East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, August 15, 1904, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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, ,h. many bargains.
gl ...
... 122c
. . 122c
... 7"2c
ys, now .
SUlte Gool
jllle Goods
yjlto Goods
liwns ...
.1 nl.ntllna Re
ins anu .ii....--
. c Anron U1HS"
V.U Shirt Waists 75c
Aa' nil 11 in- " "
udies Slippers....
tidies' Slippers ..... 7bc
Cltni a 2i .UU
ash Gooiis
.. nririTirC
V U IF H f VI.
rititra at Wlthee's.
1 dally, at Martin's.
Stetson hats at noosev,olt'B.
...J tlnnnn dllMfia fit TlnOfl-
Ill Hie luteal siyica, ncc
tat, the grocers.
latest in hrown and blue
inir.ed. Toutscks.
torge restaurant, open
ilfhL Mrs. Cooper, proprl-
nnd wait
Apply at
Intel Pendleton,
Teutsch's Department
mm. a iiavors. uotic-
tstahlng In milk, at Haw-
The room formerly oc-
tie Pantheon theater. Ap-
n nh Mnrtln
leaey realized from his 110
neat west of town, within
rdinnerware not full sets,
te with bash nurchase of
1" ffleamnpA o.i.l lomn
UQD free. Ha wlnrlnnr
C Rohrman.
Fown trees. Ble comm.B-
Cash advanced weekly.
'Bflington Nurserv Co..
.-...u t nuitjouit! wuir
"la A I . .
wi Buwpms 10 an uasi
'uihii, WI1U HUB UU UB
We. Will nay a liberal
a guaranteed salary.
IQPmhflrc .1, T" L.ln
Companv. nnKswi tiir,.n,.ii
fat en route for the val-
tha -.III . . ..
""1 win loin ttin Hnlltll.
11 n ..."
- vuiujiaiiy. n lg unuor-
(Ho n v 1
- -I..IV. i.Ullll,UllV HUB
""t Quantity.
PR u r r m
KW watch nr
:tor to vn 2
a tne r ut. r,f l,l
ive rum on nMinM -
monable and all J
Nrtulve Jeweler. I
Main Street. ?
1 ah a. a m. b m a
' Ubln 8od Fountain.
1 J flF. 1
m a i a
ginning monaay, Aug. is
; rf department In our store Is represented In this clean
ii ..iMmfr nooda reduced from rme.fniirh tn n.-
.lie. " ' ..... . " "-
W must nave rwum iui wmi imii owir, vtiiiuii i iiuw arnv
you lose money If you miss this sale. Following are
?G Men's Summer ,StlIts. .$3.00
$7 Men's Summer Suits.. $3.50
$8 Men's Summer Suits.. $4.00
$1.25 Shirts 69c
$3 and $2.50 odd Pants.. $1.75
25c and 35c Ties 19c
$1 and 7Dc Boys' Tennis
Shoes 50c
$1 Undor Garments 50c
25c Children's Laco Hose.. 19c
20c and 15c Vests 10c
35c and 40c Vests 25c
COc Children's Dresses ... 25c
$1.50 and $1 Children's
Dresses 75c
$1 Klmonas 75c
f cu. I..1LISI .v .alar iu 1 H fl.k ri nr.
Pwnor Main And Alrn .xtrfwtc
The Delta Ice cream Is delicious.
New fall clothing- at Roosevelt's.
$3.50 ladles' Gloria shoes at Roose
velt's. Fresh fruits and vegetables at Haw
ley Bros.'
Fine toilet Soaps. 3c to 10c ba,r. Re
llnblo goods. Nolf's.
Smokers got satisfaction at How
ird'a, formerly Rees' cigar store.
Get your clothes cleaned and
oressod at Joerger's, 12G West Court
For Sale A Few choice acre lots In
West Pendleton. Apply to S. M.
Richardson, Pendleton, Oregon.
Klghty-three bodies have been re.
covered from the Pueblo wreck, to
date. Over 20 are yet missing.
