East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, July 29, 1904, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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I This Cap Labol I
B Is a guarantee of the purity H
H and richness of our H
I Economy I
Brand I
ft Evanorate.fi
V $5,000 reward H
WL to anyone able to prove Hi
jm our product.
"The KodaV season ts now
on and we have the largest and
most complete line profession
al and amateur photographic
goods ever shown in the city.
Don't forget to take a camera
or kodak with you on your -'a-cation.
Brock & McComas
Cor. Main and Court Sts.
Pendleton, Oregon.
and the toys of carriage riding aro at
their best, provided you have the
right vehicle. You will if you make
your selection at Neagle's. Wo have
carriages to suit every fancy, from
phaetons to buckboards, and every
ono mado right In stylo and finish
guaranteed to give the easiest riding
and most durability.
Wo havo the celebrated Winona
wagons, hacks nnd buggies. Made for
this climate. Call and see them.
Wo set your tires while you wait,
on the hydaulic machine. No bruls
Ing or burning of wheels. Adds to
life of wheels. Try it and be pleased
Big Brick Shop.
Wo aro showing an immense
lino of fino Bibles, 20c to $12.45.
Self-pronouncing Ulbles, teach
ers' Hlbl.es, now revised Bibles,
now referenco Ulbles, Bibles
with now maps and lessons.
All styles, lowest prices.
Frederick Nolf & Co.
The Leading;
Of the city, 8IEBERT &
Scliultz, have removed to 222
Court street, opposite tho Hotel
Bickers. When you want
well made suit at reasonable
prices, call on them.
office- large bundles of newspapers, con.
mining over 100 big paper, can bo obtain
d for S3 cents u bundle.
Bridegrooms, as a Rule, Are Regard
less of the Price of Things on Bri
dal Tours How $300 a Day .Was
8pent In a Hotel In the Capital.
Why Is it that so many brufal cou
ples come to Washington to spend their
honeymoons? Perhaps tho question can
not lie satisfactorily answered, but the
fact remains that the capital Is n great
Mecca for the newly wedded. Some
people say that It Is because Washing
ton Is restful and that at this one pe
riod in their lives men and women do
not care for hustle. They want to be
able to devote some thought to each
other without fear of personal acci
dent. Whatever the reason, the fact
remains that the annual influx of brides
and glooms amounts to at least 'JO.000
The manager or one or tne mucin or
the city was nkod In regard to the ex
penses of a honeymoon.
'In a honeymoon in ii'inngton too
expensive for a man with u moderate
salarv." the reporter asked, "or can It
be reduced to an economical basis with
out displaying the limitations of tho
bridegroom's purse should ho happen to
be of the less wealthy class?''
'That question need not bo a vexed
one, repueti uie anauie manager, mv
honeymoon In Washington can lie as
cotly as the purse can buy or It can bo
spent on an amazingly small amount. If
you will, of course, consider tho luxury
afforded by our modern liiftcls.
'At tills moment I have In mind a
man from Chicago who brought ins
bride here on their wedding trip. Their
living expenses amounted to something
like 5.100 a day, that amount being
spent In the hotel. Hut, then," the J
manager added, "this man had an al
most unquenchable thirst for rare old
wines and things in season and out of
season. Hut there Is Just one thing I
wish to say in connection with the
American bridegroom. 1 cannot recall
one Instance where the quality does
not hold good, be he a man of wealth
or ono of modest income. He never
questions the price of things. This
even proves true concerning the en
gagement of our apartments. He
spends his money generously and with
out consultation.
"I remember wo had as guests at
the same time with our $1100 n day
couple a newly wedded pair from New
England. Their dally expenses were
$10. Now, using these figures, which
are entirely accurate, ono can quickly
see that luxurious living It can be
purchased for the latter amount Is not
so frightfully expensive as our out of
town friends picture. Itcally tho
amount of money to be spent is more u
matter of taste than the condition of
one's purse."
At this juncture the manager reach
ed and threw open tho door of the
state bridal suit, displaying n verita
ble glimpse of fairyland. This cham
ber Is the most expensive room in the
hotel. Its size does not differ materi
ally from the less elegantly furnished
rooms, but in magnlllcenco It rivals the
most gorgeous bedchambers of Euro
pean palaces. One Bpeedlly realizes
that to comprehend Its beauty color
temperament becomes a necessity.
Investigation roveals walls of plain
tnolrc damask, the color of which deep
ens from the faintest shade of shell
pink to tho rich blush of tho rose. This
effect is continued In tho less rich hang
ings nnd draperies of the same tints,
while the carpet reflects the same lines,
which becomo lightened by windows
covered with rare old lace. The furni
ture Is of Louis XIV. period, the color
Bchemo Is carried out in the upholster
Ings of figured damask In dainty floral
ilesigus and scroll effects, while the
four poster bedstead, with Its canopy,
Is said to be an exact copy of tho orig
inal at Cluny, the cost of tho bed alone
being enormous.
