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AH si" i i.M'l -i NKWgrafKB
hWiM Dsllj lad tfeml Weekly i I'en
illetuo. tinscaa. by Ih
Official i .unity rmper.
Member I mied I'm Association,
ilind at t tic iKatofflit st IVodletoa.
aa wood class nail matter.
Iaprlal Hotel Neva Stand. l'ortlsnd,
Bowman Newt Co, Portland. Oregon.
ON l i t: AT
Chicago Huron. DOS Security Building
Washington. 1 C, Burets ol, Poor
anta street. N. W.
ally, oat year, by mail 5 00
iDallf, nil months, by mall i 50
Kally tkree months, by mall l.M
IMllj, one montli. by mall 60
Uallj, one year, by carrier 7. SO
unity . ali months, by carrier A.T5
At home here in peace and in
plenty the same home we
knew from of old,
When her voice matched the
mockingbird's music and
her hair had the glint of
Stories From the War Zone
distasteful to the average boy
and to view the relationship
between pupil and teacher as
that of jailbird and hated
Here is a sample that is less
idiotic than much than is said :
"The average youth dislikes
school. Is it because of the
coincidence of nhvsicsl Hbvp)- Chicago. I
opment with mental prepara- ev!a ,he Br'"h
uon ior a usetul liter ur
from the necessary inhibiton
of animal exuberance before
the mind has obtained full mas
tery? Might it be that the
subject matter is beyond the
glasp 01 youth, and therefore ,0ur paper having for its object the
Without the Stimulus of SUC- refriendlng of soldiers who have no er Is Sergeant Nelmeyer a Canadian
CeSS" or airain w it the suVisti- POPl or friends who will write to who, despite his Teutonic sounding
tution of parliamentary regi
BY WILBl'R S. FORREST. ginn'ng to appear In London.
(United Press Staff Correspondent. 1 Th. an big bTown men WMrng
. J2ttT3Jt streeT 8Un nlm', and """
A breath straight from Halsted street.
S. A., reached London wun tneir sieeves
trenches in rolled up. They are some of Gen
eral Botha's men who helped clean
Writing to a London paper, which
conducts a Lonely Soldier's Guild"
tor the benefit of unparented "Tom
mies," the Halsted street recruit said:
"The other day one of my pals put
me wise to the fact that there is a so
ciety or something connected wun
up German Southwest Africa and
who are so anxious to get into real
anion that many have "trekked" at
their own expense all the way from
South Africa to London to enroll In
English regiments.
England's champion army recrult-
them while at the front. name, has induced, within three
"If that is right, put me on the list mnth9. more than 3000 Iondoners to
for the love of Mike, as I am the J'n the colors.
real, genuine, unadulterated article. Niemeyer uses plain North Amer
I have lived the best part of my life loan language on his crowds. Stand
in the V, S. A., and had come to Ing, usually at noon-day on a box In
consider myself a true-blue-son-of-a- Temple Bar or one base of Gladstone
gun of a Yangee until this scrap start- Memorial in the Strand, he delivers
ed. Well, as you know, blood is straight hammer blows at all before
thicker than water. The only friends him who show any resemblance to
Velopment just as much as he I've got are the guys who will be soldier material!.
desires nhvsical (Wlonment. waning tor me wttn the glad nana r "You're a bunch
T, . ..r i . , , V . , I should happen to get hack to cm- cowards.
men for parental indulgence;
or a mere hatred for the har
ness?" To begin with the average
youth does not dislike school.
The normal boy craves some
thing in the way of mental de-
the (old,
We sat there, we twain, by the
fireside, where .Memory's
blossoms still fall.
And we thought of . the Joys
Time had taken, but he
left us the sweetest of
I knew of the thought that was
nearest that brought the
bright teardrops that
The mother-heart yearned or
the loved ones the chil-
dren, all living away;
And I said, for her comfort:
"No longer the little ones
come at your call,
But the bright face of Love's at
the hearthside and Love
is life's solace for all!"
Frank L Stanton.
