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Tbe Kt Oregonlan taai tlie largest paid
circulation of any paper In Oregou, eait of
1'ortland and oyer twice the circulation In
Pendleton of any other newspaper.
Maximum It; minimum. IS: raln
fall. 0: wind, went moderate, westher
VOL. 28
NO. 8756
Agreement With Carranza Over Al
lowing Mexican Troops to Cross
Into United States Disliked.
White House iHtUgiiam
jup4iu 111 lilt.' illation and
start ii Probe u Determine Heepon
ribttttj ( IntervenUo" Propaganda
lit Washington.
s ASTON lO, March 14.
Poll co-operation Uh (arranza
in hunting Villa seemed assured
today. Tbe Mexican oonwtate
reported 6000 Oajrinriat arc
marching toward Ae i""''r
help UK tnierlcnn irool'- -"-
..I Um ban, hi- H I onder-
tOOl OhffOP UMiMhssxl the j
.xwjMituttonalUU Boeder NmtH ;
reported unit nil in met ol or-
rniitlsin riWiiiiic hail P4MS.
niiifol Pnqniefi ""' u''
bimiIm'i urccmenl with
i MM lm- allayed all anll-Vm- I
ri(nn lentlmeal In Mexico.
Washington March H With
American troop preparing "' ''"""'j
Mxl CO, the president todav Was
threatened with congreaetonal reeoM
against hs Mexican policy. An out-,
hurst ,,f crltlcUm i- believed immi
nent in the senai wiere the military
rt-ciprocit) agreemenl with Carransa
ta disliked Aii explosion also wasj
threatened in the holiee.
The While House i Indignant about
Mexican war talk. The idminlstr:i
tlott coneMeeed taking otmUc met
, i . . to hit Intervention agitation and
an Investigation Of Intervention ro-j
i Igaada was discussed. The pHnct-.l
i mi protest f pueifteai teas based on j
the facl W Ison fulled to consul! them,
before accenting Carransa' propel
aitlnn Considering t hut man) Otr-,
rnnxistaa are armLorganlaed bandits
and many were former inistus. op-1
ponanti to the scheme fear an agree-
ment will result In foray n American
roll b) outlaws mssjuueradini ay Car
rantlata. The state department ad-j
n its ih.it mi written suthorttj for a,
rec proctty mm ibt xlats. Oppon
ent declare Wllaon has exceeded his
1 1 netltutional power.
The dclav In starting the expedition
threatened to provoke crltleiam nimed
ai die army, transportation facilities
. nd luck .if ammnnltion, Admlnlstra-'
i on official Inelfled diplomacy had
nut Impeded moUUtatlon. The Mate
dffmrrmeni analn considered warning
Xo Hunger or Ureal..
MEXICO city. Manh if Danger
. it ., Meak between Mexico and the
I'nrteri MatM ha paated, Inspirited
article today In ihe newspapers ald.
No . fflclsi itstemeni wa issued iut
Washington dlspstch aud AUMHca
had conceded the Justice "f Carren-
in't demand by accepting the Infor
mal note Oeneral .xkuiIut win ban-i
die nirihcr American negotiations, it
Is believed Carrunza will resign the
provisional presidency, appointing j
tgullar. Then Chrrangt win run nr
ill Prevent prlction
l d'CiLAS. March It Aguu Prie
1 Is practical!) deserted by Our ran -
u aotdlan Oenaral caHea ordered
ihe garrison I" Nacoaali, To miles
south It l believed he intended !
avoid frlciioii with American troops
The border is being close!) watched.
War Veterans of
1898 May be Sent
Over the Border
WASHINGTON, March 14. Con
1 1 sgaill II Dyer, national commander
of Spanish War Veterans, today re
quested th State commanders to no
tlf) him how many men are available
lor service In Mexico If Wilson call
for, volunteers Dyer thinks &0.000
. .in be raised.
