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mi Weekly at I'm I
con. kt the
in iii.isni; CO
Does the Church of God Stand I
in League With Organized Vice
to 1-
V the peculiar actions of a certain local minister the church
attitude with reference to the city election has been
brought to the limelight.
Mr. Hodshire has seen fit to uphold the candidacy of the
mavoraltv candidate who has the backing of the organized li-
mJSmU VuuTIFortu4.iquor dealers of the city. He u opposing the election of Mr.
Montgomery nu nas a iitaii ami mmurauie return, wno is
pledged to thorough law enforcement and who has refused to
nMiiiuiimiMiminiiiHwiiMuiiiiuiHiiMiniiiiMiiiHMiiiiHiiiMitii iiimitiniimuiiniit HiHMiiiiniiiiiiiiittiiitiitiiiiiiniiniiiiiiiiitiiiintiiiiiiinimiimiimnnHtiH'L;
liaD Sews Co. Portland. Orrf..o
on riui at
ST SS?m?R& cater to bootleggers and others of their Ilk.
teeotrj titrar.,
Hall, oae DJ mIL
ltiij. all nuotlx, by Bill
it',! tkm months. It Ball
ifcllf oo aixith. bi mall
Uallr. one iitr, by isrrter ..
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Kaaii Weekly, ilx months, by mail ...
ral Weakly, four rcoiba. by Bill
And ' fattd to win
You re nkMt with
An ,he sun is to the
v. h.
VtH'RK M?l.tMK
our way
It is understood privately that Mr. Hodshuy s behavior is not s
approved by his own church and that the other ministers of the i
woflicity are united in behalf of tKe clean candidate Mr. Mont- S
J' goniery. But it is not enough to know this privately. Mr. Hod-
shire has openly thrown down the gauntlet in the interests of E
s75;the man wrtn tne vice element Dehind him. If his actions are
'J? not offset by swift, decisive work by others who stand for re
!m ligjoaa life in Pendleton it will appear to laymen that the
, church of God has joined hands with the Devil to turn Pendle-
ton over to an element that stands for moral filth and dishonor.
fa it not up to the churches and churchmen to show their prin
ciples and go openly into this fray under the flag of decency
and law? Local businessmen have their coats off and are
working hard to give Pendleton a clean, reliable government
protecting the homes and firesides of the city. With the issues
so clearly drawn in such a fight will the churchmen falter?
The fight is on and it is a fight for the control of the best
little city in the west It is time to know who are men and who
are mice The first question to solve is whether organized li-
jquor is in this campaign to have the support of the pews and
'pulpits of Pendleton.
You re welcome, aiwn
To the chance time is hi
Ton re welcome, always
business is something of real I made her united No wonder I
importance to the community. ! the people were fired with the
The motion picture has brought vision of Venizelos
blessings such as can be boast
ed bv no other form of enter-
As it is, Greece may stay on
the fence not much longer. If
tainment. It brings the real her King pushes her off on the I
riches of the players art to peo
pie of all classes at extremely
1e woriil to
t lew
German side, she must starve
under blockade. Britain may
cost. It gives the humbl-1 retake Corfu, which she ceded I
And a thousand comrade- near
When you fsce the call to luty
In this lite that leads to luck
You're wel. oine, every moment.
Aa the bee is to the clover.
And the whole world wilts the
Who can put the bi- things
You're we'' .me. always wel
come. To the ..tight hopes always
You're welcome always wel
With your creaming and your '
Selected !
est citizen a privilege which only on condition of the consti- E
until a few years ago. was bey- tutional government that the
and the dream of kings.
King defies. Italy and France S
There are exceptions to the may divide almost at will Syria
rule of course but generally , and the Aegean Islands. Ser-
speaking the
entertainment is wholesome
and elevating. It is a line of
business the people should not
and will not allow to be wrong-,
V 7E have soent vears of endeavor and thousands of dollars in
W tag our laundry up to it's present modem and efficient state. Ask
yourself the question "which wears out my clothes the most, my
laundry or I)" Then visit this big modern laundry and the question will
be answered immediately.
Our Methods Clean and Preserve Your Clothes,
Yet Bring Them Home Just Like New
Our Washing and Soaps Drying that's Different
picture i bia may yet have Salonica
the allies win.
Is it not astounding that E
v hen honor and advantage E
point a nation's way so clearly, E
ilv conducted from within or it can be controlled by the stale E
old trick of imperial marriage; E
by planting on a strategic spot, E
i long'before, the daughter of a S
modern Grand Monarch, and E
about her court building up a i
: structure of intrigue and bri-
of lery and usurpation in the in- E
analogy to picture the ; terest of autocracy against the S
Grecian Queen as a mod- people?
Some say women have little
wrongly dealt with from without.
