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I of Pearl
ft uaslly bo destroyed, by Improp
j tt ilontirriccs. Thoro are ninny
V jpnratlons that will whiten
t tath, but fow that preserve the
a enamel while thoy whiten.
sTes teeth whllo It beautifies
U nam. It arrests decay, hardens
ft Sic gums, removes dlscolora-
iSons, sweetens the bream
srad stops there.
Price 25 cents.
In 19 Yenrs' Experience Has Seen the
Rise of the Industry Through All
Its, Phases lohn Vert Drought One
of the First Shires Ever Imported
Here Cox and Minor and Later
Frank Frazier Imported Blooded
3stofllce Clock.
"Phone Main S51.
Dlbbs. of
i v. Xi. lu., lilt Jiurpuiimii; uirna uu-
j tertainlngly of the history and pros-
t I pects of tlu horso Industry In Umn-
t , tllla county, after 1U years' experience
j within Its confines at handling every
I' thing from the crudest broncho to tho
blooded trotters and heavy drafts.
J When Mr. Co.x'k observations hero
j began In ISSu. there were Just two
J thoroughbred horses In the county
i both 1'erohorons; In addition there
t ' was being stood one grade roadster,
! which was a fine animal, but by no
I means a .thoroughbred. Before That
j two trotting stnlllons had been hero
! for a season, and two running stal-
The effect of such a hetrogenous
! breeding ui)on a stock made up of a j
, little of most anything that was ever ,
called horse, can be Iinnglued. There
were no results that wore In any j
sense consistent, or mat appealed to
the lover of a good horso, or to one
KvPreniier Sir George
USrar South Wales, Is dead.
23a? iiuw city water supply for Ma
.Btto kITI be brought 1G miles at a cost ; who looks at a horse simply from tho
dollars and cents stnmtpolnt,
As mentioned, the original stock
was a conglomerate mix-ii u streak
of .Morgan, Clyde, Percheron. u tract;
..f t,,,.,iln, 1 i.. i.
. , . r p .i tnl, "i iiuitiivini oiuuuuiu ivuiuiiilK HtwL'K,
Marshal Oyama of ho . la , bm, ac,,)Sh .mj 8t ,,,,,,,. '
oral stock that ever Infested any new
country. And not a blooded horse
The St. George.
W. W. Hong, -.envcr,
S. Cnmpholl, Denver.
W. 0. Itnnd, Denver.
Gordon Ilnnd, Denver.
Dr. Georgo S. mcock, Snlt Lnke.
G. A. Taylor, Portland.
Miss Engllsn, Wlllowa,
Frank Anthony, Unite.
J. A. Allison, I'or.nnd.
T. .1. Gardner, Por -and.
J. D. Barbour, Portland.
Fred (latrr, Portland.
I). W. Cade. St Joe.
H. S. Wen. email and wile, New
York. F. J. Kunessor. San Francisco.
Mrs. Dr. Howard, Tekoa.
George McGllvery, Spoknno.
D. U. Parker. Spokane.
Mrs. Walters. Walla Walla.
The Hotel Dickers.
J. G. Long, Portland.
Charles haConto, Seattle.
Mrs. Charles l.aCount, Seattle.
Miss .Mary Hooce, Paste.
S, H. Hawkins. Washington.
Henrv Chow. city.
S. S. Gill, Spokane.
H. Moroy. Spokane.
Mrs. lleed, Umatilla.
It. U. Allen. Walts ,urg.
Julius Weynn. Pilot ock.
G. II. McDonald, Seattle.
C. M. Tamiuary Salem.
L. H. McLaughlin. Gurdauo.
W. M. Scott. Helix.
K. F. James, Starkey.
W. S. Paul. Portland.
A. II. Ilothrock. .inns.
I). J. Kirk. Milton.
H. M. Kerfmer. Denver.
J. W. linker. Portland.
.1. P. .Mitchell, Hood Hlvcr,
11 I HP .
r i win dUHMMiti -vi bw uuiuiuuy,
Iluy n mnn'B dross shirt nnd got a Bilk tlo FREE.
