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'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlillllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllll!lllllllllllllllltlMIIIIIUHIIIIIHIilllli;,,.,linl.
Last Time Today
Greatest Picture of the Year
"A Nation's
stirring ii.c irt lnatiiiii Dealing
with itvsiuvut Wllaon'i Prepared-
new Policy.
"Shall we have peace at any
price, or shall we insure peace by
being prepared?" All the big
men of the country ask you to
see this picture.
Coming Tues. ) VJed.
Vitagraph presents Broadway
Star Feature
Usual Admission, Adults, 15c.
Children Sc.
Coming Thursday
Theda Bara in
"The Gallery Slave"
Additional Social and Per
sonal News on Page 2.
Motion Picture News
.... - nA...k11 I.,,..,.. 1 t
vvtioVn PERU TWBX1
Taking Is their theme a delicate
subject, the topic of th present day.
unit defllv moulding that subject n
1ht no man may feel offense In the
tcutchlng. the Lubln Company have
. ...t a five-reel picture dealing
The Martyrn or the AUuan."
A play of considerable educational
value aa well aa of thrilling Interest
in the "Martyrs of the Alamo." It i
a historical drama telling how in the
early daya the courageous but much
outnumbered defender of the Alan."
were alauithtered and how other Am
ericana avenged their death by de-
wlth the unset Inn Of the hyphenated featlng the Mexicans and winning the
ut,a unnrenarednnss. which I Independence of Texaa Some of the
.in h. hown at the Pastime for the historical charactera that appear
last time today Utbl atrrlng border drama are:
tv, r. rwnnli vlvlil and , Smith (Sam DefJraaae); Santa
thrilling scenes f n anlp lieing aunk
by actual ahell fire of the I nlte.i
Mates Atlantic fleet, mine explosions . j
artlllerv engagements thousands Of
Bailors. soldiers and marlnea, a head
on train collalon: the nurning of anj
entire town and In addition the per-1
soalittea of Secretary Ihinlel Ad-
nilrla Wlnalow and Fletcher and all
lha ofTloera f the Atlantic fleet, the
naval war college at Newport. Rhode
lalanri. and of the naval training ata
tlon. (armra. TVontlrrful Picture.
(Wwaldlne Parrar. the world fa-1
inoua prima donna, scored a big hit
0 large audience at the Alta the-m.-r
last nighl In Carmen."
Keroswhted aa one of the great ut
rriaiea of her geaerwJInn Mute Karrara
"Carm en" aa revealed laat winter In'
molalities of Secretary IHinlels. Ad
York, established the prima donna
atill higher In the esteem of opera
lover Her characterisation haa in
alwolute revelation Of power, "kill
and subtle delineation
Thrilling action, magnificent land
a. apes, tMsttitiiul portraits, well con
structed drama, mark the extraordi
nary production THe bull flghl is
probably the greatest ever lllnied. The
picture wlU be how for the laat
lime today
In addition, two hi vaudeville acta
are offered Wilaon A Hnvdr, com
edy ft rohat. performing MMTkabls
;.nd unusual arts and the Lkod sisters
In their clever muaical ait
Long): Sam Houston Tom
David Crockett (A. D.
nd Jamea Itowle (Alfred Pa-
The seventh annual AMbraiy Ball
Saturday evening" in the Eagle-Wood
man hall proved an appropriate cli
max to the holiday festivities It will
be remembered an one of the pret
tiest and moat enjoyable aocl&l evenu
Of the year and withal one so suc
cessful financially that the club l
dlea will have a tidy sum lo turn over
for the benefit of the library
The hall was very prettily decorat
ed In green and red. The music by
the t.'nlted Orchestra wa excellent
and the other essential elements for
an evening of pleasure were presnt.
In consequence there were few of
the many guests who left before the
"Home, Sweet Home." dance.
The guests began arriving Hhortly
before 9 o'clock. In the receiving
line were. Mrs. Una II. titurgls. Mr
Norborne Berkeley, and Mm John K.
ltoblnson. members of the library
board. Misses Nason. Crtsswell and
Delano, librarians, Mrs. G I La
Dow, president of the Thursday Aft
ernoon Club, and Mrs c Hampton,
president of the Current Literature
Club. Later these ladles alternated
in serving coffee ana sandwiches in
the balcony. Punch was served dur
ing the evening by the Mlasea An
gela Howler and Edith Richardson.
Misses Verne Parker and Lula Mat
lock left today for Portland to enter
St. Helen's Hall. The former has
been attending that school since full
but Miss Matlock spent the pre-holl-day
term at Hrunot Hall in Spokane.
