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Silk Sale
Shop in the Daylight Store
atjww mom nnndniTi vr tiwittt VTnXI nBPnnW TTTBSmAV SPPTl'MRBP 9ft 1Q1K
I. - ill
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rWUtoo'i Leading Clothien
rill ENDS PliAV "JOKE' OX MI -mcians
I From the Baker Herald.)
Huw two of the Baker delegation
to Pendleton, not "dead ones," either,
In ,k ihrlr ufternoon nun Saturday in
coif Inn. w.., told here lat night by
returning membera of the party. j
An undertaking establishment ws
turned over to Calnctalllo's Hungry j
Hand to ,e uied for a dressing room
nnl while the lightning change wan'
being made, Ray IfcKlnley anc
JaaiM Hali'. worn out with the d.iyl
tiertlons. fell aaleep on a ettees,
caff fully transferred thern to a cou-
lie of empty caakeU, where the un-
dertaker lound them snoring per.ce
full an hour later.
Hi land Lccles created a mild sen
s.ition when seated on a cake Of Ice
he wki l ulled through the U attlj
bv bis (i lends, his legs being tiaed
handle Carl Hupke plunged heav
ily toward the cloae of the evening,
purr baaing lio.ooo worth of Happyi
CaijrOB money for :s cenU, lust two
mi'iuici" before closing tlmo afld VfMJ
uniible t get rid of any of It. EarL
1. Dedrkk cracked the rtaettroas oi
t.ic furo lank and Walter E Meach
am played for a whole hour In a
poker gi me for a quarts The
Against Substitutes k Ask For
Get the Weil-Known
Round Packago
void Subtlltutft l
CWf.nlU.S.A -A
PP Take a Package Home
Oregon Slate Fair
J. H. Booth, Preat. W. Al Jones, Secy.
1!)0." State Fair Not Held on Account of Lewis and
Clark Exposition.
An Exposition in itself. The Pride of Oregon. A
Great College for the one engaged in Agricul
tural, Horticultural and Livestock pursuits.
Munter, the Aviator, will make Two Flights Daily.
Free camping space in a shady Oak Park. Free
Stalls for Campers' Teams. Free transporta
tion on Railroads for Exhibits.
For any information relative to the Oregon
Fair which opens September 27th and clot
October 2nd, write to
dan 'ne, i he returning i ... on anlJ.
was one of the greatest parts of
Happv Canyon.
The horseback wedding they men
tioned ns being pnrtlcularly Impres
sive. Hurry Slauter as Charlie Chaplin,
was the big hit In Pendleton. Movie
men wanted to snap him. barkers for
movie shows used nis name In draw
ing crowds and children went home
to tell their parents that they had
seen the real Charlie Chaplain.
MIks Gwladys Balrd, Mrs Ephrlam
Haines ami M : Margaret Stoddard,
who vli'ted -the Hound-up as the
guests of the Baker County Fair as
sociation, reported enthusiastically
on the hospitality of Pendleton and
the excellence of the show. They
headed Ihe delegation which met the
lnvadii:g Bnkerltes Saturday.
Pnker was the only city to send an
organize! representation to the
Hound-up and received more atten
tion than any other delegation, not
excluding Portland. Even the pea
nuts and poucorn sold through the
zrandatnnd and bleachera, was
hawked as "made In Baker."
It is claimed by members of the
I am that It was not by accident
that horses and mules broke up the
cowbo.' Irtakfast. but that the anl
rials verc ridden among the crowd
with r.ia'lce aforethought.
Mad In the largest, boat equipped ami
sanitary Malted Milk plant In the world
We do not make "mil product"
Skim Milk, Condensed Milk, etc.
Made from clean, full-cream milk
and the extract of select melted grain,
reduced to powder form, soluble in
water. Beit Food-Drink for All Ages.
Used tor over a Quarter Century
Unlem you may "HOHUOICS"
you may got a Substitute.
MoltMMi TOnt.
Businessmen of Town Give DlsUn
Kiilnhed Guest Luncheon at Noon
Enietit Canton Ik Dcdanxl Win
ner In Industrial Club Coat.
W ill GO to Slate Fair.
(Speclul Correspondence.)
HKKMISTON, Ore., Sept. 28. Sen
htor Chamberlain and Congressman
Sinnott were Hermlston guests Sun-'
day. The eurly morning war spent
In motoring over the project, slgnl
seeing. At noon they Vere guests of j
honor of several of the town's busl- j
nest men at a luncheon given n. ih ,
Hotel Hermlston. They left o,i Xo.
17 for Portland.
