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New Irrigation Law
Proposed for Oregon
Will Handle 1000 Pounds of Dough at
One Time.
A dough mixer that wjll hnmllo
1000 pounds of flour and the the other
Ingredients necessary in tho mixing
of bread, Is the latest acquisition to
Pendleton, and It is tho first ever
hrought Into this or any adjoining
county. It was Installed "Wednesday
- , ,1 -t ...... II 1 . " - w w - .-.wm I Vi ilUUULU UiUVUUtD, Jll yuillinu.i
iijurocrai.uer t. n. t-uii, uu ret-1 service, established under said act. street. An auxiliary to it Is tho gas
Following is the outline of a gen- as the Reclamation Act, Bhn.ll he nc
cral irrigation law suggested by ' centcd and recorded by the state en
.,,. n. . . ,1.. , rhir ' Binecr, upon being filed in his offlco
Maurice nien, legal adiser to Chief h ,,., r .,, -n.,
omnieuded to the arid states as being The water described in any such no-
in harmony with the national irriga
tion act.
It was presented to the joint meet
ing of the Oregon and Washington
irrigation commissions held in Walla
"Walla Thursday:
1. All unappropriated waters with
in the limits of the stat.e from all
sources of water supply not naviga
ble, to be dedicated to the public and
to be subject to appropriation for
tice nnd unappropriated at the date
thereof shall not be subject to other
appropriation, nnd no adverse claim
to tho use of such waters, initiated
subsequent to the date of such notice,
shall be recognized under the laws of
ollno engine which affords the power.
Iloth comprise tho plant which Is en
tirely new and comes from the Jolict,
III., plant for tho manufacture of nil
kinds of bakers' appliances.
Fifteen minutes Is tho time re
quired to thoroughly mix ready for
the stnte, unless the notice of record . the oven 1000 pounds of dough. The
meu unuer saia reclamation aciooior- incrcdlcnts are simply dumped in
without any pretense toward mixing,
and 1G minutes later it Is ready for
tho open. The apparatus Is mcchnn
Icallv clean that Is, It Is dust proof,
mnlly withdrawn in writing by an of
ficer of the reclamation service there
unto duly authorized. Tho stnte en-
,.,ii.,i ,, ., i.. . buuuiu uc ichuu i .u-uivi- icauy ciean mai u
,"r;-V; r . . "te as fully as possible with tho gov- and oil proof, and as the baker's
ernment in its operations unuer tne hands do not come in contact with
reclamation act. the mixture nt any time, cleanliness
11. The state engineer shall be re-! n the absolute sense, Is tho result.
quired to npprove the plnns and i Further, tho kneading Is much
domestic, irrigation, mining and mill
lng purposes.
2. Beneficial use to be the basis,
tho measure, and the limit of the wa
lu .1 ,t t ,., ii. ll w "I'l" " .u 1'""" I
iar r? .inn m , L n,,w to lnsn?ct tne construction of dams j more thorough, being absolutely uni
tnlfWnS i T-,Z or embankments of any kind of more form, a feature of which every house
rnr S.te?.S than a VMlea height, nt the ex-1 wife knows the great value In got
wa?o so ?tonntrnl "ense ot the ,mrt,eS constructing ting bread that will rise uniformly
water so long as the water can be thcm sunM be provided, how- and bake to perfection.
e"Ciiclil"y If11 ,thereon- Th use,ever. that any such works construct- - -
-...-, luv u.uuiuie e(j by t,,e reclamatIon sorvlco lnulor
Bneficlal Use Is Public Use. , the act of congress approved June 17.
3. The beneficial use of water is n 1002. should not be subject to such
public use, and private parties may approval of inspection,
exercise the right of eminent domain Districts to Be Established.
i..i...ire nS 141 way lar ma.sior-, ,0 rm, ,,iR.r.. fn , .iicirll,,,.
age or conveyance of waters for ben-
tlon of water should be established
Baseball Tournament.
Prinevllle, Aug. 13. Antelope Is to
hold a baseball tournament during
the early part of Septembor and invi
tations have been sent to the local
teams of Fossil and Haystack to par
ticipate In the series of games for
I Important to Farmers
$4.75 per 100
By order of the State Board of Prison Directors, I am
authorized to sell grain bags In any quantity above 500, manu
factured at San Quentln Prison, at price fixed at $4.75 per 100.
