East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, December 04, 1906, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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No More
Cold Rooms
If yon only knew how much comfort
can be derived from a PERFECTION
Oil Beater how simple and economical
it operation, yon would not be without
it another day.
You cau quickly make warm and coty
any cold room or hallway no matter in
what part of the house. Vou can heat
water, and do many other thing with the
Oil Heater
(Equipped with Smokeless Device)
Turn the wick as high or low aa von can there's no danger..
Carry heater from room to room. All parts easily cleaned. Gives
intense heat without smoke or smell because equipped with smoke
less device.
Mad In twn finiatiM mImII ...J 2 1 -. , . .
. juuu ui on ana Duma o
hours. Every heater warranted. If yon cannot get
heater or information from your dealer, write to
nearest agency for descriptive circular.
RttfO StB.5
and steady light, simple con
. struction ami absolute safety.
Equipped with latest improved burner. Made of
brass throughout and nickel plated.. An ornament to
any room whether library, dinine-robm, parlor or bed
room. Every lamp warranted. Vrite to nearest
agency if not at your dealer's.
sTAvnrj on, COMPANY
At Spokane a switch engine collid
ed with an extra freight on the North
ern Pacific. Engineer Ed Fearl, of
the switch engine, was instantly kill
ed. Addison T. Smith, private secretary
of Senator Heyburn, Is to be appoint
ed to the office of register of the
Poise land office to succeed Harry
Linn Hunt, a single man aged 3t
years, shot and killed himself while
visiting friends at 10 East Eighth
street north, Portland. No under
stood caue for the tragedy.
The genuine San Jose scale has put
in an appearance In the orchards
around Leominster, Mass. The In
sects are supposed to have been in
t: olr.eed on nursery stock from the
A. P. MeKi'iin, a roustabout em
ployed on the steamer Chester, fell
overboard at Kelso and drowned In
eight feet of water. He lost his life
by trying to save another man, who
was finally rescued.
I. S. Averell. first cousin to E. H.
Il.'.rriman. has long held a responsible
p.'slti'ir. in the Southern Pacific of
firfs at San Francisco He has turn
ed up missing, and foul play Is sus
rec; l. n all his accounts are straight.
Hewitt Jennings was shot by his
bro'hpr-in-law. Martin Moody, In
nJstake for a hear near the Granite
Hil! mine, near Grant's Pass. He has
five buckshot In his leg, but is not
ha.'ly hurt He was taken to Grant's
Emphatic denial has been made by
H. D. Miller, American consul gener
al at Yokohama, of the reports ema
ratir.e from San Francisco that he
had predicted a war between the
I.'nited States and Japan. The de
partment accepts his explanation.
The Japanese who have been lured
Into Mexico by specious and definite
promises made by planters and con
tractors are getting out as fast as they
can. They say the conditions under
which they were required to work
constituted virtual slavery.
Camp. Louisiana: C. R. Lawrence,
Ckiah; E. I- Mtson, Boston; J. E.
Widges; S. D. Hoover, Walla Walla:
T. S. Harls, La Grande; H. Rlnluer
ton and wife. Weston: T. Trow; E. P.
Jordan. Albany: B. Wallace, Boise;
J. E. Taylor. Echo.
Hotel IViulloton. M. W. Smith,
Colfax; Mrs. A. Griffin, Nolan; Miss
Julia Hainel, Nolan; E. H. Burke,
Portland; N. P.. Krausc. Seattle; A. A
Kardon, Portland; Andreas Bard and
wife, Walla Walla; Mrs. Dorf. Port
land: C. Braithwaite, St. Louis: J. W.
DeJannette, Omaha; Will Alders, St.
Joe; G. D. Galley. Portland: T. C.
Loid. Portland; W. R. Glendenning,
Portland, J. L. Scott. Echo; Fred
Shields. San Francisco; F. W. Swan
ton, Portland; A. M. Comton, Port
land; A. F. Hardt and wife: J. Sedore,
Port'and.. H. E. True. Spokane: A
R. Thomson, Echo; J. F. Melcher,
Starbuek: Harry Struve and wife;
Mrs. Flora Smith, La Grande: May
White. La Grande; C. A. Miller, Min
neapolis: Dan J. Malarkey, Portland;
N. A. Neilson. Portland; W. F. Wal
lace and wife, San Francisco; E. J.
