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tholr friends. Money Is doing It,- as
money will accomplish most anything
with some men, under certain condi
I'ubllslieil every nttermwn (except Sunday)
at Itnmetau. uron. oy toe
Here Is a hit of political food for
nought. In the, fall of 1903. about
EAST OREGONIAN PUBLISHING 400 miners and business men of Alas-
sDiisrmrTios iiatks
Ully. on yr oy man . . .
Pali;, til niuutlM by mail .
Dally, inn, months by mall
Daily. one mouln by null . .
Dally, per month by carrier
Wtfefcly, one yetir by mall
Weekly. lx months by mall
Weeklv. four moullw by mall ....
Semi-Weekly, one year by mall ..
6eml-Wekly, lx Bioutbs by mall .
Setul Weekly, three mouths by mall ,
kn. petitioned the postal department
a. Washington to remove the limit on
o tHi mall packages from Alaska, In order
I.-.-.-. ' allow thont to Bhlp out their gold
1 soldiers In the respective armies are
all thnt nnv general could desire. The
To understand the picturesque heuii ' fault with the Itusslau nrmy then lies
ty of the following little poem. It Ib ! plainly In the quality of the officers,
necessary to know sometlu.HK of as Mr Whlghnm has said.
Helen Hunt nnd her romantic, yet Tin- difference between the .Inp
trnglc life among the Western In- onose officers' Inleuse seriousness of
tllans. purpose and the Uusslnn officers'
Reared In u cultured Now England good-fellowship measures more than
homu, and highly educated, she came . do numbers In the relative difference
Wost nnd devoted her ontlre life to-a !of the two armies. New York World
defense of the American Indian, lived
among them, studied tholr ways, WHAT WAR COSTS,
heard their plaints, listened to their
Tories of the conquest of their Innd .Modern naval warfare Is one of
"I hut tor yean mfffrrJ from Trhatmedlealmea '
f allM Urapepala and Catarrh of the Stnmaeh. In
Aufftut I purchaiedaboxof Caacaretaaod waa lur t
prUed to and that 1 "had 'em' yea a wlffclln. '
qalrmlne nui left roe. Jadgo oar doetora aur.
Member ScrltiiwAIcltae
.News Auoela
. ,.n , r nvnlil flirt nnlirntialnn fif i t .,... , .1 ti.... .. . ... ... ... .
Li " , 1 y wie wiuies mm im- urauiouuu m uip ntosi rosiiv tnings tnat ran ne
i.no the transportation companies who i their hunting grounds, the murder of i imagined and a combat between two
50 charged thorn exorbitant rates on the ' tllelr families and destruction of their ; fi(,ts tnunns the ex)endlture of vnsi
Uust. The department refused to Homes by the Incoming tide of ciWIl-1 SUI11S ,,r m.mey. Some-idea of the
, , .... . zatlon. high cost can be arrived at by taking
sc hed the petition. These minors As rosuIt of nor infatuation for a Japanese warship like the Knsuga
were somitug gold into tne united the Indian, she wrote a uentury iu , N'ysshln and calculating the mini
States and w.erc absolutely at the ! Dishonor." being a scatuing reuuKo 01 for of shots she would discharge, say
J care enjoyed the bettor health eTeralnee. Itntit
this teltlcinnlal will appeal tn other ufferera.1
Chat. Blackitock. 1319 DlTlnltjr Place.
teak 1 uuauaipma, la.
Best For
Ti n - 1 1
candy cathartic
The Kast Oregonlan Is on rale at U. 11.
nieh's News Stntiils at Hotel Portland and
Hotel Perkins. Portland, Oreson.
San Francisco llureau. 40S Fourth St.
