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.r row ANOTHER WfrTTtf
t jUy clearance sale was a great success. Many lines
.:..A nut entirely, but In several sections we still have
"cr.nf. MONDAY MORNING, AUGUST 1st. you will
"".-.. ..m harnalns that vou cannot afford to nau hu
Jiip1' '' 1
August Clean Up Sale on Skirts
and Suits.
LA11 $2.00 wash suits $1.38
MI 53.50 wash suits 51.93
All $G,50, $G.75 and $7.00 wash
suits $4.45
Every skirt in the house, ladies'
and misses, at August clean up
Ladles' tailor suits at less than
hair price.
Ladies' and Misses' Vests.
25 dozen 12sc, 16c and 20c vests
Bo at 10c
50 dozen 35c, 40c and 50c vests
go at 25e
Summer Dress Goods.
25c, 30c, 35c and 40c values all
go at 15c a yard. Only about
50 pieces left. You'll have to
to hurry.
l$ws for Everyoooy.
r reductions than ever:
.'misses shoes $1.00 pair
, ladles' slippers reaucea
f jo per cent.
e Teutsch's Dept. Store :
Corner Main andjAJta Streets
Ulc Get Sunny
ja it the Doston.
I bull daily, at Martin's,
top coat" The Boston.
s-icg shirts. The Boston,
am, roasting ears, Hawley's.
pure groceries, Hawley Bros.
oat dry goods. The Bos-
b$ raspberries at Hawley
br spli. wood, 'phone Mc-
d.-ess goods sale at
ind slipper sale at
Itsf-foot wood, all kinds, at
se men's sweaters. The
aelons, wa'.er melons, at
Blue (3.50 and $4.00 shoes at
imci's. Best on earth.
kinds carbonated drinks.
k! and pure, 'Phone 951.
In get satisfaction at How-
Imnerly Rees' cigar store.
lit George restaurant, open
! Bight. Mrs Cooper, proprl-
Rent Six-room furnished
p two and a half months. In.
r. this office.
iBent The room formerly oc.
I v the Pantheon theater. Ap-
iMaoiph .Martin.
A Few choice acre lots In
."naieton Apply to S. M,
pin, Pendleton, Oregon.
' oar dlnnerware not full sets.
! price with cash purchase of
r ana glassware and lamp.
it lamp free. See window
C, Rohnnan.
f-M-Agents to sell hardy,
p grown trees. Big commls
Cash advanced weekly.
Way and secure choice of ter-
Washington Nursery Co.,
i'r, not Quantity
?t have the best assortment
'itches In this section of
Ute. We sell reliable
e from $2.00 ud. We sell
", 15, 17 21. 23, 24 Jew-
' atches in the different
In nickel, sterling silver.
oau i-k soua goia
Piarantee all watches
1 f they nrovB innitv t-nm
ftfiauhlp, we will fully re-
1 jour money.
N Progressive Jeweler.
Main Street.
Ice cream, the Delta kind.
Get Sunny. U. C. Rader.
.Cash registers at Wlthee's.
The Delta ice cream is delicious.
Douglas and Hanan shoes. The
Midsummer clearance sale at
Chicken dinner and Ice cream Sun
days at Gratz's.
Turkey, wool and ostrich dusters,
and baby go-carts. Nolf's. ,
Closing out sale of all summer
millinery at Mrs. Rose Campbell's.
Canvas shoes, overalls, working
shirts and gloves at Baer & Daley's.
For Sale Good business on Main
street, $3000 proposition. E. T. Wade
& Son.
Get your clothes cleaned and
pressed at Joerger's, 12G West Court
Wanted Woman to do cooking In
hotel. Address Mrs. J. P. Navin,
Helix, Or.
The Brotherhood of International
Teamsters met In grand lodge at Cin
cinnati, Tuesday.
Twenty-room hotel, furnished, two
lots, good business, $1S00. Great bar
gain. E. T. Wade & Son.
Win Johnson Is having a stone re
taining wall built along the north
edge of bis lots, adjoining the Baptist
parsonage and church.
A large number of people are said
to have gone from Lehman Springs to-
HIdaway. which Is about eight miles
beyond, to make new camps.
W. P. Card, who lives 11 miles
south of town, has threshed his
wheat. It yielded 2C bushels per
acre, and the quality Is first-class.
Rev. Ely, who lives nine miles
south of town, is threshing his wheat
with a combine and it mea6res out
27 bushels per acre. The quality Is
Poles are set for the electric power
line for a short distauce this side of
Adams, while the poles have been
strung to a point about Half way be
tween Havana and Eastland.
The contract for the new school
house at McKay postofflce was let to
day to Mays & McFarland, for $390.
