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'111 IUUl t 1' " . -J- .
at ivnilieion, uretfon, oy me
onp year oy mall
, lx moutlis by mall
I n r ce montUH uy man
one mouth by mall
per month by carrier
ono year uy man
fix months hy mall
,iir miMttl.a liV lilllll ...
Vvklv. one rear bv mall . .
Weekly, tlx months by mall
Vcekly, turco eioiuhs oy man
Member Scrlpps'Mcltac News Aasocla-
Tlip T!nt Orpfrnnlnn la on sale lit It. It.
Ulch's News Stands at Hotel Portland and
' Uotel 1'erklns, I'ortland. OreROn.
San Francisco Llnreau. -40S Fourth St.
Chicago Ilureau. 0011 Security ItuIldluB,
Wasblnston, u. nureuu, oui i nn au,
N. W.
Telephone, Main 11.
Entered at 1'endlcton postoCflcc as second
clasj matter.
It Is appropriate to tho blos
som and nesting time of the
year, that lovo and mating
should stir the breast, and If
lovo and mating, why not di
vorce? They are the blossoms,
these are the fruit. To have
no divorces, presupposes Infal
libility of Judgment of every
boy and girl, man or woman.
It presupposes the same likes,
dislikes and affinities, charac
ter and development, at 40 as
at 20. Are human beings In
fallible In Judgment? No.
Hence divorce. Is a man or
woman tho same at 40 as at
20? No. Hence divorce. If
divorce at all. then the logic
of It Is divorce In uvery case
where the true foundations of
marriage lravy falloJ. C. B.
S. Wood In Pacific .Monthly.
It will require some time for the
large land holders In the West to
reconcile themselves to the unselfish
ness of the government plans of Ir
rigation. The government requires nothing
but complete surrender of .water
rights held for speculation and prollt.
It cannot undertake to combat or in
terfere with vested rights. There
must be a clear path and when a clear
path Is secured for government oper
ations, then there Is no limit to the
benefits that will come to he com
munity. In many places large tracts of laud
are held for an increase In price,
through the reclamation and Im
provement of adjacent land. This.
mo government will not tolerate
under a government project. There
must be a complete surrender, a di
vision of the spoils of the old laud
grabbing system, and a reorganiza
tion on a basts that contemplates tho
greatest good for the greatest possi
ble number.
The West must in time conform to
this wise and mitnitlcent plan, it
will mean a sacrifice of vested
rights, a surrender of speculative
schemes, but It will mean all to tho
general prosperity and advancement
of tho country.
Whero the water Is running to
w.uto anil the land is lying idle, it
seems a crime to compel families to
welter In the cities, unable to make
a living, growing up In Ignorance and
physical and mental narrowness of
Wheiro tho government will loun
money to an organization of people
for reclamation purposes, on such
liberal terms. It seems a crime to per
mit the arid lands to remain unculti
vated, In fac.o of the crying need for
homes, heard on every hand. Irriga
tion is everything to tho West, and
the West must do everything to ac
complish it Just as rapidly as possi
One of tho uost arguments yot of
fered for road Improvements Is con
tained In a report of thu Industrial
commission on the distribution or
farm products.
Tho important fact Is thero brought
out that tho cost of hauling farm
products to markets over country
toads two years ago was In excess of
the cost of operating all tho railroads
in tho United States,
It has been shown by careful In
quiry that tho average haul of tho
American farmer In getting his pro
duce to market or to tho nearest ship
ping station Is 12 miles.
Tho average cost a ton for hauling
over tho ordinary country roads Is 25
cents a.,111110, or $3 a ton for a 12
mile haul, Careful cstlmats place tho
total number of tons hauled at 300,-
000,000 per annum and this, ut th.o ,
average 12-mIlo haul, would make tho
total nnniiul cost $900,000,000 as com-,
pared with tho $818,000,000 oxponso
fnrmors. On tli,om tho litinlcn fnlls
largely, ns fuw of them probably add
tho oxponso of hauling to tho coat of
tho product. Yet, with fow excep
tions, tho class of producers has stood
In tho way of road Improvement.
