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Tonight nnd Friday fair, continued
741 MAIN
and Cottrt.
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I'VOL. 17-
2sO. 5105.
iks council
utof 1100 Poll Taxes in the
City But 80 Have Been
Li-music ordinance
kti-Mloon Box Ordinance Kasseo
lever to Next Meeting F. X.
hcHempp Granted Liquor License
I Report of Street Commissioner
Brown Shows That the Heavy Rain
Uitthe City $.-4.80 List of Names
Suggested From Which Delegates
to Portland May Be Chosen.
The only absentee from council
etlng last night was Mayor Mai
v ,h0 had not returned from his
litess trip to the valley. The coun-bej-Dlckson,
Murphy, Johnson,
Renn, Swenrlngon anu
ki. and Recorder Fits'. Gerald, Mar-
Carney, water Commissioner
in and Street Commissioner
n were all present, with Mr.
Ason presiding.
ie ordlnanco relating to music In
i and providing for Its abolish-
ttt, was introduced. Mr. wells
!l to pass it to th.o second read-
but the motion was not second-
ud the ordlnanco was passed un
tie neit meeting by natural lnspse.
ither ordinance, to regulate tho
ct liquor and alxillsh boxes In
is, was Introduced. On motion
Murphy, seconded by Mr.
it was passed ovor until the
meeting of the council.
I Schcmpp was granted a re-
ii ol his liquor license.
( bill of M. Deummett for haul-
iln and making fills therewith
Uoted. It called for 133.80 and
lor hauling dirt from tho O'Gara
nei Following the Storm
S the bill of M. Deummett to
itr incidental expenses of the
Mtare, the expense of making
euary repairs following the
'' itorm of some weeks ago, is
mis is "the outside figure."
Hitter of fact, tho niman&n In
llltess on account of the storm.
Hreet commissioner states that
or later work amounting to
US would necessarily have to
M 08 sewer (Ills. Thn storm
Wde the BGWer fllln nnrn.anrv
'lit sooner than would other-
'e been the case.
wtHon Is reluctant about ap
'(delegates to tho utato Devol
'wague at Portland, August 2
uummg mat Mayor Matlock
'e the privilege, and ho
w Mr. Matlock's return In
"ike the nnnnlntmnntn Hmu.
Mew of Mr, Matlock's pro-
k it m uicKson has
P list of names of persons
"uuiu uo competent repro
from whlfii hn i.r.., ,v.
W select 10 to roprosont the
? i ne submitted last
!' irom which tho council
'7 J appoint 10 in the event
1 ., 1101 rotllrn " time
' ect ons of his own. Mr.
" 'a as ro ows- r
ngnltist the few who have come to the
scratch nnd paid up like men. Noth
ing was done.
Up to date just SO ikjII taxes have
been paid out of a total of 1100 who
nre legally liable. Taxes have been
paid on 179 dogs to date, and tho be
lief was expressed that tho propor
tion of delinquencies, about tho same
in both classes, which Is an estimate
of 2475 dogs In town.
The council then adjourned.
Criticism of the Fair Management In
Many Quarters.
New York, July 21. Those who
predicted that thore would be a mark
ed decrease In the ocean travel to
Europe this summer and a large In
crease In tho arrivals from Europe on
nccount of tho St. Louis exposition,
have evidently made a serious mis
take In their calculations.
The fact Is that the number of
American tourists going to Europe
this year is exceptionally largo, whllo
the steamers from Europe by no
means carry as many visitors bound
for St. Louis as was expected. Con
sidering tho fact that the St. Louis
exposition is very little tallied of In
tho East and not much more In other
parts of the country makes It appear
loss surprising that tho European
countries show so little enthusiasm
over the St. Louis fair.
Many reasons have been given for
this lack or Interest and the princi
pal one seems to be that the manage
ment of tho exposition made the great
mistako of not advertising the fair In
the proper way.
The manngemeut seemed to bo un
der tho impression that an undertak
ing like a world's fair did not require
advertising, but could depend upon
Its merits. That was a serious mis
take and It Is quite probable that
somebody will havo to pay for that
mistake of Judgm.ent.
