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i Perfect
! Work
i Wo linvo nvarv fnrllltV fllf
Wo have every facility
doing the hlghesi clti or pre
serlptlon. An ample stork of
the rarest anil cooti.est drugs
anil chemicals ot tested purity.
Accurate and skillful compound
Ins. Many safeguards against
tho possibility of an error In
sures every prescription filled
hero being absolutely perfect
as your doctor wants It.
Stockmen Have Deen Reluctant to Aid
In the Regulations Necessary to
Confine It. and Hercaftor Strict
Rules Must Be Obeyed D. E, Sal.
mon, Chief of the Bureau of Animal
Industry, Talks.
-i T.
Postofflce Block.
'Phone Main SGI
Tho steerage passenger rate from
Liverpool to Philadelphia will he re
duced from $10 to $7.50, beginning
September 1, on tue American line
of vessels.
The Muskegon Morning News, of
.Muskegon. Mlc... for the past 41)
years a leading democratic paper, has J
flopped over and will horeatter advo
catc republican principles. change for the better.
The empress of China has asked 1 "At the earnest request of tho cat
Japan to allow all the non-combatants , tlemen we have permitted the ship
llegulntlons of tho bureau of ani
mal Industry of the agricultural de
partment regarding tho shipment of
cattle Infected with the mnngo wilt be
stricter next year than over before.
The bureau will work with state
boards, and those in clinrge of tho ,
work say that tho disease will be !
stumped, out entirely in a fow years.'
The same course will bo pursued In
fighting scab nmoiit sheep.
L. E. Salmon, chief of tho bureau,
while attending the meeting of stock-;
growers in Denver, in nn address be-1
fore the Denver club, said: I
"Until this year the bureau did .
not do a great deal of work In combat -1
lng the mnnge. Hut this year the
work has been fairly started, and ,
next year and tho years following it
will be prosecuted with great vigor.
Wo expect to stamp out the disease
eventually, but It will require sovernl
years to accomplish this result.
"To accomplish anything it will be
necessary to drnw the lines very
closely. This has not been done this
year, because the bureau did not wish
to begin harshly, but rather preferred
to allow time for the cattlemen to
understand the conditions and tho
measures proposed to bring about a
In Port Arthur to go out of tho city
and take refuge in Dalny until the
terrible siege of Port Arthur ends.
The engineer of the Hio Grande ex
cursion train near Salida. Col., saw
n washout Just in time to save his
train. Sunday evening. A heavy ruin
had taken out a bridge In a dry gulch.
George Clinton Gardner, the repre
sentative engineer of Oregon and
Washington on the international boun-
ment of fat cattle to markets when
destined for the slaughter, and If they '
showed no signs of tho disease. Hut !
next year it Is not likely that this will
be permitted.
"In some sections tho cattlemen
hnvo been a little slow in giving their
support to the bureau, but we believe ,
that they will do overythlng possible
to aid us If tney learn the true ron
"Tho chief object of the regulations
y?aVl" is to ;;enl spread ',1 mange
Citv LZ -0 from stat0 sta,- T1,Ilj squires
' h ivory stringent rules anil constant vig-
So great Is the extremity of the Uanco.
Russians In the Orient that the naval I "There is not. of course, such great
scholars in the training ships at Viad- danger in the shipment of cuttle to
ivostok. have been ordered held In ' market. Hut the shipment of feeders
readiness for active sea service, al-, means n certain snread of the disease
though man- of them are just enter
lug the school ships.
As a result of the strenuous con
ferences between the United States
and Turkey, within the past week,
American schools in Armenia and
other Turkish possessions are now to
receive tho same protection and
if Infected animals are shipped. That i
is the point of danger."
Is Now In the West to Urge Better Ir
rigation Laws.
P It V.IWttll ltl..f .,f tlw. ....rtloir,...
treatment accorded the schools under!,!,,,,' cn',,i' i..' .,ni,i , i.i .r.,
cnntrnl nf nthor nnnror. It, Tm.-1.-ov ' h -
The St. George.
E. Zelle, 'Seattle.
Si'holdnioyor, Seattle.
George T. Coyne, Portland.
J. J. Hums, Portland.
A V. Potter, Washington.
John Johnson, Washington.
A A. Hice, Now York.
A. Knight. Denver.
George A. Peebles, Weston.
Mat H. Mosgrovc, Milton,
ltov .1. J. Addison, 'Portland.
V J .Gardner, Portland.