PORTLAND, ore., Mroh 1 4 Re
apondlng to the request of Reproseii-
mtlve Dyer, commander Kesl declar -
ed 600 Spanish war veteran would
volunteer for Mexican service
SEATTLE. Wash.. March 14. -..mmander
Cunningham estimated a
ibousand Spanish war veterans are
available for immediate service.
Roscoe . Keator
is Candidate for
District Attorney
rtoaooe L ICeator. ansiHtant proaaeu. I
ling attorney, toduy in a formal state-1
men! announced his candidacy on ths
republican ticket for the position of
district attorney to succeed Freder cl. j
Sleiwer. Mr. Keator has been assiMt
an under Mr. Steiwer since Januar. !
1. ) 9 1 . and alms that time has taken!
an active purl In the Prosecution ol 1
cases which have come before that of-j
floe, He in a graduate of the law de-
partmenl of Willamette University at
Salem, class of 1913 Hi early adaOA-j
tlon was obtained at the high school j
In ROSbUtT, . Y, Oenesaee Weslyian i
aeminary, l.vma. N. Y., and the
PlaUburg State Normal at I'lataburg.
N". Y. Mr. Keator has lieen In 'iregoni
for the past six years,
Mr. Keator'i forma) Matemenl is an
"At t he reO,Uet of a number of the
taxpayer throughout Umatilla oount)
I have concluded to enter the- race lr.
the doming primaries as a candidate
for the republican nomination to thl
office "f district attorney,
"1 am entering th a race free from
all political obligations or factional
influences. I am hound by no person
al obligation .ir prejudice and have
tlo Interest o serve in the adminis
tration, save thai of ihe public in
general and do, if nominated in the
com ng primertee, and elected upon
November next, pledge in) self, first,
to prosecute all offense without fear
or favor, second lo conduct the ad
ministration "f the office of district
attorney in the most economical man
iter eenxistent with th efficient en
forcement of the law; third, to earn
. sii nd Impartlallj investigate each
and every act or offense which come;
to tu knowledge in v olatlon of th
prohibition act. and. In every case ac
Investigated, where the evidence win
warrant conviction, I v '11 sartiestlj
endeavor lo nonvicl Ihe offender '
A. C. Hampton to be Succeeded
by Hermiston Man as Head of
Public Schools in Pendleton
At a star-4 ha IB bar session of the
.it' School board yesterday afternoon'
an agreement was reached by the!
Hoard wherein Supt. A C. Hampton
will be supplanted next full as heudi
ol the City schools by A T. Park, now
principal Of the school at Hermiston
The .tction of thn hoard, news of
wli h le.iked out last evening, conies
.is ,, big surprise lo tne Community, 'is
no intimation had been given out that
an election was to he held at this,
time, or any notice that tin- board
considering applications. Among the!
Irleiids of Supt Hampton the news
was received with indignation, both
beesuas of the summary end the
boiird's action brings to his long ser
vice in the schools and because of I
the secret methods HI ployed in elect -ng
a successor.
The meeting of the board was heldi
esterdny afternoon at i o'clock in
the bnck room of the offices of Clerk
Lot Llvermorc. No one was present
but the members of the board and no
record was kept of the meeting The
regular meeting of the board will bo
held tonighi chairman j. v. Taii-
miin stated this morning that he was'
requested yesterday at ii o'clock to'
call the special meeting by Judge G j
W. Phelps) another member of the
board. He stated that after a shori I
discussion of the school situation, a
motion was made and carried t hut :
Mr Park be chosen as superintendent
U.S. Army Will be Recruited '
to Full War Strength; Action
, to be Rushed Through at Once
tt vmiim.ton. March I,
t'rgx-nt action for an Inoniisv In
the ICgjlllai1 arm) or 24I.OOO men
lias been decided upon. Baker
asked oongres to piua ihe ne
tnager) resolitUon Immediately.
The rc-liitioii asks eongree
itotsai authority to recruit the
ariov to full war strength of
100,060. Many regiments are de
ficient in numbers. At a confar-
xmcricaiis Are Dei oruiixl.
