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An Opportune Event
Manufacturers Sale of
en s
Regular $25.00 and $30.00 Suits
on Sale for Only $16.50
A prominent New York manufacturer, finding himself overstocked, has consigned to us for SPE
CIAL SALE, a Urge shipment of new, up-to-the-minute suits to be sold at prices before unheardof.
Because we desire to show this manufacturer that we can help him, and at the stime time give to the
women of Pendleton and vicinity a wonderful bargain opportunity we are going to reduce our percent
age of profit to the lowest possible point.
THESE ARE ALL WELL MADE SUITS, of excellent quality serge, broadcloth, poplin and gaber
dine, made in both box coat and semi-tailored effects. Either braid or fur trimmed.
THE COLORS ARE black, navy bine, African brown and Russian green.
They are suits that would ordinarily sen far $25.00 to $30.0,
Friday and Saturday $16.50
A small extra charge will be snade for -alterations. (These prices do not indtade our regular stock.)
ORDINARY Royal Worcester and Bon Ton
Madame Morris
From New York City
Will be with us three days, be
ginning Monday, Oct. 4th, giving
a scientific demonstration and
fitting of corsets according to
fashions latest edict.
Ladies' Black Suede, cloth top, but
. ...ton shoe, $5 value, sale pr. $3.45
1 Lot of Ladies' $4 and $5 Shoes, in
lace and button, patent leather,
not all sizes in this lot, Sale
price $2.98
Ladies' Patent Leather Cloth Top
Button Shoe in all sizes and
widths, a beauty $3.50
Ladies' Kid Cloth Top Button, a
very nifty and comfortable shoe,
all widths and sizes $3.50
Growing Girls' Patent Leather
Cloth Top, low heel, lace, in all
widths and sizes - 3.00
Women's collars and collar and
cuff acts, your choke of any 75c or
?1.00.5iumbers Friday and Saturday
specMl - 40
Women's white fleeced union
suits, high neck, long sleeves and
ankle length, good line of sizes.
Friday and Saturday special.... 59f
Bargain Basement
Seasonable Bargains
Many hundreds of dollars worth
of winter merchandise has .been
added to this department and all of
good quality. Every article is
placed on sale at a Bargain Price.
Here are a few of our seasonable
bargains :
$37.50 Women's Tailored Winter
Suits $12.50
$32.50 Women's Tailored Winter
Suits $7.95
$16.50 Women's Heavy Winter
Coats $4.95
$12.50 Misses' Heavy Winter
Coats $3.79
$27.50 Men's All Wool Winter
5uit $11.37
$22.50 Men's All Wool Winter
Suits $6.49
$730 Boys' AR Wool School
SuiU $4.35
$6.30 Boys' AH Weal School
Suit $2.69
$3.U0 All Wool Jersey Sweaters
at 98c
$1.50 Men's Wool Shirts 98c
$1.50 Wool Dress Goods, all
colors 47c
$5.00 Women's Shoes, winter
weight $1.98
$3.50 Boys' School Shoes, all
leather $1.13
90c Men's Gloves, heavy calf 49c
$1.00 Men's Heavy Shirts 63c
50c Men's and Boys' Caps 9c
$3.75 Men's 2-piece Underwear,
wool 93c
$2.50 Men's 2-piece Underwear
silk and wool 69c
$5.0P Women's Wool Union
Suits $2.49
$2.00 Women's Cotton Union
Suits 97c
$1.00 Women's and Misses' Under
wear , 36c
50c Women's, Misses' and Chil
dren's Underwear 17c
All Goods Cash in the Basement.
At Round-up Park, one day only,
Saturday, October 9th. Admis
sion 25c.
An extraordinary assortment
dress goods for the price. Especi
ally for suits and dresses and school
wear. Comes in mixtures, stripes
and plaids, 36 inches wide. Best
quality finish. The yard 50
Chiffons and marquesette are
used quite extensively this season
for trimmings and waists. Comes
in plain colors and flora affects; 40
to 42 inches; all shades for street
and evening. The vard $1.00 to
Any kind, any price you may so
desire, such as taffeta, messaline,
corded, duchess satin, peau de soie
crepe de chine, charmeuse, crepe
meteor. Best of quality; 36 to 42
inches wide. The yard 98 to
The best bath robe blanket made.