' The London Mali glvos this print
ed description of the nihilist:
I "At the edgo of the pavoment ho
stands, In tho uniform of a Russian
university student, smukltig n yellow
; cigarette, and tho carriages ply past
' li tin throughout the hour of prome
nade. I 'I'rlncossos, men In the uniform of
I ducnl regiments, th.e- splendor and
; wealth of the capital of Russia file
' along as though for his inspection and
1 his is tho eye that weighs and np
' praises them all by the standard of
! tho poor.
; "To look at him one would say tho
' fire of nihilism ran In a foul channel.
lie Is meager, mean-chested, llttlo of
j stature, with low brows and a wide,
loose mouth, a representative of tho
poor type, lacking In brawn and
beauty, springing weedlly from a
1 profitless stock. There Is something
vnpld In the bloodless pouch of the
cheek and the bouelessuess of tho
jaw; nothing finishes with a click;
the contours are not defined.
"Ah! but you hnvo not seen tho eyo
the eye that burns far back In Its
socket, the poet's eye that see D.eath
ride by on a white horse among tho
careless guardsmen and ladles, the
eye that is dull to the material and
kindles only for visions.
"In tho lurking frenzy that inhabits
there, like a genius or an absesslou
there is that which redeems the whole
unlovelltiess of the gross face and
body, as though the soul ran riot
while the flesh obeyed the laws.
"Madmen have such oyes, and great
artists, and the nihilist must needs ho
of the essence of both. Ho is the
product of a need and nn 'inspiration,
the great need of the stricken Rus
sian poor, th.e Inspiration of now
knowledge and freedom seen from
There Is one habit that Henry G.
Davis, the octogenarian candidate of I
the democracy, has contracted with ,
which ho will not let oven the dlstrac-
tlon of a campaign lnterefere. Ho has
a brother named Tom to whom ho has
all his life made it a practice to write
a lettr dally. They have never had
a disagreement. No matter how many
engagements he has with politicians,
Mr. Davis goes to his room early,
even while In Now York, to write his
dally letter to Tom.
The startling discovery has been
made In New ork that the owners of
the General Slocum have In operation
n slsier ferryboat that Is in ns bad
or worse condition than was the de
stroyed vessel. M ever remedy sug
gested Itself to a horrified public
surely this condition does. Prosecu
tion Immediate and prosecution sovere
should follow the disclosure. Ouo
such lesson as tho burning of the
General Slocum is enough fqr the
American people.
The electoral college which will bo
chosen in November will consist of
("(I electors. This Is an Increase of
29 over the collego oi four years ago,
and 239 nro necessary to a cholco
now, against 224 then.
George II, Ilimes, assistant secre-
ary of tho Oregon Historical Society,
has received numerous tux receipts
and other papers issued to Jeremiah
Jack during the early part of tho last
century, says tho Oregon Dally Jour
nal. The papers are framed and
wero presented to the historical so
ciety by a graniUon of Jack, who re
sides at Pleasant Home, this county.
One of the most valuable of the pa
pers is an honorable discharge, or
certificate of service, Issued to Jero
in bib Jack at Camp Coosu, Ga.. on
November 10, 1813, signed by Capt.
Samuol Bowman. There uro also
three tux receipts Issued to Jack In
1813, 1817 and 1819. A receipt from
John Walker shows that Jack was a
hunter of some skill, ho having sold
to WvJlk.er nt one time, August 15,
1815, 314 raccoon, 115 fox, 25 cat. two
muskrar, four beaver and three otter
The most curious ot tho papers Is a
receipt given by diaries Lcurn, cap
tain of tho Cooke county mounted vol
unteers. The receipt was dated Jan
uary 19, 1814, ami reads: "For ono
gun valued at $10; to be returned in
good order or to be paid for by tho
Portland's Extensive Pavements.
More than 15 miles ot streets are
either being mado or aro having sub
stantial Improvements made to them
within the city limits of Portland at
tho present time, says tho Oregon
Dally Journal. Ton miles of this work
Is being done on tho cast side. Many
now streots are being opened and
graded, whllo others aro reco'iving
crowns of gravel and macadam.
