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Forecast for I ami rn Oregon hy
Tae Kut . Im. liaa the largest paid
elmilatioQ if any paper In Oregon, Mat of
I'ortlaud and OVr twice tbe circulation In
I'eodletuo of any uther newapapcr.
I'nllrd Mates Weather (llprnrr
at Portland.
VOL. 27.
NO. 870
Only One Battalion Will Remain on
Bulgarian Line is Official An
nouncement From Athens.
.'"in i ..ii- Will lie i:Mir(il Ho A to
Prevent Possibility of Tic Up of
the Hull roads llrlti-h Transport
With Serbian Troop I tone una Sa
ATHICNS, Jan. 19 All Qroek
troops except one battalion will be1
withdrawn from the Bulgarian fron-1
tier. It la officially announced The I
difficulty of provisioning them la the!
i'iiiiw. Simultaneously It la announc-
ed that Knglund has agreed to ex-1
nort five thouaand totu of coal to
Greece, eliminating possibllites of a,
tle-up by the railroads. A Drlttnh!
transport loaded with Serbian troops
ban reached Salonlkl fruni Albania.
iiepokth di sruiti n ii 'it n
LONDON, Jan. 19. Peace negotia
tlmiH between Austria and Montene
gro have stopped. ling to an
unconfirmed wireless from Homo It
la Mid the report of the surrender
of the Montenegrin army were pre
mature. This report Is aceepted
cautiously and reservedly because the
Montenetrrln diplomats at Home, an.l
I'arl have confirmed tbe surrende".
Bomb Plot Against
Chinese Emperor
Leads to Arrests
l PKJtlNI ItlAol. rilu.
PEKING, Jan 19. Numerous at -i.yis
have cen made as a result of.
I he discovery of ;i plot to kill the
emperor Explosives were found in
the palace The plot was undoubted-1
iv me woik oi 1 1-
iin....i .... mi ii, iiwiiiui. nes .virxmi nan mitunil
SAN KltANCISi'o Jan. 1 9 --The , r. Alvln Iturlsnir paw awui. imn mcrlcan i iiialrvnii ii after a
Chlnaae here nttrlbute the Pekinq CoMMl aTaW over rattle of Char skirmish. Other i-avalrvmcn ami OaVW
plot to revolutionists. They claim the MW Hell. I boy were sent In pursuit. nrriH.it.
n t.i lliioi h is l.i. i) growing gradually
To Provide Very
Latest Fashions
for Local Ladies
No small i it y of the state enn
boiist more progressive mer
chants than those who set the
mice In Pendleton One of the
best evidences of their iiliveness'
la the efforts they make to give
milady of Pendleton the very
latest things In styles To do
this thev do not rely upon what
thi v see In catalogues or upon
what traveling sulcsmen tell
them. They send their own
representatives to the eastern
style marts to study the new
fashions and select the new
stocks personally,
This pilgrimage to styledom
has already begun Mrs. Car
rier, local milliner, left Sunday
ror Chicago to purchase her
spring stock and Mrs D Hru
sha will leave soon for New
York on n slmlbir mission
Charles lllomberg. buyer for th'
Peonies Warehouse, expects to
leave on the ISth for New York
lo select the spring Stock. So V P'S
will m ud ii Minn back about UlC
wime time and the Alexander
department Store Is also figur
ing upon Binding n representa
tive cost. The Oolden ltule St. v.'
follows this Policy, other stores
and millinery establishments
may do likewise
Once In the east they take
their places alongside the buy
ers for the big Portland, Son
Francisco and Seattle stores
anil Judge the new styles on the
living models who wear them In
this way "re In a position II
to choose for their own trndi
the very latest things , In "o
fashion world.
Public and Private
Dances to be Under
Suerwision of L
Ait ordinance which will be intro
duced ul thl meeting tonight of the
I city council will, If finally adopted,
legulale all public dunces and ull pri
vate dances given In public hulls. It
will also be effective against dunces
given In private homes If it is be
IleVed such dances are given to evadu
the law. It provldea for a dance in
spector to be appointed by the mayor
whose duty it will be to see that the
law In being adhered to in every re.
In the first place It provides thai
uiione giving a public dance must go
to the city health officer so the latter
may laaue a certificate that the hall
Is a sanitary place, well ventilated,
and that separate rest rooms are pro
vided for women and men. After tho
hall has been passed upon, a license
must than be secured from the city
recorder. A small fee will be charged
and this will be good for one year. !
