East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, August 09, 1904, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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The Sheen
of Pearl
reflected from perfect teeth cau
easily le destroyed by Improp
er dentifrices. There are many
preparations that will whiten
teeth, but few that preservo tho
enamel whllo thoy whiten.
siives teeth whllo It beautifies
them. It arrests decay, hardens
the gums, removes decolora
tions, sweetens the breath
and stops there.
Price 25 cents.
Business of Importance Is Coming
Up and a Full Attendance Is Re
questedMembership Dues and Li
brary Questions Will Be Discussed
Membership Is Growing and As-
' tcclatlon Is Highly Prosperous.
Postofflce Block.
'Phone Slain S51.
Russia will try to raise an Internal
loan of $75,000,000 after finding It
Impossible to float bonds. An Income
tax will also be Instituted.
A Canadian exploring party left St.
John for Hudson Hay. on an annex
ing expedition, and several unclaimed
strips of territory will he attached to
Tho attendance at the St. Louis
fair for last week amounted to 001.
411, Saturday leading with 137.1C7.
tho lightest attendance being CS.lii).
on Monday.
Vinconzo Donetio. a member of the
"Black Hand" Italian society, is under
arrest In Now York for throwing a
bomb Into a crowd of Italians, injur
ing over 20 of them.
The diplomatic and consular serv
ice of the United States will hereaf
ter, more heartily co-operate in for
eign countries to secure trade and
concessions for Americans.
The Japanese government has be
stowed the badge of the Order of the
Klsing Sun on the English officers of
the Japanese steamer HetchI Maru,
sunk by the Russians off Gensan.
A severe tiro In tho water front at
Toulon, France, did 3500,000 worth of
damage Monday. Soldiers and ma
rines were organized into fire com
panies, the admirals and generals
working the pumps with the soldiers.
Clifford Baxter, a civil engineer and
Captain John Enright, of Now York,
undertook to swim from Brooklyn to
Coney Island, a distance of 15 miles,
and w.ere rescued from tho water tem
porarily Insane, at the end of 13
miles, Monday.
Over 300 men are now fighting fire
at Oak Point, Wash., near Vancou
ver. Shields open air vaudeville park at
Portland, has been permanently clos
ed for want of patronage.
Fourteen small boys were arrested
In Portland Monday for swimming In
the river in plain view of residences.
Rev. and Mrs. J. H. Wells, of Port
lend, will soon leave for Korea, to
work in the Presbyterian missionary
J. 1). Hlte, a messenger of the Pa
cific Express Company at Portland,
draw the free ticket to tho St. Louis
fair, given by the Baker theater.
Mrs. Jemlmah Dolby, wife of ouo
of the pioneer ministers of Grand
Rondo valley, died at her homo on
Indian creek, near Elgin, Monday,
aged 8C.
Rev. A. L. Piatt, formerly of Mc
MInnvtlle, but later of Selma, Cali
fornia, has left his family and eloped
with a beautiful .Mrs, Johnson, from
An unknown woman about 00 years
of age, was drowned In Rogue river,
Monday, below Medford. There was
nothing on her person by which to
Identify her.
A Christian Endeavor society with
35 members, was organized In tho Sa
lem penitentiary Sunday, by Rov. E.
A. Fredenhagen, founder of the Soci
ety for the Friendless.
The county Judge of Columbia coun
ty haB offered $100 reward for tho
recovery of the body of Mary RoWn
son, who Is supposed to havo been
drowned at St. Helens, last week.
A child threw a purso containing
valuable papers from the window of
a Southern Pacific car, Sunday, 'and
a section crow found It and It was
restored to tho owner within four
hours from tho time it was lost.
The postponed meeting of the Com
mercial Association will bo held to
night, and as matters of vital Import
ance are to be considered, President
Borle urges that every member In
the city bo present.
The association is now In a highly
piosperous and thrifty condition, and
there Is a wide sentiment In favor of
reducing the dues to $1 per month,
Immediately, and this matter will be
Tho library Is being placed In first
class condition by Librarian Nyo, and
as school will soon open, steps will
ptubably be taken to Increase tho
nctlvo library membership among the
school patrons, as the library is in
valuable to students, on account of
th? many first-class reference, his
torical and literary works it contains.
At this timo there are about 110
mrmliers, some few having dropped
on' for tho summer months, but
tlirro is every evidence that tho num
ber can l.e increased to at least 150
within a month if the dues aro re
duced. A full attendance Is requested to
night. So many are out of town that
It will require overybody left In town
to make up nn Interesting meeting.
