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Some people look well in
glasses. Some do not.
You think the difference
is in the people, but it is
probably in the glasses.
are distinctly becoming
as well as firm-holding
and comfortable. They
bear the monogram C
which means reliability.
We have them here.
Established 1887.
R. E. Wimer, D. O.
Newsy Notes ol Pendleton
Sn-unrliiRVm Out on stmt.
IVss 8wearin?en, wl'o reeeiitly un-f
Oerwenf a very serious operation, ts
so far recovered as to lie a I It" 10
walk down town.
Hill Out or Hospital.
Hen F. Hill, formerly of this city,
recently underwent an operat'on for
gall stones tn Walla Walla and yes
terday was able to leave ttie ho?plte.l
and return home.
nrnls Ctow's TU; Itni
SACRAMENTO. July 11. Just
prevent a cow from switching its tail, was fined 150.
in his face, Joe Gonzales, milker at a
dairy, broke the cow's tail in twe. He
White otudio
Room 4 Association
Open for Business About
Wednesday, July 28, 1915
Creditors Nante Trustee.
The creditors of Walter R. Bltney,
adjudicated a bankrupt me; yester
day tn the office of Referee Fitj Ger
ald and named E. J. Davis of Free
water as trustee. His bonds Were fix
ed at tiit.
Ojh-im New photo Studio.
The White Studio is to oe the name
of a new photo studio to be conduct
ed nere in room 4 01 i-'e assoc-uhiou
Hock. Charles SchmHt. proprietor,
... I .. . 1 V. . .ia
IS now i:i..uiiiJ.'ii:ir U)
family and will have the studio open
for patronage next Wedues.lay.
To Put In CUrar Factory.
J. H. Martin last evening applied to
the city council for permission to par
tition oft the old Doc Evana clsjar
store on Main street in order that
he might put In a sma'.! cigar factory.
The application was granted. An ap
plication to deepen t'.io doorway In
the Oregon theater building to per
mit of a bootblack stand was also
scrip, dated July 1. IS'.'S, called for
$75 on the face but was registered
for interest However, Mr. (.ambli'th
stated that the elatri for interest
would be waived. The scrip was
made out to i B. W i.le, former cash,
icr of the bank, but does not belong
to him now, Mr. Lainbirlh snted.
Recorder Fits Gerald stated that his
remembrance was that the city call
ed in that issue of scrip" in 1S99 and
there was some question as to wheth
er the obligation was legal. The
matter was referred to the city attor
ney and the finance committee. Some
county scrip was found in the same
box and. having been registered, van
paid by the county court.
Sui. Arno Is Here.
R. K Arne, superintendent of the
Boys & Girls' Aid Society of Fort
land has been here today on a busi
nes trip. He brought a child here to
meet a man from Wallowa county
where tan child will have a home, In
the cltr this mornins Mr Arne visit
ed the natatorium ar.d ws very
much Interested in the institution. He
warmly praises the P?ol and the splr
it in which it has been establivhed.
Thorn Hollow llrlilKC In.
Good news for autoists ie contain
ed In the message telephoned down
from Bingham Springs this morning
that the bridge over the rlv.r at
Thorn Hollow has been completeJ
This will permit autos and other ve-
hiclf going to the springs to make
the trip via the Thorn Hollow Trade.
Heretofore, most of the parties have
crossed the river at Cayuse though
a few have run the risk of fording
at Thorn Hollow.
Son is Horn. !
A baby boy was born on Tuesday
at St. Anthony's hospital to Mr. and
Mrs, Frank Duff.
Mule Cuts IiOg.
A mule belonging l one of Pun
land Bros . delivery teams, this
morning kicked over the single trees
and ripped its leg open for a consid
erable distance, making a round that
will disable it for some time.
Wife-boater Cieta Thif-Y !.
Justice of the Peaci Joe H. Parkes
this morning sentenced Alfred L.
Sherman to 30 days in the county Jail,
following his plea or guilty to as
saulting his wife.
Combine TurueS tm.
Report comes In Irom the Elmer
McCormmach ranch north of town
that the combined harvester turned
over yesterday on a sidehlll when the
lever refused to work. The machin
ery was damaged t.j unite an extent.
Jounutl Plans for Spoi-iuls.
"We have' already taken the matter
wp with the O.-W. R. & N compmy
of the Journal's special trains."
writes A. U Fish, businsi manager
of the Journal In a letter received by
the Round-up this niorniug. "The
railroad company advises that they
are going to try to ovitdo their effort
In the past, and we hope to bring to
Pendleton some up-to-the-minute
specials." Only yesterday Secretary
Harsh received an order for 300
grandstand tickets on each of the
last two days of the 1915 Roundup
ftom the Journal.
it -rettr old sctId (Tonics In.
