East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, August 26, 1915, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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."Mild Cure-Wheat Flavor
When ordering meats for your table
duniand "I'EMKCO" MEATS, the su
perior guilty, home lnilUHtry meats.
Our iiniirltet ubounds In excellent
quality, cuts of
"I'RMJ-X'O" HKV.F, l'F.Mmr
I'KM I .CO" LA Mil
"I'emeoo" Dolled Mam
I "Pemeco" Minced Ham
I "Pemeco"' Ilulogna
I "Pemeco" Headcheese
'Pemeco" Uver Sausage
The Central Market
2t Advertising in Brief
Per lint flint ItuMTtliio 10c
Per No, addltUmal luaertlon 5
Per line; per mnnrb fl.UO
No locals taken fur Iru than 2.'tc.
Cmim 4 ordinary words to Hue.
Luetls will not be taken over the
pboos and reoilttaura must arcom.
paujr order.
For fuel fone five.
For aale Stoves, refrigerator and
piano. Call phone J02R. '
For rent Two cottages. Inquire
III Stonewall Jackson street.
Want to rent or buy used electrU
vibrator. Address Box 705, City.
Experienced young couplo want
position on ranch. Phone 3!5J.
For rent Housekeeping room. In
quire 109 Stonewall Jackson street.
For rent Two unfurnished rooms
for light housekeeping Inquire 301
Lllleth street.
1 Would like to rent i or I room
house for a year or more Address
"D"' this office.
For sale Five acre tract with good
houpe In Riverside. Address Hox 15
It F. I). J. City
J"hn Rosenberg, Court street
watchmaker ami Jeweler. All work
Wanted To rent furnished or un
furnished house. Inquire at Oregon
Motor Garage.
For sale DO head stok
Weight 70 to 130 pounds.
this office.
Clerk wanted Must be man with
experience In shoe and furnishings
store. Address "O.-B." this office. .
Very many people desire to buy
lands In eastern Oregon. What have
you to offer, and price? N. Berkeley.
Old paper for aale; tleO In bundles
Good for starting fires, etc. lOt a
bundla. This office.
Furnished rooms for light house
keeping and lodging at Brown hall.
Phone 350.
Lost Brown leather suitcase con
taining groceries, clothing and other
articles. Finder please notify this of
fice. Greek man, thirty years old, wants
to correspond with an Indian woman.
Object matrimony,. Address Jim
Poulos, Cayuse, Ore.
For sale at a sacrifice, If taken
within the next week, my home at
1203 East Court street. Phone R. C
Jory, 360M.
For sale One 85" Ohio Alfalfa
cutter, and 58 H. P. gas engine. Write
or Inquire of P. H. Buehholi Co.,
Htanfleld, Oregon.
We take you any place, any time.
Country trips and outing parties a
specialty, llorton Auto Service,
"Mutt" takes the big loads and
"Jeff" shows the speed. Penland
Bros, haul anything and reasonable.
Furniture van nnd storage warehouse
Office 147 Main street. Phone 33.
Hon ho for Kale,
acre tract, 7-room modern
l.nrie barn and chicken
Matlock and W. Bluff. Terms
308J. Adv.
persons having police stars
they have retafn'ea since the
visit of the Liberty Hell, will please
retmn same. JOHN KEARNEY,
(Adv.) City Marshal.
Wheat Fm 'r Slo.
'40 acres, 600 tillable, 400 acres
Veady to seed Oils fall, all fenced and
fenced, on county road, work
horses, 1 Tt, harness, wagons, plow,
harrow, t cow. chickens, pigs, etc,
miles north of Helix Price only
117.600. Terms. Albert Harala Ad
ams, Clregon,
For Sale.
On account of leaving ths city,
wish to sell my modern home, Itl
Jane street Reasonable terms. Or
win rent to right party. Call
Young Corn
String I!eans
'Water Melons
Saratoga Chips
Tllluro.'ok Cheese
Cream Brick Cheese
Chocolate Elalrs
Peanut Butter
Kelly1! Auto Repair Shop.
All work guaranteed. Electric
itartera a specialty. Second hand
cars bought and sold. Cottonwood
meet, opposite city hall. Phone 433.
Illaek hand grip packed with la
lorlng man's clothes. Owner can
have same by applying to police,
novlng property and paying for this
For sale dies p.