Brown. Portland: F. S. McMahon.
Portland; I). F. Carnes, Portland;
Fred Rogers, Portland; H. W. Clark.
Portland; W. Maher, Portland; N. L
Tooker, Portland; Ed Guinsburg, New
Vork; J. Nathan. e wTork; J. L.
Lindsay, Spokane: J. II. Klocker,
Spokane; W. F. Eoerlg, Spokane; G
M. Carey, Spokane.
, t i
I'nlvorslty Profetnor of Toklo Patweil
Tliroucli to Washington After Per
forming a MIsKion for Ilia Govern
ment in San ' Frandsoo--Found
That No Jnianeso Had Bern Ex
cluded From Public Schools.
Anti Tonakl, a diminutive Japan
ese, no larger In stature that Jimmy
Hackett, but an Intellectual giant,
who has been In San Francisco In
vestigating the alleged discrimina
tions against Japanese in the public
schools of the Bay City, passed
through Pendleton last evening on
No. 2, for Washington, D. C, where
he will attend a portion of the pres
ent session of congress, the guest of
the Japanese minister.
Tonakl was sent out py the Japan
ese government to make a thorough
Investigation of the charges of rank
discrimination against his people In
San Francisco, and has been in that
city for the past month prosecuting
his work. In speaking of the matter
to the East Oregonlnn, at the O. R.
& N. depot last evening, he said that
the abuses charged against the San
Francisco school board had been
lnrgely overdrawn. In most cases the
Japanese who had been denied ad
mission to San Francisco schools were
adults from 25 to 35 years of age
who desired to secure an English
education for business reasons.
He said he had found but few
Japanese children of school age who
had been denied admission, and be
lieved that the matter would be ami
cably settled, without prejudice, be
tween the United States and his gov
ernment. He says there are perhaps 800
Japanese children in San Francisco
and suburbs. Many of these are chil
dren of Japanese gardeners, farmers,
laborers, business men and trades
men, most of whom pay taxes and
own homes. Against these children
there Is no objection from the school
board, but the trouble in the schools
was caused by adult Japanese enter
ing the schools where young white
children In the first and second grades
attended. Parents and teachers ob
jected to the adult Japanese ming
ling with the young children, but do
not object seriously to Japanese chil
dren of the same age attending these
primary grades with white children.
Tmiakl Is an educated gentleman of
excellent address, fine appearance
and manner and speaks English with
scarcely a trace of foreign accent. He
is a professor In the Toklo university
and has traveled extensively for the
Japanese government In professional
and educational capacities.
Peneleto Big Store
J ' i.
Ready for Christmas
THE machinery of this store is run
ning smoother and easier than
ever before, even under the highest
pressure ever put on it.
Come to the Great Xmas Store for
pleasure, if you will or for profit.
The early selections are always
more satisfactory. You'll find as
sortment larger and better than ever.
In these days of great prosperity
it's not a question of how much to
pay but of what to buy. The store is
full of suggestions of the right kind.
Hotel St. Georee. j. c. Fleharty.
B"ise; Mrs. B. W. Wallace, Boise; O.
Hanes. San Francisco; Miss Irwin.
Spokane; J. Vandevan, La Grande; O.
S. Andrews. Portland: B. Rosensteln
ro.-tlrr.d: J. Becker, Portland; W. E.
Golden Rule Hotel. James Johns,
city; W. McChrlstatn, Frusta; Mr.'
