East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, April 14, 1915, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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I III and 8nl-Weekly at Pea-
dH-cn, Oregoa, by tbe
at the Doetoffk at Pandletoa.
Oregon, m sseaad-clasa mail natter.
Official County Paper.
Member Lulted Prew AjaocUtloe.
Imperial Hotel News Stand, Portland.
stovmaa News Co., Portland, Oregon.
Chicago Bureau. 90(1 Security Biliding.
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i street, fl. w.
Welly, eae year, by mall
Kelly, sa Booths, by nail
MUly, tares Booths, by mail
IMlly, one Kt'dtb. by mail
Osliy, one year, by carrier.
Dally, all tSooiba, by earner ,
DaUy, tiiree months, by carrier
UatlV, one month, by carrier
earf-Weekly, one year by mall
fteml Wwkiy, 11 months, by Ball...,
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The Lord, He makes the world
o new ,
Each brightly-ahlnin' minute,
It's bit the time a Joy to you
To thank the Lord you're Id
It. i
The river, as it sings to sea,
Winds to the blossoms glv-
That bird, nest-bulldlng in the.j
They give their thanks to ;
heaven. ,
III. !
Juy to the country and the i
town !
Where llglit an' love have '
found you, ;
Blessings and blessing rain
lug down ;
Like wind-blown blossoms
'round you!
Atlanta Constitution.
N Issue of decided interest
Jl, to all is that presented by
the request of the trans
continental railroads that they
be allowed to make interior
terminal rates with a view to
offsetting transportation com
petition through the Panama
Instead of standing hand in
hand with the coast terminals
s they have done in the past
the railroads now appear anxi
jpui to build up interior distrib
uting points in the back haul
rone. The idea seems to be to
1 1 w
give such places as Spokane
and doubtless Pendleton such
low rail rates from the east that
these towns will be able to com
pete with the coast jobbers
who secure their merchandise
via the canal.
What the outcome of the
move will be remains to be
seen. The contention is reas
onable that the charge for a
short haul should not be great
er than for a long haul and
therefore it may be argued
with good sense that interior
points are entitled to rates as
low as those given the coast
cities, if not lower. Yet the
same arguments will apply all
along the line. So if rates are
reduced to this territory wont
points farther east demand
similar reductions?
The whole matter seems to
hinge on the extent to which
the interstate commerce com
mission will permit the rail
roads to alter their rates so as
to save themselves from loss of
business through the canal. If
allowed to do so they can pro
tect themselves. Also they can
seemingly protect their traffic
more effectively by building up
new interior terminals than by
reducing rates to the coast ter
minals. It is easy to under
stand why. If they had to
meet water competition at the
coast they would probably
have to do so at a loss. By
meeting the enemy some dist
ance inland they place him at
a disadvantage because of the
rail charges from seaport to in
terior. It i3 good strategy.
If Pendleton is given rates
from the east lower than those
granted Portland and at the
same time connects with the
open river so as to secure the
advantages of the low ocean
rates this will become the most
favorable situated town in Ore
gon from a transportation
The developments in, the
transportation game are going
to be worth watching.
ft HE strangest thing about
X. the decision as to who is
mayor of Pendleton is
that such a decision by the su
preme court was made neces
sary. To a layman the wording of1
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the city charter makes it very
plain it was intended the chair
man of the council, who at
Mayor Matlock's death was
Mr. Dyer, should take the may
or's chair if for any reason the
mayor should be unable to
serve out his term of office.
On the theory that law is
common sense there should
never have been any question
as to the right of Mr. Dyer to
take the position on the death
of the mayor. The fact the
point was raised indicates there
was some doubt in the minds
of certain eastern lawyers as
to whether judicial decisions
would follow the dictates of
common sense in Oregon.
There may have been some
grounds for that suspicion but
happily all doubt is now dis
pelled and we may proceed
with the city's affairs a3 usual.
w T is interesting to note the
J I comments made upon our
country by people from '
other lands, even ihough we
may have little regard for
what they say. Here is what'
one "interned" foreigner thinks
of our country : .
"America cannot last longer j
than two centuries (1776-1
1976). and that is a short life1
for a land. America cannot i
last because it is no nation. It j
is a loose conglomeration of
various nationalities. It is a
mob of money-making masters !
and would be money-making
slaves. Firmness of founda
tion, soundness and solidity of
construction are lacking in this
building. It has been built in
haste and hurry to appear
grand and mighty even as a
aXrvanrmnar fViof locfa Viiif "half a !