W. L.
Big Packing Plant Strike Was
Brought to an Abrupt End
Last Evening.
War Party in England Sees
All Kinds of-Trouble Ahead
of the Nation.
Pending the Report of the Arbitration, Russian Commander Had a Tip That
the Malacca Carried a Steam Crane
for a Japanese Port Uneasiness
Felt on Pacific Coast on Account
of the Threatened Raid of the Vlad
ivostok Fleet English, Vessels
Mobilizing Near Suez Canal Rus
sla Has Quit Searching English. Ves
Board, All Business Will Resume,
Old Employes Will Return to Work
Conference Last Night Was At
tended by All Leaders Packing
House Employes Rush Back to
Their Old Places Result Is Hailed
With Joy by All.
Chicago. July 21. Tho strlko of the
packing house employes Is at an end
and all the houses resumed work today.
The settlement was brought about
London, July 21. A Lloyd's dis
natch states that the llrltlsh steam
ship Packllng. Captain Lewis, which
oallml ftvttn f I .lrllnatwil-n nn .lltllo 1R
by a conference of the leaders on both fcr Yokohama with a general cargo
Petitions for the Appointment of Mr.
Mathews and John P. McManus
Now In the Hands of the Depart'
ment Miss Lulu Richards, Now
Postmistress, Has Resigned and
Will Move to Pendleton.
Considerable confidence Is express
ed that W. L. Mathews of Pilot Rock,
will succeed Miss Lulu Richards as
postmaster of that place, upon the
acceptance of Miss Richards' resigns
tlon, which Is now In tho hands of the
Tne promoters of Mr. Mathews
boom, claim that the petition for his
appointment has been signed by all
of tho patrons of the olllco but a very
few, and by practically all tho busl
noas men of Pilot Rock, and by tho
politicians in the republican party
whose positions and locations lead to
the reasonable conclusion that they
will have "Inflooonco" at Washington
It appears that Mr. Mathews and his
friends were on" to the resignation
of Miss Richards early and set their
wires In motion before possible other
aspirants for the position got wise.
Mr. Mathews is a farmer who lives
about three miles out of town.
A minority petition In favor of the
appointment of Editor John P. Mc
Manus Is said to bo filed with tho do
I nnrtmnnt nnrl lit, nnrl liffi frlonrla will
- rorst.er, a. Kred Wal-1 "t abandon nope as long as the ap
? "Jew, J, p, Robinson. W. polntment is not actually made.
Miss Richards, with her mother,
will movo to Pendleton somo tlmo
this fall to make their home hero.
Miss Richards Is an accomplished and
cnpablo business woman, and a grad
uato of the Monmouth Stnto Normal
Rir?.A.reo- M. Wee.
It.. .' " " Jones, p. n.
f-L Knleht.
rlln(l Dog Taxes.
Eft?" usht up tho sub-
i-'iivi nr nnrrirolnir I It a
both .
e man. u"cuman that "
fcS ntlis before the
..?." for nnxt von- ,.,ih
LJ" this year's tnv i
2rt!,Jr e"f"rcc" l,ofor
vS olf for Rood. nti,n.0
re '-J make the peopie
t Madrid.
i Jnlv .
I. 1.-A i
' Uii.i tuyui
and rn.T i 0,"Kur
i .jot0 1er sev.
AftVr ' nK their
0 i.l
e 7 ut aso'
hlmand on
.'vo addin, n
'Werg wh .
h i8ra.Vi'
" "rongiy op.
New York's District Attorney Will
Now Reach the Big Gamblers.
Now York, July 21. District At
torney Jorome has scored nnothor
point In his persistent fight against
the gamblers, nnd It will not be his
fault if ho does not, finally, succeed
In bringing tho dangerous clique to
The appellate division of tho su
promo court has given a decision
which sustains tho action of Justice
McMnhon In the court of general ses
sions, In sontonclng Jesse M. Lowls
sohn, the coppor magnate to 10 days'
imprisonment for contempt of court,
In refusing to answ.er questions rela
tive to Richard Canfleld's gambling
This decision upholds tho bill pass
ed by the last legislature making tes
timony in gambling cases compulsory.