Lee and wlfo. New York: R. H. ;
Graves, Portland; Sam Lee, Portland;'
V. H. Stephens and wife. New York; j
Mr. and Mrs. Edgerton, I'matilla: W. '
C. Cook, Portland; George L. Winz
ler. Dog Creek; Charles H. Nelson and
wife, city; J. H. McManus, Pilot Rock, '
Ellis Pinkerton, Weston; Tom James,
Weston; Edith Doldge, Adams; Ma
rion Hurd, San Francisco; Walter,
Jennings. I'mat'lla; A. L. Ramsay '
Athena: II. Harris, Chicago; C. Bands,
Portland: Frank Done and wife. Pilot
Rock; L. B. Harris, city; B. B. Rich
ards. Athena: J. Hohbach, Portland;
If. G. Newport. Hermlston; Wm. '
Potts, Myrlck; H. Bell, Myrlck. I
lion's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any esse of catarrh that canaot be
cured hr Hull's Catarrh Core.
F. J. CHENEY ft CO., To'edo. O.
We. the nndemlgned. bsve aonwn F J.
Cheney for the last 1.1 years, and bellee
him perfectly honorohte In all bnslnes.
transactions and financially able to carry
out snv nhllcstlons made by hip firm.
Wholesale Drugglnts, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucons
surfaces of the svs'em. Testimonials nt
free. Price 7.1 cents per bortle. 8old by
all nrninrlts.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Orlno Laxative Fruit Syrup, the
new laxative, stimulates, but does not
Irritate. It la the best Locative. Guar
anteed or your money back. Koeppens'
drug store.
Now It Is stated that King Menelik
of Abyssinia, l not 111 and has not
been, and all speculation about tha
succession to the throne are off.
Senttle Hnrsm Show.
Seattle Is to hold a big horse show
about the middle of December. En
tries have closed with about 75 fine
horses on the list, says the Rural
Spirit. Every seat In the boxes has
been sold and the management Is
thinking of enlarging the seating ca
pacity. W. H. Dobson of Marlon,
Iowa, who recently brought out a car
load of fancy drivers, will be an ex
hibitor. We admire the Seattle spirit
In doing things. They are the kind of
people that would try to raise dry
land alfalfa on the Duwamlsh flat If
It would benefit Seattle any. We wish
them success in their undertaking
they are entitled to It and they are
the kind of people who usually bring
success to any undertaking.
The Peoples Warehouse
Where it Pays to Trade.
Save Your Coupons.
to drop with the opening of spring.
Three dollars Is a big price for lambs,
but that figure Is more liable to be
raised than lowered before the season
Is over. The outlook now is certainly
very encouraging to the sheepmen.
Heppner Times.
"Two years ago severs cold settled on my lungs and so completely prostrated me that I was
unable to work and scarcely able to stand. I then was advised to try Dr. King's New Discovery, and
after using one bottle I went back to work, as well as I ever was."
' W.J. ATKINS, Banner Springs, Tenn.
AND $1.00
PasseU Examination Successfully.
j James Donohue, New Britain, Conn,,
I'lcnty of Dry Feed, But Stock Are , writes: "I tried several kidney reme
Vnonxy Eight to Ten Inches or dleB- and waa treated by our best j by
Snow, and Zero Wentl.cr-O.nf... ' Slc'anS frI1 t did not Im-
prove until I took Foley s Kidney
slon Among the Locators of Home- cure. After the second bottle I
steads II. T. Council Has Sold showed improvement, and five bottles
Ranch Coyotes Have . the Munge, ' cured me completely. I have since
.....1 Arc Idling Chicken I "" "Tm" fr ''f
Insurance." Foley's Kidney Cure
I cures backache and all forms of kid
ney and bladder trouble. Koeppens'
drug store.
Alba, Dec. 2. The past two weeks
has been a continuous cold spell of
winter weather, making It hard on
stock, coming on so suddenly and
stopping the green grass.
Although there is plenty of feed,
the stock has hardly cot reconciled
Did Not n.iy Townsltc.
Rumor, having Its Bourcc In known
quarters, and for ulterior purposes,
had It that the Fremont Power, com
pany had purchased the Sumptcr
quarters yei. Being uneasy . townslte. Manager Thomsen yester
nnd want to run around ' dny gald that there waa nothing In It
There Is between eight and 10 as his company was In the power bus
Inches of snow, and the thermometer! Iness and not handling real estate,
has registered here in some places as politics or any other thing. Sumpter
low as 10 degrees below zero. I American,
Cattle are all being: fed. hut thnro!
are a good many horses pawing and
rustling yet.