PARIS. March 13. Twelve Aim-ri-
n Mrjsanjk serving with the
1 Krf nch ambulance corps, today were
ltp( (gt graver) and decorated with
th(, Ilf.Hn f Honor.
A Vienna physician has obtained
good results and effected some cures
by treating Insane persons with hv
podermtc Injection of pure oxygen
Enters the Race
Rom1' i. Keator, asatatnat prosecu
tor, arlto announce candidacy for re
publican nomination for iii-nni ai
tornej .
Portland Wheat Bid
HigherThan Yesterday
CHICAGO, March 14. -('special)
I Ma) wheat, opening 11.08 1-2, clos
ing ll.ov l.t: July, opening II. OT S-S.
Closing 11 "T 1-8.
PORTLAND, "re.. March 14
'lSieciali Merchant's Exchange I ri
ces today, club b il 10 asked s.',. Hlue-
UrVBRPOOL, March 1
Spot No. 1 Manitoba. 1 4
d; No
hard winter, gulf, iti
v i stern winter. 13s.
in American terms
top price for spot No.
tl.l 1 per buahel
!id :
the Liverpool
1 Manitoba Is
foi next ear. Personally, he said, he
did not know much about Mr. Park
nor his school record, but had been
assured by other members of lb
board that he was u good man H
said he had never promised to sup
port anyone for the position but that
Mr Park had spoken to him last
week as If he had received enough
pledges to insure hts election.
Chairman Tallman nad little criti
i ism to make ol" the present superin
tendent bill stated that there was j
feeling on the board that a new man
should be secured, He said some op
position had developed against Supt,
Hampton and that the board had been
quietly considering for some time the
qualifications of other applicants. He
-ai l it had not been the Intention of
the board at this time to make an
announcement of the actbm taken
. Supt. Hampton has not been offi
cial!) apprised of the action taken H'
slated that a report reached lum last
evening of Mr. Park's election from
an unofficial source. He refused to
make uny comment upon the action
Prof. Hampton was for eighl years
principal of the Pendleton high
school and. when Supt J P. lenders
was requested to. resign last spring he
was placed In the position of actin;
superintendent for tne balance of the
(Continued on page eight.
eiuv linker and lluy did not de.
ride to . an the miniia or volun
teers now. An attempt will be
made to rush the resolution
through the house late this after
noon. Jose A. una. representative of
i arm n o. form all) notified tin
state department the Antcrhwn
note regarding military ni lpro
cit was whoU) acceptable to his
Kalaer Again sufferer
PAKIS. MaKh It, Kaiser Wll
helm's throat again I troubling him
Home reported The report is not
The coal mines of Sweden do not
produce enough fuel for that coun
try' needs and scientists are Irving
many experiments with peat, of which
there Is a vast supply available
Lull in Verdun Fighting is Broken by
Desperate Charges Against the
French Forces.
German Attempt lo iteaui ist
(.round in La lrctc- i:ds in lailtrre
(intt MasHt-s of KeliiforccuK'Ms Itc
lnt llrouglit l' for Assault on Ver
dun. LONDON. March 14 Breaking the
lull In the infantr.. fighting before
Verdun the Germans narged Hau-j
dremont forest tod .y Their ranks
were shattered by artillery fire, cov
ering every fool Ol the ground with
mathematical precision, the French
i eported. The Germans did not at
tempt to advance In large forces
Those who survived were forced to i
In the l,n Petre forest, Paris said,
the Germans attempted to regain their
lost ground but the French artillery
hurled them back Tnere la a steady
bombardment around Vaux. The ex- I
peeled grand assault against Verdun i
has not begun. Berlin Is silent re
garding the operation around Ver
run. The Germans claimed to hav
repulsed the British In the Ypres dia-,
trlct. Several air butties were report-!
ed. Berlin claimed that three British
and two Frtnch aeroplane were,
brought down.
