fee!
sure It saved my life. I am well now
and thankful to you for the great
good your medicine nas done me.
Frultola Is a powerful lubricant for
the intestinal organs and one dose la
usually sufficient to clearly demon
strate its efficacy. It softens the con
gested masses, disintegrates the hard
ened particles that occasion so much
suffering and expels the accumulated
waste to the great relief of the pa
tient. Following a dose of Frultola.
Traxo should be taken three or four times a day In order to reguild ami
restore the system that has become weakened and run down from constant
suffering It is a splendid tonic, acting on the liver and stomach most
Frultola and Traxn are prepared n the Pinus laboratories at Montlcello,
111., and arrangements have been made to supply them through represen
tative druggists. In Pendleton they oin he obtained at Tallman & Com
pany, 623 Main street.
No oblivtkn'i at All.
An automoblllst recently wrote to
the Pendleton Commercial association!
aa follows:
"Dear Kirs: I am writing to know
whether I can go from Pendleton to
La Urande by auto?"
Assistant Secretary Klrkpatrick in
dicted the following answer:
"Dear Kir: Answering your recent
letter beg leave to advise that you
have our fuil and free permission."
However, on aecond consideration
he didn't send It.
t oik li ning peace.
Manager Guy Matlock of the Pas
time theater Saturday had a big sign
Heard at the Ball Game.
it was in the eighth Inning yester
day and a Weston runner was on
"Why don't you steal?" yelled a
Pendleton rooter.
"He comes from a town where they
don't steal," answered a man from
the Weston bench.
"That's the reason you haven't got
anything," sang back the local man.
Regfcteml women.
"Are you registered?" asked the
candidate of Mrs. this morn
ing on the street.
"Sir, how dare you class me with
animals?" replied the woman Indignantly.
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Term Contrast on City and Farm Property.
NO BONUSES, or other expenses.
5 Just like getting it from a bank. Large or small amounts.
Loan quickly closed. If you need money
111 East Court SL 5
rjt & a ej
Prepare for Those Coming
Cook With Gas
and make your wife's home life a pleasure
instead of a burden.
Pacific Power & Light Co.
ests grew with unparalleled rapidity
and the sea was dotted with these
white winged messengers of peace
bearing the rich fruits of our fields
and factories, and spreading the gos
pel of American liberty and standards
throughout the world.
"During 50 years of ao-called re
publican rule, our ships have been
driven from the seas. We have not
had sufficient ships to carry our own
goods to market. I say this to our
shame and disgrace.
"What benefit will gur bountiful
crops be If we cannot sell them to the
people who need them, now more
than ever?
"We cannot ship In foreign vessels
belonging to the warring powers, be
cause Of liability to confiscation and
"tiet me cite a few facts as an il
lustration: "In liil:: we were carrying a small
er percentage ot our prouucie io lur
elgn shores in our own vessels than
We were when the government was es
tablished In 1788.
"In litis. 80 American vessels clear
ed from American ports for Europe,
while 4636 foreign vessels cleared.
Senator Weeks of Massachusetts,
candidate for the republican nomina
tion for the presidency, said in an ad
dress at a luncheon in Chicago, on
November 18, 1916:
"There is a universal agreement
hat some action should be taken
which will build up our merchant ma
rine engaged In foreign trade.
"We are paying to Bteamship lines
owned in other countries, J300.000.
ouo a year tot the purpose of trans
porting our products to market. I
"If It were not for the supremacy
of the English and French navies ffij
would have been unable to deliver R I
part of our products which we have i
sold to Europe during the past year.;
"Yet In the face of these startling i
facts, a leading United States sena
tor, now seeking the republican nom
ination for the presidency led the fil
ibustering which resulted in the de
feat of the measure designed to In
crease our merchant marine.
Federal Reserve Act.
"Since the passage of the federal
reserve act, there is no danger of an
other panic in this country.
Under the old system a few men, by
interlocking directorates. absolutely
controlled the entire money system of
the United States Through their
banks, they were directing the mone
tary policies of this couhtry. Indeed,
this money trust had become more
powerful than the federal govern
ment itself.
"Even In a time of profound peace
and prosperity, a handful of men
could create a panic over night and
spread ruin and disaster from Maine
to California Between the rising
and setting of the tan this could be
New York City was the seat of
financial government. From Wall
street, as from a throne
WMB SSsHil(sSBf ' BSl
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the Dress Parade.
SOPHOMORE AND STEIN BLOCH CLOTHES for men. Fabrics showing the
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Others ?15.00, 916.50, $17.50 and $18.50.
SMART HATS. Gray, blue and green welt hats. Soft rolling brims, wide flat
brims, tapering crowns.
Conqueror and John B. Stetson $3.50 to $5.00.
FURNISHINGS SHIRTS, in madras, percale and silk. Classy stripes, neat
figures, highly colored patterns priced $ 1.00 to $5.00.
COLLARS All the new shapes. Linen, pique, madras, both soft and starched.
TIES A world of color in silk, satin and crepe ties 50t? to $1.00.