It Is stated, howover, that Lewlsohn's
lawyers will carry tho case to the
court of npaeals, to test tho consltu
lonallty of the .bill.
This moans another delay in the
proceedings, and porhaps tho upset
ting of Mr. Jerome's plans, as somo
ablo nttornoya nro of tho opinion that
tho bill Is not constitutional.
Tho men who talk loudest about tho
necessity of war nro generally tho
m.cn who stay at homo and llnanco it.
Hiues ui wincn u was agreed to oiul i,i .,.,..i Unnnr. l.nl 1,0 n.i.
tho strike, resume operations, put the 1 ture(1 by tno Russians.' Tho Packllng
.M V ""'ivtuiu nidi Duuiiui. saiiod from Gibraltar on July 7, and
the entire case to . an arbitration j ,s slllosed to have been taken In the
board. Ho h sides unequivocally Ue(, Sea near tho ,)0nt whuro tho
;b'u u'"ue " Ult' urciHion 01 hub Malacca was held up. It Is an ex
, , I tremely valuable prize. Tho nows has
All old employes are to be taken 1 created a sensati6n here. ' War risks
duck aim no compiaim is 10 ue maiio todfty nre quolcA nt Lloyd's at 10
nguinsi non-union neip until tne uoaru guineas
of arbitration makes Its award. 1 '
Labor leaders and packers aro sat-
lsfled with the rebiilt and thousands , Jingoism Is Rampant,
of jubilant employes are rushing to , London, July 21. Jingoism Is ram
their old headquarters to bo given pant throughout Great Britain today
back tnelr places. and the Dalfour ministry faces a sit
uatlon which require tho exorcising of
Srikers Rejoicing. tho most careful diplomacy If tho na-
Chicago, July 21.-There Is much lo" nj; P'une,ed ,nto Involv
i,. .,iv in ih ti,v,.i. .11....!,., .ingnjl th6 Buropcan nations.
,wm. Mm uftinm,.n. f t.Q .Hbo Au enormous demand for drastic
Main- mnn nt.nlln.1 for wnrl.- In nrt! ' "ctlon OVW "'O RllSSlanH' Seizing- Of
v'ance or the time set for a L-eneral re-! PrU'8" 8llI,B ln 'he. Red 80a ls mnue
turn. Donnelly received replies from "y. Ue )r,?B8 BM,,ne "JV0-
mnlnrllv nf thn mpml, nf J0rltV f llle people Want the
A ma
a majority of the members of the ex-, ft".1 J'u ",l"Q 7 , Blun"er
o.,ti,.., i.oi i.wii.,.,,1.,.. ,im.,, 1 Malacca taken by force from the
,.( 1,1c n.l,.n A ooclol moolln.r I 1" -o, II one in IIUl 111
the packing trades council' has been ! B,"nt1;, relef,8ed-, , , ,
called for tonight, to ratify the agree'
ment. .
Strike Ends at Kansas City.
Kansas City, July 21. Hundreds of
strikers have returned to work this
morning and are working side by side
with the non-unionists without trouble.
Secretary of the ljasury Says the
Land Office Cannot BeAccommo
dated at Portland.
Portland, July 21. Tho secretary of
the treasury yost.erday evening noti
fied the Interior department that there
Is no vacant room ln tho federal build
ing at this place and therefore tho
Oregon City land olllce cannot be
moved hero now.
Steamer on Fire.
Now York, July 21. The Cunarder
Urania, this morning reports passing
a craft a tiro last night, 18 miles east
of Fire Island. The steamer was close
by and It was probably a coal or oil
Davis Favors Gorman.
Now York, July 21. Davis left to
day for Bedford Springs, Pa., where
he will pass tho next few days pre
paring his letter of acceptance. He
tulnkn Gorman should have the na
tional committee chairmanship.
