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TonlRlit niul Tuesday fair; cool
rni Is tho bosl
Rowing tho pooplo that
. their traao.
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NO. 5120
eat I
Cunningham, Sheep
, Recounts the Advan-
i of the State.
I California Ranges Spoiled
firs, Wyoming Flocks Froz-
Ljuth, New Mexican Ranges
by Drought Montana
Favorably to Oregon as
I Will Not Support Farming
-wits, out win Always tie
jl,r Range Only Danger
I Umatilla Is That of Over-
tion they nro now In for several
"Eastern Oregon Is the only part
ot -tho United States that has :shccp
to soil as a matter of fact; .at least
that are salable. Doubtless sheep
men In other parts of the country
would like to sell their sheep, but
drouth and other unfortunate condi
tions have cut down the quality of
the sheep everywhere except In Ore
gon, and the cold fact Is that the only
marketable sheep In largo numbers
are fqund here, this year.
Some Danger of Overstocking.
"Only one danger confronts the
sheepmen of Umatilla county now,
and every man must figure out Its
relations to himself and his own bus
iness to suit the emergencies that
confront him Individually, and that Is
the prospect of over stocking and
the Injury done to our Interests by
tho encroachments of outside flocks.
"The Issue of changing methods of
sheep raising, however much It may
be a live one and of paramount Im
portance when It Is closer nt hand,
Is not immediate: that. Is, it Is not
yet precipitated upon us, though it Is
coming In this direction rapidly."
Business Conditions in Chi
cago Are Fast Becoming
Intolerable. ,
ED $100,000 -STRIKEA FUND.
Meet Vladivostok
Sriuadron In Greatest Fight
me vvar.
ter tli,ero has sent tho Chinese gov
ernment a strong nolo charging com
plicity In the Rolschltelnl affair. Al
so charging tho Chinese commodore
with cowardice and treason and do
mnndtng a full explanation, restora
tion of tho destroyer and Bcvoro pun
ishment for the commodore. Tho
Chinese, government has demanded
from the Japanese tho restoration of
the destroyer,
II the recent large sales of
cd Btock sheep had percep-
'itxti the number of sheep In
taij, Charles Cunningham
vt as many sheep In the
jot as a year ago, which is
er 250,000. It should b.e
that the lamb crop last
i extra good, and a very
cent of lambs died.
keep district Is fast a li
the stage I predicted seV'
ago; when fewer sheep
toperatlvely necessary. The
surrounding the business
tg, and the kind of sheep
se with those . conditions,.
: as much money into the
i the 21)0,000 "or more 'sheep
t tare.
! is plenty of range for the
el a million sheep we now
i tie county, but It is difficult
I tiem on our summer ranges
; tat same time have half a
ifcecp from Morrow and
panties and from Washington
! on our ranges, which Is be-
i now. The nature of Mor-
1 Grant counties and most of
iftory In Washington for a
:e from our borders is
does not afford summer
we have to suffer from
deilclencies of the terrl-
Umatllla Stands First.
s Is not in the Unltod States
n in which there is not a
iofsheep due todsome cause
except iu EaMern and
stern Oregon". In Utitlt and
the encroachments of set-
r"e ruined the business, so far
fing it on on any big scale Is
WJhIngton, on account of the
reserves and the crowding of
1 wn tno ranges, it is fast
aS a feedlmr
'liCSanifinn In KTolirnolrn n.i1
toS Washington will bo 'after
CrS BVerv var. n KnUmV-n
This, Is inevitable.
Will not the name result
We In Monlnnn no In TTtnli
ovu HltU illUI lxo
usd Montana is a natural
f tountry. Most nf tViu anil nf
K la that Htlll Ih Kn .uhnl.
.(M . " ' "v
npi.sianq dropping. Sheep
HOelailrt no ihou .... I.
wQCKS can bf fliimmrlArl fnr
M?e in Montana on the nat
ure aa a systematic at-
1 the ranees nf tlmt.
-raauit in runnlue the
rendering them cood
f l50. This is true of the
the state.
Charges Against the Department
Which May Result In a Special
Grand Jury.
Portland, Aug. 15. Owing to scan
dals growing out of the arrest of the
thieves who stolo a large quantity of
vniuanie rurs from a Portland fur
rler, a special grand jury for the in
vestigation of the actions of Detec
tives Day, Kerrigan and Snow, and
it is alleged of Chler Hunt, himself,
Is a possibility.
