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You May Match Oar Prices, But You
Can't Match Our Shoes at Oar
Ladies', Oxfords, il"o to M-00 values, now Belling at S1.00 to
13 40
Men s Oxfords. J2.75 to $5.00 value, now selling nt $2.40 to $3.S5
Misses. Children's. Boys and Youths' Oxfords at slaughtered
GOOD SHOES CHEAP. 'Phone Main 1131.
Months Would Be Required in Which
to Enjoy All the Features Business
Frazler that there Is more money on
deposit by the farmers and the pro
ducing classes in general in Linn
i county, than ever before.
Owing to the strike, meats of all
I kinds show a marked advance, but
i the strike is not nearly so depressing
on the stock-producing districts with
i in a radius of a few hundred miles of
T rir.- r. t ! - .1 H. ..I.
lng centers, as In stock districts far
ther away, as the farmers In many
cases slaughter their own animals,
Conditions Throughout Missouri j or have It done by private butchering
and Kansas Are Very Good Thous-! outfits In the cities set up for the pur
ands of Acres of Corn Standing 12
Feet High More Money on Deposit
Than for Years.
L. G. Frailer and family returned
from the East last Saturday, all in
excellent health, and having enjoyed
their trip very much.
Mr. Frailer says it is a mistake for
any one to belittle the World's fair,
because it is an immense thing, and
contains material enough for months
of close observation. He says graft
ers are not nearly so much in evi
dence at the fair as the people have
been led to believe, though quite often
-visitors are required to pay more
than what they get is really worth.
The general business conditions
throughout Missouri and Kansas, so
far as Mr. Frazler could judge, both
from observation and Inquiry, are
very good. The principal setback of
tbe season has been the extremely wet
weather, which has done a great
amount of damage in both states.
Nevertheless, a large per cent of
the crop acreage is In fine condition,
and across both states there is a pro
fusion of vegetation that Is very re
freshing to the eye, and which speaks
volumes for the fertility of the soIL
He saw thousands of acres of corn
standing from 12 to 15 feet high. In
fact, outside of the relatively small
area swept by the floods the crops
are immense.
A Pleasonton banker informed Mr.
pose. This anords a pretty good
market for "local fats" and takes the
wire edge off the distress within the
radius mentioned.
Active Building Operations Necessi
tates Another Architect In His Of
fice. Work on the stone foundation of
the new west Bide school will start
tomorrow morning. The excavating
will be finished today. Architect C.
E. Troutman stated this morning that
work on the other schools would be
rushed as rapidly as possible.
The volume of building work has
increased so rapidly In Pendleton dur
ing the past few months that Mr.
Troutman has been obliged to add an
other artist to his force. The new
architect Is Lewis M. Dole, of Port
land. He is expected to arrive In
Pendleton tomorrow.
of Thiamin. As It was a construe-1
ion train standing on a sloe track 1 ,
vas badly shaken up nnd it is report- Regular Session Tomorrow Nloht
ed two men were Injured. , Promises to Be Very Busv
The passenger train was running . , ,
I slow through the tunnel and as if e " lar we ekl y meeting of the
1 pmerced ran into an onen switch, un- city council will bo held tomorrow
emerged ran nto an open switch, up- , "cl,u yarrow .
V.i. ,,iw' ,c..,in evening. The session being the first
.- -V . k. one in the month will ho nnumnli,- t
train. ine engine oi me passeugt-r . n , , ,. , , ,7 '
Says General Depression of Preslden
tial Years is Not Noticed as Much j
In the East as In the West Finds
Small Towns In Eastern States at
struck the dining car of the Construc
tion in which the crew were .eating.
and it was badly damaged.
a Standstill-General Prosperity of Complete Statistical and Historical
the Country Not Seemingly Affected ! Compendium of the Inland Empire.
h ci.-u,-. I The last edition or "Oregon. Wash-
ay oinKes. , ngton and jdaho Btolistical and
I historical booklet Issued by the O. R.
A. C. Funk reports business con-
busy. Owing Jo the time of the Tear.
however, no business out of the ordi
nary Is expected to be brought up,
There Is some talk of a new city
Jail. "We do not need a new city Jair
said Recorder Fltz Gerald, this morn
ing. "The old one with a new cement
floor and a few other minor repairs,
would answer the purpose."