LONDON, March 14 German re
inforcements arrive,) near Verdun to-,
day while the Teuton guns continued
smashing the French trenches. It I
was reported the Swiss frontier h id
been closed to Insure the secrecy of j
troop movements. French aviators
observed great besVle of German re-j
tnforcements marching
Swiss reports said Von Maekensen
Is commanding the Verdun attack and
that the kaiser has summoned Von
Hlndenburf to assist it is believed
the Herman will drive simultaneous
ly at Goose Hill and Deadman's Hill,
striking also at Fort De Vaux and at
Detavennea, The Paris correspondent
of the Mail declared the lull in the
infantry fighting was due partly t
a redistribution of the German forces
and partly through tne need of artil
lery' preparation, it was said the
seventh and twenty -second divisions,
which bore lh- brunt of ihe fighting
; 1 1 llethin Court and Goose Hill. wer
so severely handled tbey need rest
and possibh may be replaced entire
ly by new men.
Teachers Institute
at Milton Attended
by Many Delegates
( Fast Ore
MILTON, 'be March 14. A
teachers' local institute was held in
Milton Baturdaj conducted b Super
intendent I. K. Young of Pendleton.
Teachers of .Miltoii-Freewater. Umsu
pine and Ihe Walla Walla v.illev at
tending. Prof, k j. EClemmer of the ,
State Norma! al EHensburg, Wn. was
Present and addressed the teachers In j
Ihe afternoon and in the evening spoke
to a crowded it-,. His subject was
"The First American"." His talk wa.'
both Interesting ind entertaining and
Milton people hope to have him with
The Ladles' ;t furnished the
music and Miss Elisabeth Graham !
gave a reading
Mrs. H. I.. Fraier who was taken ;
to the Walla Wall i hospital last week
mproving slowly,
(Continued on Page Eight I
New Mexico ' coke all
mental production last ye
put of Its mines being --f
muted at lis :,T 900 1(11
jaj0rloSU trooi. are pretwriug to
twos the border, oarranxa office
rorts Villa Is surrounded.
Q erase us bring up reanforremwit
for another drive against erihin
I". S. trim will be recruited lo full
war strength.
A. T. Iark of Hermiston mi mod i,
succeed Hamilton In acop
Kestor announces eandtdac) for
district attorney.
Itlg meeting tor babies, held.
Organization of Main Division to
Hunt Villa, Begun; Colonel Slocum
Will Command Flying Squadron
Steel Trust
Chairman Indicted
Yor.VGSTOWN n March 14
The Mahoning country grand Jury has
ended its investigation of the strike
riots last January in East Youngs
town by returning indictments against
Elbert H. Gary chairman of the Unit
ed States Steel Corporation and
against six big steel companies.
The Indictments charged Gary, the
corporation of which he is the head,
one of its subsidiaries and lour inde
pendent steel concern with conspir
ing to fix the price of lion and steel
product In Mahoning county in vi
olation of the Valentine anti-trust
"Judge G.irv has been indicted individually.'-
said County Prosecutor
A. M Henderson, because the evl-
Vice-Presidential Lullaby Delights Baby
EVANsToN. 111 "arc
Thomas Marshall W
friends m.i W unaware of
accomplishments, but when
president visits Evanstcn h
Troopers on Border Believe Orders
to Advance Will be Given Thursday;
More Soldiers are Arriving at Col
umbus Hourly; Military Plans are
Being Guarded with Great Care.
EL PASO. March 14. Gener-
al (luiterrez today announced
that Carranzista troops are aur-
rounding Villa in the Galena
district and that they hoped to
capture Villa before the Ameri-
can expedition enters Mexico.
The Carranza forces will have
Villa before the end of the week
Guiterrez declared. Galena.
v. here they were reported to be
surrounding Villa la 110 miles
south of El Paso and within
two days ride of the . American
Mormon colonv at Casas C.ran-
Gulterrei would neither con- 0
firm nor deny the report he had
isked for a delay In American 0
invasion. It wa reported Per.
shing's reply had aneered Gult- 0
errez Authorities refused to
admit that Pershing had re-
turned from Columbus or that
Quiterres talked with him.
