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Forecast fur Eastern t'rei.'on bf the
United Mates Weather lwrirr
at Portland.
F:i!r tonight anil Wednri1ay;
warmer Wednesday.
VOL. 27
, SEPTE.ER 14,
NO. 8600
tov. ' 1 ), ffXQsV ) L&br& C (fit
The K.st Oregonl.n has the l.rg.t p.ul i 1 l ImtQlO JJ V T .A. 111
It rortland, and over twice the cin-ulstloo Is
rendition 01' dt other newii.Mer. ll M C mtSZ---cl S 52.MI-WEKf N Vjf
" I" HTO--H,, inn , l l H' ll rnr, I ll"
rOUNTY OFFTriAI. PAPER ' - - r isTy
German Forces Reach Railway and
Hasty Retreat of the Russians
From City is Necessary.
Fiu;a;ciiiciit (irons .More Furious
Dully Teutons arc Again Attempt
ing U Cross the Dvlna Ither Near
Linden Artillery lire Protect
DukIics of tlio lnfuiitry.
PKTItooilAD, Sept. 1 4. The eva
cuation of Vtlna Ih destined to follow
the Teutonic cutting of th Vllna-
1'ctrournd line. It was seml-offlclnlly
utated tiulay. (ierman forces have,
reached the railway between Vilna1
and Dvlnsk and now one German
force Ih sweeping eastward to the
north of Vllna, while another In mnk
Iiik n eastward dash from Orany.
The Russian retirement probably will
be necessary within 10 days.
The 'luitile to the southeast of Riga
dally Is growing more furious, field
Marshal Von Hlndenburg has rein
forced General Von Heseler In the
latter's efforts to shatter the Dvlna
front from Dvlnsk to within 30 miles
of Riga. Teuton hordes attain are at
tempting to cross the Dvlna, near
Linden, under curtain of a terrific
artillery fire.
Engagements of the bitterest sort
are raging from east of Grondo to
Gallcla but without result. The Rus
sians continue to gain victories ar
ound T.irnopol. The Austrlans In the
extreme southeast have suffered heav
llv In efforts to make counter moves
iiralnst the onslaught of the Slavs.
BERLIN, Sept. 14 Field Marshal
Von Hlndenburg'a armies are advanc
ing between Dvlnsk and the VHIJa
river despite furious resistance, It was
officially announced.
Dumba Grins After Interview With Lansing j
- r
I III1.MIIII'.'?C u I,W .11.1.1 .n, ,.
f-' ;,. 7,.'. -i,,.. If.
$ 7 " ' L
MI j"..-, V. i; : i ..-I H
am u i
i! - ' M 1 , 'Jfj
I . -fix it" 'i I
i " i i ' 1 .'.-
i e - . n v i . r "., i
I ' I 9 4 i s,. - 11
I hi fx I ( ' H
ll 1 ' I ' i"8' . ' ' '':)
'-'!' ''it'." St : '
h i - I ; 1 i
, Mirfl , , ' '.r-"ii S .J V
i Question of Separation for Lives Lost
in Sinking of Liner is Not One
for The Hague.
Administration SetUod Down lo
Waiting: Gam Only a Complete
Disavowal of tlio Act of German
Hiibimiriuo Will Nuilsfy Anierlia
Action Sii.si)eiMled for Time Being.
I'LAvs ii vi: iii r.v ( oii'i.in ki
HV ( I.AI Di: lKM.i. TIIK
xkw Dir.ixTor..
The Westward llo parade, always
the most spectacular part of the
Kound-up, will this year eclipse all
previous attempts at pageantry here.
This was the announcement today of
Claude I'enland, the new parade di
rector, and he has his plans all com
peted for the big Saturday morning
feature of the Round-up. i
One of the most unique features of
lllr u or I.INFK lYMf.MT FOIt
( ONT I J l J.I X (i IJI.AZK.