The Alta Theatre
the world famous prima donna, in
The moat beautiful, most exciting and most artistic photoplay ever produced. Ask
your friends.
2 Big Vaudeville Acts
LLOYD SISTERS, clever musical act.
WILSON & SNYDER, comedy acrobats.
Miss Olive Gwinn in 'War Brides9
riMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii in iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMimiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiii.
Wilson 1
Sears, i
get. I Sam DefSraase Is the cool, craf
ty scout to the life He la the lead
ing light In the defense of the Alamo
und when Ita fall la Imminent he is
chosen to lake the haxanloiis trip
through th innumerable Mexiconaf undergone
besieging the place After warning
Houston. De Craaae is shown deceiv
ing Santa Anna, the Mexican didn
tor. by a well-feigned Imitation of a
deaf and dumb man Hia informa
tion leads to a successful attack on
Santa Anna's force by tho Americans
under Houston Walter Long gives
a realistic portrayal of the cruel, vain
but cowardly dictator. The tragedy
of the fall and massacre of the Ala
mo defenders Is lightened by a love
affair lielween Silent Smith and an
old Soldier! daughter (Jaunlty Can
non .
Miss Helta and Miss Hums will
Sinn even- orformance They are
Win Hart will be with us Wednes
day Thursday and Friday.
Ii olnllon o(ii
Notice Is herehv given that the
firm of Albiway & Milne has thti
day t ii dissolved. S. A. Alloway re
tiring. Hereafter the business will
he eonductsd In the same location Of
ChUV Mllno, who will rolled all Mfft
and nettle all accounla.
.lanunrv .1. 191S
N'ETW TOKK, Jan 3 Henn' Pord.
vV Ud the ieai'e expedition which
left here I)mber 4 on the Meani
shlp Oscar U for Copenhagen, in the
hoja of bringing about a coaferer.ee
of neutral natiisis that would end the
war. arrived on the steamer (Vergena
fjord. He confirmed cable reports
that his return had neen hastened by
illness, ho; said it made a different
of only a few davs. aa he intended
when he left to i ome back tble
Mr. Ford dftClaM that his views
rtgarding the cause of the wsr had
marked mange, Whet
he left, he said, he was of the opin
ion that bankers and mannfiu-turef s
of munitions and armament were re
sponsible, but he returns with the be
lief that It Is the people themselves,
those nw being slaughtered, who are
Pjle IHxIarcr! Vnlhlnklng.
The men doing the fighting have
Veen tw xntent to let those who rule
them do their thinking and they hav
not takea advanage of their divine
rlghl to ay for themselves what they
shall do and think, the iriflcle1 i.s
serted. "UepnblWs are no better than mon
archies In this respect. ' he said. 'Ev
en in the I'nlted BtatOS We let those
wh"m we have elected l-e sered from
! their duty. We don'i assert our-
selves IVrsona!l I have been a
Moter 11 ears and In all that lime
I have Voted only six times ami then
I because my wife made me."
Eventual sikix-s- I'wrio,!
Of the eventual surcess of the peflo-
mission. Mr. Ford declared he hid no
Mr. and Mrs R t. Sivres gave a
delightful dlnnei party on New
Years eve at the Hotel Pendleton
dining room At the table besides
them and their son. Stanley Sayres.
were Mrs. Ellen Hond. Mr and Mrs
Charles Hond, Mr. and Mrs. Willard
Hond and little daughter. Bett
Robert Hond of Yoakum and Mn
Alice Hayes and Mrs. Levis of Port
land, mother and sister of Mrs. Wil
lard Hond.
learned the value of a dollar."
All of the schools resumed wo
this morning after a ten day vacatk
Mrs Thomaa Vaughan and baby
daughter left on No. 17 today for
Portland after spending the holidays
with heT parents, Mr anil Mrs K. L
Misses Hose and Myrtle Ross left
today noon for Portland where they
are attending school.
3illlllIUIIIIIilllllllllllllllillll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltllll
15c I
it. j. i. Ptftmontfon f Athena i
:i Pendleton visiter this tfternooni
t'hris Nelson, whu livrs mar Wall
WiOla. ih bUM today t pay tSJMft,
I 10c
I Today and Tuesday
Cntter u -inrr,
SKATTI.K .Ian. S The Hfesavin
rutter Snohoniiph enl .1 wheless
I wus nahore in a bltndiiiK snowstorm
tin milfPP from Seattle. Iater efforts
to reach here were unavailing.
RUMsteaH Take HrichtH.