One Buffalo Pitts 35 H. P. traction
engine In good condition. Inquire
Van Petten Lumber Co. Adv.
For sale One two story, eight
room, brick ichool building, situate
on school grounds at Athena, I'mt
tila County, Oregon Sealed bid will
be received by the board up to and
until 6 o'clock p. m. August 23th,
1915. The board reserves the rljjht
to reject any and all bids. Reason
able time will be allowed to remove
building from premises. For further
Information enquire at the office of
H. li. Richards, Athena, Oregon.
Clerk of School District No. 29
Good Coal and Wood.
Our fioi k Sprint,! coal burns clean
ivlng you more heat and less dirt
.'or your money. Good dry wood
that doesn't, boll but hi ins. Also
Jiat.s and kindling. Protect yourself
from cold and eot -order from B
L. Burroughs, phone 6. Adv.
For, Sale.
My home place on McKay creek of
320 acres, lflfl In summer fallow. 100
In stubble and 20 in alfalfa. Will sell
stock and equipment with place, If
desired. Write or see Charles Man
ning, Pilot Rock, Ore. Adv.
Maiden Xanvo jg Kcsumrd.
LOS ANGELES. Airg. 28. Anita
Baldwin McClaughrey, daughter and
one of toe heiresses of the late E. F.
(Lucky) Baldwin, won the right to
drop the name of her former husband
Hull Mof'laughrey, of San Fr.mclsco,
and resume her maiden name of An
ita M Baldwin.
The hearing lasted less than a min
ute. She testified that she had been
managing the large estate left her
by her father under the name of An
It.i Baldwin. A final decree of dl-
rre from McClaughrey was entered
about a month ago.
The rate at which Zulus can trav
el upon an emergency Is astonishing.
nine will go as many as 50 mPes In
six hours: eight miles an hour Is in
ordinary pace.
-x-'4' -V"""" " -v
- 1 -"-V f--,-
0, 1). Teel l up from hw home ut
IMiu loday.
Mioses Kuthers of Helii are visit
ors in the city today.
Hiraae Walker Is up from his
ranoti near Btunfleld.
1. li. Everett of Walla Walla is reg.
Ittered at the St. George.
F. P. Kiley, Htanfleld saloonmun,
was In the city yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Hamilton of Wal
la Walla are at the Bowman.
It. H. Hiver Is over from his head
quarters at Walla Walla today. J
E. L Hoppel traveling freight
agent of th .N. P., Is at the Pendle
ton. Mrs.
Jack Prendergast came In this
morning from her home at VansycV,0
Letcher Norvell, well known young
man of Helix, is spending the day In
the city.
Hal HlKhop of the Peoples Ware-
i house force. Is taking his Yao.ition at
Wallowa Lake.
Homer I. Watts, attorney, mayor
and farmer of Athena, is In the city
this afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs Louis Sutton have re
turned from an outing of two weeks
at Tillamook. i
W. J. Warner. Hermiston's leading
legal light. Is here today to Kttend
the calling of the docket.
Charles Brown and V. E. Wlllaby
were here from their home at Athena
last evening and spent the night.
C. R. Cate, formerly of this county,
but now of Clarkston, Idaho, is am
ong the guests at Hidaway Rprlngs.
Rev. Charles Qulnney, rector of the
Church of the Redeemer, Ib now able
l to he about after having been indis
O H. Bishop, the Freewater part
of the firm of Peterson & Bishop,
and his wife drove down today In
their car.
Marlon Jack, member of the state
fish and game commission, returned
last niht from Salem where he had
been attending a meeting.
Supervisor W. W. Cdyder of the
I'mi'tilla national forest returned yes
terday evening from a two weeks
tour of Inspection over the reserve.
Frnn!'. P. Hayes, city water superln.
ti ndi nt. returned this morning from
Port ami where he had been called by
the Ciath of a sister. He will leave
this evening for Bal.er where the fu
neral will be held.
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CHICAGO. Aug. 26. (Special)
At the closp. Sept. 93 7-8 asked; Dec.
9S 1-2 asked: May 31.12 5-S ashed.
f Yepterdny'9 Market. 1
SEATTLE. Aue. ;s Wheat
rinestem. S.V Turkey red, P2c: forty
fold. Me: club. J(c: fife, S7c; red
llu.'.s-ian. S 'c.
