East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, March 04, 1916, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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One Piece Cloth
See these cars
K z r
Mr W
r were
m Irlenl Rpfifppn Sanson Cinrmpnts
Riyfct at trii time wfaen your winter garments are be
rammr won and roar Krnr wardrobe i not vet complete.
the acee 'or a umpie drew of verje. poplin or checked ma
terial becomes vwy urgent tc many women.
A fresi arrrrai of these dresses made in attractive
Spr-.nj styles will supply thi need for you at prices moit rea
sonable. The colors are black, nary, Belgian blue, i hep-
nerd checks and tan. Priced from
:-f :.-.:tej (psii
.ery newest colorings and pat
best quality taffeta. No two
MM in 5and 6 yard lengths. The
81.50 to 83.00
Tted satin striped voile for the
up" dress. Finest texture and
$10 95 to $19.75
best colorings. Comes in light, dark and
tinted ground with contrasting satin
stripe-. 40 inches wide. The Yard 65t
A permanent silk finish batiste spider
web texture, vjft finish. For waists,
dresses and baby dresses, 45 inches
wide, cuts to good advantage. The
yard 35t to 75T
Bargain Basement Shoe Sale
Today we place or. -aie at ridiculously low price? several big lots of shoes
for the entire family. Shoes Ukon from our big stock in our high-class shoe de
partment up-stairs. Every shoe is made of honest leather and made to give sat
isfaction. Not merely made to sell. From day to day broken lots are taken
from our regular stock, put to one side, and sent to the Bargain Basement. Sev
eral big lots go down today. Here they are:
For tbe Little Tot A very nice little kid Bhoe with flexible sole and patent
leather tip. You would readily pay 75c. Shoe Sale 49c
Just a Little Bigger Soft kid stock, a one-lift heel, flexible sole and patent
ther tip. You would pay $1.00 for them any time. Shoe Sale 73
Children's Light Dress Shoes For feet too tender for the -tiff heavy soles and
heavy leather. Just a pretty little dress shoe. Shoe Sale , 79
Girls' and Boyi Heavy stock kid with fine finish, patent tip and spring heel,
footform shape and sold for $1.65. Shoe Sale 81.13
Little Geats' Good Stock, dull calf, oak soles, sewed and nailed, medium
heels. The best little shoe you could want. Shoe Sale 81.59
For the Rough Boy Heavy calf and made to wear. He'll not kick these out
in any three weeks like he did the last ones. Shoe Sale 81.79
For the Biggest Boy or Girl The best moneys worth in shoes you have had
yet. Just mighty good, honest shoes. Shoe Sale 81.97
Drink an OrangeOrange Extractors 10c ea.
Big Shipment these Orange Extractors in by express today.
MAPLEWARE LUNCH SETS Table cloth, napkins, plates, dishes, all complete, f
42 pieces, tbe set 25c.
- fa:: ; v.---. r
leton visitor today
H sw;t oIHrr jft :.;.! -i
besstoessj ta us city yesterday
F. B Sways. Herrnnton banker.
.'g th visit', rt from the wm
Better Babies
To ;. ... :irar;. j coaulbaUng
. iu share toward the saccesw of P-aby
I Welfare Wk by tpu; poster, ano
; hook display and throogh the dutr
j buti' n of th "Better Baile bo-.k
n-ark. which lists some at Um l-t
j books on the car of babie.
M.s DsSsM has made a very' at-
tractive poster srtth Kewpl znoul
which forma the renter vf a diaper
: of beautiful pictures at kh of Fen-
TnY TrTrr Intlnt" Mr wheei-
. er has kindly fnitushed the picture
and arranged them Oa the library'
bu:itein board. At arrangement of
I flowerx leo adds Ui UM attraction :f
The Look her Ustec may be foun J
at the jbrarians desk and it j hop
; ed will prove of real value to mother-i
! who are studying the most approve-i
' methodi of raisins healthy children.
I Theae txk will reserved at the
; library during the k of March 4
to 11th for the inspection of mo then
who are interested .-. them and w .:
then b released for circulation ana
I (riven out in the order of the request
that are left for them The help
1 found in on of these books may gave
Mother and Child
om-to k Motle-rcnft.
"Sound, up-to-date talks, based on
best authorities, net on experience,
written in a very r jpotar. enthusiast.
Fifty-Horsepower, Six-Cylinder, Seven
Passenger Touring Car, f.o.b. Pendleton
Notable improvements and refinements have been
added in this new Model Seventeen which make this car a
masterpiece of motor car construction.