T . a: 1 . . i. i i ,i ij
n is entirety natural ne siiuutu. cag0 wtn a
Mental development is what et.
gives man the mastery over
brute creation. Mental de
velopment plus energy and
personal stamina is what
few dollars in my pock-
of white livered
of the Canadian's
successful men and
VOW that the land grant
W conference has been held
with its resolution for a
forty million dollar swindle,
and the water power confer
ence has made its brazen ap
peal that the riches of the west
be given for eternity to the el
women. Without a "noodle" I ws ni" '"closed
you will not make good and
this applies as much in one line ;
of business as another. Wheni
a boy has no liking for school
favorite terms. "You are afraid to
fight, if you weren't you wouldn't be
here," he shrieks. He believes that
gentle appeals don't get results and
he Is always direct to the point of
harshness. He is a veritable "Billy
Sunday" for "army converts" and he
The lonely Halsted streeter's name .seldom ends a speech with less than
a dozen law clerks or others follow
ing him to the nearest recruiting de
pot, i
"So if any of the "Lonely Soldier''
people want to be a pal to me, I say
to them, come now, make no delay;
as the poet says, 'come early and
avoid the rush.' "
A new type of soldier is Just be-
Wg Timber Deal Is On.
CHEHAL1S. Wash., Sept.
Turkish Transport Sunk.
PARIS, Sept. 26. A Turkish trans-
Work there IS something the timber deal, aggregating approximat- port was bombarded and sunk in N'a
Piatter With the boy, his par- e'' M,00, is being closed here byjgara Bay by an allied aviator, it Is of
(i ,:; v,; l, George F. Stone and James Barnes of J ficially announced. English subtna
entai training Or RIB UMCner. I a...,,. rprpBntine eastern eanital- rines sank two Turkish trnm.irt in
Kay under great difficul-
For newspapers to continu- I ists. The timber tract is In Lewisj Ak-Bachi
' innnt nri.1 .-t. nrls frrmi rfc.- Morton
i I npiehhorhnod to the Cowlitz river. In
ally harp about the misery
school work inflicts unon bov
hood is a psychological mis- thH.ffi timber land deal
take. The Suggestive inf lU- ; whlcn nas heen made In Lewis con-
ence is bad and it is needless j ty for several years past, and the an-
because it is not founded on : nouncement comes as a surprise, ow-
thp truth I inB 10 ,he fact tnat no buslness of
tne iruui. (h)s Rind nad been transacteij recent
REAT Britain's debt be
fore this war broke out
was $3,535,000,000. It
had nearly doubled that figure
at the end of the British fiscal ', forre ,he allies t0
year, March 31 last
PARIS, Sept. 27. The infantry
battling in the Dardanelles region,
has undergone a lull for a few days,
the official statement added; "Turk
ish artillery is capricious," said an
nouncement. "Sometimes they seem
to lack ammunition. At other times
they fire with maximum rapidity
though with little damage. The
j Turks are most inactive, while the
the allies are just the reverse.
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i -r u.. Ji. ...:u t ,i i.t
Lai ui i njiL iiaLt wilt ttttutit-
.v uuoi, luiwouu fic-jea again Dy iviarcn 31 next, in t
gonian turns its attention to;,hp Pstimates of thp Chancel-1
bulldozing the university of hor 0f the Exchequer given to
ureKon. I Parliament a "dead weii
In an editorial this morning j0f debt" of $11,000,000,000
a sarcastic attack is made upon The phrase is well chosen.
Prof. James D. Barnett who jit will be a dead weight of
has written a paper in which proportions never before im
he points out the merits of theposef on an industrial civili
single house legislature as op-jzatj0n. The vanquished in
posed to the present bica-war af0retime became slaves,
meral system. The victors became the own-
Prof. Barnett is heretical to ers 0f tneir labor. Germany in
Think Bulgaria Bluffing.
WA8H1NBTON, Sept. 27 If
sentiments expressed by the Bulgar
ian embaaav is in accord with Sofia's.
.j T,..,-.., Kt,.,.. to Martial! trees -Soft Pedal.
-i..K . h ..a L. . fiai ffnr. n WASHINGTON, Sept. 2,. "We
persuade Serbia, u"n 1 Kanl l" ", ","" bech, and all ,.f the nine plants of
to cede her Macedonia. " en-ron this district are running. Six of tne
vwm mis epigram. ice-rresmein ro ,.,,,,i,, full time and
flam Parking (iocs On.