(Yesterday's Market 1
LIVERPOOL. Aug. 25. Wheat
Spot. No. 2 Manitoba, lis 6 l-2d:
No. 3. Ms. 4 l-2d; No. 1 Northern
Duluth. lis 3d.
In American terms the Liverpool
price is fl.SS per bushel.
Xo Sm-lnl Consideration.
SALEM. Ore., Aug. 26 The state
public service commission ruled that
newspapers were not entitled to spec
ial consideration in the way f rates
for electric current.
Cruiser Tennessee SaiR
er Teniressee sailed under sealed or
ders with two companes of marines
and an artillery battalion. The war
ship Is believed to be en rorte to
Ciiiantananio and thence to Ha'tl.
sinks An Aeroplane.
LONDON. Aug. 26. Flight Com
mander Rlgsworth of a British aerial
squadron, sank a German subn-arine
smglehun led off Ostend by dropping
bombs upon the hostile craft from an
aeroplane It was announced.
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Mr ir 1 Mn.. William Codecke an
son, Harold, Mrs. Slewari and M
and Mrs. lOmar Stephens
yesierdaj? from Lehman SprijiM
where they had been enjoying an
Miss Helen Lynde, after visiting for
mon'h with relatives a;id friends In
thui city, left today for Portland
where she will attend school.
Mr. nn1 Wrs. Charles P. Coieswor-
thy, Miss Margaret Colesworthy ar.d
Joe Colesworthy left yesterday by
aut0 for WaJtowa lMke
where they
will stay for ten days.
Mrs. W. W. Cavlneas has returned
her nome- at Va)e aW
with her sister, Mrs. J. F. Koblnson.
The Timmerman family linen was
washed in the Justice court this morn
ing when Mrs. Will Timmerrrian was
tried under the vagrancy statute up
on complaint of her mother in law,
Mrs. Katherlne Timmerman. The
case developed boomerang proclivities
for, not only was the defendant found
guilty and fined but the same meas
ure was dealt out to the complaining
The elder Mrs. Timmerman accused
her daughter In law of calling her va-
rlous and sundry unperfumed name,
threatening her and preventing her
from going on to the Timmerman
farm to look after the crop The
younger woman stood trial nd was
defended by W. M. Peterson. She
was found builty as accused nnd was terSay afternoon on an "exploration
fined $10 and costs. trip" with another little fellow as a
Thereupon, she promptly charged companion, who had left him.
that her mother in law had applied According to the lad's tale they had
a most unsavory title to her and she wandered down Second street pike
repeated the objectionable title, several miles when his companion de-
"You're right, I did," replied the eld- termlned to go home. Edward, how-
er woman, "and I also said that you ever, kept on until it grew dark, and
were a (censored) and as It was a long way home, he de-
that you (also elded to sleep in some building op
censored), eration near Second and Somerset
Judge Parkes refused to admit ev- streets This he did and said he slept
... . , ..i
j in. in r iciiii nig iu i'ivh- uie ajvei uons
which were male "It makes no dlf- morning came ne aeciaea tnai no
ftrene whether they were tr.ie or would have to return home, as he
not. They were obscene. I will fine was tired of his adventures. The lad
you 310." He then administered a thn, having1 ho money, said he took
lecture to them upon the evils and a number of newspapers from door
folly of family quarrels, but he eUler steps and sold them on the street cor
lady could not be made to tree why ner to earn his car fare. As he told
she had been fined for speaking what this part of his story he showed sev
slie declared was the truth. - eral pennies to corroborate his tale.
SALEM. Ore. Aue 26 T!iat "safe, i
ty first" for the nation meant nation-
nl preparedness for defense s'as the!
contention ' of Governor Withycombe
in an address to 1000 Southern Pa-
tlfic employes and their families at,
Ihe state fair grounds.
Curranzii Towns Go Dry.
Dol'GLAS. Arlz.-na, Aug. 26. Car
ranza officials have put absolute pro
hibition into effect in the larger towns
of Sonora now under their control,
accord'ng to travelers who arrived
fn.ni interior points.
Nacozari saloonmen were ordered
to lock their doors last Saturday
Cananca went dry Monday, and Gen
era! Calles. the Carranza chief, in
tends to destroy the stocks of liquor.
lr. pniil smlts Is Dead.
