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weather forecast.
Tonight and Saturday fnlr.
if von want business, i
"L as anxious to irint the
ttS we arc me
NO. 5118.
mm fur n PF
flllUUUUU uuiiwi
j. nf Pnnnlar Student
n...!o ! Rittprlw f!pn
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...viiMte CILENCE
captain of tho English ship KnUht
Commander recognizes the legality of
the act of sinking his ship.
Ocean Lines Suspend.
London, Aug. 5. The Peninsular &
Oriental Steamship Comnanv hns an-
, nouncod tho discontinuance of their I
i sen ice to japan owing to the Impos-
,oiuim ui uuiermining what may be
I termed contraband. The Ocean &
! China 'Mutual Company has Issued
similar notices.
Harry Fisher of Philadelphia
Attempts Robbery and Kills
His Victims.
Official Count of Losses.
1-ondon, Aug. 0. Baron Hayashl,
the Japanese minister today Issued an
official count of the dead anil wound
ed of tho last three -attles on the en
veloping movement around Hal Chenc
and Lino Yang.
In tho battles of Yushu LIntzu and
Yam Selling, the Japanese lost 940
killed and wounded, while the Rus-
SlntKa' nnettnlHna ntv, oatlmntn.1 n(
at 2000. At Slmu Cheng tho Japanese I Frantlc for Money a Fast Young Man
Run on the Drovers' Bank at
Chicago Almost Causes a
That the Russian Commander
c. uard Pressed That He Cannot 1 losses were 194 killed, CGC wounded.
. n.tanes to the Telegraph oi-, ,. ,.. T.r. . .1.1. nu,
..Dar of Arabia's Cargo Iswuieh were burled by the Japanese.
li)Preearlous Position of Rus-
- n t 1 1 to H in sr. HPiprs.
. CtKimnls n f th War
Amerlcal Societies Resolve That No
Public Money Be Used for Sectari
an Purposes.
Detroit, Aug, 5. At tho closing sea
1 slon of tho American Federation of
; Catholic SocIotloB this morning a
number of resolutions wero adopted,
Including ono on' the school uuufttlon,
ndvnnclng this solution: Lot no pub
lic moneys be" paid out for religions
Instruction In any school; let tho ed
ucational per capita tax bo disbursed
for results, In purely secular studies
'only, In our Catholic schools; out
teachers receiving their snlarl.es, us
their teachers receive tholrB.
To ascertain these results, let our
schools bo submitted to stnto or city
examinations, thus will tho great prin
ciple of our government that no pub
lic moneys bo used for sectnrlan pur-
James W. Abbott, Govern
ment Good Road Expert,
Gives Timely Advice.
Alleged That 400 Returned to Work I- o preserved Intact.
Rich Discovery by Seattle Man In Un
expected Locality.
Seattle. Aug. r. Charles Vader, re-1
siding at 117 Leary street, Ballard, I
linft lll rfttlirnml frnm l,n Pnli'llln In. ,
Aug 5 -The greatest fever , reservation, where he lately dls-
ntcrs Rccm of His Newiy Married .
Sister, is Detected In the Theft and I
to Hide His Crime Kills Her and 1
Her Husband After Shooting Him-'
self He Flees, Leaving a Trail of i
Blood But Returns and Confesses :
and is Taken to Hospital.
This Morning at St. Joseph Don
nelly Says Independents Arc Ruin
ing Beef Trust's Business Butch
ers' Union Inflicts Serious Damage
an the Packers by Enlisting Smpa
thy of Cold Storage Men AH Out
side Points Waiting for News From
I North Pole Rescue Party Came Back
j for Coal Supply, But Starts North
! Again.
I Vnrdo, Norway, Aug. 5. Cuiiiinnti
der Champ, of tho relief expedition to
the north polo, aunt to rescue tho
party who relieves Baldwin of tho
St'lKlor exploring party, returned here
: from Frnnic Joseph Innd on nccount
'(if n Rhortnge of coal, lie sails ugalll
Veteran Highway Builder Tells of the
Work of the Government at Eugene
Absolute Failure of Congress to
Appropriate for This Work Has Al
most Prevented the Construction of
the Model Road Will Probably
Build Small Amount of Model Road
at Belllngham.