"Hut how do you make the expenses
run up to ?u00 a day?" inquired the
"Quito easily enough. This room, in
cluding bath, is a day. Such guests
as occupy an apartment of that sort de
mand a private dining room, the latter
ranging In price according to the elab
oration of the room and the tnblo fur
nishing, say $23 for the dining room n
day,- and $50 Is disposed of nt once.
Now; $100 for three meals for two peo
ple is not so much, after all, when price
less wines are served with luncheon nnd
"Game, fruit and vegetables out of
teason are worth tbclr weight In gold,
o $100 Is n mere bagatelle. Tio re
maining $150 Is paid for drawing room,
room and board for maid, exclusive of
Meanwhile tho couplo from New Eng
land wero herenely content In their
apartment a bright loomwlth adjoin
ing bath aud every comfort, which
cost them a day. Their meals, being
ordered Judiciously from an elaborate
menu, amounted to ?0, while the com
bined tips of husband and wife reached
Iho sum of $1, making the total $10.
l'hcso two young people enjoyed the
llfo in the public dining room, twins
(veil rimsscd guests at table, which fro
nuently proven one of the most plena
lug sights of their trips. There they
had music, lights and flowers galore,
which they were nt as much liberty to
enjoy for their $10 n day as tho western
couple for their $yoo a day.
"True, our state bridal suit is in con
itnnt demand, still n honeymoon can bo
ipent In Washington on n wonderfully
iinnll nmount of money without dis
playing penurious qualities, a trait of
character from which tun nvernge
American bridegroom is absolutely
froo."- Washington Tost.
Humbert Was Assassinated
July 29, 1900.
Home, July 29. Today was. tho
fourth anniversary of tho tragic
death (if King Humbert, who wns as
sassinated nt Monza, July 20, 1900,
by Gaetano llr.escl, an anarchist. In
accordance with custom tho anniver
sary was observed by commemora
tive exorcises throughout tho king
dom. In the capital thoro was a pll
nrinucn of many thousands of visit
ors to the tomb of tho dead king In
Mm !nnt icon. Kllic Victor ismmnu-
upI. necomnanled by Queen Helena
nnd members of tho royal family, vis
ttn.il tin. tomb and snout an hour In
prayer. The tomb waB almost hhld.cn
beneath a mass of magnificent flornl
The anniversary has renewed Inter
est and speculation In tho fate or mo
assassin, Hrescl, concerning which
numerous contradictory stories nro
tnlii. it has beon reported at inter
vnis that Hrescl Is dead, but this Is
not ceiinrallv credited. Tho prolinbll
ltlns are that ho Is still confined In
prison ami that he is totally mad as
has been reported.
Great Efforts Will Be Made to Corral
the Younner Voters.
Now York. July 29. The American
Protective Tariff l.eaguo Is prepar
ing to distribute an enormous quantl
ty of protection lltoraturo among tho
voters of the country during tno pros
ldpntlal campaign. Secretary Wake
man states tliat the leaguo's dtstribu
Hon of documents direct to voters
will amount to more than 1,000,000
conies. '
A catalogue of soveral hundred
thousand voters who will cast their
ballots for the first time in November
has been procured, and no efforts arc
being snared by the league to con
vince the now voters In all sections
of the country that President Hoose
volt should be supported at tho polls
One of the most important of tho lat
est publications of tho lenguo Is .en
titled "American Tariffs from l'lym
outh Hock to lucKlnloy." Another
book brought out by tho league aud
described as tho "Tariff Hand Hook'
is intended ns an aid to speakers and
writers In tho present campaign.
Conference for Christian Workers.
East Northfleld, Mass., July 2!).-
The general conference of the ChrlS'
lion workers, which was founded by
the late Dwlght L. Moody, began Its
twenty-second annual session today
under conditions which point to an
unusually successful meeting. Dur
ing the threo weeks tho conference
will be In session tho speakers will
Include Prebendary Webb-I'eploe
London, England; the Hovs. G. Camp
hell Morgan, D. 1)., East Northticld
Cleland 1J. McAfee, Chicago; H. O
Weston, 1). D., Crozior Theological
seminary: I.cn O. Hroughton, D. D.
Atlanta, (la., and It. A. Hume, India
Hooker T. Washington, Turgegec,
Ala., and C. Spencer Walton, South
Ninht Was Her Terror.
"I would cough nearly all night
long," writes Mrs. Charlos Applegato
of Alexandria, Ind., "and could hardly
get any sleep. I had consumption bo
bad that If I walked a block I would
cough frightfully and spit blood, but
when all other medicines failed, threo
$1.00 bottles of Dr. King's Now DIs
covery wholly cured mo aud I gained
58 pounds." It's absolutely gunran
teed to euro coughB, colds, la grlppo,
bronchitis, and all throat and lung
troubles. Prico 60c and $1.00. Trial
bottles free at Tallman & Co.'s drug
Special Excursion to the World's Fal
Tho Denver & KIo Grando, in con
nectlon with tho Missouri Pacific, will
rnu a series of personally conducted
excursions to tho World's fair during
Juno. Theso excursions will run
through to St. Louis without change
of cars, .making short stops nt prlncl
pal points en route. Tho first of theso
oxcurslons will leavo Portland Juno
7th, nnd tho second Juno 17th. Tho
rato from Pendleton will bo $G0.00 to
St. Louis and return. Excursionists
going via tho Denver & KIo Grando
have tho privilege of returning via n
different route. This Is tho most
pleasant way, as well as tho most de
lightful one, to cross tho continent.
