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    ' PAGE EIGHT. ' . tDAlLY'EAST OREQONIAN. PENDLETON, OREGON, PRlDvY, pULV 22, 1,004- ,' ..' fi Wlh'-.
-iaaBBHf a. i u n m Mil m m
The Eagles Carnival j
! Is Over I
7 .
Improvements to the City Reduce the
Fire Insurance Rales In Many Dis
tricts Brewery Improvements Cut
Rate From 4V2 to 3 Insurance Ad
juster Criticises Pendleion Back
Yards Says Great Amount of In
flammable Litter Is Dangerous.
C. A. Craft of Spoknno, the special
representative of the Board of Un
derwriters of the Pacific coast, has
been in town for some days, examin
ing the fire risks, estimating the de
gTeo of protection against fire, and
the liability of different properties to
have fire, and the possible degree of
damage, that might result from fire
under ordinary conditions of weather
and water supply.
. Air, Craft mentions as a fact that
all property owners would do w.ell
to remember right In the start, that
every gasoline engine and gasoline
tank and gasoline lamps adds some
what to the risks of Insurance, and
Buch an Increase has been noted and
incorporated during this visit. The
additional risk when there was any
heretofore, was made a separate one;
now it Is added, as a percentage, to
the cost of Insurance.
The value of brick buildings Is em
phasized by the experience of William
Hoesch, the brewer, who finds his rate
of insurance on the now brewery to
b,e much reduceu. On the original
franio structure It was 4Vi; on tho
If we know anything batter
for healing chaps, cracks and
roughness, and keeping the skin
smooth, soft and fair, -we would
have it. Those t.uo try it say
our Toilet Cream is the best
proposition thoy over used nnd
we bollovo thoy aro right.
Keep F. & S. ToUet Cream
on hand and use it, and your
face and hands will bo froo
from summer skin discomfort.
Daintily perfumed, pleasant to
use, heals quickly, and costs
25c Per Bottle.
Tallman (2b Co.
... ... ... 4. .. ...
i R. C. BEACH, President.
W. L. THOMPSON, Cashier.
No. 7301.
Commercial National Bank
Stockholders Liability, JEO.OOO. Capital; 150,000,
First. That systematic saving pays. A deposit of 35.00 a
month for flvo years, with 4 per cent interest computed semi
annually, will yield you $332.27. Ten dollars a month for tho
same length of tlmo will yield SCC4.60, while In ten years you
would havo $1,474.76.
Second. Tho safety of your money. Tho well known char
actor and ability of tho board of directors and officers is a suf
flclont guaranteo of honest and capable management.
Third. That wo tako any amount from fl.00 upwards.
Fourth. That your money is payable on demand.
Fifth. That wo pay 4 per cent Intorest.on certificates of
deposit and savings accounts, crediting the interest on tho sav
ing accounts on tho first day of Fobruary and August in each
Sixth. That wo oitond to our patrons ovcry courtesy and
accommodation in our power, consistent with good banking, and
Seventh. That we aro under government inspection.
Wp respectfully solicit your business.
W. L. THOMPSON, Cashlor.
'Phone Main 1131
now brick building It Is less thnn 3
per cent.
Tho rote on the Methodist church
adjacent to tho brewery Is not de
creased, because tho church adjoins
that portion of the brewery plant
which underwent no changes. The
cold storage building and the saloon
on tho corner nro still tho franio
structures they were before tho new
brewery was erected.
The rote on tho now Cottonwood
street laundry hns been reduced 5
on the 11,000.
Mr. Craft found "back yard condi
tions" bad In Pendleton, nnd does not
hesitate to say so. An Immense
amount of litter and debris, much of
It intlnmmable, has accumulated In
the alleys and on the back lots, nnd
he advises drastic measures to get rid
of It, as It constitutes a menace out
of all proportion to tho Indifference
with which people In general regard
It. Tho condition Is worse since the
ordinance was passed prohibited
burning debris. Jlr. Croft says: "The
people tell me the trash Is taken
away regularly, but It Is not, and I
know It is not. At tho same time Its
existence constitutes a menaco that
Is sure to be reflected sooner or later
In the insurance rates.
"Even should the rate not bo rais
ed, the existence of these piles of
debris should be Impossible, and will
be as soon as the people realize the
vlskB of fire from them. The people
should be nctuated by a sense of self
protection." Rib Broken.