City scrip seventeen years tld was
presented to the city council last ev
ening bv J. T. Lamblrth of the First
National Bank with the explanation
that It has been found in the strong
box of a customer of the bank after
uin there all these year3. The
Suit to Collect,
An attachment suit was filed today
against the J. A. Schmidt Mercantile
Co., by J. H. Fisher to whom Mason,
Ehrman & Co., of Portland had as
signed a claim of 67 George W.
Caldwell is plaintiff atorney.
Adams Baby Dies Hero.
Erma Des Voigne, four year old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Des
Voigne of Adams died at 11 o'clock
last night at St. Anthony's hospital
here it had been brought for treat
ment Inflammatory rheumatism
with complications proved fatal to the
child. The body will be taken to
Athena for burial.
section of the state. Several families
have already settled there and others
are now preparing- to leave. The h n.l
which Is principally ia-,;ln 1,-nd ami
all dry, lies between I!ros;an and
Malheur City. Some time ao Dr.
Thos 0. Ohmart filed upon land
there and during the spring moved his
family on to It. t,. D. I.ynde and
family moved to the smo .vicinity
about a month ago inl at tljie same
time Harry Wheeloek resigned bis
position at the postoffleo to turn
homesteader. T. F. Wheeloek, an
other employe of the postofflce. Is
now1 taking his vocation an 1 tomor
row will take hts fa Imlyuteht
row will take his family to the home
stead In the same vicinity to establish
them there. He will return to Pen
dleton nt the expiration of his vaca
tion Grover Pound of the Taylor
Hardware Co. Is also moving his f un
ity there and will build him a cabin
during his vacation. A number of
other local families have ti.ken land
In the sanie locality.
WALI1A WALLA, July 22. The
farmers' union' today Indorsed the
state-wide movement to ask the rail
roads to reduce freight charges on
wheat to eastern and middle western
points In order to open up and broad
en the wheat market. The local uni
on appointed a committee to revise Its
Harvest was resumed at many
places In the valley today, most of the
grain drying soon after the rain ceas
ed. In some districts, however, crews
will not start till Monday,
What Girt Bathers Must Xot Wear.
NEW .YORK, July 22, Modesty is
now the watchword for the Coney Is
land bathing beaches Captain Glld
den. In charge of sleuths who have
been patrolling the beach with meas
uring sticks and blnocu'ar.i, has speci
fied the sort of suits women will not
wear hereafter. He has given scores
of warnings and declared arrests
would be made In the future. Heri
Is what Blldden banishes from the
One-piece suits.
Knitted Jerseys with open sleeves.
Skirts that do not reach the knees.
Garments without a bathing suit
over them. The "bathing sock,"
which shows the bather's dimpled
YOU Mr. Laboring Man, That
Knows the Value of Every
Dollar You Earn.
Those dollars come mighty hard and go mighty easy ,
Let us reason together and get acquainted with our mod
ern business methods.
Buying immense quantities of high grade merchandise
to supply 83 big busy stores (and it takes lots of it to go
around), paying cash on the spot, we secure lower prices,
besides larger cash discounts, than any one store merch
ant can possibly hope for.
Selling for cash only, and keeping our operating ex
pense down to the lowest possible mark, enables us to
sell you goods at prices that have no competition.. BET
Men's suits f 0.00, $9.90,
Men's blue serge suits, all
pure worsted at $9.90,
$12.50, $14.75.
Boys' suits, long pants at
$5.90, $6.90, $7.90,
Boys' Knickerbocker suits,
Norfolk coats $1.9S,
$2.98, $3.98.
Boys' knicker blue serge
suits, Norfolk coat $2.98
Men's dress shirts at 49f ,
69, 98.
Men's work shirts at 25,
39, 45.
Bovs's shirts and blouses,
dark and light 25S 49,
Men's light weight union.
suits, just the thing for
this hot weather at 49c
69f 89e 98.
Men's shirts and drawers,
ribbed or porosknit 25,
39. 45.
Boys' union suits in ribbed
or porosknit 25f, 39f ,
Boys' shirts and drawers,
25 39.
Men's harvest shoes $1.49,
Men's heavy work shoes
that wear $2.49, $2.98,
Men's Regent and Crossette
shoes $3.50, ?3.&3"and
YOU CAN DO g&ffi&nflll,
The 1915 Round-up will be held on SepL 23, 24, 25.
S I n r.i m ot vi 7 . ( v.t r i in m in v.y irx irx m rrr.i r.i r r.i n r.t 7,"A n V irrtrni 1'. g V TAT.T r ' wficfja i
first Xatatorlum A4(lcnt.
While in bathing at the public
natatorium this morning Lester Hurst
of the Tullls dairy, sustained a ;aln-
ful wound when he caught his fooi
on a bolt on the spring board. A
gash was cut on top of the foot and
several stitches were necessary to
close It. The offending bolt was cut
down at once to prevent any further
accllents from the same source.