Chicago, Aug. G. On tho return of
...a A Hit II 1 Ilf MUUlCDk w , int. rac,-i-n ! ... I....... 1.., nn .. J i. Til. I 1 .1 ..I. J , ... .1
..iiomnni ami indignation nrevuus .i,-t -,., i . t.. t .... o, ..n . ,
.. ...,!., Im.lUc nnrl llltnr.1.. . . . . 7 . I " -", ., vi., ...v. .,,,., .
tne Slliut-IH uuuito .np rinnnct IT Tint Ihn rlnlmcf irnlH nni irrnnm n-n,.,. ... ' Ifnu.tllll IUUIICIM, Ul lull iniiiiuu.n
Sere over the announcement that mlncs , tne western hemisphere. Va-1 blood this morning by Harry Fisher, Un,on' U)"n' '"""KlU derinlto plnns
rn.mc daughter of Professor Jler- ,in,. rinima , hnv r.m,i mn.mtnir, i,mii,or r ai,nr.... to stop tho dollvery of meat from a
tueivvj uiuL in micu iLii uuiu ijuuiiiin tirfi ui ' rinui I'liieri'fi ino nn m inr tmi "
.tious ilocuments in pacuages 01 Thls mountaIn Is located near tho I detected in the -edroom of his sister , Pl'KB centers. Doiinolly claimed tno
riles to the Russion soldiers at the town of Meteor, which lies in the ! and brother-in-law, killed them both. ! enthusiasm of tho Htrlkcrs Is every-
i . in . I uii tm; tuDcnaiiuii iimi j nv lhuii wuui llllllbt'll, UUt IUO WUUI1U i lt . . . , . .
np DeUUlUlU Kill nilOllt m PR in n crmtliorlt llrn. wao nn folol nnrl It m to '"!. M LUiii num y uuu MI "o ui
hp the youncest daughter of the ! tion from nnnnhlin Horn Mr Vndnr riHn. h inf m i.n..oQ rai.,Mi. cngo.
.t .. 1 ni.- r Tl il nliwlnnt .. .... .
hnvln" lifn fmnlnvd with
....Inn (n iironnvtniT minrlina if
the solrilerB
alleged seditious pamphlets
uutriY uv u sluuuul uuut:r uuii.
1. n Dunn n 1...
1 i icn nni in tin iLiinaiu 1 Lu.c;n. i
'i Friday.
Attempt to Depress Wheat Market by
Exaggerated Reports.
Chicago, Aug. r. Tho discovery tills
morning, or .vhnt Is believed to bo u
movement against the wheat market
by using exaggerated reports of tho
condition of crops In the Northwest,
tho object being to tnko big profits
cally covers the entire mountain. , way calmly confessed the deed and I l t uwnt ,rUBt ' "reiy Doing under-j on n rise, caused tj slump m tno bop-
"The ore will run from J3 to 35(10 was sent 111 hnsnilnl mined oy uie iiiduiiuiinemB. i 11111 . n-uiiiti nui-ai mui nui un iihiiiiiiik
per ton," said Mr. Vader, "but I es
Fluhor ts knnu-n nc tiw. i,1.m,nf sianeu on tno urovors uann in
matter and hand timate that It will average about $15, of his. family, and has gambled and Ull' H"K'liylm,H ,tl'1? by tho
nd hospital supplies a ton. i )Iayed,le ractl8 ht.avlly. and it is sui- ftriUors, who withdrew their depos Is
in tho Manchurlan I p0se,i was frantlc for money. ue-a,1Be of tho alleged use of tho In-
Negro Brute Takes Revenge on
Man Who Discharged Him.
ifartford, Conn., Aug. 5. Henry
urvieasur lu liiu uiiivuibtiy in xaui- 1 . "
r MnK lin" 'nnilinTIV trrwr ,,nMn. rrm
lue iit'usuuuuiu iiaiuniiiuib, ii la
K! wprp RnilnrclPM intn thn nnnlr.
mlssioner, was murdered at his home
this morning by a negro formerly In
his employ. Enmity and robbery, the
kr tho pjnrlnn nnri iiroro Tint rtio. police say, the former, was the motive
rerfa liuiu inRV ifiii into inn nnnriR v " "
ioe sin was at once taken Into '
((flflV 1'nnri.Ai U-ltli hinli tranonn r-yniu ITiablllllC t OUUbC&b.
