East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, August 15, 1904, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Published every attetnoou (except HundJr)
(it IVmlletou, Orcsoa, by the
sunsomiTioN i:ati:s
Dally, one your oy man
Pally, olx months by mall
Dslly, three tnuntb by ninll . . .
Dally, one mouth by mall
Dallr, per moutu by carrier ... .
Weekly, one year by mall
Weekly, six months by mall
Weekly, four months by mall
Semi-Weekly, one year by, mall ....
Semi-Weekly, tlx months by mall
Semi-Weekly, three months by mall
I places of public pleasure imil amuse'
munt. Pendleton outstrips nil of
j these in proportion to imputation.
There Is nut a citizen of the town
who wouhl raise Ills voice against th,o
expenditure or $5000 for u city park,
, Imllt right. The women of the city
could raise one-half of this amount
by giving public entertainments dur
ing the coming winter, ami no blither
tb utile ever occupied the time of n
f.vou ;
'.'no '"'"nian's club or a commercial nsso-rlatlon.
i .
Member ScrlpjwMcIine
News Assocla-
The Kast Oregonlan Is on sale at U. H.
Itlch'a News Stands at Hotel 1'ortlaml and
Uotel Perkins, Portland, Oregon.
San Pranclsco Iliirenu. 40S Fourth St.
,'hi.i,-,, itiirwm. 'ion Security llullillng.
D. C. HureflU, 501 Utb St.,
N. W.
Telephone, Main 11.
Entered at Pendleton rton"lco as second
cla matter.
Hetweou these two organizations a
public park should be fitted up for
the summer of 11105. It can be done.
If the city enn't do It. private citi
zens should tnko it up.
Every thinking man and woman
should read "Frenzied Finance," a
series of disclosures of the greatest
financial steal of the world, written
by Thomas V. Lawson, one of the
thieves, and running In Everybody's
. -Magazine, beginning with the July
I number. It tells how the Uockefel-
1 lers and Henry H. nogers bought tho Ani1 ns Ul measures float along
Anaconda. Parrot, llutte and other ?"' , .......
copper mines for a total of S24.000.- f L()st fl,ces slllie ,m ,nu;
000, from .Marcus Daly and his nsso- Eyes dimmed In death's elernnl night
Inflated tho "'Ino 1,1 friendly gaze
A little cry of fear through
Your heart Is won;
Two eves with sudden wonder
And life's begun.
The tears of childhood and the
That soon is past;
The triumph of the altar, when
The bond Is fast.
The striving after things
.Men measure worth;
The wrinkles and the thinning
The growing girth.
The roundull shoulders and the
That one by one
Die off until tho last goes out.
And life Is done.
S. E. KIser in Chicago Hec-
A disease so painful nml far-reaching iu its effects
circulation 1r Bcnttered all over flip '
United States. I
Tho Yellow Jacket Is a kind of free
lancp, although Its editor Is a life
long republican. The pnper was start-!
ed as a four-page sheet, four columns j
to tho pnge and the subscriptions
price wns 10 cents a year. mi its , the iummn 8yatcm as Rheumatism, must have a deep
nnlnrn-ml aly, tlin nrip,, wns raised to1 , ,, t . ..-. i . .
""", , , , aim wcii-inm louiuinuon. ii oriirnuiies aim uuvcions 1U
25 con s. This Is the only nconio the , t, b,om, d k th diseases of the blood, is fre
paper has, as It has absolutely no a.I- t, jnhcritctli Thc noisouous .lcids with wIJ,ch lhe
vertismg matter. i b,0()d -g chnr d drcc through the system, breaking
niiwn i ii i i f:ni ii i t i i'ii in ir
I the nerves, settling in joints i lliu, a utt.Pori'iK.otha.
, mid muscles, and causing the V"1?- iwoBiniduptubou for six mouths, una tho
uoatora X iiiui ilia mo no Rood. Tlioy olianitoil uied-
j,,...... lomo iivory wooic, nnrt notlilnrt thov liroscrlbod
to Rheumatism. Unless thc seemod to holp my. Finally I loft off tliolv modi,
blood is inirified ioints nml 0 !1D ""''becim uso ol S. a. B. My lnioo nud
uiooti ib puriiiui, joints autl olbow Joints woro ao swollen and pnfnrul that I
muscles become coated with could not cIobo thimi wiiou opened. I wnn jrottluB
the acrid matter and nre ren- "'"coiiruirod-wlion I bouau b. B. a., but iib I snw it
V "cr'v '"'ul,Lr UI1U "re, rf" was linlpruirmo.coiitluuod.aud to-duy iimosound.
dered stiff and sore, and the well man. '
nerves completely wrecked. 1300 sit. Voruou Ave. k. n. oiiapliak.