XEW YORK, Sept. 14 That a
time bomb, concealed in a trunk on
the Fahre liner S'anta Anna, caused a
fire aboard In mid-orean. which Im
perilled the lives of more than 1S00
passengers, was one theory the of
llclals held today. This was strength
ened by the fact that the fire, it was
liarned. started Sunday night In bag
gage in the steerage and raged for
. iur me yueen of the Kound-up. I
I "111 be in the shape of a gigantic sad
dle, made of beaver board and pat-
Itemed exactly along the lines of the
Reports firsi nri ui. i o. i
.hat President Wilson favorably Ia:t(.s. The business men ' of the city
considering arbitration of the question have contributed the fnnria fr.r tha
ioe paraoe mis year will be the float seven nourg before it was controlled.
because of Italian reservists aboard.
Captain Pavey had searched the ves
sel before departure, but nothing was
of reparation for the lives lost In the-
torpedoing of the liner Arabic, were There
construction of this float.
oenieu touay. Arbitration is not an
issue and was not discussed in the
liern.storff-Lansing conference yester
day, it was stated. Only a disavowal
of the act of the submarine will sat
isfy America.
The administration has settled
down to a waiting game. Lansing's
I views will be forworded to Berlin
von r.ernsiorir. ivo action is pos
siDie until Berlin replies.
be four band.-' In ;he
farade. eight stage coaches, six emi
grant wagons, chuck wagons, freight
ers, a pack train, hundreds of Indi
ans in their finery, and hundreds of
cowboys and cowgirls besides many
other features.
Additional $10,0CO is CblainedFrcm
the County Court in Order to
Carry Out Arrangements.
Bidi for Construction Are Being Call-
in ior ana ork Will Soon lie
Well Tinier Way Excavating Is
Bring Done by Warren Construc
tion Co. free of Charge.
to Mrs. Traces', a 100 pound
Tlie Austrian Ambassador.
This Is a photograph of Dr. Kon-
stantln T. Dumba, ambassador from
Austria, as he left tha state depart
ment In Washington, Tuesday, Sept.
7, after his Interview with Secretary
of State Lansing. The Austrian, who
went to the secretary to explain his
letter to Premier Hurlan, offering to
tie up American munitions plants,
noes not show th.'it he was irreatlv
No such Item appeared in the dally . troubled as a result of the talk,
press when the Important event " -
curred some three or four months'
ago at the McComas ranch on McKay
creek, but It's true, nevertheless. Both
mother and colt are doing well.
Of course. Mrs. Tracey. Is a mare.!
Anybody who knows anything about'
the Itntiml-up bucking stock knows!
that she Is one of the meanest brutes j
that ever shook off a huckaroo. They
may nut know her by that name ex
actly. She was only christened that
last night. Heretofore, she has been
known ns Miss Tracey, but of course
that Is obviously Inappropriate now.
The husky colt was born to Mrs.
Tracey while she was In the winter
pastures on McKay creek. But Mrs.
Tracey proved to be about as good a e(i wjth a
mother as she Is a riding pony. SheiKean said
He had said In the letter which was
taken from Archibald In England
that he could tie up the Bethlehem
and other middle western plants If
enough money was forthcoming. He
asked the premier to use the wireless
to inform him If he should go ahead
The prospect of his dismissal by the
president either did not worry him
greatly or he felt that there would
be no such outcome after he had seen
the secretary of state.
German Money and Influence
Attempt to tie up Shipping
HAN KKAXt'IS'-O, Sept. 14. Vice
President John Kean of the Long
shoremen's Union, expressed the be
lief today that German money and
Influence has sought to bring about
a gigantic dock strike to tie up At
lantic und Pacific shipping. Com
menting on the claim of President
Gompers of the American Federation
of Ijihor. that a German plot exist
ing of a new agreement ut Seattle.
He also quoted President O'Connor
of the National Union, Buffalo, as
saying he had received a direct of
fer from German agents If he could
aid in calling a Longshoremen's
neglected her orrsprlng something onably have tried to prevent the sign
scandalous and If It hadn't been for'
Light foot, the little animal w ould
have fared badly. Indeed. As It was
Light foot, one of the. worst of the
Kound-up outlaws, Just naturally ad
opted that colt and became Its pro
tector. Wherever the colt went, there
also went Llghtfoot and more than
one horse felt his heels and teeth
while In the discharge of his self-Imposed
duties. This at least. Is the
tale told by the man who watched
over the herd during the past year,
and certain It Is that the colt and
Llghtfoot are Inseparable at the
BOSTON. Sept. 14. The executive
board of the Boston Central ljihor
million dollars behind it, i Union will start proceedings in the al
derman agents unquesti leged German plot to Instigate a
I-OXDOX, Sept. 11. The alll
vd forces have resumed ham
mering at the Dardanelles by
land aud sea, Athens dispatches
say. Two British cruisers have
wrwked the batteries which
have been shclUug the allied
trenches at the southern tip of
the Gallipoll Knlnsula, from
across the strait. Then moving
In closer, they hurled shells at
the Turkish left wing.