-jmpn in inn I nncaniio np t ha n..iRrivuiF Ann- t I i,n iin-a ntrci.
r justicej was secretly hanged and i
' record of the execution withheld
) almost adored the talented nnd'
b"".i ui m.o laiuiilD JJI u-
oi tne Husslan capital.
Indignation In Berlin.
wrlln, Aug, 6. Sentiment among
lien wi lUttlllL UL
tut lite crmiH fii Knnuinu
Vrl i . . i ... .
i me japuneso war.
Consternation In St. Petersburg.
St Petersburg Aug. 5. Kuropat-
s nrnffiri,,, m ... . .
r . .He, (uoillUIl( Ut'UIIUUU 111
wree Japauose armies north of
in ouicial clrc pr.
ma iirrK i ....
. i-iI Mil llihtlL 111 J Cltll'
. ..tti.t wnure mo czar is stayinir
r'Ur UIIll UIMfl n I cnvApn tho
AfiWB of tho enirflirnmnnt thu ninat
vA,,tl icu, A ie nuuiie rema ns
1 High 1)1 rh nf ovnllnmtint 4lw, )i 1 1
Hoards being surrounded with
! crowds,
His sister was a highly respected
woman, just married to Joseph Scha
ron, a wealthy business man, nnd
Fisher took advantage of his knowl
edge of the premises to enter the ele
gant residence.
When tho horrible crime was ills
covered by neighbors who heard the
shots and made an Investigation, Mrs.
Scharon was yet writhing in the last
agonies of death, her husband was
dead In a pool of blood on the floor,
having leaped out of bed when shot,
and the tell-tale trail of .blood left
by the murderer, who Inflicted a
slight wound upon himself before leav
ing the house, led from the front door
Old September, UStt'UMi- Knngo
was 97 to tl.50. Now September,
SGfj'OTft. September corn, ISH.
siltutlon by the packers to pay the
strike breakers iu cash Instead of time
checks. On the other hand, tho pack
ers rest serene claiming thnt the
strlko Is about broken and In a week
all will be back.
Awaiting News From Chicago. '
Omaha, Aug. 5. Tho strikers nro
beginning to express tho hope thnt tho
Struggle, will soon end and arc watch
ing Chicago for news of n settlement.
The situation remains quiet.
Packers Claim Big Gains.
St. JoBeph, Mo., Aug. 5. Four
Presidential Candidate Retires From
the Bench of the Court of Appeals,
Albany, N. Y Aug. 5. Judgo Park
er at 2:30 this nfternoon handed In
his resignation ns chief Judge of tin)
court of appeals to Soerotary of Statu
O'llrien, to lake effect Immediately,
Arbitrary Rules In Force on Northern
Pacific and Great Northern Hve
Been Partially Abrogated Shippers
Can Now Designate Their Choice of
Roads From St. Paul to Chicago
Means Much to Stockmen.
iiiu iiuudc, cu null, lilt; UUML UUU1 l... 1. 1 .. . II
down to the navement and tho I h"n.dred m,lon mon- ordlng to
Btreet ' pacKors, returned to work this morn
whit., knrrin.i ,in.i., .. lug. but the strikers deny It. Commls
fnr rl.in FlaW c.01.Dr.H I,,.,. I8'011 m OOlleVO tllttt tllO back IKJIIO
.i, ;;7',.;;,:l.t t strike is broken.
he collapsed from loss of blood.
St. Paul, Aug. G. A meeting was
hold In the Great Northern building
yesterday by prominent cattlemen of
the West and officers of both tho
Great Northern and Northern Pacific,
at which the question of certain
changes In freight rates and regula
tions In force pertaining to the hauling
of cattle from tho range county of
.Montana and South Dakota was dis
cussed. The railroad officers refused
tn dfsciiRR the matter at nresent. nml
o days' siloncf.
'Patkin Is worrylnir thn inihllr. ! Ihov hurt nrtrnnd had liaen takn unilor
advisement by the companies.