SHOES AH the new shapes, in tan and black, button and lace $3.50 to $6.50.
a very great extent, If you please, the . the European struggle when peace la
hr.u,l anI kiiOa. ... AOAriAn rtf
of 95,000,000 Of
"Under the old financial system ot
the United States. Morgan. Rockefel
ler and a few other great financiers
exercised control over 140,000,000,000
of wealth, or one third the entire
wealth of the United States.
"It devolved upon a democratic ad
mlnistraion to redeem the situation
by the passage of what Is known as
the federal reserve act This is con
ceded to be the most constructive
piece of financial legislation that ever
passed an American congress. It pro
finally restored. President Wilson has
won more victories by peaceful meth
ods than all the generals engaged hi
the war will win on the field of battle.
Hla will be the glory of achievement
for unselfish ends, and his name will
illuminate the pages of world history
when the names of the men respon
sible for this bloody conflict shall
have been forgotten."
vldes for an elastic currency to be is-
the kings gUed upon the security of commercial
ot money wielded their despotic pow-; DaBer, it provides for a federal re-
land with an iron I board empowered to fix dig
it Inaugurates a system
banking bus!
Give your Child
Dr. King's New Discovery
for Coughs and Colds.
Dr. King's New Discovery is a
Doctor's Prescription used for
over 45 years. It is pleas
ant and children like it.
Vou cannot use anything better for
your child's cough and cold than Dr.
king's New Discovery. It is prepared
from Pine Tar mixed with healing and
soothing balsams. It does not contain
anvthine harmful and is slioditlv laxa-
That these 18 institutions have 181 been instituted which the people have tive, just enough to expel the poisons
una uc system, w &.ing s new ins
et- and ruled the
hand. These facts were sifbstantiated ' ,., rates
under which we began
ness with millions of capital directed I
by the government Itself. It ushers in
a new era of financial freedom, and
makes Impossible another artlcifial
Internaiooal Affairs.
Under the wise and sane leadership
of President Wilson, reforms have
by sworn testimony brought out by
the investigation of the money trust
j by the democratic congress This tes
i timony showed:
"That is financial institutions in
j . n York. Chicago and Boston have
I a voice in the management of 134
! corporations with an aggregate cap
! ital of L6 billion dollars.
partners who hold 385 directorships in
41 banks having deposits of 12.835,-;
"That they hold 50 directorships in
11 insurance companies with total as
sets of $2,645,000,000.
"That they hold 155 directorships
In 31 different railroad systems cap
italised for over l!,000,000,000. '
"One banking firm In New York
controls, directly and indirectly, over
11.000.00 of wealth This is
more than the wealth of 11 southern
Our system of finance permitted
these things to be done. The sole pur
pose of all this organisation, concen-'
tration and combination was to con
trol credit and thereby control the
money. Imagine the power of 180
men binding themselves together,
pledging themselves to no one and
responsible to no one, controlling to
Our reputation on it!
TT means a good deal when a firm
stakes its reputation on a cigar
as we have staked ours on
the OWL.
Yet only merit of a high order
could have built up the sales of
the OWL to the point they have
You don't buy the OWL because
of our reputation but because of its
V M. A. GUNST ft CO.
demanded for two decades and more.
and for which heretofore they have
appealed In vain I have tried in a
general way to outline the great
things that have been accomplished,
but the review would not be complete
without a survey of the resident's po
sition as it relates to the chaotic con
dition of international affaire.
"This nation has never had a pres
ident whose ideals have been higher,
or who has been actuated by lo flier
Impulses than Mr. Wilson. None has
had a deeper conception of American
nationalism a more conscientious re
gard for the sacred rights of human
ity. That has been his guiding star
In the conduct of affairs at home and
abroad. He has placed clearly before!
the American people, as no president!
since Lincoln has done, their duties;
and responsibilities as citizens: and
in hi.- dealings with the nations In
volved In war. he has shown that
Waal applies to the Individual should, j
with equal force, apply to nations in j
their dealings one with the other.
No president has been so burdened j
with the cares of state, or has been!
called upon to solve such perplexing
problems affecting the welfare ana
prosperity of the people th. very ex
istence of the nation, and the main
tenance of its sovereign position.
l"rewrvlng pence.
With more than half the civilised
world war-erased, through the clash
of arms unprecedented In the history
of mankind when International law
has been ruthlessly overthrown, and
the contempt for human rights and
the laws of both God and man has
been marked. Mr. Wilson has not
heen swayed from the right. He has
kept his poise and has been the one
upstanding figure to urge the rule ol
reason and of humanity. No one has
been able to force him into a step
which would violate the declared neu
trality of this country He has been
bulded by an Inborn instinct of justice
and right, and this has been the secret
of his dignified and firm courage.
Defends American Itlghts.
At times of Jingo counsel and bitter
partisan attack, he has deliberately
investigated, and when once his course
was made clear, he has pursued it;
and the dignity and honor of the na
tion have been preserved without re
sort to arms. He has succeeded by
peaceful means ill maintaining Amer
ican rights and privileges, and today
in Europe he Is recognised as the
foremost figure In the world.
As a result of his firm stand, we
are at peace with ourselves and the
wot Id. while the continent of Europe
Is torn asunder, and the carnage of
of war is resulting In the greatest
slaughter in the history of the human
diplomacy and appeals to humanity
are settling great International ques
tions, and they will be the guide
posts for the maddened monarchs In
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