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hoolihan; Buffalo Vernor-.,
seconds; Jii. k Mabee, time
v.wuwcu mu jiesuauon; ,,
nlpls pulled leather on Speed-; M"!""t'1.
II ( hard to conceive of a more It was the McGinnls girl on her beao--irii.)t-tf
ly niroessliil exhibition of tiful t,iaok who finished the first re-Inwiili-r
sports thn that which the u.y in advance hut she gave way by
crowd of yesterday afternoon saw.a few feet to Bertha Blancett after
Ulewod by perfect weather and an the first change of mounts. Mrs
enthusiastic and admiring audience. Blancett kept the lead for the next
the chow responded with a succession , mile but at the last change suffered
i.l dasli'ng events, each one seeming-! a delay which started her last horse
lv nmre exciting than the others and' in the rear of the other two contest
the whole proving to the most skep-jsnts. Making a brilliant ride. Ruth
Ileal th.t the wild and wooly west; Parton gained the ground she had
has not entirely perished trom thejlost earlier in the race and spurted
erth- I into the finish two seconds ahead
There were ne accidents to man or I of Vera McGinnls and three seconds
beast to dispirit the crowd, there were' ahead or th other,
no delays In the rapid sequence o!j The list or features of the after
eventa and the only hitch in the en-moon would not be complete without
tire program was the cancelling of I mention, w?U up In the lead, of ths
the daily stagecoach race due to the drunken ride by Sid Seale of Arllng-
rtvR-SrN- Bucking Contest.
I rertna Hlancett rode Kagle; Prin
j cess Redbird rode Runyan; Peggy
j Warren rode Jlody; Bonnie McCarrol
i thrown from Silver.
Msiw'i Race.
I Won by Glen (takes.
(wbov Standing Ha
First, Sid Seale, time, 60 sec; sec
ond, Ken Corbett.
Jut then Mr. Newquist was propell- Steer Hoping Contest,
ed from his seat Skyrocket soared Opo- 'We''- and Buffalo Vernon tied
into the air but could never shake! for flrs'- Time, SI !-5 sec.
Tommy Grimes. John Mu'r display-1 Third, Geo. Frances, time 40 S-5
fd good form In his ride on the back 9v : th, Pan Clark, time, 54 sec ;
of Moonshine and Harley Thome nut:fifth. Case Prescott. time. 1:03 !-5
ball; Harley Thome rode Hear Oat:
Puck Foster thrown by Spitfire.
Outc-k Change Race.
Ed McCarty first, Jesse Stahl, sec
ond. Indian Thoroughbred Race.
Won by Thomas Yallup.
ChaHot Race.
Jim Roach, first; Zlbe Morse, sec
Indian Pony Race.
Thos. Tallup, first; Tatahoml, sec
end; Jesse George, third.
Wild Horse Itaoe.
Roy Kane, first; Cuba CrutchfteM;
second; Red Parker, third.
I-'" J
Lj w
sec; sixth, Ed McCarty, time 1:33
2-5 sec.
Indian Relay Race.
First, Jess George, time 2:15; sec
ond, Pen Pen. time 2:18 3-5- third.
tnirullnejis of the horse of one of
the contestants. Never haa there
ever been witnessed here better buck
Ing riding or better roping.
Several cowboys yesterday made
strong bids for the champlnshipa In
the buUdogglng. steer-roping and
bucking contests. Frank Cable and
Buffalo Vernon In the buUdogglng,
Red Parker, George Wier and Buf
falo Vernon in the roping and Park
er, Lee Caldwell, Ed McCarty, Dell
Rlsncett, Jim Massey, Henry Warren
and others all gave exhibitions of
their skill that cannot but get them
recognition in the final contests to
day. As on the first day, the cowgirls
relay race was yesterday the most
keenly contested of all the races and
throughout the entire two miles, the
vast crowd shouted Itself hoarse as
Ruth Parton, Bertha Blancett and
Vera McGinnis fought for the lead.
Assist Your
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sometimes. A trip to the moun
tains. Tramping. Roughing It
Tea, very good remedies.
But are you going to avail
yourself of either one of these
remedies. No? Then the next
best thing is to try a bottle of
Peruna. Take It according to di
rections. Tou will have a natural
appetite. All gas and fermenta
tion In the stomach will dis
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with a welling of the atomach and
bowela, and great distress. Very
painful. Three doctors gave me
no relief. Could not eat any
thing. Everything aoured. I
waa atarvlng to death. I began
taking Peruna and waa aooa
strong enough to do work. After
taking five bottles I can truth
fully aay 1 am welL I gained
twenty pounds. "
Concrete, Stone and Brick
contractor. Estimates fur
nished on application.
Phone 536, Pendleton, Ore.