It is alleged that threats of a heavy
sentence 'were made against one of
the fur thieves, if he did not confess.
This threat would be contempt of
the court having the sentencing
power, If made, and for this reasonj
an investigation may be ordered.
Packers Are Insolent and Say the
Strike Is Now OVer and ..They Have
Nothing to Arbitrate Mayor Har.
rlson Summons Donnelly and Rep
resentative of the Packers to Meet
Him Rioting at Omaha. Results In
Fatal Injury to a Policeman Out
look Is Ominous,
Chicago, Aug. 15. Representatives
of the Retail Grocers and Meat Deal
ers met Mayor Harrison today and
informed him of their futile efforts,
and asked him to use his influence
to settle the strike. They said busi
ness is at a standstill and conditions
intolerable. Harrison agreed to con
sult the leaders ot both sides with
a view to arranging another confer
Tl&gu'rill Is LosVthe Rossi' and the
Grjp.mbo'!' Disabled From ' Terrific
Jofianeec Fire, Flee to Safety Only
foDe. Attacked In a Second Sea
Fjl Today Over Six Hundred
Russian Sailors Rescued From
0 Ships Japanese Lose two
Seven Wounded Russians
Two Fortresses Outside Port
Packers Are Insolent.
Chicago, Aug. 15. Notwithstanding
rumors regarding negotiations pend
lng between the representatives o
Swifts said this morning there would
be no overtures from the packers
looking to peace.
The packers consider the strike
won and now a closed incident and
th,e action of the packing house team'
sters in refusing to return until tho
butchers are reinstated indicates no
I luimedUateprospecis of, breaking tho
County, City and Blalock Fruit Com
pany Will Join in Building a Two
Mile Stretch of Model Country
Road Under Government Expert
James W. Abbot First Good Roads
Movement In the Inland Empire.
Walla Walla, Aug. 15. At a con
ference held Saturday by the county
commissioners, J. Z. Smith of the
city council street committee, Herbert
McArthur and W. S. Offner, It was
definitely decided to have two miles
of sample road built by the govern
ment expert.
Tho articles of agreement will be
drawn up today and will be signed by
the persons interested .pledging them
s.elvee to pay their proportionate part
of tho expenses that will be Incur
As had been outlined at a previous
.meeting tho city will pay for the road
commencing at Sixth street to th.o
elty limits.
The county will then bear the ex
penses for one mile and the Blalock
Krult, Company and W. S. Offner for
the remainder of tho distance to the
Blaloqk fruit farm.
Business Men Pledged to Strikers.
Chicago, Aug. 15. The police be
gan a rigid enforcement of the order
against picketing this morning, mak'
lng 15 arrests. Donnelly denies all
rumors that a settlement Is In sight,
South side business men met this
morning and formed an association to
aid strikers and will attempt to raise
?100,000 for relief in the next two
weeks if the strike is not settled.
Mayor Summons Chiefs.
Chicago, Aug. 15. Mayor Harrison
has requested Edward Tllden, of
LJbby, McNeil & Llbby, and Donnelly
to meet him ut his office. The time
lc not yet fixed.
Rioting at Omaha.
Omaha, Aug. 15. Thirty strike
breakers were stoned by a mob In
Sheeley suburbs this morning,- and
one policeman was probably fatally
O. R. & N. TAX CASE.
Has Suffered Greatlv.
' hits resulted In the ures.
Mtyear and a half tho
.state have been lost,
J and sudden and ex-
n, the temperature,
entire crop ot lambs
snow storms
d many
The re-
he usual
state as
sheep are
and Mexico
e'udu,tlpok 'ctpwu
ien, 1 black. n
,v-,' J-T '
'jxgav.uia ;oufll
Three Boys Pile Ties on O. R. &
Track Near Hllgard.
La Grande, A"S' 15. Three young
boys .of this city, all belonging to
highly respected families, are under
arrest for attempting to wreck a train
by piling ties on the O. It. & N. track
near "Hllgard yesterday arternoon.
The boys are J. N. Young, aged 17:
George Ackles,- aged 1C, and C. G,
Stultz, aged 1C. Th.ey wore on a
hunting trip yesterday and were
caught by the section foreman at
Steel Spur, in tho act of piling a large
number of old ties across the track.
A freight train was stopped before It
reached the obstruction and no dam
age resulted. The boys will have a
hearing this .evening.
