East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, July 29, 1904, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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i-ts have taken advantage of this great price cutting .
, i
Ing sale.
Ladles' Suits at less than half price.
$10 Suits, now $4.90
$12.50 Suits, now $6.20
$15.00 Suits, now $7.40
$10.00 Suits, now $8.00
$20.00 Suits, now $9.95
$25.00 Suits, now $12.45
Ladles' Skirts.
Every skirt in the house reduced In
price. Alterations free.
$3.00 Skirts $1.0S
$3.G0 Skirts $1.88
$5.00 Skirts $3.95
$0.00 Skirts $4.40
$7.00 Skirts $5.40
$8.00 Skirts $6.15
$!.00 Skirts $6.45
$10.00 Skirts . $8.60
$12.00 Skirts $9.10
Every department in our big store
is represented in this sale.
Men's suits nt a saving of 25 to
US 1-8 per cent.
Corner Mam and Alta streets
. nrtrlTirC
I 1 Mn "
criers at uraiz .
. . tint Ounnv
biu at the Boston.
corn, roasting oars, xiu.wi.uy .
Ui(i uisft.
drv spilt woou, nnone iuc-
. .. ..II .1.. .
tUUi IWl "UUU, MIS lUUUj tfc
melons, water melons, at
Blue $3.50 and $1.00 shoes at
tfh' Tlnet on nnfth
kinds carbonated drinks.
! and pure. 'Phone 951.
iiu. LuuiecLiuutirv nun p.i-
Hatton'8, 304 Courc street.
Kent Six-room furnished
r ihu an h f i h r mnnr ir in.
mis onice.
ii iuo i uiiuil-uii meaier. ip-
- LU kj, 1.1.
oo, Pendleton, Oregon.
Ollr diniiarw.irn nnt full onto
Price with cash purchase of
1QQ Elasswnrn nnrl lnmn
C, Hohrman.
80Id a frnnf mnnv Unit
.vwtw.a u mio uuu DU1-
COUnt es. anil thn tart thnf
v uiaouilQUCVI LIUJTU1
nolt Is the machine to buv
v .uil. in lUllY UL'UIL
L Smith, 311 Court street.
1T1 lh. 1 1 .
we sol rol able
-.wm ii.uu un. wn son
'. 1U. It. VI 71 Inn.
.vnvi. amrunp hiivap
fc4 and 14. If onlM ,tJ
nirantee nil ti
J IV. x
- viuic iuiiitv rmiti T
-v, we win fniiv .
sruiive J.vvlr.
" Main Street.
Ice cream, the Delta kind.
Got Sunny. U. C. Under.
Cash registers at Wlthee's.
Get a "top coat." The Boston,
Tho Delta ice cream is delicious.
See Wlthee for Are extinguishers.
Fresh, pure groceries, Hawley Droa.
New line men's 'sweaters. Tho
Douglas and Hanan shoes. The
Midsummer clearance sale at
Chicken dinner and Ice cream Sun
days nt Gratz's.
Closing out sale of all summer
millinery at Mrs. Rose Campbell's.
Canvus shoes, overalls, working
shirts and gloves at Daer & Daley's.
Mollne wagons, rubber tired bug
iles, carriages and hacks at Kunkel's,
Tho St. George restaurant, open
day and night. Mrs. Cooper, propri
etor. Columbia and Edison phonograph
records, 25c and ooc. Nolf'B book
Got your clothes cleaned and
pressed at Joerger's, 120 West Court
Margarita Fischer Company to
noght, nil week and next weak. Frnzor
You want to see E. L. Smith for
Information regarding the little Holt
Wanted Woman to do cooking In
hotel. Address Airs. J. P. Navln,
Helix, Or.
Full stock of extras for Holt har
vesters on hand at E. L. Smith's, 311
Court street.
Saturday and Sunday ' night the
.Margarita Fischer Company In "Leah
the Forsaken."
Twenty-room hotel, furnished, two
lots, good business, $1800. Great bar
gain. E. T. Wade & Son.
Hooni Wanted Young man wants
furnished room near Main street. Wi
ho permanent, inquire nt this of
fice. Tho three Hownrds with the Mar
garita Fischer Company next week at
tho Frazer theater, 25, 35 and 50
The connection between the Ma
sonic building and the Webb street
main s.ewer Is being made. Increasing
the fall and the dimensions of tho
I handle the celebrated Holt com
blned harvester, and have any size
from an eight-foot to 3C-foot cut.
Either for horse power or engine
power. E. h. Smith, 311 Court St.
Wanted Agents to sell hardy,
northern grown trees. Dig commls
filou -paid. Cash advanced weekly,
Write today and secure choice of ter
ritory. Washington Nursery Co.,
'lopnenisn, wnsn.
I have the machine that pleases
the farmers. Time and trial havo
proven the worth of the Holt com'
bined harvester, and it has been
demonstrated to be the most success
ful made. E. L. Smith, 311 Court
J. W. Daley Is nt Lehman Springs
S. D. Phay has returned from Leh-
man Springs.
'Mrs. Mat Mosgrove. of Milton, is
visaing in rendleton today.