I'hwmrrt llureau. IMU Seeurlty nullum
u-a(hlDCton. U C. llureau. 801
N. W.
morev of th comnanles oneratlnc In I ,ho Kovornment on Its treatment of . por, Arthur. The first named ship
more of the companies npiraung in the ne8Ult? tn,8 sho lg the cnrrles four cannon which cost 30.-
Alaska. They were far romoved mKiloroaB of Rnrnomi," n beautiful nno cut.n. one of these guns can flro
from Washington and It took months J Indian story, nnd many stirring poems rwo shots per minute und every shot
I to cot tholr notitlon to Washington . and short stories. rosts S-100: thus in five minutes these
14th st,. . k , efff,r,,i ureal , 't0 iu Hfe 8,10 married a man tour cannon can discnarge 40 bombs
' Ulet,5, "",1,, P' ; ' inamed Jackson, a banker In Colorado , tt c()at of j,c,000. The smaller enn-
loss.es b delas and continued high , Sl)rlnc3i nud when she aied. at her ,, W)8t ench jis.nno und every shot
rates of express. This week a little request she was burled on top of , m,,,v fir., means an uxnondltnre of
Entered at Pendleton p"toGIce as eeeond- coterie of bankers in New York went i Cheyenne mountain, a high peak of 1 $70. They are verv rapid and it Is
up to the postnl department and nsk- tl,e ranK overlooking Colorado estimated that in five minutes the 12
, for the same identical change 'LVrTwUhJ SVJ EST TJAl
ed for the helpless Alaskan miners Weeklv
the removal of the limit on mall So great was the love of the In- '
packages, in order to nllow them to Hns for their protector and defender,
ship their currency and gold to 'n fZJ
ope by mall, and the favor was 1m- tlirew a Btono lipon jt n memory of
mediately granted. The miners ship- her. until the mound became a moun-
ping gold into the United States, for j tain of stones of all shapes, colors
Pla ant. Palatable, rotent, Taite Good. Do Oood.
Metir Sicken, Weaken or Qrlpe, tec :5c. SOc. Nerar
old In bulk. The iteuulne tablet Itauiped CUC.
Uaaranteed to euro or your money back.
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or N.Y. 304 '
m aaaaaaara t
M 1 I, mm A M B
- - v a B
Dimension lumber 0, .
" oas' sh, Doors, 1
Mou Id ni tiiij. ' 1
n. AJU11I1IT.W ,
Telepboae. Main 11.
la matter.
. FT
-"V4 viai
OnnneiT ai m.
We make a Specialty of
Round or Square
Oh' tell us where and how to
To find the land of Sw.eet
We have forgot the pleasant
Through which our childish
footsteps went:
Kor we have fared In other
And strange roads traveled
to and fro,
And. homesick, now we fain
would find
The bleaaed land we used to
Oh' tell us where and where
It lies:
Point out the way our young
feet went:
No other country satisfies
We want the land of Sweet
Frank Grey.
circulation, were not entitled to the ,
government's respect. A
kinds nnd sizes. The custom was
Nearly 15 years ago a man entered
the First National Bank of Denver,
and walked Into the office of David
II Moffat, the president of the bank.
IT. l,r,,t 1. , In t.lo !, lin
m nnt v n mm mr niuiiv vmrH. 111- ,. , , . . . . . a
few hank-' , ho.lv was Wnid from s"'" .ul V'""1. . """-S . k"ltls- We them right and thej - J
ers shipping gold out of the United . this mountain resting place and laid TZ LT' 7x1 sum of
States, can manipulate the officials I beneath a most Imposing monument nu)nov Mr Mffat Sent for the
to suit their convenience. ! in the cemetery at Colorado Springs. moll(,j. allll 'nmng the bills was one
where she now rests. ;()f $1U-nor, denomination. Hec.ontly
If the 300 laborers working on the!, The, 0"wlng "ttle poem recalls th Bvernmelll cait,(1 , u)1 $10.nno
electric light and power plant on the ! tSntato bl"6' aml t,le on? 8,vcn by Mr Mof-
Walla Walla river above .Milton, are '"' the only one that has not been
. , , , , . ., .presented for redemption. No trace
exempt from road tax. and can defy j STORM ON CHEYENNE. jof e mn who BOt the mQney waR
the officers and the law with Impu-! (Helen Hunt's Grave.) 'ever found. Minneapolis Tribune,
nlty. then whv cannot every farm Look' where the clouds sweep over
hand in Umatilla county, every rail- Y(m nlountan llke a Ul,Be. Titalll(.
road man in the county, every mill i grave
Also Header Beds all sizes ant '
lulls. We make them right and the;
always give satisfaction. Our wori
is nevor slighted or botched.