The aged father of Hon jamln .Mor
ton, who lives 10 miles north of Pen
dleton, had a rib broken this morning
and sustained other, but slight, Injur
ies, by the railing of a large barn
door against him. The door was lift
ed off Its roller by a strong wind ns
Mr. Morton, Sr., was opening It. with
the result mentioned. Dr. McFaul
has tho case In charge and left the
prtlent resting quite comfortably con
sidering his years.
Afraid to Tell the Facts.
L. J. Anderson, a reservation wheat
farmer, refuses to divulge the prob
able or actual yield of grain on his
holdings this year, because "the grain
speculators use these Inflated esti
mates to bear down prices with. U
Is bad enough for everybody to tell
It when they tell Just what Is true
about the big yields; but nine-tenths
of them lie about It, anyhow."
Miss Minnie Dowtu nf Free .in u
and 11 H. G-.ves of Weston, were
married today In the parlors of the
Hotel Bickers, Itev. Jonathan Ed
wards officiating.
It Is Fine
IN 1 and 2 LB.
T. G. HA1LEY, Vice-President,
Well Known Pendleton Landlords Dis
pose of Their Business for $6500
Sale Was Made Because of Caspar
Van Dran's Continued III Health
Hotel Has a Wide Reputation and
Will Be Enlarged to Accommodate
Its Patronage New Proprietor Now
In Charge.
The Hotel Pendleton changed hands
this morning, .1. J. Kelley succeeding
to Van Dran Brothers' unoxpireu
lenso, which has four years more to
r,un, their renewal dating about one
year ago, for a live-year tenure. The
consideration Is ?G500, tho purchase
Including tho saloon stock nud fix
tures, a portion of tho itirnlshlngs of
tho house, nnd tho good will. Tho
transfer is already mane and sir,
Kolley Is in possession.
Tho change of ownership carries
with It no change in tho personnel of
either the barroom force, or of the
working force of the hotel. F. H.
Gardner will remain ns clerk and
Frank Collier and E. It. Ferguson as
bartenders. Xelthor is there any
change In the dining room force, or
in the hall employes and housekeep
ers. J. J. Kelley will bo the manager ns
well us proprietor, and his oroth.er, F.
N. Kelley, will be night clerk, a po
sition which has been vncnnt for some
time. Ho will be assisted by his son,
Bliss Kelley. Mrs. Kelley accom
panied her husband and son to Pen
dleton on their first trip, nnd Is hero
now. Tho family will reside In tho
Mr. Kelley has a record ns a land
lord In different parts of the country,
and the Ins nnd outs of the business
in Its heat phases are familiar to him.
At one time he ran a hotel In San
Bernardino, Cal., coming from that
place to Tacoma In 1900, where he
managed the Tacoma hotel for sever
al years'. He was onco manager of
the Park hotel at Great Falls, after
wards of a hotel at Bozcman, and for
a time was manager of a hotel in
the Yellowstone Park. He was In the
hotel business in Montana a total of
14 years.
Tho Van Dran brothers retire with
a fixed reputation as first-class hotel
men. They leave the Hotel Pendle
ton with a patronage that Is up to tho
limit of th.e capacity of the house,
would-be guests being turned away
o,very day for months past.' They
leave It only because of Caspar Van
Dran's continued ill health for
months past he had slept sitting In a
chair, heart and lung action being
such as to make reclining Impossible.
He has been In very poor health over
slnco he first came to Pendleton.
Shortly after his arrival here, and im
mediately after taking charge of tho
Hotel Pendleton, he was stricken with
typhoid fever and was hed-rlddon
three months. He has never fully re
covered from Its effects, In fact, his
present poor health results directly
from that Illness.
George Van Dran has no present
intention of leaving Pendleton, but
he has not yet decided In what busi
ness to engage.
The hotel company contemplates
extensive Improvements and altera
tions to the building within from one
to two years they cannot now tell
just when they will undertake them,
but tho general purpose of enlarging
nnd remodeling is established, and
tho details of putting them Into exe
cution is merely a matter of tlmo.
Tho Intention Is to add two stories
and put In nn elovator system.
Tho company expended 517,500 last
year upon tho present structure, Im
mediately alter the lire.