Regular Meeting Postponed.
& N. Company, is now being dlstrib- ( The regular monthly meeting of the
dltions as uniformly satisfactory in i ultu- uuu ?-"n uu Bt-uu".-u commercial Association, wnicn was
all parts of the East and Middle sr ui.uu.cm ui mu u. . ra nave oeen neia mis evening, nas
West, so far as he could Judge during ! N- Pn Payment or four cents for been postponed one week. President
his absence of a month. He spent ! Wse. J. A. Borie continued the meeting
several days at his old home in ' Tfae book was compiled and edited owing to the absence of many of the
Berks county Pa. D" R- M- Ha"- tbe auIe advertising I members at the sessions or the Ore-
The effects' or the strike hnd not'nEent ot that enterprising company, g0n Improvement League at Portland,
yet been felt to any extent except In I nnd is correct In descriptions, statls-, a largo attendance Is earnestly re
the Middle West, and not seriously ana history, and is one of the j quested on next Tuesday night, Aug
in that region and few could be found I most valuable collections or facts ; Ust 9. when matters or Importance to '
who would acknowledge that it would j concerning the northwest stntes that ! the association will be considered.
work any dire or considerable disas-' can be sent to friends In the East. j
ter to business One reason Tor this) Mr. Hal is a painstaking sincere ;
-i i... ,.: writer, and has made this publication
in nun Lri niisuciiii jo lij u v. i a i - i
of Masoa "
tain extent established and not easily
the most reliable and trustworthy
source of northwest statistics in ex-
If we knew anything better
for healing chaps, cracks and
roughness, and keeping the skin
smooth, soft and fair, we would
have it. Those -o try It say
our Toilet Cream Is the best
proposition they ever used and
we believe they are right.
Keep F. &. S. Toilet Cream
on hand and use It, and your
face and hands will be free
from summer skin discomfort.
Daintily perfumed, pleasant to
use, heals quickly, and costs
25c Per Bottle.
Tallman (Bb Co.
Injured in a Runaway.
Jack King, who resides near Mis
sion, is at St. Anthony's hospital suf
fering from a badly bruised head and
face, occasioned last night by being
thrown from his wagon by a runaway
team. The accident occurred near the
hospital in Court street, and when
picked up King was unconscious. The
man had been drinking heavily, and
It Is thought he will be recovered In
a day or two. Dr. C. J. Smith, the
attending physician, stated today that
ne am not neiieve tne patient s nurts
would prove serious.
tu .,n,,-,cin nnH nU nf insi. Istence. His farm and crs stories i
curitv in business that prevails pres. I and descriptions are taken from ac-, .
idential years is this year evident :"al farms with names and dates .
only in the West. Even the Middle ! S'ven- anl thls r be has brought .
West is not influenced, and in bus!-! thousands or worthy settlers into the
ness circles there is little reference ' e8t- f1 tnt they are not be- ( J
and apparently little concern as to ! nB deceived by overdrawn facts.
the proareas and results of the cam-, The book is beautifully Illustrated J
palpj, " j with farm, garden, range, harvest. . ;
The labor troubles In Colorado have mining and manufacturing scenes, and
hurt business in the cities of that ls one of the most neauuful descript- J
state very perceptibly both in the l uos, evor iss,ued ?n the coast, j .
smaller and the larger towns. ! People having friend in tbe East can J
The small towns in the East and send a list of names, inclosing four .
Middle West are not growing much. cents each for postage, to the pas-1
It is the large cities that are build-! 8tfnSfr department or the O. R. &
ing fast, showing every evidence of , at Portland, and the hooks will be
winmfr.-tlnn nf rnnltnl nnd Infill-1 niuneu as uirecieu. in mis way
enre of corporate wealth. 1 everyuouy can Become instrumental
Crons for the most nart are fine"" bringing a permanent, worthy
this year in every district. East and . class oI settlers to Oregon.