Thero Is much repair work being
done In tho business section of tho
city and sovcrul nines of superior
pavomont nro being laid,
KIvo residents of Oregon City wero
poisoned by .eating Ico cream Wcd
noBday, all being taken suddenly HI
whllo eating tho cream No cause
has neon ussigneu tor mo siiuiion in-j
or too
Tho mermaid and tho slimmer girl
Wore chatting on tho sand
Tho menunld tossed a vagrant curl
Back with a graceful hand.
"I am your sister," mitrimfrod she.
"Although wo are no ltln
Your beau Is your affinity.
I cull my beau a 'fin.' "
The mermaid mid tho summer belle,
Exchanging knowing smiles.
Told how they each laughed at the
And how thoy used their wiles
To test their lovers' constnncy
Tho inorninid told her plan;
"You fret tho summer man." said she
"I. too, fret some merman."
A step wbh heard along the beach.
A splash from out the sen
The summer girl and meruiuld each
Said: "Ho Is wooing mo."
Tho niormald and tho summer girl
Knelt wont to Join her "him"
And soon both In tho billows' whirl
Wcu learnlni; hr.v to swliv
W. . Nesbll.
his nrticle in the August l'a
Monthly descriptive of tho ox
pedltlon which fixed the slt.e of Fort I
Clatsop. 1 W. Gillette, the well-1
known pioneer, refers to this historic
Lowls and Clark reached and se
lected this point on tho 7th day of
December, 1S05, and on the 8th com
menced to cut down trees, clear land
and build their camns. Thoy erected
seven cabins in all; the smokehouse
was built first. In order to have a
place to smoke and dry their meat. A
storehouse was built for their aniniu
nition, stores, etc.; a small cabin for
Tousalnt Chabonau. the Interpreter.
and his
wife, "Sacnjawea," and the
remainder of tho cabins were used us
quarters for the officers and men. As
soon as the hotiB.es wore completed,
Ihev constructed a strong stockade
around the clearing, as a protection
against the Im.mns.
Tho stockade enclosed something
over half an acre of land, and stood
on the high land, aout 200 yards back
from the river, within and on tho
north side of the Inclosure was a
beautiful spring, whlelj supplied the
garrison with an abundance of pure
water. After the fort was completed,
a number of men wer.e set to work to
survey nnd open a trail through the
forest to the ocean, three miles west.
atIo Im tho lfi 8tate8 aml territories
now under the national Irrigation act,
as 7,747,000. Equivalent to five per
sons to the squaro mile though one
state. Novada, has less than half a
person to the squaro mile.
U'hnt will lw Mu iimilllnMiili In t'110
In this section of the country as tlio
result of the reclamation of the arid
lands under wise administration
Shall we say 15,000,000?
According to the best estlmntes ob
tainable this will necessitate a sup-1
ply of goods for the now settlement '
ot' over 900,000.000, or about $K00
for each family. This does not In- ,
elude railroad transportation or tho
usual annual supplies required by tho .
family, but refers to the general tit i
ting nut of wagons, tools, machinery,
furniture, etc., based upon known pur- '
chases In settling new communities.
Maxwell's Talisman.
For thu 10 years ending December
31. 1900, the commerce of tho Co
lumbia river represents n total of
1242 foreign vessels, with a registered
lonnngo of 1,915,112, nnd 2949 coasting
vessels with a registered net tonnago
of 3,239,122, which entered tho Lolum-'
bla river. The value of Portland's
Imports and exports during this peri
od wero respectively $14,100,918,33
and $72,034,079.71. Kor the decade
ending December 31, 1903, tho river
traffic- centering nt Portland aggre
gated 13,000,000 tons. In 1890 Port
land, as tho commercial port ot tho
vulley of the Columbia, distributed
$110,000,000 In supplies, and its trade
In 1901 was approximately $120,000,
Oo . Sunset for August,
A woman Is glad that she Is not a
When sho sees her husband trying
to shave with a dull razor In three
When she sees tho latest styles In
When someone has to hunt for tho
supposed burglar.