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the summer
A superior vanishing skin
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Price 50 cents
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ton. There have been drunken rides
at past Rouad-ups but none more
reckless and during than that of yes-'
terday. For nearly a quarter of a
mile he stood In his saddle, waving
ids hands wildly, yelling like an Tn-
d an fiend and swaying his body
tack and forth while his hose raced
at full speed. A great outburst of
applause greeted him when he final
ly collapsed breathless on the neck
of his horse.
Allan Drumheller was again a
bright star In the cowboys" races.
His horses and his own horseman
ship carried him to victory in both
the relay and pony express while in
the cowpony race he finished a close
second behind Mack Gaunt. Unless
some accident overtakes him today,
to him will undoubtedly go two
The bucking contest saw eighteen
of the Round-up's best outlaws pitted
against eighteen of the best buck
aroos entered. The struggle for
supremacy was sometimes terrific in
Its dynamic force. Long Tom, the
king of all buckers, threw Earl
Simpson so hard that for ten minutes
he could scarcely catch his breath
Speedball forced Tex Daniels to
choke the horn with a death grip
to save himself from a similar fate.
Whistling Annie gave Dave White
an awful shaking up before she fi
nally catapulted him into space. Spit
fire, starting with the speed of a
racer, suddenly humped and whirled
and Buck Foster bit the dirt.
But victory was not always with
the horses. Bed Parker, champion of
last year, and Lee Caldwell, winner of
second prize, showed that their rid
ing had not deteriorated when they
lode Whirlwind and Miss Hesitation
and threw their steel-pointed neeis
into the shoulders and flanks of the
big mustangs. Ed McCarty of Chey
enne made a straight-up ride on
Casey Jones, the buckskin that threw
his everv rider last year, Jackson
Sundown made a sensational ride on
the hurricane deck of Gaviotta, Jim
Massel won a big hand by staying in
the middle of Johnny Icewater while
the animal plunged and reared ana
pounded his way arcoss the arena.
Henry Warren sat Old Colonial in
true buckaroo form and there were
ether, good rides made, too.
Johnson Barnhart, an inuian. m
the first cowboy to ride and he drew
the little twister, Lightfoot He
staid, too, though he was whipped
backward and fro with considerable
violence. He loosened up with one
leg and rolled his rowels into the an
imal's flanks. Sari Newquist drew
Hellfirejack and seemingly had him
ridden. The judges- pusioi
in token that the ride was over au
. . ;., lii.lt.- triiA rif Oal-
Tnis is
meal as it should be cooked a fact
... .. . n.(i'aa nr. fa
ith which most nuu5c"
And so few housewives care to go
to the trouble oi coo.u.B
.hat length of time. They don
have to NOW. There is one oatmeai
that is 'cooked for more thati t two
;ours at the mm. ue
i-0 is the ONLY Oatmeal that TOU
:eed cook only 20 minutes
A food scientist blends the Oats
; H.o and only the finest wh.te
oats are used. Only those kinds are
udi tt ... (v,0 nroDfer
lected whicn ,',
,0unt of ?o-"u'" -
j result H-O a .
'ed" food for every member of
e lamuy.- f Tt-O. It is
Votice trie ru n -
n brown the result of a special
to see how li-u
when cooked.
H O Oatmeal is the most econom
oatmeal you can buy. The ac
ualcost to you is less than one-half
cent a dish. Sold in air-tight mols-ture-proof
package All good gro-cers.
Miss Harriet Young and Mrs: Edgar
Fischer will resume their Pendleton Class
es Saturday, October 2nd. For terms and
information address Miss Harriet Young,
La Grande, Ore., or Mrs. Edgar Fischer,
Fischer School of Music, Walla Walla,
up a good exhibition on Bear Cat,
who made a sensational buck.
The grand finale, the wild horse
race, was well named, for a wilder
bunch of cayuses were never saddled.
A nait dozen of the 25 entries were! raui Minlay, time 2:18 4-5;
thrown as they mounted and some ot Hampstelip, time 2:35 4-5.
the little horses even freed them- CoWRta-ls- Pony Race,
selves of their saddles. Roy Kane was Ruth Parton, first, Jessie
the first to make the circuit of the!hp"Pr. second; Lela Smith
track and Cuba Crutchfield followed; Time, 55 seconds.
closely, while Red Parker was third.
The summary of the contested
events is as follows:
Cowboys' Pony Racr.
First, Mack Gaunt; second. Drum-
third, Armstrong. Time 5"
Squaw Race,
First. Shesay; second, Iris Smith;
third. Amelia Sharkey.
CowR-lrls' standing Race.
First, Bertha Blancett; Second,
Vera McGinnls; third, Mayme Saun
ders. Cowboys' Relay Race.
First, Allan Drumheller, time 4:14,
total time 8:27 1-5.
Pony Express Race
Allan Drumheller, first, time 2:05,
tital time, 4:11 1-5; Charles Reed,
Looking for G. II. Stiver.
ST. LOl'lS, Sept. 25. James H.
