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Per set, $5.00; gold crowns,
$4.00; silver filling, 50c; ex
tracting, 50c.
We are thoroughly equipped
with all modern methods and
appliances, and guarantee our
work to be of the highest stan
dard, nnd our prices the lowest
consistent with first-class work.
White Bros.
Association Block.
Phone Main 1661.
t t
Governor Got Modest and Wanted the
Natives of Bontoca to Hide Their
Nakedness, But the Natives Hung
Them on the Bushes and Continued
to Shock the Lady Visitors by Ex
hibiting Their Bare Legs War De
partment Helpless.
he devotes his business hourB to
banking, railroading and kindred pur- j
suits that bring returns on money, )
but in his leisure hours he thinks of ,
good deeds to be done nnd many j
thonuands or the many millions he
possesses are spent on a hobby of ;
his hospitals. He produces the ;
money nnd when the hospitals are
constructed nnd ready for occupancy
Lady Curzon graciously dedlcntes
tem. On the arched gateway to the
grounds of one magnificent Institution .
appear the names of Hojee Ismail i
Snit aud Lady Curzon one on either .
side of the drive.
If thn atnnl rnlln nro Rnthtfnrtarv.
other hnrdware may go to India, too.
Health j
Food j
Wafers, fruit crackers, cream J
sticks, nut butter and salted
peanuts. J
Despain 8i Clark j
Positively the best beer
Any quantity you de
sire. Delivered to your
Always call for Olym
pla. A. NOLTE
'Phone Main 181.
St. Louis, July 14. When the Igor-
rnttn vll!nin nt tho fntr nwnl'n this
I morning there was a sight to amnze
the most blase. The bushes wore (
"pants." i
The first thought of Dr. T. K. Hunt, !
governor of the Igorrottes, was that
nature had allied herself with the
war department and that a new pants
bearing shrub had sprouted over
night for the purpose of delicately
hinting that the head hunters be
clothed, and at the same time pro
ducing a crop of "pants," so that
there would be no excuse for contin
ued ilirtntlon with the war depart
ment on the subject.
But his second guess was nearer
the truth. He recognized the breeches
not as a new crop which had grown on
the shrubs, but as an outfit which he
had the day before put upon the pro
testing Igorrottes.
The Igorrottes had in turn put them
on the bushes, which could not make
more than a mute protest.
B. F. Dillingham Lost at Sea, Washed
Ashore on Oahu, Rescued by Beau
tiful Daughter of Missionary, Be
came Leading Financier of the Is
lands Financial Crash Followed
Romantic Career.
The recent physical and financial
collanse of B. F. Dillingham, the
"Monte Cristo" of Hawaii, recalls the '
romnntic. story of his youth, says the
San Francisco Examiner. I
Dillingham, when a very young '
man. shipped ns an able seaman on
a sailing vessel bound for Sydney.
The first bunch of dinky trousers i .".', "J .. " . " ' "
. . . .j . ... ... I n I L'UnV'U till la ilV v no lilU UillJ UtUUl' 1
for the dog-eaters were completed ,..,,..,,.,. ,,,'.,
yesterday, ami Dr. Hunt grappled ds hU s Countered while urlnmg '
wKh the serious part of the problem j mubo t , mld.ocenn,
which was to get the Igorrottes in- ,vhon ,,, ,,, ,rnm rn,1!IIIPO
!nr,m JtZZZ XtlPJ?l' S-vation Dillingham was cast
! up by the sea on the island of Oahu,
i where he was rescued from death by
the beautiful daughter of a mission
ary. The young woman wntched by
tailor to be measured, but It was an
other question whether they could be
prevnlled upon to wear the tailors
There was a big palaver. The Ig
orrottes balked. There was more bad
talk than there had been since the
Bontocs and the Suyocs fell out over
the ganzns. All of the Bontocs mixed
his side day and night until he was
restored to health.
It was thus that a pretty romance
began, culminating In matrimony.
T T : .......... ..-!.. 1 ... t. . T" II 1 1 .. 1. r. ...
. . . , . . . , 1 1 in 'iJliilt, n ,11; uiuuhiil 1111111.11 ll in
iV,,?. P3eV,t0 An'ero' good fortune, for he had remarkable
and he made it over in pigeon Eng-
1V. l . i . .1 DULLCCn 1U It U Willi. 111 i U k 1 tn,
Hhs and passed It along to Dr. Hunt. i., ,,., ,.., ,u ,.,.
They used all the arguments against , nf fhu vna. .,,,h ..nr.
nlnthpa tt-hlrh tholr n'lco m n hnr! nnn. 1 .
trlbuted to the unwritten literature
i ward made him the richest of the
"1 trl4 til klndj of blood rmd.ct whleh failed
to do d ny rood bat I hT found th tight thing
ttluL Uf ( wu fait of plmpUt sail blMk
Jidi. Afwr uktnx CucmU lhy 11 Ufi. lam
OBttealDc tho nt of lhai and recommend log
vjivch to a; irifauii i iNt nnej wnra 1 me) in IB
morula r. Heo o bar a ebuct to rvconu&ind
Fnd C. Wlmn, Tt Kim St., Hwk, N. J.