Mrs. Tom Aston and children havo
gone to Meacham for their vacation
Dr. W. G. Cole wont to Umatllln
this morning on professional husl
J. M. Stamper, a pioneer rancher
rrom the Weston country, is In town
Mrs. J. E. Beam has gone to New
port, and win not return until Sep
tember 1.
C. A. Chapman left on the morning
train for the north, on his way to
M. A. Rader and family are .expect
ed to return from the East about
August 15.
R. T. Cox, of Portland, formerly
cashier of the Savings Hunk, is in
town on business. ,
Charles W. Myers, of tho Morning
Tribune, has gone to Lehman Springs
for a weeki vnoatlon.
Clark E. Nelson, manager of the
Weston brick yard, was m Pendleton
last night on business.
W. J .Furnish arrived yesterday,
and will spend a few days in town
and vicinity on business.
Mrs. H. W. Schwartz and daughter
are visiting In North Ynkima, whero
they will remain for several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. C. French, of Wes
ton, are In this city J.r. French Is
president of tho Eastern Oregon
State Normal school
Mrs. William Moore of Pendleton.
arrived this morning to visit her
brother, William Kitchen, and family.
Snmpter Dally Miner.
Fred Waffle, O R & N. conductor
from La Grande Is on W. H. Kelsoy's
passenger run. while Mr. Kelsey en
joys his summer vacation.
Dr. F. E. Adams and wife will not
return to Pendleton permanently, It
Is reported, from their Eastern trip,
but will locat.e In Portland.
Miss Edytho Boyce will leave In a
short time for Everett. Wash., for a
visit with her parents, who moved
there recently Irani Michigan.
Judge Lowell wnl go west on Satur
day's lato train, anil after the meet
ing of the Development League at
Portland will go to the toast for an
J. L, Burke of Sail Lake City, is
in the city visiting his uncle, J. C.
Louergnn, a prominent cattle buyer.
Mr. Burke is engaged in mining and
Is on his way to Wardner, Idaho.
Jack Oliver, a locomotive engineer
formerly employed on the O. R. &. N.
at La Grande, arrived from Los An
geles this morning. He will remain
n couple of weeks on a visit with old
time friends. La Grande Chronicle.
J. A. Green Is In town today. The
family residence is nt Colfax, and Mr.
Gre.eno speaks very highly of the
place and the inhabitants thereof.
Mr. Greene Is traveling and selling
agricultural machinery, more espec
ially a weed exterminator.
Mrs. O. E. Hull, accompanied by
Miss Evelyn J. Sheen, left last night
tor Portland and the coast, to remain
some time. While In Portland, they
will attend the wedding of G. F. Alnr
tin and Miss Elizabeth A. Uattln,
which is to occur the t'th of next
Open for Business
Though you wouldn't
think so to see the
front taken out
Frank Mclntyre Insane.
Believing that someone is attempt
Ing to hide his wife ami baby from
him, Frank Mclntyro created a sen'
satlon In Main street shortly before
noon, by rushing about and wringing
his hands in despair. Ho was taken
Into custody by tho sheriff s office
and will be examined regarding his
l.'mous Ice Cream can aealn be obtained at th old ta-
Cabin soda Fountain.
The Popular Price
City Should Do Something to Make
Better Streets and Roads.
Street Commissioner Brown is
strongly convinced that a rock
crusher would ho n profitable Invest
ment for the city. He claims that
overy day demonstrates its needs.
As things are going now It Is an
endless chain of hauling on pebble
rock from the river at an average
cost of 50 and 75 cents per load, only
to see them either sink out of sight.
or work to tho surface. There Is not
the slightest consistency In the way
river rock behaves, Hundreds of tons
have disappeared entirely, while
hundreds of tons uft.er settling'' nnrt
giving apparent promlso of making
a permanent roadbed, have to mo to
the surface where they slip and roll
about, changing position with every
stroke o'f a whe.el or hoof until It Is
necessary to haul them away to get
rid of them. They will not pack and
make a roadway themselves, or make
a foundation for anything else.
These sam,e pebbles run through a
crusher, or what Is .better, quarry
rock after golug tnrough a crusher.,
will make a roadbed that cannot be
excelled. It will pack in fine shape
If put down In sufficient quantity,
and the mor.o travel goes over It the
firmer and smoother It becomes.
Those Along the Sewer Route Are
Troublesome and Require Immedi
ate Attention.
The. street commissioner finds a
good deal of attention yet necessary
to tno routes followed by the sewers
especially the now sowers, as sinks
are rr.equent and annoying, and they
all require immediate attention. A
few days ago a wheel of one of
Wolls' loaded water wagons dropped
down, stnlllnK the wagon until It was
unloaded. The weight of tho wagon
dropped tho wheel in a placo whero
there was not the slightest extornal
Indication of a weak place.
in,ese sewer sinks are difficult to
get out of, because the sides of tho
holes aro either perpendicular, or else
the edges aro slightly ovorhamrlnir.
which Is still worse.
Baker Says Stock Are In Ex
cellent Condition.
