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Tonlslit nml Tuesday fnlr. cooler,
I ..... If von want business,
r 1S anxious to print the .
are the news.
NO. 51 20.
Have Co-operated to
a Waterusers' Asso-
in ai vaiB.
the Htock will havo been subscribed
by tomorrow, August, 9, at which
time Mr. Newell and Mr. Whistler
will attond a mass meeting at Vale
for the purposo of accepting the prop
osition to build a government reser
voir, to reclaim this entire tract of
deded land, If sufficient stock Is subscribed.
Features of the Plan.
The features and requirements of
the association are as follows, In
brief, as disclosed by the by-laws of
the association;
Within the boundaries described by
tho association, It is empowered to
acquire, furnish provide for and dis
tribute to the land of the sharehold
ers or this association, an adequate
supply of water for Irrigation thereot;
to divert, store. Impound, develop,
pump, carry, deliver and distribute
for irrigation and all other beneficial
uses, deriving the same from nil
available sources of supply; also, to
construct, purchas.e, condemn or ac
quire in any manner whatsoever, and
to own. use, soli, transfer, convey,
control, maintain and operate any Ir
rigation works, structures, telephone
systems, electric or other power
plants, and transmission lines neces
sary for the purpose of this associa
tion. Object Is Settlement.
Hriefly speaking, the association Is
Incorporated With $2,-
Its Buy and Acquire .All
jvVater Rights, to Divide Up i
I to Small Tracts and Give
trnment Full Sway Tract
Acres Now Practically ,
Will Be Reclaimed by
tnt Aid ACiuai ousi ui .
n r tJ tH Tah ti nr.mil.. ,,1'r.... Hmln. -.1 . 1 ...1.1.1..
ftiOn 10 DC nufJcuu ill i n w ..v.i...u witi ' iiaiui I.fSI-l Wlllllll
! Its boundaries nml turn It mm m
IllitallmentS. ,i. C0vcniment. sn tlln rnvprnmimt
right will be-the only water right in
. tho district, and that Is to be made
i was mane, ami during xno u
Pride of the Rio Grande System Plunged Into a Washout or mo acres of bnseian.i iw
J ored, which Is available for
While Going Sixty Miles an Hour.
Cloudburst Seven Miles From Pueblo Washed Out a Bridge and Water and
Debris Was Running 25 Feet Deep- First Chair car, Containing 100
People, Who Were Dashed Into the Seething Flood Engineer Went
Down With His Engine Presence of Mind of a Negro Porter Who
Pulled the Air Cord and Saved the T.hree Rear Cars Ghouls Rob the
Pueblo, Col., Aug. 8. The "World's Fair Flyer," the pride of the
Rio Grande system,, ran into a washout at Dry Creek, seven miles
west of here last night, while going at a speed of 60 miles an hour,
and fully 100 people were instantly killed or were drowned in the
torrent. A cloudburst had occurred on the mountains and washed
out the bridge over a dry gulch, the train dashing into 25 feet of
water and debris.
' State Land Agent Discovers Unused
: Base Land Worth $9400.
Salom, Aug. 8. Some time ago
State Land Agent Oswald West bo
I gnn to straighten out the records In
i his office ami to open tip tho books
on a new plan.
1 A forc.o has been nt work for the
I pnst two weeks, copying tho records,
innd yesterday tho first conrpnrlson
was made, and during tho day a total
as dlscov
lieu laud
This hind Is located In tho Klanmui
i Indian reservation, tho, .s'nrm Spring
, reservation and tho Cascade forest re
serve. In the utter lack of order
I which bus heretofore provallod In tho
, records of tho office, this base hns
i been ontlrely overlooked, nnd Is now
j nvnllnblo. ,
As base Is now worth to the stnto
1 $5 per ncto. this discovery means u
! saving, or n gain to tho Btuto of $9,-
400. nnd it represents tho first day's
i comparison mom. Thoro Is on fllo
I with the hoard, applications for 3500
I ncres of base for lieu land selection,
: and .Mr. West .expects to discover
j enough unused base to fill 'till these
10 ED
City Marshal Carney Swoops
Down on tho Alta Street
Opium Dens.
