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How Mrs. Hurley Wu Ro
stored to Health by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Eldon, Mo. "I wu troubled with
displacement, inflammation and female
L. W. Minor And His Famous Ride on "Angel" at 1912 Round-Up
KH KK.lt 1M1WN HY Hl'X
OtlHT lliirt l w of Performer
Who Trie In Hide Burking Itum
. Both Men an- In the Hospital
Willi Broken IVmos Hut They Will
Hi-comt lm Their Injuries.
The first exhibition of the Round,
up jesterday s marred only by two
accidents that sent two men to the
hospital with broken bones. In the
stage coach race, always frausht with
danger, the lead team of the Jim
Roach coach broke loose at the first
turn and raced madly around the
track. J. O. !ill of Portland, head
of the moving picture concern which
has the exclusive concession, in his
eagerness to record the scene on hi.'
films, set up his machine in the
middle of the track near the west
turn and directly in front of the on
coming horses. He kept his position
too long. The horses struck him and
knocked man and camera to the
g-round with great violence. Sill suf
fered a fracture of the elbow and a
facture of the cheek bone.
The other accident occurred at the
very beginning of the show in the
usually harmless pastime of riding
bucking burros. Hurt Purdin was
thrown from a burro in such a man
ner that his collar bone was frac
tured. Both men are in the hospital
and are recovering from their injuries.
200,000 MEN IS READY
LONDON. Sept. 5. (By Mail.)
Some Idea of the number of soldiers
F.ngland has equipped or now is
equipping may be gained by a sur
vey of the work of the great Brit
ish textile districts which shows that
khaki to equip 200.000 men weekly
la now being produced.
Two hundred miles of this yellow
material, 56 inches wide, are woven
and dyed every seven days through
out the network of industries center
ed in Leeds and other Yorkshire cit
ies. Government contract tailors on
the various scenes are not far behind
the mills in putting the cloth Into
For the past thre months the dif
ficult government Droblem of produc
ing enopgh khaki to garb the latest
rv ri 1 1 has been solved. The tex
tile mills are still turning out their
weakly nuota and have not yet re
ceived a "slow down" order from the
wr office
From Manchester comes the huge
onantities of cotton thread, lining and
trimming materials for the soldier's
uniform. Birmingham furnishes car
loads of buttons, buckles and other
metal pieces.
The number of perons engaged In
this work Is a small army in ltseu
Ram fai Air Saves Date.
ST HELENS. Ore.. Sept. 24.
When P. C. Morton, a Portland trav
eline man. missed the boat here
Tuesday on his way to an important
engagement at Rainier he engaged
Professor Stromer's hydroplane and
made the trin in 20 minutes, a dis
tanee of 18 miles, and beat the boat
to his destination.
Mr. Morton is president of the
Traveling Men's Protective Associa
Loss of AppJt is commonly grad
ual; one dish after another is set
aside. It is one of the first, indica
tions that the system Is running
down, and there is nothing else io
good for it as Hood's Sarsaparllla
the best of all tonics. Adv.
Fire uMe Course L'rged.
MONTEREY, Cal.. Sept. 24. Firel
prevention should be taught in every
public school, Rufus M. Pitts, Insur
ance superintendent of Illinois, de
clared here before the national con
vention of Insurance commissioners.
A True Tonic
is one that assists Nature.
Regular and natural action of
the stomach, liver, kidneys and
bowels will keep you well and
fitandthisaction ispromotedby
' TV) Uiw W. W A Htton fa Ik WttU.
Wmriln. takw,Mc,2Sc.
4s' .
V V- ' V
rV, V ;
.sssw ii ii ii i " ' hum - " i "i nun ii niiiinmiii nrriiwusiLM
. "--"-lll'latoJt Ytf ii'r--ff,-,- --- r..- l tml mi irir- . . .. , p titts MMMM, , . jMisMmilF-"'nr m ii 'irTsTl1
weakness. For two
years I could not
stand on my feet
long at a time and I
could not walk two
blocks without en
during cutting and
drawing paint down
my right side which
increased every
month. I have been
at that time purple
in the face and would
walk the floor. I could not lie down or
it still sometimes for a day and a night
at a time, I was nervous, and had very
little appetite, no ambition, melancholy,
and often felt si though I had not a
friend in the world. After I had tried
most every female remedy without suc
cess, my mother-in-law advised me to
take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound. I did so and gained in
strength every day. I have now no trou
ble in any way and highly praise your
medicine It advertises itself." Mrs.