Hi iQUIAM, Wash.. Sept 27, Gray
Harbnr's razo'd clam-packing Indus
tr' has been little affected by the
trike nf the clamdiggers on the north
tlement wjts det
her anniversary.
rateil in h'lnnr
Ti, ana t,reece
X11C LVJ" , 1J J AtA nnt Inltlnato that
J ' 1 !!- -.1,11 1L U,, IN, ll.u.i-u.fc,
jbout to Join the Teu-
Marshall in an
the other three, the only ones to feel
sea. are running into inetr nome
Parliament a "dead weight ceeil'ln(,' as rapidly as possible, accora-
Ing to Athens, disposing of a report!
that the order had been withdrawn.
Greek reservists in Italy are prepar-
ing to embark for home following;
orders recalling them to the colors.
with the United Press, urged congress!,. .,, n, thp stI.lkp are n,nning
Bulgarian vessels plying the Black ! a"1 PePle or tne nation to put,
thoir hnme l"e prun. i t..i. w. ,
etj;n reiBUOm tire critical. in mis
connection, he opposhed the proposed
extra session of the senate.
"I have been in more than three
fourths of the states since congress
adjourned." he said. "Everywhere the
rank and file of the citizens are not
discussing the idd fashioned politics.
They are interested In the war and
in the efforts of the president to keep
peace with honor."
hold such notions. Is not this ; 1371 changed the form but not Arras were badly d
the standpatter's inning? Haw the substance in taking a bil-h"e reported, whii
not the people grown tired ot non d0nar cash indemnity
progressivism and decided to!from France, which put
go back to corruption and mis-; French industry under sub
rule? Why should a university jstantial bondage to Germany
protessor talk lor decency ana;lor generations ahead.
civic advancement when such
things are not sanctioned by
the crowd in temporary con
trol of the state?
With a single house legisla
ture last winter the ill smelling
Moser spoilsman's law could
not have been enacted. Be it
remembered that lsw was
Now victors and vanquished
alike are enslaving them
selves. They are so far being
enslaved to their own monu
mental debts that the victors
in slavery at the end will be
unable to collect productive
indemnities from the van-
cuished. eouallv enslaved.
French Shells Work Havoc.
PARIS, Sept. 2". French shells in
an artillery battle along the western
front are smashing German works
into debris. The Teuton works about
amaged. communi-
hile in Champagne.
thai the Argonne regions trenches.
blockhouses. encampments were
wrecked during the past twenty four
hours. Another enormous artillery
battle occurred about Koyes and
Qpennvieres. There the Teutons
hurled asphxyiating shells without
result against the French who were
protected by resporators. Near Bret,
encourt a strong German patrol made
a daring attempt to storm the ad
vanced French position, but were
driven off with heavy casualties.
Heirlooms Given Wilson.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 27. Mrs.
Walter R. Stauffer. of New Orleans
granddaughter of President Znchary
Taylor, presented to President Wil
son for the white house collection, sev
eral heirlooms belonging to her an
cestors. They included a pair of silver can
dlesticks, a cut glass reeanter and
several wine glasses used by Presi
dent Taylor in the white house, a
broach containing a lock of his hair,
a silver spur and the handle of a
walking stick given him during the
Mexican war.
part time.
A difference over the price to be
paid for clams caused the strike. Last
year the packers paid $1.75 a hundred
pounds. This year, at the opening of
the season, they announced the price
would be cut to $1.50. and diggers on
the north beach immediately made
demand for $2 a hundred pounds.
lord win Not i, o,i Money.
NKW YORK. Sept. 27. The allied
commissioners can not have a nickel
of Henry Ford's millions. He said s.)
emphatically and has served notice
thai If any of his bankers participat
ed in the proposed half million deal
he would draw out every cent of his
warning that participation In the al
lied American loan by firms doing
business with Germany would be con
sidered Justification for breaking oft
commercial relations. e
German) Give Warning.
RERUN, Sept. IT. German I
dustrial associations have Issued
BriU'di Aiding .Serbia.
BBRLDf, Sept 27 The Oversea
News Agency says:
"It Is reported that the city of
Belgrade, Serbia, has been newly
fortified and equipped with heavy
British guns manned by British artil
lery men."
Mrs. Soar Give. $80,000.
