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We have ever facilitv for
doing the highest class o:" pro
scription An ample s'.t!c '
the rarest and costi.eat drops'
and chemicals of tested nur.l-.
Accurate and skillful compound
ing. Many sufeittmrtls against
the possibility of an error in
sures every prescription filled
here being absolutely iwrfect
as .your doctor wants it
Poatoffice Block.
Phone Main Sal.
Tom Tibbies, populist candidate fur
vice president, has headed a bolt from ,
the Nebraska populist-demouaiic .
i Presbyterian Church Morning;
service nt 11 o'clock. Rev. G. L. Lov-j
! ell. general missionary of the United
Evangelical church, will preach In
the absence of the pastor. Sunday
i school at 10 o'clock. I'nlon services,
; conducted by Rev. SI. V. Howard, of
, the Methodist Church South,, will be
; held at the Presbyterian church at
T:30 p. m. All cordially Invited. t
j M. E. Church Services tomorrow
i as follows: Sunday Bchool. 10 a. m., '
1 A. J. Owen, superintendent. Preach- '.
! Ing service at 11 a. m. by the Rev.
' Jonathan Edwards, of the Congregn-!
ttonat church of this city. All are
cordially Invited to attend these ser-!
vices. Owlug to the union service
at the Presbyterian church, there will
be no services at this church In the
evening. B. F. Brown, local preacher. ;
First Christian Church Sunday l
school. 9:45: Preaching and commun-
ion, 11 a. m. to 12: Christian Endeav-j
or 7 p. m.; preaching. S p. m., sub-'
Ject. "The Tyranny of the Dead." 1
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening. '
The public is cordially invited to at-,
tend. Retspwtfully . X. H. Brooks. '
pastor. 1
M. E. Church, South Sermon at 11 ;
a. m.. subject "Elijah the Tlshblte." .
Sunday school at 1" a. m.. W. S. ,
Thompson, Superintendent. Union '
I service nt the Presbyterian church nt 1
1 7:30. subject. 'The Abiding Graces."'
text 1st. Cor.. 13-13.
The St George.
L. D Hoy. Seattle.
J. A. Wilson, city.
.1. C Lonergan. Seattle.
J. J .Cohen, San Francisco.
Sig G. Blnmcnthal. Chicago.
F. D. McCully. St. Joseph.
F. T Rose Denver.
J. A. Allison. Portland.
F. J. Gardner. Portland.
J. P Hnyden. Portland.
U. P. Smith. .Seattle.
G. J Meengs Seattle.
K. O. Stndler. Portland.
R. Burns. Walla Walla.
H. F. Shultz. Walla Walln.
Ben Bourn. Snn Francisco.
Charles Bishop. Portlond.
J. V. Herman. San Francisco.
A. S. Taylor, Seattle.
Frank Hoffman. Seattle.
R. S. McKean, Seattle.
R. D. McAuslnnd. Seattle.
J. P. Simmons. San Francisco.
R. J. Fleece, New York.
J. M. Pemberton. Chicago.
It. .1. Driseoll. Chicago.
J C. WilllaniB Portland.
The Hotel Bickers.
Z. W. Locfcwood and wife,
W. A. Soufle. Cold well
C. D. Rlnker. SiKikane
R. T. Motley. Milton.
W. M. J. Moore. Spokane.
John Kesmey. city.
Mrs. Kesmey. city.
Ed C. Long. Starbuck.
C. L. Holwyn. Solum.
Mrs. G. .Limlsey. Pondleton.
C. M. Umborg. Pendleton.
Albert Long. Pasco.
C. Fraker. city.
G. Shuli. Mcachnm.
'S. J. Carney, city.
A Merrill. Baker City.
P. Shennrd. Baker City.
E. B. Conklln. city.
Erl Finch. Winslow.
J. A. Wilson. Albany.
R. Nelson. Elgin.
J. F. Xorton. Portland.
B. F. Bacon. Hntten.
F M Van Horn. Portland
We art fast closing out nil our summer goods. Prices are greatly
duced. y
Summer corsets now for 1q
Sailor hots, new style j " '
Corset covrs, three for " ?;
Ladles' knit drawers, lace bottom "" TT
$1.00 worth of ribbon, lnco or emproidery or any style, ior one week
for 75.