Well Known Character Accused of
"Selling Whiskey to Indians.
Deputy United" states Marshal Ja
cob Proebatel, ,ofPQrtfand, passed
through Fendlp(.un .ItWs morning, on
hie wayt0 Athfeaiio 'socure "Butch"
'Mt !. td OfldJarA!jnr.,!? weftL AJl ttLese sheep
Briefs Asking for Writ of Review to
Be Submitted Tomorrow.
Briefs will bo submitted before
State Circuit Judge W. It. Ellis to
morrow In the suit brought by tho
Oregon Itallroad & Navigation Com
pany against Umatilla county peti
tioning for a writ of review In the
assessm.ent of tho plaintiffs' property.
The railroad company will bo rep
resented by Arthur C. Spencer, of
Portland, formerly deputy district at
torney for Multnomah county. Judge
James A. Fee, of this city, will argud
the case for the county. The caso
will be argued on technicalities, tho
object of the plaintiff being to havo
tho entire assessment declared null
and void.
ToTdo. vAug. 15.--Addltlonal details
of lfSinlmurii's defeat of tho Vladlvo
stokj&quadron reached here today.
He Mtct th.o Russians 20 miles from
Ulsqn at 5 o'clock Saturday morning.
ThJ ilapancso fleet rusiied in to bat
tle,' T1ic .fighting was continuous un
til 1&30, when It was seen that the
Hurlk was' In trouble. She s.ottled
by tUa stern,- slowly disappearing,' tho
pnyU'belng tho last portion visible.
The iJtbssia and the Grombol took
flight, and escaped.
Several times during the action the
H0S8J 'and Grombol were afire from
the Japanese shells, but the Russians
mastered the flames.
Both boats were heavily damaged.
Small boats from the Japanese squad
ron , saved 450 of tho Rurlk's crew.
Three hundred of the crow were kill-
eri rrr ilmurnrrl vrhlln hut two Tnnnn.
was hit.
Only one Japanese sh'ld
Second Sea Fight Raging.
Washington, Aug. 15. A report
has been received at the state depart
ment that another naval battle Is in
progress off Port Arthur. The Rus
sian warships were driven back aftor
the late battle and mndo another
dash for liberty early this morning.
The remnant of Togo's fleet which
was on guard, intercepted them.
Walla Walla Post G. A. R. Applies
for Pacific Coast Relic.
Walla Walth. Aug. 14. Abraham
Lincoln Post No. 4, Grand Army ot
tho Republic, of this city, 1ms mndo
application to tho war department
for a large sea coast gun, now nt
Fort Mason, Cnl. Tho ordnanco was
used nt Fortress Monroo during tho
civil war nnd was nft.erwnrds
brought West to dorend tho Pacific
Tho government has ot lato been
presenting Grand Army posts with
those old gnus. The 011,0 to como to
Wnlla -Walla will bo mounted on n
marble base nt tho proposed city
park nnd tho nnmos of tho old 80I
dlert; Inscribed on ltn base.
First petition Filed at Salem Under
the Local Option Law Passed at
the Recent State Election.
Salem, Aug. 15. Tho first local op
tion petition filed In tho state under
the new law, wns filed In Snlem on
Saturday, for an election In Sublimity
nnd Staytou precincts, Marion coun
ty. The precincts Ho contiguous to Sa
lem, and are composed ot farming
districts almost exclusively, nnd tho
petition is said to represent the bulk
of tho population of tho combined precincts.
Most Awful Crime in the
History of the South Fully
Avenged. '
Fifteen Negroes Who Murdered tho
Entire Hodges Family Three Weeks
Ago, Meet an Awful Fate at the
Hands of the People Mob Cut All
Wires Boforo Beginning the Lynch.'
Ing--Seven members of the Hodges
Family Kilted With an Axe In the
Most Brutal and Cold-blooded Man
rue r One Victim a One-year-old
Augusta, Ga Aug. 15. It Is report'
od from Slntesboro this morning that
15 negroos wero lynched by n mob
at 4 o'clock this morning.
Tho negroes wero accused ot mur
dering tho Hodges family three
weeks ago. Tho mob cut tho wires
before tho lynching began.
Tralnnion say that tho two negroes
brought to Stnteaboro Saturday night
to be tried for th.o Hodges murder,
confessed and implicated 13 others,
nnd a wholcsalo lynching followed.