Best For
w y ine d owe 19
SUTtr tStektn, w.n or Grip. M. Stc.Uc. Nrr
ssra in phi. rvaaina homi svuipoa uuu
iiiiiwpi bo murm or jwir noDtj sw,
Burtiac lUswdr Co.. Chicaco or N.T. 549
F.E. VanDascn
& Co.
Boiler sotting and fire pltce
done In flrat-claas manner.
Address Box 455, Feadleton.
Dimension lumber of all de
scriptions. Sub, Doors, Blinds,
Moulding, Building and Tar
Grays Harbor
Commercial Co.
Opposite W. a. S. R. Depot
carpet, on abelTe. wall or for mp
Btof pentoses. Old nwppa la Urn
fcesdlea of 104 each at as emu buttoU
ttttM BA8T OBBQONIAN cee. t-Mo-tm,
. . . , . . , , ... I uiiiuviutis iiiii.iunu.it; iiiuiiLuia ui liiu
of the tribe, and added a lot of new Hawallan lalands.
J' ,S 0U 1 The financial genius of the young
n,., i ,.. n- u , .. castaway astounded the growing com-
J L V ,? merclal circles of Honolulu, and he
" i Vh r ,dePa"nlet ha1 rapidly developed Into a powerful fac
spoken and the war department must tor m'conmorclal affairs The hand
be obeyed. He mentioned the dlmen- ' ,, ii 'i," ., ,i "',,.,".
... , ,,.. , ,, , , I some young girl who had nursed the
slons of a few of the guns owned by i casway thr0Sgh his fever and saved
t'Sl,rSTe " am a social leader and
S,!.1"" vn,1?!? ouI? l0 the name of Dillingham took first
line unci nui u VJtii lUJiiu L
through shooting obedience into
They had experience with United
States ordnance when they undertook
to exterminate the American army
with spears over at home once, and
they were impressed. They said
they would wear the breeches, but
they wanted it understood that they
reserved an objection.
Over night the inspiration came to
them to make one more protest. With
a fine sense of symbolism, they put
tne pants on the bushes, intending to
convey their Idea of the absurdity of
clothing nature. Dr. Hunt ordered
them to get back into clothes, and
they sullenly obeyed, having made a
last stand and lost. The breeches
are red and green and other defiant
place when aristocratic planters and
their families from England and New
England had gathered and formed an
exclusive social circle in Honolulu.
For many years the Dillingham for
tune grew, and B. F. Dillingham was
at the back of nearly every scheme
for promoting the commercial Import
ance of the islands.
He built the beautiful scenic Oahu
railroad and his name was identified
with every progressive movement that
was made in the Islands. Four chil
dren came to the house of Dillingham.
The two boys took high honors at
lale and the two daughters were edu
cated in eastern seminaries.
The eldest, now the wife of Judge
W. F. Frear, of the territorial su-
preme court. Is a writer of some note, J
and her verses are frequently pub-
Ushed in the leading magazines. The J
Dillingham home on Punahou road,
Honolulu, is one of the most beaut!-
ful residences In the islands. 12
I The financial crash that has demol-
I ished the Dillingham fortune came as 2
to the financial world,
American Girl Now Vice-Emprets of
India, Looks Out for Business.
American steel rails nre cnlni? fn 1 n nnrnrlnp
India, for which thanks may be given which rated the name of Dillingham
to American born Lady Curzon, for It ! as one of the most substantial in fl
is a particular friend of hers who nance, and it has made a complete
piucea me oraer, says tne Sunday I wreck of Dillingham himself. Plung-
ireuver x-uHi. cci into tne depths of misery and de
Hajeo Ismail Salt, who registered spnlr and the victim of nervous nroa.
at the Brown hotel, from India, Is the ' trntlon, he now lies In a sanitarium
man who is to put Pittsburg rails in In this city, and beside him watches
competition with those from Blanches-, bis wife, who has novor once ceased
ter, and if they stand the test nn- to be his companion and comforter
cmer marnet tor s;eoi will be estab- since the dny she found him a miser
iisnea ana uoiorauo win be benefited ' able castaway on the island of Oahu
Ulrec"y- 1 loung Walter F. Dllllncham. who
But the gentleman from India did
not come over here simply to buy a
few carloads of rails. He Is here for
pleasure. He came to the fair and to
inherits his father's financial cenlus.
has declared his intention of retrlev-
ing the family fortune. He lost his
own personal fortune in attempting to
see America, the home of bis partlcu-. save his father's, and as soon as the
lar friend, Lady Curzon. He Is de- crash came he sold his string of polo
iibiuou wuii rtiuurim, uui ne nau ex- ponies, roiien up Ins sleoves and went
pected a grand country, for Is it not
the home of Lady Curzon? Every'
thing here delights him. Why not?