Mrs. Maybrlck In France,
Havre, July 21. Mrs. Maybrlck ar
rived her.o this morning and proceed
ed to Rouen.
On the other hand continental cir
cles appear to believe that Russia is
entirely within her rights ln the tak
lng of the Malacca to a Russian port
lor trial ny a prize court. A proml
nent French diplomat Is authority for
tne statement that Russia became pos'
Bcssod of Information that the Malac
ca had aboard, besides ammunition,
an immense steam crane, Intended
for tho Japanese naval dock at ..fojl.
Business Shaky at 'Frisco.
San trauclBco, July 21. War risks
on merchant vessels of all nations
i bound for Japanese ports advanced
an along the line this morning, as a
rcult of reports that th.d Vladivostok
squadron had started on another raid
jocai agencies, wnile admitting a
decided advance refuse to give fig
insurance men and agents and
owners of vessels opcratlnir between
this port and Japanese ports, while
anecung an optimistic air, are plain
jy in at ease. They claim oven if
their vessels nro captured thoy can
not bo held as no contraband of war
is carried
Russians Offer Less Interference.
Aden, July 21. A Russian volun
teer fleet continues to natrol here
abouts. Tho Peninsular and Oriental
st,camer Palawan, passed this morning
wiiuoui mierierenco, French liners
passing were not interfered with.
Russians Lose a Battle.
St. Petersburg, July 21. It Is ru-
moreu nere that a Russian reconnols
sance In rorce ln the direction of
Matourlnskl has been disastrously do-
Salom, Or., July 21. The oxecutlon . out for tho homestead.
of Norman Williams, which ls sched- them Into a lonely road and that was
uled to tako placo hero tomorrow, will J the last ovor seon of tho two women,
be tho climax of one of tho most sen-, The next rnornine willlnmn
satlonal and unusual murder cases ln ' to Hood Rlv.er with a jaded team, He
tho criminal annals of the Northwest.1' said that ho had put the women
It will culmlnato the revengo of a aboard tho morning trnln. Ho was
brother and a son for tho murder of seen, howover. to return in Hnmi
his sister and mother. I River two hours after tho oniv mnrn.
In the snrinir nf 1899 Williams and Inir train had loft
Miss Nesbltt were engaged to be mar- The following June Williams filed
rled In Omaha, Nob. Williams Indue- Alma Nesbltt'a relinquishment to her
od his fiance to go to Oregon and tako claim. This was later dlRRavnrmi in
n homestead claim before they wero . bo a forgery. Then George Nesbltt
marrlod. Sho came on to Orogon, appoarcd on tho scene. He believed
fliod a claim, and hired herself out as , Williams had murdered hln
a domestic. Lator her mother, Mrs. and sister, nnd slowly, but surely, ho
L. J. Nesbltt, Joined her ln Portland, set about hounding tho man down
where Miss Nesbltt had Bocurod em- and collecting tho evidence that re
ploymont. The two women went, to suited In Williams' conviction last
Hood River valley fo live on their . May.
claims during tho winter. A pocullar part of the case was that
7t was on March 8, 1900, they loft . the body of neither women wan found
Portland with Williams. It was dark . though portions of a woman's scalp
when thoy.reac.iod Hood River and a. and sevoral bloody Dloces of clothim?
storm was raging. Williams hired a wore found ln tho neighborhood of
rig ana in me lace oi r.n,o storm sot ( wnero tnowomondisa
feated by Japs. Tho Russian losses
are reported to bo very heavy.
Depression In London,
London, July 21. There is a seri
ous feeling of depression on the Stock
Exchange today owing to the admit
ted nervousness over tho Malacca In
cident. Consols showed a further de
cline ranging from U to 5-1C. Tho
cabinet met this afternoon to consider
the Malacca Incident,
British Fleet Mobilized.
Alexandria. July 21. Tho llrltlsh
cruisers Furious nnd Venus havo ar
rived here.
British Vessels Active.
Malta, July 21. Tho llrltlsh cruis
ers Leander and Lancaster and thre.o
torpedo boat destroyers, havo sailed
to join tho Mediterranean fleet nt Alexandria.