The license will be non-transferable.
Among the things the law will pro-:
hil.it will be smoking In the balls or I
ante-rooms, unless u separate place Is
provided away from the dancing-hall
proper; ull forms of dancing where
the dancers are In close contact such
as ragging, the llunny Hug or Turkey
Trot; and no dancer will be allowed
to leave the hall and return, unless he
I ays another entrance fee. For any
Individual violating these restrictions,
a fine of i; or two days in the city
jail may be assessed, and a fine of l-.'ii
or five days In the city Jail for any
promoter of a dance who has allowed j
the ordinance to be disregarded.
The latest hour that a dance may I
continue vvlll be t o'clock with the j
exception of Saturday night when the.
dance will be required to close at
1 1 ; A r. o'clock. Private dances In pub. I
lie halls will be amenable to the name
reatliOllOM except that, where no ad
mission Is tr. be charged, il will not
be necessary to procure a license'
from the city recorder
Mayor Heat stated this morning'
that he has worked out the provis-i
Ions of this ordinance himself and de-1
dared that It Is something the city I
bus needed. City Attorney Pee has
(he measure all prepared for submis
sion to the council this evening.
Negotiations between tiotiteaetrro
and ii-tnu said to Ih off.
G pence -.ml to Is- road) for a revo
lution. Slav di nt reverses.
Ice jams Columbia nml rlicr rises:
at malilln.
i iiiitir nun imun- ii.inivi hi ue n-z-
llogcd iissulhint r a Rlcka still !
ut large. i
Beginning of the Austrian Advance Into Montenegro j
I1 BUS ' 11
, - ' . . i- I ,
This picture shows an Auslrlau mountain position on tbe Monlcn
Into that little country Tho charade r of the ground over which the
has taken place is well Illustrated In tills photograph.
Movement is Reported Afoot to Es-,
tablish a Republic-Allied Troops
Landing in Country.
Important iH'VclopiiKiitK In Balkan
Are Expected Wilkin short 'lime
War Council of the Allien Meet
i nexpectedly in London to Review
l.nNDON, Jan. 19.-- The war
council of the allies met unexpected
ly today. The air was full of ru
mors of Important developments In
the Halkans. Before the session be
gan, an official statement discredited
the report the allies had sent an ul
timatum to Greece demanding tho
immediate withdrawal of the diplo
mats of the central powers Simul
taneously Rotterdam reported a rev
olutionary movement afoot In Greece
to establish a republic. It was ru
mored Venlzelos would head the new
regime King fonsiantlne was said
to bo in danger of being deposed
Several sources sent reports of va
rious landings of allied forces in
Greece, with stories Indicating the
poMslhllltv of an attack by the Teu
tons in Sul.ulkl about to begin.
The first intimation that the war
council had been called was the ar
rival of Premier Hrland of France.
The session Indicated matters ol
the greatest political and military im
portance were to be discussed, partic
ularly because there has been no ses
sion since December, when It was de
cided to continue the Balkan sanV
palgn and land troops at Salonlki
The Athena censor has not paused
dispatches for three days This fact
is regarded as ominous In view of re
ported possible revolution, coopled
with a doubt that Oonstantlne t.ua:iS
control the Greek army during the
crisis The censor panned a dispatch
to the Dally News saying Greece was
about to declare martial law.
U. S. Soldiers Are Captured
by Villista Band Which is
Being Pursued Over Border
Kl. P ISO. Jan. HI. It was reported I
iipir iiMia.v mat .Mrxn-an naiHiHs, mw
here ami at Juarc arc without na
linmatlon or the rriiort.
Sues For Peace
King nichoijas
Montenegro's king- has sued
peace with Austria in order to save
the remnant of his army and hi!
country. Negotiations will be bofUJ j
snoa. it in believed.
INrfl Rook. Vrr Sent
SALEM, Ore.. Jan. 19. Secretarv
of State Olcott has completed the for
warding of a si . ply of blanks to the
county elerks of the state for making
up the voters' lists and pool books for
the primary election of May 19.
trlarau is. Itxid swept.
PHOENIX. Jan. 1. Floods
swept Arizona and one man is
missing. Riverside I'ark Is un
der six feet nl water, the equip,
mini being a total loss. Water
is running six feet over the
Roaevelt dam spillways.