Rheumatism, being a constitutional blood disease, requires internal treat
ment. I.iumicnts, plasters and such things as are applied outwardly, give
only temporary renei. tj.fi.b. is tlie recognized great
est of all blood purifiers and tonics, and in no disease
does it act so promptly and benefieinlly ns Rheuma
tism, neutralizing the acids and restoring the blood
to a lnire, healthy condition and invisroratinir and
toning up thc nerves and all parts of the system. It is guaranteed strictly
Adown the years they conic lo me
From out the crypts of time,
With half forgotten melody
And faintly falling rhyme;
With hero and there a broken chord.
A missing word or phrase.
Hut sweet as angel whispers are
The songs of bygone days.
A snatch of college drinking song
A verse of cradle hymn,
A bar of tender serenade
Sung when the stars were dim;
The truant strains, they come anil go.
ldko sparks In smoky haze
A tangle of sweet memories,
The songs of bygone tlnys.
( vegetable. Write us should you desire medical advice, which will cost, you
One Hundred Dollars Reward.
elates and Immediately
stock and sold It to the public for
$75,000,000, and then after this crim,o,
j the amo arch-vampires, depressed
' tho stock, forced small holders to the
j wall, scooped In at cut-throat prices,
froze out the people they had rob-
bed. and now actually control the
copper interests of the world, after
I kiss the marble lips thnt sang
Those songs of bygone days.
Ohl tunes touch hidden chords
Long mute .with age or pain,
And give us for a fleeting space
Lost faith and hope again.
Within your Cloud-lnmls far-away
Where swell thc hymns of praise.
Ouo hundred dollars Is a pretty good reward for flvo minutes work.
yet that is what J. E. Strode, of Waitsburg, Wash., got from the East
In 1 Oregonlan in our last subscription contest. He received with tho compll
'incuts of tho East Oregonlan, without a cent of expense to hlmsolf, a flOO
i rubber-tired buggy. Wo propose to conduct nnother subscription contest
on thc following bnsls:
i From now until Nov.ember 4th we will tnko now subscriptions sent In
j by our subscribers and to the one who guesses nearest to tho voto received
uy me winning prcsiuontini canciitint,o in tins state, we win give oue-imir oi
having caused 3C suicides nut "4 men 00,1 Brnnt "ngels sometimes sing ( all thc money received from this contest.
t T-lirt Dimttu .F Ii.'frt,.. i,n,-i 1 . . . .... ... ...... , ... j
. in- a.,,,. .. ,,jbi,i- ,...n. i jur example u you inline rresiueiu ituoseveu win r.eceivo me niujor-
Heaumnnt Kennedy. . uy of votes in tho coming election, (111 out tho coupon, "Itoosovelfs total
'vote In Oregon will bo ( ),"aml put In your estimate.
PANAMA, THE YANKEE. " If our subscribers co-operate with us as thoy hav.e In previous contests
and as we expect thpy will In this, wo will take in several hundred dollars
The people of Panama have had the ; and possibly much more, one-half of which will go to the person who
reputation of being shrewd, business- guesses nearest to tho vot.e in Oregon for the winning presidential condl
For 600 years Rome used no medi
cine except her public baths, parks
and swimming pools.
Caracalla built public baths that
were the wonder of the world. The
selfish PerUians, Egyptians and other
contemporary peoples wondered how
a ruler could so deeply concern him
self in the public welfare as to ex
pend public and private funds
for the pleasure and benefit of he
The rabble, from the selfish stand
point, had no claim on the govern
ment, but In the exalted Ideal of Car
acalla the barbarian, the object of all
organized government was to add to
the blessings of the common people,
and by knitting their hearts to tho
government, raise up an Imperisha
ble bulwark against revolution and
His Ideal was to keep the praise of
Rome and her institutions constantly
on the lips of every Human. No other
spot on earth should be allowed to
rival his magnificent Rome, so there
would be no allurement elsewhere to
win the admiration of the people, or
to permit .of a reproach to the Insti
tutions of Home, through comparison.