Jack Bakor Is down from his ranch
on the ridge north of Camas Prairie,
There has been an abundance of
moisture In that country, nnd thero Is
a prolusion oi goou pasturage, in
consequence, stock of nil kinds are In
excellent condition, nnd the stockmen
are confident.
Mr. Baker, who is a cattleman, Is a
strong partisan of tho Hereford
breed. H1b experience nnd observa
tion confirm htm in the opinion that
Hereford grades are tho most hardy
rattle and the best rustlers that nro
produced. He av.ers that they will
keep In good flesh on less food, nnd
will find and utilize more food in a
given area than any other cattle. In
these respects he considers them bet
ter cattle than the Shorthorns.
A peculiarity of the Hereford
which Mr. Baker has always noted
but seldom has seen referred to even
In the Htock Journals, Is that of not
willingly nor easily straying. When
they aro full they lie down and mind
their business; when out for food
they keep together better than any
other breed. Iney get loBt less often
In consequence. Even whn they stray
away, which Is very s,eldom, they gen
erally keep together or at least do
not get far apart, when other cattle
would be found scattered for miles.
Split Wood
'Phone Main 1121. Savings Bank Bldg.
Oregon State Normal School, Monmouth
Organizer Will Meet With Order To-'
morrow Night.
F. G, Woodcock, of Portland, or-j
ganlzer for the Woodmen of the
World, Is In town and will remain for
a week or 10 days. His territory in-,
cludeH Eastern Oregon and Northern 1
Idaho. 1
Ho came here from Hcppncr and
Begins Its Iw.only-lhlrd yoar Sep
tember 20, 100L Four terms In each
school year, uffordlng opportunities
for beginning n courso In Soptombor,
November, Fobrunry and April.
The Best Training for Teachers.
Is tho normal courso, with its assur
ance of good positions nt good wages.
Wrlto for now cntaloguo containing
full Information concerning coursos
of study, training In actual touching
afforded tindor real conditions In town
f nnd country schools, nnd full dotolls
about tho advanced courso of study with tho additional advantages at
tached, Address Secretary J. B. V. Butler, or President B, D. Ressler,
Monmouth) Oregon.
reports the order very prosperous all
over the stat.e. with an unustiul iuun-1 s
ber of accessions for this tlmo of I
tho year, Ho Is very desirous that I J
the meeting of the order at thu hall
tomorrow night shall be largely at- J
tended. I Z
Will Meet Her. Father.
Mrs. . Raymond, of Stanton Ktn-1
tlon. Is In town today to meet her i Z
father, who will com.o from the EaHt
tfi null; hfu ltntrift ultli lw.c '
Its Rich and Delicious
Our cold storage meats are nlways right; always tender, always
Try our mild cured Hams. They are freo from that strong tuste,
The Schwarz & Greulich Meat Co.
Raymond was the youngest child of u '
largo family. Hermother died while
she waq an Infant, and hex father,,
iuiuk hi nuuigniuiieu circumstances.
to Insure the babe.u good homo and
advantages, gavo her to 'frlends, From
mat i iinu unui ine present Mrs. uaj
mom! bus not seen her father.
Subject to Poll Tax.
Ono thousand Is an overestimate of I
the number of men In Pendleton sub-
Ject to tho poll tux. When thoso who
are exempt on account of age, thoso
wno nro discharged soldiers, those
who ur.o homesteaders and thoso who
are firemen, a total of approximately
500 Is left, and tho number Is inoro
likely to ho less than 600 than that
number. Marshal Carney has so far
collected over 10(1 and finds no onno-
sltion to tho collection since the coun
cil ordered immediate action.
Wo aro rendy for thorn to wash
thorn, to blue thorn, to starch thorn, to
iron thera in buch a way that thef
Mill suit your necks and wrists with
otit chafing el'her and without givlox
them a freo fringe which you wouW
rathor find niiBslng. We have roduced
the laundering of linen to a science
and our prices aro in accord with too
nudorn Idea of low cost In largo quan
In the Wallow Country.
S. R. Thompson and family will
start In a few days overland for Wal
lowa county, where they will spend
their vacation. They .oxpect to find
conditions Idyllic for an outing. Oth
ers who are in tho Wullowa country.
or have returned from thero, havo en
joyed tnomseivcs hugely.
Coltract Not Let.
Tho report that tho contract for tho
annex to the Hotel Fol.py at Ijx
Grande, had been let proves to bo nil
error. Bids havo not yot been sub
mitted, and In fact it Is not known
that tho specifications am comoleted.
although tho general plans for the re
motieied uuuding Havo been detorm
Tho annual catch of fish In American
waters Is 1,690,000,000,000 pounds
which represents a mon.oy valuo of
Is made from the choicest wheat that grows. (Jood bread Is
assured when Byera Best Flour Is mod. Dran, shorts, steam roll
ed barley always on hand.
W. 8. BYER8, Prop.
Tina mnvaii in nnT.T.-j,n,l aAn 1 .,.... nr-..
- -w wunuu , wuu atiuui, ucmcmi wuier una iourt. Ho Is
bettor prepared thun ever before to do blcli-class plumbing at reasona
ble rotes. Estimates cheerfully given. If you havo work to do In his
line see him before you go elsewhere.
BECK, the Reliable Plumber