Iluy a pnlr of shoes and got a pair of hoso FHEE.
Iluy n shirt wnlst and got fancy collar or ribbon FltEE
Huy n skirt and got n belt FREE.
Uuy a child's dress and got a ribbon FHEE.
Huy a Bttlts of clothes nnd got a good hat FREE.
Uuy a pair of pants and got Btiapondors FREE.
Iluy ?3.00 worth of dry goods and get, FUEE, any toilet article in
caso worth BOc, 10 our
House lining, good grado .,.
Good mtiBlln, "c grade, 10 yards for JC
Ladles wrappors 20 Per cent off regular'-!
Men's r0c nnd COc dross shirts, for ono day v"e
Misses' and chlldron's shoos, good and strong, sizes 8 to L oniv'V,i
"The thermometer registered 120 do
grrws on July T.l In Manchuria during
rite battle of Hal Cheng.
vwsv army, lias estaiuisiieii neuu-
Himners in the field with the army
'Tho Stars and Stripes havo been anvwhori' with Mn fnultivii DYPntitlnnu
Uoisred. over American residences in Imte,. One of tin. tlrst blooded ant
am An Prince to protect tho resl-, mal(4 ,loBilt nto tMl, uouty Wns by
aiIS- i John Vert, who brought in an import-,
fllcing to the awfut heat In the Orl-1 ed Shire a very fine animal, whose
ttt nost of the bodies found on the descendants can be recognzed to this
fcartjf fields are burned to provent day. I
i-Tirtaifss ; In ISSO Mr. Cox, and his partner,
Tie democratic deadlock at St. 1 -Mr. Minor, brought to the county Abl--'Joseph
was unbroken when the con-! co- registered trotter, and his Ini- ,
Tntttcin adjourned to meet again on 1 l'r-'S8 is still seen tnroughont the
.Olnssst IS. i county. - i
Trt vnl.mtPPr HiiMlnn vpssels are " 10J1 'ier urougiii to
' i the Improvement ot roadsters and of
the lighter built all-purposo horso in
Driven Insane by the packers ! Umatilla county really dates from the
amtc Alfred Day. a meat inspector i)rnglllf. of lla, thrye lwrsot. lulmuU
jrWar Rapids. Iowa, committed sill- abov0i !iml becilnl(1 uoticc-ublo from
lA? i'rUlay. I that time on. All these horses hnvo
Jtre. Lena Chnnuiers and Slary ( descendants all over the county. In
rXxtXea, of Uouider, Col., were drown-. fact, all over Eastern Oregon.
utri a cloudburst, while asleep In Mr. Cox speaks of tho excellence of
wady to leave the-Black Sea to ll(l)l0,"1 h',Y "T' w '?b "taV
- npoii the commerce of tho Medi- T,7.a"S a"'l Wt:S rlel(1 .
The Pendleton.
G. L. Iltirke, Portland.
Joseph Levitt. Kansas City.
Jobopli Carroll, Diamondale.
Charles Kelley. Itoslyn.
II C. Harmon, Portland.
Mr. and .Mrs. O. Stevens and son.
II M. Ogduii. Portland.
Miss Cora Noal Patten. Chicago.
George M. Allen, Portland.
George W. Campbell, Portland.
H A. Seeds, poifane.
C. C. Simpson, Portland,
ti. J. MeEroy. Starbuck.
II. H. .Morgan. Starbuck.
G U Galley, Starbuck.
C J. Powers, Walla Walla.
F A. Peters. Portland.
W. It Glemlonning, Portland.
.Mrs. Frank Carlisle, San Francisco.
G. W. Hunt, Portland.
T. J. Corkery. pokane. '
E. n Aldrlch. Fossil.
A N lander. Portland.