ot Incoriioration of tho
i Watcruaers Association
I been filed with tho Becrc-
The capital stock or
btlon Is fixed at 12,700,000,
Ko 90,000 Hhuros of the
io each,
fcrporators are tho leading
1 Malheur county, nnu in-
following, many of whom
oown In Umatilla county:
fh, W G. Thompson, D. A.
W. Mallet, M. G. Hope, G.
ling, J. K. IUackaby, F. M.
IV, Jletcalf, E. F. I'rutt, G.
Bon. 0. V Blanton, N. G
ft', Halllday, Fred Geller
iciatlon Is vitally Interest'
ktllla county, Inasmuch as
: attempt of the citizens
secure government aid
; patented land and It is
i condition of development
ligation of about 90,000
1 land In Malheur conn
i of which is now prac
ss, Is assured.
hlewlng the special feat
1 association, it is necos
kscrlbe the conditions In
district In Malheur couii'
fare led up to tho forma'
I It Now Worthless.
filheur river botwe.en Oil'
II lie, lies a large tract of
Itomprlslng nbout 90,000
' every acre of which Is
Th.ero aro sevoral prl
(companies operating In
. on a small scale, their
PS estimated to supply
i io 30,000 acres of land
lr of this tract belnu en
j :
iw use, and thero being
ir ot further private irrl-
re or the enormity of
to be Incurred In bring-
Irfrom tho upper river.
a Deroro the owners of
1 has been to reclaim It
support homes, but the
I'er sumily has been nro-
'HI reclaim hut a small
land, and as tho na-
ton act prohibits the
Fm interferlnc with nri-
l.er tho conditions ex-
the completion of tho
re was no possibility
f ?iu on this tract, al
l an excellent reservoir
water that can he
FWion purposes on this
lPenditure of nbout $2,-
'ter Salt River Plan.
wt this magnificent
Urlcultlirnl nnrl frnll
I He Idle, the citizens of
r applied to tho gov-
r tan, uy which national
IJMured, and tho recla-
rent cheerfully re
Amending this water-
to be patterned
f U now in nilnnoaafnt
Inseparable from the land, After all
water rights have boon acquired and I
evory claim to water surrendered,
then the government will undertake
to lrrgate the land, furnishing suffic
ient water to reclaim the entire tract,
Each acre of land Is to represent a
shar.e In the association, nnd no one
man Is allowed to hold more than 1C0
shares, settlement nnd not specula
tion, being the object of the plan,
the actual cost of the water is to be
paid back to Uie government, by each
Individual subscriber, in 10 annual Installments.
When a majority of the shares are
subscribed, the government will be
gin operations, hoping to see the .en
tire amount of shares subscribed In
good tim.e. Any one having land In
excess of 100 acres is required to sell
It, and If ho Is unable to so sell at the
end of two years, tho association be
comes trustee to sell It for him.
Government Must Be Supreme.
In brief, the people of the district
promise and bind themselves to ac
quire every water right now existing,
divide the land Into small tracts not
to exceed 160 acres each, glv.e the
government n clear title and' full
sweep to all tho available water
needed and then tho government loans
the settlers the price of the reservoir,
guarantees th.em a perpetual water
supply, and attaches a water right
Inseparably to the land, the actual
cost to ho repaid In 10 Installments.
After the completion of the project,
the water right always attaches to the
land, no transfer to be made not In
cluding a perpetual water right.
Tho reservoir site In contempla-
Details of the Horror. 'by tho cloudburst and may never be
Pnnliln Col.. Allir S Tim nrplilnnt I'eCOVOr.Od,
(Continued on page 8.)