DOlliLAS. Jan. !. IWaters
oil an eastern train said a
Villista hand luwl crssel the Isirdcr
and captured seven American soUBera
of the 13th cavalry. It was ri-isirteil
I'livalrjnien had gone Into Mexican
lerritorv in pursuit of the hand.
border before the recent advance
erute fighting of the lost few day
Wate. ts Six Feet on Monday But so Far no Damage Has Been
Reported-Jam Above City May go Out First, in Which Case Situa
tion Would be Serious.
Because of an Ice Jam in the I'olum
bia between Cmatllla and Irrtgon the
water in the river rose six feet on
Monday and though no damage was
inflicted the situation caused uneasi
ness and speculation as to what the
future held in store.
The alarming feature of the situ,
atlon is the fact there is another Jam
in the river a short distance above
t'matilla, probably at the rapids. In
the event this Jam should give way
first and thus let the water through
swiftly while the lower Jam held fast
there would lie danger of a very swift
rise In the river with some damage
For the first time in vears that a
Prisoner has asserted his privilege of
addressing the jury In his own behalf,
("harlei Duke, Italian contractor
charged with obtaining money under
false pretenses. Just before noon to
day made u personal plea. He had
previously testified that he had stud
ted three years for the priesthoodand
he spoke to the Jurors with much
earnestness. The case went to the
Jury at 1:45 this afternoon and at 2:15
a verdict of guilty with a recommen
dation for mercy was returned.
The state put iu evidence this mor.
ning six different no-fund checks
which the defendant had issued last
September. It was the contention of
the district attorney that, at the lima
of issuing these checks, he knew he
had not money enough in the bank
to care for them and evidence to this
effect waa introduced. Moreover,
one witness testified that Duke sold
bis concrete equipment on the day be
fore he left Pendleton for Portland
and San Francisco.
Dak- while not denying having
written the checks, declared he had
no intention of defrauding anyone. In
his statement to the Jury he declared
that had he been wanting to cheat
anyone, he would have left when he
was owing several hundreds of dol
lars. He offered to make good the
checks if he were liberated. His at
ti rney. W. M. Peterson, pleaded with
the jury to give the young man an
other chance, declaring he had been
drinking heavily when the checks
were written and had no intention of
cheating anyone.
Duke was arrested in San Francis
co where he is said to have gotten In
to similar trouble and was brought
back here by Sheriff Taylor early last
Wheat in Liverpool
Mow Worth $2.02 per
Bushel in Our Money
In American terms the highest price
for wheat in Liverpool, spot No. 1
Manitoba, is now $!.02 per bushel.
This is the highest the Liverpool mar
ket has been since the outbreak of
the war In translating the Uverpool
quotation! into United States lenna
r.o allowance is made for freight, in
surance or exchange. The Uverpool
i lotationa esterday were as fallows
Wheat Spot No. 1 Manitoba, 13s
lid; No. 2. 13s 9 l-2d; No. 3. 15c
6 l-2d. No. 1 hard winter, nxw. llo
PORTLAND, Ore.. Jan. !. (Spe
cial) Club $1.04 bid, $1.09 asked:
bluestem $1.12 1-2 bid. 11.11 asked
CHICAQO, Jan. 19 (Sped!)
May $1.31 1-3 asked. $1.3 1-4 bid:
July $1.24 3-4 naked, $1 23 5- bid.
Destitute Families in Danger From
Exposure; Bundle Day Set for Friday
notlier bundle day. i '.. aftcr
OHai Waniisl. liothiug of all kind-, for
men. women nnd iblldren. ami Nil
limbing also.
Ihoin Mrs. K, c. Anihal SHU-M
ul rmaf bandsa wtii i railed ror.
rttasaoB mils for aid nsin the s.
anctaMd Charttlea m great aVpilei
are fvha Wrrfd anil thev --iiinuot be
gin'' lo Meet urgent demands There
tire ss:idi vtlio nui oerlsli with the
cold unless relief If given ipilckl).
However, a phone message to the)
Kasl Oregonlan this afternoon from
H. N. Dryer, stated the river was then
falling, thus relieving the tension. It.
Is not known whether the Jam below1
I matilla has given away or not but
the supposition is that It has been
partly broken.