Mcu's summor underwear, 30c kind for " 23
Men's work shirts ,"z9c Un
Men's good heavy overalls, worth 75c, our price 60
Striped overalls. COc kind now '"'
Sun bonnets, worth 23c, now ' 15c
Shirt waists, all kiuds, 20 per cent off.
A 50c toilet ankle free with cvory $5.00 purchase.
l Owners of Adloinlnn Lands Have 400
The Filipinos new at the St. Louis. Tons Thls sson Which w 0e
fair, will start to the Philippines on i
August 16, stopping two days In Port- Worth 515 Per Ton.
land, en route. ! ' generally known that
The shipping concerns of Antwerp ' f-ak,e coim,," has large salt deposits
have decided to refuse all goods ties- l,he "or,thern Pnrt of, Earner valley,
lined for Japanese ports, not caring After high water each season large
to risk the volunteer fleet. quantities of It are deposited as the
,.,,, . water recedes. Manv years ago this
,hp' nJlt STXraerrnT ffiIaua was Purchased from the sfnte by
&!?m. , L lm,ber cny. .f, David Jones, now deceased, the first
Kansas City, is under arrest at South I se,tIfir of Wnr pr Ynilev
Haven. Mich., for embezzling W8.0W. 8e" 8'na" V; ....
David Kelly, a member of the boy iKsited Jie built a large building, with i
bandit gang, has just been sentenc- a strong floor, perforated with auger
ed to life imprisonment in Chicago, holes. Over this floor the waters
for complicity in the murder of John woud rise m the s,rng. and after
Lane- ' going down there would be many tons ,
The Berrlnger gold mines of Sails-1 of pure salt, which had only to be
bury, X. C, were suddenly flooded shoveled up and sacked to be ready
Friday morning, the rush of water for market, says the Telegram,
drowning eight men before they For the past five years up to last
could escape. winter there was no salt, owing in
The East lose a point to the West Part to the light winters, in part to
in the decision of the federal author!- th conversion of Warner lake, which ;
ties to buy all supplies needed for la 13 miles above the salt beds, into a
the revenue cutter service on the Pa-' reservoir for Irrigation purposes, and ,
ciflc Coast, from Pacific Coast houses ' In part to dry seasons. ,
hereafter. The floods of last winter broke the
... - dam ait4 tVin it'illacc nf t Vi Id l , fTjt if
Butte butchers have begun a Ikjv- "'" " -Y: ',' , ' Walla.
cott on the product of the packing ra " c j , Fred Grnnnm Jr Boston
houses and have given local dealers w lakes and depogitlug an-, mSiIi eitv
nine nays in wntcn to dispose of the - ' , , "
supply on hand before declaring the wnel? Bre f wlnK They e,s lma e
open boycott tnt'-v nave about 4U0 tons, which is
I Ui ill cu WI HIU uu nit lUMlitl UB .
The Pendleton.
.Mr and Mrs R. F Ookes
I land.
John J. Balleray. city
F. Vincent, city.
W. A. McCarty. pocatollo.
G. B. Hardy. Pocatollo.
Walter M. Pierce, city.
C. Ottershaen. Portland
J W. Watts, Portland.
W. S Berdan. Jr.. San Frauclsco
H. W. Cameron. Spokane
Thomas Xester. Portland
Al Ball. Portland.
G. D. Galley. Portland.
J. G. Conrad. Chicago.
J. F. Melsher. Starbuck.
Ed Cloosey. Starbuck.
W. R. McRoberts. Spokane
Miss Rosamond Wright.
The German citizens in North Su- i
soon as sacked.