When tho bills come In for tho
summer vacation,
When political questions are being
When her husband goes to work on
a stormy' day.
When lodge matters must bo at
tended to,
When somo ono noar her Is smok
ing a poor cigar.
When tho picnic lunch must bo car
ried. When she can wear a dlahphanotis
wulst on a sweltering day.
From the Pacific Monthly for Aug
ust. Mrs. O. U. Houston, of Astoria, has
been elected queen of the regatta,
having received over 50,000 vot.es.
Thousands of
,1L sickly people
! have been re-
V storm lonesltli
and strength
by tho use of
tno Hitters.
Many of them
voluntarily tes
tify tlint it cur
ed them of
Kidney Iruuble
or Malaria
It wld cure you
' TaaWaTrifcainrTi-i rrnriTf7""'';:P' -
((nYiCS iS3 ui i. h. h, Nnttuc Im.'i provided n tonic suited
LivieHg) to every requirement of the swlcm when in n debilitated.
run-down condition. It contains no strong niiiiertils or
drugs, but is a pleasant vegetable preparation. You cm find no better reme
dy for toning tip the nerves und bringing refreshing, restful sleep.
vS. S. S. iiuptoves the ap
petite and digestion, nnd its . "'oA 3- "'.' f"u"1 bo un oxcel
1 i rr i i . ont blood purlllrr nnil toulo. My Byctom boonms
good effects are seen almost vary much run clown and .lcilIlUtatod. I lost
from the first dose. It nets twonty ormoro pounds in wolc-lit, had nonppo
promptly in cases of chronic tltonml va3 In n bad nlmim. Soaimr S. H.S.ud.
.V.o.Jooi., iti.lUnctim, n.,,1 vrtisod I tiORim Its ubo, rind am woll ploasod with
dyspepsia, indigestion nnd tho ronults nftc-r ualiia- it for soma llttlo while,
nil stomach troubles, nild Prom lnOpounilHtolOBJ protty trood iivldonoa
does nwnv with the tincont- ot '"n'lton HnP?,F,tof D' haiitin.
, . DO Hooond St., Wnrron, Ohio,
fortable fullness, shortness ' '
of breath, drowsiness nnd dizziness that so often come after eating. S. S. S.
is not only the best tonic, but possesses alterative or purifying properties,
nnd if theic is nny taint, humor or poison in the blood, it searches it out ami
removes it. Many times u low state of health is due ton bad condition of
the blood and can only be remedied by such a remedy as S S. S.
If you suffer from debility, weakness, insomnia, nervousness, loss of ap
petite, bad digestion, or nny of the niiseinble symptoms of it disordered
blood, nothing will so soon put your blood in good condition, invigorate
and tone up the system and restore the health as S. S. S.
The Ginseng Fraud.
The ginseng advertisements that i
were a feature of tho magazines about j
a year ago hav.o disappeared, but the
agricultural department at Washing- j
ton has not forgotten them, A vorl-1
table craze for raising ginseng has t
spread over the country, anil the de-1
partition! Is besieged with requests f
for plants and seeds. Upon good i
authority it is stated that the plant
grown In this rouutry could find no j
market, as the Chinese get nn ample ,
al'lly rom arms In Korea The,
' , " " '"-"7'
the plant brought fabulous prices for
medical purposes, and that n small
patch In
with the
;iny old back yard planted
root could make a family
j rich beyond the dreams of the most
gullible patron of get-rlch-qu Ick
HUCtll IliU Ii lilt nu-v Him
Sun there has been trnud in conhec
tiou with the ginseng advertising,
some of the firms sending to pntrons
seeds, that when planted, produced
tho common variety or garden turnip.
Printers' Ink
California Leads.