Is the worst In the history of tho Rio
Grande rnllway. Dry creek, where
This makes it Impossible to give
tho accurate number of dead, but tho
number ranges from 75 to 125. Throo
the train went through the bridge, is ; bodies recovered thiB morning wore
not far from Butte, where washouts J taken from tho river in this city,
occurred two years ago. crippling the j sevc m08 UG)0W tne sceno r t,ie
I wrecK.
llne' i Tho two identified bodies are those
Two trains had preceded the of Frank H. Whitman and Alexnnder
"World's Fair Flyer" and had passed j S. Maxwell, Among tho missing and
over the bridge safely This train bolieved dead aro:. Mrs. John S. Oil
was proceeding at a high rate of vcr, of Pueblo, and two children;
speed nnd dashed right Into th.e dls- Mrs. Janies Smith, wife of the conduc
aster. . . I tor of the Ill-fated train; Ida Leonard,
The water In the creek was 25 feet 1 of I'ucblo; Mrs. Mary Wnlsh, of Chi
deep and running like a mill race. Icago; Miss Mury Hlco, of Lasolle,
When th.e baggage, smoker and chair 'HI.; Robert Lytle, cashier of the First
car left the track and plunged Into the ' National Dank of Pueblo; Miss Wily
stream, they were swept down four J Wood, of Pueblo; Dr. W. H. Moch unci
miles before they ran ashore. i Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Lamson, of Pueb
In the first coach passengers were lo; Miss Zennle Zelby, of Pueblo, and
standing up In the aisle for lack of 1 Lavall Dunham, of Pueblo,
seats. i
It Is estimated there w.ere 100 In
this ear alone, mostly from Denver
and Colorado Springs tor Pueblo.
Two Pullmans and the diner, on the
Revised List of Missing.
Pueblo, Aug. 8. Following Is a re
vised list of the Identified and known
dead: A. E. Hoes, Pueblo; Mra.
rear, remained on the track through Stevens, Northampton, Mass.;' Major'
the quick action f Colored Porter Krank . whitman; Henry Plngman,
' B u '" , engineer, Denver; Miss Soward, Miss
the engine stril the chasm, reached ; Ircno Wrght, Pueblo; JameB H.
up and pulled the emergency cord.
Tho car wheels locked and broke the
coupler connecting the chair car and
forward sleeper, which stopped with
the trucks In tho air suspended above
the roaring waters.
Scores of people were thus saved.
Smith, conductor, Denver: Miss Mln
tile Davis, Pueuio; Miss Elsie Holand,
Lindsburg. Kan.; MS8 Hadonburg,
Sallna, Kan.; Dr. W. F. Munn, Pueb
lo; MrB. John Mollver, Pueblo; Oeno
viovo Mollver and aged 4 years; Mary
mom vcr, aged 2 years; Miss Ida Ieoii'
pireman Mayficld jumped In time to , ard Pueblo. Mr8. slary Wal(iIl chca.
save his life, but Engineer Hinman g0. m1bs Mnry Prlc( Lasal'le
went .down with the engine Twenty-four others known to have
ueii mo news leucneu I'lieoio a i, n,,. -i - ,ii
Marion County Takes Steps to Open
Up New Road to Eastern Oregon.
Salem, Aug. 8. The county court
yesterdny considered tho proposition
of building the proposed rond from
the Hrcltcnbush over the mountains
on the Mlnto trnlt to tho headwaters
of the Des Chutes river In Unstern
Tho petition presented by John Mln
to and numerously signed, was con
sidered, and tho members of tho court
nro heartily In favor of building the
rond if this Is possinlo. They decided
to Investigate further, and will next
week scud n representative over tho
route, In company with .Mr. Mlnto nnd
ii member of tho I. Inn county court,
to view tlie trail nnd estlmnte the
Hal Lee Dispenser of the Drug, Fined
$20 and the Three Boys Serving
Five Days Each In Jail Other
Joints Raided Where Hot Pipes
Were Found, But the Devotees Had
Fled Owner of the Joint Claimed
That He Was Forced by the White
Men to Give Them Opium Qratr
Says He la Not Guilty.