L. n. liny. Seattle
J. T. Wolfe, Walla Walla.
A. C. Haley, Haker City.
.1. C. Uentley, Chicago.
Prank C. Ilallou, Spokane.
Martin Van Clove, Seattle.
J. U. Pulier, Sacramento.
Morris Hoin, Washington.
J. F. McNaught, Maxwell.
Harry W. Smith. Denver.
M. J. Lee, Portland.
H. D. Thomas, Chicago.
J. W. Watson, Portland.
I. M. Hates. Detroit.
George MoGllvery. Spokane.
George Harris, Portland.
S. Whitehead, Walla Walla.
D. H. Hlchurdson, Helix.
The Hotel Bickers.
.Mrs. Helen Holts. Pilot Hock.
J. A. Wilson and children.
C. T Harrington, Portland.
George Castle. Pendleton.
J. H. Hargor, Seattle.
.Miss Dale. Alba.
H. Hoylin, Pilot Hock.
H. H. Mclloyiiolds, Pilot Rock.
S S. Gill. Spokane.
S. A Frans, Spokane.
H. J Nlcholl, Walla Walla.
.Mrs. Edith Holdgo. Junction City
Ed C. Long, Starhuck.
.Mrs W J. Sturehinii, Mud.
Mrs. A J. .Morse. Uklnh.
P. Sonos. Helix.
D. J. Holt. Stockton.
L. W. Keeler. city.
Mrs Chllds. Walla Walla.
.Miss Hattle Dennett. Elgin.
Sam Ycner and wife. Kallspell.
Mrs. J. C. Harrett, La Grande.
L. Guerrett. Elgin.
Miss Guerr.ett, Elgin.
J. S. Sandford, Hoise.
.Mrs. Eiison Davis. Pomeroy.
.Miss Davis. Pomeroy.
The Pendleton.
W T Cook. city.
F. S. Wennes. North Yakima.
W. W Rice. Walla Walla.
John S. Gurnce. Portland.
C. W. lloilis, San Francisco.
A. P. Hradbury, Portland.
Harry W. Smlti., Denver.
S. G. Dunn. Portland.
A. Nylander. Portland.
J. S. Melcher. Starhuck.
Ed Clossey. Starhuck.
G. W. Phelps, Heppner.
.1. Fred Fisher, Spokane.
J. K Walker, Minneapolis.
T. C Alen. Seattle.
.Miss Gladys Wade, Walla Walla.
F. A. Grunn. Portland.
Charles McAlister, Olenwood.
F. Weadoni. Portland.
C. M. Smith. Portland.
We nro fast closing out nil our summer goods,
are greatly tt.
I slon to the West on this visit, to tho
I Suiiduy Oregonian says;
j "I am out In tho West on three mls-
ni-i. i.-. i r, 7 .i w .i sions," continued Mr. Newell, count
llshop had Cranston, of the Metli- , ,s , , th
..list diocese of Oregon preached his , , ,f I)0Mb,e
farewell sermon at Portland Sunday. . ta , . . h
George H. Murch of Cohurg. Lane , structlon begun; second, I wish to get
county, died .Monday aged 78. He was
one of the first pioneers into the Wil
lamette valley.
Gustavo Milde, an employe, was
drawn Into the box tactory machinery
at Astoria and both legs and an arm
badly mangled.
Portland is now experiencing a "flat
building" boom, more flats being
under construction than any other
kind of building,
The Kallspel flour mills are offer
ing SO and 82 cents for wheat in order
to secure a supply with which to
ke;p tho mills moving.
Forest fires are raging in the Cas
cade counties and tho Wlllametto is
o dense with smoke that it is almost
Impossible to see tho sun at midday.
Three bars of Gold bullion valued
at $7000, are now on exhibit nt the
I.ewistou National Hank, the result
of a short run on tho Jumbo mine in
the Huffalo Hump district.
The heaviest purchase of stock cat
tle reported In tho Northwest last
week was a traluload bought from
farmers In tho vicinity of Hock Lake
and St. John, Eastern Washington,
for the Montana ranges.
A bull fight was pulled off on the
flats south of Hutte, Monday, against
the combined protests of the ministers
of Butte. The fight was a very tamo
affair, as It was too hot for the hulls
to fight very viciously.
Miss Molllo Gore, one of the moat
eccentric choracters In tho West, Is
dead at Helena, Mont. Sho was an
educated Southern woman, and came
to Helena with the first rush ot
miners and settlers In 18GC, with her
father, and has been chief nurse,
peacemaker and uuvlsor of tho city
for tho past 30 years, and was uni
versally known and loved.