Bags delivered free In San Francisco. Orders must be accom
panied with cash or exchange on San Francisco In full, and also
with the following affidavit verified before a Notary Public or
Justice of the Peace:
"I hereby certify that I am a consumer residing In
v.. and that the bags ordered by me are
for my own personal and Individual use."
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
day of
The bags are of the same capacity as standard .Calcuttas,
and superior In quality. Don't delay Send your order today to
J. W. TOMPiINS, Warden San Quentln Prison, California.
j Sample of these bags can be seen at the office of this news-
J paper. .
eficial use. including the right to on- ,"";'',;:. ,uZ .7L,., " which n purse ot ?t00 will be offered
large existing structures. The tournament will last three davs
4. All applications for rights to the ' "h Z rolZ nI,d ,wo s bc cacn i t
use of water to be made to a state JzT ,." , . ..rT.. ?:..; day. Owing to so many of the mem-1
englneor. under such regulations as ' IT, , ' , ,,,,lv,n "! uors of the local team being away,
lie may prescribe. He shall be a a,"dt0. iTJIlTno definite arrangement bos been
'".a""ed aml e"erIenced ed in rch district should f ba" tossor8 to
' a board. This board should exercise
all the powers in relation to water
require regulation from
: r
hydraulic engineer.
5. Prior to the approval of an ap
plication for water right, notice there- .
" " "3 , : central authority. The state engineer
accept the invitation.
evidence presented by the parties in'
terested, from such surveys of the
water supply as he can make, or as
may ho available, and from the rec
ords, whether there is unappropriat
ed water available for the benefit of
the applicant.
Engineer In Charge.
G. The state engineer shall make
might be ex-offlc!o a member of the
13. AH decisions of a Judicial na
ture concerning claims to water nnd
water rights should he left entirely to
the courts: no individual or commis-1
slon should be charged with judicial
14. To carry out the Idea of the
Fortune Is said to knock once at
overy man's door, but she forgets to
leave her card with her address on it.
With Luxuriant Hairand Crusted I
Scalps Cleansed and :
rights to the use of water, and in an- appurtenance of water to specific
proving the same shall specify the lands, as" in paragraph 2, the follow
time for beginning work and the time lng form of enactment is recommend
for completing the application of the ,ed.
water to a beneficial use. A failure. Form of Statute
specified or to prosecute the same ' ., fnr ,lrr,n n,ooc ohnii r.
Hotel Cruise
First-class In every particular. Modern ln -11 appointments.
Splendidly furnished throughout. Service tho very best.
The Hotel Crulso is located nt the corner of Webb and Cot
tonwood streats in a new building built especially for hotol pur
poses. Each room is largo and comfortable, being well lighted
and well ventilated. In furnishing this hotel, tho best of every
thing was purchased, and attention has been given to the artis
tic effect as woll as comfort.
The Hotol Cruise is a model place for lodgers, traveling men
and citizens who seek a first-class place where rates are not high.
Cafe in connection. Short orders served at all times.
amount not actually applied to a ben
tfJ1. "dally or economically use water for
time become impracticable to Dene-
also at such time Inspect the works
constructed by the applicant and Is
sue a certificate stating the amount
of water then actually applied to a
beneficial use. Such examination
Bhall be at the expense of the appli
cant. Any decision of the state en
gineer affecting the rights of nn ap
plicant to the use of water should be
appealable to the courts.
the irrigation of any land to which
the right use. of the same is appurte-1
nant, said right may be severed from
said land, and slmutaneously trans
ferred, and become appurtenant to J
other land, subject to prior existing i
rights, and without losing priority of
right theretofore established, on the
approval of an application of the own
Assisted by Light Dressings of
Cuticura, the Great Skin Cure.
One Hundred Dollars Reward.