The murder of the Hodges family'
wns ono of tho most brutal and re
volting In th,o. history ot. tho South.
The murderers ontcrod tho homo
and killed tho entire family with nn
Tho family consisted ot Mr. nnd
en u&iMirv unoroTCn
s- . . .-,.,MV-w. It&inu, Uodgo8,.n. urowjunlQco nnd tour
nt r 1 i 1 ui.n on I u nij i
Two Fortresses Won by Japs.
St. Petersburg, Aug. 15. Alcfxloff
reports that the Japanese after a fu
rious attach- on Taku Shan, In tho
Wolf mountains, outside Port Arthur
on the night of August 10, were re
pulsed at every point. On August 9,
after four days' bombardment, the
fortresses of Taku Shan and Say
ougu Shan, on tho Russian eastern
front, were captured by the Japanese.
General Battle Begun.
Washington, Aug. 15. Consul Gen
eral Fowler, at Chce Foo, under to
day's date cables the state depart
ment that It Is rumored a general na
val attack on Port Arthur was becrun
this morning. He adds that the litis-
slan cruiser Novik, and three destroy.
era havo reached Chen Foo.
Over 600 Russians Rescued.
Washington. Aug. 1G. Th n Htntn
department has received a telegram
from tho consul nt Nagasaki, stating
that COO Survivors of tho Russian
cruiser Rurik, have been landed nt I
oaseoo, iuo of them wounded.
China Charged With Complicity,
Washington, Aug. IB. minister
monger, at Pekln, Informs tho stato
aepartment that tho Russian minis
Passed Worthless Check on People's
Warehouse Year Ago, But Jumped
Cash Bond of $350 Quick Work of
Sheriff Taylor Grought Him to Jus
tice Had Been Working for Ore
gon and Washington Power Com
panyHeld In County Jail .for
Fifteen thousand stock sheop have
been bought for shipment to tho Ne
braska feeding districts within the
past few days in addition to tho pur
chases mentioned before in the East
Oregonlan. Of these 13,000 were
bought by Garrison & Reynolds of
Kearney, Jn this ,county, while Hun
ter & Stephens bought 200 in Wal.
Iowa county.
The 13.000 first mentioned will bo
shipped about September 1; the Wal.
qwa, snoop, win bp.reatfy or the rail
road iaboutwOctnlip'r' 1. . '
i will" he fed?JnBuf
KebrnskV for' thp J5a8
western, rawBets, They
2d ba corn . and alfalfa.
yhtcU, Csiitr!,NehW
grew", enormous. crei r
for lambs and 1.75 straight for year-
nags, ino awes wero a tnlxed lot
generally, and a straight quotation Is
not possible because, as ono buyer
expressea u, "A ewe is worth Just
what she happen to be worth; while
the next ewe may be worth moro or
less, we nave to buy owes 'aa they
come.' "
An all 'round lot of feeders-Iambs,
owes and yearlings, comprised tho
7000 head -brought by Garrison &
Reynolds of Ed Campbell,
The 3000 head bought of A. B.
Chapman were Also (0 mixod lot of.
Intnl. ci ini'fi .....I . t . r'
,ioic..lpti as-everything that cornea
turn polo's ranches is always hoTcV
OTcn;,mindrdof Garrison ReW
mipmh ift'-rtLt&iii aud.otto amim
' TJierWslfowa shoeb M-A'rnfiprt .liv
WaetAfammrfi, As muUned, they
iwlie Rsnuing. ana ipis jie.
Jieved. will .terminate Jq .heaale pt
ciauy, tljousaias '0f jueeu wltWn a
row dava. '
' 'Jtt
After n year spent in dodging the
officers of tho law, Ed Halnoy, want
ed In this city on a chnrge of passing
a worthless ch.eck on Leon Cohen, of
ihe Peoples Warehouse, nnd who
Jumped his cash ball of $350, was ar
rested Saturday night nt Athena.
Sheriff Taylor learned that Halnoy
was aboard tho local freight, bound
for Wnlla Walla, aftpr tho train had
left Pendleton depot. Saturday nlcht.