Following Is a list of membership
at the present time, which may he
of use to tho membership committee
In soliciting now members:
Walter Adams, R. Alexander, Thos.
Charles Bond, H. E. Bickers, J. A.
Borie, W. E. Brock, W. S. llycrs, Earl
Borle, Sol J. Baum, Charles Bell, Wll
lard Bond, Wesley Bowman.
W. D. Chamberlain, W. J. Clark, F.
B. Clopton, Albert Cohen, Carl Cool
oy. Carter & Raley, W. 0. Cole.
J. R. Dickson, E. P. Dodd, Frank Du
prat. Charles J. Ferguson, Robert Fors
tor, W. J. Furnish, Chester Foster,
Lawrence G. Frazler.
A. J. Goodman, Luke Hawley, Bert
Huffman, George A. Hartman, Jr.,
Ralph Howland, T. G. Hnlley. Fred
Hartman, Louis Hunzlker, William
W. H. Jones, F. E. Judd.
A. C. Koeppen, William Keller, A. I
Kunkel. H. E. Laatz, Fred Lampkln,
S. A. Lowell. I
Rlchnrd Mayberry, Mark Moor-.
house. L. W. McAdams. Frank Mitch-1
David Pattulo, W. C. Prultt, Conrad
Platzoeder, Mark Patton. i
M. A. Rader, J. F. Robinson. G. M.
Rice, Earnest Ruppe.
Charles B. Sampson, C. J. Smith,
E. C .Smith, Ed Swltzler, Dan P.
Smythe, Win Stewart, A. A. Scheuer
man, W. J. Sowall, E. C. Sklles. F. W,
Schmidt, E. A. Schlffler. H. J. Still
man, Al Stocker, Al Slii3her.
T. C. Taylor, C. E. Troutman, Lee
Timtsch, E. M. Temple. W. L. Thomp
son, T. D. Taylor.
Kasper Van Dran, Fred Vincent,
Fred Walters, Charles Wllklns, W. H.
Wallace, Cecil R. Wade, M. E. Wil
liams, Guy W. Wade, Ernest Younger.
The St. George.
Al. O. Potter, Portland.
J. J. Burna, Portland.
Jacob Botz, Walla Walla.
E. R. Hnbel, Portland.
Bon J. Wood, Portland.
John U nitrite, American Falls.
J. .1. Williams, Portland.
J. C. Lonergan, Seattle.
11. J. Smith, San Francisco.
J. U. Barker, San Francisco.
P, 1 Johnston, Salem.
0. B. Ballon. Portland.
1. '. W. Klrske, Now York.
W, G. Rami, Salt Lake.
Gordon Rnnd, fcnlt Lake.
Wlllium O. Curry, Cellsmont.
C. T. Peterson, Detroit.
J. 'D. Casey. Hllgard.
D. Davenport. San Francisco.
H. E. Ankeny, Eugene.
J. B. Drown, Salt Luke.
N. C. Thomas. Tacomn.
Mrs. Nelson. Athena.
W. O. Duvall, LIucoin.
A. L. Fitch. Omaha.
A. L. Pearson. Fr.cowator.
C. L. Downer, tjpokane.
Fred Androws, Echo.
The Hotel Bickers.
I. G. Mcintosh and wife, city.
O. C. Smith. Wallace.
Arthur Prtchard, Portland.
Rev. E. Knappe, Seattle.
A. LeRoy, Portland.
E. O. White. Hoquam.
Mrs. L. G. iUherton, Dayton.
Mrs. Helenor Savage, Walla Wnlla.
E. J. Metcali. Portland.
Mrs. Ilrlnkloy, Athonn.
W. M. J. Moore, Spokane.
J. W. Anderson. Albany.
L. M Powell, Saco.
W. M. Fellows. North Yakima.
P. I a Johnston, Salem.
Walter Planting and wife, Echo.
H. Roberts. Yoknm.
C. G. Caspery. John Day.
Guv Hudson. Cruighton.
W.' M. Eggers. city.
N. W. Waldo and wife, Spoknno.
J S. Cunningham. Portland.
Miss Bessie V. Smith. Dridul .all.
Mrs. Edwin Ripper and daughter.
Echo . t
The Pendleton.