What an ideal was this for a bar
barian! How keenly should It rebuke
some modern municipalities with 2,
000 years more of enlightenment and
Christianizing to their credit than
Caracalla had!
In the invigorating baths of old
Rome, a race of matchless men and
women was made.. .Matchless In In
tellect and physique, matchless in
vigor, matchless In health and endur
ance! No other medicine except the
public bath! What a rebuke to the
dust-ridden streets, treeless wastes,
and parkless cities of the twentieth
No place for the shop-weary, office
sick, street-hating crowds to go on
the long, weltering summer days and
No public gathering placo to desig
nate that a civil government support
ed by tho people, exists! No park,
seats, trees or lounging place to bind
th.o people to tho cities or to make
them feel an Interest and prldo In the
city government.
If you have a faint memory of a
iiutatorium, a band stand, an arbor,
a public fountain, rustic seats, or
a public park, your mind wanders
away from your homo town to that
other place, and Instantly you make
nn unfavorable comparison of your
town with that other, und you almost
wish you wero there Instead of here.
This city has had and Is yet to en
joy this seuson one of the most pros
perous periods over known. No pub
lic charity has drained tho public
treasury nor tho private pocketbook
this year, and before another hot
summer hits Pondioton, a public
park and a small natatorium should
be provided.
Baker City. Walla Walla, Iiolso
I in mad houses, wrecked thousands of
small fortunes, drove entire thrifty
! mining camps to desolation and
j broke up hundreds of homes of men
who were duped Into buying copper
j stocks. It is a true story written by
one of the men who engineered the
. j deal, and who now divulges the inner
hldeotisness of the greatest financial
; crime -of the world. After reading
' this revelation, it is safe to say that
9 1 many conservative men will throw
In,, fliolr- l,n,,ilo I,. I.,,.- ....
....... nullum (,, ,11 lilf
tern by which it was accomplished.
Those seemingly sensible business
men who have incessantly played tlin
"buckot shops." will wonder how they
could have b.een such dupes, when
j they see tho rascality and black
I guiltiness by which stock markets
jare manipulated, not by the law of
l supply and demand, but by fiends in
human form who study to steal the
I earnings of the Industrious, yet
m,onoy-niad common people.
like folk ever since they instituted a ' lnle.
get-rlch-qulck revolution and Induced There is only ono requirement and this Is important. ALL NAMES
tho administration to scare Colombia SENT IN MUST BE THOSE OF NhW SUBSCRIBERS. Renownls of sub-
Into submission. Uy that ono stroke
of business they acquired lndepcnd-
ence. $10,000,000 of good American
money and other highly desirable
blessings of civilization.
Hut this diil not mnrk the boundar
ies of their commercial astuteness.
The Yellow Juckot Is tho name of
a unique monthly published by R.
Don Laws at Moravian Falls, N. C,
which described as merely "a wld.o
place In the road," having about 100
Inhabitants, moro or less perhups
Tho paper hns a bona fide circula
tion of 80,000 copies, according to a
Chnrlotto, (N. C.) correspondent of
tho Atlanta Journnl. Tho subscrip
tion prlco is 25 conts a year, and tho
paper carrlos no advertisements
whatever. It takes just two tons of
paper to print ono Issue of tho Vol
low Jacket, and . the presswork Is
Olty and 0pokan.e, have all provided 1 dono on threo power presses, Tho
The suggestion of Superintendent
Looney, of the Oregon Reform
School to change the name of that
Institution to the Oregon Industrial
School. Is good. The first and high
est object of that Institution is edu
cation and training and not punish
ment. The horror which the name
"Reform School" Inspires In the
minds of both parents and children
always lingers as a stigma and a ills
grace. The Idea generally prevails
that It Is a bleak prison for youth and
the bad boy often goes there with
the determination to crowd Just us
much meanness Into his term ns pos
sible and come out already fitted for
the penitentiary. The legislature
should cheerfully change the name
of the Institution In hopes that at
tendance there may bo relieved of
somo of Its keen sting, for tho really
good young people who may come
away from it better and nobler for
the uplifting Influences enjoyed while
California's determination to make
tho best exhibit ev.er gathered by
the golden state, for the Lewis and
Clark fair, should spur Oregon to ex
alted und self-sacrificing effort. This
is a signal, a challenge to the pro
ducers of Oregon. Will they accept
the signal and enter the contest, or
will they Just "lay down" and let
matters drift? Now Is tho time to be
gin. Next harvest will bo too late.