Two Business
iPropositlons on Main Streot.
the two state commissions, one from
Oregon and tho other from Washing
ton, together for the purpose of devis
ing some plans for the revision of the
water laws of the two States, to urge
them to begin the consideration of
the needs of such a law and to hurry
them in Its preparation; third, I am
here as a member of the commission
on public lands, which was appointed
by tho president to report on the pres
ent conditions of tho land laws of the
"There are several irrigation pro
jects now under consideration of the
l.nvau, hut the ono In Oregon that Is
ac this time being pushed tho hardest
is the Malheur project, which. If car
ried through according to tho plans
of tho government, will reclaim in the
neighborhood of 100,000 acres of rich
"Tin- government Is ready to start
vor!i cn thih pojeet as soon as the
people of the district aro organized
anil can give tho assurance that thoy
will co-operate with tho bureau In Its
work and help to mnko tho scheme a
"From the Indications at the present
time. It seems probable that It will be
possible for tho construction work on
tho reservoir to be commenced this
fall. That depends entirely, however,
on the attitude of tho people of tho
There l more Catarrh In thl section nf
the country than all other diseases pat
together, and until the aat few jean was
supponcd to bo Incurable. For a grott
many years doctors pronounced It a 'ocal
disease and prescribed local remedies, and
by constantly falling to cure with local
treatment, pronounced It Incurable. Sci
ence has proven catarrh to be a constitu
tional dlseaie and therefore requires con
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J, Cheney &
Co., Toledo, Ohio, Is the. only constitution
al cure on tbo market. It Is taken Inter
nally In doses from 10 drops to a tea
spoonful. It acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces ot the system. Tbey
offer one hundred dollars for any case It
falls to cure, Send for circulars and tes
timonials. Address :
F. J. CHRNIJY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggist, price 73c.
Take Hall's Family l'llls for constipa
tion. Bids Wanted.
Sealed proposals will bo received
at tho office of T. F. Howard, archi
tect up to 2 o'clock p. m Saturday,
August 20, 1904, for tho building ot
a six-room cottage for J. A. Hlaltloy.
Excavating and stone foundation to
bo done under soparato contract.
Plans aro at tho offlco of tho archi
tect. The right 'Is reserved to rojoct
any and all bids for tho work.
August 10, 1904.
Tho Priest Hlvor stngo has been
tiro-bound In th,o mountains for sev
eral days by tho terrible forest fires
raging south ot Prlost tako, In North
ern Idaho.
End of Bitter Fight.
"Two physicians had a long nnd
stubborn fight with an nbcess on my
right lung," writes J. F. Hughes of
DuPont, On., "and gav.o me up. Every
body thought my time had come. As
a last resort I tried Dr. King's Now
Dlscilvery for Consumption. Tho ben
efit I received was striking and I
was on my feet In a fow days. Now
I'vo entirely regained my health." It
conquers all coughs, colds and throat
and lung troubles. Guaranteed by
Tallmnn & Co.'s drug store. Price
50c anil $1.00. Trial bottles free.
Luther League Convention.
Buffalo, N. V, Aug. lfi.Nearly
1000 delegates from various parts of
the country havo gathered In Huffalo
for the sixth national convention of
tho Luther League. t Tho society Is
like tho Christian Endeavor, tho Ep
worth League and corresponding so
cieties of other churches. The con
vention will be formally opened in
St. John's church this evening and
the sessions will continue until Fri
day. Judge Grosscup of Chicago, E.
August Miller ot Philadelphia, Dr.
George H. Cromer of Newbury col
lege, and other men of prominence
are to be among tho speakers. A
chorus ot liio voices has been rehears
ing tor weeks for tho song services.
The Washington & Columbia River
Railway Special Summer Excur
sion Rates to Coast Points.
Beginning Juno 15, 1904, tbo W. &
C. R. railway will havo on salo tickets
to Westport, Long Beach, Clotsop
Beech. Tokeland, Ilwaco, Soavlow, Ti
oga, Pacific Park, Ocean Pork, Nnh
cotta, Flavol, Gearhart and return at
110.00 for the round trip.
For children of half faro age, one
halt tho above rate.
Tickets will bo good returning until
September 30th.
For full information call upon or
It Will Be to Your Interest.
If you contemplate visiting tho St.
Louis Exposition, to secure reliable
information as to railroad service, the
lowest rates and tho best routes. Also
as to ocal conditions in St. Louis;
hotels, etc., ptc.