West, outside of the narrow strips I
deastated by the floods. Especially j NEW CHURCH AT ATHENA.
is this true of Kansas, Missouri and ;
vi 1.- Catholics Hav, Nenrlv Comnleted a l
Changing conditions of farming are ! $2000 Structure.
making pronts smaller and harder to The new Catholic church at Athena
get. particularly for the farmers of j win probably be ready for use some
the Eastern states. Coming west the time during September, although work
conditions surrounding money making will be somewhat delayed on account
oy tne xarmers are less and less re-iof the accident to H. King, the con
strictlve. until Oregon is reached, and j tractor.
here Mr Funk avers the farmers have I The building will be 30x60 feet in
little idea oi tne amount or nam toll size, besides the annex, which will af
and long hours of It required to keep ford living rooms for the resident
an Eastern farm on a paying basis, , priest. The rooms of the annex will
?io being easier to get and easier to i be 10x12, 10x15, and Sxlo in size, re-
spend here than $1 In Eastern Penn
Death on the Agency.
Rosa Eva Perry, the 2-year-old
daughter or Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Perry, died this morning at the Indi
an agency, or Bummer complaint.
The funeral will take place tomor
row afternoon, Rev. Father Neate, of
St. Andrew's mission, officiating.
The Perrys came to the reservation
about two months ago from Rosehurg,
Ore. They are mixed-bloods. Mrs.
Pxrry was born on the Umatilla reservation.
Wheat Sales Slow.
No sales of this season's wheat
crop of any consequence, have yet
been reported. Prices, however, con
tinue to advance. The normal quo
tations today are from 58c to 68c
for club, and 6Uc for bluestem.
30,000 Bushels on 750 Acres.
One of the finest yields of wheat
this year in this county Is reported
from the farm of John Gagon. who
I lives about seven miles north of Pen-
I dleion. I- Is said he has threshed
30.000 bushels from 750 acres an av-
erage of 4" bushels per acre.
Banking ?
The Commercial
National Bank
C. BEACH, President,
T. Q. HAILEY, Vice-president,
W. L. THOMPSON, Cashier.
Much Damage Done to the Brownfield-J
Matlock Building and Nowlln Res
idence. Hoodlum boys last Sunday perpe
trated contemptible and destructive
vandalism upon the Brownfield apart
ment house and Nowlln's new resi
dence, upon Willow street, and there
can be nothing more certain than
than something will be doing when
the reprobates are discovered.
Entrance was made to the Nowlln
place by cutting a hole in a screen
door, by which the latch was reached
and unfastened. Inside things were
generally upset and Interfered with.
Paint cans were upturned and the
contents allowed to spread out over
the floor. Then paint was smeared
over the wainscoting, which had been
prepared for painting, and it was so
disfigured that the removal and re
building of a portion of the wainscot
ing is necessary, as the smeared col
ors could not possibly be removed.
At the Brownfield property the
principal damage done was to smear
paint over the newly papered walls
The perpetrators of this mischief
may not fully realize that they are
guilty of burglary- and housebreaking,
both of which are penitentiary offen
ses. exasperated property owners
who have a distaste for lawlessness
and hoodlumlsm will not nut ud with
such devilment very long without re
sorting to the law to protect their
property and the community.
The entire structure will be frame,
and will cost completed, about $2000,
and Is built on the site or the old
Jolly Camping Party.
A jolly camping party ls now enjoy
ing the mountain scenery and atmos
phere or Meacham, at the home or J.
L. Barker, 2 miles southwest or
Meacham station, and most or them
will remain until tbe hot season is
past. Those composing the party are
as follows: Mrs. G. A. Robbins, J. W.
Mumford, wire and daughter, Mrs.
Brown. Jim Neal and wife, and Miss
Wells, Mrs. Walker and daughter,
Rev. G. W. Rigby and wife and Mrs.
Arthur Rigby. They are all encamp
ed on the level flat near Mr. Barker's
home and are enjoying life In the
highest degree.
Escaped From City Jail, But Didn't
Escape a Fine.
When Roland Soper awoke last
evening and found himself in the city
Jail, his first thought was of liberty,
and he managed to unfasten the door
and walked away. He forgot at the
time, however, that $5.25 belonging
to mm was in the possession of the
ponce department.
This morning the desire to recover
his money was stronger than the price
of liberty, and he made his way to
the police court to demand his prop
"You are charged with resisting an
officer and with being drunk." said
Judge Fitz Gerald by way of greeting
as aoper entered. "I guess I'm
guilty," said the prodigal, "but 1
didn't think I committed anything se
"Only $5 worth." replied the iudee.
"If I had a Jail I'd place you In It,
out as u is, ru suspend sentence
in recard In thn nmlnim.