Teddy Has New Gun,
Teddy Hauswirth, veteran deer
slayer of the city and tot of all wlus
ed game, Is preparing himself for a
big kill. This morning he received a
made to order gun which hts friends
declares outrivals the kaiser's Krupps.
It is ornately mounted and engraved
and is calculated to so dazzle the
beasts of the field and the birds ot
the air that they will be easy prey.
"Fairy Fern
"Miss Fatty's
Seaside Lovers
Featuring Fatty Arbuckle as the dau
ghter of a mothball magnate.
Wherein a mysterious fortune saves a
woman and her child. A 2 reeler
by Thomas II. Ince.
Featuring Peggy Burke and the Fair
, banks twins. Everybody should see the
' happy conclusion of one of the sweetest
playlets Thanhouser has produced in
many a day.
Administrator Is Named.
C. A. Johnson has been appointed
administrator of the estate of the Vte
John A. Peterson, Coombs Canyon
farmer who died on the 19th. The es
tate consists of 160 acres of land val
ued at about 1550, according to the
petition. Deceased left no known rel
atives though before death he stated
that 20 years ago he had a sister liv
ing in Denver but had not heard from
her since.
Cist Glance Today
"The Perfect Woman"
and company of one thousand players in
Neptune's Daughter
Mrs. WIlllaniHon Is Dead.
Mrs. W. P. Williamson, wife of W.
P. Williamson who has the street
sprinkling contract, died at 1 o'clock
this afternoon at her home, 221 Mis
sion street, of tuberculosis. She has
been nolle ill for the Dast month and
death was not unexpected. She is
survived by her husband, four sons,
Guy of Pasadena, Calif., George of
Prosser. Wn.. Ed and Harold of this
city and one daughter. Mrs. Orvllle
Williams of this city. The funeral ar
rangements have not yst been made.
"All For Ireland"
First of Irish Storie Produced by SIDNEY OLCOTT for the Lubin Company.
Photographed in the picturesque Ireland of romance and history, this three-part
nubject made by Sidney Olcott has a rare charm that in itself is enough to assure popu
larity. As the action unfolds, we have engaging pictures of the Lakes of Klllarney,
the rock shoreB of South Kerry, the Black Rock Castle on the River Lee and the famous
Ballymallis Castle, built something over 600 years ago.
Vita graph Pretentt
A rollicking comedy with Billy Quirk and
Constance Talmadge.
Selig Presents
A Western picture of merit.
Cooler Weather Arrives.
The weather prophet In Portland
was correct yesterday when he pre
dicted cooler weather for Pendleton
today. The 104 altitude record of yes
terday waa not nearly approached to
day, the maximum this afternoon be
ing 96. The drop has been quite per
ceptible all day. Last night proved
cooler than the night before, too, the
minimum reached being- 66 whereas
the night before It was 64. Reports
from the west end of the county have
it that out on the sagebrush land the
thermometer went up to about 120
At Milton 100 was the high mark.
Wool Exhibit Is Forwarded.
Today the Umatilla county wool
exhibit, which E. E Cleaver and Sec
retary Cranston of the Commercial
association have been collecting with
the aid of sheepmen and the Fondle
ton Woolen Mills, was boxed and
made ready for shipment 'o San Fran
Cisco where It will become a part of
the eastern Oregon exhibit. There
are seventeen fleeces In the
grease, each one done up seperately,
a package of scoured wool and a
package of wool In the various stages
of manufacture. This last was fur
nlshed by the Pendleton Woolen
Mills. A shipment of grains Is also
being prepared and will be ready for
forwarding soon. Messrs. Cleaver and
Cranston made a big swing south of
Pendleton yesterday and secured some
good sample.
as a
) -.
"QUEEN OF THE SEA" in which the it shown in one of the greatest diving ex
hibitions ever witnessed. The film masterpiece of the world in seven parts with
700 wonderful scenes. Produced at the island of Bermuda, at a cost of $50,000
and was 3 months in preparation. AN OPPORTUNITY. DON'T MISS IT.
Spectacle (
Miss Vet& Lee, the Charming Soprano in Popular Songs
Afternoons 2 o'clock Evenings 7 and 8:45 p. m,
25c Admission 15c
Those who were unable to secure eati last night
can be accomodated this evening
Tomorrov;! "Oooilo's
and "The Man on the Case'
a combination of 2 great stories in Tone 6 reel feature
The Coolest Place in Pendleton
Many Go to Malheur.
A Pendleton colony tl being estsb
llshed In the northern part of Mal-
homesteaders and file on land In that nuillllllllllllll I till Ml il I 111 1111 1 i I 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 HTl 1 1 1 1 1 II IHIIIIIIIII 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111!,;