C. F. Ovorbaugh. Portland.
E. D. Cosjier. Portland.
E. W. Hunt. Portland
A .Xylnnder. Portland
There Is more Catarrh In till aectlon of
tlie country than all other diseases put
together, and until the ost few years was
matra. were compelled to fire upon '
the native women and children ln a
recent skirmish with the natives for
the reason that the natives use the ' . . , . j sunpoted to b Incurable. for a print
women for a living screen, knowing 3 on'ra ,or "'e De mica many Jtan doctors pronounced It a 'ocal
that the Germans were loath to fire I" Oregon. oLTa ture".
ujion them. , E. L. Clark, who Is agent for B. F treatment, pronounced It Incurable. 8cl-
Saundors of Salt Lake City, has just ence has proren catarrh to be a constltu
completed a contract for the purchase i'?.na.,.!!',.ea"f .15'refo .R20,l5.ni;
,of 2000 cows, with calves by their cure, manufactured by F J Chenej &
Forest fires in Clackamas county sltie for the government, says the Co., Toledo, Ohio, Is the only ccmstltutlon
. ... . . . . . . ' HHnnnor Timec ol cure on the market. It Is taken Inter
are driving the wild animals into the HnPnor "mfs- . ., nally ln dosea from 10 drops to a tea
settlements, several bear and cou-1 The stock was all and ..-year-old gp,H,nfn!. it acts directly on the blood
gars bavlnc been seen among the cows, which were shipped to the and nraeoos surfaces of the system. Tney
farms this week Blackfoot Indian reservation in Mon- Jf" one hundred dollars for any case It
Smutt the wheat on the farm of the use the government, d
William McKonkle, near The Dalles. , A Sd X CiUKEr CO.. Toledo. O.
causea an explosion anu tire, rxiuay. . ol. . n " .innon Ro d by DrugsUt. price 7r,c
which consumed the threshing outfit a" lnf?a8t""Q,?n Bv; 1 p.?rb ' . Take I,a"'" Fam"r for C0n9tlpe
and several hundred sacks of wheat Earlier in tno season Mr. Clark tlon.
ana several nunureo sucks or wncai. linl!h. , nr.rmn Kheon in Morrow .
The 7-year-old son of Otto Poutsk, county for which he paid something
a German farmer near Spokane, was , 1ke j6n,ooo, making a total of $100.-
rnmnAi1jfl tn run thrnnrh n mlln nf i i i r .
Su ;; t.mher ?ri r "! ".a8 " :?leu .." "T Ins dates upon which tickets will be
" . , : - -- -- - -- - buu hiulk uuring me imai iur
ty, his feet being almost baked from ' months.
the hot ashes and emoers tie is not
i e
The Breakers
? i
halt pr
Special Excursions to St. Louts.
October 3, 4 and G are the remain-
sold at the reduced rates to the St
Mr. Clark Is one of the largest tne Denver and Ro arande d M,g.
buyers of stock that visits Morrow ,.., Vairi p, ,v, ,.t
Unn.ll ,. i Or.,, I.. f- ' ... 1 .!... I. . I- i "w" " !'""""
u, . i . u"u ""c" m these roads sjiecial excursion care
exiiected to live.
beating and shooting his divorced men always expect
wife, escaped trom two Seattle detec- something doing,
tives at Minot. X. D., Friday, by leap-
Ing out of the window of the closet
in a chair car, while the train was
running at a high rate of speed.
A representative of the Home Tel
ephone Company, of Los Angeles,
there will be w, be run tnr0UBn trom portiand
'and St. Lonis without change,
See the many points of Interest
' about the Mormon capital and take a
(ride through Xature's picture gallery.
Will Give Surety Bond of $10,000 to During the closing months travel to
United States. the fair will be heavy. If you con
-rt ..i. .ti .!.. temnlate eoinc write W C. MpTlrlrle.
navr.n.1 (- ni n I lni-rimm- . i ' '1 c nnAiiaail i . . . . . t i . i , .. v.
