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inim-t-st some. That's
Tonight mid Saturday fair.
NO. CI 24.
5 e nJ
nre"f He
6rd Gregory Alights From
Train Into the Arms of
j Officer.
L.90 in Good Money and Went
L, Last ight Quick Work of
stff Taylor Overhauls the Crook
,Vlington, Where He Now Awaits
0(,ieerAte a Ten-Cent Supper
ti Flashed a Ten Dollar Bill on
t- Cook, Who Gave Him Good
limey in Change.
jirard Gregory waiter and alleg-
xt track 'out. was arrested this
by City Marshal T. D. Sweet-
f Arlington upon Instructions
Sleriff T D. Taylor, charging
ilth passing counterfeit money,
offense was alleged to have been
itted In 'his city last night and
lictim was a Chinese cook in
'i noodle joint in Alta street.
Ito the description furnished the
and sheriff's office by the
an, suspicion was directed to-
Grerory and when search wis
lated for him, it was discovered
tie fellow had taken the 11
train, westbound. Sheriff
immediately wired peace offi-
between this city and Portland
ntch for Gregory, and the man
ttken when he alighted from the
a at Arlington.
(gory Is said tn have entered Go-
W joint last night and after par-
taax of a bowl of noodles handed
I cook and waiter a bogus $10 bill.
T Cfclcaman gave the man $9.90
n dunge. When the proprietor of
fc place returned he discovered
the currency was not genuine
reported the matter to the police.
sgory'R home is near Walln Wal-
t He has been in Pendleton for
peril months and has followed the
wawtions of bartender and waiter.
6 Is a hanger-on around saloons
d poses as a Jockey.
Deputy Sheriff Joseph Blakely
a pi to Arlington after the prison-
Cabinet Decides to Allow the Difficul
ty to Take Its Course.
Washington, Aug, 12. The cabinet
meeting today was devoted to tho
consideration of the latest phase of
tho Turkish situation. It Is the inten
tion of the administration to proceed
with deliberation but not to counte
nance any unreasonable delay.
Advices from Lcischmann place n
more favorable light on the situation.
It is Intimated that he received as
surances from the norte that his re
ply would be entirely satisfactory to
tins government.
Sultan Is Playlno Double.
Paris, Aug. 12. Tho Temps has a
dispatch from Constantinople stating
that tho sultan is determined to re
sist the American demands, though
the ministers favor an amiablo ar
rangement with the United States.
Captain of the Spartan Suicides.
San Francisco, Aug. 12. Tho ship
spartan, from Belllngham, wash., ar
rived today with First Mate Holm-
strong In command, Captain F. S.
Erem having Jumped overboard on
tho morning of May 5. The body was
recovered" 15 minutes later and buried
at sea, It is said he had been suf
ferlng from sickness.
Wreck Kills Three.
Defiance, O., Aug. 12. A Baltimore
& Ohio switch engine ran Into a trot
ley at noon and three were killed and
three injured. The dead are: Helen
Relsenberger, of Cleveland; Roland
Gnede and Helen aede, of Defiance.
Glass Blowers Strike.
Alexandria, Ind., Aug. 12. Five
hundred glass blowers of the Lippln'
cott Glass Company, struck today,
The company failed to sign the scale.
Success of His Notification Speech
Gives the Democratic Nominee a
Taste of the Delights of Campaign
Oratory His Letter of Acceptance
Will Be Delayed Until After He Has
Digested Roosevelt's Letter, lr Or
der to Answer It.
itoitral Peraia Kills Civil Governor
and Start a Revolution.
New York, Aug. 12. A rumor is
Itfrent among Venezuelan residents
i this city that General Ferrer, civil
I pernor of the state of Falcon, in
wt Venezuela, has been killed by
Irtneral Peraza. commanding tho mil-
Esopus, Aug. 12. Parker spent
the morning readlnir tho new" r
comments on his notification speech,
but had nothing to say regurumg
them. He later went horseback rid
ing accompanying a carriage In which
was a party of his guests. There
were no callers of Importance during
the day.
