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AT THE - rv
TOP IrrT-yJn
rl J t,- f 1.4 "J
or our.
Thc TbP of Thc Laddfj?
e would not sell groceries we would not eat ourselves.
Our groceries are the best it is possible to get. Our price
is as low as the best groceries can be sold.
Where all are Pleased Court and Johnson Sts.
5000 acres well watered, 400 acres In cul.
ttvation and meadow. Cuta about 700
tons of hay annuaJlv. Much more cjin
be cultivated. 30 million feet of f.ne saw timber, besides a tig lot of
smaller. Good house, cost over IJjoo. one mile from town! four good
barns. Adjoins Nat forest reserve, and has grazing rigM thereon.
All vehicles and farm implements, some of them new, good blacksmith
outfit, and chop mill driven by motor power. You can buy this ranch
Including the above mentioned property, for 116 per acre. You can buy
with it, 750 well bred cattle, and 0 horses at the market prices; half
cash, reasonable time on balance. I have both larger and smaller stook
ranches than this, also wheat land, diversified farms, city property, and
exchange. E. T. WADE, Pendleton, Ore,
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Newsy Notes ol Pendleton
sn Is Horn,
A baby boy was born last evening
to Mr. and Mrs. Len Rhodes, (11
Maple street.
Judgment (.rallied.
Judgment for f 660.75 by default
was granted today In the case of the
Minneapolis brewing Co. vs. Thomas
Two rn-ws Dismissed.
I'pon motion two cases on the cir
cuit court docket, that of B. R
Richards vs. Laura V. Alexander et
al and that or Robert R. Chapman
vs. J. N. Wills were dismissed.
stanliold Editor Here.
S. Norton Bono, editor of the
"Uanfield Standard, is here today on
a business trip. Mr. Bobo has been
eonducting the Standard for the last
six months and has been successful
in publishing a live, progressive
ceased, One Annetta Nash of Clarks
vllle. Mich, and the son, Francis,
Leroy Round, believed to be In Cali
fornia, are left the nominal sum of
one dollar each.
prauu Lin
WUihvkcm Are Kxt'lutUxl.
Mrs. Charlotte Kppinger, mother .lh.n4 hv .,,. ... .noaa.
..t . 1 (I , , i l : '
.i ..no. ik. wrifAuiiuer, i uric uuun
a visit while en route from Portland
to her home in Baker.
Mrs. J. F. Robinson has as het
guest Mrs. J. E. Grier of Portland.
Mrs. Grier formerly lived here.
in the Twitchell-Thompson damage
suit now on tr al, are excluded from
the court room. Without them, there
is a large audience present to hear the
testimony and watch the legal buttle.
Goes After Alleged Forger.
Sheriff T. D. Taylor left on No. 17
today for Portland to take Into cus
tody P. L. Rawn, alleged bold forger
who is wanted here to explain the
Pretty costumes and good dancing' s';aturf thBe.n1cJolvln ' a"ste for
are the principal features of merit f9VV ""7" , , " 1
r.bout "A Modern Eve- shown here loan National Bank.
at the Oregon hist evening. It is' , . ! "
credited as the latest Berlin operetta ''" , " .
but the only German touch about the
performance consisted in one Joke
about a frankfurter.
Parisian in name, style and moral-
WE have the most complete and
up-to-date grinding plant in
Eastern Oregon, and can
duplicate your broken lens in a few
W. H. HILL, Optician
with Wm. Han3com, THE Jeweler
I Russell Lowry, deputy governor ot
the twelfth regional bank district,
visited In Pendleton yesterday, call
ing Informally upon both banks and
mnblni, an ant( tln InU th. .nun.
ity, the operetta is woven around "' "'r " .,,.,
. j x.-ii. r, ,i . v.. . try. His visit was hardly an officla
Madame Ninlehe Cascadier, her two ' . . ... " , ' . ....
daughters and her husband. Ma- une' , f Z 3
dama Cascadier is a strong character" rou,e trow Bo'8e to nts west
firmness she finally refuses to allow. 5" to . 1s
Mm to receive company in the kitch
en. Her daughters are trained In
the way of their mother but eventual
ly fall victims to cupld's darts.