Largest size; largest assortment of
Indian and floral patterns, includ
ing cord and tossel and frogs. Let
us show you. Get your bath robe
now. '
Where it Pays to Trade
Aato-nasVwa Race Held.
P1TTSFIKLD, Ml. Sept. SO i
Not') and wealthy aeronauts were
entered In the second annual auto
balloon raoe which started hme. Am
ong them were Alias R. Kawley.
I.reldent of the Aero Club of Amer -ca;
G. K. Glidden of Bonton, J. H
wide. Jr. of Cleveland; Robert
qiaaillWIlllH "f Philadelphia. E. B
ffatfera "! Dsrtoa, O., Heibert O.
l.romn of Wallole, Maui!.. Dr. Jewnne
Kingsbury of New York. Heber Bish
op at ftnafsn and George Von rtaasy
of .New York. The Walloons
were ate North Adaaas. the .Stevens
;7. the Boston, the Bellght and the
Suitor Rata grfkponer.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 10. 0. P
Ware, on of the crew of the Ameri
can schooner Sehome, which arrived
here from Sydney, Australia. was
turned over to the police by John
Klltz, the ship's captain, who alleged
War laid it the captain and crew
with a belaying pin off Apia. Ameri
can Samoa, and took command of the
vassal for it sours.
Captain Klltz said he escaped, on.
mined a revolver and regained his
I o'mmand.
In Portland, with de trips
outside, will give you an en
joyable occasion. Make the
Multnomah your headquart
ers. Service better, rates con.
istently lower.
to- per day 1100
inn mm. mi. wllb bsth. per day 1 '
100 rooms with bsth, per day 2 00
300 large outilde rooms.
bath, per diy 11
Eitrs parsos id room, ad
dltluoat 100
100 Bon off to Russia.
Hi OD RIVER. Ore., Sept. 30. The
l.irgest earload of apples ever sent
from Hood River has Just been ship
ped out by the Apple Growers' As
sociation for New York, where It will
be exported by way of Copenhagen to
The fruit, composed of 1000 boxes
of Winter Bananas and Newtowns
sad a fen Spltzenburgs, is especially
packed, each box being wrapped in
burlap folds, and roped.
Hoorl 'i Sarsanarilla removes
scrofula sores, boils and other erup
tions, because it drives out of the
blood the humors that cause them.
Krnptionx cannot be successfully
treated with external applications,
because these cannot purify the
Hood's Sar!ni::rilla makes rich,
red blood, pet; cik the digestion,
and builds up the whole system. In
aM 00 having ilood's. (jet it now.
aaaaaaaasssa .'jSL 3
been able to gauge the situation, but
they .'ear this will he the result of
President Wilson's action.
What the press agents say
about Pendleton s pres
ent and coming
Ambassador Frederick C penfleld.
Ambassador Frederick C. Penfleld,'
I the merlcan representative In Austrii, '
I may be sent home by the government i
: of that nation as a reu'lt of the re-,
iU't by President WIlMin that Aus-I
I trlan Ambassador Dumha be recalled.
Waul inrton diplomats have not yei
Gill-Edged (s( piwars in "Lady
Audio SiiTCit."
As is ctistomry with all William Fox
productions, the cast of his latest suc
cess "Lady Audley's Secret" Is far
above the average photo-drama cast.
Theda Hara, who created such a fu
ror by her marvelously artistic por
'rivals of the Vampire woman In "A
Fool There Was" :md "The Devil'
Daughter," quite surpasses herself In
her latest vehicle. The story of the
woman, cursed by an hereditary mal
ady, that causes her to attempt her
own husband's life, and to bring mis
try upon her own, is one of thrilling
dramatic power. This production will
undoubtedly be considered one of the
greatest vehicles that has yet been
t mulshed Miss Hara.
In support of Miss Bara, there ap
pear Clifford Bruce, who starred In
many well-known Broadway produc
tions before entering the fleM of the
Silent Drama under the banner o!
William Fox; Stephen Grattan. who
among other successes created the ti
tle role In the original production of
"The Prisoner of Zenda;" Wm. Riley
Hatch, who played the title part In
the Fox production of the "Plunder
er," Warner Richmond, Fratser Coul
ter, Catherine Adams, and many oth
ers whose names are equally well aJid
favorably known to theater and mo
tion picture lovers.