Ernest Carson has been declared
the winner of the Industrial club of
the Hermlston school district and will
take his display to the state fair lr
Salem this week. His exhibits will
be of a large assortment of garden
truck. Other winners of the Indus
trial exhibits who were awarded
prizes but not a trip to the fair are,
Hoy Haddox. on corn; Han Sellers
dUplay of pigs; Rhea Olson, pen of
Miss Ethel Rodger. MIks Daisy
Mulkey and Miss Bessie Mcl'herso'n
were the guests of Miss McPherson's
laren.s In Pendleton while attend
ing the Round-up.
Mrs. Thomas Hawthorne and dau
ghtir, Ixiuise, returned to their home
In irrlgon, Saturday after a visit with
friends here.
Mrs. E. P. Dodd and daughter.
Isabelle. were guests of Mrs. Dodd's
parents. Mr. and Mrs. R. Alexander
In Pendleton during the Hound-up.
C. S. Mc.Vnught returned this mor
ning from Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. B. 0. Monkman were
the week end guests of Dr. and Mrs.
M. S. Kern in Pendleton.
l.ura Davis returned Sat
urday to make her home with her son
K. t. Davis, after a year's visit with j
relatives in Maine.
Harry Maltby arrived from Port,
land yesterday In his new Dodge ma-1
chine for which he has the agency j
in this territory.
Mrs It i. Monkman entertaineo
Informally Thursday evening In
or of Mrs Thomas Hawthorne
Mr. and Mrs. H
Mr. and Mrs. M. J
New port and
Harthel enter-
tallied their friends with a
I artv Wednesday evening
i the
The guests were clad!
Newport home
In children's costumes, enjovea
Karnes of their youth and feasted on
pink candles and Ices to their hearts
A very busy meeting of the Civic
Club was held at the Civic Center
Friday afternoon. As a result the
ladies announce a dance to be given
Monday. November 1st, In observ
ance of Hallow'een. A cleanup day
will also be announced at on early
GENEVA. 0H Sept. 28. Menu:
Breakfast, springwater; lunch, water
from the spring; dinner, more spring
That was the diet Dr. H. G. Huff
man. Youngstown, O.. o, ullst, lived
on for 47 days and he regained his
health when physicians said he
would die. Hia first fast last year
wa on a bet with death; his secon.l
this year amounting to 31 days
was merely to fulfill a policy he in
tends to carry out as long as he
lives This policy Is:
"Eat nothing one month a year
and feel like you were in the clouds
the other U."
"A year ago five Youngstown phy
sicians decreed 1 hud but a snort
time to'llve," said Ur Huffman. I
concluded that since I had to die
anywav I'd do it In the woods I lov
ed "
The .lorior's camiitng place Is on
the Grand river banks near here.
"once out here." he continued.
"I decided to take the long chance
to quit eating. 1 won the bet. It
wasn'i so hard to fast as one might
suppose. After the first five days 1
wasn't hungry in the ordinary sense
of hunger. When 1 felt my kind of
'hunger' I'd walk to the spring and
make square meal of a few cups of
water. One gradually becomes
weak and faint, hut not a sickly or
Alasy fslntness. One doesn't think
of food very much. While fasting
1 am unable to sleep rftore than four
hours per day. Normally. 1 sleep
eight After ten days of fasting my
ribs could be counted at 100 yards.
But after the fast a week of good
meals rounds me out."
Or. Huffman, 4B. Is the very pic
ture of health Although his fast Is
ended for thla year he savs he will
remain In his onmp-tent until the
snow flies
The police of a city in Hohemla re
quire managers of motion picture
shows to exhibit pictures of persons
who are wanted for various crimes
for the home treatment of disease
were wonderfully dependable True,
they knew nothing of drugs, but ow
ed their success to the roots, herbs
snd barks of the field. It is Interest
Ing to note that Lydla. B. Plnkham's
Vegetable Compound, the most sue-
ceasful remedy for female Ills we
have, was originally prepared for!
home use from one of these recipes.:
Its fame has now spread from shore
to shore, and thousands of Ameri
can women now well apd strong
claim they owe their health and
happiness to Lydla E Tlnkham's
Vegetable Compound. Adv.
f Merchandise of
Highest Quality
" "
Stories From
it'nlted Press Staff Correspondent 1
LONDON. Sept. 12. (By Mall. I--The
"v,nr bride" question Is loaded
with human Interest.
Twc weeks ago. In the United
States. I heard American girls giving
their impression of Ihe "war b'ldes
gstim. Since then I've talked
Bean glfs about It.