The nominee has decided to revise
his letter of acceptance in order that
b.e may reply to the letter shortly to
be sent out by President Roosevelt.
He will delay Its Issue until Vie pres
ident's document Is published and
As a result of th successful out
come of his notification speech his
Urr fnrMs .,f ti.n ,i .. .. . . .
fcraVa .ben fie . ,n T I '"end. are urging Parker to make a
Icd with lonn m " .,,7 st. " ' t'W campaien sneernos, anu lie is in
?VT, tZ :m : a,!eV; cllned to yield to this suggestion.
nicla renor1 from Hip Vonnziielan
five Freinht Train. Dai. Thrnnnh
Pendleton Eastbound, on Wednes
day Night,
five eas'lirii
"through Pendleton over the O. It.
V On WPflmiaHnv nftrti, -if-m-Acrot-
?0 cars.
easiness, bound both east and west.
- o
IWa is
up, and the number of
ompping and wheat season
weS On A U-PBtlir.iir.,1 ,ln ,,.
3rJhrougb last evening In charge of
Uuctor wull and Engineer Goll-
r. was made up of 69 cars, iuclud-
J o cars of sheep from Baker
t.v PoLtIantl- This was the fourth
und train for tho day.
ine crews are all working briskly
. and the power Is continually on
" move. The now Union Pacific
jund engines recently brought
kiif. ndo are now doing duty as
mn on the Kamela hill.
Esopus, Aug. 12. Parker Is Incens
ed at the newspaper stories which de
viated from the prlrted speech to
announce that ho put stress upon his
gold views for the purpose of gaining
the support of Vall street. Ho em
phatically denies the extemporane
ously devised spoech, but is willing
to lose any vote turned from him
because of bis stand on tho financial
0dd 10 to 6 for Roosevelt.
pYrk, Aug. 12.-Slnce
Jl.fr notification there !s
T,?i(lerable dotting 'a Wall
faVrfi. Roosevelt being the
orite at 10 to C and 7. Was
liS,an.n ?rthers offer today
HOW) to $C00 on Roosevelt,
far V every bet ottered so
rj .has been covered at Uie
ut montlned and money
iwS t0 be P'ontlful on both
Darin .Blg Gamblers are pro
of ie t0T nn active exchange
Brlnv0ney oa e'ectlon. John
lftftn'nof Now York. who won
a Parlor McK,nIojr ls l,ett,nB
Funeral of Asa Le Grow.
Walla Walla, Aug. 12. The fune
ral of Asa Le Grow took place at
11:30 o'clock this morning from the
family residence at Birch and Pa
louse streets. Rev. Andreas Bard,
rector of St. Paul's KplsroDal church,
officiated at the house, Tho services
at the grave were conducted by the
local lodge of Elks, The body of Mr.
Le Grow arrived yesterday morning
from Portland, accompanied by tho
threo children, Mrs. T. M. Winn, Mrs.
Robert Walsh and Kay S. Le Grow.
Strikers Enraged at Refusal ;Attacte Renewed Wjth FlJry
of the Packers to Deal for1 . ... ri u
ana nusiuuiii: uiamui iui
His Men Will Not Yield a Point, But J
Will Begin an Active, Bitter Warj
on the Obstinate Trust All Other
Unions and the General Public Will '
Be Appealed to for Aid and Sym-,
pathy Trust Goods to Be Boycotted
But Other Goods Will Be Delivered 1
Capitulation of the Fort,
-Strik Ic Just Brnlnnlnn. t
Russian Fleet Has Surely Escaped
Battleships Sighted at Saddle
Islands, and Destroyers Arrive at
Shanghai The Czarowltch Was
Sunk In the Battle Outside of Port
Arthur Harbor Japanese Have
Lost 12,055 Men During the Strug
Eleven-Year-Old Boy's Presence of
Mind Frustrated the Plan.