Tho stops nrranged glvo nn opportu
nity of visiting tho various points of
Interests In and nbout Salt Luke City,
Denver and Kansas City. If you wish
to accompany ono of thoso oxcurslons
write at onco to W. C. McBrldc, 121
Third street, Portland, for sleeping
car reservations.
McFadden vs. Langford.
Manchester, N. H., July 29. Tho
postponed fight between George Mc
Fadden and Sam Langford takes
placo hero tonight boforo tho Pas
tlmo Athletic Club. McFadden np
pears to bo in his old-tlmo form nnd
Is confident of winning. Tho winner
will meet Jimmy Gardner for tho
lightweight championship of Now
Pistol for Sale.
Thero is a 32-cnubro Smith & Wes
son revolver for sn.o at tho East Ore
gonlan offlco, which is practically as
good as now, as It is in perfect re
pair, nover having beon oiu of ropair,
and from which not over a dozen
rounds havo been fired slnco its pur
chase from tho retailor. Can bo
bought for Just ono-hnlt what it cost
tho 'present owner entlroly now.
Headers and Threshers Wanted,
Wanted Parties to Head and
thresh 400 acres ot wheat six mllos
northwest of Helix. Pay soon as work
Is finished. Apply at this offlco.
Attention 8heepmen.
Ilnngo to leaso and can locate
soruo good rnngo and water. Address
box 44, La Grande. Or
Gporgo II. Whlttakor, n commercial
traveler of Portland, is suing his wife
for dlvorco because sho spat In bis
fuco, In a quiot family quarrol,
Son Born to Nate Taltenger and Wife
Made Business Trip to Portland
Returned From Idaho Visitors
From Kansas Services by Rev.1
Humbert of Eugene Mrs. Cham
berlain Has Returned.
Athcnn. July 28. Mr. and Mrs.
Webber and llttlo son of La Grando,
havo arrived. Mr. Wobbor will work
In tills viclnitv tbroUEh hnrvest and
Mrs. Webber and son will visit with
Mrs. Joo Banister.
Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Nnto Talten
ger July 2G, a son.
Mrs. Mitchell of Monroe, rciurneu
homo Inst week nftcr a pleasant visit
with her parents nnd friends hero.
Thero was a carload or uno nog
shipped from Athena to Pendleton by
Link Swaggart Monday.
Miss Hertlin Baker has gono to
Pendleton whero she will spend the
Hiimmcr nt tho homo of her uncle, J.
W. Malonoy. Sho was accompanied
by Miss Nellie Foss, who will visit
her for a week.
A. M. Qlllis made, n business trip
to Portland last week.
Aim. Austin Woods and 8 Stcr. Mrs.
E. A. Dudley, wont to tho mountnins j
Monday, where thoy will spend two , T
weeks rusticating.
Tou.. UmlM. lma rntiimiwl linlim T
from his mining property on Snake
jLonu u. ...... u ..............
Mrs. Hoohor ot Kansas, arrived at
Adams lust week and found her
brother on his deathbed. Sho had
not seen her brother for 18 years.
Mrs. P. S. LcGrow returned homo i
last week after nn extended visit with
her mother nnd friends nt Wnlla
Walla. Sho was accompanied by her
two little nieces, who will visit her a
Mrs. Orango Chamberlain and little
sons arrived homo .Monday after an
extended visit to tho vnll.oy.
Mrs. Stump Is homo again after a
pleasant visit to Odessa, Wash.
Hov. Humbert ot tho Eugcno Uivm-
Ity School, preached at tho Christian
church Sunday, both morning and
Mnurlco Hill is visiting his brother.
William Hitler of Elgin, at present.
No Pity Shown.
"For years fnto was after mo con
tinuously," writes F. A. Gulledgo, Ver
bena, Ala. "I had a tcrriblo caso of
piles, causing 21 tumors. Wnon all
failed Huckleu's Arnica Salvo cured
me." Equally good for all aches and
pnlns. Only 2Bc nt Tallman & Co.'s
drug store.
$2.00 shoos for $1.00.
Fill J TMI Fir.
" " w" WORK, won ....
: Pure Water from Piirp
OM. ltnn.lflfi.l nmrolnl inn In , Jl..... .
luuiiuu ufcum wiu wuivi 10 iiuiu us mu nx xou cannot
.1 I At,- mn,AM , ,1.. 1
.llr.l Mm liYimirlMna nnil rnnlni.lnn ,t.nf mnlrn . .
I water. Tako our product and YOb HAVE BOTH
Ice and Cold Storage
Tolophono Mnln 1781
em ova
In addition to our present
large stock of vehicles, we
have bought and are now
moving the stock from
Athena to Pendleton, we
need more room and to
get it we will sell for the
next thirty days, at actual
COST any buggy, back,
carriage or road wagon
we have in stock.
.mi, u nnnn ..
- nn
741 M
. M y