The Mexican railroad hrldge.
te n miles south of Juarez has
S leen destroyed by fire. Carran-
list are unable to account for
it Americans believe It was 0
burned In an attempt to prevent
the expedition using the rail-
Los AXGELfcS, March 11
Informed of a Villlsta plan of
lerrorlst plots here, Chief of Po.
Hit Snivel)' sent cant-, to 3000
men asking them to volunteer as
siex-ial police for duty ir called
PHoENIX. March 14. Ranchers
near the border of western Arizona j
told Governor Hunt their lives are en-i
dang red and asked for protection I
Mexicans at Yuma are reported un
easy. Ten national guardsmen arei
1 1. Holing the streets. Phoenix and
Tucson armories are heavily guarded :
The Phoenix police are watching the I
Mexican quarters.
melodies to this babv Helen Ios.
daughter of Mr and -Mrs. M. M He
l.illen. Mr and Mrs Marshall ar
partlcularlv interested In the bah
, cause it is a namesake of Mrs. M r
General Pershing the organization of
the main army division to hunt Villa
began today. Colonel Slocum. who
licked Villa after the Columbus raid,
was appointed commander of the fly
ing squadron of cavalry' which la be
lieved will comprise the larger part
of the armed force of Invasion.
Hearing that Carranzista soldier
are mobilizing at Palomas. Pershing
arranged for a conference with the
Mexican general to ascertain if b in
tends to oppose the advance. It wa
reported other troop are Joining th
Palomas garrison. The men believe
they will be ordered to enter Mexico
on Thursday. Officers refuse to dis
cuss It Pershing evidently I await
ing reinforcements. More cavalry Is
expected today, also a signal and aero
The big camp presents a busy
scene. Freight trains are unloading
tons of canned goous, hay and am
munition Army officers gathered at
the telegraph office to closely scru
tinize all telegrams Noticing this,
the war correspondents tnereafter tel
ephoned their storie to El Paso.
Then the officers put the correspond
ents on their word of nonor not to
attempt to beat the censorship or re
veal military secrets.
Troop trains were noticeably scarce
in arriving during tne forenoon, al
though it la known tne soldier of all
army branch at interior posts are
rushing here. Cavah-y predominated
the camp. Thousands of horse ar
tethered In long rows Neighing horses
the clamorous braying of army mules.
the uproar of burro lugging chest of
ammunition and mountain gun, the
clatter of hoof, of squadrons of horse
men maneuvering and the frequent
bugle calls, mingled with the contin
uous uproar. Curious crowds gather
ed around the batteries or artillery, t
few being peering Mexican faces sjen
trles keep all at a distance
BOISE. March 14. Colonel Thom -s
Hammer is endeavoring to orgaslzo
regiment of cavalry for service in
Mexico He expect 200 veterans to
People Forced to
Make Tunnels in
Snow to Get Out
trip BBS husks CttMHMMH
IN fOli v
(Kant uregonian tpsilgl )
I'KIAH. Ore.. March 14.- Pre I
Gr.s.ms. forester of Daie. ha Just re
turned from Sumpter. He made the
trip through the mountains on now
shoes to repair the government tele-
phone lin. which has been out of
1 ommlssion for sometime and made
the trip from Dale in .sumpter in two
days, a distance of 55 miles. and
nearly ; u,, hill. At the obi Ben liar-
late He
one pgtct
e down in ,,nl
Oll.1S(. .1
Id ills.,
vustrian and Oerma
tOI race -ed .1 rep.
Mean hde in
He said
Wired sn to III lu ll OM
Till- MAGI'K March 14 In .1 .(.-It-
in lb.- chamber on col,. 11 ,,! 1 ,
lera Depui outages ggplainS , pea
pOSal to establish wlrelees llglgll
eoaneetton with Holland and ih East
Intflsa b, wal of Han ftalll lW) Hoi.
...I tbe
1 ii.stallatlc
ins il.'O'J
:oo 000 fi-,