This treatment at once stops falling
hair, removes crusts, scales and dan
druff, destroys hair parasltca, soothes
WJBiBuie o me couns. . -. . engineer Before final I 7i7.L, umZ, .Zt.Zl i,i-T nients of tho East Orogonlan. without a cent of expense to himi
7. In any suit brought to adjudl- ?ln nTu 5" . ..a.1 . lrrltated' ltcolnC arfces. stimulate rubber-tired buggy. We nronoso to conduct another R,.i,KnrinH
cate any water right, all users of wa-' " " "X' ' , ."v nnhilraTlon the halr Alleles, loosens thescalp .kin, on the following basis:
One hundred dollars is a pretty good reward for Ave minutes work,
yet that is what J. E Strode, of Waitsburg, Wash., got from the East
Orogonlan in our last subscription contest. He received with the compli
ments of tho East Orogonlan, without a cent of expense to himBelf, a $100
on contest
At a glance, before
a chanc- to utter owJ
tell you what you call j
facts end names ol i
sent friends. He tells!
your life, how to gal
love, courtship, marrid
whotner you will bej
business affairs, In II
what may be your tea
bition, call on this
find relief His descr.l
friends and enemies
though they stood bell
will send you away
and bolder than ever 1
PosIMvely mentioning
heart's 'u! name.
Settles love quarrels
reunites bc separated!
how long standing.
He tells you eTerjthl
had, you hear the trutl
but tht .ruth
He gives reading!
Frenrh and German.
ma0deparrUerinaKe aha" wspaVr o? general circulation in !
i te county or counties ln which the 1
Parties to Pay Cost. tract8 of mnd nre located. 1
8. In all suits relating to water j "The state engineer shall mako his I
rights, If measurements of water and decision thereon in writing. Any i
engineering investigations are neces- party interested in the same source I
sary ior tne decision of the case, the of water supply may bring approprl
court shall appoint the sttte engineer ate action in tho court having juris
or other duly qualified engineer to diction, fur a review of such decision,
make the required investigations at If the owner of the land to which wa
the expenco of the parties to the suit. ! tor has become appurtenant abandons
9. Water turned Into any natural the use of such waters, the sarao
or artificial water course may be re- shall become open to general appro
claimed below and diverted there- prlatlon."
from, subject to existing rights. j 15. Abandonment of a water right
10. Notice ot intention to use any should be defined as for example the
waters required by the United States failure to use water for the purposes
under tho act of congress approved for which it was appropriated for two
June 1", 1302, (32 State, 338), known ; consecutive yearn.
supplies the roots with energy and nour
ishment, and makes the hair prow npon
a sweet, wholesome, healthy scalp when
all else falls.
Millions now rely on Cntlcnra Soap,
assisted by Cuticura Ointment, the
Ureal skin cure, tor preserving, purify
ing and beautifying the skin, for cleans-
From now until November 4th we will take now subscrintions sent in
by our subscribers and to the one who guesses nearest to the vote received
by tho winning presidential candidate In this state, wo will glvo one-half of
all the money received from this contest.
For example, if you inlnk Presidont Hoosovelt will receive the major
ity of votes in tho coming election, fill out tho coupon, "Koosovolfs total
vote ln Oregon will be ( ),"and put in your estimate.
If our subscribers co-operate with us as they hnv.e in previous contests
and as wo expect they will in this, wo will take In several hundred dollars
ins the scalp of crusts, scales and ;and poMy n,ucn more one-hair of which will go to the person who
nnnnrniT. Ann fhn itnimlnf, nf nil I n tr . . . i. . . i A ... . .....
dandruff, and the stopping of falling
hair, lor softening, whitening and
soothing red, rough and sore hands, lor
baby rashes, Itching and cliaflugs, for
annoying irritations, or too free or
offensive perspiration, for ulcerative
weaknesses, nnd many sanative, anti-
guesses nearest to tho vot.o in Oregon for tho winning presidential condl
honor of Springett Penn, u grandson
of William Penn.
of City by James Smith of Yorktown. a signer I
' of the Declaration of Independence, j
wax at one time an owner of the I
Anniversary of Capture
St I miltr Mn A .... i, t . , i
u. uuh, n.w.. nui.. la. Ill utiles ' . i ..,,. . -
lvr.-lHnn nf tho mlr,.,v ,.f ,,. I -lM-l "u ""I Pn II Hie laniOIIB ,
ture of tho X of Italia b, wn,ch ,urnl1 olU I
,aTheionaf Siely. Army of the ! na' '"fthecolal M I
J'liuippines, whose annual reunion suirl-iv p-u,.(,j
la lining ),,! v, T,mi suicide .Prevented
colony nt the exnosltion took uart In I The -?-rt-ng announooment that
tho day's program, which consisted ' Preventive of suicide bad been dlscov
of speechon. loviavs and reunions. ereU "OToat many. A run-down
Jromlneut among the speakers were "-""""J and despondency invariably
Secretary of War Taft. Colonel Ed-' PreoeI?e sulclde and something has
wards, Chlof of the Insular Bureau, "jf"1 fou"'1 hat ',n nrovnt tnnt con
Generals Chaffoe and Jlorritt, Sfinntor "A'" wlch ",abo21 B,,,?ldo "1e'y
Ixxlge, chairman of the Philippine fii .. "Sht of self-destruc-comralsslon
in tho Senate, nnd Repre-' utm Ko Electric Dlttors. It being a
sentative Coopor of Wisconsin, chair- sren' -"lc and nervine will strength
man of the House committee on Insu- ,oa l--o nerves and build up tho sys
Jar affairs itom- ,tB aIso a B100- atomato, Jiver
I and kidney regulator. Only 60c.