The building Is to be finished In time
for school to begin therein In Sep
tember. A special car laden with Ringllng
Bros.' bill posters and outfit. Is in the
O. R. & N. yards today. The crew
Is spreading flamboyant advertising
matter for the Walla Walla perform
ance over the town.
J. D. Shoemaker, whose place Is
about 10 miles nearly south of town,
has threshed bis barley, and It Is
known to be yielding 40 bushels per
acre. The quality of both wheat and
barley In that neighborhood Is excel
William Connerly, who lives on Mc
Kay creek, has gotten his new com
bine- outfit into operation, first cut'
ting and threshing his own grain
His neighbors state that some por
tlons of Mr. Connerly's crop are yield
Ing 50 bushels of a good quality of
The wheat around Helix Is thresh
lng out from 35 to 40 bushels per
acre, and is of excellent quality. A
McAlavy, John Tlmmerman, William
Dale and William Thompson have
threshed enough to determine their
average yield, which Is stated above.
Some men will hunt all day for an
excuse for doing wrong, when there
are a score of reasons for doing right
within their range of vision.
famous Ice Cream cao again be obtained at the old la
Cabin Soda Fountain.
The Popular Price
W. D. Fechter left for Weston this
P. M. Howard went to Milton this
Len Butcher returned to Arlington
by the morning train.
Durwood Waffle and wife arc on
their homestead near Alba.
Mrs. B. K. Davis left for Seaside
this morning for an outing.
Earl Borlo has Joined his mother
and sister at Bingham Springs.
D. B. Richardson, the Helix mer
chant. Is at the St. George today!
Mrs. Dan Shultz and son Clark left
for Bingham Springs last night.
Miss Efflo Jean Frailer has gone
to Bingham Springs for an outing.
Mr, and Mrs. Z. W. Lockwood of
Helix, are registered at the Bickers.
James Leslie, of the Richmond Ta
per Company, Seattle. Is In town to
day. H. A. Richardson, a prominent
Adams merchant, was in Pendleton
last night.
Mrs. John Moore, of Spokane, is
visiting her brothers, Fred nnd Joe In
this place.
Lee Wilson and wife will go tomor
row to Eastland, where they wlW live
on a ranch.
Frank W. Paine, a prominent capi
talist of Walla Walla, was In the city
yesterday afternoon.
The Misses Edith and Nona John
son went to Lehman Springs this
morning for an outing.
Mrs. E. Vaughan is at HIdaway
Springs, where she will remain
through the hot weather.
Otis Arnold, of Farmlngton. Wash.,
is visiting relatives In Pendleton, ne
will be In town several days.
Mrs. Hattle Whr.akcr has returned
from Lehman Springs, where she has
been for the past five weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Johnson, of
Walla Walla, were in Pendleton yes
terday en route to Pilot Rock.
C. S. Mudge. O. R. & N. agent at
Echo, accompanied by his family, is
at the Bickers for a brief visit.
C. E. Bean and wife and A. J. Bean
and wife and Miss Hazel Bickers have
returned from their outing near Alba.
Mr. and Mrs. Al Vogel and the
Misses Ray and Eunice Vogel, left for
Lehman Springs last night for an out
Rev. M. V, Howard will preach next
Sunday on Butter creek, his pulpit
here being occupied by Rev. G. L.
Horace Walker and family will
start tomorrow morning for Teel
Springs to camp out for several
Postmaster Lot Llvermore, who Is
spending his vacation In the Willam
ette valley, is expected home early
next week.
Mrs. Earnest Tatom and .Mrs. T. W.
Ayres left this morning for HIdaway
Springs to spend the remainder of the
hot weather.
J. W. Peck, of Seattle, representing
the Pacific Sportsman, Is In town on
his annual visit In the Interests of
that publication.
Clark E. Nelson, manager of the
Weston brick yard, passed through
Pendleton this morning on his return
from The Dalles.
Dan Smythe and his father. A.
Smythe, of Arlington, went to Walla
Walla this morning on business. The
latter came up from Arlington last
Mrs, Jennie Martin started on her
return to Heppner this morning. She
has been visiting her brother, Harry
Bartholomew, a recent arrival from
J. Heath, who has been here about
a month, starts 011 his return to Frul
tla, Col., today or tomorrow. He has
concluded that he will not locate In
the Northwest
Arlle Slddons and Igan Itenn have
returned from I-ehman Springs, where
they have been camping out for a
month. They report the weather fine
for camping.
Mrs. Grade Coston left for Spokane
this morning, with her young son.
She has been the guest of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. M V. Howard. Mr. Cos
ton 1b a railway mall clerk on the
Spokane-Pendleton run.