Pendleton Planing Mill
and Lumber Yard
Corner Webb and College.
hand and other laborer do the same ' Upon the wind-swept plains
thing? These men have been in the st00P sl(Ies Gave
countv since Mnrr-h nH hr, 1 A tomb to one who stirred the hearts
Frank urey. ; - of men
. uwier nom.e nor neauquarters than 1 with sweetest songs and strongest
o3oc the camp at the power site. They pleas for right,
. are amenable to the laws, and should Above the clouds. O blessed sign
Several Willamette valley counties bo compelled to contribute to the sup-! w J"0 her heart was sore
are preparing to make an elaborate port or the roaUg, as other ,auorerg I aoken
exhibit at the Lewis and Clark fair. Because the power company is a rich j With woman-woes and for a race by
Choice space will soon be all dispos- concern and has Innro interests ,it I might
ed of. as these counties are detorm- onbt i Oppressed and tortured? All Is well
aja,uav.. in 11U I 1 J I MIII11III I III!' II "
Ined to make a great showing, and special path for Its laborers. If these
secure the most conspicuous and val- men are exompt( thc county has Ie.
liable locations for their displays. Ex- gany and unjgti. enforced collec-
perts are now at work in the valley Uon of road aml m)1, tav on i,nn,,rll!.
with her.
The burden and the fever nnd the stir
Are over over. I.qt the cold rain blur
All beauty into specter swnthed In
Above life's storms, its wronged and
wronging crowds.
"The Kodak" season Is now
on and we have the largest and
most complete line profession
al and amateur photographic
goods ever shown in the city.
Don't forget to take a camera
or kodak with you on your -a-cation.
Some day we. too, shall be above
the clouds.
.Mary S. Paden.
counties collecting fruit and cereal of arm hantls wn residence is
exhibits and grain in the sheaf for ag temporary In the county as that of
the purpose of decorating the space the powcr ,ant .iaoorers am, who3e
allotted to the different counties. cIa,ms t0 exempt,on are as ...at and ,
County courts, commercial bodies and r,ght. The county contributed JS00 I RUSS1A-S military WEAKNESS
private citizens are there working to- ,owarri tho nst' ., RUSSIA S MILITARY WEAKNESS. J
gether to make a fitting exhibition of from vniton to the nower ninnt fnr I H. J. Whigham. the World's corres- , t
their resources. ha ununir,t i,nnu r nondent with General Kuronatkln's t
...V ii.l,ll.l I",!!!.!!! Ul VliU l-UWI - ,,, It . , I, ,
, .Mt . M . Ifii. I uruiy, turn ,u u majiuiuii iiiiiicu jvb'
Russian ' ' ? Th rad Wl" be f b,,t "ttle terday the real secret of the succes-
i,i.u..v. uao, cacuih to me cumpuuy, j sive triumpns or tne Japanese torces
and now this stand taken by that in tho Manchurian campaign He
In sharp contrast to the
papers.' cry of "no quarter to the bar
barians." In the Japanese war. comes
the thrilling and almost sublime ro
mances from the Japanese side. Ill
the Japanese field hospitals thous
ands of wounded Itussian soldiers
are being nursed tn health, the
Brock & McComas
Cor. Main and Court Sts.
Pendleton, Oregon.
All Kinds
nave good sound wood
which is delivered at
reasonable prices
A ....
ueiiicicu iu your
Always call for Olim-
'Phone Main 181.
For Cash.
Leave orders at Neuman's
Cigar Store.
i I he rrenc
comnanr acainst Hip nnvmpnt nf rnml 'said:
1 ' nillD, . .-. rl,l ,1,.. .ilil. .t
,. , ... i i 1111: n i,,m iiiiioi "v iuiii. fc.n; v. 1. 1 . i
Its employes will be the ,., , ,h nt(lt.nre ,, in ,,
taxes by
cause or considerable Ill-feeling to-1 whole training and discipline of the
ward It among other taxpayers who Itussian army.
are forced to pay their Just share of "No Koneral could possibly ask for
".the burden of countv anil nreelnnt . "'"
wounds healed, tholr illness admin- ,.oram, ti. , , 1 (Uer He 18 0 spiennm marcner, bup-
" hmn eivii KOVernraent- If the road law applies port8 lleat an,i and hunger nnd
Istered to all in such a humane. cMl- on(j ahorer k BppIeg (o a) ,a wUh a Umt
Ized manner that the wondering Itus- j ,)orer8 nH coniltons of reslllenc(, 1)e. 1 surpassed, and above all he Is brave
sian prisuners cannot understand it. . (h 8ame to a fault.