: PBTROQRAD, Jan. 3 fin- heights
j i Pro u ml ( xrnowitK and BukoWtn i !
: j have fallen into Husian handa, 190 .
i nie, H officers ttd sftnie armament b
j ' Iiir raptured. It wits, offlolally claim-j
;!ed. The enKKenicut reported
; particularly fierce. Kneno attacks'
Martyrs of
the Alamo
Iwore reposed ith s,
; till- Csartoryslt region.
riotiH losses In
MusaHons Wanted.
Hy two oung men. willing to d(l
urythlas Phono tt. call for nil
Mm or Asia, Adv.
E ( S(, realistic you actually live and love and stniKRlt-
i with those fatnoui characters David Crockett.
"Her Painted Idol
E MISS BELTS and MISS BURNS will sing at each performance.
Mr. and Mrs. H Thomson came
up thlB morning from Eho and ex
pect to make Pendleton their home in
the near future.
James Ilingle is in from Helix to
day. David Hyn'd of Heppner is In the
city today. '
T. W Parsons of la Grande la at
the Bowman.
Joe Nelson is among the Helix peo
ple here today.
opal Rice of Helix was at the Pen
dleton yesterday.
S. I Peterson, Milton lawyer, spent
Sunday in Pendleton.
Carl Power has returned from a
few days at Hot Lake.
T H. Ohormley of Helix, spent
esterday in the city.
F. II Moes was in from his home
at Pilot Hock Saturday.
-Mr. and If eg, J. r" Canady of Jo.
sepb are at the St. George.
C. L. Woodward or Adams was a
Pendleton visltiw Saiurday.
Walter J Koork of Adams was a
Pendleton visitor yesterday.
.Mrs. P. Killian of Helix la among
the visitors in Pendleton toJay.
C. c. Connor, well known Stanton
rancher. Is a visitor here todav
.Mr and Mrs. M I Smith of Hel x
were Sunday visitors in Pendleiton
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hudeman ot
Adams, are here from their home to.'
Ray Jay was in for New Yeai's
day from his father's ranch near
Hermiston. I
W, Jepeke and part) spent Sun-i
liny below the city and brought hack ,
-1 ducks. j
il. W. Taylor of Adams wns among j
the visitors in Pendleton on New
Yi ar's day.
Joe Colesworthy returned esterda
to Seattle to re-enter the Tniversily
of Washington.
.Mr. and Mrs H. K, llartholoniew
of Stant'ield were among the Sund.c.'
ositors in Pendleton.
Ed Ferguson. Ring rancher uid
two daughters, came in this niornin;
on the N. p train
W M Tindel, wlu has 0000 s:'ir-'i-Ing
several weeks in Walla Wall i hi s
returned to Pendleton.
Mr. ami Mrs. E. II Aldrich and lit
tle daughter returned vesterday from
a week's isit with relatives in Spo
kane. William A. Mead, special rwprBSOn
tatlVO of the Triausle Film Co
here lodaj lonferlng with the TOinpl
Misses HlsaioUl and Boptui Sikan,
the needlecraft girls at the VofUl
are spending the holld.ns with r-.!
tlvos in Woodbuiii.
Miss Ruth Terpciilnn lofl yaatorrta;
for Cheney, Wash, to re enter Mo
normal svkOOl there after spen . .
the kolMayi In the cit
Stanley Snyres, who has been
pending tin- holiday .it Ms how
here, will return tomorrow to w ill,
Walla to reenter Whitman OOllaga
Mrs James Hill and two BKal) sons
returned yesterday to Helix after
pending a few days in the city. Vr.
Hill la recovering from bis revcm op
Bounding a warning to the young
people of Pendleton, who have thus
far found life an easy matter, against
false conceptions of the function of
the schools, Superintendent A. C
Hampton this morning made a short
address to the students of the high
school at the opejiing session follow
ing the Christmas holidays. The su
perintendent's remarks made a dis
tinct impression upon the young peo
ple. "In a community as rich as Pen
dleton." he said In part, "there are,
as a matter of course, many boys and
girls whose parents are so fortunately
situated that they have not known
the feeling of want. So many good
things have been given them by their
parents, good clothes, automobile
and other luxuries, that there may be
a disposition on the part of some to
think that education will also be giv
en them. ThlB is something that nel
thelr their parents nor the community
can bestow upon them. They must
earn it themselves. No student can
get anything out of the schools ex
cept what he takes by hie own ef.
forts. I make these statements be
cause 1 have observed that as a gener
al thing the student who is paying his
own expenses stands higher in schol
arship than the one who has not yet
Compromise Llkelry
to be Reached in
the Libray Trouble
fl& Advertising in Brief
Per line first Insertion 10c
Per line, additional laser ttoa.... 5c
Per line, per month fl.00
No locals taken for Mesa Uaa Ue.