Portland. Aug. 12. An unknown
man who escaped though hotly pur
sued down Slxih street, probably at
tempted to kidnap C-yonr-old Lewis
Johnson, who was playing with com
panions nt tho corner of Park and
Harrison streets. The stranger pick
ed tho lad up and started away with
him, presumably with tho purpose of
putting him Into a nearby buggy. An
other small boy who was playing
near, snw tho net nnd ran after tho
man nnd hoy, halloaing "kidnapper."
This wns rapidly attracting th,o at
tention of pnsscrshy, when the man
carrying tho boy dropped hla burden
.1 I ti iw.H 1 tin rt wr tttti itrt
j ill 111 I II 1 11 1 11 1 .f.J II 1IIU 'IIIU
tho outcry, cmiKoci nnti noni mm in
n moment, and then nmdo hist .escape
The Indy whose presence of mind in
thought to linvo saved tho Johnson
hoy, 19 Charles Fine, and ho l 11
years of nge.
Chicago, Aug. 12. President Don
nelly declared this morning that the! Loudon, Aug. 12. Tho Yinkow
refusal of the packers to listen to a correspondent to the Gazette reports
plan for mediation means that tho j that five Japanese divisions com
strike will be fought out to the last mcuced a fresh nssault on Port Ar
He says the men will make no re
cession from the stand taken and the
strike will be extended to cover every
class of labor handling packing house
products, not only In Chicago, but all
over the United States. Threats are
made that boycotts are to be ordered
an every possible measure taken to
hinder the packers on a non-union
"We are determined to win this ;
Etiike and we are going to win it," i
said Donnelly. "We are prepared for
a long struggle and we believe tho
other unions and the general public
will stand by us to the end."
Business Agent Kelly of the Market
Drivers' Union, ts preparing a plan to '
caro for the deliveries to retailers, j
but will handle no supplies from tho
packing houses involved In the strike. I
Rioting Is Increasing. j
Considerable rioting is accompany-!
Ing the delivery of meat down in the t
town district today. Large crowds of
strikers and sympathizers surrounded ;
the non-union wagons and hurled mis
siles at the drivers. Serious assaults
were averted by a large detachment j
of police. '
The police are dispersing the
crowds which gather at the markets.
The temper of tho strikers Is ugly
since the decision of the packers
not to accept mediation. Disturb
ances are becoming more general.
Negro Scab Shoots Into Crowd.
A crowd of 40o 'strikers attacked
the Lake Shore train carrying CO non
union negroes from Pittsburg. They
threw stones at the cars and broke
mary windows. A negro drew a re
volver and fired several shots Into
.lie crowa, wnicn scaiiersa. -rne po
thur Thursday. The inhabitants are
furiously demanding capitulation,
The report concluded: Anarchy
reigns In Port Arthur,
Japanese Have Lost 12,055.
Washington, Aug. 12. Tho Japan
ese legation today gave out n table
of casualties suffered by tho Japan
ese army up to and including Aug'
ust 1. Tho total loss is estimated
at 12,055.
Has the Fleet Escaped?
I,ondon, Aug. 12. A dispatch from
Shanghai this afternoon reports the
nrrlval there of a Russian torpedo
boat destroyer, presumably ono from
the Port Arthur fleet. The dispatch
adds: "It Is reported at Shanghai
that four Russian battleships aro in
the neighborhood of Saddle Islands
70 Jiuloa southeast of Shanghai. "
Sea Fight Off Port Arthur.
London, Aug. 12. A cablegram to
the Jnpancse legation says according
to a report, the Russian squadron
emerged from Port Arthur, was at'
tacked by our fleet south of Vengo,
and dispersed, the cruisers Askold
Novlk, another cruiser and a dC'
stroyer took refuge at Llao Chow,
Another destroyer took refugo at
Cheo Foo.
On August 11, five Russian battle
ships, one cruiser, probably tho
Diana, ono hospital ship and several
tornado boat destroyers seemed to
have regained -ort Arthur harbor.
Our fleet is believed to have escaped
Russian Battleship Sunk.