Over 60 Buildings Burn, the Lost
Amounting to Half a Million,
l.uwlston, Aug, 8. Tho town of
Kcndrlck, 20 miles from this city, was
almost entirely wiped out hy fire Sat
urday. Over no buildings burned, tho loss
aggregating nbout ? 180,000.
Model Road at Walla Walla.
Walla Walla, Aug. 8. Tho county
commissioners will plucu th.u scheme
of building a sample stretch of road
before tho council nnd tho Walla
Walla Commercial Clnu. Tho experi
ment will bo quite oxpenslv.o and they
wish to get the opinion of the taxpay
ers before they take any dflulto action.
Printers' Union Convention.
St. Louis, Aug. 8.--TI10 Internation
al Typographical Union convention
met this morning at the fair grounds
with probably th.e largest nttundnnco
In Its history. Tho entire week will
he taken up with the business of tho
1 A raid of Alta stret China houses
last night hy Chief of Pollro M. J.
I Carney, resulted In the nrrest of Hoi .
I Leo, keeper of an opium Joint, and
1 three white smokers, Charles Wut
; son, Mike (irntz, Jr., and Joe Fnrns-
worth, and the capture of two "hop"
pipes and a quantity of opium.
In police court this morning tho
Chlnnmau was fined $20 and tho
three smokora went to Jull for flvo
days In default of payment of 11 line
of $10 cuch,
Watson nnd Fnrnswoith both show-
I ed the evidences of hop smoking
wueu urougiii into court ami nuitnor
hesitated in pleading guilty. Grutz
declared that lie was not smoking
nnd had gone to tho Joint to look lor
u friend.
Ilnl Ij'o protested his Innocence In
nil the pigeon English nt his com
mand. "Mo been America for 10
years," ho declared, "I no brenkoe
law nnd give white noy hop. Ho
como to my place. I Dl yoar old. Mo
no cun fight. Ho chokoo 1110 nnd say
lie klllee mo If I not let him smoke."
Hut Hal Lee's words w.ere In vain
and the court ImiHmcd n fine of $20.
The raid Inst night Is tho second
0110 nindu this year. Murshnl Carney
hail a number of special policemen
with him and hail the suspected
places well surrounded, but It Is
thought a number of smokers es
caped. "In Home of the plncon wo enter
ed," ho said, "the rooms were flllod
with tho odor of hop uiid tho plpoa
lying on the benches were warm.
Hut there wasn't 11 soul about."
special was made up and returned
and parties began searching for
bodies, which as fast as recovered,
were boxed and taken to Pueblo. Ho
llef trains were also started from
Oregon State Irrigation Commission
Expected to Be Here Wednesday
for the Purpose or Meeting F. H.
Newell and Maurice Blen No Pub
lic Meeting to Be Held, But General
Work of the Commission Will Be
Recovering the Bodies.
Pueblo, Col., Aug. 8. Only 11
bodies have been rocovered and taken
to the various undertaking establish
ments In this cLy up to 9 o'clock this
morning, and of tnose only two are . covered at noon.
Ghouls Rob the Dead.
Pueblo, Aug. 8. To ndd to tho hor
ror ol the situation, ghouls robbed tho
bodies of tho recovered dead. The
Wells-Fargo safe was found in tho
wreckage, empty nnd open. Twolvo
bodies wore taken from tho Arkansas
river at noon, nine miles below P11-1
oblo, Mrs. George West, wife of the 1
former mayor of Pueblo, bolng among
them. About 40 bodies had been re-
For 20 miles along
identified. Fountain creek and tho Arkansas
Many bodies It Is now known have . river thousands of people are lined
been swept down the Arkansas river along tho rivers searching for bodies.