When the Hussians were carried into 1 ' But the Russian officer, gallant.
J.p. hospitals, they fully expect- The best era has not yet dawned In '.0 iFtvSFSZ
ed to be tortured to death That a . the West. The civilization of the than the present. From general down
foe could exercise the common umen-1 great Northwest states is yet In a to the youngest subaltern It would he
Itles of humanity had never entered , crude and unformed condition. Coun- difficult to find one in a thousand
the darkened brain of the Slav. The try roads are neglected and the traf-! l'ho k,noW8 "r caes anything about
, . ,. . . the science of modern warfare."
conception of human kindness and ; fic of the country districts costs so Ei p Knight, in the same Issue of
mercy had seemingly never dawned ' much, and so much money Is Invest- tho World, des'crlbed the excellent
upon the barbarous soldiers of the , ed in heavy teams and wagons to , morale of the Japanese troops. Both
north, for with them and their antes- overcome the Incomnleteness of tho I concsponuents insist that the private
tors the rule has always been that ' civilization, that the profits, and con-
prisoners of war are unnecessary 1 sequently the comforts of country life
burdens and the first duty of the I are miserably limited, iu comparison '
captor is to got rid of the captives, to what the future promises. When
Japan has Imbibed more of the Chris-1 the Idle mountain streams are har-1
tlan spirit In 25 years than Kussla nessed and are employed in general
-can claim after 500 years under the
Greek "church."
The City Brewery Bottled Beer.
To understand social conditions in
Colorado, at the present time, Just
Imagine that the same condition as
now prevails there, prevailed In Pen
dleton. Imagine an .ex-mayor of the
city, who had shown his fearlessness
Ing electricity to propel cars through
the country districts, to bring the
most remote settlement into close
touch with the world, then the farmer
can dispense with his heavy wagons,
and costly teams, and the long, tedl-.
oils, expensive haul from tho farm to
the market will ceas.e to sap the life !
from the. Industry of tho farm. We !
boast of the rural mall system, of -the
I - -
The greatest summer drink. It goes
right to the spot.
Always have this superior beer In
your home. It gives youth and vigor
to your tired system.
Physicians recommend beer that la
pure. City Brewery Bottled Beer la
always good and always tho same.
It is made In Pondleton and not
I subject to changes of temperature In
Doing snippea.
Put up In quarts, pints and half
pints, and delivered in any quantity
Bottling works telephone 1771.
Residence telephone 1831.
Often leads to pov
erty. No real
woman ever sold
her heart for the
luzuriei of life.
in combatting what he considered a
wrong element, to bo threatened with I telephone and the railroad. These
.1 IV. I , Urx ,11,1 , I .... 1 1. ll ,1 ul, .nt'nntanA. n.... . .1 .. . I
..rot.. ..u- .... ' ""V; , ' " t..jUii.u..- nut many .woman who has gladly faced
though this Is his home, his business plnce compared to the possibilities of poverty for thc man she loved, may well
Is here, his interests are solely here, the future. Naturo has nlaced her ! doubt ber wisdom when pain become
nnd his monev Is Invested in proper-1 matchless engines of nroL-ress with.1 ".le n,f l? ot Jveny. n sue were ncd,
doubt ber wisdom when pain become
the mate of twvertv. If she were rich.
u . ,..u..c, .....o, ... . " - B..h,..w , rUKrB slte thinks, she could find a way of cure,
ty, which to dispose ot hurriedly, in the very gras of muii and If ho , Dr. Pierce's I'avoritc Prescription Is
Prompt attention clvan anil all
work xoautatl proparly.
Blaatrleal supplies of all kinds
(Tribune Bulldlnc)
Hill Military Academy I:
A private boarding ' 11
nnd day school. Man !
ual training, military j
discipline, college pre- j !
paratlon. Boys ot any i
age admitted at any ,
time. Fall torm open: I
Sopteraber 14, 1904. ,
And mall to Dr. J. W. Hill, Hill Mill
tary Academy, Portland, Or. i
I have . .-. . boys, whom I want to
send to a military school. Their ages
are Please send
me prices and terms; also illustrated
descriptive catalogue of your chool.
