East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, October 04, 1904, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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PACK Tllxnu.
Expansion sale
-w wr-vt T K W V r
rfnthlng and Furnishing Goods Department
.... .. ...ti.niintn lino of tlio newest mill
. i M)iir service wun - ' .
Were nt y0c seen this season, or nro to be seen
of a" ",c - llint,Dr t (Mmllty, of style, fit nnrt workman-
j nlicre- ,Mt ((t ,i ,,o-o excellences which n sntlsrnc
ship. I" " "or"' 1SCWl these siK-nU . most eloquently for
tory " 01,R,lt
I . tI1()r.mn.le suits' now mil mid winter styles,
"'"Mo '"siaSO, $11.00, SIS.00. sale Trice, $10.1)5,
rtsular ,n" u)()li tll,ior.nimlc suits, rcRtilnr vnltio $1G.0(),
5:j"'C"',c vnll ,ay come In and select from our doth-
Alexander Dept. Store j
Manufactured by A. ROHDE
riiisr TKim ix xicw COUN
Iittlsc ICaUIn ConuMiivt DNtrk-t Court
for rnlon rounty In Commercial
Association Parlors ut l.n Grande
Quarters Not Commodious, Hut
Court Is 1'ioKi-os.ilnK Prisoners
Held in City .lull. Under Guard
Count) orilclnls )Iom to i,H c.inndo.
Lu Grande. Oct. 4. The first term
of circuit court to be held In this
county since the removal of the coun
ty sent to this place convened yester
day afternoon In the parlors of the
Commercial Association, the new
court house not bolnir complete.
Judpre rtobert Eaklu mid District
Attorney T.eroy T.omax hnve provided
every convenience for litigants nnd
lawyers, and while the rooms are not
ns commodious as they should be,
they answer the purpose.
The prisoners are kept In the city
jail under close guard, having been
brought hero from the linker Clt)
jail for trial.
The county records are somewhat
scattered nnd It requires considerable
time to travel from one office to an
other In different parts of town to
get papers properly before the court.
Judge Eakln, Sheriff Pennington,
School Superintendent Bragg and
several deputy county officials have
purchased homes in this city nnd
hnve moved f heir families here.
District Attorney I.mnax will live
In Baker City.
Well K no vi n Trajjeoinn Will He Seen
Next Monday Xlght In "Snlninm
ho." The engagement ' of Frederick
Wnrde and Knthryn Kidder next
Monday night should prove one of the
most vitally interesting dramatic
events of the year. They are to ap
pear In Stanislaus Stnngo's spectacu
lar drnmatlKitlou of "Salammbo," In
which he has scored the biggest pop
ular success since he has been writing
llecollectlons of the same author's
dramatization of "Quo Vndls," will
give local playgoers much confidence
In his ability to handle the Intensely
dramatic problem contained In Kliui
bort's famous work "Salammbo, " on
which the play Is founded.
While It must of necessity be treat
ed In n spectacular manner, the novel
supplies copious opportunities for a
very thrilling drama. In which torrid
passions, and heroism of the robust -ous
order, must play u conspicuous
Frederick Warde will, of course,
assume the role of the terrible Matho,
the Indomitable barbnrlan warrior
who nt the head of the allied nier
cenary armies succeeded in over
throwing the great republic of Car
thage. Miss Kidder will be seen as
"Salammbo," n character for which
her beauty and her equally remarka
ble dramatic power makes her emi
nently fitted. Salammbo was the
high pllestess of Tanlt, the Moon
god'.'ss, nnd arrayed In the diaphan
ous robts for her sacred office Miss
Kidder must pret-"t an alluring pic
ture of feminine loveliness.
Malleable Iron and the kind
you cannot break. I have a
full Hue of linages, Heaters,
both wood and coal, and In
vite you to call and examine
the same before bii)hif;.
The Hardware Man
Saxes Two From Death.
"Our little daughter had an nlmost
fatal attack of whooping cough and
bronchitis," writes Mrs. W. K. llnvl
land of Armonk, X. Y.. "but. when
nil other remedies failed, we saved
her life with Dr. King's Xew Dis
covery. Our niece, who had consump
tion In an ndvanced stage, also used
this wonderful medicine and today
she Is perfectly well." Desperate
throat and lung diseases yield to Dr.
King's Xew Discovery as to no other
medicine on earth. Infallible for
coughs and colds. Tide and $1.00 bot
tles guaranteed by Tallmnn & Co.
Trial bottles free.
School or Philanthropy.
Xew York, Oct. 4. A "School of
Philanthropy" was opened In this city
todny. Its object being to teach the
rational application of charity. This
course of instruction outlined calls
for the study of municipal reform ac
tivities, social settlement work. Im
migration, rncical traits In the popu
lation nnd kindred topics.
IX ANNUAL convention.