If you will wrlto tho undersigned,
stating what information you deelro,
the same will bo promptly furnlshod.
If wo do not havo It on hand, will so
cure it for you if possible and with
out any .oxpenso to you. Address
Commercial Agent, 142 Third street,
Portland, Ore.
Tho undersigned will receive bids
until C o'clock p. m August 17, 1904,
for the lumber In tho barn, sheds nnd
sldowalks now on tho "Froom.o Sta
bio" property, on Main street. All
material to bo romoved from the
property at earliest tlato possible.
Done at P.ondioton, Oregon, this
11th day of August, 1904.
Summer corsets now for
Sailor lints, new stylo w 19c
Corset covrs, threo for 19c
Ladles' knit drawers, lac.o bottom 25e
$1.00 worth of ribbon, lnco or omproldery of nny Btyio, "ic-Vone w" J8c
for week
"Men's sumnior underwear, 30c kind for 75c
Men's work shirts 23c
Men's good heavy overalls, worth 75c, our price 6 UP
Striped overalls, COc kind now '' We
Sun bonnets, worth 2Cc, now 50c
... 15c
Shirt waists, all kinds, 20 per cent off.
A GOc toilet article free with every $5.00 purchase.
. In a
L suomei
L check 6
rom 3
i broke
1200 r.cres is concerned, It is now
wni th nbout $5 per aero, but when tho
lileh is comploted it will be well
woith $100 nn acre. Astoria Daily
i News.
Hot, Dry Weather Is Ripening Grain
Fast School Closed In District 79
Miss Dale Will Teach In Spokane
Draft Horses for Sale Hidaway Is
Doing a Big Business Planing Mill
Will Begin to Operate Soon.
A Summer Cold.
A summer cold Is not only annoy
ing, but If not relieved Pneumonia
will be tho probablo result by fall.
Ono Minute Cough Curo clears tho
phlegm, drnws out the Inflammation
bonis, soothes and strengthens tho
lungs and bronchial tubes. One MI
uto Cough Curo Is nn Ideal remedy
for tho children. It Is plcnsnnt to tho
tnsto and perfectly harmless. A cor
tnln curo for Croup, Cough and Cold.
Sold by Tnllman & Co.
Alba. Aug. Ifi. Tho weather Is
warm, and the dry grain Is ripening
v.ery fnst.
Tho cattle market here has been
lively. There were three Seattle buy
,ers and one Pendleton buyer here,
causing a little competition in prices.
Tile first offer was 2 'Ac fur steers.
Kiirrmi Mi'ii'n llnln. -
The quaintest fenture of the plctur
csque costumes of the Korean men Is
their huts. They are niuusetrap-like
arrangements made from the lialr of
the wearer's ancestors. This priceless
possession Is huutlrd down from father
to eldest Mill, who reaches the goal ot
his ambition at the moment when the
which was finally ralsiMl lo $2.75 and j ' M ,ls
$2.10 tor cows. Lonorgan bought 72' .. ,.' ,.... ...
head of different parties, and Stubble- r' '" " "'"
field bought n few small lots, and is H'o '" 'till, g hat that is
negotiating tor more. Nate Rains .is worn In rural districts by the oldest
i,. ...I.... i, i.,. i.,,. ,i,.,i i sun for throe years after the death of
i'uj iui iiiu vuuiuitKi unit miv.
Miss Corn Dale haK hist closed a eiuier oi ms jmruuiB.
very successful term of school In DIs
trirt 70. Miss Dale will visit Seaside
for three weeks b.eforo beginning her
school In Spokane. The three schools
just closed hero are very much dis
appointed by not getting a visit from
the school superintendent.
There are a fow draft horses for
sale here, weighing from 1 100 to 1500
There nro a large number of camp
ers at Hidaway springs. The Hid
away stage makes two trips a week
to Pendleton, alwnyH coming back
loaded full with passengers. Mr.
Scott, tlio proprietor nt the springs,
is a busy bachelor attending to his
Viebrock & Smith will start
their planer in n fow days, and be
ready to fill all kinds of lumber or
ders. Mrs. Carrie Council and daughter,
Cleo, have returned from un extended
tour. They visited tho principal cities
of tho East, hut say there Is no plnco
like home.
J S. Mcl.eod of Pendleton, is here
looking after his Interests on the
Dixie much.
This cnulcal
shaped affair of rushes or rice straw Is
as large as u bushel basket and extends
to the shoulders.
Per set, 5.00:
$4.00; silver 11
trading, 50c.