A deer chased from the timber by
hounds, took refuge In the ocean at
Clatsop Reach, a fow days ago, and
was killed by the crowd on the beach,
The public baths at Ipswich, Eng
land, were denied Dowie, who wish
ed to baptize 13 converts there Sat
urday. The Zionists were then bap
tized in the open sea.
Allnl Women.
WUpii Ainu. I'spt'ciiilly Ainu women,
Elect after 11 Depuration that has lust
pd Home time they have 11 pretty way
of tellhiK ('"eh other their experiences
In 11 sort of chant, and In the plennant
sound of their HhiKiihirly sweet voice,!
one forgets their wild nnd unkempt
looks. The .lupiincNe women are equal
ly remarkable for the sweetness of
(heir voices, but have the advantage
over their Ainu sisters of delicate and
dainty ways, the charm of which the
most stolid globe trotter Is constrained
to own. If the women of Aliiu-moshl-rl,
as the Ainu call their land, are the
drudges of the men In X-helr youth nnd
middle age their opportunity for re
venge comes with the lapse of years.
The curses of an angry old woman
excite the utmost terror In the bravest
bear hunter. He tiles, panic struck,
from such names as shunumaash
(mangy deer), tontoueppo (.bald pated
boar) or, worst of all. nil-guru (eorpsei
or inao-sak-guru (godless fellow). Aft
er death her ghost is regarded with
even deeper dread.
A lllril I'Vlrndablii.
The rector of Woolstoue. -Mr. Gilbert
Coventry, told me of a wild rock dove
which one of bis stable boys had reared
from the nest. Jt slept In the open,
however, and hnd full liberty. Soon
the good things on the rector's table at
tracted It, and It wonld appear through
the open window lit mealtimes, take
hot soup with much zest and even sip
sherry from a wineglass, At night it
often slipped In and slept lu the rec
tor's bed on Its back under the coverlet.
One Sunday morning during the read
ing of the lesson the dove flew swiftly
through an open wludow Into the
church and settled ou the rector's head.
It road smiles spread over the faces of
the elders ami audible titters came
from the youngsters. A gentle touch
sent thcMiIrd Uowu to the edge of the
clerk's desk below, where It sat undis
turbed. Pall Mall Gazette.
A Perfect Painless Pill.
Is the one that will cleanse the sys
tem, set the liver to action, remove
the bllo, clear the complexion, cure
headache and leave a good taste in
the mouth. The famous little pills
for doing such work pleasantly and
effectually aro DeWitt's Little Early
Risers. Bob Moore, of Lafayette,
Intl.. soys: "All other pills I have
used gripe and sicken, while DeWitt's
Little Early Risers are simply per
fect." Sold by Tallman & Co.
. . io k.iii nan nmin nm niiiHinnu il liid uiu &
The Poptflar Price!
, 9
County Clerk Frank Snllng spent
Sunday In Weston.
Mrs. A. D. Stillman returned yes
terday from Bingham Springs.
Dr. Rood, a prominent Walla Walla
dentist, spent last night In Pendle
ton. Rov. O. 1.. Hall of tho Baptist
church, preached nt Adams last
Mrs. George Hartman, Jr., left for
Astoria this morning, to visit for a
E. C. Smith, agent for tho O. R. &
N. Co. in Pendleton, was in Portland
Geary Klmbrell went to Echo this
morning to survey some land for
Joseph Leczer.
Charles Shephard left this morning
for Spokane, to visit his dnughtor,
Mrs. Clark Campbell.
Miss Fanchon Boric has returned
from Bingham Springs, where she
has been spending tho summer.
J, F. McNaught, ot Umatilla, Inter
ested In tho Maxwell Land & Irriga
tion Company, Is In town today.
C. H. Tlmken returned to Walla
Walla this morning, He has been the
guest of B. F. Renn for several days.