Constantinople dispatches, how
ever say the Turks repulsed the
attacks and drove off the war
ships. LONDON, Sept. 14. Focha, near
Smyrna, Is in flames, according to
With 25 bucking horses, 15 saddle
norses, two relay strings and two
I hucklng burros. George Drnmhollor
I mke ready for the Round-UD. The
bucking horses and .saddle ponies have
been leased by the Round-up for the
I annual exhibition and the relay
strings will be entered In tha contests
; to take their chances with the many
night at other strings entered.
intensely urumneiier. who was one of the
Dr. House's lecture last
the Methodist church was
interesting and most practical. Speak, original boosters of the Round-up, will
on -now to tspeea Yourself Up,", onng a number of cowboys with him
he said: "We are not at our best ! for the show here. Among the num
we can get only about one third of 'wr will he Alan Drumheller, a relay
ability to work. To bring ourselves rider and broncho buster of the first
p to our best we must look after rank
cur eating; the care of our bodies H:s bucking horses are, for the
more. Hold to the fact that your most part, those formerlv owned hv
mouth Is a reseiving room, and there the Rodeo association of which j n '
the food is to be well masticated. Raley was the directing head. Among! Warren
ziome oeon e fi-er itia hod that ha mem nrn m.h -m . '
" - ------- - iwiumi norses as
have teeth In the stomach by the way Speedlmll. Cyclone and Gavlatto.
they swallow their food whole. And The two burros he brings will make
some times the peptic canals tn-ast tivt bnekfna; urros for thr. Rnuad-ut.
think that! an earthquake has taken this year. Livestock Director Thomp
flace upstairs by the way the two-by- eon also announced that he has five
fours and brick and mortar come bucking bulls and a bucking steer to
tumbling down. Then remember that take part In the excitement,
your stomach is a mixing room, i
where the gastric Juices prepare the
Toe new county library, when
built will be a fire-proof structure,
the action of the court late yesterday
afternoon In providing for the addi
tional funds necessary assuring this.
From the Carnegie corporation $25,
000 was received but this was not
deemed suffiicent to build as large a
structure as needed and yet construct
it of fire-proof materials. The court
will contribute $10,000 in addition so
that the building will coot In all $35
000. The' Umatilla county library board,
which includes the members of ths
court, met yesterday at the office of
County Judge Marsh and considered
the proposition of providing the suf
ficient funds.
Through tne gift of $25,000 from
Carnegie, the county has been saved
a considerable part of the expense
Members of the board have from the
beginning wanted a substantial fire
proof building that would stand well
the wear of years. The county court
food for intestinal life. And If the
stomach is not carefully looked after
and kept strong In Its muscles, weak
ness and distress comes In.
The mind also must be developed.
Athens dispatches today. The infer-For "as a man thinketh so is he
ence was that the Turkish troops, j "ecognisa your materlal-mlnd, mem
convinced the Dardanelles is about to ' rv- Imagination, reason and will. All
fall, are retreating and burning coast ' tile'se form th? basis of sreat mental
towns in their path.
Classes Organized
power. Now organize them by edu
cation and training. A huge pile of
ore must be organized into an engine
r a bridge before it comes to its
vorth. 8o the mind must be Rtrene-th-
fOf Term's V0rk'ened' utilized- And use your own
! material. Do not ape, but be natur-
J al.
And forget not the spiritual part.
To leave this out is to have an ar
rested life. No one can. come to his
best without this qualification.
Tonight, the subject ff: "The Phy
chulogy of the Boy and Girl," and ed
ucators and public school superintend
ents say It Is a most remarkable ad
dress. The lecture this evening will
begin at 7:30 o'clock to accommodate
any who would like to attend the Ke
ber recital at the Christian church.
Longshoremen's strike here.