A census bureau bulletin places the !
total area Irrigated In California at
1,7I3,720 acres. Remarknble progress
has been made In the state Irrigation 1
since 1S99. In 1902 thero wero in op
eration 0017 systems, with nn aggre
gate of 7010 miles of mnln canals nnd
ditches, the total construction cost of
which was $23,772,15j. Irrigation was
reported on 30.-I04 farms. In the
number of Irrigated farms and the
total construction cost of Irrigation
systems California holds first rank;
In total area Irrigated It is second
, 0,"
1 11 sometimes takes a
hero to tell
It is Fine
IN 1 AND 2 LB.
"Tho Kodak" season is now
on nnd we have tho largest and
most contpleto line profession
al and amateur photographic
goods ever shown In the city.
Don't forget to take a camera
or kodak with you on your a
catlon. Brock & McComas
Cor. Main and Court SU.
Pendleton, Oregon,
The Leading
Of the city, SIEBERT &
Schultz, have removed to 222
Court street, opposite the Hotel
Blckere. When you want a
well made suit at reasonable
prices, call on them.
Shoe Repairing
I have moved my shop to the second
door east of the Sa Ings Bank, no
paling of all kinds done in n work
manlike manner at reasonabl rates.
As I havo been In business hero 17
years, I need not speak of tho qual
ity of my work for It speaks for Itself,
My stock of shoos was aomowhat
damaged by wator nnd tho Insurance
company told mo to sail them for
what I could got, so I will sell them
The City Brewery Dottled Beer.
Tho grentest summer drink,
It goes
right to the spot.
, Always have this superior beer in
your home. It gives youth nnd vigor
to your tired system.
Physicians recommend beer that Is
pure. City Ilrowory Bottled Beer is
always good and nlways the same.
It is made In Pendleton and not
subject to changes of temperature Jn
' being shipped.
Put tip In quarts, pints and half
1 pints, and delivered in any quantity
Mottling works tolophono 1771.
Residence telephone 1831.
Wo make a Specialty of Uulldinii
Round or Square j
Also Header Beds all sizes and
kinds. Wo make them right and thej j
always give satisfaction. Our work i
Is never slighted or botched.
Pendleton Planing Mill
and Lumber Yard
Corner Webb and College.
Prompt attention Blvnn and all
work oxeoutod properly.
Bleetrloal Suppllei or all Sludi
(Tribune UulWIng)
Hill Military Academy
A private boarding
and day school. Man
ual training, military
discipline, college pre
paration. Boys of any
age admitted at any
time. Fall term opeut
Sopteraber 14, 1904.
And mall to Dr. J. W. Hill, Hill Mill
tary Acadomy, Portland, Or.
I have .... boys, whom I want to
send to a military school. Their age
aro Please send
me prices and terms; also Illustrated
descriptive catalogue of your chool.
St. Helen's Hall
EST GLASS corps ot toachors, loca
tlon, building, equipment the best
Send for catalogue
OpoiiB Soptombor 15, 1904.
Columbia University
Collegiate, Preparatory, Commerc
ial and Grammar Grado Courses. Ap
ply for catalogue. Hoarding school for
yo.ung men and boys.
Box 344, University Park Station,
Dimension lumber of de.
scrlptlons. Sash, Doors 111
Melding, mmrmlf-
Grays Hatbor
Commercial Co.
Opposite W. 4 c. R, Depot
Positively the beat beer
Any quantity you de
sire. Delivered to your
Always call for Oljm
pia T
'Phone Main 181.
The French!
Best 25 Cent Meal In the City ,
Private Dining Parian. !
Elerjnnt Furnished Roomi In J
0US LaFONTAiiNb, I'rop. ;
633 Main Street
1 1
All Kinds
nave good sound wood
which is delivered Jt J
reasonable prices J
For Cash.
Leav orders at Ne"'s
Cigar 5 'Jj
Rock Spring Cc
HecosnUed -
most economical '
are prepared to con.
yon for yo"w'nt'rVJ.
We deliver coal or
, part of the cltr-
Laatz Brosj
r Co. 1
Address Box W
hnrrels . t
Capacity, iov J
less than wuolosaIo price.
ortland, O.enon.
etc., '-