I). Guyott Is expecting a party of
old friends from Missouri, headed by
Henry Bakemeyer. He will not know
Just who comprise the remainder of
the party until their arrival. They
will come from Warren county.
Former Chief of Police J. J. Kauff,
man, of Walla Walla, accompanied by
Mrs, Kauffman, was In Pendleton last
night on his way to Umatilla. Mr.
Kauffman Is manager of the Walla
Walla Walla Dressed Meat Company.
A. P, Stlllman, Lewis Markham,
Charles Ferguson and C. C. Berkeley
have gone to the mountains, equipped
with a camping outfit and accompan
ied by a fine lot of hunting dogs.
They will camp and hunt for some
A. O. McCarty, who has been in St.
Anthony's hospital for the past 30
days, with blood poison and typhoid,
Is now out, greatly improved. His
band wag saved only by the most he
roic measures. Dr C. J. Smith at
tended him.
George Hayes, H J. Stlllman, James
Spence and Dr. T. H. White left for
the mountains yesterday, by wagon,
with a full camping outfit. They w,.i
remain for some time, hunting grouse
and other game that is not problbueu
at this season.
John Kngle left for Spokane this
morning. He Is in very poor health,
and hopes that the change of climate
will benefit him. He will make his
home for a time there with relatives
of his deceased wife. His son Claude
Is living in Oakland, Cal
Reduced Prices at The Peo
ples Warehouse
25c China Silk, 19c per yard. All
colors, all shades.
Ladies' silk gloves, regular C5c, now
39c per pair.
ladles' llslo gloves, 35c, now 19c
per pair.
Taffetn silk, 19 Inches wjdo, S5c
yard, now 5Sc per yard.
Taffeta silk, $1.25 per yard, now
S9c per yard.
Indies' union suits, 35c, now 19c'
One-third off regular prices on
ladles' shirt waists.
50c shirt wnlsts now 34c.
75c shirt waists, jiow 50c.
$1.00 shirt waists, now C5c.
$1.50 shirt waists, now $1.00.
Right straight through tho line.
Wrappers, ktmonas, shirt waists
and muslin underwear, nil at reduced
Fancy collars, trimmings, embroid
eries and lace. All now nt reduced
Your money back If you nro not
satisfied when you buy nt this store.
You'll find, like others, It pnys to
trade at the Peoples Warehouse.
Is Now Ready for
Regular Business
The pinto glass windows nro now In
place nt tho Peoples Warehouse, tho
show windows nro nbout complotfld.
Tho firm Is ready for business. To
hnvo the people know wo nro, noto
tho columns either stdo of this one,
Reduced prices In
The shoo department.
The clothing dopnrtmcut.
Tho dry goods department.
Tho Indies' suit dopnrtmont.
Wo do not ask you to buy. You nro
Invited to com.o any time and tnko n
Agents for Butterlck
Patterns, nnd
You'll find, like others, It pays to
trade nt tho Peoples Wurohouso.
Half Price at The Peoples
Dimities, cotton otnmlnos, lawns,
batistes, grenndltvos, bwIbsob, flnkod
cottons nro to bo closed out nt ono
hnlf regulnr prlco, which moana that
Regular 25c summer goods, now
124c yard.
Regulnr 20c summer goods, now 10c
ynrd. "1
Regular 15c summor goods, now
7140 yard.
Regulnr 12c summor goods, now
GUc ynrd.
Hogulnr 10c summer goods, now
5o ynrd.
Tho stock la getting smnller. Tho
Peoples Wnrohouse, won't rost until
nil Is clonnod out. ,
Best Amoskcng chock ginghams, all
size checks, nil colors, Go por yard.
Lndlcs' hose, 2Gc, now 19c per pair.
Lndlos' hose, 15c, now 10c per pair.
Lndlus hose, 10c, now 7c por pnlr.
Children's hose, 20c, now lGc p.or
Children's bono, 15c, now, 10c por
Children's hose, 10c, now 80 por
Children's hose, 8c, now Go per
You'll find, like others, It pnys to
trndo at tho Peoples Wnrehouso.
Five Other Counties In Oregon Draw
More State School Funds.
Although tho populous counties of
the state llo In Western Oregon, yet
but five of them excel Umatilla In
the matter of state school funds.
Umatilla county, with a school pop
ulation of C423, draws from tho state
for tho fall apportionment, tho sum of
The five counties drawing more
money than Umatilla county, nro as
follows; Multnomah, 29,704 scholars,
$47,920.04; Marlon, 10,226 scholars,
$10,403.80; Lane, 8G95 scholars, $13,-
99S.95; Clackamas, 7978 scholars, $12,-
844.58; Linn, G900 scholars, $11,109.00.