G. I). Galley. Portland.
W. R. Glendenhing, Portland.
A. D. Stlllman, city.
J. W. Vanllurg. Lincoln.
J. L. Van Burg, Lincoln.
H. L. Waggoner. Lincoln.
W. J. Waggoner, Lincoln.
E. C. Schomnn. St. Paul.
G. S. Youngman, Portland.
E. D. Coman. Portland.
Henry L. Derkloy, Portland.
A. Y. Alexander, Spokane.
A. J. McEroy, Stnrbuck.
W. H. Morgan, Stnrbuck.
Mrs. J. R. Adams. Adams.
W. D. Marks, Spokane.
C. Ade. Spokane.
E. Catlln. Portland.
Thomas Hums, Meacham.
Fred S. Davis. San Francisco.
Julius Green, Portland.
M. P. Mendelsohn, San Francisco.
J. F. Ruth, Now York.
.Mrs. A. Lussl, Ua Grande.
are greatly re.
We are fast closing out nil our summer goods.
Summer corsets now for
Sailor hats, new style , ' 19c
CorBet covrs, threo for "" 19c
Lndles' knit drawers, lnc.e bottom .'. 25e
$1.00 worth of ribbon, lace or omproidery of any stylo, ior one' welJ8'
for ,
Men's summer underwear, 30c kind for 7e
Men's work shirts , ' 23
Men's good heavy overalls, worth 7Cc, our price "" 38 UP
Striped overalls, COc kind now we
Sun 'bonnets, worth 25c, now
Shirt waists, all kinds, 20 per cent off.
A 50c toilet nrtlele free with evory $5.00 purchase.
Two Business
Propositions on Main Street.
Seventh Annual Reports of National
Livestock Association Now Out.
Tho East Oregonian is in receipt of
the seventh annual report of the Na
tional Livestock Association, through
the courtesy of its secretary, C. F.
The report shows the occasion to
have been about tho most notable In
tho history of tho organization.
Space will not permit going Into de
tail, but an Idea of the rare occasion
can be gleaned from tho remarks of
the newly elected president, Hon.
Frank J. Hagenbarth of Utah, when
ho assumed tho chair Ho said: "You
havo been listening to a galaxy of
splendid orators and profound think
ers, You havo heard tho flow of Simp
son's matchless wit, beneath the foam
of which gleams the good gold of
truth; the lucid logic and fearless
facts of a Nichols, a Stubbs, and a
Brooks; the brain and brevity of a
Cohen; tho pungent and pertinent par
agraphs of an AndrewH; tho InslduouB
and Incautious legal sophisms of a
Judgo Cotton; tho winsome ways and
words of a Plnchot and a No well; the
sarcastic shrapnel) and Ironical inuen
do of a Governor Wells, and, finally,
you havo listened to that peer of ora
tors and prlnco of good fellows, our
president, over our president, tho on
ly Springer."
Tho book Is handsomely printed
and bound and contains the portraits
of several score of stockmen closely
Identified with tho work of tho or
ganization. Thoso r.eports aro sent free to the
members of the association, and a
limited number can bo secured by
persons Interested by remitting 25
cents to the secretary at Donver, Col.
Suicide Prevented.
Tho startling announcement that a
proventlvo of sulcldo had been discov
ered will Interest many. A run-down
system and despondency Invariably
preccdo suicide and something has
been found that will provent that con
dition which mnkoH sulcldo likely.
At tho first thought of self-destruction
take Electric Bitters. It being n
great tonic and norvlno will strength
en the nerves and build up tho sys
tem. It's also a great stomach, liver
and ltldnoy regulator. Only 60c.
Satisfaction guaranteed by Tnllmnn &
Co., druggists.
Special Excursion to the World's Fair
Tho Denver & Rio Grande, in con
nection with tho Missouri Pacific, will
mil a series of personally conducted
excursions to tho World's fair during
June. These excursions will run
through to St. Louis without change
of cars, making short stops at princi
pal points en route. Tho first of these
excursions will leave Portland June
7th, and tho second Juno 17th. Tho
rato from Pendleton will bo $60.00 to
St. Louis and return. Excursionists
going via tho Denver & Rio Grando
have tho privilege of returning via n
different route. This Is tho most
pleasant way, as well as the most de
lightful one, to cross the continent.
Tho stops arranged give an opportu
nity of visiting tho various points of
interests in and about Salt Lake City,
Denver and Kansas City. If you wish
to accompany one of theso excursions
write at onco to W. C. McDrldo, 124
Third street, Portland, for sleeping
car reservations.