When Hajee Ismail Salt Is nt home'
to work. Those who know him say
that the name of Dillingham will not
be allowed to drop out of the financial
and commercial affairs of the Islands
"Aren'8 you afraid of catching cold, my dears?"
"Oh, no air; we've got on our overshoes."
We meet misfortune with a smile.
And go our 'way. content and Joyous,
Then wonder how to reconcile
The thought that little things annoy us.
Has been the trade at our little store. People realize that the
size of the store, the numbor of clerks employed or the size of the
stock carried has nothing to do with the money saving values
given. Its the quality of the goods and the low prices placed on
each article that counts.
Tho compulsory sale means a great deal to the buyers of
clothing. It means the best suits at lower prices than ever quot
ed in Pendleton.
This shipment of clothing sent us through an error on the
part of the factory before we are ready for It makes it impera
tive that we get rid of it at once. In order to dispose of a large
shipment like this it is necessary to give great Inducements nnd
make thu prices so low and tho values so big that people will
be compelled to buy because the bargains are Irresistible.
And people who have called have found the greatest, grandest
and most convincing money-saving prices ever offered in Eastern
Oregon. We propose to close out every article by the end of this
month. Clothing and furnishing goods. Its up to you to take ad
vantage of this sale.
The manufacturers of the clothing who made the error, wired
us to get rid of the goods and charge the loss to them.
Don't hesitate, but come in and see this magnlficont line of
clothing and separate trousers. The price 1b the main thing to
you, but on that score wo are positive to please you.
Prices on furnishing goods aro more wonderfully low than
ever. We are doing It Come in and see.
Greatest bargain In Pendleton's merchandizing. Coat and
pants, beat grade, regular army make, for only $1 aulL Come In
and let tho goods and prices talk to yo.
Sullivan (8b Bond
Compulsory and removal sale. The little store that Is break
ing all bargain records.
'e Koa,k- iM I
2 ttl &Bi nut '
: n q
i -1 lurtrt i. ... i
I or kortav J... a l
i cation ""H
Brock & Med
I umpanv
c". Main lBdcJ
i Materi
I of ali mmml
t and WINDOW
Made to order. Build
t per, lime, cement in
sand, wood gutttn (
and dwellings a (pedal
I Oregon
I Lumber Ya
t Alta Street, Opp. Court I
Has moved to Cottonwood street. bntwrn Wntor nnd rvmrt nn in
better prepared than ever before to do high-class Dlumbln at reasona
ble rates. Estimates cheerfullr H PH. ft fnvA watIf 4r An In la
line see him before you go elsewhere.
BECK, the Reliable Plumber
8peclal Excursion to the World's Fair
Toe Denver Sc. Rio Grande, in con
nection with the Missouri Pacific, will
rnu .a series .of personally conducted
excursions to the World's fair daring
June. Taese excursions will run
through to St. Louis without change
of cars, making short stops at princi
pal points en route. The first of these
excursions will leave Portland June
7th, and the second June 17th. Tie
rate from Pendleton will be 960.00 to
8t, Louis and return. Excursionists
going rla the Dearer te JUo Grande
have the privilege of .returning via a
different route. This Js the oat
pleasant way, as well as the most de
lightful one, to cross the costless t.
The stops arranged gift aa opportu
nity of visiting the various points of
Interests in and about Salt Lake City,
Denver and Kansas City. If you wish
to accompany one of these excursions
write at once to W. C. McBride, 124
Third street, Portland, for sleeping
car reservations.
In order to accommodate fishing
parties the O. R. N. Co. will, until
close of season, have train No. 2,
leaving here at 6:45 p. a., stop at
.North Fork on Saturday evenings,
'and train No. 1, due In Pendleton at
8 .a. m stop at some place Moatey
morning. This arranresaest will be
, la effect, Saturday, Ja 14.
$2,250 will tyiy one of tie j
venient 9-room houses hi
Sewer, lath, etc.; good i
barn. 3 lots, corner; 1 1
$4,000 Elegant new J-rt
just completed, sewer, Ul
2 lots; eastern ciposart;
$2,500 Nice residence udj
eastern exposure.
Let me show you three (
tionB of the best wheat Ui4
der cultivation, eitemite
ments, plenty of water,
bought for a little lew it
ket value.
Successor to E. U
Insurance, Real Eitatt,
111 Court Street
.....,tro nl INKS I
and the Joys of carrUfe m
. . . ..uoH ton 1
meir owi. ,
right vehicle. iu" "T,."
your selection J, in
phaetons to buckboarus,
n.nri riltlt IB "V T
guaranteed to rive the.""
and most durability.
We have the ,
this clImTte: Call J
- ... .,. t rol WIU '
me aj t- nrf.
or burninf i r"'Hu
wheels. Try h
Big oris r
, nave good sound w
which U deliver
reasonable prices
Vot C&
Leave ordexs a' i
dear Sto.