British Boat Torpedoed.
Tien Tsln, July 21. A Now Cliwnng
moHsago states thnt the commander
of a Russian torpedo boat rouortH thnt
he accidentally torpedoes n British
steamer in Spiel! Gulf. The v.essel Is
believed to havo been tho Hinshnng.
Russia Tries to Crawfish.
St. Petersburg, July 21,--It Is re
ported here that the government or
dered the release of tho Malacca ntter
tho search of her cargo and holds
showed no contraband of war on
Packllng Not Seized.
London, July 21. Much relief la felt
this afternoon by a correction from
the Lloyd's stating thnt their corres
pondent nt Perlm had cabled thnt tho
steamer Packllng haH passed that port
apparently nil right. It Is believed
she was merely stopped by the Rus
slnns to have her papers examined
and then proceeded, no contraband
being found.
Frost Nipped the Grain' Hay SO There
Is No Grain In the Heads, But the
Hay Averages Two Tons Per Acre
Prominent Farmer Says No Field
In Umatilla County Ever Yielded
45 Bushels Per Acre, Throughout.
Boodlers' Force is Completely
Annihilated in the Missouri
Vote Stood Folk 549, Hawes 114, Reed
46 Reed Wan .Boodle Candidate
and Was Deserted by All Except
the Chief Boodlers Nomination of
Folk Is Celebrated by Republicans
and Democrats Alike Is a Triumph
for Good Government In Missouri.
Jefferson City, Mo., July 21. Last
night's session of tho democratic
state convention will bo a historical
milestone In politics.
Two thousand people Jammed tho
hall, and several women fnlnted. At
12:30 this morning permanent organ
ization was effected and at 3:10 tho
first ballot was tnkon with the follow
ing result: Folk, G49; Hawes, 114;
Rood, 10. Folk's nomination was
made unanimous. Folk's ovation was
extraordinary. Adjournment was then
taken until 10 o'clock today.
The oomploto annihilation of tho
Reed .forcca destroys tho hopo of tho
boodle gang as Roed was their chosen
representative nnd was backed by
nono of tho rnnlc nnd Mo.
It Is n day of rojolclng throughout
Missouri nnd tho Folk peoplo aro
holding demonstrations everywhere.
Tho mnjorlty ror Folk Is greater than
was candidly oxpect,eil. as It was
thought Heed's forces would make
Bomo show of strength, The dwindl
ing of their force to 40 votes from the -jiHWj3K
hoaBted strength of at least 200 votes, ' ',(Sf
fell like n wot blanket on the faction,
Henubllcnna and democrats alike
nre rejoicing, as tho strong Indorse
ment of Folk, means tho trltiraphof
good government nnd tho repudiation
of bribery, boodllng and kindred
crimes that hav.o cast n stigma on
state polltlps for sevoral years.
Around Helix the amount of wheat
being cut for hay is considerably
larger than usual perhaps twlc.e as
much, tho Increased proportion ovor
last year, or any nverngo year, being
duo to the acreago which was frost
bitten. A heavy grain raiser of Helix says:
"Tho early reports of tho amount of
acreage of wheat damaged by tho late
freezes were exaggerated; the Inter
reports to the effect that but llttlo If
any, dnmngo had been dono by tho
frosts were not true, and between
them you have the facts ln tho case."
As a matter of fnct, tho largo In
crease in the acreago of wheat cut foi
hay ls wholly duo to the freezes, and
the amount being cut for buy will
averago 20 acres at loast, out of every
quarter section. Tho farmers are cut
ting from 10 to 40 acrja to the quar
ter for hay and the average cannot
bo disputed.
The grain hay does not havo u ves
tige of grain In It this year, tho frosts
coming Just before tho grain began to
form, and stopping development nt
thut stage. This gruln hay Is yield
lng about two Ions to tho acre. Chns.
McAlavy is cutting quite a largo acre
age. L. E. Ponland cut 25 acres of
grain hay which yielded 65 tuns, with
out a traco of grain In it.