As Lieutenant Devenant, Frazer
Coulter gives an especially convincing
performance of the half pay army of
ficer who permits drink to drown hie
finer sensibilities and feelings His
make-up is a marvel, his every move
Sttd gesture Is suggestive of the char
acter he Is pluylng.
Another part that Is played with
convincing realism Is the Australian,
portrayed by K. It Knight. Mr.
Knight is the typical Australian mi
ner, and the realistic back ground of
the gold fieldH makes his work Stand
nit with particular emphasis. Adv.
The Scotch llt, as an article of
dross, dates reck to prehistory time
and was o -i rl.i.illy, as far as can be
figured out, riirely a plaid blanket
'Torn about the shoulders with one
end gatherej about the loinf in cud
weather. The mountaineers of the
Balkans wear the kilt, and students
say that the soldiers of the Assyrian
kins wore a costume very closely akin
to the kilt of Scotland.
For Your
against loss of appetite, poor dlgrs-
iivor or rsiwci
Hon, hcadaclM',
troubles, try
Stomach Sitters
It tones, strengthens and invig
orates the entire system. Try It.
Pendleton's two literary clubs win
begin their year's work at once. Tho
first meeting of the Current Litera
ture Club will be held tomorrow aft
ernoon at 3 o'clock at the home of
the president, Mrs. A. C. Hampton on
High street. The first meeting of
the Thursday Afternoon Club, sched
ules! originally for today, has been
postponed until next week. It will
be held at the home of Mrs. G. I. La
Dow with Mrs. La Dow and Mrs. W
C. E. Prultt as hostesses.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Cockburn of
Milton passed through Pendleton yes
terday en route to Portland.
There is much Interest In inuslcnl
circles In the concert to be given
next Monday evening In the Presby.
terlan church by the Sequoia Quartet
of Portland, the same quartet which
sang at Happy Canyon. The young
ladies of the Fredda Scegrua Ke
have already placed their tickets on
sale at the Warren Music House.
Miss Myrtle Ross, popular gradual.'
in the June class of the Pendleton
high school, will leave Saturday for
Corvallls to enter the Oregon Agri
cultural College.
Members of Round-up Council.
Knights and Ladles of Security, are
anticipating a pleasant time tomorrow
evening when the officers elected nl
n recent meeting will he Installed
Following the Installation exercises
refreshments will be served by the
knights and a social hour will be en
joyed. The officers to be Installed
are as follows: President. Frank J
Deebach; vice president, Mr. Mnrk
ham; second vice president, Mrs
Body: financier. Mrs Lester: secre
tary, Mr. Wickland; guard. Miss Fox.
prelute, Mrs. Pearl Deebach; sentinel.
Mr. Bodv; conductor, Mrs. llemalotl -kl.
Mrs. May o'Gara of Aura street
left on No. 17 today Tor Portland
where she will spend several weeks
visiting her daughters.
Mrs. Lot Livermore returned last
evening from a four months' visit in
A meeting of the members of the
Parent-Teachers' association of the
Lincoln school will he held tomor
row afternoon at 3 o'clock ul the
school and as large an attendance as
possible Is desired. Plans for the
winter program will be discussed and
the question of getting the school ex
hibits together will also be taken ur.
It is hoped to hold an exhibit of the
school work within a few weeks and
there will be much to do now In col
lecting the Work so as to have It In
Mr. SIM Mrs. Charles Greullch and
their guest, Mrs. C. B. Brown of
Klamath Falls, motored to Walla
Walla yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hamblen re
turned yesterday from Portland where
they had been for several weeks
r Gives brilliant gtoy shine thatH
floe not rub off or dmt off thst
anneaU to the I ten that huts four I
timet us long si any other.
Black Silk Stove Polish
It In a clsss by Itself. It's more I
mretullf made and ramie H
from btUtr tuuruls. m
or yur iu rant. fiafiBKarW. I
If you ' and It ifufWaarK&J M
thtMtpoUhy"u rJ r sasMrf r fTTf I
ever uid, your VjSaaWTaufN I
h,r.l.r or iWAVXl
groctry anuria IIH Fa 1
authorised to r- fjUrfLBl ll
-o.OUO Feet Cut III Day.