Toklfl Atlir 1! Tnir,, ronnrtu tlin
.ill; i iunu, n .i i , a uluiii.vu, . uu- , , ----o. - - - n iv,,u,.a
lice filled to find the man who fired Russian battleship Czarowltch, proh
ably sunk In tho engagement outside
of Port Arthur Wednesday.
Squadron Said to Have Escaped
St. Petersburg, Aug. 12. Tho em
peror has received a long telegram
rrom Kai Chow and tho nows that
York by the packers to work for tho '"" uaiiiosuips aro now oi
Natlnn.-il nnH the Schwartzsch hi and """""".' "ao ii:uivuu wuu Krum
the shuts.
Strikers Deserting the Ranks.
One hundred and twenty-six butch
ers have deserted the union and aro
now on the way to Kansas Gtty and
Omaha to take the place of strikers.
lxty bu'ehers were sent to New
Sulzberger plants. Twenty-two for
mer union men have reported at tho
Hammond plant and six were taken
back at Armour s.
Mexicans Who Killed Two Americans
to Pay Death Penalty.
El Paso. Aug. 12. Commandant
ITorro ami two policemen who killed
! T-.l -.1 T n,f.im-i n m A Hln., TIT-..
two Americans, are sentenced to bo
shot. Influential relatives secured a
stay, but tho execution will probably
follow as sentiment against them ls
Republicans Turn Down John R. Mor
rison and Nominate Frank Gooding
for Governor.
The Idaho republicans In conven
tion at Moscow, havo nominated tho
following state ticket:
For governor, Frank R. Gooding;
congress. Burton L. French; lieuten
ant governor. Dr. B. . Stevens; su
preme Judge, I. N. Sullivan; secre
tary of state. Will 11. Gibson; treas
urcr, H. NCoffin; attorney general,
John J- Guheen; auditor, Robert W.
Bragaw; supctlntendent of schools,
May L, Scott, and for mine inspector,
Robert E. Bell.
The combination which defeated
Governor Morrison was engineered
by W. E, Borahs, who expects to bo
United States senator, next winter.
Ernest Ploeger, of Marshfleld, Or.,
accidentally killed himself with a 22
calibre revolver, Thursday.
Beat His Mother.ln-Law,
Seattle. Aug. 12. B. F. Wood, a So
attle man, slapped bis wife In a quar
rel, when his motber-ln-Iaw Interfer
ed, thinking that her daughter was
about to recelvo a beating. Wood
then turned upon the old lady and
brutally beat her with his fists. Tho
old lady, who Is over 70 years old,
was unconsrjous when the police
were called. Wood was arrested.
satisfaction by tho admiralty as Indl
eating that tho bulk of tho squadron
nas escaped
Fleet Arriving at Shanghai.
Washington, Aug. 12. Consul Gen
eral Goodnow, of Shanghai, cahfes
uio department of state that ono Rus
slan torpedo boat destroyer arrived
there today, and that four more aro
expected tomorrow.
Russia 8ays Not Proper.
St. Petersburg. Auk. 12. The Rub
slan government has sent a vigorous
protest to the Japanese government
and a copy to the powers, against tho
attack on tho Russian destroyer
uyusniieiini, m Choe Foo harbor,
Four Hundred Leaders of Armenlnan
Outrages Under Arrest.
Vienna, Aug. 12. Tho Constantino-
pie correspondent of Die Zeit reports
that tho Armenian foment In Turkey
is increasing. Already more than
100 leaders of tho movement liavo
been arrested.
Walla Walla, Aug. 12. Before the j to harmonlzo tho state laws with the
Joint meeting held In this city yester- j national reclamation,
day afternoon between tho Oregon!,. Mr Newell In his address before
and Washington state irrigation com- lfiZ$?X too Z7Z
missions and V. H. Newell, chief en- among 13 Western states and throe
glneor of tho government reclamation territories. Tho scheme for irrigat
service. Maurice Bien, counsel for , ing the Palouso country, said tho en
the service, submitted a draft of the , glneer, depends upon getting the
proposed amendment to the state lr-1 proper rights of way for tho canal,
rlgatlon Jaws. j ..It ,g tho on, avallabIo proJect ,
Tho article Is quite lengthy and Washington at tho present time." he
deals with all Uio phases of the ir- said. "Railroad construction inter
rlgatlon of arid lands, Its purposo Is feres with the plan to some extent "
Walla Walla Pioneer Dead.