?,.hls 'eal adviser,
;lted Malheur coun
Tf nd havo shown
wslsting the peoplo
"WCat nn l
I I . rcc'almlng this
I11!' Sat SfaMnrv
teen formed, and It
u a majority of
. .
- a
N(,w Opened.
II s The
?hi. Detus today
. " SllTtliWn
!. tVUllliI.il HIV
em; coun-
"'toan House.
F. H. Newell, chief engiueer of tho
reclamation service, accompanied by
a number of his assistants and Maur
ico Blon, legal adviser, will b,o in Pen
dleton Wednesday for the purpose ot
conferring with tho members of tho
stnto irrigation commission. The
meeting will bo held to discuss laws
necessary for the best Interests of the
reclamation of Oregon arid lands.
Tho meeting win not be public,
and just where It will be hold has not
been decided upon. Mr. Newell and
party will be In Walla Walla Thurs
day for the purpose of holding a
meeting similar to tho one that Is to
toko plac,o in Pendleton.
Hon. Henry E. AtiKeny of Eugene.
a momber of tho state commission,
arrived In Pondleton this morning.
C. W. Mallet, president of the com
mission Is .expected from Ontario
this evening.
Attorney Zora Snow of Portland,
ono of the legal advisors of the board,
win also arrlvo this evening. Thomas
G. Hnlley at this city, Is secretary of
tho commission. H. V. Gat.es ot Hills
boro, tho engineer of the board, Is
absent in California and will not bo
present at tho conference,
"Thero nro a number of things of a
general nature rolatlvo to tho arid
land laws of tho atato, said Mr, Hal
ley this morning, "that aro to bo dls
cussocl. Mr. Newoll will not mak,o
any address of a public nature, for
what tho govornmont Intends doing
tins been gono ovor ofton of late."
Rome, Aug. 8. A Tien Tsln dis
patch says the Japanese, after a pro
longed cannonade, havo commenced
with their naval batteries at Port Ar
thur and tho speedy fall of the fort
Is Inevitable.
No Japanese Losses.
St. Petersburg, Aug. 8. General
Saknlmroff reports that up to noon
Sunday thero was no chango in the
positions of the Mnncuurlan armies.
Tho report Is slgnlfcant, as it acts
as a denial of vague reports current
for several days of heavy engage
ments about Liao Yang and Hal
Cheng in which the Japaneso were ro-
ported to hav.o been defeated with
hoavy losses,
Russians Suffer Heavy Loss.
Berlin, Aug. 8. Tho Tageblatt has
received a dispatch from Lla Yong,
dated th.e 7th, which states that a
heavy attack was made on tho west
ern wing of tho Russian forces norui
of Hal Cheng.
Many of the Russians wounded
wore brought thoro. Aloxieff nnd ku-
ropatkin were In Mao Yang on Sun
day. .It Is rumored that Mukden is
now threatened by the Japanese.
Russia Called Down Hard,
Washington, Aug. 8. In forceful,
but diplomatic language the United
Statos government has declared to
the world that It cannot assent to tho
general proposition made by Russia
that coal Is contraband of war.
This announcement Is made In a
circular note from Secretary Hay to
American ambassadors In Europe,
duted June 10th, hut made public this
Hill's International code Is quoted
to show that during the West African
conference In 1881 Hussia took occa
sion to dissent vigorously from tho
attempt to Include coal among tho ar
ticles named us contraband of war.
Hoy further soys that It is under
stood It Is Ilussla'8 Intention to do
dure cotton contraband. Such a pol
icy, ho asserts, would Imply that
overy artlclo of human use might bo
declared contraband, simply that It
might ultimately become useful to bel
ligerents, for military purposes."
She Inquires as to the Gathering of
the American 8quadron at 8myrna.