He wired the marshal at Athena nnd
whim the train stopped nt that plnco
Halnoy was taken Into custody. Ho
was brought to Pendleton Inst night
ny ino siierin nnn placed in (i0 conn
ty jail.
iu June of last year Halnoy
charged with purchasing a bill
goods at tho Peoples Wurehouso nnd
paying for it with n check which wns
round to bo worthless. IIo was nr
rosicu, out secured his roleaso by
i.muiii; mi tuuii uan oi ai)i). noon
after ho disappeared nnd wns not In
court wnen IiIh enso camo up for
At tho last B.esslcii of tho stale clr
cult court Judgo W. R. Ellis declared
Halnoy's ball money forfeited. Tho
prisoner has been In tho employ of
tho Washington & Oregon Powpr
Company and was roturnlng to tho
camp on the Walla Walla river when
chtldron. Tho floor ot tho'liorao was
covered with blood, tho horribly mu
tilated bodies being scuttorod
through tho rooms whero th.o flonds
had overtaken them.
Ono of tho children wns a babo a
year old. j
Negro Is Not Hanged Yet.
Atlanta, Aug. 15. Ono thousand
armed men havo chnrge of tho 15 ne
groes roported mobbed this morning.
Tho trial of tho negroos 1b belns
held In tho woods nnd they will all
bo hanged as soon as the formality
of the trial Is ov.er. Two companlos
of troops nro being rushed to tho
sconn nnd a clash Is oxpectod.
John Cavln Under Arrest for 8tealnfl
514 From C. M. Pardue.
Accused of robbing tho roan who
befriended him, John Cavln' was ar
rested this morning and Indirud in thn
cuy jail, no win bo arraigned In the
hiuio circuit court charged wllh lar
cony from a lodging house.
Cavln approached C. M. Purdue last
night nnd Informed him that for IhrnA
days ho had been without 00(j. pftr.
inu win mo man to a restaurant and
after, tho meal offered to lot him
sleep with him. Tho two wnnt tn ihh
Queen lodging house Jn Main street,
sud Parduo retired. Cavln said that
no snub going down town for a while,
jfyr unlocked, but." did not sou the
.1 .1'nlR m)l-nln w inn I. nAnn. 1.
lJsco.vred that H vns inissldg tnm..- Memphis, Atig. 15Two
frv'p"" o"ii" ucvvo no bbwi vavin,,
"f' in) twin wuj at nigut. pardue
lnformod, Uiot police of jthe uifalraiid
Covin, was soon located and arrested.
j ho prisoner is a young man and Is
n stranger in Pendleton.
Tho insane asylum at St, JoLds, N,
P., Is Uireaten.4d with a terrible for
est firje now. rawng around It.
Seven Inmates of County Jail Dla
Through Wall and Get Away.
Portland, Aug. 15. Soven nrlsonerH
confined Iu tho main cell of tho
county Jail made their escape last
night by cutting their way tbrounh
a brick wall to tho stnlrcnso lending
from tho Jail to tho sheriff's office-,
tlioneo through tho window Into tho
Trades Council Is Taklnq Active
8teps In the Matter.
Tho Trados' Council last night
advanced tho plan for n Labor Day
celebration by appointing n commit
tee of seven to cniivnss tho mutter
of necessnry finances. This commit
loo will tnko the matter actively in
hand tomorrow morning, und will re
port at a special mooting of tho
council Wednesday night. Until h
committee does lis work and Its ro
port Is acted upon, tho question of
tho celebration or or not celobrntlng,
will not bo decided. On tho othor
hand, tho action by thii rommlltnA
and by tho body Wednosdav nBht
will undoubtedly ho conclusive.
no committoo Is us follows: Ed.
Eben, C. 13, Roan and Ono rim Pnrmi.
son, of tho Clerks' Union; P. A. Swin
gle, of tho Carpenters' Union; Georgo
Mnrkhnm, of tho Painters' Unlorii'
William Kollor. of th Pinmimra'
Union; C. U McGInnls. nt fh nnr.
tenders' Union.
Thnro was a larirn nttimilnnnn loaf
night, and much enthusiasm In fnvni
of thn observance, but tho unions
must find co-operation or thoro nro
many doubts to mnko thn
It Is hoped that
council will nttond tho spocial moot
ing of Wednesday night.
Robbery In Daylight. .
li tllM AmnHnnn
Expfcss- WagOll in tho honrt f
tho city early this hinmlntr
8n,d .r.ltercd tho .driver pt tho
Valuable nn,1 , ....
Jo open Aha, wife containing a
largo sum. Ho convinced them
that he couh not open tho
.safo ad the rolibers fled,
Hit" y.
- lii' 'Mi
'i 'iLi