Interesting features in the per-
! Bounty was paid upon 56 coyote
C. W. Kenlson of Stanfleid drew
down 66 for 22 scalps. J. T. Hays of
Holdman presented 13, George E. Ad
ams of McKay S, Lloyd Attebury of
, Echo 7, B. H. Fix of Nolln 5 and W.
formance are rival parties given in
the garden of the Pontigards, one f- stru'therg of HAix
lair oeing a siage ana me uuer
suffragette festival, and the divorce
scene which precedes the finale.
Stilt to Foreclose.
Following are some of th. musical ; ,eged tQ nave glven tQ g.cure a
J1300 note was filed this afternoon
by Christopher Armstrong against M
M. Grogan and R. A. Grogan, man
and wife. The attorneys for the
Plaintiff are Scott and Butler of
B. H. Fix of Xolln is in the city on
business today.
W. R. Taylor !s down from his homi
at Athena today.
Sam P. Peterson, Milton attorney,
is In the city today.
William Johnson of Ontario is a
Pendleton visitor today.
A. E. Tulley of Wallowa Is among
the guests at the Pendleton.
F. Jack Ford of Pilot Rock was a
visitor In Pendleton yesterday.
Ben Marlln, well known Meacham
resident, Is a Pendleton visitor today.
Mrs. Henrietta Brown of Albany,
vice-president of the Oregon V. C. T.
U., Is at the Pendleton today.
Mayor J. M. Kyle of Stanfleid, who
recently announced his candlducy for
the eastern Oregon position on the
railroad commission, came up from
his home this morning.
A. I Grover of Helix and A. C.
Hemphill of Pilot Rock, two of the
members of the Jury listening to the
evidence in the damage su t now on
trial, are registered at the St. George.
numbers in the operetta: 'Hello,
Sweetheart," "Goodbye, Everybody,"
"Everyday Is Christmas When You
Are Married," "Excuse Me, Certain
ly" and "Rita, My Marguerlta."
Dared Death to Save Boy.
WALLA WALLA, Wash., April 20.
Choosing to imperil her own life
to save a young boy, Mrs. Welford
Meet With Walla, Walla May 1.
Emil Siebert, H. S. track manager,
went over to Walla Walla yesterday
Gross drove an auto Into a telephone to rearrange a date for the dual meet
pole, the impact hurling her son (which was to have been held there
through the windshield. He received May 7. This was necessary owing to
some bad cuts and scratches on the, the shifting of the date of the eastern
face and it was feared at first his Jaw
was broken. The lad In danger
Thomas Drumheller, was saved.
The Gross boy is doing well, no
bones being broken.
Oregon meet from May first to May
Seventh. The dual meet will take
place in Walla Walla May the first
f.TrfSjLVx' if i wi.sa. mil hum hi u u him. wmmmmmmm m
nAPi ft AJV
i ----- ... b no v
i, ..... - .
!) j i
X J J;
i v -
t-l l I 4.1
The Jitney
Hoakland Wins Judgment.
W. A. Hoagland, local teamster,
Saturday won a Judgment of $56 from
S. Rugo & Co. in the justice court,
that sum being the balance due on
a sub-contract for filling done on the
Northern Pacific sidewalk contract.
Rugo contended that the contract
had not been completed but his con
tention was not upheld and plaintiff
secured Judgment for the full am
ount claimed. He was represented
by Attorney G. W. Coutts.
Determined Track Walker.
I Reports from Pilot Rock Junction
' tell of a peculiar acting man who
! makes a dally habit of walking the
! track In that vicinity. The man la
' always bareheaded and usually bare
! footed. He will walk the rails and
refuses to give up to the track for
I anything short of a train. If a sec
i Hon gang chances to be In his way
' he will order them off the track and
one time disputed for the track with
, a hand car. People living near the
' junction fear the man is demented.