- ment directing that each railway s"' buui ui ruraanu ior me uen-
of attempting to bribe councilmen for , , k , bon(1 of $10 ver & RJo Grande, for particulars of
eTPa8ne fHa hfP V2 Tf"J.Mi8iif'00 'o the United States for the faith-Ith" excursions.
tLT T ' thi?nf ' nn ! discharge of the duties and trusts I . , . 1 ZT
i?h.hi. fS wn h ImiMBi on him by the rules and reg- Tr'enni' Conclave Knight. Templar,
fled, lea Ing his board bill unpa d u,at,ong of tfc departroenl wlll nffect I San Francl.eo, Sept B-9th, 1904
and all his personal effects still in his about 100 ra,jwa p,, cIerk8 I Sovereign Grand Lodge I. O. O.
room- I nlng in and out of Spokane, says the fan Francisco, Cal., Sept 19-25th,
Isaac Gravelle, the Xorthern Pad-! Press. Each clerk will have to give a 9M
fie dvnamiter. conlined In the Helena surety bond and must Dav for it him- Account of above occasion the O. R.
Jail, made a bold dash for liberty, l self. The order of the department;? .N makes a round trip rate of $31.;
Thursday nicht. Orabblnc a nistol ' coes Into effect immediately. The I ra'es Bale, via steamer from Poi
from A. Korlezek, a deputy, he shot
Korizek, and fled Into the street,
wheer he had a pistol duel with dep
uties. Seeing that escape was im
poslsblc, he blew out his brains, fall
ing against the fence around Gover
nor Toole's house.
Two Business
Propositions on Main Streot.
order affects 10,000 men In the rail- ,a"d0Au,E"8t 2"28i,h' and September 1
mnii 'and 2. Via rail, Soptember 1. 2. 3. IE.
i 16 and 17. Continuous passage on go-
... L1 . . - i ui r,, lnE trips, with final return limit Octo
The Waahlngton & Columbia River ber 03. 1904. Stopovers will be allow
Railway Special Summer Excur- ed , California only, and only on ro
slon Rates to Coast Points. turn trip. For particulars call on or
Beginning June 15, 1904, the W. & address E. C. Smith, agent O. R. & N.
C. R. railway wlll have on sale tickets
jto W'estport, Long Beach, Clatsop It Wlll Be to Your Interest.
I Beech. Tokeland, Ilwaco, Seavlew. Tl- If you contemplate visiting the 8t.
toga. Pacific Park, Ocean Park. Nan- Louis Exposition, to seen mtinhin
cottn, Flavel, Gearhart and return at Information as to railroad service, the
$10.00 for the round trip. 1 lowest rates and the best routes. Also
For chlldrea of half fare age, one- as to local conditions In 8L Louis;
half the above rate. hotels, etc., ptc
Tickets will be good returning until . If you will write the undoralgnod,
Septomber 30th. stating what Information you desire,
For full Information call upon or I the same will be promptly furnished,
address, 1 If wo do not havo It on hand, will 80-
W. ADAMS, .cure It for you If possible, and with-
Agent. 1 out any expense to you. Address
Where to Stop at North Beach
The Breakers Hotel Is conducted to attract the best patronage,
and is a summer hotel that is unsurpassed on the Pacific Coast
north of the fnnious California bfach rosorts.
The building has an ocean front of 100 feet, Is 7G feet wide and
four stories high, or 73 feet from the ground floor to the top of the
It has handsomely furnished rooms, single or en suite, for 250
guests, each room being carpeted.
The house is lighted by electricity with electric lights and elec
tric call bells In every room, and these lights mnke It one of the
most brilliant beacons on the entire coaBt.
The entire lower floor is thrown open to the public, and, being
beautifully carpeted,-the spacious reception room and large, airy
halls always form favorite gathering places for guests. 'The billiard
and pool room is also quite popular for merry gatherings.
An Aeolian and Pianola in the commodious parlor furnishes
delightful music at all times, and musicals are pleasant features
during the entire season.
The Breakers has a regular orchestra which furnishes music
for informal danc.es and balls, and the large dining room, with its
smooth, hard floor, makes an ideal hall for regular dancing parties.
An abundance o ffresh and salt water Csh, clams, oysters, crabs
and other sea food is always on our menu; our entire supply of
milk, butter and cream comes from our own herd of Jersey cows,
and poultry and eggs are supplied from the hotel farm adjoining
the grounds.