They stated, however, that tho com
panies had conceded to tho shippers
tho right to route tho shipments from
the original shipping point to Chicago,
For some time past it has been the
rule of the companies to accept ship
ments at original points of shipment
without routing, and when they reach
ed St. Paul to forward them on such
lines as they preferred.
Under this rule, tho Great Northern
nnd Northern Pacific naturally routed
most of the shipments over the Bur
lington road from St. Paul to Chicago.
Under the new agreement, the ship
pers will bo allowed ,to designate tho
road over which they will ship the
shipment to go from St. Paul.
It Is probable that the request of
cattlemen for tlio abrogation of agree
ment between tho Chlcago-St. Paul
roads, whereby all stock trains are
prohibited from making the trip be
tween the two cities In less than 24
.hours, will be granted.
Tho cattlemen havo appealed to tho
Interstate commerce commission for
relief from unjust regulations of the
railroads, nnd a hoarlng had h.eon set
for some tlmo In September In Den
ver, if satisfactory arrangements can
be made with tho Groat Northern and
Northern Pacific roads as a result of
the conference today, osq roads will
not bo requested to appear at tho
hearing In Denvor
Three Millions in Gold Coming to the
United States.
Washington, Aug. 5. Tho treasury
department Is notified that tho steam
er Doris, from Yokohama, is bringing
another large consignment of Japan
ese gold yen, supposed to be about
$3,000,000 American, lu payment for
goods purchased in this country. Tho
DorlH Is due at San Francisco on Aug
ust 7.
Bandits Make Mistake.
Sterling, 111., Aug. C Three bandits
this morning held up n Chicago &
Northwestern freight train eight miles
from here, mistaking It for tho pas
senger. Discovering .their ertor they
American Yacht Wins.
Cowes, Aug. o. Tho American
yacht Ingomar, again defeated tho
Kaisers Meteor today, In a
Pope's Health Is Poor,
London. Aug. 5. The Catholic
World says the health of tho pope Is
causing considerable anxiety.
general imiin i i.. n.
a; . Beu.oral still rotreatlng to
..u mm nis hands too full to
"l'Hiciies, or that a battlo is on,
)nnt V"? 1,08811)16 to send any on
me uring,
w rabla Carried Contraband.
.. . .- wuiku nr no An i n fid
iajnHini , ,
"atinrnf . lu JUi,auoso ports, con
till M, r nnd ra'way equipment.
MchthV8 bolnf unloaded, after
i mo steamer will i. roi.non,i
he7 m1 w111 consider tho cases of
I'tWr. Ps ,BUnkl four Japanese
krmar , d"Paneso steamer, and
Ln',?rltlsl1 steamers. Tbo
are all being well cared for. Tho
' . . .
Sujng for Divorce.
Nettle J. Cnrmlcnl today entered
suit for divorce ngninst John A. Cnr
mlcnl, charging desertion. The Car
mlcals wero married In Gnl.onn, Mo
Nnvemlipr (1. 1R87. nnil linvo five
tllO I nlillilrnn Tlwi liln 111 t Iff nlllu-.m (lint
her husband deserted her on May 17,
Montana Streams Dry.
Helena, Aug. 5. Tho weekly crop
report of Section Director It. F. Young,
for tho week ending yesterday, showu
that haying Is In progress all over
tho state. Tho worBt reports come
from east.ern Montana, where cattlo
are suffering from the lack of water.
The Grimes Is No More,
Portland, Aug. 5. The old Grimes
hotel at Seaside was destroyed by flro
yesterday afternoon, A. M. Apple
gate, a Portland photographer, was
badly Injured In tho flames.
Fireworks Factory Blew Up.
Hnvana, Aug. G. An exploding
rocket blew up tho fireworks factory
hero today. Two employes wnro kill
ed and flvo Injured fatally.
Suicided Over Pancakes.
Denver, Aug. B. Hattlo Stoffloban,
a brldo of three weeks, suicided this
morning with carbolic acid, bucaiwu
her husband criticized hor pancakes.
German Village Burned.
Berlin, Aug. C Three hundred
buildings In the town of Irosfold wore
burned today.
Agricultural and Fruit Display at the
Oregon Information Bureau Is Rap
idly Increasing Moorhouse Photo
graphs Will Be Used to Portray the
Wonders of the Oregon Farm.