Forty-Horsepower, Four-Cylinder, .Seven -Past en
ger Touring Car, f. o. b. Pendleton, $975
Stone Garage
M. K. LONG, Prop.
727 Johnson Street.
Telephone 74.
11 '.
"T. P. W. Pure Food Shop"
3 Phones
AU 15
The Peoples Warehouse
Where It Pays To Trade
:iiiiiaiHi.!!!i!::!!iffflfn!iii:ii!!inn'ni'!i'::ii!i,iii !!iit
MIIJv IM in 'it.
sfrXNZAKLI8. March 4 Five
million boahels of Msy wheat have
been booth by mlllinf interests in
the .ant oeek aa prices tumbled, ae-
MBn to ror K mm ok
Monogram Stationery
, 6. SMITH I CO.
' ordinjr to estimates of Mlnneapolii
'harrber of commerce traders Thit,
a, would repressnt sales of one!
million barrels of floor Most of thi
pmtect H ad to b for eastern bak
ers. Lo"l millers abvj aid that th
hsd o jyirig on a large scale.
aiove butterfat prices for milk an J
may be able to pay more. The inten
tion of th- management la to operal"
the b-e piant conlinaoualy in th?
ifonmoutii i ).. . . flsm Started.
MONMOCTH Ore. Mrch i The
Monmouth I flStl leifan the opera-1
tlon of Its cheese fa.tory with J!i
Mxnwaring a cheeserriauer Manas'
M'lr'lfxk as: he wll
inii SA on Wy.
W'A -HI.VITON. March 4 -Information
that Germans latest not on
the nub-marine controversy ieft Be.-i...
February i wan re'ejved by Stecre
Ur' of State m.ri A '0'iner :
'arryinjf th d ument from Hr. n tj
London where It win be aent by
'-amer (a the United (Ratal
Qrtffta (are .f one baby
"This relial'le g-.de for mothers and
nurses ha be-n revisel through- u;
and corrected to nform to the latest
knowledge A iarge number of illus
trations have been added and others
altered. In an appendix i given a
full explanation of the principles of
infant feeding an- well as some form
ulas for food matures."
Marih Hygiene tor moUw-r ami
Child. 110. "Somd, practical ad
vire to oung m them, by the attend
ing ph skian in the out-patient de
partment for ch.ldren in the Massa
chusetts HoaOPStttsC Hospital The
'hapters on the eyrnptoms of infantile
diseases feed.ng first aid to the in
jured, exercise, education and train
ing are explicit and simple"
-nion fTt-itvxnr nvrtlK-r 191 J
"A well written and authoritative
treruire giving 'he Information the
edu-ated woman r r urse desires Au
thor Is associate profeS'r of obstet
rics in Johns Hopkins Universal. The
host popular work."
MliM-ler Befor.- the liaby i-ome-.
114 "A little handbook for prosper -tta
mother, giv.ng directions for
prenatal csre of mother and etfsM
Th-re is a sn.i le chapter on eu
?: advke rtvout rlothfng and
feeding th baby with formulas for
feeding during the first year."
Dennett The health) hsb).
"One of the b-r manuals both 'n
CWfttswtf and form of presentation."
Holt I ar- aad feeding of rsMpV)
lii "Prolabi-. the rest kr:"Wn
the standard w rs Written in the
form of i jestion and answer. Fuller
on feeding than any other. Differ
from the earlier - litions only In slight I
modi'; -atlons aiming to make the
text more hclpfo to untrained nurses
and nr.o,h-r)' arc! In the enlargement
of th different foods for the child at
various ages and gives definite sugges
tions for diet in illness and at the
change In seasons A practical, ac
curate work that has been recom
mended by physicians since its fir,
publicstlon in In this new edi
tion a chspter on school lunches h
i-een added-"
Terman Hygiene of the srbool
rtM 11. "Admirable work on
the fundamental facts of a child
physical development Contains what
every careful parent wtshe to know
about the laws of growth, factors !n
floencing it disorders sometimes aris
ing, mal-nutrition, hygiene of teeth
nose and throat, eye and ear
LA GRANDE. Ore. Marrh 4 C,v:
Murchison. II lost th major portion
of one foot about i o'clock last even
ing when he stumbled and feil Into s
woodsaw on which he was working atj
the Lynch-Steward wood yards He
is at the hospital and will prr k V '-
jf.'er n. other 111 effects than th
distressing loss of his root. Prompt
Oral aid was given by Mr May whoj
wa unioAding wood nearby and whe
quickly applied crude tourniqu-t
which partly stopped the flow ft!
blood QMS was jtei-kly rushed '
the hospital and hli father. John
Murchison wbn live at 11414 l" ave
nue, was notified at Suramenrllie while
he was Tislting a brother The 1h
mother was al alvUed of the ac-i-dent
at once
Naval guns have i -nger ranges tho
land weapons of the same six tr
eatise It is easier to rellne them aad
heavier charges can be used
Cold Settled in my Stomach.