Protest May be Made by the
Kaiser Against Allies9 Loan
Round-up corrals where they,
brought Sunday.
Events in the War
One Year Ago Today
WASHINGTON, Sept. 14. A seri
ous new complication was Injected to
day Into International relations:
Shall the United States become the
allies' "bankers?"
Ttln nlinotlan 1,,n a faaaA an A fAalllt
were1 - ... . , ... . , ,.
loan which New York bankers are
trying to arrange. It was reported
Germany will protest aValnst the loan
ns unneutral. An official of the
Ithelms reoccupled by allies
Germans hold strong position
north of the Atsn and ClchUg
continues all along the lino.
retary McAdoo Is keeping the closest
watch. Reports here are that Am
erican bankers will sound out the
administration before closing nego-t'atlons.
MILWAUKEE, Wis.. Sept 14 Ger
mans here will withdraw their savings
from any bank entering Into the pro
posed loan to the 'allies, according to
a prominent banker, here today. It is
treasury department Is informmnlly believed like action will be taken all
meeting with the conferees and See- over the country.
The high school term for 1915 and
1916 began yesterday. The morning
was devoted to clas sorganizatlon and
registration. By noon a total of 245
had been reached, a high mark for
the beginning of the year. The larg
est enrollment was in the freshman
class. In which there were 85.
Classes were organized this morn
ing among the freshman and sopho- j 2 Klackmalloist Punished,
more girls by Miss Ceclle Boyd, phy-i L0S ANGELES. Sept. 14. W. R
slcal culture Instructor. The classes Stev"ns' an "orney. convicted
will meet daily In the gymnasium for;momns a w,th nls law Partner,
work, this being the only athletic)
work taken by the girls at this time
Crown prince's army drive back
to the Orne.
Berlin reports von Hlnden-
burg his defeated the Russian
unny of Vllna and the army of
Grodno, with heavy losses. Thu
Russian general staff declares,
on the other hand that the Oer-
man armies have been driven
back across the border. Set-
vlnns ui'.d Montenegrins Jom
forces and are advancing nil 0
along the frontier. Are s.l.l to
have 160,000 In Hung.ir.
I 'a n-Americans to Meet.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 14. A third
Han-American conference, looking
toward peace In Mexico, will convene
Saturday In New Tork It was officially
announced today. The Illness of Hra
alllan Ambassador Dagama caused a
postponement from Wednesday.
Falls to Prevent Suicide.
LOS ANGELES, Sept. 14. While
Officer Sidney Hook raced on a mo
torcycle to prevent R. 8. Joiner from
killing himself, Joiner locked himself
In a bathroom In his home and
slashed his throat with a raior. Join
er was despondent because of 111
health nnd Inability to obtain employment.
Another Victim of Explosion.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 14. Gun
ner's Mate Ewell, not previously men
tioned In the casualty list resulting
from nn explosion aboard the United
States vessel Decatur at Cavlte, P. I..
is dead from 5urns, the navy depart
ment was advised.
Alleged Fraud Involved $6,000.04)0.
NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 14. Albert
Lemnr and Edward Carrlere were In
dicted by a federal grand Jury charg
ed with using false bills of lading and
jbuse of the malls. New York bank
ers and brokers are said to have been
their victims In a scheme, which, It
Is reported. Involved $8,000,000.
Eight girls have registered for tho
normal work conducted by Miss Ar
llne Cleveland.
Three new faces were presented in
the school faculty. Miss Anita Slater,
a graduate of Pendleton high school
of former years, has returned to take
the place of Miss Gregory aa head of
the English department. Mrs. Tucker
comes from Montana to take the place
of Miss Grigshy in the Latin depart
ment and Miss Wilson comes as a
graduate of the O. A. C. to assist Miss
Hutler in the domestic science depart
ment. With the large attendance at the
beginning of the year the high mark
of last year Is expected to be far
surpassed. A total of 304 was regis
tered last term, the highest on record.
Tax on Heirs Is $900,000.
ST. PAUL.. Sept. 14. The report
thnt Minnesota hopes to collect a gi
gantic Inheritance tax from the es
tate of Frederick Weyerhaeuser, de
ceased lumber king, was confirmed by
the attorney genernl's office.