We aro thorwjUjI
with all modem n.J
appliances, aad guir
urn 10 ue or toe kit
dard, and our prices I
consistent with
White Br
Association Blo
'Phone Main 1661.
Tin- VhIih- lit Ksoruliio.
The bniln that never calls upon Itself
for work must become dull and stupid,
anil It is the same way with the mus
cles of the body. They are tilled with
blood vessels that should be up and
lining. The blood has several purposes,
nnd one Is to carry away the waste
tlillds of the body. The lungs are n
sort of rellliery, anil the blood Is a ill
tilling agent. If the bliioil becomes
thick and unhealthy and sluggish the
body does not keep Its youthful slate.
Eyes grow dull, lips lose their redness,
and the complexion Is sallow and un
lovely. It Is an easy and simple mut
tor to make exercise a hnbit.
The Coliiml
Lodging H(
Well ventilated, neat i
fortable rooms, good I
In connection, v
goods are served,
Main street, conter or
hetween Alta and
I r
One is to Be Dug From Culfaby Lake
to Tidewater.
The ditch that is to be built from
Culluby lalto to Tidewater at Sklpa
non, will In iall probability prove an
Important fuclor In the trelght busi
ness beforo many years are over.
V;hen completed there will be a first
class canal from tho Columbia river
to within three miles of Seaside, and
it In not unlikely that the connection
will eventually bo made with that
thriving place.
The ditch will he 10 reet deep, 20
feel wide on top nnd Hi feet on tho
bottom. It will have a seven-foot fall,
Culluby lake being 17 feet above tide
v jtnr
Mr Curnnllan stutes it will he tho
means of reclaiming over 12(H) acres
of land, besides benefiting sev.eral
hundred acres move. As fur as the
Wurt Ciiro.
Vinegar and cooking soda lit solution
nro said to make n capital cure for
warts. If the wart Is kept moist with It
for ten minutes several times a day It
will disappear In the course of a week
or so In ordinary cases.
Another curo Is to touch frequently
with acetic acid or nitric acid, but imi
must bo careful not to Irritate the sur
rounding skill liy dropping either auld.
Why TIipt Siiiike.
"We had known each other slightly,''
said Miss Evvy Walte, "but never to
speak to until one day while nut skat
ing I fell down quite near hlni. uud"
"Ah, .vex!" replied Miss Pepjiery.
That broke the Ice, of couihe."- IHilU
iMphla Pri"t.
Clioiialnu u Milliliter.
Dean Everett ued to say that parish
committees hml no more ability choo
lng u minister than a minister showed
in buying a horse. Huston Christian
The man who oocomes bis own do
tor has a fool for a putleut as truly us
tho man who nets ns his own lawTw
has n fool for n client.
fit on:
3 the
are much worse than none
to an
oiinn thn eves are weak.
111 hn absolute!; I
No charge Is made here iol
the sight and very mu
"spectacles OR EVE0!
.u.. coneral HUH
We carry a full line o p!
cle sand eyeglasses. rnv
erale. ,
Jeweler and OptM
POBtOniCC Biww"
Hotel Cruise
Flrat-clnss in every particular. Modern in -11 appointments.
Splendidly furnished throughout. Sorvlco th,o very best.
Tho Hotel Crulso is located at tho corner of Webb nnd Cot
tonwood streets in a now building built especially for hotel pur
poses. Each room Ib largo and comfortable, being woll lighted
and well ventilated. In furnishing this hotol, tho best of every
thing was purchased, and attention hns beon given to tho artis
tic effect as well as comfort.
Tho Hotel Crulso is a model place for lodgors, traveling men
and cltlzons who seok a first-class placo whore rates aro not high.
Cafo In connection. Short orders served at nil times,
Modem School of Commerce
Free Trial.
Attend the Best.
Free Oar Far.
Eight Months' Tuition at Price ot Six.
Pendleton, Oregon.
una broke It into .pHnterj.
beon the raw m '""ometbW
U was run into W f
"there is unuu -":,..; n
Dleast.ro in knowlne thBtm
you can "r" r
We do all kinds t UWH
and blacksmlthlng If o B 1rtl
superior manner. o ,t t
hydraulic P""0' ,dt 80t
does It while you
or dofaco your wneeis 1
the life of the ffl
i. wo have '",...
Hacks and Buggies, una
lino Engines. BROTHER"'
The ma1"
r"!. Oxonian l
The psper. '
innn'i renre" - it
i"nd the people PprfiWjfl
.how It by their libera' v am
Is the advenisina