Colored Minister From Around the j
' World Takes Up the Arduous Task ,
of Regeneration. I
"Tell them that I am dirty, ragged ,
aucir camp in a canyon near iioumer many ot the Umatilla county riding l"i so tnoy won't he disappoint- i
Stiiaj'. horses of the early days. They were i e'l u"f surprised when thoy see me." I
Jt riot followed the adjournment of I the product of the original pony stock salt! Rev. E. H. Swnckhnnimer. last,
ttoe democratic convention at Lexlng- and occasional racing horses brought evening, as he handed In a notice of!
,uku huidb inaa non? it u
10 uu
when he eyes are weat TtJ
giusses win ue aosoiutelf ctd
" muiBu lo maae nerelottl
uie sigiit nna very little ot f
tor reading or general purptaj
tvu tin i) a iuii nne oi goilil
cle saud eyeglasses. Prices tJ
Jeweler and Optid
Hosionice uiock.
lam. K- Friday. The police were ' across the plains by movers. Nearly
.TItal to quell the disorder and had every large caravan had at least one
:to rfab several rebellious delegates.
Mrs. May Smith, wife of a Santa
ir irakeman, of Denver, gave her
c&ase little children poison Friday and
Otai cwallowed a largo quantity her
aril. One child died and the mother
txumit recover. She was despond
'.nil orer separation from her hus-feral.
man with a penchant for fast horses,
and these running horses were the
a missionary meeting to ho hold by
him In this city In the next fow days.
Rev. Swaekhammor Is a colored
Itinerant preacher, and arrived from u
.Mrs. Smith Constant smoking kills.
Mr. Smith It cures sometimes.
Mrs. Smith Cures what?
.Mr. Smith Hams.
very first well-bred animals broucht i ;rl around the world yesterday oven
Into this country, and not many of I his. and will arrange to hold religious
them were blooded or registered, al-! services in some of the churches,
though many of them were excellent When ho arrived In town he wns
animals. Their influence was not last- j travel-stained nnd rusty appearing.
lng. and few traces can be discerned ' amI carried his entire earthly belong
Ttuj. tfttomometer reached 105 at
The Dalles Friday, tho hottest day
Tittered there.
Work on the iederal building at
Wetland has been resumed lifter a
tuts sunienslon,
l Is now estimated that the Morrl
4bu svrect bridge In Portland, will be
ountilered by January 1, 1905,
now of their descendants.
Mr. Cox does not boll.ove thoro is
now In Umatilla county a first-class
saddle stallion, whereas there should
bo several, and thoy should bo well
patronized. Every' condition hero is
favorable to the development of a
splendid strain of Haddle horses.
The only way to breed for a saddle
horse ai present is to breed to a trot
ter, anil such procedure Is nover sat
isfactory because trotters do not have
the conformation to begin with.
Mr. Cox thinks there should bo
St the Klamath county irrigation i money In breeding for pure saddlers.
ue iienuves in.it io,imju coiuu not now
purchase in really flrst-calss saddlers
In Umatilla county. To get the best
saddler Is a matter of crossing tho
American thoroughbred with animals
which nature has chanced to build and
gait for saddlers.
For the best all round farm horso
Mr. Cox believes grade Percheron,
.tnvfvet is adopted by the government,
XavMOO. acres of land will bo reclaim-
Xatle Uusch, an lS-ycar-old Polish
sstrt, fa under arrest for burying her
'or-born babe alive at Franklin,
Ulbert .Martin, the Slletz Indian,
StuuDj 1 guilty of manslaughter for kill-1 Cly,,e8 -anJ' slllres nru preferal)Iu;
;ibkU. S. Grant, a tribesman, will get
:a new hearing.
arresldent A. H. Dovers. of tho Ore
i&m Irrigation association, will ad
tfrnxs a mass meeting of Irrigators at
ftteurlo on August 9.
(Qn August 31, 287 Knights Templar
'iff ft'ttsburg, Pa., will stop over for
n tislt to Portland, while en route to
tUu San Francisco conclave.