NEW YORK. Sept. 27. Mrs. Rus
sell Sage relehrated her S7th birth
day recently by sending checks ag
gregating $60,000 to various Syracuse
institutions. Mrs. Sage was born in
that city and for several years past It
has been her custom to make gifts
.o charities there on her birthday.
The following Institutions received
each 110,000:' The Y. M. C, A., the Y.
W, r. A.. Syracuse Home Association,
Good Shepherd Hospital and Syracuse
Mrs. Sage passed her birthday at
Lawrence. U I., in her usual iuiet
way. For several months she has
been at her summer home in Law
rence. She also has a place In Rag
Harbor and the old fishermen's set-
gotten through the house only i faxes must be niled udop tax
by highwayman tactics by theies mrely to carry along this
senate on the last night of thelr weight of debt. They
session. jare already reaching propor-
With a single house legislations in all the belligerent
ture there would have been no j countries whkh will cripple
eleventh hour struggle be- industry for generations to
tween the senate and hoxiselcome They may not then be
with the confusion and disM--;eqUa) t the interest demands
der that permitted the "mid- j 0f this brutal taskmaster,
night resolution" to be slipped Debt, upon each of these na
through incognito. With a ; tions of slaves,
single house there could be: when this point will be
no more "passing the buck" on I cached we cannot tell. It
the part of either branch of 'CJinnot be far off as war costs
he legislature. There would Um m)W monntins'. and when
oe responsible government and ly- emes the war must end.,
people would know more de-1 put there will then remain
finitely where to place the.sucj1 a conlition of wide-j
bl&me for skullduggery. spread industrial slavery as the i
In short a single house legis worlj never saw before or ever
lature would mean cleaner ; hao to deal w ith airainst inter-j
legislation and would make na revolution. New Yorki
the path more difficult fW World.
those having stuff to put ovei
in behalf of the electric inter-
ewe and oilier iiimiiswpb, t,o
No wonder the Oregonian isi.
grieved at Prof. Barnett. His
effrontery must be galling.
Does he not know who is run
ning the state? Is he not
aware he is blocking the "de
velopment" of the west? How
dare a university professor
hold views not approved by
the state's chief bootwiper for
special privilege and political
Itritntti KeeH fcwwn.
SDON, Sept. 27. "There Wl
curse open but to apply to tr
HERfi is too much tenden
CJ Oil the part of shallow
a st a
newspaper writers w pic
ture school work as something
United Staes to fill up the necessar.
implements of medical men If this
country cannot produce the requisite
doctor,1 wrlteB Sir James Barr, vice
.resident of the British Medical As
s' clatlon and a lieutenant- colonel in
the Royal Army Medical Corps. In ap
pealing for doctors for the armies
going abroad.
'Two thousand five hundred ot
them are required," declared Sir
James, who adds: "Conscription Is
K.mlng "
70-Y ear Wife I IHmuI.
FHKKPOHT. III.. Sept. 27.- After
more than 7 years of wedded life,
Mrs. Thomas Sllfer, aged 96 yenrs, Is
dead at her home In Inark, 111.
Her husband, at the oge of 97 years
-urvlve her.
I Dodge Brothers j
A roadster designed to be all that s
roadster should be.
A car capable of carrying two peo
ple In continuous comforl
Tou can see better than we can tell,
how beautiful It Is.
Modeled In clay, when It was first
conceived, It was re-modeled. taln f
and again, till the last harsh line
was eliminated. 2;
The body Is built of steel, with the
usual useless framework entirely
eliminated. S
A a result there Is extraordinary
storage space at the rear more
than sufficient for all the luggage
two might take on a long tour.
A light car. with all the advantages
which that lightness adds to the
powerful motor but a stout,
staunch, strong car, and a steadv
one as well.
Pendleton Auto Company
imniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiminiimniiiiniiin, , MmmillllllJ
shows one of the In-
tlon with the guard-Idler
U border during IE BUST,
luent Mexican bandit attacks. Sol
ire here shown searching i
ted Mex:c an
of the rtlo Orande for concealed wea
pons. Every Mexican on this side of
the border is under survelllnnee and
aught on this side. Is searched at every opportunity.
f " m """"' '"I" iiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiii'
The American National Bank
Corner Main and Alta Streets.