T pleases the instinct
ern Helen, cause ot woes ln-
OCAL picture show men j numerable, of fierce, vain bat-, political power; here is one by E
vhose influence, and what it
represents, a million men must
W and their nntmns alike ! ties. The likeness may
are to be congratulated overworked, but it exists
ever the fact a satisfactory ar- Greece lives at the mercy ot . needlessly die and her land
rangement has been made for; sea power. Her people werelrisk ruin. For if Greece had
a censorship of the films to be i always sailors; their merchant j carried out its promise at the
shown in this city. The ar-1 fleet is huge, their navy weak. Dardanelles if even she had
rangement assures" protection i Less than half the race are on kept her King's own treaty
lor thp nublic and it will be on ! the mainland. By joining the . with an ally the war need not
such a basis the picture men! allies. Greece could have had j have looked so long and dark
will be saved from needless 1 Cyprus at once, and later mucn , and terrible in
annoyance and loss. i of the Syrian coast. The pow- does today. -
The motion picture is herejers that at Navarino made her, World,
to stay and the welfare of that I free could at Smyrna have
prospect as it
- New York
Blanket s-nt Mrs. CML
PHOENIX, Ariz.. Nov. 25. Vk
President Marshall h wedding Rift t
Mrs. Halt, President Wilson's flail
cee is a gorgeouH Navajo Indian
(chief.- blanket made at the reser.J
i Hon in northeastern Arizona.
"Just as fabrics sent to this mrid'erii, scientific laundry are
protected against "iir h lieing washed with the absolute mln'
lum of friction, s.. the same care is exercised in the selection of
the soap and compound necessary In the procem ( cleansing
and whitening. Where the home laundress may employ wash
ing powder, lye or "ther strong alkali that simply eats the life
out nf garments, the scientific power laundry uses soaps that
are as nlld aa Ihej can possibly he and still produce the de
sired results. There are no short cuts In modern laundry prac
tice: if time is to be saved it is done by having an abundance
..f help and ample machinery, and not by the employment of
compound that ma) act QUlckl but weaken the fabrics that
are treated. We use special soaps that are just strong enough
to overcome the hardness of the water, and no stronger. Whiten
ing agencies have been discovered that are equally efficient ami
harmless in their action."
ironing Without Friction
"Rollers and presses have made modern laundi ork better,
not only because of their mechanical perfection bid also because
they make the work pleasant and pleasant work Is always well
done. They save wear and tear on humanity as well as on the
-arments. Hoth are reasons why the careful housewife can not
afford to have her laundry work done by the destructive, back
breaking methods employed in the home."
' In this laundry where washing la done on a very large scale,
you cannot find a foot of slotheiline or a single clothespin, things
hat pucker, soil or tear fabrics. In this modern laundry, when
articles come from the washing machines, they are put Into a
Vertical matal receptacle that has perforated sides. Then the at
ti ndant throws on the power and the inllnder starts whirling
at more than 1.000 revolutions a minute. The moisture Is fairly
whirled out of the articles in less than half an hour, and another
process has been accomplished without friction, wear or tearing
strain or any awl upon the goods."
Our Starching a Science
More lunndn comic is seen In the starching process. Where
the home laundress lets articles to he stiffened lie In the starch
'for a eMnfeafativety short time, the modern laundry applies the
starch and then packs them into a cylinder where they are suh
lde'rt lo heavy pressure for several hours. This drives the
:irch into every filler of the article or portions of the garments
to be stiffened and the are Impregnated with kbaolut uniform
ity. Hllsters soft spots and 'scabs' of starch are thus avoided
Can You Do This at Home?
About the biggest bargain in laundry work Is the finishing
of an ordinary turn-down collar, "roni the time a collar Is
checked Into the laundry until It Is checked out clean. It under
goes no less than fifteen separate and distinct operations. All
it costs to you Is two and one-half or three rent."
Just as Soon as We Learn How to Run a
Better Laundry, We Will
f e issue a standing invitation to all our patrons, and those who are thinking of becoming our patrons, to
visit this laundry your laundry and see in what an efficient and sanitary manner we clean your clothes.
Just tell your 'telephone 60 and our wagon will call
7imlllllHIIIIIIIIIIllMIII1IMIItllllll)llllll llllllllllIllfMIMllllllllllllllllllMIIIII Illlll Illlllltlll I MlllltllfllllflillllllllllltlllMIMMfllllllllllllMlTmiMllir
E, K. Sauze. a patent expert, located at .'526
Drumheller Bldg., Walla Walla, Wash., will be
in town for "one day only, on Saturday, Nov. 27,
and can be seen at Beddow & Miller's plumb
ing shop, where he will give to inventors any
information on
Suffered Everything Until Re
stored to Health by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound.
"He called her in from me and shu' i similar service. In all. five tteani-
the door!'
' ers are to be pun hased.
me and
ailed her
the door:
Anil I went wandering alone again
So lonely U so very lonely then.
: thought no little sallow star, alone 1 Of her glad augh
I. turning, crept on to the hedge that
Ixjuud .