Washington, Aug. 8. Cheklb Hay,
I Turkish minister, called at the state
' ilopurtinon! this morning to Inqtiiro
whether thu published suitcmout that
tlie European squadron of tho Unltod
States unvy had been ordcroil to
Smyrna as 11 menace to Turkey, were
Ho was Informed that tho visit of
; tho Ainorlcnn shops to Turkish
, A1.. wuters wan In iiccordnnce with u pro-
REGISTRATION FOR CLAIMS arranged schedule and should not ho
BEGIN8 TODAY. ''otiHldereil us a mennco to thu Otto
man govornmont.
1 In addition, howovor, ho woh told.
that tho United Suites would Insist
strunuouBly upon her rights, and up
on compliance with her request with
reference to the trading claims and
proper protection to Amoilcnu inter
ests. It Is understood that no further
Instructions will bo sunt lo Minister
Lolschmnii until after the arrival of
the squadron ut .Smyrna.
Tract of 88,000 Acres of Indian Lands
to Be Disposed of 8lx Thousand
Acres Reserved for 01 Indians
Sully's Reserve of 960 Acres Is to
Be Reclaimed as a Government
Gunboat to 8an Domingo.
Washington, Aug. 8 On account of
Germany Loses to United States.
Washington Am? K "-,..,.,. i.
nrnvnlann. .l...l , ll , . ... . .' UD
...w i""'wv-u ui uiiu-iuiuieu lacuna uruiijiuu 10 ueconu place In boor pro'
in am uommgo, ana ttio consequent ductlon the United Statos having cap- paid
danger to Amorlcan Interests In that lured thn lemiin
f"nty',a u,n,ted Statos eunboat haa , tu statistics published today by tho I A mistake may bo a inlsfortuno
uopariraont or commerce 1 but It were cruel to call it a crime.
Grand Forks, N. D., Aug. 8. Reg
istration for claims on th.o Devils
Iako Indian reservation began today,
and as a result this vicinity is wit
nessing a laud rush similar to that
which recently took place on tho
opening of tho Hosebuil reservation.
The registration will continue until
August 24.
Tho drawing to dotormlno In whut
order claimants may fllo on the res
ervation lands, which will bo conduct
ed by the commissioner of tho gener
al land offlco, will begin at Devils
Luke on Soptcmber C.
The reservation thrown open em
braces 88,000 ucres. The tract In
cludes the old Fort Trotten military
rusei-vuiiun as wen as tlie lands oc
cupied by tho Sisseton, Wuhp.eton
and Cut Heud bands of tho Sioux In
dians, Tho entire strip Js thrown
open to sottlemout to CI Indians, and
Sully's Hill, embracing 900 acres,
which is resorv.ed by tho government
lor a public park,
Tho land Is more expensive than
the Rosebud lands, tho government
requiring that f 4.50 per aero he' jiald
by homesteaders who aro fortunato
enough to draw a quarter. Of this ,
sum $1,50 per acre must be paid when 1
the person makes his entry and 50 '
cents 11 year per acre thereafter until
Sheriff's Posse Met a Gang of Bad
Men Near Waterman.
The Dalles, 'Aug. 8. A sheriff's
posso from Fossil, met a gang of
horse thlevos nonr Waterman, Wheel
er county, Saturday evening, and In
the right which ensued Deputy Sher
iff Hugh Shields was shot In the
mouth nnd seriously woundod, nnd
ono of the bandits received u bullet
In his stomach, hut nmilu his escape
on Shields' horse,
A r,oward of $400 Is offered by Was
ai and Wheelor counties for the cap
ture of thu thieves, who havo hoen
harassing thosa counties nil summer.
bo,on ordered there from San Juan,
The Bomb-Strewn Path,
Son Sebastian, Aug, 8. Tho
journey of King Alfonso, to
open an oxhlbltlon at Vlttorla
has been delayed owing to the
discovery of three dynamite
cartridges In tho royal train,
Sluco tho assassination of Von
Plohvo a closer watch has been
Instituted around all tho Euro
poan monarchs, and the bombs
Intended for Alfonso were dis
covered almost by chance.