National Encampment Grand Army
of tho Republic, Roston, Mass., Aug
ust 15th-20th, 1904,
Knights of Pythias National en
campment, Louisville, Ky August
15th, 1904.
For tho above occasions tho O. R.
& N. makes a rato of $71.50 to De
troit and return. Tickets on sale
July 2d. Limit 90 days from date of
Boston, Mass., and return, $84.55.
Tickets on salo August 8th, 9th, 10th.
Final limit 90 days from data of sale.
Louisville, Ky and return, $08.25.
Tickets on salo August 8th, 9th, 10th.
Final limit 9 days from date of sale.
For particulars call on or address E.
C. Smith, agent O. U. & N., Pendle
ton, Ore.
Attention Sheepmen.
Range to leaso and can locate
soma good rnngo and water. Address
box 44, La Qrando, Or,
A Sweat Breath.
Is a never falling sign of a healthy
stomach. When tho breath 1b bad,
tho stomach Ib out of order. Thoro is
no remedy In tho world equal to Ko
dol Dyspepsia Curo for curing Indiges
tion, dyspepsia and all stomach disor
ders. Mrs. Mary S. Crick, of White
Plains, Ky., writes: "I have been a
dyspeptic for years; tried all kinds of
remedies but continued to grow
worse, ny tho uso of Kodol I began
to improve nt onco and nfter taking a
fow bottles am fully restored In
weight, health and strength and can
eat whatever I like." Kodol digests
what you eat and makes tho stomach
sweet. Sold by Tollman & Co.
It Will Be to Your Interest.
If you contomplato visiting tho St.
Louis Exposition, to socuro rollablo
Information as to railroad sorvlco, tho
lowest rates and tho best routes. Also
as to local conditions In St. Louis;
hotels, etc., .etc.
If you will wrlto tho undersigned,
stating what Information you deslro,
tho snmo will bo promptly furnished.
If wo do not havo It on hand, will so
curo It for you If posslblo, and with
out nny .expense to you. Address
Commercial Agent, 142 Third stroot,
Portland, Oro.
Get a "top coat." Tho Boston.
are much worse than nbne u i!
when tho eyes are weak. rJ
Kinases win uo aosoiute!; c
1 No charge Is made here 1
the sight and very little t
for reading or general ptrposisj
wo carry a mu line ot goldii
clo sand eyeglasses. Prices ml
Jeweler and Optld
fosiomee block.
Pendleton Woman Dead. i of Bert Keono. Tho deceased leayos
Long Creok, Aug, 9. Word was two or throo other small children
brought ovor from Fox yostorday ot her husband and mother to mourn
tho death of the wife of Charles 11. her sad death. Franklo McQIrr and
Wood, nt their homo west of tho nost- Hnrmnn L. Horsn rnmn ovor last 0V0'
offlco, ot about 2 o'clock, tho cause ning after a casuot, and tho , funeral
being severo hemorrhages niter cnild- will probably tako plnco today,
birth. Tho child was living nt tho
timo and Is reported to bo hearty. Mr. Seedless apples I Perish tho prop-
and Mrs. Wood camo to Fox valloy . agator who destroys tho fond lllu-
last summor from Pendleton, and slon; "Ono I lovo, two I love, throo
sottlod on tho abandoned homestead ; I love, I say."
and broke it into splinters, mi l
been the fate of your carrw i
It was run Into by sometllti;
"thnm Is balm la Gilcad," or then
pleasure in knowing thai in oM
you cau Have it maue s
w .i nil klnila of carriage P
mid blaclismlthlng In a iMMj
mmerlor manner, we sei ura
iiv,irniilli nressure: does it
does It while you wait; doeuM
or deface your wneeis aujw-
nr., nt thn rie. uaii w
.,,rk. ' We have Winona U
Hacks and nuggles, and Stoma
Hue Engines.
The Blaekamlthi.
Per set, $5-00; gold J
$4.00; silver filling, Mi 1
trading, 50c.
We are thorough WW
consisicai "
White Bros,
Dentil ti.
Association Bio
'Phone Main HM
The Cofomfcia
Lodging Hoose
Well ventilated, "'
fortable rooms,
ln connection, "Here
goods are served.
Main street center"
between Alta
" . ..nnian i, id
r8n t71e advertising mc-"
fEnIar il
Egular zo'
a1ar 30i
"gAU 35
VT,e a
Istem w
Odds i'
( Tirlces