Prof. J. B. Horner, of Agricultural
College, Will Be In Pendleton Mon
day, July 25. ' '
Prof, J. B. Horner, of the State Ag
ricultural College at Corvallls, will
bo at Hotel Pendleton on Monday,
July 25, for tho purpose of examining
applicants for entranco to the agri
cultural college at the beginning of
the next term, which begins In Sep
tember. This is ona of Oregon's proudest in
stitutions, tho attendance last year be
ing 530. There have been 500 grad
uates from this school since Its or
ganization, and many of them hold
the best positions on tho Pacific coast.
There aro 33 Instructors In tho col
lege,' In which all tho agricultural as
well as tho literary and scientific
branches aro taught. Ample dormi
tory facilities aro provided, board
costs ?2.75 per week, tuition Is abso
lutely free and books cost about $10
per year.
Tho collego accepts students from
high schools and other institutions
and furnishes one of th.o beat oppor
tunities In the Northwest for young
men and women to secure a literary
nnd scientific education at a modorato
Prof. Horner will be here hut one
day, Monday, July 25, having Just
completed a tour of tho Eastern Ore
gon counties nnd he vory much de
sires to meet all the young peoplo of
this vicinity who may havo any intont
(Ion of attending this school.
Death 'Caused by a Cancer on the
Lower Lip Had Long Been III.
flattllnh Rwnnk whn wna flK vnora
of ago last January, died last ovonlng
nt St. Anthony's hospital from ex
haustion caused by the Inroads of a
cancer 'on his iowor Up,- upon his vi
tality. Mr. Swank had been afflict
ed with this cancor for a number or
years, and fof tho past two years had
leen almost constantly In tho caro
of physicians.
Mr. Swank was a qormnn nnd had
been In this country Tor about 30
years, but had novor learned enough
English to be able to convorso in
that Inngungo, His only rolntlvo liv
ing In America Ib his son, Gottllob, a
well-to-do farmer living near Free
water, This boh has over beon solic
itous about his father's welfare, and
has ovcry month for years past llqul
.In, ml nil lillln Inrurrpil for thn keen
ing and medical attendance upon the
old gentioman. The latter is sain to
have been not easy to got nlong with,
and would not llvo with his son.
Mr. Swank, Sr., was an nrtlllery-
man In tho uormau army ror u
years, and sorv.ed In tho last Danish
Gcrrann war which resulted in Den
mnrk losing n province
Three Whelps Born to Lioness While
on the Parade Yesterday.
During tho parade of the Floto
shows yesterday, three whelps wore
born to tho monster African lioness,
and n fow peoplo who learned of tho
fact and secured permission to view
the little kings of the Jungle, saw a
sight never before witnessed In Pen
The whelpfa were about the bb.o of
larpo sized cats, and wore all sprlght
ly, strong nnd healthy. Tho cngo was
closed to the public, as the lioness
was cross and fretful, only a fow
friends of tho management being nl
lowed to peer through a crack In the
cage to view the fnmlly.
Tho threo young niombors of tho
Floto menagerie lay In n Biiug bundle
In the middle of the cage, stretched
out full length, enjoying the hot eve
ning, nnd seemed to be In their prop-o.-
element, ns Pendleton wenther yes
terday evening very much resembled
that of their native jungles, about
this season of the year.
While the lioness was asleep, the
sightseeing wont on uninterruptedly,
and the whelps were not disturbed,
but the mother awoke while a fow
people were peering Into her cage,
and she Immediately became fretful,
picked up enc of her babies in her
mouth and paced the cage and grum
bled, As .she had killed two other
former babies by this procedure, tho
management took h.or cage out of tho
tent, where she would bo undisturb
ed, us they vory much deslro to rnUo
tills family.
One of her offspring, an lS-mnnths
old youngster, was exhibited to the
spectators In a nearby cage, this be
ing the only one of her eight families
of whelps that has lived to become a
permanent fixture with the menag
If the management can rnla.e these
three youngsters,, thoy will add J5000
to the property valuo of tho show.
Gus La Fontaine Sells 1200 Yearlings
and Dry Ewes Other Shipments to
Gus La Fontaine hns returned from
Meucham, where he helped look after
the loading and shipment of 1200
sheep yearlings nnd dry owes, which
he sold to Carstcns. These sheop are
now on their way direct to tho East
ern mnrketB. Thoy nro a choice lot
and all ready for slaughter. The
price received for them could not be
learned, but Mr. La Fontaine express
ed himself as pcricctly satisfied with
his returns.
During tho first few days In August
Mr. La Fontaine will dollver to tho
same firm for shipment between 2000
and 3000 lambs, also fat and ready for
tho shambles.