Essanay 2 part Comedy
Do not confuse this picture
with the old Chaplin Key
stone now being repeated
in this city. Chaplin i with
Essanay and the only new
pictures you will see him in
are made by Essanay, and
shown at this theatre.
Vita graph Presents
Featuring George Stanley.
Selig Presents
A Selig Soo Picture.
;.f ; il? k .
KnightM Ilal (lam Feed.
With a social session and clam
feed the members of Damon Lodge
Knights of Pythias enjoyed them
selves following some second rank
initiatory work. During the session
veteran Jewels were presented to
three members of the lodge with rec
ords for membership of more man
25 vVars. They are L. G. Frazler,
Mark Patton and W. S. Bowman
The social session was handled by
a committee composed of Messrs.
Gadwa Carney and Ballard. Among
those speaking were Dr, C. J. Smith
and Rev. J. E. Snyder.
HONOLULU, April 20. The Unit
ed States submarine F-4, submerged
on the ocean floor outside the harbor
since March 25, was raised 12 feet
and towed Inshore until It rested on
the upward-inclining bottom.
The salving crew worked all night
Accomplishing this and postponed
further work until the lifting tackle
was strengthened.
The satisfactory work done thus
far In towing the submarine, it Is be
lieved, will make unnecessary the
pontoon method of raising the craft.
Diver Doughman, who became en
tangled in the lifting cables Saturday
and was rescued by Chief Gunner's
Mate Crilly at a depth of 220 feet
after four hours' work, 1s recovering
slowly from the effects of his experience.
Berlin Iteptiet to DuU-h.
LONDON, April 20. Replying to
the Dutch note protesting against the
sinking of the Dutch steamer Medea
by a German submarine, and the sei
zure by a submarine of the Dutch
steamers Batavier V and Zaanstronn.
Germany has explained the opinion
that the action of her submarines was
in accordance with the terms of the
declaration of London, says Reuter's
Amsterdam correspondent.
"Germany announces, however," the
correspondent adds, "that she has de
cided to submit the question of Justi
fication to a prize court as soon as
Possible. Assurances are given In the
German reply that there is no ques
tion of any change In the political at
titude of Germany toward Holland."
You can't beat The Golden Rule
1 Store's everyday values, can you?
That's what makes this Pendleton's big busy store, our
S every day prices on high-grade, clean, new merchandise.
They are lower than you have to pay for old shelf worn
goods elsewhere.
9-4 Pequot sheeting 27
9-4 Foxcroft sheeting 23
8-4 Unbleached sheeting
at 10
Lonsdale muslin 8V3
Fruit of the Loom 10
42 in. Restwell tubing 16
Berkley No. 60 cambric at
Berkley No. 100 cambric
at : , 15?
Lonsdale nainsook cambric
at 15?
Extra large huck towels at
pair ID?
Extra large Turkish towels
pair 39
Good sized towels each 5?
Large huck and Turkish
towels 12g?
Corset covers 19?, 25?,
39?, 49?.
Night gowns,
49?, 79?,
39?, 69?,
$1.50 waist values 98?
$1.00 overall values..-.. 83?
85c overall values 69?
65c overall values 49?
Blue jumpers 4fl?, 69?,
83?. .
Working men's beddings,
blankets and comforters
88?, $1.49.
Tarpoulins $1.98, $2.49,
$2.98, $3.49.
Shirts and drawers 25?,
Union suits 49?, 69?, 89?,
Work shirts 25?, 39?, 45?
Extra heavy triple seam
Jumbo size shirts.... 98?
Work sox 5?, 83?, 128?
Dress sox 5?, 8V'3?, 10?
Work gloves 49?, 69?, 98?
Gauntlet gloves 49?, 69?,
Men's and boys' caps 25?,
49?, 98?.
was on the left hand side of the
street and had done everything in
his power to avoid the collision. He
declared the evidence would show
that the boy was riding a wheel he
could not control and had been warn
ed that he would get hurt If he were
not more careful.