B'hop Does Penance,
Vafni8, A,ue- 6. Advices from
blihnnn ?lrcle8 Btnt0 that tho
M rlCf.D,Jon 1108 resigned
Mter . to a Trapplst idon
beiiir,,,. " Penance for ro
re f Z,688- T1, Ms''"!' la
Bob. ,t0 obey tlle Pope's sum
Ced iff R. '"rtnlsUt ago
for hi ,nlndl nnd ls 8orrr
Loon Cohen--Undoubtedly perma
nent good will result from the organi
zation, but its capabilities for devel
opment and attracting Immigration
and capital cannot bo exploited quick
ly. Tho organization cannot be ex-
"Now Hint tho Oregon Improvement
Lciikuo hua ben launched," said Dr. A.
Lo Roy, of tho Oregon Information
Bureau, "It romnlus for tho peoplo of
this Mittp. to work togothur If thoy
would bo HiiccoHHfiil. I am heartily
In accord with tho league and Its
plans, but I agroo with Tom lllcharil
sou, that ovoryono must put. IiIh shoul
der to tho wheel and work lu nccord
with his nolghbor if results uro to bo
"Knthiishism Is all right, but It will
not accomplish vory much If thoro
isn't a llttlo work attached."
Dr. Iai Hoy arrived In I'umlletoii hiBt
night from Portland and loft Mils
morning for La Grande and Ilakor
City. He Is gatliorlng iiji thju Dxhihlts
recently collected for sliltimont lo tho
character, ability and force, uud onto i ""ruan In Portland. Tho doctor hns
the Job,
J. 11. Haley The Development
Leaguo has Immense possibilities
within Its reach; it can outline and
carry out a campaign that will draw
pcopio and capital to the state, and
p.octed to "rush things" and ought not develop Hb latent resources more svs
If It ls expected to. tematlcally and quickly than lt would
Leo Teutsch l am especially ideas-1 l'o otherwise done. That crowd, made
ed with tho officering of the organ!-, up of representative men inspired by
beon at work lu ICastem Orocon fur
tho past 10 dnyB securing Information
and flxhlhltH for tlio buronii.
In thin city he mado arrangements
for a series of Moorhouso pleturoH
which will bo uddod to tho collection
at tho union depot In Portland.
Dr. Lo Hoy will bo In Eastern Oru
gon several days cathorliiL' nn hi nn
exhibits and after hlu return to Port-
zatlon, belloving lt to bo effective and ! a common purpose, can accomplish j ,a,"l W'H r-ontlnuo his operations
copablo, and that tho men are, more-, a great deal.
over, honest, and will do their duty . 13. T. Wado The leaguo will bo tho
by the expectations of tho peoplo and ( means of attracting Immigration and
the opportunities before them. while the state should welcome tho
R. Alexandor Tb.ero wererepresen- poor men who aro seeking a foothold
tatlvo men at the meeting of the j where land is cheaper than elsewhere,
leaguo In Portland, and the .entliusl- ono primary object nf th lencnn
asm they showed ls certainly a por- should bo to attract Homo monoy as
tent of something being done. Give well in fact, Immigrants having
the organization time, and it will un-1 money to Invest as well as ambition
doubtedly accomplish much good In and strength, if all who aro In tho
promoting the business Interests of leuguo and all whom thoy can get in-
utu bihiu. n nas iiuBBiuiimub wuiuu i teresicu lu its work do what is within
Its reach that are great and that will their reach, according to the present
all bo Improved In time, undoubtedly, 1 understanding of their plans, there
L. E, Smith, tho mau at tho head of will bo big results, undoubtedly Kvery
the organization, ls, In ray opinion, live man should .encourage the leaguo
the man for president a man of high and its purposes,
tho control nnd western portions
tho statu.