LargeM, .Mil Fashionable and Influ
ential Convocation of This Church
Fvor Gathered Together in the
I'nlted State- ProMiod Itoniil or ,
Ileilew, Policy In the Insular Pits-1
sessions. Divorce Question and
Proposition to Change Xame of the '
Chin-ell Will lte Discussed.
i.. szm
ivy- '
A Line Letter.
Would not Interest you If you're
looking for a guaranteed salve for
sores, burns or (dies. Otto Dodd, of
Ponder. Mo., writes: "I suffered with
an ugly sore for a year, but a box of
Puckl-n'f. Arnica Salve cured me. It's
the best salve on earth. 2t.c at Tall
man &- Co.'s drug store.
The Life of
' n. I!. Holcomb. of Chicago. Is mali-in'.-
the trip from Chicago to Xew
York in fin automobile In hopes of
lowering the record, which Is now
72 hou s .iiid 34 minutes. He ex
! ts to make the distance In fin
i t!;c plio-plmtes that aie removed from the uhent In the pro
w of nillllnp:.
f'Ulsd.Yr IXit; PUOSPIIATK upplle -this neeessury nu
miunit to tin- dully food and makes It finer hi iiiallty.
Sold Everywhere 25c
3!en unit Wuuien VuanlitiDiiN Altout It.
Many women weep and wall and refuse
to hf comforted because their once raag
i .11 nt tresses have become thin and
:ad' d. Many men Incline to profanity
uecauso tho flies bito through the thin
thatch in their cranlums. It will be good
news to the mlserablo of both sexes, to
learn that Xewbro'o Ilerpleide has been J
placed upon the market. This Is the new
silp germicide and antiseptic that nets
destroying the germ or microbe that
Is the underlying1 cause of all balr de
s'rurt'on. Ilerpleide Is a new prepnra
tlon. made after a now formula on an
rr.nrely new principle. Anyone who has
! !l will testify as to Its worth. Try
k vourself and bo convinced. Sold by
.-l.Mmr druggists. Bend We in stamps
f " mmplo to Tho Uorploldo Co., De-
t Mich.
F. W. Schmidt .V Co., special nKcnts.
MONTrd ACTPY t t itt-v -tr-
j aMe and Gfanite Works
; wm do R-g" ',,ecure a monument or headstone for relative or
, "M'- Me Us' freest collection to select from. Lowest
S' Urt street- next to Domestic Laundry.
Plent) of 'I'hein In Pendleton and
(;nod ICeasoii lor It.
Wuiildn't any woman be happy
fu-r y.-ars of backache suflVilntf,
Dus of misery, nights of unrest,
The distress of urinary troubles,
Sue finds relief and cure?
No veason why uny Pendleton
Should suffor In the fnco pf evi
dence like this:
Mrs. Fred Xoble, ,who lives at 219
Cosble street, says: "I was troubled
for three or four years with my back
and kidneys, and was oppressed with
a tired feeling all the time. My hack
commenced to ache whenever I did
the least amount of work around tho
house that compelled me to lift any
thing or stoop over. The kidneys
were Iregular and unnoyed me, espec
ially If I cu tight cold. I felt sleepy
or drowsy all the time. I used many
different medicines, some of which
iwirinii me. and some of which did
not. I saw Dpun's Kidney Pills so
highly recommended that I went to
the Hrock & MeComas drug store and
got ft box. They helped me from
hn first nnd did me more good than
anything of the kind I had ever used.
I am feeling better since tne iieai
ment than I had In a long, long time
before, thanks to Dean's Kidney
For sale by all dealers. Price CO
n..r linr. Foster-Mllburn Co..
Buffalo, N. Y sole agents for the
United States,
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
Boston, Mass.. Oct. 4. The Intel- i
lect and the power of the Protestant -ICplscopal
church of the L'nlted States
are concentrated In Boston today. At 1
many of the aristocratic residences
In the Back Bay district bishops and
clergymen have found splendid quar
ters. The handsome home of Mrs.
"Jack" UarduVr Is but one of n larg-
number that has been placed at the
disposal of the visiting bishops and
clericals. The use of the palatial res
idence of Montgomery Sears by J. i
Plerpont il organ and the use of the ,
Head residence by Bishop Potter of '
Xew York, are among the number. !
The Archbishop of Canterbury Is be- I
ing entertained as the guest of Mr. j
Prominent among the bishops from i
abroad who aie here to attend the
triennial are the Itight Itev. John
MeKIm, Bishop or Toklo; the Ulglu j
ltev. S. D. Ferguson (colored), BIsh-'
op of Cape Palmus, Liberia; the I
Itight ltev." Charles II. Brent, Bishop j
of the Philippine, the Bight Itev. i
Henry B. Uestaiick. .Bishop of the j
Hawaiian Islands: the Ulglu Itev. j
James H. VnnBuren, Bishop of Por
to Klco: the itight Itev. Peter T. i
Borne, Bishop of Alaska, and the i
Itight Itev. Luclen Lee Klnsolving. I
Bishop of Southern Brazil. I
In addition to" the Archbishop of
Canterbury, the Church of Ihigland ,
has. us representatives here the Itighi
Kev. William Boyd Carpenter, Lord
Bishop of Hipon, and one or two
other members of the Anglican Epls- I
eojiate, The Anglican church In Can
ada Is officially represented by the
Itight ltev. Charles Hamilton. Lord I
BUhop of Ottawa: the IllRht Bev.