It was said the amount the state
might reallie approached $900,000,
based on an estate of $30,000,000 In
stead of $1,300,000 as reported by the
executors To collect this amount,
however. It will be necessary for the
state to prove the report of the ex
ecutors to the tax commission was
$3S,000.000 below the actual value of
the sstate.
Charles S. McKelvey, of having used
the mails to further a blackmailing
scheme, was sentenced in the United
States district court to serve six
months in jail and pay a fine of $2,
500. McKelvey was ordered to pay
a fine of $25"0. Both men obtained
a 30 days' stay of execution.
Stevens and McKilvey were convict
ed of having written letters to a Mon
rovia justice of the peace and an El
Centro dentist in connection with rev
elations involving young girl visitors
to a hotel known as the Jonqulll.
British l oss k 381.982.
LONDON. Sept. 14. British casu
alties for the first year of the war to
talled 3S1.9SL', Under-Secretary Tcn
nant announced in parliament today.
Tile figures include 75.957 killed.
2'1.0iSS wounded and 54.9f7 missing.
IVtrognwt-Vllna line cut by Ger
mans. Arbitration not acceptable to V. S.
hi Arabia question.
County court contributes toward
making library building fire proof.
Westward llo parade will be siec
tucular paircant,
Drumheller arrives with ,,
horse for Round-up.
P I - " J I
- 1 lr 1 i
. 1 '
'iff. I' jt
! fr-; J W j
i .ft y grj
I. u titf
ns tried to persuade the Carnegie,
corporation to furnish additional
funds for the purpose but without
success and so have decided to pro
vide the amount necessary to insure
a first class building in every respect.
The work of excavating Is now well
under way and Is being done by the
Warren Construction Co.. frea of
With all preliminary matters now
settled, the bids of contractors will be
called for Immediately an& i Is Aop
ed that the building may i Wfl
an early date. - J '
Turk May Close Pavilion.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 14 Vash
man Cardashian. Turkish commission
er to the Panama-Pacific exposition,
may shut up his country's pavilion
within a day or so.
Two reports are circulated. It was
established that he was having an al
tercation with exposition officials
about finances and (It was reported
that a recent speech in which he said
Turkey, was bound to lose in the
present war no matter who won had
aroused the displeasure of his government.
(Special Correspondence.)
ECHO, Ore.. Sept. 14 Echo will
have a new city hall and a new Im
proved city park. This was made cer
tain yesterday when the majority of
the citizens voted in favor of bonding
the town for the two propositions. By
a vote of 61 to 21. the measure to
bond the town for $10,000 for a city
hall was carried but the proposal to
bond the town for $3000 for the pur
chase and improvement of a city park
carried only by the narrow margin of
two votes, there being 4 5 ayes against
53 nays The bonds will bear six per
cent Interest.
The funeral of Henry Baumgard
tier, the pioneer found dead In bed
yesterday, will be held tomorrow
Gmnd Duke McJiolus.
Grand D.ike Niehol ts, ,:omniander
of the Russian armies against the
Germans on the east front of the war.
has been deposed by order of the
csar and sent to command the Rus
sian armies against the Turks. While
it has been Impossible to learn all the
facts about the case the belief is that
the defeat of the Russians in 'Poland
and the loss of Warsaw has forced
the grand duke to get out.
mericans Ordered to I.eaio.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 14. Tlie gov.
ernmment has ordered Americans to
leave the troubled districts of north
ern Mexico. Nog-ales dispatches say
automobiles are taking Americans
trora Sonora into Arizona.
New Canadian line liendy.
"TTAWA, ont.. Sept. I. - Tumi
the entrance of the Montreal tunnel
to Vancouver tho new transcontinent
al line of the Canadian Northern Kail
road. Is ready for traffic.
Sir William M ickenle. pre.-iietit of'
the Canadi.m Northern railroad, Is
ready for traffic.
Sir Willi. mi Mackenzie, president or
the Canadian Northern railroad, has
Just returned from a trip over the tin
111 his special train, being the first t'
make the' run.
NhoU Market.
CHICAGO. Sept. 14. Sept,
101 3-8, Dec. 95 5-8; May, 99.
POHTI.AXn, Ore.. Sept. II
Club, HI; bluestem Sj.