The foundt-lon should be laid this
fall, so the crowning sheaves can be
placed at tho .earliest moment next
spring. Umatilla county must make
an exhibit there. Tho state has
launched tho fair. .Nothing could in
tiro the state so much as to make a
failure of It. Every county will bo
personally responsible for Its part In
tho success of the fair. The wonders
are hero; the great crops of wool,
wheat, alfalfa and fruit, th.e manu
factured articles and tho land values.
Tho people must collect an exhibit
worthy of the county.
scrlptlon will not be counted In this contest. Subscribers can participate
In this way: Get some neighbor to take tho Weekly East Oregonlan for
four months for 50 conts. Send In a money order for tho GO cents; or In
lc and 2c stamps or silver, accompanied by your guess on tho presidential
vote. If you do not want to ask some neighbor to subscribe, send In 50
cents and the nnmo of somo friend In tho East who is Interested in the
western country. Lot him read tho Weokly East Oregonlan and it will
give him moro nows about the resources of the Inland Empire than you
They have opened an office In Now I could If you wrote him a 50-page letter a week. For overy 50 conts you
York and have $0,000,000 to loan on ; will be entitled to ouo guess. If you get four of your friends to tako it
Manhattan real estate (it current i four months each, you will bo entitled to four guesses, or If you got one
rates of interest. Now! $0,000,000 In ' new subscription for a year for tho Weekly for $1.50 you are entitled to
the treasury of a Central American threo guesses. Some ono of our subscribers will got ono half of all
republic Is "n daily incentive to new money tnk.cn in on this contest. It may bo only $50, or it may be soveral
revolutions, but $0,000,000 In New ' hundred dollars, but whatovor the sum the one who guesses nearest to the
York mortgages spells peace. Only j presidential voto In Or.egon for the winning candldato, will get one-half of
the Interest Is available, and that the money.
would not pay the cost of a revolu- Remember the guess Is on the vote cast In Oregon for the successful
tlon. presidential candldato.
iioptiuiican government may ue a Only now subscriptions count.
half-hearted experiment In some of
the countries to the south of us, but
Panama stems to be ns stable as a
trust company and paying dally divi
dends on the bank balances of inde
pendence. New York World.
The madstouo hns been advertised
for hundreds of years, and over since
the presumed virtues of these miner
nl products were first exploited, and
right down to the present time, the
people hnve been humbugged. .Mnd
stones are one of thc greatst fallacies
the world has ever known, and that
there Is any stone with the remarka
bly virtues attributed to mndstnnes is
about as cortaln as we are of the
depth of space.
The madstone probably had Its ori
gin in quackery, and in qtiackory It
has remained over sinco, und proba
bly will bo with us ns long as the gul
lible are on earth. The madstone is
always described as a clayey stone,
with the qualities of absorption that
causes them to adhere to e wot sur
face until a point of saturation Is
reached when thoy will fall away, n
quality exhibited by some mineral
species, but that thoy extract tho
poison from a wound Is ridiculous.
Medical Science.
A subscription for 50 conts gives you ono guess. .
You can send In as many subscribers ns you wish and for each 50
cents you get one gu.ss.
This contest closes' November fourth, " so bo sure to send in your
guess beforo that time.
The total voto In Juno, 1004, wns 92,608; for republican candidate for
supreme judge, 52,910; for democratic, 28,729; socialist, C419, and prohi
bition, 5514.
The wholo tendency in railway
management has been and Is toward
consolidation. That the public has
benefited by tho comolldatlon of the
small and weak lines into tho large
systems, hardly needs demonstration.
With consolidation has com.o a vast
Improvement In service. The trav
eler may Journey thousands of miles
over the same railway company's
tracks without change of cars or do
lays. Doforfl the era of centraliza
tion, tho travoler going any great dis
tance was obliged to change cars
every hundred miles or so, with long
waits and great inconvenience.
At tho present tlmo rival railway
companies arrango their tlmo sched
ules to avoid making connections at
junction points, to the Inconvenience
of the public. If tho railways of tho
country should be placed under the
management of tho general govern
ment, all this confusion could be
avoided. Weekly Wisconsin, (Rep.)