Wnllu Walln, Aug. 12. Obcdlnh
Oahorn, prominent In Wnlla WW hi
omi ty as preacher, politician and
fnrmcr, died yesterday of paralysis,
after a brief Illness. Mr, Osborn wns
born In Illinois In 1836. Hu camu to
the Walln Walla country In tho early
days nnd until 18(19 was pastor of tho
local United Brethren church. After
ins retirement from tho pulpit ho on
gaged In farming. Ho wns nt ono
time ono of tho populist lenders of tho
Chicago Wheat Quiet.
Chicago, Aug 12. Old September
opened at $1.0GV& nnd closed nt
$1.02; now Soptcmhor opened nt
$1.0376 nnd closed at $1.03. Corn
opened nt 51 nnd closed G3-- Oats
opened 34, closed 33.
Board of Equalization Grants a Par
tial Concession to the O. R. &. N.
and W. & C. R., Reducing the As
sessments on Both Roads From
$10,000 to $7,500 Per Mile Side
tracks Reduced From $3000 to $2,-
000 Per Mile.
Walla Walla, Aug. 12. Tho Walla
Walla county commissioners sitting
as a board of equalization yesterday
nrtcrnoon, decided to reduco tho as
ses8ment of tho O. R. & N tho W,
& C. R. nnd tho Northern Pacific
railway from $10,000 a mllo to $7,500,
or 25 per cent lower than tho figures
set by Assessor Bcrryman.
In tho matter of sldo tracks, tho
assessment was reduced from $3000
a mllo to $2000. The railway comna
nlcs requested a reduction to $5,280
n mllo tho same as last year.
British Columbia Town Surrounded
and Appeals for Help.
Vancouver, U. C. Aug. 12. Tho
mill town of Hastings, which Is real
ly n suburb of Vancouver. Is In great
danger from iorost fires, and unlosa
thoro Is holp from Vancouver, or olso
a good rain wiinin 48 hours, undoubt
edly tho placo Is doomed, as thoro Is
flio In every direction within a dls
tanco of a f,ow miles, Tho provincial
"oliro and tho flro department o
Vancouver will bo ordorod out this
afternoon In nil probability, as Uio
oxpectcd chango In tho wind can do
no good, tho flro now being on nil
sides of the placo.
Texas Stenographers.
Dallas. Texas, Aug. 12. Tho Toxuh
Stato Stenographers' Association bo
Ban a two days' convention In Dallas
today with a good attendance of mom
hers from various purts of tho state
Tho officers in chnrgu of tho conven
tion aro President J. If. Swopo of
Houston, nnd Secretary Hone Hurr
son Hawkins of Fort Worth. Tho
most Important matter nn for rnnnlit.
oration is tho law rolatlng to tho pay
or court stenographers, which the
stenographers bollove should bo
John T. Whistler, Engineer in
Charge, is Still Conducting.
Crews Are Searching nnd Prospecting
for Other .Sites and .Willie the
Chances Seem Now Against the'
Project, tho Service Has No Inten
tion of Abandoning the Field Until
Every Spot Is Investigated Mal
heur Project Is Almost Certain to
Be Completed From Present Out
look It Comes First In Oregon.
To Force Eight Hour Day.
St. Louis, Aug. 12. Tho Tynournnh.
Icnl Union today concurred In tho ro-
port of tho commltteo on nn eight
nour uay, nxing January 1, J!)0(i,
when the rulo will bocomo effoctivo
or a general striko will bo cnlled. Tho
acceptance of tho question will bo
loft to a referendum vote of tho
subordinate unions.