Private Dining Parlors.
Elegant Furnished Rooms
UUiJ UUI I I i 11I1HI , v
633 Main Street.
n t? t r T
& Co.
done in first-class manner.
AUU1CD9 MUA tuv,
St Helen's Hallj
GST CLASS corps ot teachers, loca
tion, building, equipment the beat.
Send for catalogue.
Opens September 1G, 1904.
Columbia University
Collegiate, Preparatory, Commerc
ial and Grammar Grade Courses. Ap
ply for catalogue. Boarding school for
young men and boys.
Box 344, University Park Station.
Portland, O."on.
would mean a heavy financial loss.
Imagine a band of hired thugs living
In this community, ready at every
nod of their master's head, to strike
I will take Intelligent charge and dl-1 within the reach of every one. It lifts
rect their forces aright, he will corao ) "e mm.len ' P" " wmcu we'K'i? 10wn
, ., . , , ' V . . i those who suffer from womanly diseases.
Into his true dominion, in the Indus- It establishes regularity, dries weaken-
I trial and business world. The 1 inc drains, heals inflammation and ul-
down or arrest some suspected cltl-1 greatest barrier to the completo utll-' "fa"011 on" c,,re8 le"lale weakness,
zen. for .expressing his plain opinion, izatlon of mountain streams and ."!!
Imagine officials of this county and power sites today Is the fact that ""f' u;.f!V"OTCTT;ra,rr.OUT
city deposed and driven from homo cities nnd states are neglecting to' lucto" aia i would have to othroKh'on op.
I , .1 tralion. tail I commcucrd to umt Ir. fierce1!
because they dared to express a I reserve these sources of wealth for Favorite prescription nnd 'Golden Medical ni-
frank oplulon on public questions. If j the benefit of the people. They are j iieJubiiBuLSei11 n"w "iHSm'
you ran picture this condition to J granting franchise after franchise on meduinii" ".mild tolLyHumcdi
yourself, you havo some Id.ea of tho tho matchless public blessings, that due lias made me a new woman."
unpleasantness in Colorado. Every j thoso Jilesslngs intended for the use! Weak and sick women, especially those
. .u n.i....i- ......... L, ,. .h. .,,..1 "ITeniiKfromd.seasesof lonK standinB.
,,u,i ,i, tv v,i,i'i',u 1,1 uua uian 11.1, ui di.vi,,, iiimj hvuiiiu 4 . invlteu to consult tr. t ierce iiy let'
...1 1...- I , 1 I 1 M , , . , .... ., . 1. I . . . 1 1 1 ,.,.'
who nun ujiuiuy expresscu mmuuii iu ajiuL-uiuiur imu mu inuyiiiini; in iiil-
tavor of the Miners' Union, Is under monopolist 1e government gav.o
the ban, and most of them are already the highest possible Indorsement to
ordered out of tho town. It Is a se- government ownership nu a basic
crot, malignant, merciless war of ex- principle, when it passed the nationnl
termination on the unionists and Irrigation act. ,
ter, free. All correspondence is held
as strictly private and sacredly confi
dential. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce,
Buffalo. N. Y,
Dr Pierce's Pleasant Pellets arc easy
and tileasaut to take. A most effective
Established in 1866. Open all the year. Private or
class instruction, Thousands of graduates in posi
tions; opportunities constantly occurring. It pays to
attend our school. Catalogue, specimens, etc., free.
Rock Spring Col
Recognized as the best "4
most economical fuel.
are prepared to contract wits
v vmir winter's suPPtf-
We deliver coal or wood to
nny part of the city.
Laatz Bros.
Shoe Repaid
I have moved m ov ' ej
door east ot the Sa inB f
pairing of all kinds donate
manllko manner at . reason
As I havo been in "fVe "
years. I need not peakg ltfe
Ity of my work for It PJ,ioawb
My stock of shoes was
damaged by water and m f
company told me to M w
what I could eel J I w
for less man WMU$,jus RANI'-
Flour exenaneuu . . y,
nour. Mill Feed,. Chopped
nlwavs on uuu
I . - unrilfDIIKH LiU.a ' ...HIT
auDoiiea -