The harvest around Helix will bo
fairly under way by the end of this
week and the first of noxt, Undoubt
edly the yield will averago 30 bushola
to the acre, and the berry Is plump
and tho quullty simply the best that
over grew.
The Banio grain raiser quoted above
says: "Don't you luko any stock lu
storie3 of wheat going -lo bushels to
tho ntro. Individual acres undoubted
ly havo ln the pnst yielded that much,
and doubtless Individual ncres will
yiold 45 bushels to tho aero this year,
but there will always bo some portion
of the same Held which will drop to
jo nu- in'3 i ;r aero, and the average
musi ue struck by nddlni; both flu-
ures Into the total.
There was never a tlmo. at least
during the past 25 years, when anv
large field, or any several fields In tho
ueiix country or elsewhere In the
wheat bolt of Umatilla county aver-
uged 45 bushels to the acre, In my
hum bio opinion, basing my Judgment
or tho next 25 years upon tho record
of tho past 25 years, there will nover
be a field that will yield 45 bushels
to tho aero."
Other State Nominations.
Jefferson City, Mo., July 21. Thos.
Ruboy was nominated for lleutonant
governor, Judge James Cowgtll treas
urer, Elliott W. Major atlornoy gen
eral, nnd A. O. Allen auditor.
Policeman Fatally Hurt In a 8crp.
Over a Worthless Cur. "f
Chicago, July 21. In a riot In tm
Ghetto district this morning PollS
mnn LIIIIh was nrobably fatally. nncl
number of othors wero seriously, 1a
Jured, Tho riot grow out of an at
tempt of tho dog-catchers to capturo
n cur, which was resisted by tho mob.
The police wore called and charged
with clubs nnd pistols.
Bonesteel Surrenders to the Grafters t
and Gamblers.
Ilonesteel, July 21. After 24 hours
ln the hands of tho grnf tore, tho town,
authorities capltulntod upon tho terms,
of tho lawless olomont. PollcQhavo
been detulnod to protect gnniblors
doing business, whon n gang of "graf
ters assaulted the policemen and took
away their clubs and stars and an
appeal for troops failed and to pro
vent bloodshed Mayor Erb gave 'In,
Boy Held for Murder.
Mnrysvllle, July 21. Th6 InquoBt'
ovor the body of George. MoBes killed
by a 14-year-old boy, Claude Han-
kins, near hero Tuosday, resulted In
the hoy being held, Ho will bq clmrg
o:l with murder this aftornoon.
Chicago Grain.
Chicago, July 21, Old July whoat
opened 94, closed 90; now July
opened uava, ciuueu uoTtj, ji(y corn,
opened 49, closed th esamo.
When a man begins to
looks as old as he really
sign that ho docs
wonder If ho f-'WJ
y Is, if f$
New Safe Demolished.
East MollllO. .Illlv 21 Twn rnlilioru
oarly this morning placed a pint ,of
nitro-clvcerlnu In Min ilnnra nt' tl...
safe of the now state bank, and blow
tho building to pieces, Thoy got
away from tho posse without securing
nt, I , w. . ir ml. ... j . , . . f
Lowers World's Record,''
t V
Urussels. July 21.-In , ' XI
opn rnccs for heavy auloajKa .." . "jfM
iquuy, w, warns, m ja.we:;u.v i.f t'-i'i'
Ilennfs big Darracq, cpvsd
mile frpm a standlnstA-'Vl
nessod tho tbrllllngsj fj
48 3-15 seconds, clip$jR&
bucuuub irom
world's reconl
Ten thousand
nd 8P9cUtawSf,ffV J? V, 'M,t
which 00 nutos Mf&tiMmi&titffl.V
one point in ,th SfW&fc ,
chines weft Wfr W?JWM'
nnu tne exVMas Mt tor-.?
tense. In the Usi atmhtS rf
milo Haras Jed 'tor, cjeslor 9
thrco seconds VthtyM. of Hit
swiuest competitor.
i4h i-'
If I f