Returning to Umatilla County,
W. Jl. Howard and wlfo. nf
Grando, aro in Pendleton visiting with
Mr. Howard's brother, Hov. M. V. How
ard, and with Mrs. Klizu Frakor, who
is Mrs. Howard's mother. Mr. How
ard has sold his farm In tho Grand
Hondo country and will probably lo
cate again In Umatilla county, whero
no rusiuuu many years on a Tutuilla I
farm. Ho has followed stock raising
and general farming in tho Grand
Ronde ns hero, and will re-engugo In
tho samo occupation hero when ho '
finds a location,
"Oil on n nmcaduni linso" snld
JainoH W. 'Abbott, or Denvor, Col.,
superintendent of good roads division,
department of agriculture, who pass
ed through Pendleton today nn his
way to Walla Walla, "In my estima
tion, Is the Ideal rond for this coun
try. "No road can bo porinunont or a
success unless It 1ms n miicadnui
huso and one with Buch n foundation
and flnlRhcd with oil nnd hiiiiiI would
last in this part or the Northwest. I
undersinnd Hint tho formutlon of tho
soil In Knstern Oregon In biu-Ii that It
mnkes u frightful rond In summer, but
the oil nnd mnendam road that I
speak of would bo firm nnd hard at
nil seasons mid would never be dusty
or muddy."
Mr. Abbott nrrlved this morning
from lOugeno where tho government
Intends building a sampl.e of Ideal
rond. Ho goes to Walla. Walla for
thp purpose of conferring with good
ronds enthusiasts there, and will Inter
return to Uugono. When asked coik
corning tho snmplo plko at Kugeno,
Mr. Abbott said:
"We intended to build the rond IIiIb
Hummer, but owing to u sort of mls
undcratnudlug, I'm nfrald wo will
havo to postpone tho work until noxt
year. You see, tho government iIooh
not appropriate enough money for thu
construction of tiieso snmplo high
ways, and thoy havo to be built by co
operation. Tho community furnishes
tho mntcrlalH and labor, tho railroads
tho transportation, tho machinery,
companies the neccssnry toilers, grad
ers nnd other Implements and tlio
government tho supervisors,
"This country must bo torinod a
'far' one. I mean by thnt that It la
far from tho larger mttnufnctorlcB of
the Hnst, Through miscalculation tho,
machinery couipnnlcH failed to havo
tho heavy rollerB on hand. Thoy nro
not kept In Btnck by tho branch
hoiiHOH and It Is too Into lu tho season
now to havo tnein brought from tho
Kast. Tho rnlny senHon would bo up
on iih before tho work could b.o fin
ished. It was our Intention to finish two
stretches of Hiunpio toad lu thu North
west this year. We havo an Invl'ntloii
to niiiko a practical demonstration nt
Ilollngham. Wash., during th.o annual'
statu good roads convention, to bo
hold (hero lu September, and wo will
endeavor to ho present."
Spmiklng of oil roads. Mr. Abbott
declared that such hlghwnyn wero not
expensive. "It In my ileslro to hbo oil
and moendnin lilghwnys throughout
thin stnlo, but I will not venture n
giiogs oh to wnon thoy will over bo
Mr. Abbott, referred to tho drlvowny
lu Golden Giuh Park. Hnn Iraiiclsco,
as tin Ideal Bntul nml oil road. Tho
roadbed is mado of rod amid rolled
hard nnd thou Hprlnlried with crudo
petroleum, rich In nsplinltuni.
"About 100 ImrrolB of nil to tho
mllo," continued Mr. Abbott, "aro uaod
In tho building of this drlvowny. Tho
oil rapidly evaporates nnd Ion von tlio
nsphaltiim which romblrv with tho
sand mnkos a rcgulnr cushion. In tho
enru of oil ronds, It ! ii-hiiP to
sprlnklo n llttlo nil rach year to koop
thorn in good condition nml to koop up
tho surfaco."
President of Lewis and Clark Fair.
II. W. fioodu, director general of tho
Lewis nnd Clark fair, wnn nlecin.i
president or tho snino yostorday,
fill tho iiiioxplrod lorni of H.
Scott, roslgiiad.
Out Into the Wide World.
Ksopus, Aug C For the first
time since Ills hhIooIIoii as tho
dnmoerntlc presidential iiotn
inoo as tho democratic presl
denial nomlnnn .Tnilco Pnri,,.-
left his homo today. HU plans
liavo beon attended wltli tho
utmost secrecy and his destin
ation is unknown only to lilm.
self and secretary. Tho Judgo
loft on the 10:20 train for