HOQIMAM, Wash., Sept. 30. One
of this city's mills, the plant of the
Grays' Harbor Lumber Company, Is
believed to have the record for the
largest single day's cut of any mill In
the northwest and probably on the
Pacific coast for this year.
On one day last week the mill cut
720,000 feet of lumber In a 20-hour
run. The lumber was put through
the resaws the same day
Figured In carloads this single day's
output of the plant amounted to ap
proximately 25 cars, or an ordinary
trainload of lumber.
kith Ton-lies Bring Aid.
ABERDEEN, Wash., Sept. 30.
Soaking a part of their clothing In
oil and fastening these to the ends of
sticks, thus making torches, three
Grays Harbor fishermen aboard the
gasoline fishing smack Colorado at
traded the attention of the life-saving
crew at Westport last night
which rescued them from a perilous
position on the Grays Harbor bar.
The engine of the little boat went
dead while crossing the bar and the
boat drifted In toward the south jet
ty rocks. Had the llfesavers been 10
minutes later the men probably would
have been drowned The party con
sisted of J. E. Kemp, J C. Paine and
Frank Shanley.
Worth Their Weight In Gold.
"I have used Chamberlain's Tablets
and found them to be Just as repre
sented, a quick relief for headaches.
dly spells and other symptoms de
noting a torpid liver and a disordered
condition of the digestive organs.
They are worth their weight In gold,"
writes Miss Clara A. Drlggs. Bibs. N.
If. Obtainable everywhere Adv.
Herder (ViifMrtra Anon.
BAKKR, Ore., Sept. 10. That Ven
tura Equlbar, a Rasque sheepherder.
has confessed to setting the fire thst
Id IU.000 damage to the barn an t
granerlea of Frank, Clark, on the Al
vord ranch, 90 miles southeast of
Burns, Is asserted by Sheriff Austin
Goodman and Prosecuting Attorney
George Siiemore, of Harney county.
Equlbar is being held In the Hums
jail awaiting the action of the grand
Jury. He was caught after a lively
chase. He Is said to have confessed
that the act was prompted by n de
sire for revenge. The fire destroyed
1800 bushels of grain. 27 horses ami
mules. 15 saddles and several sets of
To the Public
"I feel that 1 owe the manufactur
ers of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy a word of
gratitude." writes Mrs. T N. Wither
all, Gowanda, N. Y. "When I began
taking this medicine I was In great
pain and feeling terribly sick, due to
an attack of summer complaint. Aft
er taking a dose of It I had not long
to wait for relief as It benefited mo
almost Immediately." Obtainable
everywhere. Adv.
HoM-hiirg Mill site llinhano Ifntls.
ROSKIU'HO, Ore, Sept. 30. With
sufficient money at hand to purch.m
the Hoseburg fairgrounds at the price
specified by the stockholders at a
meeting held here recently, the so.
called railroad and sawmill commit
tee will demand a deed to the prop
erty within the next few day. The
deed will be placed in escrow in a
Roseburg bank pending the constru
Hon of the mill. When the mill ts in
operation the deed will be surrender
ed to Kendall Bros.
An Experienced Mo(her.
Women who have answered las hi (A-,
est calling are anxious to help and tc
fluence the eipectsat mother, so sb'
can avoid suffering for man years
experienced mothers bare relied upon
Mother's Friend, obtained at ear drug
store, because this splendid external
Trmedy ados to the physical comfort
of every expectant mother. It makes
the muscles flexible and takes sway
all strain on the cords and ligaments
and actually relieves the tension of
nerves and tendons, that so often
cause nausea, morning sickness and
twitching of the limbs Mother's
Friend Is highly recommended.
Concrete, Stone and Brick
contractor. Estimates fur
nished on application.
Phone 536, Pendleton, Ore.
Jean Wood Studio
China Fired Designs for Rent
Room 7 Schmdit Building
I Malen Burnett School of Piano Playing I
S TRY whose graduate has had the honor to play before
the Northwest Music Teachers' Association. Miss Bur- i
nett, director, studied in Europe four years with the best 5
This school employs only assistants who have trained
s in the school and had practical experience in teaching 1
5 under the director.
Fundamental Music Training recognized to have pro- E
duced the best and most thorough results in the shortest I
length of time.
Association Building, Room 1, Phono 382.
See new pupils Oct. 2, 4, 5 :30. Phone or write for
E terms. '
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