S. T. Hurley, Eldon, Missouri.
Remember, the remedy which did
this was Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound. For sale everywhere.
It has helped thousands of women
who have been troubled with displace
ments, inflammation, ulceration, tumors,
irregularities, periodic pains, backache,
that bearing down feeling, indigestion,
end nervous prostration, after all other
means have failed. Why don't you try
it? Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co.,
Lynn, Mass.
Une of the most remarkable rides ever made at the Round-up was the championship ride of Lou Minor of Wallowa on "Angel" in 1912. In the finals
"Angel" did some wonderful bucking and Minor rode with such class and easiness that he was accorded the championship honor. The Proctor statue of
me uuckaroo ioiiows somewnat the DUCKing style ot Angel as shown above.
In each state, Mr. Potts said, also EXTRA SESSION OF U. S.
there should be published for free
distribution a plainly written book
detailing the causes of enormous an
nual losses and the means of fire
prevention, and this book Bhould be
used as a school text.
Dog Is Industrial Hazard.
OLYMPIA. Wash., Sept. 24. Dog
bites are part of professional hazards
of a meter reader, ruled the Indus
trial insurance commission, allowing
the claim for compensation of Jo-bp drawn ,nU) ,he worI(J war He .
seph O'Connell, a Spokane meter American lingo speeches
and inflammatory resolutions in the
WASHINGTON', Sept. 24. Presi
dent Wilson has practically decided
to call an extra session of the senate
October 18, it was authoritatively
learned. Subjects for consideration
will be limited, however, to propos
als for amendment of the cloture
rules and discussion of treaties bear
ing on central and
The presfdent Is now convinced that
there Is no danger that America will
O'Connell was bitten
In the left
i upper house will not endanger neu-
cyetirow ry a woman s lapaog. wmcn ,... . lo ,,,, h ,rmK ..tahllsh-
jumped on top of a gate to accom-
it.. i
piisn ''a purpose, oec.areo me t,aim-j Ar j,, however, depends
ant. who is employed by the Wash- n inl,.rnatjna developments In the
ir.gion y aier roer Lumcany ui
Miss Harriet Young and Mrs. Edgar
Fischer will resume their Pendleton Class
es Saturday, October 2nd. For terms and
information address Mis3 Harriet Young,
La Grande, Ore., or Mrs. Edgar Fischer,
Fischer School of Music, Walla Walla,
next fortnight. If the German sub
marine controversy is satisfactorily
net. led and no new crisis looms, the
administration believes the extra ses
sion is then desired by the senate.
There will be no session of the house,
however, until it meets regularly in
Senator Kern, majority leader of
the upper house, favors an extra ses
sion unless war developments prevent.
hundred acres of valuable timber,
when another fire was reported on
East Eagle creek by Bennett peak
lookout. This report came in Wed
nesday evening, and Fire Warden
Palmer, though the fires are outside
his territory in the national forest, is
ready to move immediately if outside
help is needed.
The Eagle fire is in one of the best
timber belts In the county and once
south American! iuu.i..iim vi uaiwgc
are almost unlimited.
Outside the natioanl forest anoth
ed bad fire was reported from Cath
erine creek over the line in Union
Word from La Grande is that State
Warden Williamson is on his way to
take charge there.
Darnes believes the situation is
more serious than for several years,
Campers are believed responsible for
all fires.
the fronts as a guest of Emperor
William. His battle stories have
been appearing In the German news
papers. He adapted himself to the
task of a correspondent with all the
enthusiasm of a young man.
Switzerland h,.. . . ..
f'ture of artificial iiLk . manU'
aled soldier. for mutll-
liAKER, rept. 24. The forest fire
started In this vicinity Is becoming
alarming. With every available manithor, has been severely wounded !n
Easttrn Mnn Probable.
ALBANY, Ore., Sept. 24. An
eastern man in all probability will
be chosen president of Albany col
lege to succeed H. M. Crooks, who
has resigned to accept the presidency
of Alma College, at Alma, Mich.
It is said that President Crooks'
successor probably will not be chosen
for at least two weeks and possibly
longer. In the event that no one Is
selected before President Crooks
leaves Albany on November 1 It Is
probable that Dr. Wallace Howe Lee
professor of education, will be made
acting president.