A .... ' to
x ami let tne s square the other."
i Soper was arrested yesterday after
noon oy uiiicer John Brown. The
drunken man proved unruly and the
policeman was obliged to call assist
ance before he could get the prisoner
to Jail.
Passenger Train No. 2, Crashes Into
i Construction Train Near The
What came near being a wreck of
a serious nature, occurred at 12 05
yesterday afternoon as train No. 2,
of the O. R, & N duo in Pendleton nt
B 30 emerged from tunnel No 1 west
Balcom'b in Custody.
Tom Balcomb, charged with furn
ishing liquor to Spokane Jim, an al
lotment Indian, was this morning
turned over to Sherifr Taylor by
Deputy Marshal James Wilson, Mr.
Wilson arrived this morning from
Portland The prisoner has not yet
been arraigned, if bound over to ap
pear before the United States grand
Jury, he will b.e taken to Portland
and confined until such time as his
case is finally disposed of.
lie uusluii Lure
Shoes and Clothing
Land Transfers.
H. E. Weaver has disposed or 24
acres or land near Milton to George
W. Wharton, the consideration being
1400. The deed was placed on record
Soren Morensh and wire transfer
red 10 acres of land near Milton, to
David Clark, the consideration being
J. G. Warren Insane.
J. G. Warren was placed In the
county jail last night on a charge
or Insanity. Warren had been drink
ing heavily or late, and at tlm.es Im
agines persons are persuing him. It
is thought that perhaps his mental
derangement Is but temporary.
Seasonable Goods at the
Right Prices
Men's summer underwear, p-.trplc s'rlped, each .
Men's underwear, blue and flesh color, each
Men's underwear, very fine quality, each 75e '" '
Fancy hosiery 156 i iS
Golf shirts, cufrs to match 50:, 75 V
New four-in-hand ties, larite aMortaWBnt of patterrs, at
prices .-a
Negligee working shirts 506 ni
Negligee dress shirts 1'W
Collars, cuffs, bolts and suspenders.
One-Price Furnishers and Hatters
Marriage License.
License to marry was today Issued
to Alva J. Woolscy and Dora Wil
liams, both of this county, by County
Clerk Frank baling.
New Jersey has a village of epllop'
Your accounts arc getting crusty.
Let us try our system for collecting
them. Our plan Is, "No collections,
no charges." We are In a position to
do you good. 'Phone Main 311 and
our representative will call. The Van
Alstine, Gordon & Co. Mercantile
Agency & Tradesmen's Alliance. Per
II V LIpe Co., managers. 119 E
Court street, Pendleton, Oregon.
Columbia University
modern ocnuui ui
w ..-. m..l.i o Prlrp Of SIX-
isigni iuumuB i uiv.uu v peodletofc
Free Trial.
.. i -not.
,.. i, . u norion1nr cl male.
ve properly temper ll lur ratu ,.nv.-. , -nr-finr
Juto canvass we build up a fire, water and acid proo : n &aitt
a cround mica surface and a wool felt paper dry De" " . roof,
WR'I.I. lnv fhn ennAa or vnu can. If J'OU have 10 u" ... met
tell you some mighty Interesting things. They will
The Elaterile Rooftop; Co., 10 Worcester
lal and Grammar Grade Courses. Ap
ply for catalogue Boarding school for
young men and boys.
Box 344, University Park Station,
Portland, Oregon,
- - i . " e-roaYED OR
Shoe Repairing!, '
I have moved my shop to the second 1 27. two ;"'00 pound. ""J,
door cast of the Sa lags Bank. Re- welchtj about i, . ,hottder.
" ,.j Mnl leei. hil
manlike manner at reasonabl rates cruoucu , e&r0,u
4 i hD, i i,i,in Wn 17' The Otner ;Ati n oT
rcuiti, i ueuu nut BpcuK ui iuo h"' " .. uin and wi-1 ,
ity of my work for It speaks for itseii on '-:,,-. , .g.
i win ij of coin .
it, 1 1 1 r civmv. j .
Collecinto Prfnnrntnrv Primmer,..!.... ... i !. .u.. I Hirht sbOUide" . i-tnTOU
damaged by water and the Insurance
company told me to sell them for
what I could get, so I will sell them
for less than wholesale price.