Dr. and Mrs. H. S. Garfield and
daughter returned this morning, from
n three weeks' vacation at long
Misses Gcnevlovo and Evelyn
Clark, who have been visiting at the
homo of B. F. Chiison, at Uklah, have
returned .home.
Mrs. Lizzie Strahon returned homo
to Portland this morning. She has
been the guest of her sister-in-law,
Mrs. Anuie Strahon.
Conductor C. S. Brown is taking a
fow days' rest and F. L. Coykeudall
Is filling his place on the Pendleton
Huntington passenger run,
Miss Ella Bea.le went to Milton
this morning accompanied by her
cousin, Miss Eveline Beale, who has
been her guest for several days.
Eugene H. Buyer, a member of the
Walla Walla city council, and a prom
inent real estate dealer, was In Pen
dloton last night, en route to Baker
Mrs. C. C. Van Orsdall, who Is
spending the hot weather at Mea
cham Is down attending to business
at the grand guardian's office for a
few days.
Mrs. ,1. Allison, wire of Conductor
Allison, of tho Pendleton-Portland
passenger run, expects to visit her
mother, Mrs. Woods, at La Grande,
this weok.
Mrs. Frank Coykeiulall and child
ren have gone to Portland for a
month for tho purpose of securing
special medical attention for a little
daughter's eyes.
A. M. Allen and wife will start Tor
White county, Illinois, Wednesday.
En route they will visit the World's
Fair. They hardly expect to return
here, but may do so.
Mrs. D. S. Baker and children
started on their return to Sacramen
to this morning. They have been the
guests of Mrs. Baker's brother, Chas,
Beeler, of this place.
Conductor Martin Anderson Is 111
nt his home on Jackson street, being
threatened with serious kidney trou
ble again, and J. L. McCrary, extra
conductor, Is on his run.
Thomes Wade, wife and daughter,
aro In town today en route to Mon
tana over the W. & C, R. From Mon
tana they will visit the East and ex
pect to be absent several weeks.
S, Taylor and family left this morn
lng for San Francisco, where th,ey re
sided before coming 10 Pendleton
four mouths ago. Mr. Taylor is a
woolen mill operative, and worked in
tho mills here, They do not expect
to return.
Arthur G. Howard returned yester
day from Walla Walla, where he haB
been attondlng his brother, Fred
Howard, who Is lying critically 111 at
the Walla Walla hospital. Tho lat
ter was reported in a dying condi
tion when Mr. Howard was summon
ed to Walla Walla a few days ago,
and while his recovery Is not ex
pected, the patient has rallied some
Four Young Ladles Will Tomorrow
Become Nuns.
Bishop O'Reilly, accompanied by
his secretary, Father Olllvottl, will
arrive from Baker City this evening,
to bo present at the ceremony of In
vesting four young ladles at the con
vent with the habit of the order of
St. Francis, a ceremony at which
Bishop O'Reilly will preside. The
conclusion of the ceremony marks
the Induction of these four young
ladles Into tho prder as nuns. The
ceremony will take place at the con
vent. New Automobile,
Dr. Colo this morning had unload
ed an automobile, which Is being put
In commission today.
Look lllulirr.
Never cultivate second or third rate
folk except for artistic purposes. Meet
them. If you must; leave them when
you can. Von need expect nothing from
them that they cuu conscientiously
withhold, for they uro ufter your goods
while keeping u strict and Jealous
watch upon their own. All you can get
from them 'is material, never any spir
itual. Intellectual, wise, sane or mornl
or helpful messages.
J11M I.lkc "Woman.
"She's running n correspondence
school; tenches the secret of succesa."
"Just like a wouiuii to tell secrets,"
Detroit Freo Press.
You might shed your blood for sotno
fellows, but thev would never iimlnr.
stand the, sacrltlce. Schoolmaster
In Better Shape
Than a Few Days Ago
Tlir Art of Mnklnur Hnr.