Count 6 ordinary words to Una
Locals will sot be taken over tka
telephone except from East Or
isn paid up suDacrlMra
Judge (' H Marsh and County Com
missioner H. M. Cockburn will meet
in Pendleton tomorrow to reach some
compromise in the library disagree
r tent which has held up the tax levy
i-nd which has threatened to deprive
the local library board of the 114, Off
piomised by the county court. Judge
Marsh talked over the telephone with
ihe commissioner this morning and
the latter promised to come down
from Milton in the morning. The
juuge feels that they will get together I
on some kind of an agreement sol
that the levy can be made.
The publication of the story of the
deadlock Saturday resulted in many
tag Payer "sitting up and taking no
tice." So serious did many local peo
ple .hink th" situation that President
Tollman of the Commercial associ
ation has been asked to call a meet
ing. However, Judpe Marsh feelj
Ihcl such a meeting will be unneces-Kiry.
Chimney sweep. Call J5&J.
Dressed hogs, 8 cents pound, al
Cash Msrket
Penland Bros, transfer Co. hav
torage warehouse Phono Slf.
Public stenographer and bookkeep
er. Km. 5, Temple Bldg Phono 477.
Suit pressed, 50c. Dry cleaned,
SI 59. Rudd, 310 W Webb Phone.
Lost Crochet purse containing
door key. Finder return to City
Competent woman or girl
for general housework Inquire this
!.,..:.. Sill Ill IWHJmk ,
"T j
, , j I ' ! ?
, l I f 2!
,. r r, y -if-T-' v ..KBi !
For sale Five room house, corner
two lots, desirable location on nortk
side Phone SI
Old papers for sale; tied Id bun
lies Good for starting fires, etc
10c a bundle. This office.
Very many people desire to buy
lands in eastern Oregon. What have
rou to offer, and price? N. Berkeley.
Prompt automobile taxi service
day or night Funerals to cemetery
only S3. 60. Phone 110. Quelle Res
taarant C ft H Taxi Co..
Lost Roll of hand made dollies,
corner of E Alta and Johnson. Find
er please return to this office. Re
For rent Ncely fumished flv
room house on north side Moderr
improvements. Telepnone g or
Found A muff was found
gle-Woodman hall Saturday night
er Library ball owner May rwovei
same by proving property and paying
for this notice.
Salesman Capable specialty man
for Oregon. Staple line on new and
exceptional terma Vacancy now. Ai
tractive commission contract. 13'.
weekly for expenses. Miles F. Blx
ler Co . 230-1 Carlin Bldg. Cleveland.
91 fur Ruail Warrants
All road warrants registered durln;
the months of July, August Septem.
ber. October November an I Decern
1 ber, 1915. will be paid at my office t
the county court house, upon preser
Interest ceases upon date ( pal
Dated Tendleton. Oregon clus ih..
list day of December. 116.
County Treasurer
Art 1ntnres
Art lecturee by Mrs JestUe HoBSy
man Illustrated with splendid slldef.
In the Presbyterian church at p. 'n
Monday and Tuesdav January 3 ajot
' 4 Monday "Beautiful Venn
with the ArtLst Titian. Tasodl
'Northern Kurupe" with the Irtl
Dritrer Tickets 'or four remalaJ
lectures. 75 i . nh; single lleSMtJ) .'
rt tits. -Adv
plcs fur sil-
Assortment or Itoman Beautle-.
Wtnisaps, Siit"nbergs. 36 to H
Sweet elder Mr K. C An.bal 'Ken'
I30D W Alta Box SSI Adv
Twenty nve ik in - it, ai.l.
Mi- Ida
.Mi Ida :
Ml Mid Mis.
sti iking heal
will, short):
Count or M
Meted with t
pan of 'e.
Italian has
dauuhti r
-'! e he hav entered the luiukmv buai. ...
U i;s C. Swift, u tall ami man here Boon after the wedding h. T.
t of Chteago s. cietv M 1 leave on u bwafaeas trip lo gautk o
litr the new ear. wed , :. , tnr ,rujl! ,.,p.lllN i w
Mtnott.'. who : eM M, Swift l known in Chicago ,.
heCuardiu. Tr.i-t 'mn- cietv as an experienced horsewoman.!
I -
luted January t
f I