Newell, public administrator In St
Louis Is looking for 0. H. Suver or
Suver's relatives to give them S,
802.50 and interest on the money
which has been accumulating for tS
years. If no one with a legitimate
claim on the money is found It will be
turned over to the state school fund.
Suver lived in the Heitkamp Hotel
28 years ago. On Aug. 22, 1887, he
deposited 14.419.18 In the Boatman's
MANY FROM ADAMS COME'at Wlllla Walla 10 "Pena sumhy with.
second, time 2:18 1-5, total time 4.3 Bank and on Aug. 28, 1888. I4.683.J2
2-5; Braden Gerklng. third, time, ! in the German Savings Institution. He
i.n i-o, low time 4:42 4-5; Tom has never been heard from since by
i.nmes, tourin, time 2:23. total time either bank, and repeated efforts to
Cowgirls' Relay Rap.
Ruth Parton, first, time 4:11, total
time 8:18; Vera McGinnls, second,
time 4:13, total time 8.29 2-5: Ber-
learn more of his identity or where
he went have failed.
Xew Millionaires In V. S.
CHICAGO. Sent. 25. America l
ma tiianeeu, intra, time 4:14, total breeding a new crop of millionaires.
time, 8:
3 4-5.
Tug of War.
Won by Buffalo Vernon's team.
Bucking Content.
Jnhnsnn Rnrnhnrt rnila T
Second, Sleepy Armstrong, time uve white thrown hv Whlntlinr in!
nie; Henry Warren rode Old Colonial,
Dell Blancett rode Cyclone and Ram
bling Sam; Earl Simpson thrown by ket value of seven millions before or-
Long torn; Jackson Sundown rode ders for war goods piled up. Today
Gaviotta; Ed McCarty rode Casey the value has soared to forty nine
Jones; Earl Newquist thrown by millions. The golden stream pour-
Hellfirejack: Tommy Grimes rode inir into the coffers nf J P ,.,n
mcian .-ayrocaet; jim Massey rode Johnny was declared to be not millions, but
McCoy, ; Icewater; John Mulr rode Moon- hundreds nf mlliiim ThA iwk.ri.
missed steer; Harold Neptune, dis- shine; Red Parker rode Whirlwind; lers will be outdistanced.
4:16. total time 8.35 1-5.
Third, Bill Abbott, time 4:20 2-5;
total time 8:48 1-5.
2-5. total time. 9:02 3-5.
Fifth. Braden Gerklng, time 4:30,
total time, 9:18.
Steer Rulldoggln.
Jim Massey, disqualified;
Williams, lost steer; L. E.
The Chicago Tribune's table of stock
advances since the war started show
ed today the market value of 13 re
presentative listed companies, bene
fiting from war orders had Increased
four hundred and ninety two million
dollars since January 1. Charles
Schwab's'steel properties had a mar.
. i (Special Correspondence.)
ADAMS, Ore., Sept. 25. Bert Klr
by and daughter Alberta and mother,
Mrs. Klrby, motored to Pendleton
Among those who went to the
Round-up Thursday are Miss Esther
Keld, Doris Chesnut, Beulah Spen
cer, Louis Des Volgne, Violet Plcard,
and Max Dudley, Sullivan Reamer,
Mr. and Mrs. Morrison and children,
Frank Carleson.
Miss Ethel Peringer and Delbert
Wilson motored to Pendleton Wed
nesday. The young son of Andrew Lewis
had an accident Wednesday. He fell
on a piece of glass and cut a pluce
about four inches long.
Miss Eleanor Stockton came home
from Ferndnle where' she Is teaching
to remain over Sunday with her par
ents Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stockton.
G. O. Richardson Is now busy
hauling In his broom cors. It is said
his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Hales and son
Johnnie uttended the Round-up
Mrs. Zelma Henery and children
and her cousin Edd Carter attended
the Hound-up Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Boyer and Mr.
and Mrs. R. C. Des Voigne attended
the Hound-up Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schatt at
tended the ltound-up Saturday.
Forest Peringer and Abe ShueJ
were in Pendleton Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Lleuallen
and Miss Neva Dallas attended ths
Kound-up Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Lleuallen and
son Otis motored to Pendleton Sat
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Whitley and
daughters Ha and Helen attended ths
Round-up Saturday.
Mrs. Maggie Sands and daughter
Blanche were visitors at Pendleton
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Owens'motor
ed to the Itound.up Saturday.
Lon Murray was In Pendleton
Mr. and Mrs. Bunch were In Pen
dleton Thursday,
that tljls is the largest crop he has (,lul(!htPr moU)red t0 Pfndle.
ever had
Miss Jessie Chesnut returned from
ton Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs.
Alfred Marquis mo-
scnooi to spend Sunday with her par- tored to the Round-up Saturday.
tnls- I Mrs. Sam Nelson visited friends In
Otis Lleuallen returned from school. Adams Thursday,
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