PARIS March 4 President Poin
care returned from a trip to the front.
While there he told the soldiers of
France that he had visited them espe
cially to offer his heartfelt congrat'i
. lations on their heroic defense and to
; notify them that they had the nation s
warmest support.
An official bulletin, issued by th-
Frer.f h war office, said:
The war minister orders Genera!
' Joffre to congratulate the soldiers or.
: their heroism in behalf of the nun
. try.-
This is the first official announce
ment that Joffre Is personally direct
ing the defense of Verdun
President Poincar during h: - I
to the front went to Revlgny where
a Zeppelin was recently downed
While there he congratulated the gun
ners who brought down the Zeppelin
and conferred a medal upon .Sergeant
Major trammeling War crosses were
awarded to several gunners
From Revigny the president pro
ceeded o Verdun and, accompanied
by General Joffre visited the corps
operating on both banks of the Mens
northward sf Verdun.
Lost My
Could Not
Am Cured.
A Great
Mr. Cha. Sauerbier. 815 Main street, St. Joseph,
j Mich., a contant Friend of Peruna, Uses it in hit j
K rlrj hort talk- Willi rOWsaf
nv.ilfc'T-. iuini. Tn- fullest work
including feeding to the sixth year:
excellent oa (Hap . Follows BoH
In f-e !.r:ar For he well-to-do moth-
Ix-nlth IKKI
I will have a carload of
good four-year-old mules
for sale, Monday, March 6th
at the Oregon Feed Yard.
I A. WADE, Enterprise, Oregon
1 .-.re f tUr .-htlii in
fa r r, tin w I to & rent Kr I nnir.i
with Th- pfftpAf ion Tor th chili
.rj.--r' &$Wttnt f11nit, bithlnif.
;.. ScftvttVV - hi Wren BMMMR
a?t. rIati'n ' prnf t' cMI"
TwtfMU-0IM to tMkr 'rf of tl
tm)n Itl.S v rtvWon 'f ih'
'Mo'hr (hii'l- ;.ublthd in 1111. It
remain th m',, op-v-1at work OH
Infant totdtofl ir,d hJ t'n Mtof99l
into a mor ln I v manual.''
WhtiUt lottnc motlir hand
hook. Itl 4. v ft-n fWHt tnpvtf1
rir 'Jiririt nHnl of th HhhU
Battft of N-w Tork mak th)
mothr harido -ik authorftaUve. It
i intonl'-rj M an al'J In hflplnic mot-
fu ,i,iu w-ri' s enough to demaod
a (,hsl'lsn att.-ntlon."
hll.li HfM,
lliltn Mow sj f-el aMsWa' li
TKT M (I1MI: MOM. Hit-
-on. rttOH ui n: wit
Mother.. . an rest ea.-;, after giving
''California Kyrup of Fig. ' because !n
a few hours all the 'togged-up waste
sour bile and fermnting food gentlv
move out of the bowel, snd you
have a well playful fhlld again, chil
dren aimi-ly will n't take the time
fmm play to empty their bowels, and
they become tightly parked, liver get
"luggl.h and stomaoh dlsirderd
When i ross, feverish, restless, see
If tongue is i-oated. then give thi de
lirious "fruit laxative ' children love
It, and It ran not cause Injury. No
differ-n e what alls your little one
If full of rold. or a sore throat, dlsr
rhoa "loTiarh-ache bad breath, re
member ;i gentle - Inside cleansing'
hould alwavs lie the first treatment
given Full dlrertlon for babies
'hlldren of all age and ' grown-ups
are printed "n each bottle
Beware of . ount'rfelt fig svrups.
Ask vour druggist for a r,n rent bot
tle of "fsllfornla Hyrup of Figs.' then
look farefiilly and see that II Is made
by the 'California Fig Sni. Com
pany " We make no smaller size
Hand back with contempt any other
Always 91. Always worth more. Our announccmont in
last night's paper brought an early rush in the waist sec
tion this morning and we would urge you to come tonight
and select yours before this shipment is exhausted. None
sent C. O. D. None on Appropal. Owing to the very
low price at which these waists are sold we cannot al
low them sent out on approval or sent C. 0. D.