DnjOVaRJVl bllUV A (AO La? WUb 11U1A St
century. It has faced no storm
in its present form and experi
enced no' earthquake. I am
afraid that the first storm and
the first earthquake that come
will reduce its height and
shake its foundation irrep.ir-J
ably." j
It is surprising what this par- j
ticular foreigner means by;
staying in such a pesky country, j
Why does he not fly at once to
Europe where according to his
notions the foundations of so-:
ciety are firm and sound. Firm'
until someone comes along
all their glory new,
with a cannon and shoots the
foundation off its pins or moves
the national boundary lines.
It is a poor time for f oreeign
ers to talk about the inability
cf this country to endure. If
the gods should prepare an in
ternational table of mortality
just now Uncle Sam would get
a high rating for life expect
ancy. If not who would?
TrjfF the Good Roads execu
Jj tive committee wish to put
up a proposition war win
win let them look first of all to
a road to the Columbia that
will reduce freight rates.
When the bonding propo
sition is before the people it
will be attacked on the ground
we cannot afford so much
money for road work. The
most effective answer will be
to show that the road work
proposed will lower freight
rates sufficiently to more than
justify the expense. It is an
argument that will carry con
viction with it.
It would be difficult to pass
a bond issue in this county
merely to provide roads that
would make travel more com
fortable. The people would be
excusable for refusing to go in
to debt for the sake of a lux
ury. But they will gladly go
in debt if they can make big
money by doing so and this
they will be able to do if they
build a hard surface road to
the Columbia.
The Rev. William A. Sunday re
cently taking a census of hell, re
ported he found among Its popula
tion the following: Pharoah, Vol
taire, Nebuchadnezzar, Huxley, Jexe
bel, John Stuart Mill, Nero, Tyndall,
Judas, Thomas Paine, Attlla, Inger
soll, Louli XIV, Rousseau, Louis XV,
Ivan the Terrible, Mme. Pompadour,
Catherine de Medlul, Mme. de Monte
span and Mme de Malntenon.
It Is wondered how he came to
overlook the claims of Caligula,
Stephen Olrard, Napoleon, Dr. Chan
ning and Alaric the Goth. And
what of Cain?
Hut the subject is not altogether
without Its serious aspect. Such
Spring IHaf
novel, distinctive, in
y m
methods as this are nothing more
man grist to the mill of the skeptic
Those Christians who are at all
schooled In the faith may well plead
to the Jurisdiction of the court In this
case. It can know nathlnr nf the
state of those whom It condemns t-j
torment. But the worst of such
Judgments Is that they show an utter
lack of Christian temner. A rood
many years before Mr. Sunday was
born, a great poet dealt with the
same theme, thus:
Let not this weak, unknowing hand
Presume thy bolts to throw.
And deal damnation round the land,
On each I Judge thy foe.
Teach me to feel another's woe.
To hide the fault I see;
That mercy I to others show,
That mercy show to me.
It is all very foolish, of course, and
as wrong as it Is foolish. The pray
er of Alexander Pope should be the
prayer of every Christian, especially
when he is disposedas fortunately
few people are to anticipate the de
crees of the Almighty. "We still
have Judgment here," and that Is
quite enough. It Is, and must be,
based very largely on actions, for of
motives little can be known. As
these are an important factor a char
acter, an absolutely Just appraise
ment cannot be made by fallible man
since he Is not able to search the
Head and Ears of Child. Kept Get
ting Worse. Very Irritating. Face
Quite Disfigured. Used Cuticura
Soap and Cuticura Ointment.
Trouble Entirely Healed.
Clay Center, Neb." I want to tell what
Cuticura Soap and Ointment has done for
my little girl. Her face, head and ears were
Just completely covered
with a sore eruption. It
made Its appearance In the
form of a rash and kept get
ting worse and spread until
her face sod ears were al
most a solid man, very Irri
tating and causing great
itching and distress. It
mads her restless at night
and her face was quite disfigured.
"I tried different remedies suggested but
nothing we did brought any relief. Finally
I decided to give Cuticura Soap and Oint
ment a trial. I washed her face with Cuti
cura Soap, dried it lightly and applied Cuti
cura Ointment. I could notice an improve
ment with the first application and In two
weeks' time the trouble was entirely healed."
(Signed) Mrs. O. 0. Slick. July 31. 1B14.
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HOBOKEN. N. J., April lS.-The
American delegates to the Woman's
International Peace Conference, call
ed by Queen Wllhelmlna of Holland
to meet at The Hague the latter part
of this month, were scheduled to call
today on the Dutch steamer Ryndam,
Jane Adams of Chicago Is chairman
of the Woman's Peace Party of this
Something should be done to bridge
the gap between the close nf ih nan-
jack season and the opening of the
peacn pie season. However, the
strawberry shortcake does its best.
For hfaaU and Children.
fti Kind Yea Bars 'AteajsEoM
Bean the
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ed before you ditcover that another and then another
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