At Umatilla the government steam
er Asotin has been busy breaking ice
so as to have a free way to escape
in the event the Jam should break
thus bringing on a rapid fall in the
river. The river channel Is open at
Umatilla but the Ice Is frozen for a
Germany is Said to Sanction the Plan and Emperor Franz Josef is Now
Considering the Selection of a Ruler Who Will Conciliate the M)n.
tenegnns and the Serbs.
HOME. Jan. It la re
ported that Austria Is planning
to unite Montenegro and part of
Serbia as a new kingdom under
an Austrian protectorate- Ger
may is said to have sanctioned
the plan. Emperor Josef la con
sidering the selection of a ruler
who will conciliate the Serbs and
Committee is
Against Plan
to Intervene
WASHINGTON, Jan. 19. After a
hot fight in the foreign committee,
administration members sue ceded tn
keeping further discussion of Mexican
affairs off the floor of the senate. A
majority of the committee was
agrunst reporting favorably r. the in
tervention resolutions
LONDON, Jan 19 England in
; Mods to add 5" thousand new men
at the nav v. This is believed indi-!
I Oativa of a preliminary step to en-1
forcement and actual blockade ofj
I Germany. It was recently stated 14
superdreadnaughts and scores of
I smaller vessels have been completed'
since the beginning- of the war but
the proposed Increase in the men ln- j
d'.cates a greater number of ships
I nave oeen constructed. The new-
draft will place ?60.000 men at the
disposal of the admiralty
llarvlvvasre store Dentmjtxl
MAHSHF1EIJ). Ore.. Jan 19.
The hardware store of Flovd Keed
at Myrtle Point was destroved bv fire
- .Sunday night. The damage ;s IBeM
$S000. partly covered by trtsuence
' The building Is owned by P. W Laird
The above is the gist of Informs- (a various parta ol the ell) there are
Won given the Kast Oregon.an tod.i . ,,,,,. aTtn lm,,., . , ,.
bj officers of the Associated Chan
ties with a request to emphasiae the.'""- J"" " unhUrbl " '
need of help at once. Accirdlng t. . ,h'r ' til What Is worse thev are
the statement the calls upon the nr. 1 not e rtoied with proBri personal
gunliatlon are proving so heavv they j clothing and bedding I 'and the low
have more than they can posstbl, ; teuiieraTur-s ii . considered o,i
handle. The clothing on hand Is ex-1 r.cu!ous that deatka have out baa
hauated and the out) hope In sigh;
at present Is to obtain more through
the kindness of those having east off
clothing to donate, so another bundl
dkj is urranged for.
distance of several hundred feet lnte
the stream on each side.
James Joyce, brakeman on the mo
tor from Umatilla to Pendleton has
launch in the Columbia which until
a few days ago was on land. The rise
in the river ha left the boat frown
in the Ice some distance from shore.
The lowest temperature at Umatilla
last night waa 18 below aero and It
has been warmer there today, the. day
being bright and clear.
It la reported the thermometer
went down to 27 below at Herm baton
last night
Montenegrins and remove forever
the Balkan danger on Austria's
Serbian refugee denied that
Serbia waa about tn follow the
course of Montenegro and make
peace. It waa admlted Austria
had made overtures several
weeks ago bat these were reject
ed. San Diego is
Isolated From
World by Flood
SAN DIBGO. Jan 19. ( Wlrelesn
to Loa Angeles.) San Diego is iso
lated today, except fur wireless to
steamships One death waa reported
dae to the flood. Traffic la paral
ysed Score of homes have been
washed away.
LOS ANGELES. Jan. 1 A pa
trol in the flood sone today watched
for bodies of more possible vlctima
of the southern California st imu
The latent figures showed five per
sons are positively known to be dead,
while four others were reported dead.
Owing to the great number of ran hea
devastated it is believed likely '.hit
other deaths have occurred
Despite the fact hundreds of homes
have been abandoned and some swept
away, there Is title suffering on thit
account. Neighbors housed the
homeless and charitable Institute. n
cared for the Mexicans
The damage is figured at three mil
lion dollars.
WASHINGTON, Jan 19 The fa.
tal explosion Saturdav aboard 'he sub.
marine E-2 at the Brooklyn navy
yard was due t a oomblaatioa of hv
drogen gas from tbe nen rtoraca bat"
terles with air, making a highly ex.
plosive mixture, the navi yard board
of Investigation reported In the navy
ciuseii ti exposure 1
late for such develo
number of cases illl
bronchi i n in Um
hardships en