ABKRDKEN. Wash., Aug. Dr.
Paul Sm'ts, 4 5 years old. for 17
years Aberdeen's leading physician,
died here suddenly of hemorrhage.
He Just returned from a vacation in
Oregon He was the builder and
owner of the Aberdeen general hos-,
pltal and has other large property In-i
terests. Including a fine summer home
nt Glen Grayland on the bench. j
Dr. Smits was a graduate of the
Seattle schools and of the University
of Michigan, working his way through
college He Is survived by a widow,
an infant son and two brothers.
f f
Intern Orfiron MH'k Gd That
the bet she-Tp reoehw-d this year In
ne Pal"rn markets are those coming
rrom eastern wegon una TUufrio ran
ges, wtu4 the statement of F. P. Hen
Brick, representative oT the Kansas
City stock yarte, who was In liaker
on his way through OreHon on a tour
of Inspection of sheep aid cattk- con
ditions. "The eastern Oregon sheep are
bringing more money than those from
&W ther Par f the country," he
"and the cattle raised In this
"on wl" at I8 rank wel1
those from other range districts
Baker Herald.
K. X. StanflWd Ship Klii Thre
cars of sheep were shipped from
i. . . .. . . v.. n r f . .Mi . n
" J"""' u "iwiuuiu
me a. j. Avnouin nnerp voranouwioii
Co., Chicago.
suinflclil Ships 21 Care pw-
Stanfleld's 21t car of pachei this
season Is now being loaded for ship
ment to eastern markets, accorWng
to S. Norton Bobo who Is up from
that town today. When thta car Is
dispatched It will mean that the
fruitgrowers of the Furnish project
have sent out practically 22,000 box
es of peaches this season. Most all
are of the Elberta variety and have
'"n of first class quality.
The big
bulk of the shipments have been to
eastern market
Explorer, 8, Gets Loet.
Journey that was begun with the Idea
of "seeing the world" ended abrupt
ly for 8-year-old Edward Bauer, of
1013 Benner street. Fox Chase, when
he whs found at Second and Somerset
streets wandering about aimlessly and
hungry by Policeman Funck. of the
Front and Westmoreland streets po
lice station. He was taken to the
police station, where he told the po-
lice that he had left his home yes-
wolf an ana not flfrairi When
.. .
At the police station the child was
given some breakfast. His parents
were notified. Edward was perfectly
frank and confessed that he expected
I "a sp inkin? " He has promised not
to "eo out explorin' " until he had
grown up.
f'on-tantlnoolp In Fear.
LONDON. Aug. 26. The popula
tion of Constantinople considers the
situation grave, according to informa
tion received at S'ofia, Bulgaria, says
a Reuter dispatch.
Violent righting has been In pro
gress on the Galiipoli peninsula for
ihe past week, and It Is declared
thousands of wounded are arriving
everv dav at Constantinople. At the
same time thousands of fresh troops
are being sent to the Dardanelles
The scarcity of bread and coal Is
said to have added to the general
feeling of depression.
Russian Ship Torpedoed.
BERLIN. Aug. 26. Fy wireless to
Sayville. N. Y. The German ad
miralty announced that a German
submarine had torpedoed and sunk a
Russian auxiliary ship at the entrance
to the Gulf of Finland
LONDON. Aug. 26. The British
stumer Sllva has been sunk bv a sub-
marine. She was probably the 5263
ton tanker of that name. The crew
were saved.
Three men lost their lives by the
sinking of a trawler from Hull. Others
on board were rescued.
! Uliy is Hio Fruit from
I East End Grocery
Always the choicest of the season? Because this store is 5
headquarters for practically all fruitmen. They not only 5
eell us, but buy from us. Take the tip, and call E
JOHN DYER Phone 536
Newsy Notes
Mr GmUch Jll.
"Grandma" Greullch, mother
Ba-.Charle!, Fctnk and John Greullch
' .
reported to be quite 111
IJomsod To Wed.
A marriage license was Issued this
morning to Frank Leslie Sampson. 23,
and Rose Isabel Neadeau, IS, both, of I
inw city.
Crop Inspector Here.
F. Ll Kent, government crop ex
pert for Oregon, has been here for
a short time today. He went to Athe
na during the forenoon and will
leave for La Grande his afternoon.