Henry O. Davis may outlive Roose
velt, Fairbanks and Root. Who can
toll? Llfo is as mysterious as death.
An old bishop, recently appointed, at
that tlmo was sneered at by his
young canon, who aspired to bo a
prolate himself. "Why," ho said,
"havo thoy sont us this old man for
a bishop?" Ovorheurlng tho ungra
cious remark, the bishop said:
"Young man, iinmaturo fruit often
falls first" Within a brlof period
th.o young canon was dead and tho
bishop lived to be 92, and was useful
to the last. It may bo that Mr. Root
was disinclined to discuss, for In
stance, tho searching proposition of
the Now York World directed against
Roosovelt and his administration. It
Is easier to seek to creato alarm ovor
Air Davis ago, Augusta Chronicle.
My estimate on
vote In Oregon for President
Postoffice address
Fill in tho first blank space tho name of tho candidate you think
will win. Fill in tho second blank space with your estimate of the
number of votes ho will get in Oregon. Enclose with GO cents and
mall to tho East Oregonlan Publishing Co., Pendleton, Oregon.
Send paper to
We make a Specialty of Building
Round or Square
Also Header Beds all sizes and
kinds. We make them right and they
always give satisfaction. Our work
Is never slighted or botched.
Pendleton Planing Mill
and Lumber Yard
ROBERT FOR3TER, Proprietor.
Corner Webb and College.
Itiill Military Academy
A prlvato boarding
and day school. Man
ual training, military
discipline, college pre
paration. Boys of any
ago admitted at any
time. Fall term opons
Soptember 14, 1904.
And mall to Dr. J. W. Hill, Hill Mili
tary Academy, Portland, Or.
I have .... boys, whom I want to
send to a military school. Their ages
re Please send
me prices and terms; also Illustrated
descriptive catalogue of your chool.
All Kinds
i nave good sound wood
which is delivered at
reasonable prices
For Cash.
Leave orders at Neuman's
Cigar Store,
St. Helen's Hall
EST CLASS corps of teachers, loca
tion, building, equipment the best.
Send for catalogue.
Opens September 15, 1904.
Columbia University
Collegiate, Preparatory, Commerc
ial and Grammar Grade Courses. Ap
ply for catalogue Boarding school for
young men and boys.
Box 344, University Park Station.
Portland, O.wQon.
All water used Is sterellzed and Is
absolutely pure,
The best carbonated drinks it is
possible to make,
'Phono Main 951.
LET Us SUpply
i iaieri
dimension lumbM ot J
scrlptlons. Rn.v 01 1
AMI-l '0
G'ays HatbJ
Commercial d
Opposite W. 4 c. Ft, J
Pcsltlvoly the best beer
Any quantity you de
sire. Delivered to your
Always call for Oljm-pla.
'Phono Main 181.
j The French
I Restaurant
Beet 25 Cent Meal In the City
Private Dining Parlors.
Elegant Furnished Rooms In
633 Main Street.
The City Brewery Bottled Beer.
The greatest summer drink. It pw
right to the spot.
Always have this superior beer U
your home. It gives youth and l(
to your tired system.
Physicians recommend leer that
pure. City Brewery Bottled Bear u
always good and always the
subject to. changes of temperature
being shipped. ,
Put up in quarts, pints and , W
pints, and delivered In any quanW
desired. ,,,,
Bottling works telephone nn.
Residence telephone 1831.
Rock Spring Coal
Recognized as the best and
most economical fuel, we
are prepared to contract wl
you for your winter's supply.
We deliver coal or wood to
any part of the city.
Laatz Bros.
Walters' Flouring
Capacity, 150 barrels a day.
Flour exchanged for jbeL
wnflrt. Chopped tee
r mm, - - ,
etc., always on mw.
k,"!!?SfTIIrTpoit1-' I
MERRILL lirEWni i " "ViYpjBltEB I
wry Wrimc
I.'"'. All sut
'., You 1
df the "ian'
Olte Go011
I0W UU"""
V". en
Ir . Toiinirs
fMb Goods
0 the Delta
to. Get su
listers at V
limit dally, at
Ln Hals, li
Uetson hat
l ul Hanan
. ill the 1
1-iLim and
Ik, the Br
rr litest lu
kinKed. T
i Caree r
fillht Mrs
Hotel Pentl
m hats,
it Teuts
i nters, ;