The J. E. Smith Company Is today
loading for Redman 3000 sheep at
Meacham. These sheep will pass
through Pendleton, but whether thoy
arc destined for the Sound markets
or will excntually gp East ovor tho
Northern Pacific could not bo learn
ed. Attends Carpenter Wedding.
.Miss Nellie Cameron, accompanied
by Nenl nnd Tootsie, will leave for
Portland tonight, to attend the wed
ding of Homer V, Carpenter and Miss
Edith Itnnaom. which will take place
tomorrow night. After a day In Port
land, Miss Cameron, Nenl and Tootsie
will go to Ocean Park for a week's
Received Title to Land.
K. o' Warner has received from
the state lnnd board a .patent to 1G0
acres rof land in section 36, township
C south, range 34. Tho land lies dl
rectly smith 'of Pendleton, vory close
to the southern lino of tho county, on
a branch of tho North Fork of the
John Day rlvor,
In the Summer.
During tho summer month some
member of tho family Is suro to suf
fer from Cramps, Bowel Complaint or
Diarrhoea. Always keep a bottlo of
Hosteller's Stomach Blttors in tho
house for such cases. A doso at the
first symptom will afford prompt re
Hot. Then it always cures Headache,
Belching, Poor Appetite, Nausea, In
digestion, Dyspepsia and Malaria
Try one bottle, Tho genuine has our
Private stamp over the nock.
is a common complaint, very annoying
and often serious If the proper remedy
be not administered. The secretive
organs must be put in a thorough
working condition. If you would like
to have a relief act as if from n charm,
just use
Sold Everywhere. In boxes 10c. and SEc.
Arrangements 'Made for ;Ser)e -of
Summer 'Meetings.
Arrangements have boon mado for
a series of Union sorvlces on Sunday
evening, during tho remainder ot tho
Bummer. Tho meetings will bb hold
with thq various churches, Joining in.
tho movement. All the details as to
places and preachers lino not yet
boon arranged owing to the .absence
of some with whom consultation hr
desired, nnd some necessary changes
In tho schedule' already appearing.
The first Jorvico or tho series will
bo hold In tho M. E. church next Sun
day, July 24, at 8 p. ra. Tho Bormon I
will be preached by Prof, W. D. Ly
man, of Whitman College Tho mem
bers nnd friends of oil churches and
thoso having no church home, nro cor
dlally Invited to these sorvlces and
urged to find some place in tho work
they are Intendod to accomplish.
Tho meeting on July 31 will bo held
In the Baptist church, Sermon by
ncv. W. L. Van Nuys, of the Presby
terian church.
Tho "sanest Fourth" wns whore It
rained tho hardest.
CRD VfttlB ATTCMTIAM A . , n . . .
i-wn i wwn r I ieiiiiui, niiu I'M I riUNAUE, CAN WE I
The Boston Stoi
Hot Weather Sped
Nncllrreo RlilrlH 50c to I
Golf Shirts EOc to ,!i
Cool Underwear 506 t0 z "
Uroftw Vnl,ti,nr 25C"
stviui. nnH 25c, 50o nd I
Fancy Hoslory' 15e 200 ,rA !
lnn'o t1 Krt al,c vnAnnnA In ,.-
mens fiii.uu ouua reuueuu iu
poys' Wnshablo Suits 25 ' "
8TRAW HAT8, all there arc loft, at Half Price.
One-Price Furnishers and Hatters
TmTJr TTJft? DT TTMftl
Has moTfid to Cottonwood atreot, between water
better prepared than ovor before to do high-class piuw
bio rates. Estimates cheerfully given. If you nave wo
linn ..n him Uafnra vnu rn olaawhnrA.
UUD BCD UI(M WW.W UU O " v... - - H
BECK, the Reliable
Modern School of Coma1
A DualnoBS and Shorthand Training Scncw.
Write today.
We properly temper it for each particular ?lm&!
juto canvass we ouua up ft nre, waier uu - hset ot d"!T il
a ground mica surface and a wool felt paper drj ' , mZl
WE'LL lay tho goods, or you can. It Tpretw' 1
toll you some mighty interesting things. They w" "
book from shrlvellne ud. Write Ufl. . rw(iM.V
The Elateriie Roofing Co., 10 Worcester mi.
-Mason Jar,.
Large slw-i"-
Plates, eachi.
Shoes and Clothing
. j rVinrt.
Car Fare Free.
Two Month.' Tuition r..-
at dttrBER