"It's .'mply terrible," said
American girl. "If I understand it
right. Is It true that young English I
officers crme home from the front,'
mairled stay heme six or sever.
days utid then go back to the fjnt "
"Yes, that's the war brides' sys
tem." "'Hi. awful," repeated the New
York gtrL "I don'i see how the Eng
I ish girls stand it."
"What makes it em awful to an
American girl "
"Well, in the first place, here s a
I girl, unmarried and perhaps unen-
I gaged. Her life is going smoothly.
":" Bn' oecomes engageu to me
wiier wniie
he s mi the iront. tie
They're married. Then
I comes home.
he goes back to the front again. Her
i nusoura nas recome ner wnoie me.
and t;icie he is. under fire. It must
be tirrllde
"In ihe second place, suppose
there s a bahy. What kind of a ba
by can be born of a mother who Is
worrying during all the months
that she ought to have peace of
m'nd? It isn't fair to the baby who
is coming. The mother has two ter
rible things to worry about, It seems
to me. One Is whether her husband
will live. The other Is whether the
baby will be weakened and made In
ferior because of the fact that sh
's worrying. And. besides these two
worries. It seems to me that an Enc
'war bride would go insane.
"All the girl? 1 know think the
'war bride' system is full of horrors.'
That's the American girl's side of
it Last night an English girl, who
has two brothers at the front, lis
tened to what the American (M has
told me
There was a queer little smile on
her face, as she began to grasp her
Ani"rlcan sister's viewpoint. Then
she said:
k o- ,V 15
v Hk
NEW YORK, Sept. 28 In MM
theatrical district current rumors
report the engagement of Lou-Telle-gen,
the noted Greek-Dutch-Freneh
dramatic star and Geraldlne Fnrriir,
j famous opera singer. Mf. Telleger.
who came to this country three years
UKO ns the leading man
lor Sarah
been star
met Miss
Bernhardt and has since
ring In English plays.
Farrar In California this summer
where both were working in moving
picture studios.
Mr. Tellegen Is one of the young
est stars on the stage, having recent
ly passei' his thirtieth birthday. If
I the leport of his engagement Is true
of Unusual Importance
Today and Wednesday, offering our entire stock including blacks. It
will pay you to visit this department at the earliest possible mo
ment; patterns are sure to be picked over, for the prices are unusu
ally low. . .
This sale gives you an opportunity to buy silks at the beginning
of the season at prices far below the actual value.
New Fur Trimmed Suits
Re&l Beauties
Direct from Fifth Ave., and oh. such charming creations
wanted color. Will you try them on today.
the War Zone
"They don't understand. They nev
er would unless they come to England
or unless their own country was in
'In the first place an English girl
proud to do something for Eng-
! '.and. no matter how small. If her
: man Is to die, she's proud of having
given him.
"But she'd rather give England
her husband than her sweetheart.
And lilt baby is part or n.m; It ne
must go. there's the baby. England
has lost one man but she has put an-
other man or woman in nis piace,
she has filled the gap in the fighting
I ne. You know. English girls find
something awfully thrilling in that
"I love w hat the Scotch newspapers
are doing. Over their birth columns
they put the headline, 'More Soldiers
for England.' You see an American
girl can't understand how we feel
because she doesn't understand
what change war can make In a wo
man You wait and see; you'll find
that the babies of the 'war brides'
will be the finest babies England
ever had.''
"Did you try to tell your American
girl friends how English girls feel
about It " she asked.
"I did and they said that a man
would always take the wrong side of
the question."
"Of course they said that They
couldn't understand. But English
women think Just as English men
do about It. now. The war has
changed the women. And American
girls would feel just exactly a ws
do if they knew as much about war,
as we do. In peace times womea
think of themselves too much. Bui
war takes a'l the selfishness away."
Women and Children Killed.
LONDON. Sept. 2,. Hostile avia
I tors threw bombs on Cerrone. killing
I and wounding several women and
i children, it was officially stated.
French Transport Sunk.
BBRUN, Sept. 27. An Austrian
submarine sank a French transport of
5f00 tons in the Lubyun sea. accord
ing to an Athens dispatch.
it will he the second time he
ventured In matrimony. He
married at the age of nineteen
shortly thereafter was divorced
was born In Holland, the son of a
Greek army officer and a Dutch
duneuse Ills real name Is Telega
thos, His early education was re
ceived in Holland and Germany but
he later went to the famous Paris
conservatoire, where he received the
highest awards in acting and was se
lected by Mme. Bernhardt as het
leading man.