How nnd when men Urst learned to
make buy will probably never be
known, for haymaking is n "process,"
and the product Is not simply sun dried
grass, but grass which has been partly
fermented, and Is as much the work
of men's hands as flour or cider. Prob
ably Its discovery was due to accident,
but possibly man learned It from the
plkns, the "calling hnres" of the steppes,
which cut and stuck hay for tho win
ter. That idea would tit in nicely with
the theory that central Asia was the
"home of the Aryan race" If wo were
still allowed to believe It, and hay
making Is certainly un art mainly prac
ticed In cold countries for winter for
age. London Spectator.
The creeping plant we call myrtle Is
not u myrtle at all, but should be called
by Its proper name, periwinkle, llotun
Ically It is Vluca minor. Long ago it
used to be culled "the Ivy of the
ground." Chaucer mentions It as "fresh
perviucke, rich of hew." The large
blue flowers aro very pretty. In Tus
cany It Ik known as "the death flower"
ou account of Its being so often planted
upon graves, 11 custom which Is begin
ning to prevail in this country. There
Is a pivtly variegated leaved variety
and ulso a sport with white flowers not
so pretty as the blue.
A I'or.
A verbutlin fragment from the law
King's Counsel (examining witness)
Did you I know you did not, but I am
bound to put It to you-on tho 2."th-li
was not the liSth really; It wus the
IMtb; It Is a mistake lu my brief see
the defendant he is not the defendant
really; ho Is the plulntlff-theie Is a
counter clulin, but you would not un
derstand that yes or noV
Witness Whut! St. James Guzette.
lu Nulurr'a, Kitchen,
A woman who teaches In a college for
girls vouches for the truth of this story
She presides over one of tho college
ululiig tables at which sit a dozen ut it
One day some curly lettuce was
brought on. A freshman looked ut It
and exclaimed: "How clever of the
cook to crimp It that way! How does
sne uo jf?"
Haallr Srttlrd.
I.011K Haired Visitor (entering timid
ly) I have here a little poem written
ou snow and
Edltor'dnterruptlng hastily)-Vrltten
on snow! Wo can't use anything that
isn't written ou paper. Sorry. Turn the
knob to the right. That's It. Good
A Mh art, III.
Mrs. Buxom-That buteful Mrs.
Knox inude u very ineun comment up
on my ago toduy,
Mr. Uuxom-DId she say you were
getting old?
Mrs. Huxom-No, indeed! She said 1
"still looked quite young." Exchange.
"HI Peck lied ter git out o' Jied V
mail a letter fer tbet sharp tongued
"Poro feller! Drlv from piller ter
post!"-l'rlnceton Tiger.
I'P nt JYIitlit,
Parke Does your baby keep you up
Luno-I should say so. Why, 1 haven't
been home beforo midnight for a month.
"Wlmfs your Idea lu beginning with
lu nnd eating your dinner backward?"
"My stomach's upset." Cornell Wld
III fortune never crushed that inun
svhom good fortunu deceived not. Bon
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need poultry and stock supplies
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Agent for Lee' Lice Killer,
I made from the choicest wheat that grow, dood bread Is
assured when Dyer' Best Flour is uied. Bran, shorts, steam roll
ed barley always on hand. , i(
W. 8. BYERS, Prop.
We properly temper It for each particular climate. Then, upon s
jute canvass we build up a Are, water and acid proof roofing material, with
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sticks, nut butter and salted
Dcspam & Clark
The Leading
1 Of the city, 8IEBERT & Z
2 Schultz, have removed to 222 2
Court street, opposite the Hotel
Bickers. When you want
well made suit at reasonable Z
2 price, call on them.
Wo aro ready for them to wash
them, to blue thorn, to starch them, to
,'ron them In such a way that thoy
will suit your nocks and wrists with
out chafing ol'her and without glvlm
them a freo fringe which you would
rather And missing. Wo have reduced
tho laundering of linen to a science
and our prices aro In accord with the.
mcdern Idea of low cost In large quan
always right; always tender, always