A Perfect Painless Pill. i haiisiacuon guaranteed by Tnllman &
Is tho one that will cleansothe sys- "r"gglata-
tern, set the liver to action, roraovi. 0"7
tho bile, clear tho complexion, cure Racing at Anaconda,
headache nnd leave a good tasto In Anaconda, .Mont., Aug. 13 The
the mouth. The famous llttlo pills , oight days' racing meet for which
for doing such work pleasantly and I preparations novo been making for
effectually are Uert'ut'a Little Early i wrne time opened In Anaconda to
Jtlsors. Bob Jloore, of Lafayotte, -' under favorable auspices. The
Ind.. says: "All other pills I have , ahlos nro filled with fast horses and
used gripe nnd sicken, while DeWitt's ! -f the weather noxt week Is favor
JJttlo Early Itisere aro simply per- aI)It- tho success of meeting is as
feet." Sold by Tollman & Co. sured. In addition to the regular
programme, special features will ho
SALE OF HISTORIC MANOR. nu,1f,d off dally, including pony races,
i jjaunuuiMii uriviui; races nnii a la-
. 1 lllAa vnltlv rn.n
Thore Is only one requirement and this Is Important. ALL NAMES
scription will not bo counted ln this contest. Subscribers can participate
in this way: Get some neighbor to take the Weekly East Orogonlan for
frill t mnnfho fnt nontu Con rl 1 n v. ,1 u . rA - i
JhCmsclveT "fweli u fca f tbl four- lc and 2c Btamps or 8"V0r' aompanIed by your guess on the presidential
posw oi 'the toilet am'nury. , volc' If you do not want t0 ask aome neS1'bo-- to subscribe, send in W
Complete treatment for every humour, f 'ents and tho narao of some friend In the East who Is Interested ln the
consisting of Cutic ura Soap, to cleanse western country. Lot him read the Weekly East Oregonlan and it will
the skin, Cuticura Ointment, to heal Sive mm more news about the resources of the Inland Empiro than you
ura ifesolvent Pills, "uum u you wroi.e nim a ou-pago letter a week. For overy DO cents you
' p if unlvt'sally concJ
niosr profound scholars
thinkers of the present ;
the skin, and Cutlcui
to cool and cleanse the blood, rauy now
be bad for one dollar. A single set is
often sufficient to cure the most tortur
ing, diatlgurlng, Itching, bunting and
scaly humours, eczemas, ro.il.es and
irritations, from lnfaucy to age, when
all else falls.
Sold throat mt Ui world. Cntlevm RettlTtftt. Ma.
lis form ot IkvcaUK Cutu4 M.ll, He per UI ot a)),
OiBUotnf, Vt. fju p, 1 lpoc.i lodon, 17 Chuttr
boiq 1 1' a, s HiitlU lUi Boto.l? CoJamaw
Art. I'utitr Ura; h Cbrn. Corp- tl 1-roprklor.
rS4mA lor "ttov to Car rrr liaiDOar,1 ud
" U lu IU Duatifal Uilr."
Tract of 14,400 Acres Surveyed 1B2 1 tl,s' rssay rncc-
Year8 A0, - Minnesota Veterans.
York, Pa, Aug. n. The history hi Paul, Minn., Aug. 13 -The of-
tract of land in York oounty 1 nown flclal train bearing the Minnesota
as Bprli sf "d'lurg Mnnur v.as put ui (. A. It vrtorano to Jloston left St
for sale by tfcc ther it toilay TIk Paul this af'ernoon Tho exouraidn
mun--r em ' Hi io a. res. repro lain number averal hundred and rop.
oentlng an o. rVf mati0 oy rP,J0, , pa.,B of tno 8late Govor
Governor Koi h Jn according tu nor Van Sant who Is a past com-
tho tflrms of a trea'y Mt h the Cones mandor of tho department of Mlnno-
iufiu iuuuiub. me juuu was uamcu in sola, is a member of the party.