Baker county has but 5577 scholars
and draws $8578.97, or almost $2000
less than Umatilla.
Tne county drawing the smallest
aportlnnment Is Curry, which, on 730
scholars, drew $1175.30.
Tho total funds apportioned was
$23i),439.20, to 148,720 scholars.
Split Wood
Phone Main 1121. Savings Bank Bldg.
It's all well enough to say. "Speak
softly and carry a big stick," but the
man who carries a big stick usually
acquires a very gruff voice.
Business During July Exceeded That
or July, 1903.
Tho ravnnilf'H of Mm Pmifllitnn iiohI.
office during the month of July this ' I
year exceeded the business of thut
month, the year previous by $105.48.
Assistant Postmaster Charles L. j
French has Just compiled his month-1
lv rpilorl '
Sale of Htamps, postal cards and
stamped envelopes laBl month j
amounted to $1017.95, Newspaper
postage amounted to $18.20, nnd box
rents brought In $310.75, malting a
total or $1,346.90.
Disbursements Salaries or post
master, assistant and clerks, $499.99,
paid to free delivery service, $212.49;
Incidentals, $34.14; total, $740,02. Hal-
atice in favor of the government,
$000.28. Increase over revenues of
July. 1903. $105.48.
Its Rich and Delicious
Our cold storage meats aro always right; always tender, always
Try our mild curod Hams. Thoy nre freo from that strong tnsto,
The Schwarz & Greulich Meat Co.
$10,341 Received to Be Disbursed
Among School Districts.
Ten thousand three hundred and
forty-one dollars was received today
by County Treasurer Hommervlllo
from State Treasurer Charles 8.
Morse, Umatilla's yearly apportion
ment of school money from the Btato
aim noaru.
Tho money will bo apportioned out
to the several school districts In Oc
tober by County Superintendent V. K.
Notice to Stone Contractors.
Sealed proposals will bo received
at the office of the undersigned for
the stone basement and concrete piers
for the John Schmidt building, until
Wednesday, 3 p, m August 10, bids
to be by cubic fool. Certified check
for $100 to accompany each bid, same
to be forfeited to owner should the
contractor fall 10 enter Into bond
within five days, Tho owner re
serves the right to reject any and all
bids. Plans and specWcatlons can
be seen at the office of the architect,
room 12, Judd building, Pendleton,
C. K. TROUTMAN, Architect.
Painter From Heppner,
A Mr. Prather, a painter by occu
pation, with his family, Is expected
to arrive this evening from Heppner,
to maktj their home hero.
Council Meeting Tonight.
The city council meets In regular
weekly session this evening. The
meeting will convene at 8 o'clock.
Union Services Next Sunday.
The union services next Sunday
will be held In the Methodist church.
south Rev G I.,. Hall officiating
Daughter Was Born,
Born August 3, 1904 to Mr and
Mrs, Jack Brlgbam of the agency, a
Wo nro reudy for them to wash
them, to bluo thorn, to starch thoni, to
iron tl'Cin In fiucli u way that thoy
will suit your nocks and wrists with,
oiit chiinng el'hcr nnd without glvlnj
them n freo fringe which you would
rather find missing. Wo hnvo r.oducod
tho laundering of II11011 to a nclonca
uud our prices aro in accord with the
ltu dern idea of low cost In largo quan
Is made from the choicest wheat that grows, flood bread It
assured when Dyers' Best Flour Is used, Bran, shorts, itetm roll
ed barley always on band,
W. 8. DYERS, Prop,
Has moved to Cottonwood street, between Water and Court. He Is
better prepared than over before to do high-class plumbing at reasona
ble rates. Estimates cheerfully given, If you have work to do la bis
line see him before you go elsewhere.
BECK, the Reliable Plumfee
Last Friday on the corner of Court and Cottonwood streets I cravn
an exhibition of what my fireproof paint will do. On a roof that had
been paJntod with "Downer's Kvcrlastlng FIroproof Paint," I placed two
sack8vbf'shavlng8 and on them poured half a gallon of coal oil and lit It.
The fire burned fiercely but did npt burn through tho shingles. This
test should prove tho merit of my paint. To those who aro Interested I
will glvo full information. I can bo found at tho Alta House ovenlngs or
during tho day. Samplo of ray work may bo seen ut James Crawford's
residence, and at Platzoedor's tenant hous.es, where I painted tho roofs I
am now at work on Sirs. 'Weber's residence. I am making a special rate to
Introduce this preparation, and If you want to protect your homo from fire
and preserve your roof from rotting from the weather, you can save
money by using "Downer's Everlasting Fireproof Paint.
... Address 11. DOWNER,
Care Alta House, Pendleton, Oregon.