Miss Farrar Is an American girl
but has appeared In all the opera
centers of the world Her favorite
and best known role Is Carman.
in every
(Special Correspondence.)
VINCENT. Freewater. Sept. tS.
I. L. Sherod left yesterday on s bus!
uess trip to Portland.
Kev. Wm Gallaher, a pioneer
United Brethren preacher of the
northwest, is at the College Place
Sanitarium, trying to recover his
health, after a paralytic stroke. H
is 90 years old and has lived at
Vincent 40 years.
Miss Myrtle Speeae of Portland, I
the new school teacher at Hudson
Charlie Houston of Albany. Ore
gon, surprised his sister. Mr. W. W.
Phlllippi on Sunday morning whe;
he arrived after taking In the Round
up at Pendleton.
Mrs. E. D. Eckley of Enterprise.
Ore.. Is visiting her uncle, H. N.
Hanline. t
Sam Harp sold a draft team cf
shire stock which were second prixe
winners at the Walla Walla fair, for
1500. He also sold a span of fillies
which were blue ribboner at the fair
for I40O. The buyer was a Lewiston.
Idaho, man
Wm. Hodgen has rented his 400
acre ranch for three year to W. J.
Chemault. who recently came here;
from North Powder. Most of the
ranch .. in aflalfa.
John Sheeley, who came here re
cently from Newport, Oregon, is
building a printing of ice at Vincent
and expects to install a printing
press within a short time. The new
paper wll lbe known as the Vincent
Miss Delia Philippin ha returned
home after an operation on her knee
cap in Walla Walla.
The Ladies' Aid of Vincent church
has decided to give a "New England
Dinner and Bazaar" in November.
They w'll be entertained at the home
of Mrs. Noyer a week from Wednes
day. The parents of the school district
at Vincent are giving a reception
to the teachers on Saturday evening
Mrs. f. B. Sew has returned home
from Thomson Falls, Montana,
where she was called by the death of
her nephew last week.
C. F. Simonds of Pine creek. H
Ihe proud winner of 11 "firsts" and
Ihree "seconds" pfixe at the Walbi
Walla fair on his Hampshire hogs.
They are all registered stock.
Ma Not Itroognlie rarranza.
likelyhood of American recognition of
Carranza. as provisional president of
Prompt Courteous Attention
"iW I
Any Part of the City for 25c
Main Street Stand at Qyelle Restaurant
Telephone 110
Also Have Car For Country Trips
Telephone 70
Silk Sale
Mexico lessened. A sharp turn of
sentiment against him was evident.
Unles event are more wavorable for
him before the nt Pan-American
conference. It la bllevd the confer
ees will hesitate to rscognlse him un
der the existing conditions. Attacks
by men alleged to be Carranxa soldi
er against American troops in the
Brownsville district Is a big factor In
the changed attitude. The war de
partment ha asked Funston to es.
tablish the fact whether Carranzlsta
participated, a claimed. If they did,
sharp representations will follow.
Army Airmen Loop Loop.
SAX DIEGO, Cat. Sept. 27 Ser
geant William Ocher and Corporal
Albert Smith, attached to the Cnlted
States army aviation corpse at North
Island, made 16 loops each while en
gaged in flights, shattering all army
and nsvy sviatlon records.
Both officer used the same ma.
chin,, as it Is of the heavy army type
designed solely for long distance fly
ing, the feats of the two army avi
ator are considered remarkable in
aviation circles.
Events in the War
One Year Ago Today
The German occupied the O
town of Moil and bombarded O
Lierre on their advance to the
siege of Antwerp. Berlin re-
ported that the cruiser Emden
had sunk several more British
steamers in the Indian ocean.
The French and British war
O offices reported no change on O
the western front.
On orders from the Belgian
e government, the 33,800 Inhabl-
tants qf A lost are reported to
have abandoned their homes. 4
Budapest admitted the Rus-
sian advance through the Car-
pathian mountains.
London reported the German
garrison of Klao-Shau driven
into the inner defense.
A Healthy Baby.
Everyone wants baby to be healthy.
It Is baby's right To insure s strong,
vigorous baby, the hopeful mother must
be free from worry, care and strain.
The complete joy of expectation should
not be marred by unpleasant feelings.
Mother's Friend is recommended by
thousands of women because this ex
ternal remedy relieves the pressure re
acting on the nerves and the unnatural
strain upon the cords and ligaments
said to cause nausea, morning sicknssa
and many local distresses. It Is abso
lutely safe and dependable and has
been In use for generations. First class
drug stores can supply It.
easy rinc