The i
Royal H.Sawlelle
ElUbluhed I&87
Reply to Rerlln Drafted.
WASHINGTON. April 20. Presi
dent Wilson and Secretary Bryan had
under consideration a draft of a reply
to be made to the memorandum of
Count von Bernstorff, the German
ambassador, relative to the question of
preventing shipments of arms to the
allies unlexs foodstuffs were permit
ted to reach Germany's civilian pop
ulation. "We have the whole subject under
consideration and I am not prepared
to discuss It" was all Secretary Bryan
would say.
For Sale, Very Reasonable.
Modern 7-room house and 7 lota
about 16 blocks from town, 1 block
from paved streets. Suitable for
chicken raising and gardening. In
quire "Mrs. C. A." this office. Adv.
Dale Rothwell
Exclusive Optician
American Nat'l Bank Bldg.,
I grind lenses and can duplicate
broken ones on short notice.
Kelley's Auto
Repair Shop
Give us a trial.
Cottonwood St., Opposite
City Hall. Phone 181.
You can always depend on
WE WIU, clean, spot and
preas your clothe RIGHT
Work called for and delivered
to any part of the city. Satis
faction guaranteed we know
Our Motto, "Quick Service"
Lester Shanafelt
Tet. 321. 114 E. Webb St
Why Should Your Glasses Be Changed?
The eye is practically developed at 7 years.
Under-development in length means far sight, overde
velopment means near sight; one diameter of the cornea
longer than another means astigmatism.
The attempt to overcome these errors by the accom
modation or focusing power, is eye strain, this power
changes with age, the errors are always the same and
must be corrected with glasses.
Therefore, the only reason why glasses should be
changed is a commercial one. Opticians by giving away
a smattering of medical knowledge as a blind are enabled
to sell glasses at an enormous profit.
D. N. REBLR, M. D ,
Kyc, Far, Xoso and Throat Specialist. Schmidt lSulldlng, Pendleton
Stanfleid to Bring Crowd.
Information was received by the
! local ball officials today that Btan
i field and Echo will send up ft bl
delegation of fans next Sunday to
the game that is to be played here
with the Bucks. They have charter
ed the motor car and will bring up
full load In It besides the many who
will come In autos. The motor car
will leave Stanfleid at 10 a. m. anC
returning will leave Pendleton at T
p. m. There 1 much enthusiasm In
Stanfleid as a result of two victories
and a meeting was held last evening
at which It was decided to give
benefit dance Thursday evening.
Leave Property to Wife.
The entire estate of the late Frank
P. Round 1 left to his widow, Car
olyn Hound, and she la named the
executor of the will, according to the
terms of that Instrument filed yes
terday afternoon. The estate consults
of the residence property of a house
and two lots on South Garden street,
valued approximately at $2000, and
rotes and accounts valued at 12807,
The will was made May 7, 1901. In
the presence of E. J. Murphy and B
1). Loyd. The daughter of the de-
.lax Figman and Lolifa tloborfson
In a Tale of Our Northwest
A virile American tale of the big outdoors, of red blooded men, of a woman's love
and a man's hate enacted. In the heart of the forest and on the rugged sides of the
Sierra Madre.
Malcolm Piers, a son of an old and aristocratic family, after losing his wealth as
a stock broker turns over valuable securities belonging to his clients to Garrod, his
secretary, and sets out alone for the land of forests and gold in the Northwest. The
secretary, false to his trust, gambles "with these securities left in his charge, loses
them, and allows his departed emplcyerr to be accused of being an absconder.
Piers arrives, his only possessions being a merry heart, a banjo and the determi
nation to carve a new fortune out of the wild.
Dropping his old name, he is daubed Jack Chanty, by his new associates and
because of his good fellowship, wit and honesty is looked up to by miner, woodsmen
and half-breed.
Then he meets the girl of the wilderness. Later the girl from civilization
comes into his life. Which does he choose at last?
VAUDEVILLE Orpheum Musical Act. Ask someone who has heard him.
The Alta Theatre