William Parker, a pioneer miner
jjaifl prospector of tho Pacific coast,
iflxt! near Gelsor, Grant county, Frl
ow. Ho was a M9 prospector In Cal
ilftirnln. Tbe Northern Pacific Is protesting
usstiust Its assessment at Chohaus,
Wuah. Tho company turns in tho
Mdse of the rolling stock at $73,000,
wfefic the assessor fixed tho value at
3015,000 for Lowls county.
Bf you want to buy wheat land, a
stock ranch, town property, vacant
fail or anything in tho real estate
',ltvt. Just drop In and seo us.
"TtSlce in E. O. Building, Pendleton,
Or. 'Phono Dlack 1111.
though the tendency is ever toward
too heavy a horse for the average
farm purpose. When this results the
heavier animals can bo marketed In
the cities, and the lighter animals
kept for farm work.
He regards tho best all round roads
ter to bo the product of the Standard
American Trotter crossed with the
most suitable native stock wherever
It comes from, or of whatever breed
It may be. That is, that kind of a
cross Is his first Choice. His second
preferenco Is for a cross with the
Morgan a horse too small for all pur
poses, but an animal which has nover
been equaled for all purposes for Its
Fischers Were l-Jen at Their
Last Night.
Tho Fischers in "Tho Flag of Truc.o"
at tho Frazer last night, wero se.on at
their best. Rounds of applause greet
ed overy scene. This stirring military
drama made such a decided hit that It
will bo repeated this ovenlng. A. R.
Thorne as "Dad Howlns" proved him
self a very clever portrayer of char
acter nnd his emotional work was
Little Miss Gladys Mitchell, as
"Mastor Eddie," earrled off tho part
with credit. Tho attondnuco last
night was a IKile better than usual,
but It Is anticipated that a repetition
of "Tho Flag ot Truco his evening
will bring out tho largest crowd of tho
Tho Fischer company will closo Us
engagement In this ctty Sunday night
by presenting tho Hoclety drama, "Sox
Against Sox."
Ings in a large grip swung around his
Calling at the office of tho East Or
egonlan, ho was furnished a list of tho
ministers In the city, nnd also told
whore- he had been In his five years'
wanderings around the world.
His lust stop was to serve as chap
lain ot the 21th (colored) Infantry In
the Philippines, and ho now holds re
ligious services In tho different cities
which he visits and from the roll of
letters and recommendations which
he carries; he has had a wfdo exper
ience as an ovangelfst, in his way.
Hefore going on a visit to the dlf
fernt ministers last evening, ho
brought out fromi the depths of his Ing
gage a ministerial coat, bristling all
over with the ministerial air, and snl
lied out to assail the wickedness ot
Pendleton, which h.e says Is above
"You may say," he remarked, "that
I am ragged and poor, for I don't want
anybody to be disappointed In me."
It is true, his travels had reduced
his clothing to mere ghosts of gar
ments, consisting principally of fringe
and rents, but that did not not pre
vent the wearer from being an cn
thuslstac religious worker and on as
certaining that there Is no V. M. C. A.
here, he dechfed that It was a fertile
field for some genuine missionary
Kppnr Family Stricken.
The burial In ono grave ot the two
little children of Mr. and Mrs. Mack
Gentry has been tho saddest event ot
tho fast week. On July 27, Guy Ross
Gentry, tho bright little 4-year-old
boy, died from dysentery, after a
short but painful Illness, tn.o funeral
being arranged for Friday, the 29th.
On that day tho baby, Josoph Ray
Gentry, aged 2 years, passed away
from the same complaint. Tho llttlo
ones wero burled In one gravo on Fri
day, and tho parents wero rondorod
childless at a blow. Heppnor Gazette
End of Bitter Fight.
"Two physicians had a long and
stubborn fight with an nbcess on my
right lung," writes J. F. Hughes of
DuPont, Gn "and gav.o mo up. Every
body thought my timo had como. As
a last resort I tried Dr. King's Now
Discovery for Consumption. Tho ben
efit I received was striking and I
was on my feet In a fow days. Now
I've entirely regained my health." It
conquers nil coughs, colds and throat
and lung troubles. Guaranteed by
Tollman & Co.'s drug store. Prlco
50c anil 1.00. Trial bottles freo.
clearance sale at
A wagon road, for which congress
appropriated, will b,o built through tho
North Yakima forest resorvo.