There are hot and cold, fresh and salt water baths in the house,
with private baths and toilets.
The waves of the ocean at high tide roll within 200 feet of the
hotel, and the beach In front is superb for surf bathing.
On the grounds are bowling alleys, golf links, tennis courts and
croquet sets; on the lake, just back of the hotel, is a fleet of sail
and row boats, and on Shoalwater bay, just east of the lakes, is a
gasoline launch for parties of fishermen, picnickers or others who
prefer the warm, still-water bathing to the tumbling of the eurf.
All trains stop at the railroad station in the hotel grounds, and
no crowding Into hotel omnibuses or walking ln sand Is necessary,
since the hotel ground is a perfect velvety lawn, where the guests
are practically lauded at the hotel door.
The Breakers Hotel is located at Breakers Station, a regular
ticket office, where all trains stop. It is one and a half miles north
of Long Beach Station.
In purchasing tickets see that they read to Breakers, Wash.,
and have baggage checked through to that point.
Telegraph and telephone connections in the hotol.
Address all correspondence as follows:
Long Beach, Wash.
are much worse than none at!
to an
wuen the eves are woat t
glasses will be absolutely con
rso cuarce is miuip hn fn.
the sight and very little for
lor reading or general parposi
e carry a lull line of eo d
cle sand eyeglasses Prices arj
1 erate.
Jeweler and Optict
rostoniee biock.
741 MAIN ST.
Bids Wanted.
Sealed proposals will bo received
at the office of T. F. Howard, archi
tect up to 2 o'clock p. m., Saturday,
August 20, 1904, for the building of
a six-room cottage for J. A. Blakloy.
Excavating and stone foundation to
be done under sopsrate contract.
Plans are at the offico of the nrchl- P A. Klein a wealthy Gorman who
loct. The right Is reserved to roject recently lost $2000 by flro iu Spokane
any and all bids for the work. ; committed aulcldo Friday, from
August 10. 1904. , brooding over the loss.
Commercial Agent, 142 Third street,
Portland, Ore.
Attention Sheepmen.
Rango to lease and can locate
some good range and water. Address
box 44, La Grande, Or
W.e are agents for the cele
brated Recycle bicycle. It has
many features of merit not pos
sessed by other wheels. We
also handle the Columbia and
Crawford bicycles. Let us
show you one of our wheels and
explain Its merits If you are
thinking of buying a wheel.
The fact that wo do the- hulk
of the wheel ropalring Is a good
testimonial for our work. We
also repair sewing machines,
Make keys and make all kinds
! of light repairs.
3tt East Court Street
and broke It Into splinters mar
been the fate ot your rarrwse 1
It wns run into bv something;1
timru ic lmim in Gdeau. or thd
pleasure ln knowing 'liar in our
vnn pun linvn It made EOOd as I
We do all kinds of carriage repaj
and blacksmithing in a sKiimu
superior manner we set urw j
hydraulic pressure, does it M
lines it while vou war uu uu. .
or deface your wheels and adA
liro r.r 11.0 Hit. Pall and s
k , 1 V. ... v. . - c I
,1-n-L- Wa hnvo Winona as
Hacks and Buggies, and Stover (
line Engines.
The Blacksmluit.
Per set. $5.00; gold crown
nn. I1.. fttllnr SOC! di
1.VU, tfinct uim,
tracting, 50c.
II,. V,nrnt,pMr MlllPP
. 11 mrutorn methods
ii . miiranttc OUn
work to be of the hlehe lUM
. . I hf lOWOBtl
aara, ana our yi.c ,a
consistent with first-claw -J
White Bros.
Association Block.
'Phone Main 16G1.
The CofomHa
Lodging Howe
Well ventilated, neat d j
fortable rooms, good beds.
In connection, where "
goods are served.
Main street, center of J
between Alto d '
r.im Oct
Tne c ,.,.. 11 '
ejjon's repre.entat.ve h-j--. R
JLa the neoule PPre.cl' -nt. I
IS ins -