103 At Xoon Today.
The official thermometer at noon
today registered 102. thus branding
the weather prognosticator as a falsi
fier. However, the mercury settled
a little this afternoon, due to some
hazy clouds, but the atmosphere has
not been noticeably improved as to
comfort. The minimum last night
was 55.
Docket Being Called.
Circuit Judge G. W. Phelps is this
afternoon calling the docket to de
termine what cases are at Issue and
practically the entire bar of the
county is present. Owing to some
misunderstanding, some of the at
torneys assembled at 10 this morn
ing and, after chewing their fingers
for a half hour or more, looked at
their notices and discovered they were
four hours early.
Bring Rack Two Deer.
Col. J. H. Raley of this city and
Asa B. Thomson of Echo returned
last evening from Bear Wallow and
each had a bock deer as a trophy of
their hunt. They bagged the animals
Monday and they also found the car
cass of the deer which Mr. Thomson
shot the first of the season. He had
trailed it to a thicket and had he
gone to the top of the hill nearby
would have found the dead body of
the buck. Col. Raley shot a deer in
the same way on this trip, losing the
trail after following it for some time.
A Quick Channel of Residence.
A woman and a man stood before
County Clerk Saling this A. M. They
wanted to he one, so they requested a
marriage license. "Are you a resi
dent of this county?'" questioned the
clerk. "I am." the lady replied.
"Were you ever married before?" was
the next interrogatory. "I was,'' she
answered. "Were you divorced?"
and again the answer was, "I was."
"When and where?" the clerk want
ed to know. "Last Monday and in thi
state of Washington" she spake back
The clerk scratched his head. "To
get a divorce In Washington, yon
must be a resident of that state," he
mused. "To get a marriage license
Extra good Mules 3 and 4 yean old, or will trade for
horses or mules suitable for war purposes. Must be from
5 to 10 years old.
Only Two More Days of
j the Hub Gigantic Un- 1
f loading' Sale 1
r Mothers, now is the time to prepare that boy for school.
5 Lot 1. Eovs' Knickerbocker Suits to age 9, sale price,
the suit !?1.0J)
Lot 2. Boys' Knickerbocker Suits, sizes to 1G, sale price,
5 the suit irit.ti.l
E Lot 3. Your choice of this lot, all sizes, sale price !?-. 15
Boys' A, B, C Suit !?2.1K, $3. 15 and ?3.S5 f
Boys' Knickerbocker Pants in small sizes only, sale price
E the pair 15 '
z Boys' Knickerbocker School Pants, all sizes, sale price
the pair .' 49. 54 and S5f
1 Boys' H. & B. School Shoes in gun metal calf, button, or
lace, regular $2.50 and $3.00 values, sizes 8' ; to 12.
E sale price i?l- '5 r
Size 121 to 2, sale price ?1.J5
Sizes 2V to 51 , sale price $1.95
Children's Goodyear welt shoes, no better shoes made
E Sizes 5 to 8, sale price SI. 15 E
E Sizes 81 to 12. sale price Sl.(!5
z Sizes 121 to 2, sale price St.M.1
I Remember that these shoes sold from ?2.2" to S'l.OO the
I pair. f
! 23 Sample Store. 745 MAIN ST I
of Pefliffef&n j
In this county, a woman must be at
resident of the county. It follow
then that last Monday you were
resident of Washington and today of
thi! county. It strikes me aa strainfe."
and the license was refused.
WASHINGTON, Aug 25. Tho life
saving equipment clause In La Toi
lette's eamen's act Is believed to bar
virtually nullified In an opinion giv
en the president by Attorney General!
Gregory. Gregory, It Is said, indorsed!
tho views of Solicitor Thurman that
this clause conflicted with earlier
legislation on this subject.
Mexicans Fire on Troops.
cans fired on American soldiers from,
across the river near Santa Maria for
two hours last night wounding two
horses according, to reports received
here. Troops returned a few shots).
Three bands of Mexicans .numbering?
about 100. crossed the river near Rl
Grande City early today. They are
being pursued by soldiers and civil
I We grind our own lenses.
To the exact requirements of each
case. Lenses duplicated in a few
minutes. Prices for glasses very
Dale Rothwell,
Exclusive Optician
American Nat. Bank Bldg.
Phone 609.
house or E. O. office.