Jamas Carmlelmel, Bishop Coadjutor
of Montreul. and a number of prom
inent priests and laymen.
Talk with the prominent churcU
mon utreudy here Indicate that the
coming convention will he full of in-'
terest and importance. Among the
Important topics of business to b
considered and acted upon Is the re
port ot the commission which was
appointed three yeurs ago to considei
the question of changing the legal
name of the church. "Protestaiv
Kplscopal." and to ask the opinion ot
the dlocuAes. The commission in u
report made public lust spring de
cided against a change at this time.
The agitation for a more explicit
and stricter ounon on the prohibition
of marriage of divorced pel sons, ex
cept for one cause, will aso be dis
cussed at length, and tho advisability
of grouping the dioceses of the coun
try into provinces, wnii a pnmaie hi
the head of each province, will also
be considered. A proposed board of
review, where appeals from the dio
cesan courts may be heard, the ques
tion of meeting the situation In the
Insular possessions and other Issues
will also be tuken up.
Two severe cases of Ovarian Trouble'
land two terrible operations avoided. Mrs.
Emmons and Mrs. Coleman each tell
how they were saved by the use of
Lydia E Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
"Dear Mrts. Pinkham : I nm so pleased with tho results obtained
from Iijdia 13. Plnklinin's Vcjrctnblo Coiiipotmtl that I feel it a duty
nnd a privilege to write you about it.
"I suffered for more than flvo years with ovnrJan troubles, caus
ing an unpleasant discharge, a great weakness, and at times a fnintness
would como over mo which no amount of medicine, diet, or oxorciso
6eemed to correct. Your Vegetable Compound found tho weak spot,
however, within a few weeks nnd sawed mo from nn operation
all my troubles had dtsapjiearcd, nnd I found myself onco nioro healthy
and well. Words fail to describe the real, true, grateful feeling that &
in my heart, nnd I want to tell every sick nnd suiforing sister. Don't
dally with medicines you know nothing nbout, but tnko Ijydla E. Pinlc
liam's Vegetable Compound, and take my word for it, you will bo a
different womau in a short time." 3hts. Lauua Emmons, Walker
ville, Ont. ,
Another Case of Ovarian Trouble
Cured Without an Operation.
"Deah Sins. Pinkham: For sovoral years I
was troubled with ovarian trouble and a painful
and inflamed condition, which kept mo in bed part
of tho time. I did so dread a surgical operation.
"I tried different remedies hoping to get bettor,
but nothing seemed to bring relief until a friend
who had been cured of ovarian trouble, through
the uso of your compound, induced mo to try it. I
took it faithfully for three months, ami at tho end
of that time was glad to find that I was n well
woman. Health is nature's best gift to woman.
and if you loso it and can have it restored
through Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
jtound I feel that all sufforing women should
know of this." Slits. liAuitA I5eli.e Cole
man, Commercial Hotel, Nashville, Tenn.
It is well to rememembcr such letters as abovo when soma drupglst trlei
to pet you to buy something which he bays is " just ns Rood " That is Impos
sible, as no other medicine lias bucli n record of cures us Lydlli 13. l'iulf"
hum's Vegetable Compound ; accept uo other ami you will bo glad.
Won't hesitate to ivrilo to Urs. Plnkliam If liero Is anything
about your sickness you do not understand. She will treat you
with kindness anil her advice Is free. No woman over regretted
writing her and she has helped thousands. Address Lynn, Alnss.
ti'Cnnn FORFEIT If cannot forthwith produce the original letten nnd giiatnri ot
Hnililll Ik) MitimonUli, wlilch will prnva tlirir absolute k'cnulnciri.
MWUUU ijuU K. l'luklmiu Uedlclnu Co., Lynn, MM,
Dog Show ut Westminster.
Westminster, li. C Oct. . 'Many
dogs of high degree are benched ut
the show which opened today under
the auspices of the New AVestmlnster
Gun Cliib and In conjunction with tho
annual provincial exhibition. The
most notable kennels of Vancouver,
Seattle, Portland nnd other cities on
the coast are represented.
Wireless Telegraphy Congress,
Berlin, Oct. 4. The International
Wireless Telegraphy Congress, sum
moned at the initiative of Germany,
nnd which was to have met today, lias
been postponed at the reauest of
France and Great Britain, which
countries desired more time to study
the questions Involved.
Will simmer down if elven time.
an -cisxts. spix'Iai, iiatick roit imivics of o.vic noim
$ t
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lies. It saves you repair bills. Alvwijs entrust your ttnrk to Ihorouah,
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On jour work. Wo ijuote Wslit pilcen und do only tho best work.
Goodman-Thompson Co
Telephone 811. 643 Jluln Street.