German Author Wounded.
KEKLIN, Kept. 24 The Tagllache
Hundschnu says that It hears that
Luclwig Ganghofer. the German au-
from district 1 and 2 of the Mlnam
national forest, Supervisor Barnes
h,,ii Just checked a bad fire at Shang
ii! gul'h, which destroyed several
the trenches. The report Is that he
lost his left eye.
Herr Ganifhofer. despite his age,
has been follow'ng the operations on
LONDON. One result of the sub
marine war is that Grimsby, a Brit
ish east coast fishing city, hag been
obliged to Import fish, the Grlmsbj
trawlers feeling safer In port.
LONDON Because of the neces
sity for Sunday harvest work, due to
scarcity of labor on account of War,
the rector of Thornham Magna, Suf
folk, first conducts brief Sunday ser
vices in the fields and then lends a
hand to the work.
LONDON A mother at Sudbury,
Norfolk, learned of the death of her
two soldier sons in Northern Fance,
killed by the same shell.
MANCHESTER. One of the pon
toons with which the Turks made
their famous attempt to cross the Su
ez canal Is now doing duty as an or
nament In a Manchester park.
CAIRO Arrangements are In pro
gress to furnish Egypt with a new
coinage to mark its Independence of
LONDON Lord Kitchener has' ad
vised British medical students now In
their fourth or fifth year not to Join
the army but to finish their medical
education In order to qualify as soon
!: possible,
ZURICH Peasant wood carvers of
W PAUL V" AI,,gtor
i. MUL, Minn.. Sn u
cltement reigned high when Victor
jonnson caught an alligator, while
ueaceiuiiy risning ln White Bear
i-ake, a fashionable, suburban sum
mer resort. It was several dav. he.
fore Victor found the alligator had
oeen placed on his hook by friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. McEwen
and two sons of Athena are visiting
In Pendleton during the Round-up.
Mrs. J. J. Roulstone and two
daughters, Nettle and Cora, arrived
from Walla Walla yesterday and are
visiting at the home of W. If. Bilk-ely.
Fred Johnson of Oregon City Is
visiting his father, Burr Johnson,
during the Round-up.
Miss Hester Proctor, Miss Sterling
and Miss Jones, friends of Miss Proc
tor, are guests at the Dr. F. E. Boy
den home. ,i
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Vincent are city
visitors during the Round-np.
Mrs. Alfred Johnson of Portland
returned to her home today after be
ing her to attend her mother, Mrs.
C. Straub who has been 111. Mrs.
Straub Is now on the way to recov
ery and she has extended her appre
ciation for the kindness shown her
during her Illness to the Ladles of
the Maccabees-who sent many beau
tiful flowers.
Saloons and Churches.
i. rAUL, Minn., Sept 24. Borne
wards ln St. Paul. contain one saloon
for every 81 male voters while they
ooij contain one church for every 1,
145 male voters, according to a re
port made by Rev. A. J. D. Haupt.
25,000 May Strike.
PITTSBURG, Sept. 23. Twenty
thousand Westlnghouse Electric com
pany employes will determine tonight
whether to strike when their ultima
tum demanding a twenty per cent
raise In wages and an eight hour
day expires tonight '
a for 25c COLLAH
Eczema, ringworm and other itching,
burning skin eruptions arc so easily
made worse by improper treatment that
one has to be very careful. There is one
method, however, that you nped not hes
itate to use, even on a baby's tender
skin that is, the rcainol treatment.
Besinol la the prescription of Balti
more doctor, put up in the form of rei
Inol ointment and reslnol soap. This
proved so remarkably successful thit
thousands of other physicians have been
prescribing it constantly for 20 years.
Retinol stops itching instantly, and
almost always heals the eruption quick
ly and at little cost. Resinol ointment
and rasinol soap can be bought at any
Try resinol soap for a week. Yoi
will he surprised to see how it ctesrs
and freihens your complexion, even in
that short time. Used for the sham
poo. It removes dandruff and keeps tho
hair live, rich and lustrous. This is
because it contains the soothing, heal
ing resinol medication.
Prevents roughness during
the summer
A superior vanishing skiij
tone soon absorbed.
'leaves no shine
Price 50 cents
The Drug Store That
Serves You Best