Bear this in Ind when you
need poultry and atock supplies
and ask for the International
Poultry and Stock Food. Use
Kow Kure for your cow trou
bles. C. F. Colesworthy
127-129 East Alta 8L
Agent for Loe's Lice Killer.
frompt attent'on given and all
worn oxeeutod properly,
Elsolrlcal Supplies or all Hindi
(Tribune Building)
Fire, Life and Accident
.III 1. n,l,A,l n An,. . t . . , . . , 1 . . 1 .
nui uv uuuugu iu uuc fiucao, 11 yu'l BUI lOlir Ol your IHUIIUH lO iai.0 11
four months each, you will he entitled to four guesses, or if you get one
aow subscription for a year for the Weokly for J1.C0 you are ontltlod to.
i hreo guesses. Somo one of our subscribers will got one half of all
' money taken In on this contest. It may bo only '$50, or It may be several '
I Hundred dollars, but whatover tho sum tho one who guesses nearest to the
presidential vote ln Oregon for the winning candidate, will get one-half of
ho money.
Itemember the guess Is on the voto cast In Oregon for the -successful
iricaiuuuimi luuuiuuiu. .
Only now subscriptions count.
A subscription for DO cents gives you one guess.
You can send ln as many subscribers as you wish and for each rii -cents
you got one gu.ss.
This contest closes November fourth, so be sure to send In your
iuess before that time. (
Tho total vote in June, 1904, was 02.C08: for republican candidate for ',
supreme udgo, 52,946; for democratic, 28,729; socialist, 6419, and prohi
bition, 6514.
fest-or W-'
' bv nHi'"'
I a ih gr i
hi ha-, in' i
light ,Hu
find Ha :i
about bin.
Egyptian r
meaning' .
r.rton has hi
, , prophttil
ertc unknoi
ms great 'j
i,8 a wtlJ
i a', 1" iw 1
, ,ir of Wl
. no tnull
-A. i l"1
My estimate on vote In Orenon for President
Postofflce address
fill In the first blank space tho name, of the candluate you think
will win. Fill ln the second blank space with your estimate of the
number of votes ho will got ln Oregon. Enclose with 60 cents tind
mall to the East oregonlan Publishing Co., Pendleton, Oregon.
Send paper to
Expert Collectors
Wo have located a branch office in
Pendleton, and will mako collecting
defunct bills a specialty. No account
too old far us to handle.
Room 8, Over Taylor's Hard
ware Store.
Prom my place at Juniper on June
27, two mares; one a sorrel mare,
weight about 1200 pounds, 6 years old
branded CII on loft shoulder; she hai
crooked front foot.
Our Plan la: "No collections. no,wolBlllng uoo brnndei, n over a bar
the leabi f ar unplea
Of nw i inj.- - rauBB"
in Lire'
Have yu. prowered m
What are your prospects
tureT Every one Is el
ed for some particular W-J
fession or tiade, W
. ii,.,, I rue vocfl
Le lerineu -
vet one-half of yu w"
nnninst an unknown W
cn.i fnrtune. Wftith f J1
M,.nnf obtain until you lBUl
vocation A call o
soon setue ""'
tlon; your vocatUm "1
out to u. yu-r
sure and succ vrlll fol
Satlsfaciion guaranteed
. l,nfii1Ui"-
. ..vvw..0, woiBhing lioo branded It over a bar
j charges. Suits Instituted, Judgments on left hip and T within a circle on
I rtrK'rrrlanf I rlpflll fltinnlrtnr
J Th,o Vim Alstlne-Gordon & Co,,, Mor-
cantlle Agency, H. V. Llpo &
J Co., Mrgs
All busiD0s
Of in hour" 10 B
Tilt AU"G'roN
r will nnv m fnr InfnrmnHnn lOnd ... OirCCl
- ,"v ' ".v .. iiiiaiu
lng to the recovery of both horses, or , ci,.na Walk 'Si
IK fni- olilioi- nt thorn A, 1,1ran9 . aW-m