Her pk-asantTseelng home hut all
a round
never si
Were .:i: !edjj ainl I heard
iillnu faf'
harsh ""I'l"-" a ii.iu.li
compelled to unload at Gibraltar lie
fore being allowed to continue on
her voyage to Malaga "
it Win
l he
The wlnd
qpMUatl t ariro I seized.
KKKUN. Nov. 25 The Overs
i News Agency said In an Item giv
out tor pupbllcatlon:
"According to the riaceta I
i N'orte. of Balboa. Spain.
' steamer with a cargo of
California young woman whti h
that state means voter, sleep In
back yard and authorities have
lured her tent In another count
ipHnlshlfrom the family mansion They win.
w ire
nor any
to rule out her regiaratlon. aivlna
rise to great Indlgnatloa on her pair
and how to proceed and protect their ideas on
tlrafting, machine designing or blue prints. Ab
solute secrecy is guaranteed Hours 11-12
and 2-4
Florence, So. Dakota, "I used to be j
very sick every month with bearing
0WD pains ana .
biicA&che, and had
headache a goo-!
deal of the time an l
very litt!:' appetite.
The paina were so j
bail that I used to
fit right down on the
fioor and cry, be
cause it hurt rno to
and I could not do
tny work ct those
times. An old wo
man ae!' iB"d DM to try Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound and I got a
tottle. 1 felt better the next month to
1 took three mere bottles of it and got
well so I could work all the time. I
hope every woman who suffer ftVe f did
v. ill try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
j xmpmmd.,,-Mr.r.V.lABt3lC,B0.-.
?, A'lyn, Warh.
Why w!!l women continue to suffer day
in and day outer drag out a ickly, half
hearted exltence,miing three-fourth"
ef the joy of living, when they can Sod
health in Lydia E. Pinkham" Vegetabl I
Con. pound ?
For thirty years it ha been the tan'
nri remedy for female ill, and ha r -t
tore I the health of thousands of women
vho have been troubled with uch ai'
nnt as disp'acement, inflammation,
i Iteration, tumors, irregularities, etc.
If jou want special ItIcc write to
I tdla E. Piokham Medicine Co. confi
dential i.jnn.Mans. Your letter will
, V opi ned, rmd nd answered by a
wo) aufl Wt la rtrfct nmf deacc.
.In all a world of twilight, e'er h.nii
aHich nuer loneliness, But that I
Above my heart that gleaming tress
of hair
To lighten up the night of my rta
1 think 1 might have groped Into
my grave
Nor eared to wave
The ferns above It with a breath of
And how I hungered for the
sweet face
Thai beM above me In my ltl
I Thai day amid the aTassea ther
Her pleasant home! 'Her pie
home:" I sighed.
Remembering; then shut my
and feigned
The harsh voice calling rae,
clinched my nallc
j Ho deeply 111 no palms
I wounds pained.
And tossed my face Inward
as one who pales
In splendid martyrdom, wttn
voice aaMP
Hut, clutching to the tarn:
A sound as though a strong man j
bowed his head
And sobbed alone unloved ineol
rtartad !
And then straightwav belore
My nearles eyes, all vividly. v
A vision that Is with me a Verm ore:
A little girl that lies asleep, n
Nor heeds not any voice nor fail
And 1 sit singing o'er and o'er n
"(od culled her in from him a
stint the door!"
James. Whltcomb Klley.
;2mmM.iiiiiiiiiiimimiiiiiimmiiiiiiiiiii miiiiiiiii iiiiimiiihuihiiimniw:
sealing steamers ui He
the White sea.
-eil ill S
As near to Sod as high the gnilotlne.
And I had envied hr" Not that -
o no!
Hut 1 had longed for siime s et
haven so!
Wherein the tern pest -beaten heiCt
might ride
Sometimes at peaceful Mlfi
Wh're those that loved mr touched
me with their hsmis.
And looked upon me with glad ec-.
add slipped
Smooth lingers o'er mv hrow. and
lulled the strand
Of my wild tresses, a they backward;
t Ippcd
Mi yearning face .cnil issi. It salls-
fled. V
TTlMi klUert: I tT.iirirurcri uy before.,
ST JOHNS. N. V.. Nov. lav Th S
purchase by the Kusslan government S
of several sealing stvamers balling S
from this port is exiectej to b'S
made through Captain Joseph Lorl-I
Mellkoff . first secretary of the I'.us- j S
slnn embassy at Washington, who
has been here negotiating With the.
The steamer Nitscople already ha
been bought hy Russia for er ii e as
an Icebreaker In the White Sea. iith-l
er sealers. It Is said, are ileaircii for
1 i ''
Will Arrive
Next Week
For Infants and Children
In U se For Over 30 Years
Always bears
Signature of
Pendleton Auto Company f
Tumi ii"iHiHiHHniiiiiiMiHiiiiiNiiHiiiiHHNtiHiiitmiiiiitiiimniiittntnm,l