It is reported that all government
land west and south of this neighbor
hood has .been annexed to the stock
reserve, and that the rush of timber
locators has been stopped by the
withdrawal from entry of all timber
in this locality. Also that n man
cannot now take a homestead unless
he can prove that it is arable land.
This report has caused some little
excitement among those that are
rushing for Uncle , Sam's domain.
H. T. Connell, who has lived here
for 26 years, has sold his ranch, but
will remain here until spring.
B. Q. Brehm, of Weston, Is here
looking after his stock Interests.
Coyotes are getting so thick that
they are putting most of the people
out of thy chicken business. It In
also a fact that a large number
Danger In Asking Advice.
When you have a cough or cold do
not ask some one what Is good for it.
as there is danger In taking some un
known preparation. Foley's Honey
and Tar cures coughs, colds and pre
vents pneumonia. The genuine Is in
a yellow package. Refuse substl
tutes. Koeppens' drug store.
Collision on the Sumpter Brunei.,
On last Wednesday afternoon the
Sumpter Valley freight train,' making
them are afflicted with the scab
or . T
mange, as tney can Do seen running
around nearly naked for the want n'lf
hair, it Is to be hoped that the cold J
snap will send many of them to their
hnppy hunting grounds,
Rig Sales of Morrow Sheep.
Tim .hfinn mnrlrat ! nnonlnir un un.
usually early. Not for years, If ever'j
before, have buvers made Durchases '
for tprlng delivery as early as No-.' gated Lnnils
a booklet pub- Z
which tells all about their Irrl
Is the narrto of
llshod by the
vember, but that is the case In Mor
row county this month. John Flem
ing has bought between 30,000 and
40,000 lambs, paying "an advance of
1 a head, or one-third of the pur
chase price, and is In the market for
On large or larger number than he
ha snlready contracted for.
Mr. Fleming Is buying for Rea
brothers, of St. Paul .and these large
purchases this early In the season by
this well known firm Is an Indication
that the sheep market Is not liable
I Sunny ..Alberta
Call at 827 Main street, Pen-
dleton, Ore., and get a copy. It
I Jonathan Johnston.!
; :
the return, collided with a logclng
train that was barking up while
they were Just nbout a mile nnd a
half east of the summit. James Ln
mont, a tie-contractor, who was In
the caboose of the freight train, was
considerably brulrcrt nnd scratched In
the nccldent. but none of the train
men were Injured, most of them
Jumping. The freight engine plowed
into a flat car and cut It In twain.
The engine wns damaged considera
ble and pnrtlally thrown off the track.
Where the collision occurred there la
a very nbrupt curve. The train crew
each claim that they had been ad
vised by the dispatcher that they had
a clear track. Sumpter American.
The greatest holiday of th year Is
approaching nnd will soon be upon
us. The true Christmas feeling is
never experienced except by those
who follow the time honored custom
of gift making. In anticipation of the
many calls that are sure to be made
upon us within the next three or four
weeks we have had an extra shipment
of high grade pianos, especially se
lijcled fo rthe Christmas trade. This
shipment comprises such celebrated
rnukes as Stelnwny, Knnbe, Everett,
Packard, Estey, A. B. Chase. Fischer,
Emerson nnd others. Come In and
select your Christmas gift now while
the stock Is fresh, and If necessary we
fan put the Instrument of your choice
on the. reserve list to await your fu
ture order.
A Piano is the
mdst acceptable gift
You could purchase, when the use
fulness and pleasure throughout the
balance of the year are taken Into
Don't make the mistake of paying
big money for an ordinary Instru
ment, when the same money will buy
the best.
The Emerson piano-player Is tha
union of the Emerson piano with th
Angelus, which 'combines all the su
perior qualities of the Emerson and
and the Angelus, making this beyond
question the finest combination of
player eve roffered to the public.
Sherman, Clay & Co.