The Breakers
Where to Stop at North Beach
Tho Breakers Hotel Is conducted to attract the best patronage,
and is a summer hotel that is unsurpassed on the Pacific Coast
north of tho famous California beach resorts. . -
The building has an ocean front of 100 feet, Is 7C feet wide and
four stories high, or 73 feot from tho ground floor to the top of the
It has handsomely furnished rooms, single or en suite, for 250
guests, each room bolng carpeted.
Tho house Is lighted by olectrlclty with electric lights aud elec
tric call bells in evory room, and these lights make It one of the
most brilliant beacons on tho entire coast.
The ontlre lower floor Is thrown opejt to the public, and, being
beautifully carpeted, tho spacious reception room and large, airy
halls always form favortto gathering places for guests. The billiard
nnd pool room is also qulto popular for merry gatherings.
An Aeolian and Pianola in the commodious parlor furnishes
delightful music at all times, and musicals are ploasant features
during tho entire season.
Tho Breakers has a regular orchestra which furnishes music
for informal danc.es and balls, and the largo dining room, with Its
smooth, hard floor, makes an Ideal hall for regular dancing parties.
An abundance o ffresh and salt water fish, clams, oysters, crabs
and other sea food Is always on our menu; our ontlre supply of
milk, butter and cr.eam comos from, our awn herd of Jorsey cows,
and poultry and oggs aro supplied from tho hotel farm adjoining
tho grounds.
There aro hot aud cold, frosli and salt wator baths In tho house,
with private baths and toilets.
The waves ot tho ocean at high tide roll within 200 feet of the
hotel, and the beach in front Is superb for surf bathing.
On tho grounds are bowling nlloys, golf links, tonnls courts and
croquet sets; on the lako, Ju3t back of tho hotel, Is a Hoot of sail
and row boats, and on Shoalwater bay, just oast of the lakos, Is a
gasoline launch for parties of flshormon, plcnlckors or others who
profer'tho warm, stlll-wator bathing to tho tumbling of tho surf.
All trains stop at tho railroad station in the hotel grounds, and
no crowding Into hotel omnlbusos or walking In sand Is necessary,
slnco the hotel ground Is a perfect velvety lawn, whoro the guests
are practically landed at tho hotel door.
Tho Broakors Hotel Is located at Breakers Station, a regular
ticket office, whoro all trains stop, it Is ono and a halt miles north
of Long Beach Station.
In purchasing tickets seo that thoy read to Breakers, Wash.,
and havo baggago checked through to that point.
Tolograph and tolophone connections In tho hotel.
Address all corrbspondonco as fallows:
Long Beach, Wash.
and broke It Into splinters, Bill
been the fate of your cmiiStl
it was run into by somttblsii
"tli.Mi. Is balm hi Gllead'orui
pleasure In knowing that In oil
you can liavo u mane i
We do all kinds ot camiffw
un.i iii.'inksmlthlne In a iVm
sunerlor manner, We set Ural
i,v,imiiiii pressure: does
does it while you wait; dotinj
or deface your wheels um
the life of the rig. wu i
u-m-lt v.. have WlnoM 1
Hucks ami Buggies, and Slow I
line Kiigiues, .
The Blaekimiim.
tVr set. 15.00. Pld cro'l
54.00. silver fllllnj, 50!
trading. 50c.
v are thoroughly
with nil modern "
worn io u -. - . .(..lori
dank and our price
consistent wllu "
White Bros.
Association Block.
Paone Main 1661-
The Colon1'
.. neat 4s1'
Well veniiMM- j
fortable rooms,
In connection,
goods are '
Main street, center '
j pfopf'etof
.how It b th
Is the aov"