Powder Mill Explosion.
Wllkosbarre, Pa.. Auk. 12. Anoth.
er explosion occurred nt tho Oliver
Powder Mills at Laurol Run. this
afternoon. Eight employes aro re.
ported terribly. If not fatally burned
Tho mills caught fire.
It may bo hard t' teach a doir now
tricks, but it's a blamed sight harder
t' mako him forcet old ones. Luk
the Loon.
John T. W..istler, .engineer In
charge of tho reclamation service In
Oregon this morning snld to tho East
"Tho Umntllln reclamntlou project
has not been abandoned by no means.
A recognlznncp party of four men is
nt work nit tho time and will bo In
tho fluid all Bummer, doing tho work
Hint Is necessarily preliminary to all
undertakings of tho kind nuywhero.
These men nro out with pack horsos,
thoroughly exploring tho territory in
Morrow nnd Umntllln countlos,
wherein reservoir sites aro doslrablo
nnd may yot bo located. Theso men
tako barometrical observation, nscor
taln Icvols, etc.
Butter Creek iot Abandoned,
"Whether these men's work will re
sult In n reservoir being located, is
another proposition. It may, or may
not. No man can yet tell. At tho
samn time, it is only fair to ntato that
tho probabilities are strongly against
the location of a reservoir nnywhoro
In tho KO-cnllcd Buttor creek country.
This is not saying that tho territory
Is actually and definitely abandoned,
becnuso it Is not. If it wcro, tho
rccognlznnco party spoken of would
not he at work but would bo taken
out of tho field.
"However, It does not now appear
that n suitable roservolr slto can bo
found in thnt country. Tho first slto,
which was eight miles directly south
of Coyote, was nbnndoned bocauso
the test pits disclosed thnt it was
underlaid with n bed of coarse sand
from two or three to 00 feet in depth,
which wholly disqualified It for tho
purpose Intended.
"This slto wus nu Ideal ono so far
ns levels, location and rclntlon to tho
surrounding country woro concerned,
and contained approximately 10
square miles. It lay In tho oxtromo
eastern edge of Morrow county, and
had It had tho right kind of a sub
stratum would have been fed from
the Umatilla river,
"Should tho rucognlznnco work now
In progress rosult In tho location of
a reservoir slto that la really availa
ble, which Is of course possible even
If unlikely, It will bo oxplolted In Its
turn by tho government, whou funds
become avnllublo. It would tnlto lt
turn nl'ter tho Malheur project, which
has tho call now,
"ThoBO facts being consldorcd, It
may bo that Mr, Newell mild to his
Wullu Wnlla Intorvlowors that noth
ing will or con bo dono with tho Uma
tilla county project until tho Mnlhour
project, which has procedonco, ls fur
ther advanced.
"It Is too bad that many homestond
ors havo locatod In tho Buttor crook
country on tho strength of tho pre
liminary work done ihoro, mid itBlnst
my urgont advice and that of othora.
Muny of them havo inveatod from
small sums up to $1000, and nro still
waiting patlonty for tlio highly Im
probable to happen."
Wettest Spot on Earth,
Groytown, Nlcnraguri, la tho wottest
placo lu tho world. Its mean iinnnnl
rnlnfull bolng 2GQ Inches, with Now
York nt 15 Inches, San Frnnclsco,
24.08 Inches and Denver nt 14.0 In
ches, Among tho drvost la Yiimn
Ariz., with but 2.9 Indues of rainfall
during tho year.
Czar's Heir Is a Boy.
St. Petersburg, Aug. 12.
Tho czarina today gavo birth
to a boy. Tho future rulor of
tho Russlas was born at 3 a.
in., and on tho announcement
that his heir was a son, tho
czar oxhlblted tho wildest de
light und embraced tho attend
ng physician, Dr. Rott. Thoro
is great rejoiclns In St,
Petersburg over tho event
The brothers nnd nephews of
the czar are no longer In lino
lor tin- throne. The heir will
be named Alexis,
I I.
IV,' :
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